Key words for signs-planets and houses

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To learn quickly, make it a game! 
You can play with these key words on your own, or with friends. 
Take a horoscope. Chose a placement. It can be a planet in a sign, a planet in a house, an aspect between two planets or a sign in a house. 

Look at the lists of key words below and combine them to find interpretations. 
NB: as in life, there will be positive and negative ways to combine energies.

If you need more explanations:
Each planet is associated with a sign and a house: you get the same key words, for instance for the Moon, the sign it rules which is Cancer, and the associated house which is the 4th. 

 Planets on principle represent the energy and are more likely to be expressed with verbs (for instance the Moon cares, nurtures, feels….) when the sign is a style or a mood and can be expressed with adjectives,  adverbs or complements: In Cancer for instance,  a  planet does what it does with sensitivity, in a caring manner, following their intuition…..  

 The house represents an area of life, so the key words would rather relate to the question “where”: the fourth house is where you belong which can be home, your family, your village, your country, your room, your personal space, your secret garden. 
 However, this is not a absolute rule and must be applied with great flexibility. 
 Just pick key words, combine them and see what comes up. For instance…. Mars in Cancer…. Active at home, aggressive in imagination, assertive with sensitivity……What else? 
Your turn! 

Key words. 
Moon:  Taking root. childhood – mother – child – home – roots – belonging – country – emotions -imagination – memory – sensitivity – emotional needs – physical needs – care – food – fertility – instinct – psychic – – tradition – the past – secret garden – cycles
 Water – Cancer – 4th House

Sun: To express.  self – higher self – heart – love – romance- ego -pride -self expression – goals – will power – call – father- role model – creativity – authority – king – center of attention -generosity – performance – arts – high standards – luxury – children (as our creations) – education (because teaching is performing and it taking care of our children) 
Fire – Leo – 5th house

Mercury through Gemini:   To know –  mind – communication – talking – trade – adaptation – multiplicity – exchanges – information – messenger – common sense – – intelligence – thinking-  young man, brother – nervous system – lungs –  – speed – school – student – learning – rational mind – mobility – small journeys –  
Air – Gemini – 3rd house

Mercury through Virgo: To improve – practical sense – rational mind – science – professional life – skills – sense of organization – service – chores – critical thinking – work – health – medicine – routine – rhythm – rituals – intestines – details – small animals – 
Earth – Virgo – 6th house

Venus esp. through Libra:  To relate – love – lovers – harmony – balance – art – fashion -couple – relationships – Partnerships – justice – good taste – pleasing -flirting – charming – sympathy – diplomacy – feelings – the other – kindness – hips -kidneys – young women – sister – 
Air – Libra – Seventh house

Venus esp. through Taurus: To have – love – sensuality – attraction – enjoyment – values – money – self worth – pleasure of the senses – attachments – possessions – -throat – voice – nature, gardens, fairies.  

Mars:  To be -. being – ego -assertiveness – persona – energy – courage – fight -agression – action -leader – male desire – lover -knight.  go get it! Passion. Impulsivity sport – competion – initiative – starts – birth – individualism-accidents – muscles -blood -inflamations. 
Fire – Aries – First House

Jupiter. To expand – luck – growth -expansion – organisation – generosity – optimism, abundance – taking risks – Olympic games – social integration – laws – moral principles – knowledge – wisdom – authority – faith – great journeys – meeting strangers – big picture – meaning of life – teaching – coherence – unity – a mature man – doctor – bishop – lawyer – expert -liver – religion or spirituality – 
 prayer -god – Fire or Air (here there is an ambiguity as Jupiter is sometimes considered an Air planet and Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Never mind!) Sagittarius – 9th house

Saturn  To achieve – structure – boundaries – limits – fear – long term – resistance – old age – time – restrictions – inhibitions – ambition – efforts – discipline – authority – rigor – austerity – responsibility – social status – reputation –  career – reliability – summit of the mountain – hermit – old man – bones and skin – philosophy – moral principles – duty – stern authority – 
Earth – Capricorn – tenth house

 NB: Strangely enough, the tenth house also signifies “mother” However, if we think of it, our mother is, from the beginning of our life, not only the one who takes care and feeds us, but also the one who gives us structure and limits, punish at times and frustrates our whims…  
Uranus:   To transfigure – hyper mind – plans – future – visions – friends – groups – co operatives – revolutions -institutions –  sudden and unexpected change – insights – break through – break up – intuition – politics – citizenship – ideas – ideals – projects – avant garde – difference – individuality – awaken – eccentric gentlemen – scientist – genius – channelling
Air – Aquarius – 11th house

Neptune:  To transcend – no boundaries – sensitivity – inspiration – mysticism – compassion – empathy – psychic gifts – mediumship – return to unity – ocean – instability – channelling – charity – art – music – pictures – illusions – dreams – haze – absence – dissolution – addiction – depression – mental health – universality – mystery – hidden things – secrets – spirituality – great trials – 
 Water – Pisces – 12th house

Pluto: To renew- crisis – destruction and regeneration – death – rebirth – sex – instincts – power – tribal law – financial flows – inheritance – reptilian brain – intensity – flair – research – emotional intensity – resistance – minerals – psychic gifts – mediumship (talking with the dead) – detective – thriller – underground – forensic expert – psychoanalyst –

30 Degrees of Separation – The Semi-Sextile

There’s little I can write about in astrology that I haven’t written about before, at least once during my many years of blogging. While preparing a weekend post, I began scribbling about the semi-sextile, referred to a piece by astrologer Donna Cunningham….then took a quick look back at my archived posts. Lo and behold – I’d written about this in the past – in 2014. Ah well, waste not

Venus In Aquarius Square Uranus: March 1, 2019 – Love & Money Surprise

Venus In Aquarius Square Uranus: March 1, 2019 – Love & Money Surprise

Friday, March first, should be interesting.  Venus at 29 degrees Capricorn will square Uranus at 29 degrees Aries, as it ingresses into Aquarius, mid-day. This a strong Venus/Uranus situation. If you consider Uranus will soon ingress into Venus-ruled Taurus, I’d … Read More…

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Full Moon in Virgo — February 19, 2019, 15:53 UT

A rare visitor from the distant parts of our solar system is passing us. Comet C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) on a highly elliptical orbit around the Sun is an extreme trans-Neptunian object (ETNO), “a cousin” of Sedna and the like. Comet Iwamoto’s next visit won’t happen until around 3390 AD, if ever.

The existence of the new category of ETNOs was revealed due to the search for Planet 9, a planet which nobody has observed yet, but which is at least ten times more massive than the Earth and with a diameter two to four times the Earth, orbiting the Sun somewhere in the darkness far beyond Neptune.

Comet Iwamoto was discovered in December 2018 by a Japanese amateur astronomer. It passed closest to Earth on February 13, 2019. It is a near-parabolic comet with an orbit of 1371 years. Non-periodic comets on near-parabolic orbits usually never return to the vicinity of the Sun. Now, when passing through the inner solar system, Comet Iwamoto is moving fast! It is traveling opposite direction to the planets.

Mark A. Holmes calculated Comet Iwamoto’s position at the Full Moon chart of February 19, 2019. Thank you, Mark. Comet Iwamoto is at 15+ degrees of Cancer in aspect to several planets, including the Sun and the Moon in the first degrees of Pisces and Virgo, respectively. It is opposite (180˚) Saturn and Venus in Capricorn, trine (120˚) Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, semisquare (45˚) the Moon in Virgo, sesquiquadrate (135˚) the Sun in Pisces and biseptile (103˚) Chiron in Aries.

The notable astrological event just recently was centaur Chiron’s sign change from Pisces to Aries on the day before the Full Moon, on February 18, 2019. The Moon in Virgo forms a quincunx (150˚) to Chiron at the Aries Point. The quincunx is a challenging aspect that requires adjustment. 95P/Chiron is a comet, too. Centaurs typically behave with characteristics of both asteroids and comets. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and initially designated as a minor planet, but in 1988 it brightened, developed a tail and got classified also as a comet.

Chiron was the first member of a new family of Chiron-type comets. Another member of this class is centaur Echeclus, which has showed cometary behavior more than once and now also has the cometary designation 174P/Echeclus. Any centaur getting close enough to the Sun is anticipated to become a comet. In the Full Moon chart Echeclus is in the last degree of Taurus, squaring the luminaries in Virgo and Pisces. Short period comets generally originate in the Kuiper belt whereas long period comets in the Oort cloud.

In astrology comets are seen as heralds of change. Erratic and disruptive energy can be sensed in other chart factors too, for example in the Mars-Uranus conjunction, although the luminaries form harmonious aspects to the conjunction. Pay attention (Chiron’s advice), stay focused and don’t get provoked.