Our connection with the Great Mystery: the 12th house

The 12th house is a most dreaded house, even more so than the 8th… I wonder why.
In the zodiac, Scorpio’s reputation is worse than Pisces’ though, so why should it go the other way with the houses they rule?
The 12th house ends is a Watery house.
The element Water talks about deep feelings and emotions, longings, cravings, instincts, deeply ingrained memories from childhood, for our ancestors or from past lives along with, especially in the 12th, connections with dimensions of the universal soul we wouldn’t even suspect would exist…
Beyond words, the twelfth s a world of music and images.
Let’s chose a thread to follow, knowing it’s not the only one… Quite often, with water, there is a surface, there is above the surface, and there is below. Expect to be confused…
We often repeat “As above so below” thinking “above” means up in the heavens and “below” down here, but above can also be here, the world where we can breathe and see, and below the invisible and mysterious world of deep down.
The world is reflected upside down when the surface of the water is still and smooth like a mirror, so maybe we could also put the old saying upside down: As below, so above. Below is below the surface of appearances. What is cause and what is effect is a chicken or egg problem, our side is the chicken side, below, or within, is the egg side.
The dramas, the conflicts, the attractions and loathings, the falls in and out of love, the alliances and betrayals, the shapes and abilities of our bodies, the endless repetition of routines, the walls and the checkpoints, the abuses and the bureaucracies… All life as we know it may be nothing but the chicken of our eggs, kept and nurtured by Water, hatching and growing according to the rhythm of the stars… Some eggs may have been waiting for many lives….
In the twelfth house is our connection with the deepest Mystery.
What is deepest is also highest. Heraclitus said: “The way up and the way down are one and the same” I take this as meaning that whether you take your spiritual journey as a journey of exploration of what’s deep, or as the climbing of a sacred mountain on top of which the Great Spirit of the Heavens is waiting for you, one way or another, you’re doing the same thing. When you don’t know where is up and where is down, when you can’t know within from without, you become so lost you can only pray. Ask for guidance. We come here to be confused, because being confused is the state we need to let go of a helpless ego and let a bigger hand take ours. “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” said Jesus Christ.
Life comes from Water and Water is always pregnant. Some dreams may be called “karmic”, we gave them to Water once upon a time… What we do to others leaves us with a dream in its wake, the dream that the same thing may happen to us. Maybe it won’t happen. Maybe we’ll tackle the issue directly in the world of dreams, if we are able to see what is in gestation there – and chose what we keep nurturing and what we better defuse or transform… What is in store in the universal womb? One way or another, we have to face what’s roaming the waters. In meditation, before it grows too real, is a better way.
(Not everything is “karmic” as far as I understand. We are doing more than just dealing with the past. We also have dreams which are simply our dreams, our potentials…)
We can’t see what’s below the surface… We can go fishing with the Fisher King, for healing, because spiritual seeking starts with suffering – the wake up call. We can’t see below the surface but we can imagine, as humans do when confronted with the unknown, all kinds of things, treasures, remedies, monsters, mermaids, genies trapped in bottles….Imaginations which happen to be the language spoken by our so called “unconscious mind”, the energies which, deep down, exist without words, without clear consciousness, without us being able to take some distance to look at them… We are immersed in the dream world all-the-time. The world of our most intimate subjectivity is so familiar that we don’t even notice it’s there and for us it’s deep down in the dark. How could a fish notice there is water? It would have to pop its head above the surface, and see the difference… Sometimes a fish does just that and speaks to a puzzled fisherman to tell him secrets powerful enough to change his whole life. Let’s wish the fisherman to be wise…
The symbol for the fourth house and Cancer is the crab. This animal is seen out of the water when the tide is low. It appears and runs on firm ground. The origins remain mysterious but at least we see what we get. A baby came out of the water, took a first breath and now it’s crawling on its hands and knees, little crab carrying with him an ocean of ancestral memories. The symbol for the 12th and Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. As we appeared out of the ocean, so we will return to the world of no limits and no differences…
Death, however, is usually associated with the eighth house and Scorpio. In the eighth, however, we still speak of the other world, from which we are separated by a veil which, they say, is at its thinnest at Samhein – Halloween. On the other side of the veil are spirits with which mediums communicate. You can get news from your loved ones after they passed away…. In the eighth death means trans-formation. According to what some people who may know better than me say, after we die we go to the astral plane, and there we may still have a sense of being us. We will catch up with our ancestors and sort out the conditions of our next incarnation…
The twelfth house seems to mean something even deeper, something like what Buddhists mean when they say that the very notion of self is an illusion, as everyone of us is nothing but the whole universe manifesting. We are just a wave on the surface of the ocean, but nothing is permanent, this wave too will pass… When we know we are the ocean we’re fine. When we don’t we fear annihilation…. That’s why we may fear the 12th more than the 8th…

Planets in the twelfth may make us feel lost, unable to find expression, disoriented, but they may also express in various ways :
-through art, music or poetry, -which we can’t practice without being “inspired” (but by what?) The twelfth is a world of music and images.
– service to others – and especially those in need. There is a logic of being lost, needing to be saved and saving. Now, even saving may be just another illusion…
– healing, anything we label “spiritual”….
– Placements in the twelfth may mean the great trials and suffering which make us search for healing and/or become healers, priests, bridges, channels….
– Placements in the twelfth may speak of little cells, because, like in monasteries, the ones who dedicate their lives to contemplate this ocean of Mystery need to be contained in little cells and follow strict rules. There is a law of balance that need to be respected, the fish swim simultaneously in both directions…
– When the cell is not in a monastery, it may be in a prison or a psychiatric hospital. Nothing is closer to wisdom and spiritual enlightenment than delusion and madness… as both the wise and the mad free themselves from the socially accepted norms…
– A laboratory, any hidden space can be meant by the 12th house…
Millililililibilili li 008 (1024x768).jpg
– Occultists talk about the “sphere of illusions” students have to confront- and here is another Neptunian meaning that we can find at all levels of expression, from the basic deception of the conman who makes you believe giving them all your money is a good idea, to the mental undoing of mental illness, via extra marital affairs and the artificial paradises of alcohol, drugs, compulsive sex or any addictions….
– Now, funnily enough, the 12th house can also mean that you are working in an hostel or a restaurant. Even if it’s a business, hostel and hospital are places of hospitality.
– Neptune sometimes simply means liquids, oils, alcohols (called spirits), perfumes… If you business has a 12th house flavor, you may be selling essential oils or investing in petroleum companies.
– Sometimes, the ocean is also a literal interpretation of Neptune, Pisces or the twelve house. A twelfth houser may be a sailor. Mars in the 12th could serve in the Navy, or roam the oceans with Greenpeace. Ask the mermaids…
– With Neptune, Pisces and the twelfth house, we want to go back to Paradise – all illusions and escapism may come from the idea that we can take shortcuts. Hence addictions and depressions…..
– Sacrifice is another big spiritual theme. Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves for others, sometimes we sacrifice something we are attached to to become able to attach ourselves to something higher…. and sometimes we are just scapegoats, victims, sacrificed by others against our will, but if it’s in our chart….

… but maybe, to get a feel of the twelfth we should stop using this Mercurial mind who should now be happy enough with this list , and listen to music. Chose the most compelling music, the one you love most…. and get carried away.. Soon you will be so entranced that you will have forgotten that you have a body, a name, a yesterday and a tomorrow, no must, no should, no guilt, no shame, no have to….. Only oneness, only communion.

We are waves…

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 16, 2019

There is no getting around the serious tone of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24° 04′ Capricorn on 16 July 2019, 02:39 PM PDT. After all, Pluto conjoins the Moon which is an effective reminder we need to tend to business, no matter how unpleasant. Plus stern Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, opposes sensitive Venus in Cancer, always a sobering influence.

Pluto conjoining the Capricorn Moon is simply not a light and cheerful aspect. Pluto brings issues of control, jealousy and obsessiveness to the forefront, and because this is a lunar eclipse those may be forcefully shoved in our faces. This is the perfect opportunity to strive for neutrality rather than being drawn into deep, possibly irresolvable conflicts. If possible, use this awareness to look within and work on accepting our dark sides.

If there is a saving grace on this lunation it is the harmonious aspects to both Saturn and Venus from Neptune in Pisces. Saturn usually squelches Venus’s lighter side, taking all the fun out of love and romance. Neptune gently re-introduces the possibility of a romantic impulse or two. However it is always better to take the high road and be kind, forgiving and compassionate in our interactions with loved ones. We can look to Jupiter in Sagittarius (semi-sextile Saturn and inconjunct Venus) to add a note of discontent . . . all the more reason to practice kindness, moderation and tolerance.

Another more familiar source of angst has to do with Mars and retrograde Mercury in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus. Even though the orbs are wide, we may still see the unsettling effects swirling around. Mars conjoined Mercury on July 8 and squared Uranus on July 10, so what surfaces now will likely relate back to what happened last week. Though we might not be able to act immediately on what we learn, thanks to Mercury still traveling in reverse, we can still take notes and use the information to plan our next moves.

When it comes to living with Saturn, often the simplest, most direct solutions work out the best. There is almost always hard, consistent effort involved with no shortcuts. Saturn/Capricorn specializes in delayed gratification and encourages Cancer to practice tough love when it comes to family matters. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is a good time to work on long range plans with plenty of short and intermediate term goals to inspire us to maintain momentum. Mercury retrogrades are usually better for making necessary revisions than forging ahead, and Mercury won’t station direct until July 31. Now is the time to be present, practice patience and get our ducks in a row. Peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon and Bare Tree © © Photographer: Dean Pennala | Agency: Dreamstime.com

A Shift in Perspective!

 Looking back in order to move ahead!
Image by Catherine Hyde Artist

As we are reach the end of the eclipse portal that we have been moving through for the last few weeks, a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn  on Wednesday marks the beginning of a new direction. 

The sign of Capricorn sits opposite the Sun in Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are the archetypal parents. This is a chance to clear inherited family karma and heal our childhood  wounds. The healing starts with ourself and spreads to others- including our own children. As within- so without!



 If your feeling body/pain body gets activated – it can trigger issues around mother, family, childhood, and a need for emotional safety and protection. We are now coming to face and release old guilt shame, and  fears that we accumulated since we were little.  It might be a good idea to find a process to aid emotional integration. I’ve participated in a Conscious Breathwork process last weekend that was very powerful. Breathing into the body – into the pain- feel it- release it. Whew! Each breath is so powerful. Every cell becoming enlivened. 



Leading  up to the eclipse –  6 retrograde planets- including Mercury (thinking and communicating. ) help us turn our attention inward – as we go back over feelings- ideas- events from the past – in order to  gain a deeper understanding of how to move forward.

Then the Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn will jettison something from our past – propelling us forward by finally letting go of what we no longer require in our life. It may be an attitude, an old hurt, a stuck belief, a buried pain, an old identity that no longer fits or is holding us back. Whatever is coming up is showing us what is ready to be released.
We can use the more inward focused retrograde energy to prepare for coming changes.
“A retrograde planet accelerates the evolutionary momentum of the Soul – it accelerates or emphasizes the individuation process. As a result, the function that is retrograde will place a premium on individuality, but, in so doing, it is also going to induce the sense of being different: different as measured against the status quo.” 
(Geoffrey Wolf  Green: Evolutionary Astrology)
No more status quo! Be yourself!



Water WATER (signs) everywhere! (Water = emotion).
With the Sun (self)  and Venus (love) sitting on the North Node Destiny Point – in the emotional, watery sign of Cancer – there is a tsunami of emotions bubbling up to be felt – healed – released!
 Self care required! 



Know that it is your DESTINY to  LOVE and be LOVED! ❤
Yet we cannot wait for others to love or recognize us – we must start with our own self acceptance and self love.  It’s an inside job!



The Full Moon/eclipse  in Capricorn can also trigger  the shadow side of the father, government, institutions, societal structures – revealing old patterns and conditioning that are not supporting our emotional life.

Pluto’s presence (death/rebirth) can amplify and intensify old traumas around these issues – with an aim to heal and clear away the past – as we make way for new energy to enter.


This is POWERFUL stuff!! In this time of karmic reckoning – like the shake down of a global pedophile ring – we are coming to terms with sins of the past (patriarchy – power over).

The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons (and daughters)?

It may be rather shocking and unsettling to come to terms with how pervasive the corruption is. Take good care of yourself! And watch your reactions.  If you are feeling especially impatient, irritated, or just more reactive than usual, or  notice a competitive tone creeping into your interactions (Mercury Mars Uranus), it may be linked to the clearing you are doing, as uncomfortable feelings coming to the surface to be cleared away. Righteous anger is a normal reaction against abuse; and as old anger surfaces – our unconscious reactions  show us where our pain is – where we need to heal and also where we need to own our own stuff.


With the increased urge to react, rebel, resist,  our egos can become highly defensive. The challenge is to make sure our actions/reactions are coming  from a heart centered, consciously directed response – rather than unconscious, knee jerk reactions. There is much to rebel against – and much to stand up to. The trick is to do it from a conscious place! (Mars Mercury in Leo square Uranus).
This volatile  energy is also being mirrored by cataclysmic events all over the physical world.
Mars (action, aggression)  in Leo (fire) in tension with Uranus (shake and wake) in Taurus (earth)



Extremely high levels of earthquake activity this week may or may not be directly linked to the planets (we cannot claim it is causative without a LOT of research) – but interesting to see the metaphorical connection.
“Over the course of the last 24 hours, there have been 762 earthquakes in California, 29 earthquakes were over a magnitude of 2.5. Other majour earthquakes have occurred in the west pacific, and in Australia
Shakin’ all over!! 



Yet even while we all are shaking  up – and (hopefully ) waking up – there is a background of  such Benevolence and Grace that can help centre us and calm our fears – and remind us that – despite all appearances – all is well. 
Profound upheaval occurs in  the transition from the old order to the new, a karmic reckoning is at hand and as we shudder and shake our way into the new age. Try to remember –  this too shall pass. Human beings have survived many upheavals and changes as epochs come and go.  Yet as we move through the birth canal, everything is chaotic, dark uncertain. Survival fears can take over. 
I know everything looks rather dire, yet Jupiter and Neptune continue breathing  peace and joy into the atmosphere, and even as we flail around in confusion – they are there reminding us of who we are. Their message? Don’t let fear rule the day!  Stay the course. Keep the faith. Do what you must do – yet KNOW that one purpose that brought you here in the first place. To live. To breathe. To feel. Celebrate that! 
You know you want to!