Full Moon in Aquarius

Still Life with Fragments by Paul Klee

Full Moon in Aquarius

The annual Full Moon in Aquarius always activates the inherent polarity between Leo and Aquarius, zodiacal signs that serve as the celestial homes of the Sun and Saturn. Selene reflecting her fullness of silvery light in Aquarius can bring opportunities to question and probe experiences, sifting through the fragmentary artifacts of memory within our psyche in need of reflection. While the Sun in Leo has a centering force that helps us embody our authenticity and express our essential creativity, the Full Moon in Aquarius offers the prospect of intellectual distancing and the degree of detachment necessary from recent drama to contemplate the next steps needed for effective growth or inner integration.

The polarity between Aquarius and Leo will be especially acute during the Full Moon in Aquarius, as the Moon will be applying toward a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius and the Leo Sun will be approaching its annual opposition with Saturn that it will complete on August 14. Moreover, the Aquarius Full Moon will illuminate the key turning point in Saturn’s synodic cycle when the star of Kronos comes closest to Earth within its orbit during its solar opposition, glimmering at its brightest level in the night sky. Adam Gainsburg has taught that Saturn initiates us into a pivotal stage of our relationship with external and internal authority when we cross the threshold demarcated by Saturn’s retrograde passage forming an opposition with the Sun. There is a maturation available in how we participate authentically within the world around us, as new potential emerges to gain greater confidence in taking the responsibility to contribute meaningfully based upon a process of having questioned the reliability of external and internal authority figures since Saturn began its retrograde passage on June 4. The activation of Saturn’s opposition with the Sun by the Aquarius Full Moon is especially powerful due to the necessity of each of us taking greater personal responsibility mediating the volatility of current events in which societal structures have been falling apart in correspondence with the longstanding square aspect between Saturn and Uranus as well as the more recent tumult triggered by Mars forming a catalyzing conjunction with Uranus and a stormy square aspect with Saturn.

Indeed, the Aquarius Full Moon not only will illuminate a major shift in the solar cycle of Saturn, it also will spotlight a critical turning point of 2022. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11 is situated in between the eclipses that occurred on April 30 and May 15 and the eclipses that will occur on October 25 and November 8. The Aquarius Moon will be at the southern bending of its own nodes, separating from a square aspect with Uranus while applying toward a square aspect with Mars as well as the lunar nodes. The Aquarius Moon at the bending of its own orbit brings an additional level of objectivity and detachment from mundane affairs, as the Moon will be at its greatest southern latitude and the farthest distance the Moon can be within its orbital plane from the path of the Sun. With the Moon at its lowest point in its orbit, the Aquarius Full Moon is a calling to sink into sensation and get to the bottom of root causes in circumstances. The proximity between the Moon with Saturn can further accentuate contemplation in order to bring about needed reordering from our inner depths.

Recent world transits have had the symbolic impact of the Tower arcanum in tower, as Mars moved from a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus on August 1 into a harsh and combative square aspect with Saturn in Aquarius on August 7. Moreover, Venus in Cancer recently formed an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn on August 8, dredging up deep emotional and relational issues that have been impacted by the shattering shocks and liberating releases that were unleashed in correspondence with Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of the Moon joining forces while clashing with Saturn. As a result, the Full Moon in Aquarius will bring light into the darkness of whatever has been stirred up on unconscious levels as well as facilitate realizations regarding how to adapt to larger collective changes taking shape.


The Aquarius Full Moon applying toward a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius has deeper meaning when considering that Saturn is still in range of a close conjunction with the fixed star Deneb Algedi. Deneb Algedi is the star marking the tail of the Sea Goat constellation and is associated with the Babylonian creator god Ea and the Sumerian creator god Enki who brought the gifts and arts of civilization from his realm of subterranean water. A trickster and wise magician bent on reordering civilization with the greater good of the community in mind, the flowing freshwater of Enki transfigures the landscape of dry land, creating wetlands and fertile soil in which the food and resources needed to fuel civilization can grow. Gavin White in Babylonian Star-lore wrote that “Enki’s waters bring progeny to all creatures” and “bring life to the cultivated fields.” Similarly, old magical texts on the fixed stars declared that the image of Deneb Algedi brings prosperity and increases wealth, as well as enhancing one’s home and keeping it secure.

Furthermore, the vast intellect and sacred eye of Ea/Enki understands the fathomless depths of metaphysical laws and how they may be integrated into human systems of law and order. Bernadette Brady wrote that like the “justice-oriented ancient god who was seeking to bring civilization to his people,” the star Deneb Algedi “continues to be reflected in the laws of the establishment, and the structure of civilizations that yield ordered societies.” Yet while Deneb Algedi can correspond with established law, its deeper meaning lies within the type of reordering law from chaotic change that we have been collectively experiencing and will continue to experience in the years ahead.

As the Aquarius Moon waxes full near the star of the Sea Goat’s tail in the sky, we can turn awareness into the oceanic, immaterial expanse underlying our reality where the roots of form take shape. Take space from the cacophony of current events to discover how you can reorder personal structures and systems to be in flow with the changing currents altering the landscape, while staying centered within your own sense of integrity. Deneb Algedi is a powerful ally when reflecting upon the visions from subconscious senses ready to manifest without regard for external standards of judgement, while simultaneously discerning how to integrate innovate ideas into the societal systems and codes of laws presently operating in the world. It may not be clear how to bring new ideas into reality yet, but by setting intention to nurture and foster their manifestation we can begin the process of patiently discovering the best course of development for them.

Destruction and Hope by Paul Klee

The cunning wisdom of Enki will be further available through the fortunate role that Mercury in Virgo will be playing within the surrounding field of astrological transits. Mercury is visible as an Evening Star within its domicile and exaltation of Virgo, while applying toward a flowing trine with Uranus and the North Node of the Moon in Taurus it will complete on August 16. Mercury is out of aspect with the polarity between the Leo Sun and Aquarius Saturn, instead picking up the emancipatory revelations available to be accessed through the close proximity between Uranus and the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. Mercury is the ultimate mediator of polarities, and its potent capacity for analysis and reflection while in Virgo will be needed medicine for whatever difficulties we will be facing.

The Aquarius Full Moon will also illuminate the entrance of Venus into Leo. Venus in Leo loves to spark inspiring desires to actualize our creativity in everything ranging from daily tasks to larger projects connected with our life purpose. The dramatic flair that Venus in Leo possesses for bringing awareness of our fertile potential and igniting desire to actualize it will be amplified due to the fact that Venus will be applying to a flowing trine with Jupiter in Aries. Venus will complete her trine aspect with Jupiter retrograde in Aries on August 18, and so we will have a week following the lunation to be creatively active with the supportive fire of Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aries. Since Venus in Leo will simultaneously be heading into an activation of the volatile fixed cross that the Aquarius Full Moon is also triggering, Venus in Leo will be in position to shake up the places that have become stagnant through resisting change in favor of the comfort of stability. If you have already been embracing change while in a process of dismantling the stability of the past, Venus in Leo can help in finding greater flow and harmony within the changes taking place. During the waning half of the present lunar cycle, Venus in Leo will form a square aspect with the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio on August 25, a square aspect with Uranus in Taurus on August 26 (at the same time Uranus will have an intensified presence due to stationing retrograde on August 24), and an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius on August 28.

The capacity of Venus in Leo to help us adapt to our present state of becoming within volatile current events will be further amplified due to the co-presence of Venus and Ceres in Leo. Venus is applying toward a conjunction with Ceres in Leo that she will complete on August 22 at 13º24′ Leo. The last time Venus formed a conjunction with Ceres was on 3 April 2021 in Aries, and so it could be helpful to reflect upon the changes that have taken place over the course of their cycle together. Ceres connects with many of the current issues impacting world events, such as the food shortages and economic collapses occurring around the world. Yet Ceres also has psychological significations connected to the grief and difficult emotions many are experiencing due to not only personal experiences but also the wider field of intergenerational trauma that can be activated during the kind of volatile astrological world transits we have been experiencing. As Venus in Leo moves through a conjunction with Ceres into a catalyzing square aspect with Uranus during the waning half of the lunar cycle, it will be necessary to strike a balance between the abundant productivity Ceres is capable of nurturing and making space for rest and release of emotional material as we process the complex and difficult emotions that arise during times of immense collective and personal rebirth.

6 of Swords by Pamela Colman Smith

Aquarius 2 Decan

The Aquarius Full Moon will illuminate the second decan of Aquarius associated with the Six of Swords. The six swords in the image are anchored, suggesting firm resolve and grounded focus. Yet the swords are also staked into a boat journeying through watery, liminal space. There is a vision behind the image, a bold determination to follow foresight into foreign territory. The ferryman is in a role of guidance not unlike the psychopomp Mercury, which is fitting since Mercury is the ruler of the second face of Aquarius. T Susan Chang in 36 Secrets wrote that the Six of Swords excels at “problem solving,” being “excellent for symbol manipulation and masterful at metaphor . . . good for writing your way out of a paper bag and thinking outside of the box.”

As the ferryman in the Six of Swords is creating a network in between shores, linking the known with the unknown, he is an apt symbol for Mercury being the ruler of the second face of Aquarius. Austin Coppock in his book 36 Faces ascribed the image of “Heaven and Earth” to this face, writing that it connects multiple territories with a sense of “principled but fierce wisdom,” as well as that the fixed nature of this face “stabilizes commerce between heaven and earth” while also establishing “independence between multiple worlds.” Coppock declared it to be a decan “of independence, of living and becoming according to one’s principles” so that one may “connect worlds without becoming beholden to them.” Like the ferryman and Hermes, those who occupy this face mediate a “steady commerce between heaven and earth” according to Coppock, allowing for “the connection of the orthodox and the unorthodox, the known and the unknown” as well as “the ideal and the practical.”

Furthermore, the Hellenistic text the 36 Airs ascribed Phobos to the second decan of Aquarius, the divine son of Ares and Aphrodite who is associated with the fear evoked in battle and war. Austin Coppock noted that as Phobos is connected with the etymology of “phobia,” its presence in this face also reveals “the fear that people have of what lies outside their small worlds.” It also brings to mind the double edged sword of fear that can also be associated with Saturn, in the way fear can lead to poor choices rooted in paranoia as well as the kind of inspired action that erupts when we have our backs against the wall and the odds stacked against us. If paralyzing fears arise in the time surrounding the Full Moon in Aquarius, seek the steady hand and patient pace of Saturn in Aquarius that can help in grounding into the present moment and addressing the practical issues most in need of our attention and action. May mountainous magnitude and solid sentience of Saturn be available for guidance, bridging the eternal with the present moment, illuminating the next steps to take in our process of becoming.


Chang, T. Susan. (2021). 36 Secrets: A Decanic Journey through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. Anima Mundi Press.

Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.

White, Gavin. (2007). Babylonian Star-Lore: An Illustrated Guide to the Star-lore and Constellations of Ancient Babylonia. Solaria Publications.

Full Moon Aquarius: Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

Full Moon Aquarius

FULL MOON [19 Aquarius 21]

August 12, 2022 (02:36 GMT+1)

This week, there’s a powerful Full Moon taking place. Traditionally Full Moons are a time for celebration as the Full Moon lights up the night sky extending the hours outside of darkness. More time to play and work outside, less sleep.

In the lunar cycle, the Full Moon represents culmination, ripeness, fertility and the light of the Moon denotes clarity. It’s a powerful time to trust your intuition, especially if you have a big decision to make.

Yet, Full Moons also have a reputation for craziness. The word ‘lunatic’ derives from ‘lunar’, another word for the moon, when the werewolf awakens, emotions are heightened and dramas play out.

This week’s Full Moon isn’t the easiest to negotiate, thanks to other planets kicking in. You may already have a sense that tensions are rising.

In your August horoscopes, it was pointed out that this Full Moon is pivotal to the month’s events as it re-triggers last year’s dominant Saturn-Uranus square – see below.

Leo/Aquarius Polarity

Firstly, it’s important to determine where the Full Moon falls and the star signs that are involved. During this Full Moon, the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius.

A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities. You can either be pulled in different directions or seek a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other and work together in unison.

Leo is the star sign of the individual linked to pleasure, joy, creativity & self-interest, whereas Aquarius is the star sign linked to the collective, doing what’s good for everyone and working towards a shared purpose.

This may be a time when you’re questioning where you fit in or where you feel like an outsider. Where in your life are you not being seen? Where can you shine bright and make a difference?

Saturn & Uranus

This is undoubtedly an important Full Moon – perhaps the most significant astrological event in August – as both of Aquarius’ ruling planets, Saturn & Uranus, are active and pulled into the Full Moon picture.

During the Full Moon, the Moon at 19° Aquarius sits next to Saturn at 22° Aquarius. The Sun-Saturn opposition perfects on August 14th.

Immediately, you have to ask who’s saying no. Saturn is the planet linked to boundaries, restriction and limitation. It’s the get-real planet so this could bring a reality check, whether via the authorities, laws or regulations or because you recognise what’s not working out or what’s not possible.

During the Full Moon, the Moon at 19° Aquarius is square to Uranus at 18° Taurus. The Sun-Uranus square aspect perfects on August 11th.

Uranus is the planet linked to rebellion, disruption and change. Its nature is innovative, sudden, unpredictable and erratic. The flip side of Uranus is spontaneity, the flick of a switch, lightning moves, freedom, splitting off.

This could be a time of controversy or the unexpected kicks in and you have to change plans and fast. This may be especially true for you if you have key planets/angles close to 18/19° of the fixed star signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

On a personal level, you may be weighing up these two contrary planetary aspects, i.e. considering your different responses to your personal situation – doing what you think is right v. doing what feels right, even if other people say you’re bonkers or crazy.

This is similar to last week’s astrology when Mars in another fixed star sign, Taurus, was conjunct Uranus on August 1st and square to Saturn on August 7th. Saturn aspects can wipe you out and leave you feeling exhausted, either physically or emotionally. Take your time, consider where or what you need to release or let go of.

The Saturn-Uranus Square

The Saturn-Uranus square was the dominant planetary aspect in 2021. Saturn in Aquarius clashed with Uranus in Taurus in February, June & December of last year.

It’s a classic case of the old v. the new, conformity v. freedom. No coincidence then that Saturn-Uranus clashes often dominate during times of major social reform.

This month, August 2022, these two planets are back within close orb after having separated in the first half of this year. This Full Moon is bringing this powerful square aspect to dominance once again. It will peak in October 2022 although it doesn’t perfect, and will finally be over by the end of the year.

Square aspects create dynamic tension and it depends which planet dominates how it plays out in your life. When Saturn’s stronger, there’s a fear of change and rules must be respected. When Uranus is stronger, there’s an urge to rebel, break the rules and challenge the status quo.

Either way, it can be a stressful place to be and may trigger fear & uncertainty. Ideally, you want to find a way to bring both sides of the square aspect together. Yet, this isn’t straightforward by any means.

Saturn in Aquarius doesn’t want to be part of the group but tells you how to live your life. Uranus in Taurus is a change advocate but refuses to join in to do what’s best for the whole. You can see the dilemma.

Change is rarely easy if it means letting go of the life we have grown used to. Change becomes even more of a challenge when different factions of society have opposing viewpoints.

What Does It Mean For You

On a personal level, notice what’s calling you or pulling you during this Full Moon. Use Uranus’ energy well and you can make a snap decision, come up with a genius idea, share your brilliance, make a break for freedom, find a breakthrough. It may reveal to you what’s possible.

Yet, it’s not easy planetary energy as Saturn can flag up a roadblock or where things have broken down. Some obstacles can be overcome, others may be immovable.

Uranus demands action but it’s fast and unpredictable. The best advice with Uranus is to stay flexible and be ready to move quickly when you see a way through.

It’s quite the Full Moon energy – will you give up or will you take a risk?

Here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Aquarius: image, identity, personal goals – relationships, contracts, a third party
  • Pisces: retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others – work, service, health, lifestyle
  • Aries: friends, groups, society, politics – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Taurus: career, status, responsibility, future goals – home, family, past
  • Gemini: travel, study, beliefs – communication, local community, neighbours, siblings
  • Cancer: other peoples’ money, debt, taboos – personal finances, assets, values, self-worth
  • Leo: relationships, contracts, a third party – image, identity, personal goals
  • Virgo: work, service, health, lifestyle – retreat, secrets, self-care, caring for others
  • Libra: children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs – friends, groups, society, politics
  • Scorpio: home, family, past – career, status, responsibility, future goals
  • Sagittarius: communication, local community, neighbours, siblings – travel, study, beliefs
  • Capricorn: personal finances, assets, values, self-worth – other peoples’ money, debt, taboos

Happy Crazy Full Moon!

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The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th

August 5th ~ 12th

“The Turn of the Road” by John Atkinson Grimshaw

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding on to something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better. ~ C. JoyBell C.

The last of the season’s Supermoons, the Full Moon Sturgeon Moon rises on the evening of August 11th next week. What makes this Moon so significant astrologically is not just that this is another Supermoon, but is because of its proximity to Saturn and its close square to Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon. At 19º Aquarius 21’, the Full Moon is just 3º from retrograde Saturn at 22º of Aquarius, and within a degree of Uranus and the North Node at 18º of Taurus. And coming just 1 week after the triple conjunction of Mars/Uranus and the North Node at 18º of Taurus, we can see a number of themes coming into play within the aegis of next week’s Full Moon.

One of the most notable themes is the Saturn/Uranus square which dominated the astrological weather of 2021. Now that Saturn is retrograde and retreating back through the sign of Aquarius, and Uranus is slowing for its own station on August 24th, they are now within range of forming a square angle once again. And they are doing so within the bounds of the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio forming a dynamic Cross in the fixed signs. Therefore anyone who has planets within range of 16-22º of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) will feel the earth move, just a bit. Though I suspect we will all be aware of a sea change shifting in the air.

Squares imply conflict. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Without conflict there would be no growth or change. There would be no incentive to do anything. It is discomfort that motivates us to create changes. The conflict is further enhanced by the archetypal qualities of the planets involved, in particular the ringed giants, Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn wants things to stay as they were, and to maintain the status quo. Saturn is conservative, cautious and resists change. This can be a good thing when we are wanting to conserve something that we consider to be time-honored and of deep value; and have invested so much time, resources and energy building up. If we are that invested in something we will want to protect it from forces that could appear to threaten its very existence. Saturn is a planet of promises, and keeps its oaths. It is a planet of responsibility and honors its obligations. If we identify with Saturn, a Uranus square could feel like anarchy and chaos is descending upon us, threatening to destroy all that we hold so dear.

Uranus by contrast will not be constrained. It needs room and freedom to grow and evolve; and will rebel against anyone or anything that tries to limit or define it. If we are feeling oppressed, limited, or stuck in a rut, and we are identifying with the Uranus energy, we will see the Saturn square as stifling and oppressive. And we will do all we can to release ourselves from the chains that bind us.

We could find that in some areas of our lives we will want to maintain the status quo even in the face of what feels like radical and chaotic change. While in others we could be feeling stuck in a rut, and are ready to take some risks, or push for change. This is also when we ask ourselves: Should I stay or should I go? What is worth saving and holding on to? And what is limiting me and preventing me from growing? 

Generally speaking, most people are creatures of habit. We do things a certain way, because that’s the way we have always done them. We create routines around our habits and set up patterns. This can create an element of comfort and stability, but it can also get us stuck in ruts from which we find it difficult to emerge. At these junctures, such as we are having now, we can become aware of the idea that there might be better ways of doing things, and that we don’t always have to keep doing things the way we always have in the past. What might have been relevant 15 years ago could very well no longer be valid for who you are now. What a profound idea! Yet we get stuck in these habits and patterns and ways of being, and do not let go. The Full Moon is trying to make us aware of these patterns.

Now that we are getting these transits, like the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction, or this illuminating Super Full Moon on August 11th, shining a light on the patterns of our lives. Ask yourself within the light of the Full Moon this coming week:

  • What are the patterns or habits that you might want to change in your life?

  • What obligations are you committed to that are beginning to feel overly oppressive and limiting?

  • What changes or adjustments can you make that will allow you greater freedom to live your life according to your own terms?

  • What would it mean for you to live a freer, more authentic life and lifestyle?

  • Are you living your own best life, or are you living the life that others tell you you are supposed to be living?

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom. ~ Anais Nin

Kentucky Rain Keeps Pouring Down

Torrential rains drenching eastern Kentucky in late July led to massive flooding on July 28, 2022, particularly of isolated rural communities in the poorest areas of Appalachia, where rivers and creeks swelled to overflow their banks by as much as 20 feet, filling the hollows and washing away some homes and businesses, inundating others in feet of standing water.  Hardest-hit areas received 8-10 inches of rainfall within 48 hours.  As of this writing (July 31) 26 are dead and dozens more still missing, while continued rain forecasts imperil search efforts and threaten to exacerbate an already tragic situation.  Among the dead are four young siblings from Montgomery, Kentucky:  Maddison, Riley, Nevaeh and Chance Noble, aged 2 to 8, torn from their parent’s arms by the current’s grip as the family’s mobile home was swept away.


The devastation in Kentucky follows similar flooding in the St. Louis, Missouri region two days prior, where 11 inches of rain fell within 8 hours, breaking a record set by the remnants of the Galveston hurricane in 1915; two were killed.   Even a small amount of water, in the wrong place at the wrong time, can lead to disaster, as desert clime Las Vegas experienced, also on July 28, when up to three-quarters of an inch of rain fell within two hours; the resultant flash flooding swamped several casinos.

KY flood kentucky1
A mobile home in Kentucky is capsized and washed clear of its foundation by the flooding; with Jupiter and asteroid Flood both at station, in a Grand Trine with the Sun, excessive rain was an issue in several US regions in late July

A glance at the skies for the Kentucky flooding reveals the intensity and multiplicity of these events.  Late July 2022 saw the stations of two bodies significant to the story – the planet Jupiter, noted for excess and increase, made its retrograde station on July 28, the very day of the Kentucky and Las Vegas floods.  Jupiter, known as the “Greater Benefic” and noted for providing positive outcomes, nevertheless inflates any situation, for good or ill, blowing it up out of proportion.  Stations lend themselves to a similar overemphasis of the associated energies, and the second stationary point involved was asteroid Flood, which turned direct on July 31st.  Talk about literal!

KY flood st louis2
Sudden rising flood waters made boats a more practical means of transport and rescue on St Louis streets; with Uranus opposed TNO Typhon (named for a Titan reputed to engender violent storms), the unexpected, sudden quality of the storm disaster is depicted

Worse, at 8 Aries and 8 Sagittarius respectively, Jupiter and Flood were bound in an exact trine, increasing the likelihood of their interaction creating excessive (Jupiter) water conditions (Flood).  Once the Sun joined the fray, completing a Grand Trine from 5 Leo on July 28th, the focus (Sun) became extreme flooding.  And with the Sun forming a Kite pattern with its opposition to asteroid Lachesis at 9 Aquarius, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, the flooding turned deadly.  Also bound up in the pattern was a third stationary point, asteroid Nemesis at 0 Aries, representing ruin and destruction, which turns retrograde August 3rd; the property damage from these incidents has not been fully assessed, but will doubtless run to the tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions.  St. Louis’ proximity to the action is noted in asteroid Lewis at 3 Aries, conjoined Jupiter.

KY flood st louis1
St Louis broke a century-old record for rainfall in a 24-hour period; asteroid Lewis conjoined asteroid Nemesis, representing ruin and destruction, joined the Grand Trine by conjunction to Jupiter, known for excesses

The theme of sudden devastation and death from flooding is reinforced by an opposition from TNO Typhon at 16 Scorpio, named for a Titan known as the god of storms, to a Mars/Uranus combination at 15 and 18 Uranus, with Mars ruling violent death and Uranus ruling surprise and sudden change, much like the flash flooding.  This polarity becomes a Grand Cross when an opposition from Mercury and asteroid Rip, at 18 and 20 Leo, to Saturn at 23 Aquarius is factored into the equation.  Saturn is the ancient lord of death, while Rip also functions as a death indicator, in the form of the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription.  Mercury alludes to the loss of children or young people, at least six of whom perished in Kentucky (including the four Noble family children).

KY flood jackson
An aerial view of the flooding in Jackson, Kentucky, where the Kentucky River crested at 43.2 feet – asteroid Jackson in square to Jupiter/Nemesis put this city in the hot seat for devastating flooding

Another pointer toward a watery death comes from Neptune, planetary ruler of flooding, which at 25 Pisces opposes a pairing of asteroids Requiem and Anubis at 19 and 25 Virgo.  Requiem is named for the funeral mass for the dead; Anubis is named for an ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites.  A T-Square is formed with asteroid Montgomery at 20 Sagittarius, representing the home town of the Noble family; also at station, Montgomery is exactly sesquiquadrate the Sun, and turns direct on August 6th, already at its station degree.  Asteroid Las Vegas at 27 Pisces conjoins Neptune, providing another geographic indicator of where unusual flooding would occur.

KY flood vegas
We don’t normally think of desert Las Vegas as a flood risk, but just a small amount of rain over a short period can yield that result; several casinos were inundated on July 28th, with asteroid Las Vegas conjunct Neptune, planetary ruler of flooding

The most specific marker of deadly storms claiming the lives of youths comes from Pluto, modern lord of death, which at 27 Capricorn opposes a remarkable grouping of asteroids Child, Nobel, Storm and Osiris, at 20, 21, 24 and 27 Cancer respectively.  Osiris is named for the Egyptian god of the dead, and with Nobel standing in for Noble, we have here a quite literal statement of the flooding (Storm) deaths (Osiris, Pluto) of the children (Child) in the Noble (Nobel) family.

KY flood noble
The Noble family of Montgomery, KY lost all four of its young children to the flooding. Multiple indicators of the tragedy include a T-Square of Neptune (floods) opposed death indicator asteroids Requiem and Anubis, with asteroid Montgomery at the fulcrum; Saturn (ancient lord of death) opposed Mercury (ruling children and siblings); and, most remarkably, an opposition from Pluto (modern lord of death) to a cluster of asteroids Child, Storm, Osiris and Nobel

The Kentucky River smashed an 83-year-old record for flooding, when it crested at 43.2 feet in Jackson, Kentucky on the morning after the rains.  The locale may be reflected in a square from exacerbating, over-the-top Jupiter at 8 Aries to asteroid Jackson at 5 Cancer.

With Jupiter and Flood maintaining their close trine through August 18th, we may be seeing more such incidents, at least until the Sun ages out of the Grand Trine Kite on August 11th.

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