Total Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio

lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse [25 Scorpio 18]

May 16, 2022 (05:14 GMT+1)

This month’s Full Moon is special for different reasons. Firstly, it’s a Super Moon which means it’s one of the closest Full Moons to earth and spectacular to behold. Secondly, it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse, when the light of the Moon is ‘eclipsed’ in its relationship with the Sun & Earth. Thirdly, the Moon is in Scorpio, one of the hidden star signs emphasising the hidden nature of the eclipse.

Eclipse Watching

This Lunar Eclipse will be visible to behold in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Check out if you want to view the eclipse online or find out what time you can see the eclipse where you live.

In the UK, you’ll need to be awake at 4:30am to see the blood red eclipse. It will be very close to the horizon so ideally find a high point with a clear view towards the south-west. The Moon sets just after 5am and it will be at its maximum glory in that short period of time.

Lunar Eclipse Advice

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun & Moon are at opposite sides of the zodiac and the karmic nodes or points of destiny are pulled into the major planetary pattern.

The Lunar Nodes are an integral part of the eclipse cycle. In fact, it’s not a true eclipse if the nodes aren’t close to the eclipse degree. During this week’s Lunar Eclipse, the south node is at 22 Scorpio and close to the Moon at 25 Scorpio. The south node is where things can be released as an emptying out takes place.

Eclipses are not by their own nature good or bad. Yes, they can sweep in to move things forwards in life, sometimes at a fast rate and they tend to bring what’s hidden to light. It can be hard to plan for eclipses other than recognise that they often coincide with life’s highs and lows. Eclipses throw a shadow and a new landscape is revealed when the light returns.

Eclipses symbolise a time when the pendulum of fate swings dramatically and that can be both exhilarating and scary. Sometimes change happens close to the eclipse date or seeds are sown and events build towards a major turning point.

The influence of a particular eclipse can last until the next set of eclipses which occur this time around in October/November 2022. An eclipse has the most impact when it falls within of a planet or angle in your birth chart. Sometimes, you can even allow a orb.

Often, an event close to the eclipse date sets the wheels of change in motion and the eclipse energy plays out over the next few weeks or months. This is because eclipses take place in cycles that last for 18-24 months. What can happen is you get a run of eclipses triggering key points in your birth chart and your life shifts significantly within that period.

When you look back on the past, you invariably see that major turning points in your life, moments of destiny, coincide with important eclipse cycles. The current eclipse cycle began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action and it’s not thought to be a good date to undertake a major project. Also, talk planet Mercury is already retrograde during this Lunar Eclipse.

Therefore, it may be wise to wait until June 3rd when Mercury turns direct before initiating events or taking action. Mercury turns direct at 26 Taurus, the same degree where the Sun is during this week’s Lunar Eclipse. The two dates are likely to be linked.

Also, note that the last Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021 fell at 27 Taurus, a similar point in the zodiac to this week’s eclipse at 25 Scorpio. Once again, these dates may be linked.

Eclipses are often feared because they bring what’s hidden to light, they represent the unknown. They can coincide with external events in your life, where you have to let go of control. Once you know this, you can be more in flow. Lunar Eclipses are often about endings, areas of life where you’re required to release and let go.

Taurus/Scorpio Axis

Taurus and Scorpio are the two star signs linked to money and power. Leading up to this week’s Lunar Eclipse, there was a major crypto-currency crash. Did you notice that one of the bitcoins that was almost wiped out was called ‘Luna’. Here we are with a Lunar Eclipse cutting across the money star signs of the zodiac. Eclipses are notoriously extreme.

Plus, Mercury is the planet linked to the markets. Its name can be found in merchandise and Mercury retrograde is often a time when the stock markets fall. A combination of Mercury retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse indicates a rocky period.

In addition, the planet linked to the unexpected Uranus is halfway through its 7 year transit of Taurus. Uranus isn’t active in this week’s eclipse but it has been active since the Solar Eclipse on April 30th.

Scorpio is the star sign linked to sexuality and taboo issues and there are plenty of examples worldwide that are sadly resonant of Scorpio’s themes of power and control – a woman’s right to abortion that’s currently being threatened and the head-to-toe burqa becoming mandatory in Afghanistan. Body autonomy & the abuse of power is a huge theme of the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Scorpio is the star sign linked to regeneration and waste products, including pooh. It’s the compost of life, liquid gold, as the leaves mulch down to bring sustenance back into the earth, ready for next year’s bounty. The cycles of nature and astrology remind us of the inevitable cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Other Aspects

The signs are likely that this may be a tough Lunar Eclipse as both the Sun and Moon are square to Saturn at 24 Aquarius. This confirms the theme of endings and suggests a tough decision may have to be made. You might be caught in the midst of conflict or in a seemingly impossible situation. The reality could be that you can do one thing but not the other. There may be people you love at odds with one another.

There is a wider trine aspect to Pluto at 28 Capricorn and a positive Pluto theme can be about transformation or regeneration. Yet, the theme of power remains strong.

Our Queen is one person who’s in the eye of this eclipse as she has Saturn at 24 Scorpio conjunct her Midheaven at 25 Scorpio, the point at the peak of the horoscope. A definite theme of endings or a reality check in her life.

Also, the ruler of the Scorpio eclipse is Mars traditionally. And Mars is about to make a conjunction with Neptune at 24 Pisces on May 18th. Therefore, the Jupiter-Neptune themes of the last few months remain strong and are whipped up once again. The Mars-Neptune conjunction is also trine the Scorpio Moon.

Where are you being asked to surrender to life? Where are you feeling overwhelmed or emotional? Full Moons are often a time of heightened emotion and this Lunar Eclipse period goes deep.

Therefore, take good care of yourself and do what you can to keep your energy levels high. If you’re a Taurus or a Scorpio, you may be finding this eclipse season particularly intense. Yet, Scorpio is the star sign of the survivor, the phoenix who rises from the ashes, the knowledge that there’s always an opportunity to start over.

Go deep, turn within and let go of whatever’s no longer needed in your life. Go on a detox, declutter your cupboards, avoid toxic people, let go of resentment and do what you can to cleanse and refresh your body, mind and soul.

Key Areas To Note

Here’s a guide to the areas of your life where you may experience a theme of endings. Or, you’re being called forth on a path of personal transformation. Read both your Sun sign & Ascendant sign:

  • Taurus & Scorpio: 1st/7th houses – RELATIONSHIPS/IDENTITY – your image & appearance, personal goals, your identity; love & relationships, significant others, agreements & conflicts, contracts & joint ventures
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: 12th/6th houses – WORK/LIFESTYLE – retreat, quiet, solitude, a spiritual path; your health & work, what you sacrifice for others, being of service
  • Cancer & Capricorn: 11th/5th houses – SOCIAL GROUPS/SELF-EXPRESSION – your friends, groups, politics & social issues; your children, creativity, love affairs, what you ‘give birth to’.
  • Leo & Aquarius: 10th/4th houses – FOUNDATIONS/FUTURE PATH – your career & vocation, your status & reputation, where you’re heading in life; your home & family, your past & roots, where you come from.
  • Virgo & Pisces: 3rd/9th houses – LEARNING/BELIEFS – your education, neighbours & siblings, how you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, religion, where you find meaning in life.
  • Libra & Aries: 2nd/8th houses – MONEY/SELF-WORTH – money, possessions, where your values lie; your joint finances, sexuality, all things hidden, the unconscious, the metaphysical realm.

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Jupiter Enters Aries: Taking A Leap Of Faith

Jupiter enters Aries, a leap of faith

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Jupiter Enters Aries 

– May 11, 2022 (00:22 GMT+1)

The big news this week is the fact that Jupiter is on the move. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe and the best planet in astrology. Jupiter takes twelve years to circuit the zodiac bringing its blessings to each of the twelve star signs in turn.

In mythology, Jupiter was a Sky God, linked to expansion, benevolence and protection. Jupiter is the planet that represents travel, higher education, the law, truth & justice, wherever you seek meaning & purpose in life, the bigger picture. At its best, Jupiter’s influence is jovial, fortunate and lucky.

Therefore, wherever Jupiter goes, you’re wise to follow as this is where opportunity lies. What begins under a Jupiter transit often promises success.

Jupiter In Aries

Jupiter enters the first sign of the zodiac Aries on May 11, 2022 for the first time since 2010/2011.

This is great news if you’re an Aries but potentially good news for all the star signs. It’s been a super emotional and at times overwhelming few months with Jupiter in water sign Pisces.

If you’re ready for action, Jupiter in Aries is the time to be a trail-blazer and take a leap of faith. Jupiter in Aries is fearless & feisty. This is about taking a stand or fighting for what you believe in.

As the world’s axis turns, it’s becoming ever more important to stand up for individual rights and Jupiter in Aries is a reminder that it only takes one person to make an impact on the world.

Jupiter in Aries is the the visionary, the pioneer. Put the planet of optimism and faith in the star sign that loves to start something new and this combination is great for risk-taking and being an innovator.

Jupiter is a cosmic reminder that luck is an attitude. Sit back and do nothing and luck may not find you. Have a big vision, be a risk-taker and have an invincible self-belief and you can fly.

Jupiter in Aries says ‘do it now’, don’t procrastinate.  Jupiter in Aries is a leader but not someone who’s going to bother drawing up the business plan or seeing things through to completion. For that, you need a team around you.

There’s impatience here too, a competitive spirit, a desire to win. Jupiter in Aries promises a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and vision for the future. Notice who or what appears in your life on the day that Jupiter enters Aries, May 11th.

Plan Your Move Using The Timing of Astrology

This may be the start of something new & positive in your life even it takes a while to develop because of the Mercury retrograde phase taking place at the same time. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Where are you being asked to take a leap of faith?

Communication planet Mercury turned retrograde on May 10th and remains on go slow until June 3rd. Therefore, plan ahead and get ready to make your move once Mercury is back up to speed next month.

There may be a few twists and turns along the way as there often are when Mercury’s upside-down and back-to-front but Jupiter’s getting prepared and fired up for action. It’s a good time for you to be doing the same.

Jupiter’s leaping in and out of Aries so use the timing of this to your advantage. Here are the dates when Jupiter’s in Aries:

  • May 10 to October 28, 2022 
  • December 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023 

Where Jupiter Promises Success

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of life that Jupiter will highlight in your horoscope in the coming months. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

Jupiter encourages risk-taking, envisioning, enthusiasm and positive vibes. The more you put in, the more you get back in return.

Aries: Jupiter is in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your personal goals and ambitions. The spotlight’s on you when Jupiter’s in Aries giving you the feel-good factor and doubling your luck. Embrace new experiences, be adventurous and say yes to life. An ideal time to improve your image or profile.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 12th house ruling retreat and quiet times. An ideal time to develop your spiritual side, listen to your inner voice, learn meditation, yoga or go on a retreat. Let the inner journey begin and practise self-care. You may be caring for other people and taking time out to volunteer.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 11th house ruling friends, groups, social activities and concerns. An ideal time to connect with old and new friends alike, join a club, society or community project, do your bit for a humanitarian, environmental, political or social cause. Breathe new life into your hopes and wishes, create a team of people around you.

Cancer: Jupiter is in your 10th house ruling your career, vocation, status and where you’re heading in life. An ideal time to change career, ask for a pay-rise, go for promotion, take a sabbatical, work abroad, gain new qualifications or pursue a dream goal. This is about your status and reputation and making a new commitment.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 9th house ruling travel, study, philosophy and spirituality. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and remember that life is the journey and not the destination. Emigrate, sign up for a life-changing course, be open-minded and explore life in depth. Step out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Virgo: Jupiter is in your 8th house ruling joint finances, sexuality and all that’s hidden or taboo. An ideal time to pray for what you most need in life, receive an inheritance, improve your financial portfolio, explore your sexuality or embrace celibacy, share resources and pool finances. Dive deep into the metaphysical realm.

Libra: Jupiter is in your 7th house ruling your one-to-one relationships. An ideal time to fall in love, propose or be proposed to, play the field and become a dating superstar, let go of any relationship that restricts you, employ a personal trainer, life coach or find your ideal business partner. Be a double act and do what you do best.

Scorpio: Jupiter is in your 6th house ruling work & routine, service to others and your health. An ideal time to change around the 9-to-5 so you free up your time. Apply for a new job, join a volunteer agency, boost your health and fitness. Jupiter in Aries is likely to be busy for you so prioritise what’s important.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in your 5th house ruling children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs and fun. An ideal time to give birth, get pregnant, work with children, write your masterpiece, explore your creativity, have an affair, become a socialite, buy tickets for a big event. Play more, work less.

Capricorn: Jupiter is in your 4th house ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. An ideal time to move home, expand where you live, make a journey into your past, celebrate with family and find your clan. You could become a DIY expert or be proactive in helping others in a home or family-related project.

Aquarius: Jupiter is in your 3rd house ruling communication, siblings, neighbours and your local community. An ideal time to launch a website, tell stories, reconnect with brothers, sisters or people who live close by, join your neighbourhood watch scheme, update your mode of communication or transport, become a teacher or mentor.

Pisces: Jupiter is in your 2nd house ruling money, personal possessions and what you value in life. An ideal time to earn more money, play with your investments, think ‘less is more’ and de-clutter your possessions, show your charitable or philanthropic side, value yourself highly. Ensure you get paid what you deserve.

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Mercury Retrograde: Slowing Down Down

Mercury Retrograde – May 10 to June 3, 2022

Mercury retrograde, trickster

Mercury The Trickster

In true Mercury retrograde style, my Mercury retrograde blog post is relatively late. There’s no point directing you to the advice prior to the communication planet switching direction as we’re already in it.

In mythology, Mercury’s alter-ego was the trickster, the thief. Therefore, when the communication planet is causing havoc, it’s not the ideal time to try and fix things, deal with technology, make sense of what’s going on. Expect for things to be delayed, for life to take you on a diversion, for everyday matters to take longer than usual.

Mercury likes to be in Gemini, one of the mutable, flexible star signs, linked to duality. Gemini’s zodiac symbol is the twins. So, even though Mercury turns retrograde, it may not feel as if you’re slowing down just yet.

Gemini rules the mind & communication so you might be multi-tasking, trying to keep the lines of communication open, be doing research or finding out more. Mercury remains in Gemini until May 23rd.

This Mercury retrograde phase could be devious, discombobulating, a mind-f–k, a double dose of tricks & lies. It is not a great time to be making a major decision or investment.

Ideally, wait until early to mid-June before making the big moves. If you do have to sign or seal an agreement, read the small print, ask all those irritating questions and double check everything.

Keep your feet on the ground over the next few weeks and engage your common sense. Some ideas won’t be worth following up, some promises may not be kept. Mercury retrograde often coincides with misunderstandings & miscommunications. Be discerning and questioning.

What Mercury Retrograde Is Good For

Do, however, allow yourself to escape from the worries of the world, find your retreat and reconsider where happiness lies. Read books, dive deep into a creative activity, reconnect with people from your past. Write letters, learn a language, talk to people you don’t normally connect with.

If you’re a worrier or prone to anxiety, find ways to unplug & quieten the mind. Do puzzles, jigsaws, switch off the news, detox from social media, block out your calendar or social diary, at least for a few days. Learn to switch off.

Mercury Retrograde Second Phase

As you may see above, Mercury is only retrograde in Gemini until May 23rd as Mercury then retreats back into earth sign Taurus.

The second phase of Mercury retrograde could feel very different. Events on or around May 21st when the Sun & Mercury retrograde align might prove pivotal. You may do an about-turn or change your plans completely.

Once Mercury is on go slow in Taurus, this is the equivalent of slowing right down. Taking time out to be in nature and to reconnect with the natural rhythms of the cosmos, the universe.

Deliberately slow down your pace and allow your mind to unwind and your body to rest. Give yourself space to turn inwards where the Mercury retrograde gems are waiting to be discovered.

Potential Turning Points

You may sense a turning point during the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, a symbol of new beginnings. As Mercury turns direct a few days later on June 3rd, this is when you might be able to push things through.

It’s an ideal time to chase things up, to get back in touch with people you’re waiting on, to find out what’s really going on.

Don’t let trickster Mercury trip you up this month. Stay grounded, quieten your mind, question everything.

Pisces Horoscope May 2022

eclipse, Pisces horoscope

Jupiter On The Move

May could turn out to be a pivotal month for you because of what’s happening with your ruling planet Jupiter. On the 11th, Jupiter leaves your star sign Pisces where it’s been on and off since May 2021.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity, also the planet of freedom. At its best, Jupiter is a breath of fresh air and when it’s in your star sign, you often feel more able to chase your dreams and go after whatever makes you happy.

Yet, the recent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces has been a potential deluge of Pisces’ energy which may have felt overwhelming emotionally. This combination often means that you have to surrender to life and go wherever it leads you.

Before Jupiter leaves Pisces this month, there’s a major planetary aspect on the 3rd between Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector. This would be an ideal time to seek support or get together with friends to pursue a personal goal. Don’t go it alone as the month begins.

Plus, you have action planet Mars in your star sign until the 24th. Mars is go-getting and passionate, feisty and furious. In your personal sector, this is about your goals and aims, your physical body and well-being.

You may run into competitive situations more than usual this month or find yourself at odds with others. Notice whether you need an outlet for your anger and emotions. Get physical or dive deep into a hobby or personal activity you can lose yourself in.

Like all the other personal planets, Mars connects with your co-ruler Neptune on the 18th. Neptune’s the artist and poet, the musician and muse. It’s where you find inspiration in life. It may be important that you have your escape, your thing that’s personal to you. The Mars/Neptune alliance could be creative or spiritual.

Expansive Jupiter enters Aries on the 11th where it remains on and off until May 2023. Jupiter transits can be powerful if you harness the planet of opportunity well. Aries rules money in your horoscope – finances, assets and possessions and all that you value highly in life.

Over the course of the next year, you could come across an opportunity to boost your finances, to lead a wealthier or more abundant lifestyle. The flow of money and self-worth could pick up speed considerably.

Keep a close eye on what happens around the 25th when there’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries and the 29th, when there’s a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries, both positive factors for money, drive and ambition. It’s here where you’re wise to put more energy and be more competitive moving forwards.

Mercury Retrograde

Do note, however, that Mercury is retrograde this month from the 10th until June 3rd. Mercury is one of the planets linked to trade and the stock markets. Therefore, this isn’t the time to rush into new financial developments or expect things to fall into your lap overnight.

Instead, know that when Mercury’s on go slow, it’s important to pace yourself and wait patiently. Do your research as a better deal or opportunity may come your way once Mercury turns direct.

Retrograde Mercury teams up with lucky Jupiter on the 20th so notice what happens on or around this date. This is ideal for planning and creating a strategy. Mercury and Jupiter together often signify brilliant ideas.

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini, the star sign representing home & family in your horoscope. There may be a theme of going back to the past or the past returning to you.

One of the best ways to use the Mercury retrograde phase is to take a step back and look at life differently. It’s a positive time to reconnect with people, especially loved ones. You may be busy with your family tree or trying to find someone you lost touch with. Perhaps, a family reunion or a chance to heal a rift.

There may be another reason why home or family are significant, linked to money or self-worth. You may be considering ways to make money via your home or possessions or be looking at ways to swap or trade skills. You could be helping out a family member financially. Alternatively, you may need to turn to someone close for financial support.

The turning point comes on the 30th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the start of a period of green lights as communication planet Mercury switches to direct motion a few days later on June 3rd.

Lunar Eclipse

Also this month, it’s eclipse season. On April 30th, there was a Solar or New Moon eclipse and this month there’s a Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th. These eclipses are part of an eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023 cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

This is the educational sector of your horoscope. It’s about schools and teaching, learning and knowledge. Taurus rules siblings, neighbours and your local community. Whereas, Scorpio rules travel & foreign connections.

Eclipses, like Mercury retrograde, have a hidden theme. Therefore, you may have changes forced upon you because of external events. A course could be postponed or cancelled, a trip may have to be rescheduled. You might be going back to school as a teacher or be thinking about how to move your skills or your business online.

The exact date of the eclipse is a good time to pause and reassess. Wait and see what emerges when the light returns, where you can take advantage and what you may need to release or let go of.

Some hopes or dreams may have to be shelved or put back in the drawer. There may be a difference of opinion, beliefs or values that affects you profoundly. Use the eclipse energy to take a deep dive into what’s important to you so you emerge from the dark into the light bringing powerful insights with you.

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Aquarius Horoscope May 2022

eclipse, Aquarius horoscope

Jupiter On The Move

The big news this month is the planet of luck and opportunity Jupiter on the move. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each star sign of the zodiac. On the 11th, Jupiter leaves water sign Pisces and enters Aries where it remains for most of the time until May 2023. Jupiter will dip back into Pisces in the last two months of 2022.

This is an important shift in the heavens which feels significant for you. Jupiter has been in Pisces ruling money and your personal finances on and off since May 2021. Sometimes, this indicates a flow regarding money when wealth or abundance passes through your hands.

Pisces is a water sign, however, so finances and emotions are closely linked. You may have experienced issues with money that’s been shared, either with an ex, a business partner or a financial institution. You may have been involved with legal or emotional wrangles concerning an inheritance, debt or investment. You may have found that what you value highly has changed over the last year.

Before Jupiter leaves Pisces, it teams up with Pluto in Capricorn on the 3rd. Pluto represents loss and endings. Yet, together Jupiter and Pluto can represent big money or power.

This could play out in different ways. For example, you might say goodbye to a debt or choose to cut your losses and move on. Or, perhaps the seeds you’ve sown over the past year materialise and you can start to make powerful financial choices.

Note that action planet Mars remains in Pisces until the 24th so this is where to focus your energy and drive. Don’t give up on a financial deal or important money matter that began earlier this year. This is even more important if it means a lot to you emotionally.

Jupiter’s move into Aries on the 11th breathes fresh air into your life as Aries rules communication. This is ideal for all forms of communication, talking, gathering and sharing ideas and information, making new friends and learning new skills.

A new role as a voice-over artist, a new job as a journalist, a new role as a blogger? Use your voice to the best of your ability because this is the start of something big. Key dates are the 20th, 23rd, 25th & 29th when lucky Jupiter’s in action.

Aries rules siblings and neighbours, your local community too. It’s an ideal time to start trading and play an active role within your neighbourhood.

Mercury Retrograde

It is important to note, however, that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th, the day before Jupiter moves into your communication sector. Mercury then remains on go slow until June 3rd.

Therefore, don’t run before you can walk. Perhaps, you need to be aware that learning a new skill takes time. Know that with Mercury in retreat, you may have to go backwards before you can go forwards. Or, you find it hard to get hold of the right person and have to play a waiting game.

What Mercury retrograde is good for is learning and research, reviewing and revising your plans. An ideal way of spending the Mercury retrograde phase is to retreat and wind down so you can find a new perspective. Some plans may unravel during the Mercury retrograde phase but be flexible and give other people the benefit of the doubt.

You could reconnect with someone from your past. A childhood sweetheart or someone who played a key role in your upbringing. It’s a cosmic reminder to honour the past and to be patient with your future plans.

If there is a love decision to make this month, wait until the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th. This is the start of a run of green lights flicking back on over the following few days. It’s the best time to reopen the lines of communication.

Lunar Eclipse

Also this month, it’s eclipse season. There was a Solar or New Moon eclipse on April 30th and this month there’s a Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th. This eclipse cycle began in November 2021 and continues until October 2023.

It’s an important eclipse cycle for you as it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. Sometimes, eclipses coincide with significant change. This may be about your home and family or your career and vocation. It’s about your past and where you come from and your future and where you’re heading.

Someone may be on the move during the eclipse, leaving home or transitioning to a new domestic situation. It may be a turning point for your career or future direction and eclipses often coincide with unexpected events.

There could be a clear divide between your home life and your ambition. You may have to forego your career or ambition to put family first. Or, perhaps you feel torn about leaving your family to pursue your own path.

As your ruling planet Saturn is square to this eclipse, whatever’s taking place could feel like a tough decision. Notice too, what happens on or around the 5th when the Sun in Taurus teams up with your co-ruler Uranus.

Once again, the theme of change is kicking in for you and at times you’re bound to feel frustrated or pulled between responsibility or freedom.

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Capricorn Horoscope May 2022

eclipse, Capricorn horoscope

Jupiter On The Move

The big news this month is the planet of luck and opportunity Jupiter changing star sign. Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac.

Since May 2021, Jupiter has been in Pisces on and off, the star sign which rules communication in your horoscope. If you’ve made significant progress with the way you communicate on- or off-line, you’ve been in tune with Jupiter’s expansive nature.

Jupiter rules travel and education too and it’s about reaching out on a global level, gathering new information and learning from other people. Jupiter leaves Pisces this month on the 11th but, before it does so, it makes a major planetary aspect to Pluto in your star sign Capricorn on the 3rd.

You might be able to take advantage of what you’ve discovered or found out over the past year. Or, perhaps you’re ready to present, share or communicate your ideas with others.

This combination of Jupiter & Pluto could be transformative on a personal level or help you step up and take on a more powerful role or position. Be an influencer and help transform other peoples’ lives.

Jupiter’s move into Aries on the 11th turns the spotlight towards your home and family, your past and your roots. Jupiter remains in this sector of your horoscope until May 2023, except for a short break in the last two months of 2022.

When Jupiter’s in Aries, this is a classic time to move home or expand where you live. With Jupiter’s foreign theme, you may be planning a move abroad or a get-together with family who live around the world or in different parts of the country.

A big family celebration is well-starred with Jupiter in Aries and it’s the perfect time to catch up with people from your past, to remember your roots and where you come from. It could be a time when you’re expanding your family whether this involves your children, an adoption, the addition of a step family or living within a community. Alternatively, you’re opening your doors to people in need.

There are a couple of dates this month which offer you a glimpse into what this new planetary transit might mean for you. There’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries on the 25th followed by a powerfully energetic Mars/Jupiter conjunction on the 29th. These dates could coincide with a big event as you put extra energy and drive into home and family affairs.

Jupiter works in synchronous ways so it’s important that you put yourself in its path. Say yes to a new opportunity that opens up as Jupiter begins its new journey through a new star sign.

Mercury Retrograde

There is a proviso, however, as any journey is likely to take you on an unexpected detour from mid-month onwards. This is because of what’s happening with the planet of communication Mercury. The day before Jupiter enters Aries, Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and remains on go slow until June 3rd.

Therefore, take your time and don’t expect everything to fall into your lap overnight. The best way to use Mercury retrograde is to turn inwards and heed the lessons that Mercury brings.

You may have to be extra patient around work, your children or your health. Or, perhaps, someone goes quiet on you and you’re playing a waiting game.

Talk planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini and a practical sector of your horoscope. This indicates that you’re wise to renegotiate work matters once Mercury is in retreat. Alternatively, crack on with a job application or health appointment before Mercury switches direction on the 10th.

Then, once Mercury’s in retreat, you’re wise to follow things up and double-check important correspondence, appointments or meetings.

What Mercury retrograde is good for is going with the flow and adopting a slower pace. Sometimes, there’s a theme of second chances and trying again if things didn’t work out in the past, especially linked to your work, your lifestyle or health.

You could go back to an old job and it’s an excellent time to rework and revise your plans. Be kind to yourself too and do whatever’s necessary to lower your stress levels. There may be a chance to work from home or get help from family between the 20th to the 23rd.

Lunar Eclipse

The Sun is in Taurus until the 21st. Taurus represents the sector of your horoscope that’s about play, fun and where you find enjoyment in life. This is where the eclipses are kicking in this month.

There was a Solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus on April 30th and this month there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 16th cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

This is the social sector of your horoscope linked to friends and group activities, society & politics, also children, creativity & lovers. This is part of an eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023.

Eclipses have a theme of bringing what’s hidden to light. Sometimes, they coincide with the unexpected and a Lunar Eclipse can be emotional or dramatic.

You could have a major fall-out with someone close over money. Or, feel outraged about what’s happening within the world. It might be personal, it might be linked to the collective.

Either way, know that this is a powerful eclipse and you may feel torn between opposing needs, wants or views. Dig deep during eclipse season and be there for the ones you love.

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Sagittarius Horoscope May 2022

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Jupiter Joy

There’s a major reason to be happy in the month ahead as fire sign energy begins to dominate with a key planet changing star sign. Being a Sagittarius, you are one of the three fire signs and when planets are in your element, there’s a natural flow in your astrology.

Even bigger news for you is the fact that it’s your ruling planet Jupiter on the move. Jupiter is the planet of joy, luck and good fortune and it’s where you find happiness, expansion and growth.

Jupiter remains in each star sign for approximately one year. Since May 2021, Jupiter has spent a considerable amount of time in Pisces, the star sign ruling your home and family.

You may have moved home or changed your living conditions over the last twelve months. Family may have been your number one focus and your protective instincts have been high.

Trying to find a healthy balance between work and home life and dealing with extra challenges won’t always have been easy, however, either for you or your loved ones. At times, your emotions may have been overwhelming.

Jupiter does make one important planetary aspect as it completes its current journey through Pisces – n.b. that Jupiter returns to Pisces for the last two months of this year.

This month on the 3rd, there’s a significant connection between Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn and your money sector. You may be investing in property on or around this date or be making a significant payment to someone in your family. It’s a good time to tie up money matters, invest in your future security and keep your eye on your long-term financial goals.

Also, action planet Mars remains in Pisces until the 24th so stay on track with your home and family-related goals and try not to lose yourself or get diverted from what’s really important. This may be significant on or around the 18th which could be an unusually sentimental or nostalgic time.

On the 11th, Jupiter enters your fellow fire sign Aries and this could feel like a breath of fresh air. The focus turns to you and what you want out of life rather than relying on others or having to think of other people before yourself.

Aries rules creativity, love affairs, entertainment, fun and children in your horoscope. It’s the playful sector and it’s about doing what you love.

It’s an ideal time to embrace your passion and desire. Plan some fun events with friends and family and make entertainment, laughter and socialising high priority. Focus on the positives in your life and steer away from negative energy.

If you’re looking for love or you simply want to have a good time, the following dates leap out: the 20th & 23rd, the 25th & 29th.

Jupiter is the planet of luck so trust your luck and have a flutter, enter a competition or buy a raffle ticket when you’re out and about. There is a popular saying in the UK, ‘you have to be in to win’ and this can apply to life as well as the lottery, e.g. if you want to meet someone new, join a dating agency or let your friends know you’re keen for an introduction. This will serve you better than sitting home alone waiting for the phone to ring.

Same goes if you’ve always wanted to write a book, paint a portrait or play a musical instrument. While Jupiter’s in Aries, revisit your childhood dreams. Hang out with children too and let their delight and joy in life rub off on you.

Jupiter’s move into Aries isn’t going to sort out all the nitty-gritty boring stuff of life but it is going to move play and pleasure high up your life barometer and that’s got to be a good thing. Plus, with love planet Venus in Aries from the 2nd to the 28th, it’s an excellent month for romance and love affairs.

Mercury Retrograde

There is a proviso, however, because communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini and your relationship sector on the 10th and remains on go slow until June 3rd. Therefore, don’t expect everything to fall into your lap straightaway. Be patient and trust that good things come to those who wait.

Sometimes, other people go quiet on you while Mercury’s in retreat in your relationship sector. You may change your mind about love or a business partnership and you may have to follow rather than lead.

Mercury retrograde can flag up a theme of misunderstandings, so it’s a good idea to take a step back and take the pace slow in your relationships.

Don’t feel you have to make any big decisions during the retrograde phase. Instead, use this time to review your situation and think things through rather than leap into action. When it comes to other people, both personally & professionally, let things be rather than try and sort things out immediately.

The turning point could be the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th, a symbol of new beginnings. This takes place a few days before Mercury turns direct on June 3rd.

This is when you’re wise to reopen the lines of communication and start to make up your mind when it comes to love, passion and relationships.

Lunar Eclipse

Also this month, it’s eclipse season. A new eclipse cycle began in November 2021 cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. It continues until October 2023.

On April 30th, there was a Solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus and this month, there’sa Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th.

For you, this is about your work and health and being of service to others. These are the key areas under the eclipse spotlight. Sometimes during an eclipse, an unexpected event signifies the need for change. There can be a theme of endings before a new beginning. And, with a Full Moon eclipse, you may find yourself caught up in a competitive situation.

You might find that things change fast this month and it could be tricky trying to keep up with everything shifting, perhaps on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep close tabs on your health and prioritise your well-being.

If you work in an environment where you’re dealing with angry people or frustrations, this could take its toll. There may be challenges in your local community or an issue with a sibling or neighbour that triggers bad feelings.

Ideally, do your bit to help others, to listen and counsel but don’t take on the woes of the world. This is especially important if you’re starting to feel tired or worn out with all that’s going on and you’d appreciate some time out.

Note that Mercury retreats back into Taurus on the 23rd and turns direct here on June 3rd. Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to go on retreat or take time out and look after yourself.

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