Full Moon in Gemini

Moonlit Night on the Dnieper (1880) by Arkhip Kuindzhi

Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini possesses extraordinary mental deftness. It’s the sign of the Twins and the back and forth. Gemini is paradoxically a place of the binary and duality as well as the perspicacious perception that discovers non-dualities within the conflicts of duality we suffer. Gemini is prone to fragmentation yet also discovers unity within the multiplicity of fragments its questioning breaks open. Just like the Twins symbolize symbiosis in the womb that becomes differentiated into separate paths emanating from a shared source, Mercury’s rulership of Gemini reveals its capacity for mediating polarities and considering the nuances in between opposing perspectives. Gemini delights in languages and sounds of the sacred, finding pleasure in transmitting their complex meaning through handiwork such as writing, weaving, and sculpting material forms. While Full Moons in Gemini tend to be an especially active time for mental pursuits and social engagement, the mental wattage of the Gemini Full Moon on December 7 will be excessively amplified due to the Moon closely applying to Mars retrograde in Gemini.

The darkness of the night will be set against the glowing orb of the Moon and the brilliant redness of Mars, as Mars will be in its brightest phase and as close to us in orbit as it is possible for Mars to be. As the Sun sets in the west, the Moon and Mars will rise together in the east. Yet just as we will be able to witness Mars in its peak redness within the blackness of night, there will be a lunar occultation of Mars (in some locations) that will temporarily consume our visual sight of the red planet. The Moon’s disappearing act with Mars is a potent sky omen that speaks to the deeper meaning of Mars reaching its solar opposition phase. I find resonance with the perspective of astrologer Adam Gainsburg who has described the solar opposition phase of Mars as initiating us into a radical commitment to our authentic vision, as well as reframing the meaningful motivation of Mars from being all about one’s own needs into serving societal needs. The Full Moon in Gemini will spotlight how to direct the fiery impulses of Mars into forms and expressions that can serve the needs of your community or audience.

Gemini like its ruler Mercury has affinity for the crossroads where one path separates into a choice of options. As we come to the end of 2022 and the season of increasing darkness in the northern hemisphere, the illumination of the Full Moon in Gemini will provide penetrating insight into the changing nature of storylines from the past year and the choices which need to be made on the direction to follow in the year ahead. Though Gemini is known for becoming scattered and becoming burdened by too many interests and potential paths to pursue, the close application between the Full Moon with Mars will provide a burning intensity that can cut to the heart of the matter and the core values and desires that need to be honored in any decision. There may be a need for meditative and other calming practices to mediate an increase in mental anxieties provoked by Moon and Mars adhering to one another, yet when channeled into work, art, and creativity the amalgamation of Moon and Mars can bring an immense activation of drive and resilient tenacity in making forward strides and significant development despite whatever obstacles we may be facing.

Though the Gemini Full Moon is an incredible alignment of both the Moon and Mars cycles coming together at the same time, it’s not unusual – for comparison, you can reflect upon past times this has occurred such as the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjoining Mars retrograde in Sagittarius on 21 May 2016, and the Lunar Eclipse conjoining Mars retrograde in Aquarius on 27 July 2018. Some of what sets the present alignment apart is it occurring in Gemini with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in the tenth place from Mars, giving Jupiter a superior influence over Mars. Furthermore, Venus in Sagittarius is separating from Neptune and applying closely toward a catalyzing square aspect with Jupiter that involves mutual reception, due to Venus occupying the fiery home of Jupiter and Jupiter occupying the exaltation of Venus. James Hillman in The Myth of Analysis captured some of this meaning when he wrote that “Those twins, compulsion and inhibition, are familiar enough in all creative efforts where one is both driven and blocked, enthusiastic and critical, on fire and fearful . . . Demon and daimon are one; if we suppress the compulsion, we lose touch with the guiding voice of the daimon . . . At the deepest level of fear an eros appears . . .” The synergy between the Moon and Mars may not be pleasant, and could bring distressing fears to the surface. Uncovering the daimonic eros emerging out of your recent trials and tribulations will provide the lodestar needed for navigating out of the storm.

Saturn in Aquarius is in position to provide stabilizing support, as the Gemini Full Moon is applying to a flowing trine aspect with Saturn that can help with centering upon one’s core purpose and walling off the distracting noise of the nonessential. Moreover, Mercury in Capricorn as the ruler of the Gemini Full Moon is also in a place of pragmatism due to occupying the nocturnal and earthy home of Saturn. Mercury excels in holding the tension of paradox, probing the meaning that weaves together differences, and questioning the certainty of righteousness in order to tease out the insight necessary for a deeper engagement. In Capricorn, Mercury is particularly adept at devising plans of action that can adjust to changing conditions, making decisions in a grounded manner that recognizes the reality of what will work while staying aligned with the required integrity. As the Full Moon peaks in light, Mercury in Capricorn will be on its own without any immediately applying aspects, giving the star of Hermes space to contemplate the recent messages it received from its fiery conversation with Jupiter in Pisces on 5 December. In contrast to Venus becoming enflamed by the Moon, Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter, Mercury in Capricorn is in a cool, solitary place of contemplation that will facilitate separating the wheat from the chaff.

dating c. 520 – c. 510 BCE, depicting Herakles wrestling Triton

Mars has spent the first half of its retrograde phase locked into a battle with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces that has ranged between chaotic confusion and creative inspiration. As Mars reaches the alchemizing midpoint of its retrograde movement during the Gemini Full Moon, Mars is beginning to gain significant separation from its last square aspect it completed with Neptune on 19 November. With Neptune stationing direct on 3 December in the week before the lunation, Mars and Neptune will now be moving in different directions away from one another until they much later come back into one final square aspect on 14 March 2023. Though the combined presence of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is still holding an influence over Mars during the Gemini Full Moon, the flowing trine aspect between the Gemini Full Moon with Saturn in Aquarius can facilitate discernment regarding whatever deep wells of imaginal material have been stirred up by Mars clashing with Jupiter and Neptune. The cutting intellectual blade of Mars retrograde in Gemini can be utilized to slice through beliefs, ideologies and illusions you have been adhering to without question. Whether you have disillusionment or inspired idealism to sort through, allow the presence of Jupiter and Neptune together to bring the underlying truth of your experience to the surface.

While the Gemini Full Moon is applying toward a trine aspect with Saturn, Mars is gaining further separation from the exact trine aspect it formed with Saturn on 28 November while applying toward a resonant sextile aspect with Chiron in Aries. Mars separating from a trine with Saturn and applying toward a sextile with Chiron while in the heart of its retrograde phase signifies initiation. Mars will form an exact sextile aspect with Chiron on 19 December 2022 at the same time that Chiron will be stationing direct on 23 December. The sextile between Mars and Chiron that will be slowly building from now until the Capricorn solstice is potent due to the activation of Chiron’s presence through stationing while Chiron is also being received by Mars into its fiery home of Aries. The reception between Mars with Chiron brings a critical test and training that has the ultimate expression of Mars for the greater good in mind. The interplay between Saturn, Mars, and Chiron may bring up painful wounds and difficult patterns to awareness, yet the harmonious reception between Chiron and Mars indicates there is something important about your relationship with Mars that is being sharpened, honed, and developed.

Reflecting upon the previous sextile aspect between Mars in Gemini with Chiron on 17 September 2022 may give insight into the process underway for you with Mars and Chiron, as well as issues that came up around the Full Moon in Aries that was conjoining Chiron on 9 October. For example, you may have gained increased awareness of patterns stemming from past wounding and alienation that have been creating important matters to work through in relational dynamics. Or issues involving the intersection between societal systems of oppression with one’s identity and core purpose, and whether you feel you have the agency to pursue what you want to create in life. Do you feel disempowered due to a sense of futility in the face of obstacles, or are you acting as an agent of societal institutions rather than following your genuine desires? Let Chiron coax a more empowered expression of Mars in your life.

Chiron ultimately functions as a mentor archetype, shown through both his mythology and astronomy. In myth, Chiron was a wise centaur who fostered and trained heroes. In astrology, Chiron’s eccentric orbit that weaves in between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus symbolizes how it facilitates a deeper connection with our nonconformist side that does not fit easily into conventional society. Chiron in Aries combined with Mars retrograde in Gemini will bring opportunities to recover whatever you have felt you needed to abandon about your essential purpose to fit in with cultural expectations. What have you been sacrificing about yourself in order to meet the material demands of society? Who are you serving with your power?

The application of the sextile between Mars and Chiron will extend through the rest of the time period that Jupiter will be occupying its watery, nocturnal home of Pisces. Jupiter will exit Pisces to enter Aries on 20 December, a day before the Capricorn solstice. Jupiter will not be in another one of its domiciles until entering Sagittarius in 2030 and will not be in its exalted sign of Cancer until 9 June 2025. Utilize the final days of Jupiter directly expressing its procreative life force through Pisces to envision the life you most dearly wish to create, allowing your imagination to run wild. The activation of the Aries point by Jupiter at the same time as the Capricorn solstice will make it a powerful time for dreaming on the darkest day of the year, conceiving the plans and projects you can take direct action on in the year ahead.

During the waning half of the lunar cycle, in the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, Venus and Mercury will be adorning the evening twilight with their light. The return of Venus to visibility as an Evening Star is especially powerful, as it marks the end of her long underworld journey of invisibility that lasted from September through November. The renewal of Venus into visible light will ignite a revived embodiment of desires that can guide decision making. Whatever was emptied and purified during the past three months of Venus traversing the celestial underworld can now be transmuted into dynamic creativity and renewed values. By December 10, both Mercury and Venus will be traveling together in Capricorn for the rest of December, creating a supportive astrological atmosphere for generating creative possibilities as well as refining options into focused goals you can develop strategies to achieve.

The waning Moon during the solstice on 21 December will add to the potency of the fertile darkness that will contain all five visible planets in the sky following sunset. Mercury will be at its maximum elongation as an Evening Star during the solstice while separating from a flowing trine aspect with Uranus in Taurus it will complete on 17 December. Meanwhile, Venus will be applying closely to a liberating trine aspect with Uranus that will become exact on 22 December. With both Mercury and Venus carrying a torch of Promethean fire, we can experience an emboldened pursuit of innovative creative directions. Combined with Jupiter occupying the first degree of Aries, it will be a powerful time for reflecting upon the changes and growth you have experienced during the past year while turning toward the new year to envision what you wish to create.

9 of Swords by Pamela Colman Smith

Gemini 2 Decan

The Gemini Full Moon will illuminate the second decan of Gemini associated with the Nine of Swords arcanum illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith. The Nine of Swords involves an image of nightmarish worry and anguish under a cover of astrological symbols. The image for the Nine of Swords takes on new meaning when considering that Austin Coppock in his book on the decans 36 Faces ascribed the image of “The Hermaphrodite” to this face. Coppock described the second face of Gemini as being a place of mediating “continuing duality” in which “we must learn to reconcile angels and demons within a single soul.” The obsessive, negative thought cycles shown in the Nine of Swords through this lens reveals an “inability to reconcile dualities within oneself, within the world,” to Coppock, “the moments of despair” which can occur within the “irreconcilable places” found within this decan. Yet to Coppock there is a great gift to cultivate in the second face of Gemini in terms of recognizing how each side of dualities like love and war perpetually turn back into one another through the “arts of union and separation.” Coppock concluded that whoever “accepts these oscillations comes to understand the whole of interaction- they are unbothered by either, knowing the other waits in turn.”

Fittingly for a hermaphroditic decan, the second face of Gemini is ruled by both Mars and Venus with numerous ancient texts ascribing images of dualistic forms. The Hellenistic text 36 Airs attributed the ancient goddess Cybele to this face, whose creation story involves an original hermaphroditic form. The Liber Hermetis described a double faced man holding a bow and arrows, treading on rabbits with both feet. Ibn Ezra in The Beginning of Wisdom described another man holding a bow and arrow, but one whose head is bound in lead with an iron helmet featuring a silk crown, who is enjoying “ridicule and mockery” while walking around a garden playing music and picking flowers. While the Picatrix described an eagle-faced man also with bow and arrows, iron helmet, and silk crown, the Yavanajataka described a graceful black woman in bright garments who delights in the arts, singing and storytelling and who is pleased to be holding a lyre.

The storytelling and songs contained in the image from the Yavanajataka are mediums through which the complexity of the second face of Gemini can be expressed, as the artistic artifice of storytelling can create space for the tension between dualities to reveal insight and revelations. In Henrich Cornelius Agrippa’s The Celestial World, the capacity of the second face of Gemini for mediating dualities is shown through the form of a trickster figure: “In the second face [of Gemini] rises a man who holds in one hand a [shepherd’s] pipe and has the other curved and digging into the earth. [This image] signifies infamous and dishonest actives, such as jesters and tricksters, and signifies labors and laborious searches.”

The Gemini Full Moon conjoining Mars in its own face of Gemini will amplify the symbolism of the second face of Gemini. While this can be an extremely cunning, strategic, and cruel placement for Mars, Agrippa’s image of a trickster digging one hand into the earth reveals a higher calling for Mars that can also be found here. In the Orphic hymn to Ares, Ares is petitioned to turn his fury and weapons into the procreative production of Demeter that discovers abundant riches within the earth. With the star of Ares in his peak light aligning with the peak light of the Moon, consider how you can transmute the tenacious frenzy and passion of Mars into useful creativity and brilliant insight that is grounded in practical application.


Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.

Hillman, James. (1978). The Myth of Analysis. Harper Colophon.

Full Moon Gemini: Double Trouble?

Full Moon

FULL MOON [16 Gemini 02]

London – December 8, 2022 (04:08 GMT)

New York – December 7, 2022 (23:08 GMT-5)

Sydney – December 8, 2022 (15:08 GMT+11)

Full Moon Vibes

This week, there’s a Full Moon in Gemini that’s potentially dramatic, complex and confusing. Full Moons are a time of heightened emotions and this one feels particularly lively.

This week’s Full Moon cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac, representing the lower and higher mind. Gemini is the communicator, Sagittarius the seeker & explorer and both signs are linked to learning and knowledge. Gemini rules the chatter of the marketplace and Sagittarius rules foreign connections.

This highlights the bigger picture in life, as Gemini and Sagittarius favour curiosity and exploration. Write down your ideas, read a good book or meet up with people who you enjoy talking with about life, the universe and everything.

The light of the Moon shines bright during the Full Moon phase and can coincide with the culmination of a project. You may be able to dig deep and finalise a matter that’s been dragging on or causing you worry or stress, perhaps linked to transport, travel, technology or communications.

The Mars Factor

There’s an added factor to this Full Moon, however, because action planet Mars is exactly conjunct the Moon at 16° Gemini. This adds stress and tension to the mix. Mars’ energy can be passionate, also stroppy and inflammable. Gemini is the sign of duality, so will this spell double trouble?

Certainly, oppositions clash and Mars opposes the Sun during the Full Moon phase. Therefore, be aware that tempers could flare, as this hints at trouble. Don’t stir the pot, unless you’re willing to get burned.

Plus, Mars is currently retrograde, i.e. on go slow in Gemini. This is an indication to rush less and slow down. You could attempt to charge through life at full tilt but this wouldn’t be advisable now.

Crossed wires is a classic retrograde theme, especially with Mars in Gemini, the star sign of communication. It would be easy to say too much during this Full Moon or get involved in a war (Mars) of words (Gemini). Think before you speak is wise advice. Aim to deal with what’s important rather than urgent.

Be wary of what you say or write too, as your words could be used against you. Copyright your ideas and don’t blab about your plans. Mars in Gemini is a trickster combination. Who’s telling porky-pies, who in your life says one thing but means another?

While I was writing this article, I had a flurry of incoming phone calls which is unusual and some irritating tech problems which I couldn’t fix. That could be another way that this Full Moon/Mars Gemini mix is going to play out – a lot going on and you need to think on your feet – it does already feel a little bit exhausting!

When Mars opposes the Sun, it’s at its brightest in the night sky. However, on the night of the Full Moon, the Moon will occult, i.e. hide Mars from view. Something hidden may come to light once Mars is visible again.

This is the midway point of the Mars retrograde phase and action planet Mars will remain in retreat until January 12, 2023. This week’s Full Moon could prove revealing or illuminate what Mars retrograde means for you.

The Mutable Factor

During the Full Moon, there’s a wide square aspect to Neptune at 22° Pisces. Plus, six of the ten planets are in mutable star signs, i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

Mutable star signs aren’t rigid or fixed. Instead, they’re open-minded at best, liars at worst. Anything is possible, they like to find solutions to problems and multi-tasking is their forte. When planets are in mutable star signs, it helps to be flexible & adaptable and open to whatever comes along.

Aim to flow with life during this week’s Full Moon, rather than charge off in the wrong direction. Surrender to life as it is and accept when and where you’re not in control. You may feel as if you’re losing your way at times this week. Or, you don’t know what the heck’s going on.

It’s a big Full Moon week. Do your best to tap into its potential pleasures and release and let go of any stress and tension. You don’t have to fight every battle that comes your way.

Good advice during this Full Moon is not to get involved in a heated debate if you don’t want to end up in trouble. It’s potentially a noisy Full Moon but, at its best, could be social & informative.

Here are the areas in your life highlighted by this week’s Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign for a comprehensive overview:

  • Aries: Communication, community, neighbours & siblings – travel & study
  • Taurus: Money, values & self-worth – joint finances & taboo issues
  • Gemini: Personal goals, image & profile – relationships & contracts
  • Cancer: Retreat & solitude – work, service to others, health & fitness
  • Leo: Friends, groups & networks – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Virgo: Career & vocation, future path – home & family, past & roots
  • Libra: Travel & study – communication, community, neighbours & siblings
  • Scorpio: Joint finances & taboo issues – money, values & self-worth
  • Sagittarius: Relationships & contracts – personal goals, image & profile
  • Capricorn: Work, service to others, health & fitness – retreat & solitude
  • Aquarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & networks
  • Pisces: Home & family, past & roots – career & vocation, future path

Here’s wishing you a celebratory Full Moon.


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Full Moon December 7, 2022 – Atonement

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7, 2022, aligns with Mars. So the meaning of the Full Moon December 2022 astrology relates to self-assertion, sexuality and aggression. The December 2022 Full Moon coincides with a lunar occultation of Mars, which makes it more powerful and highly unique. During this extremely rare celestial convergence, Mars […]

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What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

Saturn PlanetFrom an email… “I’d like to read about everyone’s Saturn Return experiences. I have a slight case of anxiety about mine coming up here pretty soon but I am ready. There are changes within myself I need to make and … Read More…

Another Way to Look at Houses

Have you ever wondered how come the 12th house, traditionally called the “House of Hidden Things” –or of “Hidden Enemies” is found above the horizon, in broad daylight?



When the Sun is in the First House, which is traditionally called the House of Self and has a lot to do with how we appear… It was still dark.  As soon as the Sun crosses the Ascendant, there is daylight but we’re back in the House of hidden things. Strange inversion, don’t you think?


So, there is another way to look at what’s going on with the houses which makes much more sense.


I have never heard the houses explained in the way I am going to explain them now – you don’t have to accept my theory but you’ll see that my arguments are consistent with uncontroversial astrological knowledge.


If you have planets in the First House, what matters in my understanding, is that these planets will be the First ones to rise after you were born. This gives them super power. If the Sun is in your First House, it was still dark when you were born, but very soon the Sun would rise for the first time in your life, and that’s what matters.

You’re starting life with a Sunrise. If you were born just after the Sun rose, you missed the train. You’ll have to wait the whole day and night before the Sun rises for the first time.



The First House is called by Tradition, an Angular House. The Fourth, Seventh and Tenth Houses are Angular as well.

Planets placed in angular Houses, and especially near the angles themselves, Ascendant, Descendant. MC and IC are supposed to be especially powerful.


The reason for that, in my understanding, is that at every angle, something changes. On the MC, planets or signs culminate. They stop moving upwards and start declining. On the Descendant, they disappear under the horizon. On the IC, it is the opposite of the culmination. Planets and signs there have reached the lowest point and start moving upwards again.


When something changes, there is a special impact. This is true in our everyday life experience. When something remains always the same, we don’t notice. When something changes, we do! Life is constant adaptation to change. The same principle applies here.  


In the diurnal cycle, the cycle of the day, the most powerful change happens on the Eastern Horizon, that is on the Ascendant: that’s where everything appears. That’s where the Sun, the Moon, the planets and even the signs make their entrance.


By the way, when the planets travel through the zodiac, the movement goes anti clockwise. When we look at a natal chart, we see a snapshot – and we may forget to see that there are two movements going on in opposite motions: the planets move anticlockwise through the signs, but the planets and the signs move clockwise through the houses, at the speed of the day, because of the rotation of the earth.


Thus there are four angles – four places of special impact, the most impactful of them being the Ascendant.


There are three kinds of houses.  The Angular houses are placed just before the angles – From the point of view of a clockwise motion.


The Succedent Houses come next. Succedent mean that they follow, like in the word “succession”.


Planets and signs in the Second House for instance, will be second to rise, after whatever is placed in the First House. No house is empty, there is at least a sign.

  After the Succedent Houses come the Cadent Houses.

 Traditional astrology says that planets in these Houses have the weakest impact. They are considered unfavourable. The word “Cadent” comes from the Latin “Cadere” which means “Falling”. Cadent Houses are called so because they are falling away from the angles.

What I find important to emphasize is that these words – Ascendant, Rising, Succedent, following, Cadent, Falling away from…   clearly describe the movement.  It’s not the position that matters but how they move.


I insist on this point because when we interpret charts as if they were fixed pictures and we start counting how many planets are above and below the horizon, we end up associating placements in the First or Fifth houses as more introverted and placements in the Eighth or Twelfth as more extroverted, and I can’t help having serious doubts about that.


Imagine an Aries Sun in the First House with a Leo Moon in the Fifth. Compare with a Pisces Sun in the Eighth House with a Cancer Moon in the Twelfth. Which one is the more likely to be the introvert?


On the other hand, if we see movement rather than fixed position, things make more sense.


The most powerful angle is the Ascendant, and therefore the most difficult place is the 12th house of hidden things. For someone born with the Sun in the 12th house, it will take as much time as it takes for any planet in a cadent house to reach the next angle, and almost a day before the Sun rises for the first time.



I am a modern astrologer – and therefore I don’t consider the Cadent Houses as inherently unfavourable. Cadent houses are houses where we learn according to Arroyo.  In the Ninth House, for instance, we are seeking the Truth, we are trying to see the Big Picture of Life through religious beliefs, knowledge or philosophy…It often starts with travels and explorations. It’s a really interesting house, definitely worth living, but let’s just notice philosophers are rarely kings. Philosophy is usually a consolation for those who don’t have enough power.


 There is more power in the 10th house, from the point of view of down to earth life.


Now let’s not forget that we can allow a certain orb. A planet in the ninth house but conjunct the MC still benefits from MC power – I would interpret it as if in the 10th, with a 9th twist.  



As a modern astrologer, I work with the concept of natural houses. Of course, I don’t see signs and houses as equivalent, not at all. This is a misunderstanding of the law of correspondence. I see the signs as universals and the houses as particulars. This is good old philosophy.


The signs are symbols of twelve phases of any life cycle. Whatever life does, there is a start. A seed sprouts, a baby is born, a business is created, a decision is made, whatever happens, in the beginning it has to come into existence. This is the Aries phase. Birth, start, initiation.


The second phase is to look for sustenance and accumulate substance. The little seedling gets busy with photosynthesis. The baby sucks the breast. The business needs material and investment. That’s Taurus.


Then there is interaction with the environment, exchanges. That’s Gemini.


Then we start again, but from a less individualized perspective. In Cancer, the second Cardinal sign, the theme is belonging to an environment. If everything goes well this leads to thriving. Energy radiates. Here comes Leo. Everything is organized organically, Virgo. With Libra comes the need to find and maintain balance which leads to transformations – Scorpio – as things grow and expand – Sagittarius. Structures happen in Capricorn, Integration in higher structures in Aquarius and Final Dissolution in Pisces.


Life, however, is far more subtle and complex than these few very approximative key words. In fact, the perfect way to express these twelve universal phases is… the zodiac itself, twelve symbols, twelve images illustrating laws that apply to everything, and we can spend lifetimes meditating on them to deepen our understanding.


Now if these twelve universals apply to everything this must include the cycle of the twelve houses. I see them as the repetition of the twelve universals – at a different frequency: one cycle per day for the houses, one cycle per year for the zodiac.



The houses are divisions of the day: they are about what manifests at the most immediate and concrete level.


If I asked you: what are you usually doing in the morning? You’re going to talk about your daily routine, getting up, doing some exercises, stretching or meditation, having breakfast, what kind of breakfast, going to work, how far is work… Your answer will be precise and full of details.


But if I ask you: What are you doing in autumn? You will talk about your life from a greater distance, in much more general terms. Maybe you’ll talk about going for long walks in the forest but not about lacing your shoes or brushing your teeth.


Similarly, houses are about the most particular details of the life we are manifesting.


Let’s take an example and compare Taurus, the second sign, and the second house. People with Taurus emphasized in their chart often love their food and value stability and security. We are talking about personality traits.


But when you look at the second house, its questions are concerned with earning money for food and security, one’s resources and how to go about securing these. Your value in the second house is concrete. Are you a good hunter? Can you feed yourself and a family? If you are not a good hunter, maybe you have healing talents? Or you know how to trade and negotiate a good price? Can you make people laugh? If your jokes are so good that people would pay to listen to you, you’ll be able to put food on the table and that will be very good for your self-esteem. We are very far from Taurus personality traits with the second house, but we are doing the Taurus things that everyone has to do.


As you see, Houses and signs are not equivalent but there are meaningful correspondences.


A last word: Seen in this light, it also makes sense to see correspondence between the 10th house and Capricorn. If we considered only the position high above of a Sun in the 10th, it wouldn’t make sense to associate it with the sign of the Winter Solstice when the nights are so long. But if we see the movement, a tenth house Sun gets great power from crossing an angle very soon after birth, but then it’s all decline and disappearance, an austere journey until the moment of Rising on the Eastern Horizon. Sounds Capricorn enough to me!


 I hope you enjoy this little journey through the houses. I suggest now that you visit my website and check EVERYTHING! If you wish to talk with me about the houses in your chart, why not ordering a reading? There is an especially affordable option for small budgets, called the “spontaneous reading”. There is also a link to an astrology retreat in Egypt combined with visits of historical sites and lazy moments looking at the Nile flowing…

If you wish to support this blog, you may also buy my book…

It’s all here: https://www.jeanmarcpierson.com/

Thank you!



Planetary news this week: A Mars-y Gemini Full Moon


Astrological update for the week of December 5-12, 2022

artist unknown?

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have felt very much like Mercury retrograde, with lots of glitches and communication breakdowns. There’s a reason for that: Mars is retrograde in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Because of this retrograde phase, Mars will have been in Gemini for seven months and you can read more about that here. In Gemini, Mars inspires quick and rapid-fire thinking and communication, and we often speak without considering the ramifications of what we say. With thoughts and actions operating at a higher rate of speed, we can become exhausted mentally and need some rest time to regroup and re-strategize.

In any case, this retrograde Mars is featured in this week’s Gemini Full Moon which takes place on December 7th at 11:09 pm EST. Here the Gemini Moon is hungry to learn as much as possible about many different things – there tends to be a lack of discrimination and a deep curiosity about a broad spectrum of topics.  The Sagittarius Sun is more focused and seeks a more specialized understanding and tends to be less verbal than Gemini. At the Full Moon these opposites can most effectively be integrated, and with the energy of the peak of the lunar cycle all kinds of magic can happen.

The Mercurial focus on the mind and information processing is also present in Mars which is retrograde in Gemini and conjunct the Moon. Mars is at its closest point to Earth right now where its effect of aggression and motivation can be more pronounced. Under this combination of Mars opposing the Sun and conjunct the Moon we may find ourselves struggling to contain these impulses, with a racing mind and lack of ability to focus. The Moon’s ruler (Mercury) will have just entered Capricorn to help ground the airy flexibility of Gemini and help us to focus all of this energy on a particular point of desire or achievement. Ceres (care of the soul) harmonizes in a trine to Pluto to aid in the synthesis of the experience and help us to ground more fully into our bodies.

The energy of a Full Moon dominates the lunar energies for a few days before and after the event, and I expect this time to be somewhat chaotic. A Full Moon typically stirs the emotions and the hungers of the soul, but with Mars acting with so much force and pressure at this time any emotional upheavals will tend to lack focus and require a conscious effort to harness these energies into something productive. After the Moon makes the shift into Cancer (December 9th 2:48 am EST) the frenetic mental energy will begin to calm and we will be more easily able to attend to our inner nature, the feelings and intuitions which make up our inner voices.

On December 9th Venus leaves social Sagittarius for the more insular sign of Capricorn, and there may be more of a tendency towards solitude and more stability in our relationships. With the Moon in Cancer at that time we will likely prefer spending time with a few close friends rather than a large social circle – until, that is, the Moon moves into Leo on December 11th (3:08 pm EST) and the party can begin again. The weekend will be a lovely time for social gatherings, and the Sun harmonizes with steadfast Saturn to help us to organize and harness and focus our energy.

I hope you have a great week! ❤️The post Planetary news this week: A Mars-y Gemini Full Moon appeared first on Astrology readings and writings by Lynn Hayes.

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