Taurus April 2020

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sun Taurus
b. May 12, 1828

Mars & Saturn

As April begins, you may be feeling the crunch as the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and your career and vocation sector remains strong. Mars is the planet of action and speed and wants things to happen and fast. Saturn is the opposite principle, slow and steady, also the planet of endings and limitation.

Therefore, some of you may find yourself in a place where one role, job or career has come to an end and be worried about what next. For others, this may coincide a new role, a position of authority or determination to rise to life’s challenges.

Mars will be out of Saturn’s grip by the 11th and then Mars’ ambition is boosting your future path, your next steps. This is an ideal time to be pro-active around work, your future, what next. Aquarius rules society and online initiatives. Note that Mars is your partner planet, so this may also be relevant timing for your significant other.

Rest & Retreat

There’s a sense that you need to retreat more than most in April. The Sun is in Aries and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 19th. Plus, Mercury, the planet of communication, is here from the 11th to the 27th. This is about inner work and turning your attention to your personal development, your spirit, your soul.

Life’s currently slowing us all down and giving you an opportunity to discover a rich inner life. Give yourself time to think and breathe, to tap into your inner voice, to bring a sense of knowingness to what’s right moving forwards.

The Full Moon on the 8th is an ideal date for meditation, for being quiet. This is about doing what’s right for your work and health, finding ways to release stress, noticing where and how you can help and care for others too. You may be looking after someone at home or feel drawn towards a volunteering role. Do what’s right for you and prioritise your well-being.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

The major Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 5th falls in a fellow earth sign, Capricorn. This planetary aspect repeats three times throughout 2020 on June 30th and November 12th and it acts as a backdrop to your year.

On a basic level, Pluto (the wipe-out planet) is limiting your ability to travel (Jupiter). This is obvious symbolism when it falls in your 9th house ruling travel and broadening your horizons.

Yet, this planetary connection is also about change & transformation, renewal and rebirth. Find new ways to study, learn and broaden your horizons. Seek hope and faith in your spiritual path or religion. Even when you’re confined to home, you can still embrace new and different ways to find meaning in your world. Jupiter’s the visionary, the risk-taker.

Talking of risks, be wary on the 7th when Mars clashes with unpredictable Uranus in your star sign, Taurus. This combination could coincide with frustration, anger, wanting to break out and rebel. It’s not the best date to leap into something or be confrontative. There’s a sense that you’d leap out of the frying pan into the fire.

New Beginnings

Yet, new beginnings are required this month, especially when it comes to money and your personal life. Venus, your ruler, leaves gentle Taurus, your star sign, on the 3rd and enters air sign, Gemini. Air signs dominate this month and for you, they highlight your work and finances. It’s here where you’re wise to adopt new technologies and initiatives to help you moving forwards.

Venus will be in Gemini for an unusually long time, until August 7th, as this year Venus will turn retrograde, i.e. be on go slow. Gemini rules your personal money sector so you’ve a lot to think and talk about in these areas.

Gemini is flexible and adaptable and it’s a good time to gather information to boost your financial situation. Find things out, talk to other people, keep the lines of communication open.

The Sun’s move into Taurus on the 19th is a potential turning point as the Sun brings vitality and warmth to your sign. This is when you gain a confidence boost or your energy returns.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd is an ideal date to set your intentions not only for the subsequent fortnight but the year ahead. It’s what you put in place this month that can reap your rewards in 2021.

Uranus kicks in later this month as it makes a conjunction with the Sun on the 26th and Mercury on the 31st (May 1st in some countries). The period from the 25th to the 28th is especially lively. It’s not necessarily easy astrology but it does require you to step up and embrace change.

Respond rather than react to life’s events and aim to do things differently, especially when you recognise what’s not working out. Use the innovative and dynamic planetary force that is Uranus to turn to a fresh page and start over.

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Aries April 2020

Vincent Van Gogh, Sun Aries
b. March 30, 1853

Mars On The Move

Your ruling planet Mars has joined Saturn in Aquarius, the star sign ruling society, community, technology and all things future-related. As April begins, you may be feeling Saturn’s pressure, the planet of limitation & authority, rules & regulations holding you back. Saturn releases its grip on the 11th.

Yet, don’t forget this is Aries’ month with the Sun in your star sign until the 19th. And, Mars is one of the key players in our current world astrology. Therefore, this is your month to step up to the challenges, to be courageous & bold and at the forefront of new initiatives.

Strong Aries is the hero, willing to stand on the frontline, to be a leader within society. This is a month when you gain strength from helping others, whether you’re volunteering close to home or sharing your knowledge & expertise online.

People Power

Air signs dominate in April – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. For you, they highlight the social sectors of your horoscope and this is about the importance of other people.

Firstly, the Full Moon on the 8th falls in Libra and your relationship sector. Therefore, this is likely to be an important Full Moon for your 1-to-1’s. Emotions are heightened and you’ll feel the pull of your passions calling you forth.

It may be a date of ultimatums or you have a sense that a key relationship is changing and there’s no going back. Balance your head and heart when making a decision and be willing to compromise.

Also, Venus is on the move this month, the planet of relating and your partner planet. On the 3rd, Venus enters Gemini and your communication sector. This is a long transit of Venus in this part of your horoscope as Venus only leaves Gemini on August 7th. This is because next month Venus turns retrograde, i.e. will be on go slow.

On a basic level, this is about finding new ways to communicate and to stay in touch with loved ones and people in your life who uplift your spirits. You may be making new friends. Perhaps, you’re talking to the neighbours over the fence or joining in online.

Gemini rules study and learning in your horoscope and it’s a great time for you to stay active, to learn a language or brush up your skills. Keep your eye on the future as what you begin or initiate now could take you forward into 2021. It’s important to stay up-to-date with new trends and be at the forefront of what’s happening.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

The major planetary aspect taking place in April and acting as a backdrop to the year is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, exact on the 5th. This is the first of three meetings between the planet of growth, Jupiter, and the dwarf planet, Pluto. They reconnect on June 30th & November 12th.

Together, Jupiter & Pluto themes are renewal & rebirth, power & wealth. They fall in your career and vocation sector. This is another nod to being called forth to play your part out in the world.

Yet, it’s also about finding new ways to pursue your job or career or transform what you do. Both planets have a theme of change. This isn’t about stasis or standing still. You have to dig deep, take a risk and rebuild.

If someone influential is in touch on or around the 5th, pay attention. Notice where you’re being called to step up your game.

This could also coincide with a challenging decision with regard to a parent as Capricorn is the ‘father’ in astrology and governs the parental axis of your horoscope.

Money Matters

Money is going to become more important as the month progresses. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, is currently bringing change to money matters in the earth sign, Taurus. Taurus represents what we produce, what feeds us, what sustains & nourishes us. Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius and a significant player in world events.

On a personal level, this is an important transit as Taurus rules your money sector. Note that the 7th isn’t a good date for risk-taking when your planet Mars clashes with Uranus – your cue to rein things in.

The emphasis on Taurus increases after the 19th when the Sun enters this earth sign. There’s a New Moon here on the 23rd which pulls in the planet of change, Uranus.

The Sun/Uranus conjunction on the 26th could be a key date for you with regard to money matters. You have to engage with what’s happening and the theme is trying something new. Plus, you have Mercury, the communication planet in Taurus from the 27th onwards. It too unites with Uranus on the 31st (May 1st in some countries).

There’s a forward-moving vibe as April continuees, at least once you’re free from Saturn. There are some tricky periods for both work and money, e.g. the 14th/15th and 25th to 28th. Keep being creative, come up with new ideas, be innovative and fresh. Don’t give up, dive deep into your astrology and continue to focus on your next steps.

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New Moon in Aries — March 24, 2020, 09:28 UT

The vernal equinox was on March 20, 2020. The Sun entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and passed the Aries point. It is the point in which the most personal intersects with the larger world around one. The equinox chart shows the themes of the becoming astrological year.

The New Moon in Aries took place on March 24 in the early degrees of the sign, in conjunction with Chiron and Salacia. The New Moon squared the lunar nodes on the Cancer-Capricorn axis and the Pholus-Quaoar conjunction in Capricorn. The tight triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn is squaring Eris in Aries. The New Moon opposed Makemake in Libra.

136472 Makemake is a cubewano discovered 15 years ago, in March 2005. It is one of the five minor planets which officially have received the dwarf planet status so far. The orbital period is 306 years. The discovery team (Brown, Trujillo and Rabinowitz) nicknamed it “Easterbunny” because of its discovery shortly after Easter. In 2008 Makemake was named after the creator god of humanity in the myths of the Rapa Nui, the native people of Easter Island.

The god Makemake was also the chief god of the birdman cult of the Rapa Nui, an annual dangerous competition. The contestants had to swim to the nearby island to collect the first egg of the season of a certain tropical seabird, and then swim back to Rapa Nui. Many lost their lives. The winner was entitled to gifts of food, and his clan would have sole rights to collect the wild bird eggs and fledglings of that season. The winner had to go into seclusion for a year and spend his time eating and sleeping, and could not engage in any other activity. He did this for his community.

We are now in the situation where we need to restrict our living. We need to reduce our social contacts to minimum. Luckily we have phones, the internet, and the social media, so we are not totally secluded. Our pursuit is nothing compared to that of the birdman. We need to do this now for our health care workers and for our community.