Saturn Square Pluto January 12

Saturn and Pluto (Wikipedia)

Saturn conjunct Pluto 


January 12  


8:59am PST 


This is one rare bird of an aspect.  We knew it was coming and have been talking about its arrival for the last two years.  


The last time Saturn got on top of Pluto was 1982 before that round was 1951.   It is a once a thirty- year event.   However, the last time the two of them got together in Capricorn was 1518.    So, here we are five hundred years later doing it again.  On that round the world got Martin Luther who said, “Hmm maybe it is time to do religion different” and sadly about six months after the aspect King Charles I (Spain) commenced taking enslaved Africans to the Americas.  His edict changed history and arguably is still felt today.   If you look at the world it is not too hard to see the aspect is already in effect.  People seeking structure, limits, boundaries (Saturn) versus the purging and upheaval of things that no longer work (Pluto).  Power is important to both planets although they get there in different ways.  Saturn gets it through discipline and achievement.  Pluto through death and rebirth.    Both planets also have a depressing component to them since they both have a heat seeking missile to find problems and once the problem is found it looks like too much work to fix it—thus the depression, ‘How can we/I fix it?”   The answer– It will get fixed by showing up and doing the work.  Stay connected to your own evolution and your own discipline to tackle problems.    Never underestimate the power of Saturn conjunct Pluto.    


Personally, if you know your chart you should see what house has 22 degrees of Capricorn.    If you don’t know your chart you are feeling it.   Where are you tired of monkeying around?  Where do you feel like you are wasting time?  Where do you feel you need to get real results?   Where are you feeling like you need to step up and ‘do something’?  This is no day in the country aspect but at the same time it is not focused on just one narrow window of January 12th .  It is and has been felt for months and will continue after the date also we have transiting Jupiter and Mars who are going to be in effect with both Saturn & Pluto so we will be driving over this point quite a few times in 2020.     Lots for us to process.   On a personal level, take  note of any energy shift after  the 12th.  



Uranus Stations Direct – January 10

Uranus Station Direct 


January 10  


5:47pm PST 


Uranus turned retrograde on August 11 at 6 degrees of Taurus.  How have you been processing your money, investments, security, things that make you feel ‘solid’ since August?   Have the last five months been giving you confidence that you are in good shape?  Or are you feeling exposed and vulnerable?   Uranus is the planet of innovation.   It’s also the planet of progress and new.  Now that it is turning direct you may feel motivated to find a new approach to your finances, your investments and things that bring security.  Has there been a brilliant idea you have been sitting on?   Once Uranus turns direct consider the ideas you have been percolating.  Test drive those ideas, talk to friends.  Get some feedback.  Do some research.   Taurus likes to do things slow and bit by bit—Uranus likes to do things fast—getting these two to find a way to understand each other can be tricky.   But it can be as simple as find something brilliant and build on it bit by bit.  


 Uranus in Taurus for the next seven years could bring fluctuation to economies and earth changes.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934-1942 it was a time of the great dust bowl, major floods and famines and other weather extremes.  There also was a rise of dictators like, you- know- who in Germany and the other power jerks in Italy, Spain and Russia who all liked to grab land and resources.   


Those who survived that rough period were nimble and ingenious.   What curious thought or idea did you have in the last five months that now as you consider it could possibly be your ingenuity?   Might it serve you (or the world) if you pursue it?    


We are still at the beginning of Uranus’ journey in Taurus, for those of you born with planets at early fixed signs may be feeling like the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet.   Roughly: April 21-April 28, July 24 – Aug 1, Oct 24-Nov 1,  Jan 22 – Jan 29–  If we all live long enough, Uranus will mix it up with all of us.  It is one of the earthquake planets so it knows how to shake things up.   Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury so communication is critical.  Get the word out and start talking to people about the changes you are going through, don’t do it alone.  People have experience they can share with you.  Support can come in weird ways— ‘weird’ is Uranus word, by the way.  


13 Tips for the Lunar Eclipse

LUNAR ECLIPSE [20 Cancer 00] – January 10 2020 (19:21 GMT)

Here are 13 tips to guide you during this week’s powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse taking place on Friday 10, January:

1. Eclipses take place two times a year in pairs. We are now in a Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020.

Full Moons or Lunar Eclipses are often about completion or achievement. This Lunar Eclipse may represent the end of a chapter or project which began in July 2018, when the Solar Eclipse fell at the same degree 20 Cancer.

2. Eclipses are most important in your chart when they fall within 1-2 degrees of key planets/angles. This time around that’s 20-24 Cancer or Capricorn because of other powerful astrology taking place. Also, 20-24 Aries/Libra, a square or clashing aspect. And, 20-24 Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, an easier, more supportive trine or sextile aspect.

3. A Lunar Eclipse is often about relationships, a triangle situation as the Sun, Moon and Earth compete for attention. Sometimes, one person wins and another person loses. The aim is to be on the winning team. Who stays, who goes?

4. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about home/family/foundations (Cancer) v. work/status/the establishment (Capricorn). You may be feeling the pressure of juggling your working life with your home life/family life. You may be acutely aware of the passing of time, your mortality, of endings and beginnings. The ties of ancestry and legacy can be clearly seen. Your personal identity may have become lost if you’re too tied up with work or family.

5. Eclipses are often feared because they bring what’s hidden to light, they represent the unknown. They often coincide with external events in your life, where you have to let go of control. Once you know this, you can be more in flow.

6. Eclipses are often concurrent with turning points. This is why they are considered game-changers as they move the goalposts of life. Fundamentally, eclipses are neither positive nor negative. It’s how you perceive and respond to what happens in your own life and out in the world that’s important.

7. Sometimes, eclipses act as a catalyst for change but you don’t recognise this until later on. Their effect can last a few months after the exact date of the eclipse, even up until the next set of eclipses, which will occur in June/July 2020, the end of this particular eclipse cycle. This eclipse is also closely linked to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. New beginnings at the end of last year may precipitate change or endings early this year.

8. Eclipses don’t bring change for everyone. This set of eclipses in particular is about a shift in power; the younger generation (Cancer) v. the older generation (Capricorn); women (Cancer – Moon-ruled) v. men (Capricorn – Saturn-ruled).

​​​​​​​9. Traditionally, it’s wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action or making a big decision. This time around, you’re wise to wait until the middle of next week to see how the combination of the Lunar Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction play out in your life. This is powerful astrology.

10. During an eclipse, the karmic nodes, points of destiny in astrology, are pulled into the cosmic dance of the Sun, Moon & Earth. A shadow is thrown as the Sun/Moon/Earth are in close alignment. This is why eclipse symbolism is said to be ‘shadowy’. Once the shadow clears, it brings what’s hidden to light or sheds a new perspective on a current situation.

11. This eclipse pulls in two planets linked to endings and transformation, Saturn and Pluto. These two planets meet at 22 Capricorn 46 on January 12, 2020. This means that this eclipse is a powerful symbol of an ending, a door closing. Where in your life do you have to sweep out the old in order to allow fresh energy to come in? (Read the Saturn-Pluto articles below to get a better sense of this in your own life).

12. The Sun sits next to Mercury, the planet of communication on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, this eclipse is also about speaking up or staying quiet. Choose your words carefully during this weekend as words have power. Don’t issue threats or use bravado, unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Sometimes, the most important conversation you can have is with yourself, especially if fear or doubt have taken hold.

13. During this eclipse, there is a major stellium in Capricorn, including the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres, the dwarf planet linked to the earth, sustainability, nurture and nourishment.

We often think of Capricorn as the star sign linked to work and ambition. This is true because of the symbol of the mountain goat, doggedly climbing upwards. Capricorns work best when they have a long-term goal to work towards.

Yet, Capricorn’s zodiac symbol is the sea-goat. Capricorn is an earth sign but the fish’s tail lies below the surface in water, the realm of emotions. This is why Capricorn is considered to be the shaman with a strong link to emotional and instinctual depths. Spirit and matter united.

Therefore, take time during the eclipse period to be quiet and still. Go and sit on top of the mountain, enjoy the views, turn inwards and meditate. It’s a powerful time to do so when you can tap in to your inner voice and hear more closely what life’s telling you or where it’s calling you forth.

And, once the eclipse has faded and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has passed, then take action and get ready to do what’s necessary to move your own life forwards and help defend our earth, our world. We are at a pivotal point in history.

Key Areas To Note

Here’s a reminder of the areas of your life where you may experience the theme of endings and beginnings. Or, you’re being called towards change & transformation:

  • Capricorn & Cancer: 1st/7th houses – RELATIONSHIPS/CONTRACTS – your image & appearance, personal goals; love & relationships, significant others, agreements & conflicts
  • Aquarius & Leo: 12th/6th houses – WORK/SERVICE – retreat, quiet, solitude, a spiritual path; your health & work, what you sacrifice for others, being of service
  • Pisces & Virgo: 11th/5th houses – SOCIAL GROUPS/SELF-EXPRESSION – your friends, groups & social issues; your children, creativity, love affairs, what you ‘give birth to’.
  • Aries & Libra: 10th/4th houses – FOUNDATIONS/FUTURE PATH – your career & vocation, your status & reputation, where you’re heading in life; your home & family, your past & roots, where you come from.
  • Taurus & Scorpio: 3rd/9th houses – LEARNING/BELIEFS – your education, neighbours & siblings, how you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, religion, what gives your life meaning.
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: 2nd/8th houses – MONEY/SELF-WORTH – money, possessions, where your values lie; your joint finances, your sexuality, all things hidden, the unconscious.


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Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Through The Star Signs

This major once-in-every-35-years planetary event is epic and there’s a lot of fear and speculation around what it means for our world.

On a personal level, there’s always an opportunity to work with your astrology. As challenging as this conjunction may be out in the world, there are ways to use this potent period in the year to stop & reassess your own situation. The key themes of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction are endings, super power, death & loss, the passing of time & the dark side of life.

They are not easy themes to deal with but here are some pointers for you on what this may mean for you and how you can more readily engage with this major astrology. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign if you know your time of birth.

ARIES: 10th house – career & vocation, status & reputation. You may be taking on a role of authority or power. A business could fold, affecting your future path. You may have been working overly hard or been unemployed. If so, decide to work smarter not harder or change careers completely. Confronting a boss or difficult parent also fits the power symbolism.

TAURUS: 9th house – travel & study, beliefs & philosophy. You may give something up, e.g. a decision to emigrate or live abroad, a university course or long-held belief. Alternatively, this may coincide with the completion of a study project when you gain qualifications and prestige. You might be questioning your religion or faith, or become a devotee of a spiritual path.

GEMINI: 8th house – joint finances, all things hidden. This is about debt for you, the ties to the past, both financial and emotional. If you’re in a difficult situation financially, look at how you can cut your losses and break free from debt or blackmail. Bankruptcy is an option if it allows you to start over or start saving. Confront your fears and stare them down. Break a taboo.

CANCER: 7th house – relationships & contracts. This is about opposition in your life, who or what you’re up against. You could find the strength to break free from a toxic situation. Or, decide to persevere with someone in your life who you don’t want to lose. Contracts can be broken or finalised under this key astrology. Befriend an enemy or break ties and move on.

LEO: 6th house – work & routine, lifestyle & health. If you’re feeling worn out or run down, it’s time to stop. Consider which aspects of your daily routine work for you and which don’t benefit you at all. Ditch a bad habit, detox or cleanse. Alternatively, commit to a new job, attitude or healthy lifestyle. Be prepared to work hard and hone your commitment levels.

VIRGO: 5th house – creativity, birth & children, love affairs, entertainment. If you’re not having enough fun in life, consider why not and what you can do about it. Draw up a plan for the year. Get tough with a child, give up on IVF. Or, use your earth sign nature to persist in your chosen goals. Master a skill or talent. Issue an ultimatum in love – either commit or quit.

LIBRA: 4th house – home & family, past & where you come from. You could be fascinated by your ancestry, your heritage and find out more about where you’re from. Close relationships may be tinged with sadness or loss. An issue with a parent might reach tipping point. Put firm boundaries in place to protect yourself and the ones you love. Let go of the past.

SCORPIO: 3rd house – communication, siblings & your neighbourhood. If someone’s trying to silence you, make a conscious decision whether you are going to speak up or say nothing. Words have power and you don’t like to be told what to do. Alternatively, you could become the voice of authority. Use your power and knowledge to good effect to bring about change.

SAGITTARIUS: 2nd house – money & possessions, self-value & worth. Ditch the debt would be a classic response to this major astrology. Or, set up a savings plan and start to think long-term about your financial future. Be firm around money matters and ensure you’re paid what you’re worth. If a source of income comes to an end, look at ways you can spend less.

CAPRICORN: 1st house – personal goals & aims, image & profile. You may embody the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and step in to a new role or position of authority. Persistence and hard work will pay off. Or, you find yourself faced with a limiting situation and need to transform your life. Consider carefully how you wield your power and what responsibility means to you.

AQUARIUS: 12th house – retreat, spirituality, caring for self & others. This is a key period of preparation when you need to consider what stays and what goes in your life. You may be downsizing or paring back. Karma is a key feature of the conjunction; reaping your rewards or finding it’s pay-back time. You may let go of the material world as you seek a spiritual path.

PISCES: 11th house – friends & groups; hopes & wishes. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is about realigning your alliances whether you’re leaving a group or cause or joining a new one. The people you hang out with matter greatly, so be discerning and choose wisely. Be aware of the influence you have on others and take your collective responsibilities seriously.

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Lunar Eclipse January 2020 – Wolves

The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 19:21 (UT) on January 10, 2020 at 20°Cn00′. This is a penumbral eclipse meaning that the Moon will only pass through the outer part of Earth’s shadow. It creates then a partial eclipse and therefore the Moon will only look dimmer rather than taking on the familiar reddish hue associated with total lunar eclipses. Still, despite its partial status, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse packs an astrological punch as it triggers the collection of planets now sitting in Capricorn and brings to life the Saturn-Pluto conjunction due to perfect in a couple of days.

The Lunar Eclipse is a time when we see the Earth’s shadow and therefore symbolically speaking, we see our collective shadow. As it’s Full Moon, the height of the lunar cycle, we already know this is a time of heightened emotions, more so with the Moon in her home sign of watery Cancer. As the Moon and Sun oppose one another, events come to a head, we draw conclusions, make decisions or reach a crisis point. With the North Node also travelling in Cancer, we have an idea that whatever is revealed now is for our soul’s growth. As Cancer is concerned with security, home, family, roots and domestic issues, these are the matters that we are most concerned with during this period.

Above all, Cancer wants to feel safe and secure, protected, nurtured, supported, but the oppositions to the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres could feel like a wolf at the door – or rather a pack of wolves! There’s stuff going on ‘out there’ in the world and it’s howling to be let in. We can’t ignore it, and this could feel uncomfortable, scary, threatening. Note that Mercury is out of bounds which means it’s not playing by the rules and therefore minds whirl as nothing seems logical. Yet Mercury could also come up with some brilliant insights, especially as it conjoins the Sun today bringing important information to light.  Combined with Pluto’s natural depth analysis and Saturn’s wisdom, we have a recipe for profound realisations. Whether we want to know the truth might be a different matter but still, there are certain truths arising from this eclipse.

click to enlargee

Taking these lunar oppositions one by one, what we think (Mercury) and feel (the Moon) are two different things. We feel denied, under the thumb of authorities or emotionally low with Saturn. The opposition with Ceres could feel like lack of abundance, feeling uncared for, hungry/hangry! Separation anxiety triggers needy reactions. Finally, the presence of Pluto is horror, pressure, the terror of things spinning out of control. We’re inclined to obsess and react without thinking, triggered by unconscious patterns.

On top of these aspects, there is also a tight sesquiquadrate to warrior Mars so part of us is gunning to take action, to MAKE it stop, to MAKE it better. Mars is fast and furious and isn’t looking where he’s going. Let’s throw in a square to Juno shall we, over there in peacemaker Libra? This is a suggestion that we need to review agreements, embrace diplomacy but whether that will be heard under all the noise of the rest of the planets is anyone’s guess.

And if that wasn’t enough, Uranus is about to go direct around 6 hours after the eclipse. Its stationary status gives an unpredictable edge and a whole bag of ‘expect the unexpected’.

It feels overwhelming so how about we consider the most positive potential of these patterns? We can see this as a significant opportunity to clear the way ahead if we dare to confront our demons (Pluto). It’s about reframing and considering, what can I learn from this? The confrontations with Saturn and Pluto push us to change habitual patterns of response. We need to let go of what isn’t in our control and take responsibility (Saturn) for what is. It’s about attending to matters at home without abdicating our outer world responsibilities. It’s about finding a good work/life balance. It’s about dealing with problems in an adult way rather than sinking into a bad mood because life isn’t going our way. It’s about giving love and support to each other so that we can deal with our fears together rather than alone.

You are not alone.

You are NOT alone.

Uranus stationing tells us that something important within is awakening. What occurs around this time is part of what will free us from whatever has been holding us back.

The Moon is also trine to Neptune, the one release point amongst these tense aspects. This tells us that right now we need to look beyond the mundane and see with our soul’s eyes. Intuition, imagination, art, prayer, music, rest, meditation, voluntary work, helping those who cannot help themselves – all these are activities that can help us make sense of the complex energies at play. As Neptune is also the planet associated with all that is holy, it brings with it a sense of quiet spiritual presence watching over us. We are all connected by an invisible thread so what we put out affects us all. It’s important that we find a place of peace within and send out unconditional love.

The Sabian symbol of the Lunar Eclipse is :-

A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance

This symbol brings up the idea of being heard. The Moon in Cancer would rather have a quiet word behind closed doors but now isn’t the time to hide our voices. We need to clarify our message and then project it loud and clear. The virtuosity of the opera singer in this symbol also tells us that to give our best performance in life, it takes work. With all this powerful Capricorn energy in the skies currently, we can’t shirk our duties, tasks or responsibilities both at home and at work. Still, the more we apply ourselves, the more we can achieve. This eclipse is a cosmic tune up and a wake-up call. Stay on the high side.

Painting – ‘Wolf Dog’ by Jamie Wyeth

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January 13, 2020 a Sun-Pluto-Saturn Sort of Day

January 6, 2020: Below is my messy rendition of two horoscopes, both set for a significant day, January 13, 2020, when the Sun shines directly upon Pluto @22Cap48 at 8:21 am est (documents received: Mercury-ASC), then upon Saturn @22Cap53 at 10:15 am est (pretense and deception: Neptune-ASC). Perhaps this represents a foreshadowing of things to come. Charts are set for Washington DC, mundane Sun