Weekly Forecast: August 19-23, 2019 – Leo Stellium Shifts To Virgo, Venus Conjunct Mars

Weekly Forecast: August 19-23, 2019 – Leo Stellium Shifts To Virgo, Venus Conjunct Mars

As the Leo stellium shifts to Virgo this week, it’s good to remember that it’s still summer. Whew! I’m practically elderly and I still get the back-to-school jimmies. Venus conjoins Juno at the end of Leo on Monday. It’s possible … Read More…

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The Bruce Lee Controversy: Lilith VS Jupiter.

Quinten Tarantino’s latest movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” created a serious controversy about Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee as an arrogant, blowhard buffoon in the film.

Bruce Lee’s daughter: Shannon Lee and millions of fans are deeply disappointed and angry about the way Lee was degraded in the movie and by Tarantino’s response  “Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy” as an explanation for it.

“Bruce Lee’s Daughter Says Quentin Tarantino ‘Could Shut Up’ About Her Fathers Portrayal (Exclusive) Variety.com “

Bruce, who was a Sagittarius Sun and a Sagittarius Rising, was beside his martial arts widespread known for his teachings and philosophy.

I knew there was a serious quarrel coming when I saw Lilith in Pisces (movies) moving into her square with Jupiter (philosopher, teacher), I just didn’t see this one coming.

The backslash, however, is huge for Tarantino who has the Pluto/Saturn conjunction on top of his South Node in straight opposition to Bruce’s Vertex into the 8th house.

Bruce’s 8th house Pluto doesn’t make it any easier on Tarantino either, hitting Tarantino’s Mars in conjunction from the grave, so to speak. That’s a kick-ass position to have in synastry and not a joke.

Something tells me this isn’t over yet: the comments underneath the above article alone, are a clear sign the collective (the sign of Pisces, the 12th house & Neptune), is not going to put up with this by Tarantino. Meanwhile: Lilith is moving ‘nice and easy’ forward to her fusion with Neptune in Pisces.

Will be continued….

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Weekly Astrology Forecast – August 19 – 25, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – …Venus enters Virgo on August 21. Money management tends to become healthier under Virgo’s analytic eye and it’s easier to rein in spending – perhaps a necessity after Leo’s lavish tastes!  In relationships, it’s the little things that count, like making your partner’s lunch or doing one of their chores. It’s about showing someone you love them through thoughtful actions. Love is a verb in this practical sign. During this transit, we find pleasure in helping others. We may devote more time to our work or find a practical way of helping a cause close to our hearts in our spare time. The shadow side of this transit manifests however when low levels of self-esteem means we negate our own needs, doing more and more for others to be liked, loved or appreciated. Helpfulness is a lovely trait and can be very fulfilling – but not if you feel invisible or unworthy as a result. Venus will stay in Virgo until September 14.


19-Aug-19 Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn
Slow progress is still progress. Celebrate your achievements.

21-Aug-19 Venus enters Virgo
A practical approach to money and relationships sees improvements.
There’s pleasure in helping others

21-Aug-19 Mercury trine Jupiter
Positive thinking abounds. Write your book. Tell your story.

23-Aug-19 Sun enters Virgo
Clean up your life. Focus on health and healing.

23-Aug-19 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini
Stop worrying. Focus on small tasks first.

24-Aug-19 Venus conjunct  Mars in Virgo
Appreciate each other’s efforts to help
Kiss and make up

Painting – ‘Sweeper’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Mars enters Virgo August 2019

Mars enters Virgo at 06:18 (BST) on August 18, 2019.

Excerpt from Patreon – After the loud, fun, playful transit of Leo, Mars’s entry into Virgo begins an altogether different chapter. It’s time to put away our toys and get to work…Mars is about our drive and goals. When Mars transits Virgo we turn our attention to cleaning up our act. In this fastidious sign, Mars can get easily frustrated over small annoyances so we must guard against sweating the small stuff. The shadow side of Virgo is that nothing is ever good enough. Manifesting negatively, Virgo energy becomes nervous and critical, wringing its hands over the slightest problem. Positively however, this transit is the perfect time to push through arduous tasks that require attention to detail. We just need to watch the Mars tendency to want to do everything quickly. Virgo says it will take as long as it takes – the job needs to be done properly. If we can rein in the desire to do everything quickly, this can be a very productive period. Focus on sharpening your skills and cutting away inessentials. If you’re looking for a new job, now’s the time to get active with your search.

Read for your rising sign for best accuracy. 

Mars in Virgo activates your 6th house of work and health.

Mars in Virgo activates your 5th house of creativity, children and romance.

Mars in Virgo activates your 4th house of home and family.

Mars in Virgo activates your 3rd house of mind, communication, transport and siblings.

Mars in Virgo activates your 2nd house of money, resources and values.

Mars in Virgo activates your 1st house of self, appearances, general outlook and wellbeing.

Mars in Virgo activates your 12th house of spirituality, the unconscious and self-undoing.

Mars in Virgo activates your 11th house of friends, connections, politics and hopes.

Mars in Virgo activates your 10th house of career and public identity.

Mars in Virgo activates your 9th house of broadening horizons.

Mars in Virgo activates your 8th house of shared resources, power and change.

Mars in Virgo activates your 7th house of relationships.

18-Aug-19 Mars enters Virgo
24-Aug-19 Venus conjunct Mars
28-Aug-19 Mars trine Uranus
02-Sep-19 Sun conjunct Mars
03-Sep-19 Mercury conjunct Mars
09-Sep-19 Mars trine Saturn
12-Sep-19 Mars sextile North Node
12-Sep-19 Mars square Jupiter
14-Sep-19 Mars opposite Neptune
19-Sep-19 Mars trine Pluto
04-Oct-19 Mars enters Libra


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