Gemini South Node, Sagittarius North Node

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Retain: Curiosity, Mental dexterity, Analytical inquiry.

Develop: Holistic Understanding, Intuition, Breadth of focus.

Your natural tendency is to have your hands in everything. There’s a youthful curiosity about your immediate environment which infuses a state of rapid and constant activity. While your mind and body may be traveling at 100 miles per hour, it’s somewhat a foreign concept to slow down and ponder what all of the information you’re gathering actually means. It’s time to consider that this may well be your job.

Contemplate how synthesizing facts can provide a broad, telescopic overview which can advance your understanding of whatever you happen to be interested in. While you’ve digested the notion that the devil is in the details, you can easily get stuck there and resist opening yourself up to the world outside your window. It’s important to recognize the dangers of erroneous thought patterns which confuse information with true understanding.

Part of your life-task is comprised of developing a philosophy of life which takes multiple views under consideration. As a result of studying larger systems of thought, you’re being encouraged to recognize the interrelationships and patterns which permeate them all. You’re then placing yourself in a position to develop informed opinions about the larger issues which truly matter to you.

There’s a saying that “over-analysis leads to paralysis”. So, while you’re talented at logical dissection and pulling things apart, you now must do so in service of ultimately combining them in a way which serves to expand your map of the universe by opening up new doors, which in turn pose more questions about the world that we live in.

There may have been a time where you felt like you wanted to “taste” all that life has to offer. If this is the case, you’re being asked to decide which “food’ you like best. Once resolved, the journey consists of approaching all of the angles surrounding it leaving no stone unturned. It’s truly a victory for you to discover that every place on earth doesn’t operate in the same manner that your local area does.

In fact, whether you agree or disagree with outside perspectives isn’t as important as refining your tolerance and openness to receive them. While it may pose some degree of difficulty, orienting your thoughts toward the larger horizon, or the bigger picture can aid you immensely in jump starting your capacities for philosophical thinking.

With the South Node in Gemini, you’ve dealt with the “what”. The “why” and the” how” of Sagittarius now requires integration so wholeness has the opportunity to be restored. If Gemini is a multiple choice test, Sagittarius is a “blue book” essay test, where you’re being asked to formulate theories and expound on concepts.

Bear in mind that intellect and intuition are complementary, rather than opposing forces. It certainly doesn’t require the devaluing or diminishing of one in order to develop the other. You’ve been assigned the lifetime homework of learning to trust your hunches and combining that with maintaining the importance of concretizing ideas.

The fields of experience in which this activity is generated will be indicated by the house positions of the nodal axis in your birth chart. Also, any planets which contact the nodes can serve as helpers in the process of integrating the axis.

Mercury Cazimi in Aquarius

Mercury Cazimi: January 29, 2019

The King’s Heart

When a planet is ‘in the heart’ of the King, or Cazimi, it is, simultaneously, shielded and strengthened in the commencement of a new solar cycle. The Medieval term Cazimi is the Latin transliteration of the Arabic term ‘kaṣmīmī’, implying ‘as if in the heart’. Essentially, this is the translation of the Greek term egkardios (meaning ‘in the heart’), originating in the works of Rhetorius of Egypt, circa 7th century CE.

*There are disparities amongst Medieval sources regarding the exact proximity between the Sun and another planet in order to be deemed Cazimi, with earlier authors attributing a broader 1° value and later astrologers decreasing range to 16’. However, even the 16′ value presents discordance amongst later astrologers. For example, in the Renaissance tradition, William Lilly extends Cazimi to 17′. As a general rule, I choose to focus on (or work within) the 16′ range, particularly when merging Cazimi portals with electional astrology.

Meticulous Messenger: The Traditional Associations of Mercury

Traditional associations of a dignified Mercury punctuate sharp intellect and cogitation. Here, debaters and logicians mastering knowledge and articulation are rendered, as are seekers of mysteries, amalgamating information without external guidance or teachers. Of additional Mercurial attributes, Lilly emphasizes those being “ambitious of being exquisite in every Science, desirous naturally of travel and seeing foreign parts: a man of an unwearied fancy, curious in the search of any occult knowledge; able by his own Genius to produce wonders; given to Divination and the more secret knowledge; if he turn Merchant, no man exceeds him in a way of Trade or invention of new wayes whereby to obtain wealth.”

Currently of swift motion, on /29/19, Mercury Cazimi is exact at at 9°54′ Aquarius. The superior Mercury-Saturn conjunction is posited in Saturn’s diurnal domicile, in the affirming bounds of Venus, and simultaneously journeying through the final arc minutes of the Venus-ruled, first decanate. The Mercury-Saturn conjunction is in aversion to Saturn, and overcomes Mars via sign-based sextile. Mirroring this month’s earlier (Saturn) Cazimi, both charts unfurl with a Libra rising, featuring angular malefics in their domiciles. In the background, Saturn overcomes Mars, a configuration that also echoes the backdrop of the total lunar eclipse.

Mercury Cazimi in Aquarius

Mercury remains in Cazimi after midnight, come 1/30/19, in the bounds of Venus. Likewise, the Messenger is in an applying sextile to the Moon as the benefics overcome the Sun-Mercury conjunction. As an inceptional chart, clarity in communication is accentuated, along with presentation. The solar rays are persuaded by mercurial matters, and decisions, logistics, and contractual matters are favorable under this configuration. Third place matters receive the benefics’ grace, via sign-based sextile, and siblings, friends, learning, and quotidian excursions can benefit from this brief portal. As with the previous chart, in aversion to the Cazimi and first house placements, Saturn merely emits a partile ray to Mars, as both separate from a square.

As the Messenger journeys through the Water Bearer, be advantageous and efficient in mercurial matters. Come 2/11/19, Mercury enters its detriment in Pisces, followed by its retrograde. Aptly, The Messenger enters Aries on the day of Mercury, 4/17/19, in the term of Jupiter and decanate of Mars. By then, with Mars in Gemini, mutual reception will mitigate both planets.


Lilly, William, Christian Astrology

Brennan, Chris, Hellenistic Astrology

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 20, 2019

The first hint of fresh air comes on the fiery Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 00° 52′ Leo on 20 January 2019, 09:17 PM PST. The Sun has reached airy Aquarius, finally giving us a full time presence in an air sign again. There is plenty of fire with the Leo Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius plus Mars and Uranus in Aries. All of this adds up to the possibility of expanding our horizons and being able to visualize future directions.

A dynamic T-Square between the Leo Moon, Aquarius Sun and Uranus in Aries invigorates the atmosphere. This is one of those ‘by the numbers’ squares with all the planets involved in harmonious signs. Aries and Leo are both fire signs plus Uranus rules quirky Aquarius, so the energies of these three planets blend nicely. The Aquarius Sun brings objectivity and innovative thinking while the Leo Moon provides warmth and creativity with Uranus in Aries encouraging independent action. Cardinal fire (Aries) is the dominant energy of this lunation, supporting self starters everywhere.

A source of dissension may come from a waning Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn widely square Uranus in Aries. Mercury-Pluto in Capricorn can be obsessed with staying in control at all costs and will tend to see any type of change that encourages freedom of choice as a threat. As individuals it wouldn’t hurt to seek to remain as neutral as possible for now. However we may see plenty of bizarre, obsessive, controlling behaviors in the news.

The really challenging configuration in this chart is an odd trapezoid with a trine between Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries as the base. The top is a sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces with semi-sextiles forming the sides. We can’t overlook the two internal squares, one between Mars in Aries and Saturn, the other between Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This pits fiery enthusiasm for future endeavors against compassionate conservatism at its best . . . both very positive things. The fiery side is going to be very impatient, anxious to chase impossible dreams while the earth-water pair seeks pragmatic but caring solutions. It may take some creative thinking but we can certainly practice being practical during moments of irrational exuberance. This is the type of dissonant energy that can produce great works of art.

Full Moons can be emotionally stressful and lunar eclipses even more so, making this the perfect time to practice kindness, tolerance and patience. Capricorn season was weighted heavily toward earth and water this year, so this first real taste of fire and air can be intoxicating. However not all that is tried and true needs to be tossed out in our pursuit of something new and exciting. Enjoy the warm, fizzy atmosphere but keep one foot firmly on the ground.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon © Tamara Bauer |

Wolf Moon- Full Moon Eclipse Jan 20/21st


On January 20-21,  people in NA, Northern Europe and the Arctic will be treated to a lunar eclipse. It will occur in NA just after midnight EST – on the night of  the 20th, and in Uk, Europe and around 5-6 am UT on Jan 21st. Earths shadow will begin moving across the surface of the Moon at 9:36 p.m. EST.(4:36 am UT) and will be officially Full at 12:16 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, 7:16 am UT.


This Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon by aboriginal cultures, representing wolves that howled with hunger outside the villages in the dark of winter. Here in Canada wolves still roam, and if you’ve ever heard their mournful call – you know how beautiful and powerful it can be.


This is our second eclipse of the year – we already had a partial Solar Eclipse on Jan 5-6. We are now in the portal between eclipses – where everything is turning and shifting and morphing.



The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A Full Moon is a peak in the New Moon energy. It is said that a  New Moon influence lasts approximately  four weeks,  but a Solar Eclipse lasts about six months.



In this time between eclipses – something old  is being released and something new is coming into being. There is now a pause, an interval, a liminal space – in which we are nether here nor there. Its good to go slow right now and hold back from making commitments or plans as we move through this non linear energy field.



That doesn’t mean we are not meant to be focusing on the year ahead- Saturn presence at the New Moon solar eclipse Jan 5/6 was all about commitment and focus. But it also represents prudence and caution, and the need to stay grounded and contained. It it feels like you are being held back; patience grasshopper – all will come to pass.



Links to the nodes of the Moon by Uranus, the Awakener –  brings a fated feeling as  our destinies seem to unfold at an amplified rate. It feels like we are being   thrust forward at mach speed – and at the same time blockages may be coming at us just as quickly, increasing the need to stay anchored and steady. Intuition is peaking right now –  messages await  if we listen carefully and  use this high frequency to tune into our higher self.  Uranus is the higher mind,  Neptune links us to our soul and our imagination, and Jupiter brings an urge to expand and explore.  All are highly active now and pushing us out of our normal frames of reference as we dive into the unknown. 


This is  a time of both creation and manifestation; our minds and our intentions are particularly powerful now.  Yet without the necessary prudence, all will be for naught. Step by step – steady as she goes! Yadayadayada!



What a powerful way to begin the New Year! Even though the Gregorian calendar is rather arbitrary – not being based on natural cycles – because we are all tuned into the change of date/year (can you believe its 2019!) we are all visioning the year ahead,  setting intentions,  making plans and setting long term goals.  



These two eclipses increase this impetus for visioning forward, though it’s not exactly business as usual.  I don’t have to tell you that the whole world is topsy-turvey right now – which makes it hard to make plans or be sure of anything. Yet we now, courtesy of the two eclipses,  have access to untapped resources of creativity,  imagination and intuition, as well as a promise of more solid footing to move forward with. As the creator of your own story – what will you write for yourself this year?


The New Moon, Partial Solar eclipse on Jan 5/6 occurred in the middle of  practical earth sign Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn dominated-   emphasizing responsibility, rules and authority, governments, parents, structures, duties. These are not the most glamourous aspects of life – yet without some sort of structure or container,  everything would fall apart. Look to see where house the middle of Capricorn is in in your chart ( , to see where you were being asked to wo/man up and take some serious thought to what you want to manifest,  and where your ego (Sun) might be getting in the way of you accomplishing the tasks at hand.Eclipses ask us to let go of something- Sun indicates it is ego related. 


The  lunar eclipse is at the 1st degree of fiery, confident (and somewhat self centered) Leo. When you combine enthusiasm and drive of Leo with the pragmatic down to earth skills of Saturn – anything is possible. Look to the beginning of Leo in your chart to see where this glorious Full Moon energy is lighting your way forward. The ‘house’ (see link at top of webpage)  indicates where you need to let go of old blockages so you can start to see your way forward.


 Transits (planets in current sky) tend to have the strongest effect when they occur near planets or the angles  in our chart – the top and bottom , left and right midpoint of chart representing Home (IC), Career (MC), Self (Asc) and other Desc). These, plus the planets, are considered the most important areas to look at – and I would also include the nodes of the Moon (destiny points)


If nothing significant in your chart links up with the Eclipse degrees- you may not notice anything at all (besides the awesome beauty of a lunar eclipse that is).  This is how astrology works – it is sacred geometry based on resonances and harmonics between the heavenly spheres. The moment you were born – certain patterns existed in the sky between the planets  – and that became your own personal piece of celestial music.  Each time a planet moves close to those energetic imprints (planetary placements)  – they strike a chord and emphasize the planets and areas(houses)  they occur in.  Sometimes the chords are harmonious- sometimes discordant;  either way,  where they visit in your chart shows where something of note is going to be taking place. Its all about patterns…


The key words for the Jan 5/6 eclipse were patience, discipline (Saturn)  and change /transformation (Pluto). Plus expansion (Jupiter), imagination and creativity (Neptune).  


This Sunday’s Full Moon/Lunar eclipse brings in the generousity and warmth of Leo – the Lion- rules by the Sun- who wants to shine its light in the world. We are again being called to awaken to who we really are. It is our destiny  to cast off the false masks we have been wearing to fit into this dysfunctional world, and step into our own skin. This is the time to claim your sovereignty– be your own authentic self. If we don’t value ourself – we can never value each other.
It’s time to work together collectively  to shift things in a more positive direction.  It’s interesting that the Wolf is symbolic of individuality (lone wolf) and leadership (Leo traits) as well as being a pack animal (Aquarius).  


I am he as you are (s)he as you are me and we are all together (Beatles- I am the walrus)


If  times are dark – perhaps it is your light that is missing. 



Delphinus Constellation – The Dolphin

Delphinus Constellation the Dolphin is a northern constellation bordering Aquila and Pegasus. Delphinus Constellation spans 7 degrees of the zodiac within Capricorn Constellation, from 13° to 20° Aquarius Sign. In Chinese astronomy, the stars of Delphinus are located within the Black Tortoise of the North (北方玄武, Běi Fāng Xuán Wǔ). Delphinus Constellation Astrology In astrology, […]

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Creative Psychopathic Entertainer

I don’t understand the hysteria around eclipses in astrology circles. It’s not because they don’t matter. Of course they matter. But they’re not BAD.

There will be a total lunar eclipse at zero degrees Leo, late Sunday night or early Monday morning depending on
where you are. Uranus in Aries will square the Sun and Moon, guaranteeing you’ll be entertained, especially if you have the ability to detach.

In reality, we all have the ability to detach, seeing as we all have Uranus in our charts. We all have the ability to act in our own best interest as well (Mars), though some might deny this to themselves and others.

I’m softening you up to say: This lunar eclipse makes me think of psychopathy. I’m not talking about a psychopathic murderer. I’m talking about a creative psychopath or a psychopath who entertains.

Maybe you haven’t met anyone like this, but I have. It’s quite the show.

Even if you’ve not met someone like this in person, you’re bound to have seen such a thing on TV or in a movie.

It’s possible for there to be some violence with this since Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries. However, it was not my first thought.

I see people experimenting and making their own rules when it comes to being a creative individual. We were not made to be alike or to walk in lockstep. I’ve elaborated here – Lunar Eclipse In Leo.


DC Horoscopes: February 2019 New and Full Moons

Left: New Moon @15AQ45 February 4, 2019 White House Washington DC; Hour of Mars @23Ari31 in the very visible 10th house and approaching ‘wild card’ planet Uranus. This explosive planetary pair blend their energies during ‘dangerous times’ and there is US natal Saturn (legalities, justice system, Robert Mueller) conjunct the New Moon IC, the Basis of the Matter. This New Moon phase culminates