Uranus Direct — Here we Goooooooooooooo!

Uranus Direct 


January 7, 3:36am EST 


28 Aries 36


Uranus is retrograde for about five months every year so when it stations direct or retrograde it is not a big deal.  However, this time something different is going on.   Uranus is the planet of great disruptions.   Late last spring Uranus moved into Taurus where it began its 7-8 year cycle.   Then in August it turned retrograde and eventually returned to Aries.  The return to Aries was asking all of us to find our inner warrior one more time.   Aries desire to survive is paramount.   The last time Uranus was retrograde in Aries, before it made its final move into Taurus, was August 1934 – January 1935.  How many people felt compelled at that time to move?  Something in them said “My survival and my family’s survival means we need to do something.”   Obviously, people who had a high antenna knew they needed to get out of Europe.  In America others took their families out of the Dustbowl.  All around the world people were shifting and moving.  A lot went from rural to urban.     Now it is our time to be in the hopper, Uranus changing direction could send beeps to each of us.   Be aware of any thoughts or insights or feelings that you need to do something and put it on the fast track.  It could be important.   Uranus will return to Taurus on March 9 where it will stay until 2025.  We will talk a lot more about Uranus in Taurus going forward.   But you should know that Artificial Intelligence will move far and wide during the next seven years and will impact the work place.   Food will also be impacted with important changes and fluxes as will real estate.  Stock Markets will go for huge rides and currency will be impacted.   If you get any sense of what your plan B needs to be during these final months of Uranus in Aries consider it as it might turn into plan A between now and 2025. Finally, there is one area that will certainly be front and center during this period:  Climate Change.   We crossed the Rubicon some time ago but for many of us this final retrograde of Uranus (since August) brought a new awareness and fear that we need to do something in our personal lives and globally in the face of climate changes.  Where are you living?  How will it be impacted?  How are you feeling compelled to protect Earth?   We will see and talk more about Uranus in Taurus as we slog it out together in the coming years.    

Mars Square Saturn

Mars square Saturn

Kalynovych, The Babel Tower

Mars Square Saturn in the Natal Chart

The natal square between the malefics, Mars and Saturn, indicates a weighty discord between the impetus of desire and the restraint of responsibility. The Mars-Saturn square surges a defensive nature, often propelling hindrances in personal relationships. The square between Mars and Saturn propels a defensiveness within the context of personal relationships. Saturn, the excluding influence, acclimates fear of rejection coupled with restraint. The melancholic temperament of the Time Keeper punctuates this configuration, requesting a counteraction to pessimism, brooding pensiveness, and disconsolation. The oscillating pull between assertion and lethargy, aggression and apathy, can delay personal progress, until conscious application of consistent will is emplooyed. Laboriousness and persistent effort are adequate antidotes to the Mars-Saturn square. We need only understand the nature of both malefics to gain insight as to their operative function (within the context of natal square). When Mars’ swift severance is halted by Saturn, the primal drive is consistently oppressed by apprehension.

Imagine the sluggish scorch of an expanding fire, where its force is unsustainably dense. While its embers require preservation, Saturn’s slow, consistent pressure is exhausting. Anger and frustration are at the core of this aspect, stemming from internalized hurt and tension. Irritability and tension surges, requiring temperance and controlled separation. Inhibition and rejection (Saturn) are present with this aspect, coupled with a limiting sense of self-value.

Saturn (along with the Sun) is often attributed to the father, and with this aspect (as well as the natal opposition and conjunction), the native’s early relationship with the paternal figure mirrors Saturn’s gelid austerity. As with all aspects, none should be interpreted in isolation. It is important to consider the entirety of the birth chart, including the condition of the planets described.

The Natal Square

The natal square, often illustrated as a visual enmity, is traditionally (strictly in isolation here, for informative purposes) considered less challenging than the opposition. The natal square, also known as the tetragon, occurs when planets are four signs apart, or separated by 90°. As with all degree-based configurations or aspects, the relationship between two planets is intensified according to proximity via degree. Traditionally, the square is referred to as adversarial, indicating rivalry or discord. Malefics (Saturn and Mars) are considered particularly challenging when configured via square, especially considering that, traditionally, Mars rules the tetragon, or square (the Saturn configuration is the diameter, or opposition).

Applying and Separating Aspects

In traditional astrology, planets applying within three degrees participate in engagement, or coming together. As opposed to separating aspects, applying aspects are considered more potent because they indicate future circumstances. Contrastingly, separating aspects are interpretive of past events. Within the context of the natal chart, applying aspects also indicate, from the moment of inception, the nativity’s future potential.

Meaning and Correspondences of Mars in Astrology

Mars represents the spirit of energy, courage, and enterprise. His energy, when implemented strategically, is the polarity of shiftlessness and cowardice. At its best, Mars mirrors the unconquerable energy and potent will of a warrior. This is the necessary masculine energy that initiates and asserts without subjection to reason. Traditionally, as a nocturnal malefic, Mars negates via severance or separation.

Mars (also known as Mavors, Ares, Pyrois, or Gradivus), appears as a fiery star of sparkling color. He is a masculine, nocturnal planet of the night sect. His temperament is hot and dry, choleric and fiery. His approximate course completion is one year and 321 days. His greatest northern latitude is 4°31′ while his southern latitude is 6°47′. [1] Mars has his domicile in Aries and Scorpio, is exalted at 28° Capricorn, sees its depression/ fall at 28° Cancer, and is in detriment/ fall in Libra and Taurus. Mars stations before his 80-day retrograde, and governs the water triplicity (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, respectively). In traditional astrology, Mars is known as the lesser malefic, and finds his Joy in the sixth place. He governs Tuesday, in the first and eighth hour from the Sun. He solely befriends Venus, remaining antagonistic to all other planets.

Meaning and Correspondences of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn (also known as Kronos, Phainon, or Falcifer), the greater malefic, is aligned with boundaries, discipline, and structure. His four main groups of rings, metaphors of limitation, range in temperature from -163 to -203° Celsius. He governs time, is associated with maturity (70+), and is attributed to subjectively negative experiences such as suffering, pain, isolation, and loneliness (reflective of his traditional joy in the 12th place). Just as benefics (Jupiter and Venus) have the power to say ‘yes’, malefics are inclined to negate, or say ‘no’. Saturn denies via rejection or exclusion.

Saturn’s nature is cold and dry, principally melancholic, and of the diurnal sect. Saturn is the traditional, domicile lord of Capricorn (nocturnal) and Aquarius (diurnal), exalted in Libra (exaltation degree: 21° Libra), in adversity/ ‘detriment’ in Cancer and Leo, and in its depression/ ‘fall’ in Aries. His energy may be more or less constructive in one’s chart relevant to sect. His taste is astringent and his color is dark brown (along with grey and black). He governs substances such as lead (in part, due to its toxicity), stone, and wood.


1. Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos

2. Brennan, Chris, Hellenistic Astrology

Copyright © 2018 Saturn and the Sun Astrology. All rights reserved.

Alderamin Star – The King

Alderamin at 12°46′ Aries has an orb of 1°50′ The Sun joins Alderamin on April 2 Fixed star Alderamin, Alpha Cephei, is a 2.5 magnitude blue star in the right shoulder of the King, Cepheus Constellation. The traditional name Alderamin comes from the Arabic الذراع اليمين al-dhirā‘ al-yamīn, which means “the right arm” (of the […]

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Moon is moving unaspected through eccentric Aquarius for the rest of the day, which is fun because we’re free to be as uninhibited and quirky as we care to be.

Venus entered happy-go-lucky Sagittarius yesterday where she will hang with jolly Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, for the rest of January. Our sense of what we find beautiful takes on an adventurous tone, jiving with today’s Aquarius Moon. You may feel like expanding your horizons a bit this month.

BUT — kind of a big but — Mercury in sobersided Capricorn is squabbling with Mars in impulsive Aries today. Mars is casting a particularly impatient vibe, while Mercury is uncharacteristically severe. So while you may want to sit down and get some focused work done, you feel like you have ants in your pants. It may be best to do some physical labor today or at least use the stairs a few times. Try not to bite off anyone’s head in the meantime.

January 2019 Horoscopes

Happy 2019 to you! The two eclipses during January symbolise the darkness before the dawn in some respects. Wherever you’re feeling in the dark about a situation, or under pressure about how to move forward at that time, the message is hang in there because just like the eclipse the light returns with time. Eclipses indicate long-term change, and the planets are certainly in transformation mode, especially up to mid-month. New structures and forms are emerging that better accommodate current needs and plans, but that means old and outmoded ways have to be let go of…



21st March – 20th April

Focused, feisty Mars is your ruling planet, and it’s moving into your sign on the 1st. This is fabulous symbolism to start the new year, suggesting you are more than ready for 2019 and all it might bring. It’s not all plain sailing this month (which is just how your Mars energy prefers it), especially midmonth and around supermoon lunar eclipse time on 21st when its easy to take your eyes off the ball, but there’s a lovely new moon eclipse on the 6th that speaks of new long-term plans and ambition taking shape in weeks and months to come. Perhaps a new or renewed career path.



21st April – 21st May

An eclipse on the 6th is about the shape of long-term commitments to come. Future paths for 2019 are formed from looking in new ways at current situations. In other words, there’s a broadening of your horizons and opening of your mind taking place, and it means the steps you’re taking in weeks and months to come are something to appreciate and feel proud of yourself for taking, because change is often uncomfortable at first. Events around the supermoon eclipse on 21st speak of this and of how to turn your old discomfort zone into something you can relax into.



22nd May – 21st June

There’s an important new moon eclipse on 6th. It’s theme for you over weeks or months to come is new territory and unknown territory, with all the sense of adventure and uncertainty that brings, and about the practicalities of making changes that build up into something designed to last. So for example, you’re focused on making clear plans and commitments, and doing baby steps or manageable chunks. It might not feel easy midmonth, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the right path. The supermoon eclipse on 21stbrings important information or communication, but also misunderstandings or misgivings if you judge books by their cover. All in all, it’s a powerful start to 2019.



22nd June – 22nd July

2019 starts strong and it looks like that’s the way it means to go on, as there are two eclipses this month, indicating significant events with long-term impact. The first eclipse on the 6th is in your relationship chart. It’s all about new or renewed commitments, as well as a kind of clear the clutter vibe, where you’re ready to let go of who or what is in the way of your future. There’s also a theme of new or improved relationship with finances and income, and this is echoed in the super-powerful supermoon on 21st. In other words, self-worth and financial worth are inextricably linked for 2019.  



23rd July – 23rd August

There are two eclipses this month. Eclipses set the theme for weeks or months to come, and the first one on January 6th is about how you’re on a mission to get things sorted. Seldom have you felt so inspired by the idea of a new year meaning a new you. It’s sensible to be ambitious with 2019 resolutions, because for the foreseeable you’re in the mood to commit and stick with them. The supermoon eclipse on 21st is in your own sign, which indicates love and partnership have your attention. The new you that is emerging has different priorities in a relationship, so its about redefining what is now important.



24th August – 22nd September

2019 begins with one of the most creative months of the year for you. The new moon eclipse on 6th is a doorway into new creative projects or ambition, so whatever you like to pour your heart and soul into is stepping up to new levels now or in weeks and months to come. This area of your chart is about romance too, so there’s lots happening in matters of the heart; including new or renewed commitment. It’s the practical and productive path you’re interested in this month, and events around the supermoon eclipse on 21st are likely to reflect all this in a big way, as the time feels right to move certain things forward.



23rd September – 23rd October

The powerful new moon eclipse on the 6th is in your chart of home and family. Eclipses have long-term impact, so events around that time tend to carry significance. This one speaks of preparation and plans for new foundations, new structure, and new beginnings. January is not without its challenges, especially mid-month, but that helps you reassess priorities and find a new sense of balance too, especially in relationships which are benefitting from much more open communication and discussion. Full moon eclipse on 21st is about balancing more play and less work; and being willing to risk stepping into new territory, just for the adventure.



24th October – 22nd November

2019 opens with two eclipses in January, on the 6thand 21st, and eclipses often coincide with events that stay important for weeks or months to come. Events revolving around communication or information might be a theme of the first one, bringing great new opportunities to move things step by step to success via dialogue and discussion. Also, you’re in a super-practical mood, which is the only way to deal with what’s unclear or nebulous (especially mid-month), as it keeps things straightforward for yourself. The second eclipse on the 21st is a supermoon, on the theme of more recognition for work and career; so it’s about putting yourself out there and allowing your work to be seen.



23rd November – 21st December

Events seem designed to bring out both your ultra-practical side and your wild adventurous spirit. A powerful eclipse on the 6th grounds you in reality, totally into the mood to sort things (finances in particular), and make a plan for later. As the month goes on you keep the discipline to stick to New Year resolutions, but you also have this untameable nature that insists on doing things that you probably need to make resolutions about afterwards. Rather than keep that side of you in check, keep things in perspective instead, especially midmonth and around the supermoon eclipse time on 21st, as the urge is strong to over-reach, or to leap too far on faith alone.



22nd December – 20th January

It’s your time of year; a whole new year opening with up to 5 planets in your sign, which is an indication of busy, intense focus that suits your style and approach. There’s a rare new moon eclipse in your sign on the 6th that sets the tone for many months to come, meaning you’re not willing to settle for less than a productive, well-planned, industrious, and rewarding 2019, beginning right now. There’s plenty happening this month that can’t be planned for and plenty not under your direct control, which can be frustrating at times, yet sometimes can work better than you could have imagined. The supermoon eclipse on 21st might be one of those times.



21st January – 18th February

Early January is a lesson in going with the flow; meaning this is not the time to push against your own desire to clear the clutter, define some boundaries and limits, and enjoy the sense of new commitments and responsibilities. This is the message of the new moon eclipse on 6th, and it comes at a time when it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to micro manage or control every detail in order to achieve and succeed. Then there’s a fabulous supermoon eclipse in your relationship chart on the 21stthat moves stuck situations and turns stalemates into soulmates. Maybe not overnight, but quicker than things have been moving recently.



19th February – 20th March

There’s an element of holding your nerve required for January, as it’s all about good timing. Easy to forget this under the circumstances as there’s so much happening. A new moon eclipse on the 6this bringing new or renewed friendship. It also speaks of finding the right crowd on your wavelength; those you resonate with and share the same values. Eclipses are long-term influences, so this runs from January to weeks or months ahead. There’s also a supermoon eclipse on 21st, emphasising your super-organised approach. You might not know all the details of your vision for 2019 yet, but you know the value of patience and preparation.