New Moon in Scorpio, November 14, 2020

The Wolf

There is a strong, no nonsense vibe to the New Moon at 23° 15′ Scorpio on 14 November 2020, 9:08 PM PST. The Scorpio Sun and Moon are tightly sextile Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas in Capricorn, harmoniously blending the energy of two very pragmatic signs. Earth and water signs clearly dominate this chart with only Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries representing air and fire.

One thing the Scorpio Sun and Moon do is give us an avenue to come to terms with the powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. If we’re willing to embrace some pain and endure Scorpio style tough love, we have an opportunity to make a clean break from past miseries. There is no doubt we’ll have to give something up in the process, Scorpio and Pluto will tolerate nothing less. But it will be worth it because we’ll be on the path to living a better, healthier life.

Saturn still has input though it is pulling away from Pluto now as it enters the last few degrees of Capricorn. It is within orb of conjoining Jupiter and is sextile the Scorpio luminaries. Patience and perseverance are Saturn’s contribution and we’ll need both to reach our goals. Be gentle with yourself and others. Taking the occasional break to rest weary minds and bodies is an essential part of the healing process.

The only aspect Mercury in Scorpio makes is a bracing opposition to Uranus in Taurus. This will be the third and final one this year. It will be exact on November 17. Those who have gone to great lengths to hide damaging information could suddenly find all revealed at the worst possible moment. Mercury in Scorpio never forgets and is very good at digging out the most carefully hidden truths. Not to mention Uranus always loves to throw a wrench in works just to see what happens.

Poor Venus in Libra is not a happy camper. She is exactly square Pluto in Capricorn and tightly square Jupiter with Saturn still within striking distance. She will square Saturn exactly on November 18. This is not the best time to make major decisions about love or money. Relationships can suffer from jealousy and controlling behaviors as well as feeling unprepared to make a serious commitment. Tread lightly for the time being. Venus will be moving into Scorpio November 21 where she will be much more comfortable dealing with intense issues.

Even though Mars in Aries is now direct, he still is not back up to his normal strength and speed. It will take him another week or so to regain momentum, and even then he will still be weighed down by a semi-sextile to Neptune in Pisces until early December. Nonetheless Mars always is happier direct which will give everyone a small energy boost.

As long as we don’t overreach and get ahead of ourselves, the New Moon in Scorpio can help us plan out the next steps towards our long term goals. It’s a good time to go back to the basics and choose the most simple, practical options. We also have an opportunity to gently acknowledge and accept our darker side. This has to be managed with care because it needs to be done from as neutral a place as possible, without assigning blame or indulging in denial. Please practice patience, kindness and tolerance during these challenging times. Blessings to all.

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Image:  The Wolf © Zdzisław Beksiński

Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

This does not promise to be a normal, placid Full Moon at 08° 41’ Taurus on 31 October 2020 at 7:49 AM PDT. Mostly because the Moon conjoins the king of eccentrics, Uranus. My best guess is our experience of this Full Moon will be a highly individual one. It may give some a big jolt and others practically none. Landing as it does on Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, adds a certain whimsy but in reality has no effect on the lunation its self. Don’t forget either that Uranus resists predictions and does its best not be second guessed.

Keep in mind the Moon has been conjoining Uranus in Taurus once a lunar month since May 2018, inoculating us as it were. Besides that, Uranus is the only planet aspecting the luminaries on this lunation. It’s not like the New Moon in Libra where the luminaries opposed Mars in Aries and both squared Pluto in Capricorn. Now that was a cardinal punch in the eye! However, it is a Full Moon and that strengthens the effects of the Moon conjoining Uranus. Check to see where this Full Moon falls in your natal chart to get an idea what area in your life will see change of some type.

What is going on with the planets that rule Taurus and Scorpio adds to the picture too. Venus rules Taurus and Mars/Pluto rule Scorpio. On this lunation Venus is at home in Libra and unaspected. She does add a nice grace note and asks us to seek out beauty in our lives to brighten our days.

Mars is not so lucky. He is retrograde in Aries and is semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces. In other words, he is feeling out of sorts and debilitated. Efforts to incite violence and enrage others may fizzle out rather than escalating. Some may feel more lethargic than usual. Until Mars in Aries goes direct on November 13, he will continue to be less forceful than usual.

Scorpio’s other ruler, Pluto, is in a much better place as the waxing conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn grows tighter. Jupiter and Pluto will be exactly conjoined on November 12 at 22°. For better or worse, this is the third and final time these two will be conjoined in Capricorn. Whatever Jupiter touches he exaggerates, and Pluto is into making fresh starts by clearing away what he considers unnecessary. Do pay attention to what is happening in your life as well as in the collective at large around November 12-13.

Another aspect demanding attention is the second square between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn at 26°. The third and final square will take place on November 6 with both planets direct. This time Mercury is retrograde and Saturn is direct which gives Saturn has even more influence over Mercury. As much as Mercury in Libra loves to mull over all the facts before making a decision, the pressure from Saturn will not allow Mercury much slack to do so. We may have to put on our grownup pants and decide what we need to do NOW, like it or not. Remember Saturn always favors mature behaviors and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Whining about life not being “fair” will go over like a lead balloon.

There is no reason we can’t enjoy this special Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween! It is the second Full Moon in October, or a “Blue” Moon. However it wouldn’t hurt to have several backup plans in place for Halloween celebrations with Uranus stirring the pot. Quiet, low key options will probably work out better than extravagant affairs. And don’t forget to practice kindness, forbearance and patience. Those never go out of fashion and are all too often in short supply. Peace and love to all.

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Image: New Moon © Zhuxj

New Moon in Libra, October 16, 2020

Preparing for a fresh start on the New Moon at 23° 53′ Libra on 16 October 2020, 12:32 PM PDT, may be part of the plan but it looks like there will some tough choices involved in making that happen. The Libra Sun and Moon are part of a cardinal T-Square with Mars Rx in Aries opposing them, and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn squaring both the luminaries and Mars. This T-Square does generate a considerable amount of energy. However the challenge will be to use it in constructive ways. Relationships are bound to be under the microscope at this time.

Questions we might want to ask ourselves about our relationships include the following:

A) Are we giving away too much of our personal autonomy, thus generating anger and resentment?

B) Are we staying in a relationship because we feel obligated to do so?

C) How big an issue is being in control, or being controlled, in our relationships?

D) What are we taking for granted and how does that affect our relationship?

These are simply a starting point. Remember all relationships thrive on compromise, fairness and equity between partners as well as plenty of love!

Looking to see how the ruler of the New Moon sign is aspected is an important factor. On this Libra New Moon it would be Venus. She is currently midway through her stay in Virgo. She is making a waxing trine to Jupiter in Capricorn and opposes Neptune in Pisces (Jupiter is still sextile Neptune). The triangle pattern connects these three planets in a positive way and we benefit from the love being passed between them. Venus-Jupiter aspects can promote excess but with Venus in modest Virgo and Jupiter in disciplined Capricorn we’re more likely to experience genuine generosity and warmth without going to extremes. Both in earth also help ground out the worst of Neptune’s fogginess too. The only fly in the ointment is Mars Rx in Aries. He squares Jupiter, is semi-sextile Neptune and inconjunct Venus. This puts him at odds with them but since he is currently retrograde his influence is lessened. We’ll still need to avoid losing our tempers and lashing out at loved ones.

It is interesting to note Mercury Rx in Scorpio conjoins Juno, the asteroid of marriage, while both oppose Uranus in Taurus. Building an agreed upon amount of autonomy into our one-on-one relationships is a very healthy place to start. Most of us do better if we feel our individuality is not only respected but cherished by our loved ones. Be brave and open a discussion on this subject in the very early stages on the relationshio.

This is one of those times when we need to keep in mind the stars do not compel us. How we react/respond to the pressures of this New Moon in Libra is up to us. We can practice mature behaviors and avoid a great deal of pain, both to ourselves and our loved ones. Libra always prefers to carefully look at both sides of any issue, seek common ground and compromise if at all possible. If we do decide ending a relationship is the best solution, do it quickly and cleanly, leaving no loss ends for Pluto to grab onto and drag the whole thing back into the muck. Healthy partnerships are a wonderful, life enhancing thing, something Libra knows quite well. Peace and love to all on the New Moon in Libra.

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Image: Libra © Gal Or

Full Moon in Aries, October 1, 2020

Good thing cardinal signs are always up for a challenge because this Full Moon at 09° 08′ Aries on 1 October 2020, 02:06 PM PDT will offer us some. The Aries Moon and Libra Sun both make uncomfortable aspects to Uranus in Taurus, creating a measure of dissonance which brings out the combative side of the Aries Moon-Libra Sun opposition. Whether we can deliberately turn this around and choose cooperation over conflict is largely up to us as individuals. There is one saving grace, gentle Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. Venus always likes everyone to get along and play nice!

There are not many tight aspects in this lunation chart, and the ones having the greatest impact involve the ruling planets of Aries and Libra. A major source of tension is retrograde Mars in Aries exactly square Saturn in Capricorn (partile on September 29). Mars also makes a waning trine to Venus in Leo (exact on September 28, a nice marriage of the ruling planets. Then there is the waning inconjunct between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Capricorn (also exact on September 28). As much as we’d like to splurge on a good time, it would be wiser to continue to live within our means. Heartfelt, well thought out romantic gestures are as meaningful, if not more so, than spending the big bucks to put on an extravagant show. Therefore we’ll be further ahead to put fun plans on hold for now until the frustrations generated by the Mars-Saturn square begin to fade away.

It is the second waxing square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (exact on October 9) that bears watching. This one carries the potential for violent confrontation, something that seldom ends well for anyone. In order to avoid getting caught up in Pluto’s toils, we need to practice staying as neutral as possible . . . not easy to do in the highly polarized world we live in. It’s amazing how quickly Pluto can latch onto our anger and turn it into unstoppable rage. Be careful and stay safe!

Mercury is now in Scorpio and is essentially unaspected on this lunation. Mercury in Scorpio excels at secrets, both investigating them and keeping them. It is keeping mum for now but after Mercury stations retrograde on October 13 and returns to Libra on October 27, that may change and those secrets may be revealed for all to see. All the more reason to lead a life dedicated to being honest, kind and patient.

We still have the Jupiter in Capricorn-Neptune in Pisces sextile generating good will in the background. If there is any sanity left, it is thanks to this gentle, loving influence.

For better or worse all actions have consequences, and on this Mars ruled Full Moon in Aries, we really, truly need to pay attention to this fact. Mars in Aries is currently retrograde but it will eventually station direct (November 13) and the consequences of our actions will start coming home to roost even more dramatically. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn still weighing on Mars, it makes sense to move forward in a methodical fashion with no shortcuts or side trips. As always, make practicing kindness, patience and tolerance a high priority. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aries © Gal Or

New Moon in Virgo, September 17, 2020

We can feel the tides beginning to turn on this New Moon at 25° 01′ Virgo on 17 September 2020, 04:00 AM PDT. What a difference it makes to have two more planets in air and fire. Nonetheless, the Virgo Sun and Moon are doing their best, supported by a trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, to keep our lives focused on the importance of the small details in our daily lives.

It is the personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, who are all now in fire and air signs. Mercury is in Libra, Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries. This puts their messages at odds with the rest of the planets in earth and water. The differences in opinion are highlighted on this New Moon in Virgo.

Mercury in Libra wants to emphasize the need to be fair-minded and open to opinions from all sides. A square to Jupiter in Capricorn finds Mercury challenging belief systems held by the powers that be. What we need more of is respectful listening. We don’t have to agree with what is being said but we do need all parties to temporarily suspend judgment and listen carefully. Libra is a big fan of hearing both sides (or more) of the story. Though getting the true facts may be a problem because Mercury in Libra is also inconjunct Neptune in Pisces which contributes confusion and misunderstandings. We’ll need to persevere!

Another challenge has to do with the waning square between Venus in flamboyant Leo and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. While this square can add spice to a love affair, it can also create big problems with financial matters. Impulse spending and deciding to make a large investment on the spur of the moment usually don’t end well.

We’re right in the thick of things when it comes to Mars in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn. The first square was exact on August 24 and the final square happens on September 29. Mars is now retrograde and we’re probably beginning to experience the results of rash choices made during late August. No need to keep bashing our heads against the proverbial wall. What may serve us better is stepping back and reevaluating our position. Saturn responds to careful planning based on solid accurate data . . . he pays no attention whatsoever to temper tantrums or threats. Just saying.

One of the true blessings in the sky now is the ongoing sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is now direct, improving the effectiveness of this sextile. Look for solutions that combine practicality with compassion to take advantage of this positive influence.

Best be prepared for previously hidden information to surface on this New Moon in Virgo, thanks to Pluto aspecting the luminaries. There is no doubt it will be very useful information but we will need to choose to utilize it of our own free will. We can use this New Moon to contemplate where we want to go from here. And whatever we decide, please remember to continue practicing kindness, patience and tolerance towards others as well as ourselves.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Frozen Road to Nowhere, Crescent Moon © Aaron J Groen

Full Moon in Pisces, September 1-2, 2020

Earth and water dominate the sky on this Full Moon at 10° 12′ Pisces on 1 September 2020, 10:23 PM PDT, though Mars in Aries is doing his best to make himself heard. Mars is the apex of a cardinal T-Square with Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn as the base. Nonetheless, it will be the subtle, emotional appeals to our better natures that will eventually prevail if we let them, thanks in part to a flowing triangle created by Uranus in Taurus harmoniously aspecting the luminaries.

May as well take a look at the cardinal T-Square with Mars in Aries at the apex and Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn as the base. While there is little doubt Mars is intent on creating conflict, his ability to do so is weakened at this time. Mars is slowing to station retrograde on September 9 but more than that, he is the only planet not in earth or water. This means he has nothing ‘feeding’ him. Instead the preponderance of earth and water smothers/drowns his fire, leaving him sounding petulant and shrill rather than strong and sure. Nonetheless those people who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 25° to 28° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are probably going to feel more combative than usual. The Venus-Saturn opposition urges us to choose “safe” options rather than risk feeling insecure. The Cancer-Capricorn axis naturally leans towards following traditional roles and when stressed will often choose to withdraw into what they feel are secure positions. And it is likely those Cancer-Capricorn options will not appeal to the fire and air crowd.

Other than the Mars in Aries action, this Full Moon in Pisces has a wonderful, life affirming feel to it, highlighting opportunities for healing and learning how we can lead healthier lives. The harmonious aspects linking Uranus in Taurus to the luminaries will hopefully lead to significant breakthroughs related to improving our health and well being. The Virgo-Pisces axis always places a high priority on caring for others as well as ourselves. It asks us to be empathetic, compassionate and to use our intuition/emotional IQ in all our interactions with other people.

Mercury in Virgo is pleased to be playing an active role in this lunation via a sextile to Venus in Cancer and a trine to Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury is also inconjunct Mars in Aries. No one is better at collecting data and organizing it in an easy to assimilate format than Mercury in Virgo. This information will be happily received by water and earth folk who are looking for ways to feel more secure going about their daily lives. However it will likely not sit well with those who are already grumbling about what they perceive as infringements on their freedom of movement.

Jupiter in Capricorn is still sextile Neptune in Pisces, and the gentle but pervasive energy flowing from this aspect continues to urge us to choose peaceful means to conflict resolution. Please.

One of the ways we can honor the spirit of this Full Moon in Pisces is to vow to make random acts of kindness part of our everyday lives. Forget score keeping or only treating others nicely in order to get something from them. Simple be kind with no expectations whatsoever. The sweet, loving energy generated by this lunation won’t last long, so soak it in and spread it around. Always practice patience, tolerance and kindness. Life is too short to do otherwise. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: “I Love the Moon” Encaustic by Ember Fairbairn Ramsay

New Moon in Leo, August 18, 2020

We get a mix of bitter and sweet on this New Moon at 26° 35′ Leo on 18 August 2020, 07:42 PM PDT. The Leo Sun, Moon and Mercury get a taste of each with a supportive trine from Mars in Aries and a challenging inconjunct from Saturn in Capricorn. We may start out feeling like we’re free again only to run smack into some immovable boundaries. In order to lessen the pain, it might be a good idea to double check the facts to make sure the path we’ve chosen is actually clear. One thing we will notice on this New Moon is a creative blossoming on many levels, in our personal lives as well as in the collective as a whole.

We can’t overlook the fact Mars in Aries also squares Saturn in Capricorn, a deeply frustrating aspect if there ever was one. This square is in cardinal signs which intensifies the feeling of attempting to drive with the brakes on. Mars in Aries lives to be in motion and being blocked by Saturn in Capricorn for whatever reason is hard to take. Mind you, the reasons for preventing us from taking action are most likely quite sound but that only goes so far towards easing the pervasive frustration. Nonetheless we’ll probably have to suck it up and behave like adults instead of throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old.

In addition to the fiery inspiration of the Leo Sun-Moon-Mercury trine Mars in Aries strengthening creative energy, two other aspects are adding their support as well. The Venus in Cancer-Uranus in Taurus sextile is perfect for coming up with new and unusual ideas for giving our homes a face lift. Venus-Uranus aspects are great for looking at our relationships with fresh eyes and coming up with innovative ways to improve those as well.

Then there is Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, an ongoing influence doing its best to alleviate painful situations in our society at large through practical expressions of compassion. If we are ready to move past denial (Neptune in Pisces) and start dealing with uncomfortable realities (Pluto in Capricorn), the help we need is there for the asking (Jupiter in Capricorn). That it won’t be easy is a given.

Here is one idea for working with the discordant energies of this New Moon in Leo in order to eventually achieve positive results. We can emulate successful professionals in the creative fields such as writers, artists, musicians, actors, dancers, etc. These people are almost always asked to work within a defined framework and do so day after day. In fact this illustrates one clear difference between a talented amateur and a successful professional. Professional artisans don’t have the luxury of working whenever the mood strikes them or the atmosphere is just right. In order to get paid, they need to keep on going no matter what. If we view the constraints the Capricorn crew places upon the Leo and Aries planets as a challenge to work around rather than a major road block, we may find we too can do amazing things in our lives.

Please take time on this wonderful Leo New Moon to so something just for the fun of it too. Remember to look for the humor and laugh at Life’s absurdities. Love and peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: New Moon © gimbo60