Turning Points: Mars Direct, New Moon Scorpio

Mars Turns Direct

Action planet Mars turns direct this weekend on November 14th after almost 10 weeks retrograde. Mars is a difficult planet when it’s on go slow as this is a frustrated Mars.

The planet which rules assertive behaviour, anger, passion, the libido and courage doesn’t like to be held back, tied down, repressed.

Since Mars entered its retrograde phase on September 9th, it’s been moving backward, retracing its steps through the zodiac, gathering power and intensity along the way.

Mars turns direct in Aries this week and you can feel the intensity of the God of War building. Once Mars is back, there’s a chance to air bad feelings, get back on track and be decisive. Mars in Aries switching to forward motion is ideal for heroic actions.

On a personal level, this will be most powerful for you if you have planets/angles between 28 and 15 Aries, the degree points where Mars turned on its tail (28 Aries) and where it reclaims its dominance (15 Aries). This is the hot zone where Mars has been moving to and fro. Mars is now ready to reclaim its power.

New Moon Scorpio

The day after Mars turns direct, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio, a symbol of new beginnings. The two events are linked because Mars rules Aries & Scorpio, so Mars is the ruler of this New Moon.

Scorpio is one of the water signs, linked to deep emotions and hidden motivations which are ultimately about power and control. Scorpio rules secrets and all things hidden.

This is without a doubt a powerful New Moon as it’s in the passionate water sign Scorpio when the Sun and Moon sit side by side. This is the depth sign and change takes place at a deep level.

Scorpio evokes themes of regeneration, seeking out hidden riches, secrets emerging. This is the arena of hidden knowledge. Go in deep, wait in silence, listen, be, experience the void.

When you wipe the slate clean, you can start over. When you let go of toxins, purge, empty out, you make space in your life for new commitment and intensity. This is Scorpio power at it best; the ability to let go of what’s no longer needed so you can channel your energy and purpose with laser focus.

Passion & Fury

I’ve been looking at this combination for some time now. Yes, it’s ferocious and fiery, like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Yet, it signifies a definite turning point.

Wherever you’ve felt powerless, out of control, not in charge, this is the ideal opportunity to recharge your power, be fierce & feisty, step up your game. Go forth into the world, conquer your demons, take back control. Onwards…

Here are the key areas of your life ruled by Aries & Scorpio – both are relevant:

  • Aries: Personal goals & aims; money & sex
  • Taurus: inner work & personal issues; relationships, personal & professional
  • Gemini: friends & groups; work & health
  • Cancer: career & vocation; children & lovers, luck & creativity
  • Leo: travel, study, your beliefs; home & family
  • Virgo: money & sex; communication, siblings & neighbours
  • Libra: relationships, personal & professional; money & values
  • Scorpio: work & health; personal goals & aims
  • Sagittarius: children & lovers, luck & creativity; inner work & personal issues
  • Capricorn: home & family; friends & groups
  • Aquarius: communication, siblings & neighbours; career & vocation
  • Pisces: money & values; travel, study, your beliefs

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Mercury Direct: The Power Of No

Mercury Direct

Mercury, the communication planet, turns direct today after three weeks retrograde. Mercury went into retreat in Scorpio – deep, analytical, focused and turns direct in Libra – diplomatic, balanced, talkative.

You may have experienced the usual communication issues over the last three weeks. Or, perhaps you’ve been playing a waiting game and information has been hidden from you. Mercury’s change of direction can bring news to light and reveal clarity & understanding.

Mercury Square Saturn

There is an added edge to this new Mercury phase, however, because Mercury is stationing square to Saturn and the word that immediately springs to mind is No rather than Yes.

Yes, Mercury turning direct may bring clarity but it could reveal what you can’t do, what you don’t like, what you don’t want. As Mercury turns direct on today’s major election in the US, it’s guaranteed that there will be a lot of people unhappy, whatever the result!

So, you may hear the word No during this Mercury direct phase and more patience is required. Or, you’re the one who recognises that you need to accept reality & your limits. Alternatively, you need to say No to someone else.

Mars’ Power

If this is true for you, know that mid-month’s planetary energy is much more powerful and persuasive when Mars turns direct on November 14th. There will be another shift mid-month, perhaps a chance to try a different tack, be assertive or forceful, turn a No in to a Yes.

For those of you who like to know the astrology, here are the relevant dates/degrees:

  • Mercury turned retrograde [11 Scorpio 39] – October 14, 2020
  • Mercury R Libra square Saturn – November 1, 2020
  • Mercury turns direct [25 Libra 54] – November 3, 2020
  • Mercury Libra square Saturn – November 6, 2020
  • Mercury returns to Scorpio – November 10, 2020
  • Mercury out of shadow – November 19, 2020

The shadow phase is when Mercury is back at the same degree in the zodiac where it turned retrograde. This could prove to be a significant turning point with regard to today’s events and that includes the US election. It’s likely to be highly contested as Mercury stations on the day.

What It’s Good For

Even with Saturn square to Mercury, you can still try to use this Mercury direct phase to your advantage. This is what can work:

  • trying again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • sorting out any misunderstandings
  • considering what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where are you wasting your time?
  • speaking your mind
  • initiating a conversation
  • writing a list – keep it short, deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • doing what you say you will, recommitting to a promise
  • handling any technological or transport issues
  • plugging back in, renewing your energy & focus

Key Aries

Here are the key areas for you relating to Mercury’s change of direction in Libra (read the sign before to discover what Mercury’s return to Scorpio will mean for you). Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Libra: Personal goals, image & profile
  • Scorpio: Inner work & retreat, self-care
  • Sagittarius: Friends & group activities, hopes & wishes
  • Capricorn: Career & vocation, future goals
  • Aquarius: Travel & study, learning & big ideas
  • Pisces: Joint finances & sex, the metaphysical realm
  • Aries: Partnership & contracts, your love life
  • Taurus: Work & health, your lifestyle & routine
  • Gemini: Creativity, romance & children, good fortune
  • Cancer: Home & family, your past & where you come from
  • Leo: Communication & community, transport & education
  • Virgo: Money & values, your possessions

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Aquarius Horoscope November 2020

Scorpio Season

There’s a lot happening this month in Scorpio and your career and vocation sector. Scorpio is the sign at the peak of your horoscope, so this is about your next steps, your future path.

The Sun is in Scorpio until the 21st, communication planet Mercury returns here on the 10th and Venus, the planet of relating, enters Scorpio on the 21st.

This is a month when it’s important for you to look ahead and think about your mission, your purpose. What do you need to engage with in order to give your life more meaning and focus? Scorpio is a deep water sign, analytical and intense.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th to launch something new, apply for a new role or position or boost your reputation or status.

The Uranus Factor

There is another factor, however, and this involves your co-ruler Uranus, the planet of liberation, rebellion & ‘out of the blue’ events. Uranus is currently very active. It’s in play during the Full Moon that is bright in the night sky as November begins and active on the 17th & 27th.

Uranus is the catalyst, the trigger that precipitates change. It’s currently in Taurus and your home and family sector. So, you would expect that your personal life and professional life are intertwined but perhaps in a way that brings conflict or feels like a clash.

Some of you may choose this month to break free from a role that no longer fits you well. Some of you may find that life steps in to move you on. Either way, this is a time to think about what next and fire some new arrows in the sky.

Turning Points

There are turning points this month too. Firstly, talk planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd in Libra and your travel and study sector. This is likely to reveal new information that helps you make a clear decision about these areas of life. It’s a good date to find things out that have been hidden or unclear.

Secondly, action planet Mars turns direct on the 14th in Aries and your communication sector. Mars has been retrograde or on go slow since September 9th. This can be a time when you feel frustrated, irritable or held back. It’s not always easy.

Mars turning direct suggests a release of tension. There’s powerful planetary energy mid-November and it’s an ideal time to get yourself revved up and ready for action.

Make a stand, find your voice, become an activist, join a protest. You can make a difference mid-November. Be powerful.


Also mid-month, the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn takes place on the 12th. This completes a pattern that began on April 5th, continued on June 30th and completes now. You can finally put something to bed, close the door on a testing period in your life.

It’s hard to say exactly what this might be for you as Capricorn rules a hidden sector of your horoscope. Usually, it’s a deeply personal issue or worry that’s been travelling with you throughout 2020.

Mid-November might present you with an opportunity to finally let it go. Or, at least to feel as if you’re moving in the right direction.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th is part of the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse cycle. This began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021. For you, this is about your social life, the groups you’re involved in and what brings you fun and pleasure in your life.

These areas of your life are open to change. Or, perhaps it’s where you experience more dramas than usual. You may be needed at the end of the month so be ready to step in if necessary.

If you sense that your alliances are shifting, wait a few days after the eclipse before making a decision. Eclipses are a hidden, shadowy energy. Keep close tabs on the ones you love.

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Pisces Horoscope November 2020

November is a month of turning points. Yet, you may be happy to live in some kind of magical wonder world, where you have an escape from what’s going on outside. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Neptune Direct

Firstly, your co-ruler Neptune turns direct on the 29th which means that Neptune never moves away from 18 degrees Pisces all month. If your birthday is March 7/8/9, you’ll feel this influence most strongly.

Neptune was God of the Sea in mythology and represents any area or activity that takes you away from the everyday. It’s where you find your bliss, seek romance and look for beauty in the world. It’s transcendent and mystical. Just take care that you don’t lose yourself the wrong way, i.e. in the bottom of a wine glass…

Scorpio Season

Another reason why you may be wanting more magic or wonder in your life is because of the emphasis on the star sign Scorpio. Like Pisces, Scorpio is a water sign and Scorpio goes in deep.

In your horoscope, Scorpio rules travel and study, the bigger picture of life. It’s where you can be expansive and free, find meaning and fulfilment.

The Sun’s in Scorpio until the 21st, talk planet Mercury returns here on the 10th and Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st, so it’s evident all month. Lose yourself in fairy-tales, watch escapist movies, learn or study something new. Connect to something beyond yourself, the everyday – that’s the theme.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th could point the way, a symbol of new beginnings.

Money Matters

There are practicalities to attend to this month, most notably money. This is evident as November begins because talk planet Mercury turns direct in Libra and your joint finance sector on the 3rd.

Often, news or information comes to light when Mercury turns direct. It’s a good date to chase up money owed to you.

Venus is also in Libra until the 21st and this feels helpful. Venus in Libra can coincide with a gift or someone who’s willing to help you. The relationship planet is in your joint finance sector so turn to the ones you love for support.

The only time when this might not work is the 9th when Venus and Mars, the lovers in the heavens, clash. This could signify a falling out over money with a loved one or relation. Aim to compromise without giving in entirely – it’s a tricky tightrope to walk but do your best.

Mars is packing a punch in Aries and your personal money sector in November. Admittedly, Mars has been retrograde or on go slow since September 9th and this can bring frustration or an inability to act.

Yet, Mars turns direct on the 14th, a significant turning point. This is your cue to be assertive around money and act fast. Get things moving, be strong, be bold, be forceful if necessary – without going over the top!


This may be linked to what’s happening with your ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter is currently in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector and on the 12th Jupiter aligns with Pluto. This power-house combination is often about wealth or debt – together, these two planets are extreme.

Think back to April 5th and June 30th when they met earlier this year to see if you can work out what this means for you. You may need to plug a black hole on your money and stop giving out. Alternatively, you can reap your rewards.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This is important for you as these two star signs rule the foundations of your horoscope. It’s about your work/career v. your home/family.

Think back to June 2020 when this eclipse cycle started and note that it will continue until December 2021. Usually, this means that these areas of your life are changing or in flux.

Some of you may move home or your family dynamic may change. Alternatively, you’re on a new career path or a current role or position comes to an end. Eclipses represent the roller-coaster of life with its cycle of ups and downs.

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Capricorn Horoscope November 2020

Your star sign Capricorn has been under the cosmic spotlight throughout 2020. This month, another major planetary conjunction takes place in Capricorn.


The date to note is the 12th when Jupiter & Pluto come together. These two planets represent big power, they can rise you up or you encounter power in your life. Think back to April 5th and June 30th when these two planets last connected. This is their third and final meeting.

You may already be aware of an important shift in your life this year, needing or wanting to step into your power or take on a position of power or responsibility.

Some of you will be leaders, some of you will be encountering major events that transform your life. Together, Jupiter & Pluto have a theme of rebirth & renewal – consider what this means for you personally.

Mercury Direct

This month also brings turning points. Firstly, the planet of communication Mercury turns direct on the 3rd in Libra and your career & vocation sector. Mercury’s retrograde phase lasts for three weeks and the talk planet has been on go slow since October 14th.

Therefore, the beginning of November is a great time to make a work or career-related decision. Often when Mercury turns direct new information comes to light or you see things with clarity.

It’s a good time for second chances or trying again for a role that passed you by, reconnecting with your network or contacts.

Mercury remains in Libra until the 10th and another key planet is here, Venus. Venus is the planet of relating and remains in Libra until the 21st. This means it’s important to work on your people skills and practise diplomacy and negotiation.

There will be times when you clash with others or find yourself up against different opinions or influences. The 15th, 16th & 19th are key in this respect. Try to get on with other people whilst standing your ground – not always easy but worth aiming for.

Mars Direct

Home and family matters could also disrupt what’s happening in your life and this theme has been going on for a while. This is because Mars, the disruptive planet, is currently in Aries and your home and family sector and Venus and Mars clash on the 9th.

Mars has been retrograde since September 9th but turns direct this month on the 14th. This mid-month period could bring a significant turning point, a difficulty could release or you find a way to push through and sort out any home or family issues. Pay close attention to what’s possible and step up when required.

Scorpio Season

Friends are also under the cosmic spotlight this month and it’s here where you can make some deep connections. The Sun is in Scorpio and your friendship and group sector until the 21st, Mercury returns here on the 10th and Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st. It’s a key sector of your horoscope throughout November.

Scorpio encourages you to go in deep and think carefully about trust and loyalty. Work at your close relationships and find people in your life who think like you do, find your tribe. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th could be important in this respect.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th, which is part of the eclipse cycle that began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021. This highlights the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and this is about work and health for you.

It’s a cosmic cue to look after yourself and prioritise your health. Remember to take time out in a way that’s healing and nourishing. Don’t keep on pushing forwards without stopping and breathing every now and again.

You may want to change your routine significantly so it works better for you. Engage actively with these areas of your life and listen out for the signs.

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Sagittarius Horoscope November 2020


Your planet Jupiter has been making a powerful conjunction to Pluto this year, three times. The first dates were April 5th & June 30th and the final connection happens this month on the 12th.

These two planets represent power and they add intensity and energy to the area of your life where they fall.

As they are both in Capricorn, this is about money for you, your personal finances, possessions, assets, values, etc. It’s likely that mid-month could be significant for money matters, whether you land a major deal or need to accept a major loss.

This is the end of this phase in your life and a new chapter will open up at the end of this year. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is calling you to take action mid-November.

Lovely Libra

Also, this is a month of turning points. Firstly, Mercury turns direct on the 3rd and this is often a time when news or information comes to light. What’s been hidden is revealed.

Mercury turns direct in Libra and your friendship and group sector, so it may be these areas of your life where there’s a shift or something new emerging. Someone from your past could reappear in your life early in the month or you hear important news. Reach out to others.

The planet of relating, Venus, is also in Libra until the 21st, so this emphasises this sector of your horoscope and your life.

Make the most of your friends, especially your girlfriends and women friends as Venus is the symbol for women. Enjoy your close relationships. This is where pleasure and joy can be found – make the most of it.

The emphasis on the star sign Libra suggests you’re going to be social – within current limitations.

Scorpio Season

Yet, this is also a month to turn inwards, to find space and quiet in life. This is because of the emphasis on the deep water sign, Scorpio, throughout November. Scorpio rules the most hidden sector of your horoscope and is the star sign before Sagittarius.

This is often about inner work, turning inwards, being introspective or deeply analytical. Sometimes, you’re working through personal issues or need to care for yourself or other people.

It’s a time when you can discover the difference between feeling lonely and being alone. Go in deep while the Sun is in Scorpio until the 21st and Mercury returns to Scorpio on the 10th. Also, the New Moon on the 15th takes place in Scorpio, a theme of new beginnings.

Sagittarius & An Eclipse

If you’re not enjoying this phase in your life, things change on the 21st when the Sun enters Sagittarius heralding your birthday month. The Sun represents vitality and energy so this can coincide with a boost to your confidence or well-being.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is therefore important for you on the 30th as it cuts across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. This is part of an eclipse cycle that began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

These eclipses are about your relationships, your 1-to-1’s, also your identity, who you are becoming. These are the areas which could be dramatic or you sense things are changing. Eclipses often have a theme of endings and new beginnings so pay close attention to what happens during this phase.

Love & Passion

In fact, November could be a significant month for your relationships. Mars, the planet of passion and the libido, turns direct in Aries and your romance sector on the 15th.

Plus, Venus dives deep into Scorpio on the 21st, often a time of hidden passions. You’ll know what this means for you but something is shifting within you, wanting to be heard, calling for your emotional or inner needs to be met.

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Scorpio Horoscope November 2020

Scorpio Season

This is Scorpio season and your star sign is the main focus of attention throughout November. The Sun is here until the 21st, talk planet Mercury returns to Scorpio on the 10th and love planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st.

While the Sun is in your star sign, the emphasis is on you, your personal goals and aims. It’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate who you are, take good care of yourself and prioritise your well-being.

Scorpio’s strengths are laser focus, determination, insight & power. Use Scorpio season to focus your attention and go in deep. You may be analysing your self or other people. You may be involved in an intense period of research or study.

Alternatively, you might be interested in healing or transformation, again for yourself or with regard to other people. Whatever you’re involved in, here’s your opportunity to give yourself 100%.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th to start over in some way, to launch a project or begin something new that improves your life.

Turning Points

Also, this month, there are a sequence of turning points. They begin on the 3rd, when Mercury turns direct in Libra, the star sign before yours. This could be a time when news or information comes to light that’s a revelation. This may be about a relationship, as Libra is the relating star sign.

Love planet Venus is also in Libra until the 21st. This is a reminder to love yourself first. Do the inner work and then you can make the most of Venus gracing your star sign Scorpio from the 21st onwards. This is often a period when you experience more love in your life as Venus is your partner planet.

The next turning point involves Mars, your ruling planet. Mars has been retrograde or on go slow since September 9th and this can be tricky for you.

It can be a time when you feel frustrated or held back in some way. Sometimes, you can be in a situation where you’re not in charge and this creates problems for you.

Mars turning direct on the 14th could coincide with a whoosh of energy. Mars is in Aries ruling your health, your work and routine. An ideal time to get fit, apply for a job or do whatever’s required for you to feel tip-top.

As this is one day before the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th, circle these dates in your diary. There could be a unique opportunity to get back on track with your goals. Life could conspire to help you feel you’re moving forwards once again and heading in the right direction.


During this power-packed period, there’s a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 12th. This is significant for you as Pluto is your co-ruler. These two power-house planets met on April 5th & June 30th and this is their third and final encounter.

The theme is power, speaking your mind, becoming an orator or presenter, speaking up. Capricorn is your communication sector so use your voice to make a difference.

It’s a powerful symbol for being of service to others in your community or your neighbourhood and a sign to step in to your power.

Lunar Eclipse

Finally this month, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

This is your financial axis and this is where there’s likely to be significant change in your life. This eclipse cycle began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021.

Eclipses often feel like a roller-coaster ride. They can coincide with the unexpected but they represent highs as well as lows. One thing’s for sure – life’s unlikely to remain stable in this area of your life. Ensure you’re ready.

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