Equinox: A Moment of Balance


Sun enters Libra

September 22, 2020 (14:31 GMT+1)

Today is the equinox, when day and night are equal length. The Sun moves into Libra, the sign of the scales. Nature balances perfectly as the seasons begin to shift and change, a moment of harmony.

This month, seek out and and hold those moments close. The planets clash (not literally) but make awkward geometric patterns in the sky. There is tension and conflict.

On this morning’s walk in the cool, calm light of early day (see photo below), nature was still and quiet bringing that sense of balance and harmony, if only for a fleeting moment. Back out on the busy streets, the noise of the traffic and kids shouting on their way to school disturb the calm.

Libra Season

There’s often a lot written about the first Equinox of the year in March, when the Sun starts its annual journey through the zodiac at 0 degrees Aries. Yet, this second Equinox is equally as important.

Just as Aries bursts into life embracing all that’s new, the season of Libra begins a new season, albeit in a more gentle and subtle fashion.

Libra is the star sign associated with balance and harmony and its zodiac symbol is the scales. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to consider what will nurture and nourish you moving forwards, how you find moments of balance in your own life.

In the northern hemisphere, a slower pace is called for and time spent in nature, enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours.

Time To Stop & Reflect

Tthis is the half-way point of the zodiacal year. Therefore, stop and reflect on the six months that have passed since the Sun entered Aries on March 20th. It’s been a strange and unique year and most of us have been in lockdown, released from lockdown and on the verge of being returned to it.

How far have you come in the last six months and what do you want out of your life moving forwards? Use this unique point in the year to ponder about where you’re heading, what you love, what you want and need, what to ask for, what you have to offer, what you can to give to others.

Recalibrate your life, seek out balance and harmony and align yourself with some new values that will support you and carry you through the second half of the zodiacal year.

Keep returning to those pure moments of harmony and balance.

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New Moon Virgo: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

New Moon [25 Virgo 01]

– September 17, 2020 (12:00 GMT+1)

We are on the verge of the next New Moon, this one in the earth sign Virgo. New Moons are great for setting intentions and using the energy of a new Moon cycle to plan your month ahead.

Virgo is the most organised and efficient star sign, emphasising the strong earth sign energy this week. During the New Moon phase in Virgo, make lists, sort your filing, get things organised and ship-shape and work out a realistic/practical schedule for the month ahead.

Virgo rules craft and skills and helps us all pay attention to the details of life. This is the time to initiate new regular habits that benefit your everyday routine, your body and your health. Virgo rules work, also your well-being.

This New Moon is strong earth energy which is good news as fiery Mars retrograde in fire sign Aries has been ruling the roost of late. This earth sign New Moon feels like a counterbalance to anger, drama, things feeling out-of-control.

Mercury-ruled Mutable Virgo

Yet, it’s also important to remember that even though Virgo is one of the earth signs, it’s a mutable, i.e. flexible/changeable sign and ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind. Grounded isn’t a good description for Virgo, although it is for the other two earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn.

Hence the title of this New Moon article – ‘don’t worry, be happy‘. If you know anything about Virgos, they can be great worriers. I remember a Virgo I lived with many years ago who said ‘I’m worried that I’ve got nothing to worry about at the moment!’ – lol. Only a Virgo…

Be aware that your mind might be going a little bit crazy at the moment – mine is! – and your dreams might leave you feeling frazzled and worn out, because they’re so busy – mine are!

Take steps to calm your mind, ground yourself, be in nature, saunter slowly through life, appreciate the small things and whatever brings you comfort.

Power Trines

There’s power in this week’s New Moon as the Sun & Moon at 25 Virgo make a supportive trine aspect to the triple conjunction in Capricorn, Jupiter at 17, Pluto at 22 and Saturn at 25 Capricorn.

Consider what you’re building towards and how to create foundations in your life that highlight your long-term goals or sense of security.

At the very least, focus on getting the basics in life in place – a roof over your head, food to eat, somewhere warm to rest. Pare back and deal with the essentials of life.

Neptune’s Waters

The New Moon picks up an opposition to Neptune in Pisces too, which adds to the mutable feel of this New Moon – Neptune’s realm is vast and boundless. Although as Neptune is at 19 Pisces, the earth sign trines are stronger.

Yet, this does feel perfect for being close to water, a lake, a river or the sea. Swim in nature’s bounty and open yourself to the magic of the natural world.

Stop, clear your mind and see what comes to you when you’re in flow, un-rushed and unhurried. Give yourself time to dream during this powerful New Moon. This is where true creativity hides, when you allow ideas to appear that are unexpected and delight you.

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of your life highlighted by this week’s New Moon in Virgo. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Virgo: Self, image, name, your identity
  • Libra: Retreat, quiet time, seclusion, service to others, introspection
  • Scorpio: Friends, groups, social networks, social concerns, hopes & wishes
  • Sagittarius: Career, vocation, status, your role in the public eye
  • Capricorn: Travel, education, learning, your philosopy of life
  • Aquarius: Joint finances, sex, life’s mysteries
  • Pisces: Relationships, your 1-to-1’s both personal & professional
  • Aries: Health, work, your everyday lifestyle & routine
  • Taurus: Children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs, luck
  • Gemini: Home, family, your past, where you come from
  • Cancer: Communication, siblings, neighbours, your local community
  • Leo: Money, resources, your personal values

Virgo is a sign that sometimes gets a bad press for playing small but the best way to create change in life is to take one small step at a time towards your chosen goal. Making big demands on yourself doesn’t pay off but creating new daily practices can change the habits of a lifetime.

Wait until the silver slither of the crescent moon emerges in the night sky at the weekend. Then, you can make your New Moon wish and tend to your garden of life.

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Sun Trine Jupiter: Hope, Faith & Gifts

Sun Virgo trine Jupiter Capricorn

– September 9, 2020 (23:22 GMT+1)

On September 9th, action planet Mars turns retrograde and you may find yourself running in the wrong direction. When a planet turns retrograde, inevitably your plans change as you find yourself hitting a brick wall or your plans are altered.

Yet, on the same day as Mars moves into retreat, September 9th, there’s a glorious Sun-Jupiter trine aspect in earth signs. The Sun represents vitality, heat and warmth and Jupiter expands what it touches.

This is one of the luckiest planetary combinations between the Sun and Jupiter, symbolising visionary plans, big goals, a search for meaning, and a connection with the divine. Look out for new opportunities coming your way, and notice when and where you can say Yes to life.

Sometimes, it’s when you can’t do what you want that the detour or alternative plan works out well. The Sun-Jupiter connection is about making the best out of any situation, looking on the bright side and spreading optimism.

Jupiter Turns Direct

Also, Jupiter is slowing right down ready to turn direct on September 13th at 17 Capricorn. Therefore, if you have any planets/angles close to 17 degrees of all three of the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, you’re plugged in to this positive vibe – allow a one degree orb either way.

Admittedly, Jupiter isn’t at home in Capricorn, where it feels constrained or restricted. Some things that expand or grow during this week’s Jupiter activity may not be what you want to hear or experience.

However, Jupiter in Capricorn knows how to combine the hard work ethic with hope and faith. Jupiter in an earth sign equals realistic dreams, it’s the practical idealist.

It’s a reminder not to believe that anything’s possible in the bonkers year that’s 2020. Yet, at the same time, keep seeking what is possible within the realms and limitations of our current reality.

My Gift To You

The Sun-Jupiter combination is perfect for gifting others, for being generous and big-hearted. That’s why I decided to share some of my weekly horoscopes with you.

They go out to paid subscribers every Sunday morning, giving them inside information into what’s happening and when. You can join the community here: Weekly.

The excerpts below will give you some ideas on how the Sun-Jupiter combination can play out for you this week. Yes, Mars is now retrograde but Jupiter encourages you to have hope & faith, to give & receive, to get in flow with life.

Enjoy your horoscope and do read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign.


If you’re looking for work or you’re open to new work-related opportunities, the astrology promises to deliver. Jupiter rules foreign connections and Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn on September 13th.

Look out for work that takes you abroad, expand your network or learn something new that will kick-start your progress. Jupiter’s the freedom planet, so if you’re not happy with your current job or situation, look out for an opportunity to move on and do things differently.

Make the most of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, in your career and vocation sector until mid-December.

On September 9th, Jupiter teams up with the Sun in Virgo. This highlights your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s a great combination for boosting your vitality and energy.


The Sun/Jupiter combination is lovely for you. It lights up the sector of your horoscope which rules all the good things in life. This includes love affairs, children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment, fun, luck and play.

This is the perfect time to prioritise pleasure and do more of what you love. It’s a good time for risk-taking and worth a flutter. Look out for new opportunities.

You might be proud of a child, meet someone irresistible, gain kudos for an artistic or creative achievement or get tickets for a much-desired form of entertainment.

Where Jupiter’s concerned, the more you put into life, the more you get back, so this isn’t the week to sit and do nothing. Instead, make the most of this positive vibe.

Your creativity is in full swing this week so tap into the artistic side of your nature. The more you put into your life outside of your work, the better. Unless your current job, profession or vocation is your passion. If so, then happy days.


This week’s stars indicate that you have an important role to play, perhaps within your family or with people close to you. Certainly, other people will be looking to you to make things beautiful or harmonious or to help with a home or property-related matter.

Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn on September 13th. This highlights joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope. Therefore, it’s about contracts and joint ventures.

Plus, this links in to the stunning Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th. This planetary aspect is about togetherness, caring for the ones you love, feeling appreciated and supported in return. You may be blessed with an unexpected gift or want to reach out and help someone close.

If you feel a heart-to-heart would benefit someone you live with or a family member, this is the time to speak up. If you want to ask for a favour or loan, lend money or create an environment whereby you can help each other out, this is your opportunity.

The Sun/Jupiter combination promises celebration and good times.  You might be able to use your home to make money or take someone in as Jupiter represents protection and generosity.

How can you help others or how can someone close help you? There’s a wonderful vibe of give and take, so make the most of it.


The positive astrology this week is people-oriented. This means it’s a good time to reach out to people, to talk, gossip and share ideas. What you hear will expand your way of thinking and can bring in new opportunities.

Often when the Sun is in Virgo, you’re busier than usual. Your schedule is lively, you’re curious about life and keen to make new friends and go new places.

Make the most of the stunning Sun/Jupiter combination mid-week.  Do whatever feels right to extend your network and get to know people close to where you live.

Siblings and neighbours are part of the planetary picture. There may be good news for someone close to you or someone leaves and moves away, which could be a blessing in itself.

Jupiter’s change of direction on September 13th is powerful for you as Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn, your relationship sector. It may be a stand-out weekend for love when you’re more than ready for something special to happen.​​​​​​​ It’s not only about your personal 1-to-1’s, as all partnerships are emphasised.


The Sun/Jupiter connection on September 9th feels lucky for you. The Sun is your ruler and Jupiter expands what it touches. Look out for new opportunities or good news that comes your way. Take a risk, take a chance and be expansive.

Jupiter represents optimism and the more positive you are, the more in sync you are with life. This is the time to believe that good things will happen and come your way. Have faith and trust in life.

The Sun/Jupiter connection taps in to your caring nature when there’s a strong sense of give and take. Helping someone out close to you, receiving a gift or offer of help. The natural flow of money works both ways and what you give out, you receive back in return.

For some of you, this potentially abundant connection could coincide with good news about money, a cash bonus or wealth flowing your way.

Yet, as Jupiter rules freedom, you might decide to move away from a materialistic lifestyle.  This could mean cutting financial ties or removing yourself from a financial obligation. It’s about setting things up so your money works for you and benefits you personally.

Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn and your work and lifestyle sector on September 13th. This might bring a new work opportunity or freedom from a job or routine.  It’s about doing what’s right for you health-wise too.


The Sun/Jupiter connection on September 9th promises good news for you as both planets are in earth signs. The Sun is shining bright in your star sign Virgo and Jupiter is in Capricorn and your romance sector. This favours new love or your love for a child, a pet or your personal passion.

Jupiter is linked to travel, higher education, the law and publishing so one of these areas may currently be highlighted for you. If an offer comes your way this week, jump at the chance. If you want to be bold and brave and do something different, life is calling you forth.

Jupiter loves risk-taking, big vision, excitement and adventure. You might mark this week’s joyful astrology by saying Yes to a new experience. The more you put into your life, the more you will get back in return.


The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th promises good news. It taps into your spiritual source and a reminder that God is in the detail.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you receive some tender loving care and kindness.  This is an important week to consider what gives you faith in life as Jupiter, the big planet, is linked to meaning, purpose and hope.

Jupiter turns direct on September 13th in Capricorn, the star sign at the base of your horoscope. This is about your roots and where you come from, your home and family. It would be a wonderful weekend for a family celebration or to set off on a trip into your past.

Also, this is a key time to be thinking about where you live and making the place better for yourself and/or your family. Keep things simple this week and focus on whatever nurtures and sources you.


The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th hints at good news for a friend, a reason for celebration. If you want to join a new group or you hear about a social occasion that’s right up your street, reach out to others, ask for an invitation and make new friends.

Jupiter’s energy is strong at the weekend, when it turns direct in Capricorn and your communication and community sector on September 13th. This would be an ideal weekend to line up a get-together or celebration. It’s perfect astrology for socialising and having fun.

You might be invited to lead a group of people on or around this date, to share your experience or knowledge, to teach others or learn something new. This is a good time for selling or marketing, for advising or coaching others.

If any new opportunity comes your way at the weekend, it’s worth accepting. A last-minute invitation or spontaneous conversation could be the start of something special.


Jupiter is your ruling planet and turns direct on September 13th. Whatever’s been on hold in your life, this is the equivalent of the floodgates opening as fresh energy pours in.

The Sun/Jupiter combination on September 9th is potentially packed full of good fortune too. You might land a new job, hear about an opportunity to work abroad, be asked to teach, present or share your experiences.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth so this is not the time to play small. Stretch your comfort zone and say Yes to any new opportunity that comes your way. This is a powerful time for manifestation.

One of the blessings that Jupiter bestows upon you is the ability to remain positive and optimistic and be philosophical about life, even when times are tough.

Also, look out for the person who steps in to help you or offers you a gift or compliment. Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn and your personal money sector. This can be about financial reward but it’s about feeling valued and increasing your self-worth too.


The Sun-Jupiter aspect highlights travel, study and any activity which broadens your horizons.  It would be a wonderful week to book a trip and have something to look forward to. You might be keen to study or expand your learning.

Look out for new opportunities which come your way and be ready to say Yes. What you learn or discover via a book, course, talk or event could pique your curiosity and set you on a new path. Beginning any form of study which takes you through to the end of the year is a good move.

There may be positive news if you’re involved in the world of publishing, the media or the law. Show off your skills and talents.

This is not a week to let negativity in. Instead, focus on being positive and look on the bright side. Make the most of strong Jupiter vibes this week and know that you have the planet of good fortune boosting your star sign until mid December.


Jupiter is the planet of hope and faith and when Jupiter is strong, this can coincide with an opportunity to be lucky and take a risk.

If you play your cards right, you could work out an agreement that not only suits you but ensures your future security.  This is because the Sun in Virgo rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope.

This would be a good time to sign a contract, finalise a deal, talk to your boss, be the boss, get agreements in writing.  Plus, on the Sun/Jupiter trine aspect on September 9th, trust your intuition.

Make a key decision that will affect your financial future in a positive way. The flow of money, goodwill or abundance could indicate a windfall, a cash bonus, a gift or return on investment. Look out for money coming your way and be generous in your giving.

On September 13th, Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn. There may be a turning point close to this date with regard to a financial or legal matter.​​​​​​​


You have luck on your side this week as your ruling planet, Jupiter, turns direct on September 13th. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune, expansion and optimism.

The mid-week astrology is ripe for love and celebration. The Sun in Virgo and your relationship sector teams up with big planet, Jupiter, on September 9th. Expand your network and be sociable. Celebrate a good friend’s win or achievement, join a new group or association.

The mid-week astrology is positive for love, marriage or meeting someone new. It could, however, symbolise a divorce or breaking free as Jupiter is the planet of freedom. Either way, it’s helping you create the relationship situation you want and that suits you.

For some of you, the Sun/Jupiter combination spells good news for a partner, personal or professional. You might benefit from another person’s triumph or celebrate alongside them.

There’s a feel-good factor to the Jupiter energy so make the most of it. Be around people who boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

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Mars Retrograde: Attack Or Retreat?

Mars Retrograde – September 9 to November 13, 2020

Action planet Mars has been in Aries, one of its signs of rulership, since the end of June 2020. This was always going to be an important transit of Mars as it stays in fiery, fierce Aries until early January 2021.

A whole six months of Mars ramping up the action. Activism and protests are constantly in the news and this strong Mars is adding fire and fuel to protests against the government, the police, big corporations (Capricorn themes).

There are other factors to pay attention to as well, primarily that Mars clashes with the trio of planets in Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto – and is retrograde, i.e. on go slow for almost ten weeks. The retrograde period begins this week.

Retrograde Mars

Usually, when Mars is retrograde, the planet is said to be weakened, its energy not so strong. Traditionally, it’s a time to retreat, rework your strategy, gather fresh troops or support ready to go on the attack once again when Mars powers forward.

Yet, we haven’t seen Mars retrograde in Aries for quite some time (see below) and this could be a different experience. More likely than not, Mars retrograde in Aries is still going to feel busy and active, even if it means changing tactics or doing things differently. We’ll soon find out.

On a personal level, notice where Mars falls in your horoscope. It turns retrograde at 28 degrees Aries and direct at 15 degrees Aries. More likely than not, it will be in one sector of your horoscope for the whole of the second half of this year.

Here’s a quick reminder of what the 12 houses rule – read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign.

  • Aries: Physical body, personal goals
  • Taurus: Inner work, retreat
  • Gemini: Friends & groups, society, politics
  • Cancer: Career & vocation, parents, authority figures
  • Leo: Education; travel & new experiences
  • Virgo: Joint finances, your sex life
  • Libra: Relationships, contracts
  • Scorpio: Work & health, service
  • Sagittarius: Creativity, children, love affairs
  • Capricorn: Home & property, your family & past
  • Aquarius: Communication, siblings & neighbours
  • Pisces: Personal money, your self-worth

Also, it might be helpful to look back to what’s happened in the past when Mars was retrograde, which happens approximately once every two years. Here are the previous dates:

  • June 26 to August 27 2018 – Mars retrograde in Aquarius/direct in Capricorn
  • April 17 to June 29 2016 – Mars retrograde in Sagittarius/direct in Scorpio
  • March 1 to May 20 2014 – Mars retrograde in Libra/direct in Libra

Mars retrograde tends to have the most impact for Aries & Scorpio, Mars’ signs of rulership, plus if you have Mars strong in your horoscope. With my Scorpio Sun & Aries Ascendant, Mars’ retrograde always feels personal.

Themes are usually around feeling powerless or lacking control or strength. This can play out as low energy or a physical ailment. Mars retrograde is a time when you can’t get ahead as fast as you would like, you have to learn patience, sometimes the hard way, and it’s wise to take good care of your physical health.

Already since late June, with Mars moving over my Ascendant and through my 1st house – physical body – I’ve had a biopsy on a mark on my face (Aries rules the head), a major tooth extraction, a wasp sting (Mars rules all things sharp) & I put my back out slowing me down. So yes, it’s personal, which is why I’m prioritising my health!

Mars In Retreat

Check out where Mars is going to be in retreat in your horoscope and pay close attention. It’s important to choose your battles wisely over the next couple of months and not waste your precious time or energy.

In astrology, Mars is the soldier or worker. In retreat, Mars takes a step back, gets his/her tools ready for doing battle later in the year, reworks his/her strategy or goes on strike.

Yet, don’t give up on what you’re trying to do or achieve. 2020 is teaching us that we have to consider carefully what we can and can’t do. We’re required to be flexible, stealthy even and find new ways of making things happen.

Keep busy and active, push for independence or fight for your rights, but keep trying different tactics and have plans B, C and D up your sleeve. Be willing to accept failure and learn from your mistakes and don’t go running blindly in the wrong direction. Keep stopping, check your progress and notice when you need to readjust your plans.

And, finally, if you have big plans afoot or this is a major period of preparation for you, aim to be ready by mid-November, when Mars is back up to speed.

You may also like to read Mars Enters Aries: Power Surge which includes the dates of the squares between Mars and the planets in Capricorn.

Weekly Horoscopes

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the aspects that Mars makes between now and mid-November, the weekly horoscopes & astrology newsletter are your must-read guide. They are great value at less than £1 a week – to find out more and sign up today, click here: Weekly.

  • * Mars was last retrograde in Aries in 1988 (August to October) and before then in 1973 (September to November), although on both occasions, Mars wasn’t retrograde in Aries for the whole time – in 1988, it turned direct in Pisces and in 1973, it turned retrograde in Taurus. 1973 is most interesting from a symbolic perspective as it was the winter of power cuts & the miner’s strike in the UK.

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Full Moon Pisces: Sailing Away

FULL MOON [10 Pisces 12] 

London – September 2, 2020 (06:22 GMT +1)

New York – September 2, 2020 (01:22 GMT -4)

Sydney – September 2, 2020 (15:26 GMT +10)

I think many of us would like to be sailing away at the moment – I’m constantly moved by images of the sea and seem to have attracted a fair few sailors on my timeline. The sea’s lure equals escape and, in 2020, the desire to escape and expand our horizons resonates more powerfully than usual.

Therefore, you may find this week’s Full Moon in Pisces emotional, wistful, sentimental. Hark back to the past and feel your emotions fully. It’s a positive period to let the tears flow and release what’s pent up or blocked.

Even if you’re not sailing the Seven Seas, it’s an ideal Full Moon for losing yourself in your imagination and delving deep into the dream world. Those sleepless moments in the middle of the night may be more frequent now as the magical light of the Moon shines down upon you.

Earth & Water

This Full Moon links star signs in the elements earth and water, the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.

Oppositions can create tension and emotions are heightened. What’s been hidden may come to light with crystal clarity. Important matters can culminate or complete on this last Full Moon in the zodiac cycle.

Ideally, aim to flow between the opposing star signs of the Virgo-Pisces axis. In Virgo, you’re on dry land, sorting things out, taking care of your body, getting organised. Whereas in Pisces, you’re swimming in the sea, losing yourself, heading into the unknown and marvelling at the boundless nature of the universe.

Take some time out for you during this powerful Full Moon phase. Engage your logical left brain and intuitive right brain and encourage creativity and new ideas to spring to life.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

This Full Moon creates a Kite pattern. The Sun at 10 Virgo is in a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus at 10 Taurus and Jupiter at 17 Capricorn. The Moon at 10 Pisces is in a wide conjunction to Neptune at 19 Pisces.

This is going to be a powerful Full Moon if you have planets/angles around 10 degrees of the earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs. The trine from the Sun to Uranus is the closest planetary aspect, ripe for innovation, originality and spontaneity.

The dominance on planets in earth signs during this Full Moon is creative and productive. Build firm foundations and take care of essentials; food in your belly, a roof over your head, somewhere warm to sleep.

Earth is the element most closely linked to nature, which provides for many of our needs and is a rich source of sustenance, comfort and reassurance.

Savour slowly & deeply what’s in your life, appreciate what’s yours and lose yourself in the wonder of nature’s eternal abundance and sensuality. Engage all your senses; touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. Activate the Moon in Pisces and bring in your sixth sense as well.

This Full Moon/Kite pattern isn’t about letting go of the rope or heading blindly out to sea. Instead, ensure you know where safety and solid ground lie, before casting off your anchor and rediscovering wonder & beauty in the world or in your imagination.

Here are the areas highlighted by this week’s Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Retreat & recuperation – work, service, health & fitness
  • Taurus: Friends, groups & networks – self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Gemini: Career & vocation – home & family
  • Cancer: Travel & study – life close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources – personal possessions & self-with
  • Virgo: Relationships & one-on-one partnership – personal goals & self care
  • Libra: Work, service, health & fitness – retreat & recuperation
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs – friends, groups & networks
  • Sagittarius: Home & family – career & vocation
  • Capricorn: Life close to home, neighbours & siblings – travel & study
  • Aquarius: Personal possessions & self-worth – other peoples’ money & joint resources
  • Pisces: Personal goals & self care – relationships & one-on-one partnership

Here’s wishing you a Happy Full Moon

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Aquarius September 2020

Earth Sign Energy

Earth sign energy is strong throughout September and this isn’t always comfortable for you. This turns your attention towards the serious business of life, getting things organised and ship-shape. Sorting out your finances and ensuring that documents and contracts are up-to-date.

Money matters may dominate now as the Sun is in Virgo and your joint finance sector until the 22nd. Plus, the Full Moon on the 2nd highlights the financial axis of your horoscope. And, the New Moon on the 17th lights up your shared resource sector.

Use the light and clarity of the Full Moon to make key decisions around money. Initiate new ideas and money-making projects during the New Moon phase. Ensure you dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s and don’t leave important matters unattended to.

New Horizons

Yet, your mind will probably be elsewhere. This is because talk planet Mercury is in Libra, a fellow air sign from the 5th to the 27th. Libra rules travel and study in your horoscope, new experiences and foreign connections.

You might be busy learning a language or talking with people abroad. You may be keen to learn something new or head off on a big adventure. Once the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, you need to find something in your life that gives you a deeper sense of meaning than the everyday.

This is likely to be a push-pull scenario at times and you can’t count out plans needing to change and fast.

Also, you have action planet Mars in Aries meaning that everyday life is going to be busy and you probably have a lot to sort out and organise. It’s worth cracking on with plans and ideas and getting a good time management system in place.

Keep focused on what you need to do throughout September and extend your network. Aries rules siblings and neighbours in your horoscope and your local community. Reach out to others and join forces to make life easier for everyone.

Mars Retrograde

On September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and will be on go slow until November 13th. This is the time to take a step back, rework your strategy and consider what next.

Don’t feel you have to rush into anything new, even if you feel angry about current events or the world situation. Mars in Aries stirs your activist tendencies but use the timing of Mars to know when to attack and when to defend. Gather more information while Mars is in retreat. Or, persuade more people to join you in a worthwhile cause ready to take action later in the year.

There is another factor involved, the fact that Saturn, your co-ruler, is square to Mars throughout September. They were exact on August 24th and clash again on September 29th, the day that Saturn turns direct.

This combination can give you grit and determination to keep moving towards your long-term goals. Yet, its flip side is that you feel trapped or exhausted by events. Choose your battles carefully and take good care of you.

This whole combination connects you to your past and what’s been and gone. You might decide to take a trip down memory lane or feel sentimental about the past.

Go where your emotions lead you and don’t run away from them. If you’re prepared to feel deeply, this is a time when you can learn a lot about yourself.

Also, there’s a sense that you are needing to let go and move on. Any process of grieving or personal development takes time. Sometimes, it’s only once you’ve shed a skin on the inside that you can take the new you out into the world. If you need to take the pace slow in September, make it so.

Jupiter & Venus

Jupiter switches direction this month, on the 13th, four days after a gorgeous Sun-Jupiter trine aspect on the 9th. This combination promises good fortune, also freedom and a chance to let go of the ties that bind. This is a significant year of preparation for you and you can’t run before you walk.

Remember that Jupiter will move into your star sign Aquarius in December 2020 for the first time in twelve years. Do the ground work now, do your research and preparation ready to spread your wings and fly in a few months time.

And finally, you do have lovely Venus in Leo and your relationship sector from the 6th onwards. This is a gorgeous time to embrace love, to be there for someone special or to lean on a significant other.

There is a Venus-Uranus clash on the 15th which feels unpredictable but do your best to keep the right people on your side.

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Capricorn September 2020

Saturn’s Role

Your planet Saturn is playing a key role in this month’s astrology. This is partly due to the fact that Saturn is slowing down in your star sign, Capricorn, ready to turn direct on the 29th.

Saturn, like all the slower-moving planets, has a retrograde phase every year that lasts for a few months. Saturn switched direction back in May 2020 and events now may be related to what happened back then.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and authority. In Capricorn, this is about how the world sees you, your image and profile, your personal goals and aims.

You may need to take a slower pace this month. Or, perhaps you’re gearing up for a shift in status, ready to take on a new role or end a current position of responsibility. It can go either way.

Future Path

However, it’s important to note that the planets are beginning to peak at the top of your horoscope. Mercury, the talk planet, is in Libra and your career and vocation sector from the 5th to the 27th. And, on the 22nd, the Sun enters Libra, the day of the Equinox.

This flags up the need to get the right people on your side and use your connections, your network. People of influence can open doors for you and this will be important moving forward.

Also, pay attention to your next steps, your future path. September brings a change in a season and it’s a significant time for you, especially the last three months of the year. Decide where your priorities lie and whether you want to make your mark out in the world. If so, destiny’s calling.

Transition is rarely easy, however, and you may find that what you want to do clashes with what other people want to do in your life.

It could be an argumentative time, especially from the period between the 17th to the 24th. You might have to push harder than usual to get yourself noticed or prove to others that you’re doing the right thing.

Mars Retrograde

Consider what’s happening in the more personal sector of your horoscope too. Action planet Mars is spending a long time in Aries, the star sign at the base of your horoscope.

Aries rules your home and family, your past and where you come from and this is where things could be noisier or livelier than usual. Yet, this month, Mars turns retrograde on September 9th, i.e. it will be on go slow until November 13th.

Mars in retreat isn’t a time when you can get ahead, so you might be playing a waiting game or have to change your plans in some way. Your attention turns inwards when Mars is in retreat.

Rather than chasing ahead, you have to rework your strategy. Bear this in mind, especially around family or property matters. For some of you, it may be wise to put off a big move until later in the year.

Mars Square Saturn

Also, your planet Saturn is square to Mars throughout September. They made a square aspect on August 24th and clash again on September 29th, the date that Saturn turns direct.

Therefore, consider what role you need to play within your family. Perhaps, you’re the one who’s taking on the role of elder or holding the responsibility for others.

When Saturn’s square to certain planets, like Mars, it gives you grit and determination as you hang on in. It indicates that you need to be the one who puts firm boundaries in place that benefit you and the people closest to you.

It won’t be an easy time, however, if there’s a rift or conflict within the family. The two planets are at odds throughout September.

Earth Sign Energy

Earth sign energy is strong, turning your attention back towards you and doing more of what you love. The Sun’s in Virgo and your travel and study sector until the 22nd.

There’s a Full Moon highlighting education and new experiences on the 2nd and a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th, a symbol of new beginnings.

If quarantine or rules allow, it would be a good month to get away, even if only for a short while. Plus, Jupiter, the planet of freedom, turns direct in Capricorn on the 13th. If you’re feeling trapped or held back, even more reason to spread your wings and fly free.

Look out for lucky new opportunities that come in on or around the 9th or 13th – this could be the turning point with regard to a trip away or a course of study.

It’s a cosmic reminder to keep focusing on the future and your long-term goals. Hope and faith are always there if you choose to seek them out.

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