Full Moon Pisces: Letting Be

FULL MOON [28 Pisces 14] 

London – September 21, 2021 (00:55 GMT +1)

New York – September 20, 2021 (19:55 GMT -4)

Sydney – September 21, 2021 (09:55 GMT +10)

I think many of us would like to be sailing away at the moment – I’m constantly moved by images of the sea and dreaming of travel. The sea’s lure equals escape and in 2021 the desire to escape and expand our horizons resonates more powerfully than usual.

Therefore, you may find this week’s Full Moon in Pisces emotional, wistful, sentimental. Hark back to the past and feel your emotions fully. It’s a positive period to let the tears flow and release what’s pent up or blocked.

Even if you’re not sailing the Seven Seas, it’s an ideal Full Moon for losing yourself in your imagination and delving deep into the dream world. Those sleepless moments in the middle of the night may be more frequent as the magical light of the Moon shines down upon you.

Earth & Water

This Full Moon links star signs in the elements earth and water, the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.

Oppositions can create tension and emotions are heightened. What’s been hidden may come to light with crystal clarity. Important matters can culminate or complete on this last Full Moon in the zodiac cycle. Plus, it falls at late degrees of the two star signs as the Sun gets ready to move into Libra in two days time.

Ideally, aim to flow between the opposing star signs of the Virgo-Pisces axis. In Virgo, you’re on dry land, sorting things out, taking care of your body, getting organised. Whereas in Pisces, you’re swimming in the sea, losing yourself, heading into the unknown and marvelling at the boundless nature of the universe.

Take some time out for you during this powerful Full Moon phase. Engage your logical left brain and intuitive right brain and encourage creativity and new ideas to spring to life.

Mercury-Jupiter Alliance

There’s some intriguing astrology taking place during this Full Moon. Jupiter is traditional ruler of Pisces and on the same day as the Full Moon, Mercury at 23 Libra is trine to Jupiter at 23 Aquarius.

Mercury and Jupiter are planets that are both linked to study and education. Jupiter represents growth & expansion, opportunity & progress. Whereas Mercury is the planet linked to the mind & communication.

Put the two together and this combination is great for meetings, interviews and big picture thinking. Use your social networks, take a risk & keep the lines of communication wide open.

There’s a strange dance going on in the heavens which is going to impact you if you have key planets at 23/24 degrees of the air signs, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.

Mercury turns retrograde at 25 Libra on September 27th & will trine Jupiter three times but also square Pluto three times over the next couple of months.

There’s an intensity around that pivotal point in the zodiac – 23-25 Libra. Something you’re giving up or something that’s taken away from you could create space in your life or bring you more freedom.

This Full Moon period may be even more important to let things be and allow your creative or spiritual source to come flooding forth. Dive deep into whatever inspires you and make the right connections.

Here are the areas highlighted by this week’s Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Retreat & recuperation – work, service, health & fitness
  • Taurus: Friends, groups & networks – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Gemini: Career & vocation – home & family
  • Cancer: Travel & study – life close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources – personal possessions & self-with
  • Virgo: Relationships & one-on-one partnership – personal goals & self care
  • Libra: Work, service, health & fitness – retreat & recuperation
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & networks
  • Sagittarius: Home & family – career & vocation
  • Capricorn: Life close to home, neighbours & siblings – travel & study
  • Aquarius: Personal possessions & self-worth – other peoples’ money & joint resources
  • Pisces: Personal goals & self care – relationships & one-on-one partnership

Wishing you a Happy Full Moon

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Venus & Mars In Mutual Reception

On September 15, 2021, Mars enters Libra, the star sign ruled by Venus. Five days ago, on September 10, 2021, Venus entered Scorpio, the star sign ruled by Mars.

Traditionally, both planets are now in their sign of detriment, i.e. a star sign in which they’re not especially strong.

Mars likes to aim straight ahead, be self-oriented and Libra says ‘consider the other person, think things through’. Venus loves peace, harmony and loving relations and Scorpio says ‘dive in to the dark places, see what you can dredge up’.

The Perfect Seesaw

As each planet is in the other planet’s sign of rulership, they have a connection. In astrology, this is known as mutual reception, which means that working together, they can help one another.

The two planets remain in mutual reception until October 7, 2021 when Venus leaves Scorpio. You have a whole three weeks to find or work with your ‘partner’, your confidante, your support, the people who are there for you and you for them.

see saw

Find the person who is the perfect fit on the other end of your see-saw.

Together, you can support one another. When one of you is low, the other rises up. When one of you needs encouragement, the other finds the right words. Together, you’re stronger.

Feminine & Masculine

Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology but they also represent the feminine and masculine principles.

Therefore, this is about finding and balancing these qualities within yourself, so they work mutually and you get the best of both. Combine the different aspects of your personality to find inner harmony.

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Venus Enters Scorpio: Love In The Underworld


Venus enters Scorpio

– September 10, 2021 (21:39 GMT+1)

The planet of love and relating, Venus, dives deep into Scorpio’s emotional waters this weekend. Venus in Scorpio is in her sign of detriment. This is because Venus is associated with all things lovely.

Venus is kindness and grace personified, she loves partnership and sharing, beauty and harmony. When Venus enters Scorpio, she’s venturing into the underworld, the dark places, what lies beneath.

Venus in Scorpio – Passion & Power

Therefore, Venus in Scorpio has a reputation for being a temptress, the femme fatale of the zodiac, sexy, sultry and desirous of all things taboo.

This includes all emotions, the good as well as the bad. She can be a jealous Venus, who wants what she can’t have, who becomes obsessed with love or sex and is drawn towards temptation.

This is one side of Venus in Scorpio’s seductive ways. However, Venus rules art as well as love and Venus in Scorpio finds the beauty in decay, death and all that fades away.

Remember too that Scorpio rules power and transformation. Therefore, this can be a wonderful transit for women, enabling you to channel your feminine energy into extraordinary feats that lead to transcendence.

Scorpio’s task is to decide how to use its power, not to descend into evil but to use its force for good effect in the world.

Venus & Women

Venus’ glyph is the planetary symbol for women. In previous years, Venus in Scorpio has coincided with key developments in the #metoo movement.

This year, there are already major crises emerging around the world with women at the heart. There can be a theme of oppression of women when Venus is in Scorpio.

You can’t help but be terrified by the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan. Scorpio is the star sign linked to sex and the part of the body that Scorpio rules in astrology are the genitals.

In other parts of the world too, men primarily are trying to take control of women’s bodies by implementing draconian anti-abortion laws – Texas being a prime example.

Note that Venus in Scorpio has some major planetary aspects over the next few weeks. Here’s the sequence:

  • Venus square Saturn (authority/rules) – September 10, 2021
  • Venus opposite Uranus (rebellion/splitting off) – September 23, 2021
  • Venus trine Neptune (hope/dreams) – September 29 2021
  • Venus square Jupiter (freedom/beliefs) – September 30, 2021
  • Venus sextile Pluto (force/transformation) – October 2, 2021

We can expect the issues affecting women worldwide are going to be strong & foreground now and over the next few weeks. Venus remains in Scorpio until October 7th.

Venus in Scorpio is a reminder that women need to feel empowered and not repressed.

On a personal level, notice whether it’s time for you to reclaim your passion, your hidden depths, your full emotional range. Be the power and harness Venus in Scorpio’s strength.

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New Moon Virgo: What’s New?

New Moon Virgo, butterfly emerging from hands

New Moon [14 Virgo 38]

– September 7, 2021 (01:52 GMT+1)

At the time of the New Moon, all is dark. You only see the sliver of the crescent moon a couple of days after the exact moment of the New Moon.

Traditionally, you set your intentions at the time of the New Moon. Then, you make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky.

At the exact moment of the New Moon, the Sun & Moon sit side-by-side in the zodiac in earth sign Virgo.

Virgo is the star sign of order & analysis, list-making & strategy, resourcefulness & measured behaviour. It’s linked to work and routine, lifestyle and health, self-care and service to others.

Therefore, this is an excellent New Moon to start a new habit or begin any activity that feeds you, nurtures you, grounds you & strengthens you.

The Uranus Factor

The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. One planet in particular stands out during this New Moon and that planet is hyper, live-wire Uranus. At 14 degrees Taurus, Uranus is making an exact trine aspect to both the Sun & Moon.

When Uranus is involved, you can expect the unexpected, be ready for the diversion, the swift change of pace. Uranus is the rebel & activist.

If you haven’t found anything to protest about or get frustrated in recent times, you’re not living in the world. It’s hard to settle and continue with your daily routine as the world goes mad around you.

The other planet in Virgo is Mars so use your anger, your irritation to stoke the fires that burn deep within, that urge you to make a difference. You might sign a petition, join a protest, voice your concerns or uphold your beliefs. Uranus is the trigger, the spark that unites the collective.

The Call of the Moon

And yet, the call of this New Moon in Virgo is to continue living your life well, to restore order, calm the mind and not let fear or worry take hold.

A New Moon in a feminine earth sign is the ideal time to put one foot in front of the other, to allow the constancy and beauty of nature to soothe your soul, to be grateful for the rituals and routine of your daily life.

Much nurturing and care is needed now. Start with you, the ones you love, heal self & others, help and be of service, then gently move out into the world.

Happy New Moon

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US Open Tennis 2021

US Open tennis astrology

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the year. Djokovic is on course to win the Calendar Grand Slam and complete the full set of Grand Slam wins in 2021. Plus, if he wins in NY, he will have won 21 Grand Slams edging above Federer & Nadal who are both on 20 wins.

At this US Open, there’s no Federer, no Nadal, so it’s Djokovic’ to win, surely.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

The astrology/tennis predictions returned for Wimbledon 2021 and the chart clearly showed the favourite winning. We also saw that Djokovic has some top astrology this year.

Progressed Venus is conjunct Djokovic’ natal Mercury in Gemini, the tennis planet in the tennis sign – it was exact on August 27th so leading him in nicely to this tournament. His progressed Moon has moved on from his natal Mars, his career planet, which lead him into Wimbledon.

It is, however, making a progression to his progressed Sun at 4 Cancer, which is exact later in September. Also, Djokovic’ progressed Midheaven, career point, is conjunct his progressed Saturn, his ruling planet. It’s a powerful list of progressions which does suggest this is his moment.

However, Djokovic also has unpredictable Uranus stationing opposite his Midheaven – exact on July 12th & September 28th but lively all summer.

During the Wimbledon chat, it was discussed that this could produce an upset – it didn’t at Wimbledon but Djokovic crashed out of the Olympics at the end of July without a medal. 1 out of 3 upsets maybe? Or will Uranus be a problem again.

As always in these astrology predictions, it’s worth watching what Jupiter is doing, the success planet. Jupiter is currently retrograde and slowing down ready to turn direct on October 18th.

During the tournament Jupiter moves from 25 to 24 Aquarius and important to note which players have Jupiter transits happening. Djokovic is one of those players as Jupiter is exactly sextile his natal Uranus on August 31st which sits opposite his Mars, again leading into the tournament. To be fair, that transit could go either way.

As long as Uranus doesn’t trip him up, surely it’s Djokovic’ tournament.

Tournament Chart

During this tournament, the astrology isn’t as convincing for the favourite – see chart above. An early Scorpio Ascendant, the chart ruler is Mars in Virgo, great for precision tennis, but moving towards an opposition to Neptune. The dream is there but there can also be disillusionment.

The Moon is in the tennis sign Gemini and is picking up nice trine aspects to Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. However, the Moon is also square the Mars/Neptune opposition – so something is amiss. Not an easy progress to the final, perhaps.

The Moon’s final aspect to lucky Jupiter before changing star sign is promising for the favourite but the Moon never meets up with the ruler of the Midheaven, the Sun.

It’s certainly not as convincing a testimony as the Wimbledon tournament chart for the favourite winning.

What is intriguing is that the chart for the final of the tournament has Ascendant 16 Capricorn and Midheaven 14 Scorpio – closely mirroring Djokovic’ chart – Ascendant 15 Capricorn and Midheaven 10 Scorpio.

Plus, the Moon in Gemini in the tournament chart gives a nod to the awesome Gemini player, Djokovic.

– My predictions aren’t complete as I haven’t had time to look at the rest of the players’ astrology. I also gave a little sigh when Nadal and Federer were both out as we have birth times for both and it would be great to watch the Big Three compete together.

It’s getting harder to make these tennis predictions when so many players don’t have birth times in the public domain – you only have a snippet of the information for them and you can only look at what astrology leaps out, i.e. a major Jupiter transit or stunning synastry with the tournament chart.

However, I did want to get this post up so you all have a forum to discuss the tennis astrology over the coming fortnight. When I have more time later this week, I’ll take a look at the other key players. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks and whether Djokovic will complete his Calendar Grand Slam.

Happy tennis!

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Pisces Horoscopes September 2021

Virgo Season

This is a key month for your relationships, both personal and professional. The Sun is in your opposite star sign Virgo until the 20th and action planet Mars is here until the 15th.

You might be dependent on other people more than you would like. Or, perhaps you’re creating some great new partnerships that make your life easier. Reach out for support as and when you need it. Employ a VA, a cleaner or anyone else who can tend to your needs.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th is a great date to be proactive in your relationships and to make introductions. Notice who comes into your life on or around the New Moon and be willing to sign or seal a contract.

The Full Moon is potentially romantic as it falls in your star sign Pisces. The Sun & Moon cut across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. This can play out in different ways. It can be an excellent date to firm up a love relationship. Or, perhaps you feel vulnerable or unsure about love.

Your planet Neptune is also active this month, primarily on the 2nd and 14th. Be wary of what you agree to and don’t let other people make all the decisions for you. If you know you’re not seeing the whole picture or you’re worried someone’s untrustworthy, take your time.

Relationships require a careful balancing act in September. Lean on others but don’t give all your power away.

Balanced Finances

The Sun’s move into Libra and your joint finance sector on the 22nd heralds the Equinox. The theme is once again relationships and partnership and Libra planets are strong throughout September. Here’s the pattern:

  • Mercury (communication) all month
  • Venus (love/relating) until the 10th
  • Mars (action/drive) from the 15th

Libra rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscopes. Therefore, money negotiations may be foreground in your close relationships.

Libra is the sign of balance, so ensure you know what’s going out and what’s coming in financially. Reassess your cash transactions to ensure you’re getting the best deals. Be thorough in your undertakings and prioritise money matters, both personally and professionally.

Here too, there’s a suggestion that the right expert or adviser can help you make swift progress. Line up those key meetings or interviews before Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on the 27th.

Money, Luck & Good Karma: 5th & 20th

New Experiences

Also this month, love planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th, a fellow water sign. You often feel in your element when the inner planets move through this sector of your horoscope.

Scorpio rules travel and study, the bigger picture in life. This would be a great time to get away with a loved one, book a trip or second honeymoon.

If you’re looking for love, think foreign climes and holiday romance. Either that or you meet someone when you’re on a course or at a place of study. Scorpio rules all things foreign and educational in your horoscope.

Romantic vibes: 29th


The important Jupiter-Pluto connection peaks on the 11th but remains active throughout September, October & November.

Jupiter is your ruling planet and is currently in Aquarius and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. This is about inner work and breaking free of personal limitation.

You might be on a spiritual path or be seeking fulfilment outside of the every day. You may be learning new beliefs or have a new philosophy on life.

Pluto in Capricorn highlights your friendship and group sector. This could see you leaving a group that no longer benefits you. There could be a loss around friendship, which is what sets you on a spiritual journey.

Mercury Retrograde Tips

There’ll be more advice on Mercury’s retrograde phase next month. For now, here are some top tips on how to prepare before the planet of communication switches direction on September 27th:

  • back up important files and correspondence
  • deal with any technological niggles or transport issues
  • line up key meetings or interviews
  • have those all-important heart-to-hearts
  • sign & seal contracts before the end of the month

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Capricorn Horoscopes September 2021

Virgo Season

You may need a change of scene now. If you’re planning a holiday or trip way this month, you’re in tune with your stars. This is because the Sun is in your fellow earth sign Virgo until the 22nd highlighting your travel and study sector. Action planet Mars is here too until the 15th.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th would be an ideal date to set off somewhere new or line up an adventure or new experience. Virgo rules education and learning, it’s about the bigger picture in life and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Expand your horizons this month and take yourself out of your usual surroundings. The Full Moon on the 20th/21st cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac and highlights new experiences. It would be an ideal date to further your education and line up a workshop or course.

Neptune is also active in Pisces, most strongly on the 2nd and 14th. Notice if you’re feeling disillusioned or weary of what you’re currently doing on or around these dates. It may be that changing your surroundings is the nudge you need to think what next.

Career Peaks

There’s another influence calling you in September as the planets are peaking at the top of your horoscope in the star sign Libra. Libra rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Libra, the day of the Equinox.

This month, however, you don’t have to wait until then to get a confidence boost or find your career moving in the right direction. This is because all the inner planets spend some time in your career and vocation sector. Here’s the pattern:

  • Mercury (communication) all month
  • Venus (love/relating) until the 10th
  • Mars (action/ambition) from the 15th

This is a top month to focus on your future path, aim high and rev up your ambitious nature. In fact, you may be so busy with your career or long-term goals that you have little time for your personal life.

Do what’s right for you but as Libra is the sign of balance, it’s important to think carefully about where your priorities lie.

Instead of solely speeding ahead with career and big picture goals, find time to communicate with your loved ones so they’re supportive even if you’re extra busy.

Best dates for work & money: 5th, 6th, 20th & 25th

Love & Friendship

It’s not all work and no play this month. On the 10th, the planet of love and relating Venus enters Scorpio and your friendship and group sector. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and obsessive, whether you’re loving a new group of friends. Or, you’ve fallen for someone you’ve known for some time.

You might be networking like mad or enjoy being around powerful women who boost your drive and ambition.

This isn’t a month to hold back in any area of life. Instead, keep moving forwards and step up your game. It’s worth making the most of this month’s lively astrology before Mercury turns retrograde in Libra and your career sector on the 27th.

Love no-go dates: 17th & 23rd


The important Jupiter-Pluto connection peaks on the 11th but remains active throughout September, October & November.

Pluto is in your star sign Capricorn and this can be about giving something up that’s not working for you or isn’t good for you. This could indicate letting go of a bad habit, a detox, a declutter or a de-stressing session.

Big planet Jupiter is boosting your personal money sector so whatever you give up could benefit you financially. Jupiter in Aquarius is generous and protective and enjoys risk-taking and having a big vision. Don’t let an old mindset hold you back – be open to abundance.

Mercury Retrograde Tips

There’ll be more advice on Mercury’s retrograde phase next month. For now, here are some top tips on how to prepare before the planet of communication switches direction on September 27th:

  • back up important files and correspondence
  • deal with any technological niggles or transport issues
  • line up key meetings or interviews
  • have those all-important heart-to-hearts
  • sign & seal contracts before the end of the month

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