Gemini October 2019 Horoscope

Play & New Love

It’s important this month to remember that this is Libra season, even if your ruling planet, Mercury, only dips its toe in Libra up until the 3rd. Libra is an air sign, the same element as your star sign, Gemini. You need people in your life and all air signs require activities or work that stimulate your lively mind.

Plus, Libra rules a great sector of your horoscope. It’s about play rather than work and the things you enjoy doing, the people you enjoy being with. This includes lovers as well as children, creative projects, entertainment and social activities.

There’s a lucky vibe to Libra, a time when you want to maximise your potential and believe that anything’s possible.

Even though your planet Mercury dives out of Libra early this month, the Sun is here until the 23rd and action planet, Mars, enters Libra on the 4th where it remains until mid-November.

Make the most of this and ensure you have a healthy work/life balance and you prioritise the good things in life, whatever makes you happy.

Plus, if you are in love or looking for love, Libra season can be wonderfully romantic for you. Venus, the planet of love and relating, is in Libra until the 8th.

Mars rules passion and the Sun in Libra teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius and your relationship sector on the 13th, the day of the Full Moon.

Put all this together and there’s potential for passion, love and romance in your horoscope. Here too, you’re wise to channel your energy and focus and make the most of your 1-to-1’s.

Money Decisions

You do still need to keep a close eye on money matters this month – key dates are the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 14th and 27th. This is perhaps nothing new as you have the tough planets, Saturn and Pluto, currently moving through Capricorn and your joint finance sector.

This month could feel intense if you’re dealing with a money issue, because Pluto turns direct on the 3rd and rarely moves at all throughout October. In fact, it remains at 20 degrees Capricorn. Ideally, try to remove yourself from any situation where other people have control of your money.

Also, be realistic when it comes to your own outgoings or expenses. If you recognise a drain on your finances, perhaps because of a loan or wanting to help out someone close, be vigilant.

Decide whether saying No is actually the best medicine. Certainly, this isn’t a good month to ignore a debt situation or keep paying out a regular amount of money that’s not bringing a good investment.

It’s the Full Moon which is pivotal in this respect on the 13th as Pluto is caught up in the emotional charge. During the Full Moon, emotions run high but you often see your situation clearly. Put firm boundaries in place around money and/or choose to work hard.

Work Goals

Work is a key feature of the month ahead because of what’s happening with your planet, Mercury. Mercury enters Scorpio and one of the work sectors of your horoscope on the 3rd and it won’t leave this sector until December 9th.

Immediately, this tells you that Mercury is about to enter its next retrograde phase. On October 31st, Mercury switches direction and remains retrograde or on go slow until November 20th.

Therefore, when it comes to your work, your lifestyle and health, crack on with new plans and put new habits in place sooner rather than later.

Once Mercury is retrograde, you can find that your plans change suddenly and it’s not the ideal time to start anything new. The other planets moving through Scorpio this month are:

  • Venus (love & relating) from the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) from the 23rd.

Changing Direction

Plus, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th, only a few days before Mercury’s change of direction. This New Moon is lively as it falls close to a Mercury/Venus conjunction on the 30th. And, Uranus opposes the Sun on the day of the New Moon.

This means choose your alliances, your allies carefully. Team work is essential in your working life in the month ahead, also getting the right team on your side to boost your health or fitness. Uranus in Taurus can bring the unexpected.

Therefore, there may be events which take place that make you feel the Mercury retrograde phase is kicking in early. Uranus is a key signature on the 7th and 12th as well as the 28th.

For some of you, this could mean a change of job or a realisation that it’s time to do things differently. If work or a lack of work is proving stressful, focus on your well-being and take good care of yourself. Learn to delegate well and lean on a partner, whether personal or professional.

Hard Work Brings Reward

Work and money are linked in your horoscope and you could realise that a period of hard work will help you out of a tight financial spot. If you know that getting your head down for a couple of months ticks a lot of boxes, then do i.

At its best Mercury in Scorpio helps you to focus, concentrate and get on with the job at hand. You might be busy but raking it in financially – one good reason to prioritise work and boost your reputation or status in the process.

If you’re a Gemini with a plan, October’s a great month to set your plan in action, especially if the results will prove successful for your health, fitness, work or routine.

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Taurus October 2019 Horoscope

Balance The Scales

Libra is the star sign representing balance and weighing things up. The key to the Libra scales is to remember that it’s a constant balancing act rather than finding a permanent state of equilibrium. This is important for you because of the strong emphasis on Libra throughout the coming month.

Your planet, Venus, is here until the 8th and other key planets are dancing in Libra’s star sign too:

  • Mercury (communication) until the 3rd
  • The Sun (essence, ego) until the 23rd
  • Mars (action/drive) from the 4th

Libra rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s about the basics of life and doing whatever’s needed to feel well in your mind, body and spirit. If the work/life balance is out in any way, start to recalibrate those scales as soon as October begins.

Dreams & Big Life Goals

Some of you may have some big choices to make this month around travel or study. This is because the slower-moving planets, Saturn and Pluto, are in Capricorn and this sector of your horoscope.

Plus, Pluto turns direct on the 3rd, two days after it squares your planet, Venus, in Libra. Therefore, Pluto’s energy is intense as it never moves away from 20 degrees Capricorn throughout October.

You may be weighing up what you can and can’t do this month or be considering your plans for the year ahead. Try not to slip into impossibility if things aren’t working out, whether work is busy or the opposite and you’re out of work, or you need to prioritise your health.

Do what you must for now but know too that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn early December. With Jupiter in this sector of your horoscope for the following year, some of your big plans and dreams will come true.

Full Moon Vibes

The Full Moon on the 13th is the peak of the Libra star sign energy as it pulls in power planet, Pluto. It may be a super-busy weekend for you. Or perhaps, you recognise that you’re feeling worn out and you need to rest.

Ideally, focus on your life in the here and now and take one day at time. Do the best you can with what you have and prioritise your well-being.

Plus, you do have lucky Jupiter on your side during the Full Moon. Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector.

Play your cards right and you could do well financially, whether via a property move or a savvy work decision. Let go of what’s not working out and reorient your compass mid-month.

Sex & Relationships

On the 8th, your planet Venus changes star sign and dives deep into Scorpio and your relationship sector. This is a peak month of the year for your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional.

Venus in Scorpio is seductive and passionate and can enjoy becoming embroiled in a ‘dangerous liaison’. If you’re hoping to improve your sex life, crack on while Venus is doing her stuff in sexy Scorpio until the end of the month.

Also, talk planet, Mercury, is in Scorpio from the 3rd. Expect soul-mate connections, intense self-analysis and a deep understanding and insight into other people’s behaviour.

This Mercury wants to get to the bottom of things and explore personal connections to the full. It’s an ideal month for detective work, counselling & therapy, solving mysteries and puzzles.

Notice who comes into your life this month, especially someone persuasive or charismatic. Mars is your partner planet in Libra from the 4th onwards.

Mars and Venus, the lovers of the heavens, are in mutual reception, which means they are in each other’s sign of rulership; Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra. Ideally, this is about finding the person you can work with, the person whose skills or talents complement your own.

It could indicate a passionate romance or a new partnership situation that helps and supports you. Finding the right health expert, for example. Or a personal trainer or accountant, even an undertaker if one is called for.

In fact, it’s through other people that you can find the solutions to some issues or problems that arise. Get the right person on your team and you can not only network further and wider but find a way to tick off a travel or study plan. This peaks for you from the 20th to the 25th of the month, when your planet Venus has support from other key planets.

Also, the New Moon in Scorpio is intriguing for you on the 28th because Mercury and Venus unite in Scorpio on the 30th. This could definitely be a peak period for love and/or partnership.

Anything Goes

However, this is also a month when you might discover more about Uranus’ transit through your star sign, Taurus. This is especially true for you if your birthday falls on April 24th or 25th. Uranus is in action this month on the 7th, 12th and 28th, the day of the New Moon.

Uranus craves freedom whereas Scorpio likes to connect on a deep level meaning that opposing forces kick in. This would be an ideal month to break free from a toxic relationship or a partnership that’s overly weighted towards power and control.

It suggests excitement in relationships too and being willing to explore unknown territory. There’s always an ‘anything goes’ theme when Uranus is strong.

Mercury’s Role

Finally, it’s important to note that Mercury turns retrograde on the last day of October, Halloween. The talk planet remains on go slow from October 31st until November 20th. This is when relationships could take a shady turn or dive deeper into the realm of unknowingness.

It’s hard to know your own feelings let alone what someone feels when Mercury’s in retreat in Scorpio’s deep emotional realms. Get your 1-to-1’s clear before then and ask those all important questions sooner rather than later.

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Aries October 2019 Horoscope

Work Your Relationships

Your ruling planet, Mars, enters Libra on the 4th, the sign of relating. Mars remains here until November 19th. Straightaway, you know that this month’s success lies in the power of your relationships, your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. Other planets in Libra:

  • Mercury (communication) until the 3rd
  • Venus (love & relating) until the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) until the 23rd

Your planet Mars isn’t relaxed in Libra, however, because you can’t do things your way and you can’t get ahead as fast as you would like. You have to take other people’s needs into account or rely on other people more than usual.

In some cases, you will positively enjoy handing over the reins of life, encouraging or allowing someone else to take the lead or take responsibility for a situation. While Mars is in Libra, aim for more equality in a relationship and find the right people in your life whom you can partner with.

Mars in Libra is the peace lover. This is a great Mars for fighting for equality or justice out in the world in a non-violent way.

Redefining Roles

Relationships are definitely intriguing this month. On the 8th, your partner planet, Venus, enters Scorpio where it remains until the end of the month.

This means that Venus is in Mars’ sign of rulership, Scorpio, and Mars is in Venus’ sign of rulership, Libra. This is called mutual reception in astrology and it means that each planet is strengthened when it works with the other.

Consider what this means in your life? Are you and a partner swapping roles in some way? Are you noticing where your strengths lie and how you can step in to support each other in new and different ways.

For example, one of you may be playing a supportive role financially as Scorpio rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope.

If you’re looking for love, choose someone different from your usual type. Think about the male-female balance and look for a man who’s in touch with their feminine nature or a woman who’s in touch with their masculine side.

Redefine what gender means to you. Consider your sexuality and what brings you pleasure. Throw yourself in to love, be open-minded and connect with another person on a deep or soul-mate level.

A Powerful Full Moon

Relationships peak around the Full Moon which falls in your star sign, Aries. The Full moon takes place on the 13th and this is a powerful Full Moon thanks to its interaction with the planet Pluto, Scorpio’s co-ruler.

Feelings and emotions are likely to be intense mid-month when the Full Moon peaks. A relationship situation could be turned on its head, whether you’re the one cutting ties or someone else acts decisively.

If you’re losing sight of who you are in a close relationship, it’s during the Full Moon in your star sign, Aries, when you can regain control or power in some way.

Savvy Money Moves

Scorpio season kicks in early this month as talk planet Mercury dives deep into the star sign which rules the psyche and all things hidden on the 3rd. Other planets in Scorpio:

  • Venus (love & relating) from the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) from the 23rd

Therefore, this is your cue to turn your attention to your finances. Scorpio rules all money transactions, such as inheritance, savings & debt, taxes, alimony, investments, payments, etc.

This month, you may start to discover what Uranus in Taurus and your personal money sector means for you. Uranus is in action on the 7th, 12th and 28th.

Uranus brings change and craves freedom. You might choose to cut some of your regular payments this month or look for alternative ways to earn money, perhaps on-line.

This isn’t the month to take a big financial risk. In fact, you’re wise to be cash savvy. Focus on your long-term future and goals instead. Continue to aim high and work smart.

In two months time, lucky Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn starting a 12 month period when your career or vocation can peak. Focus now on ways whereby you can earn well or secure your financial future.

And, if you have a surplus money, thanks to an inheritance, gift or bonus, invest it wisely. Uranus is linked to the collective and you may start to see the potential of your money and how you can make a difference out in the world.

Whatever your current plans with regard to money, finances and security, crack on in the first half of October. This is because communication planet, Mercury, will be retrograde in Scorpio from October 31st until November 20th.

Traditionally, this is not the time to make major investments or sign or seal an important contract. Instead, aim to wrap things up on or around the Full Moon.

Long-Term Goals

There will be times when work feels overly intense this month. Power planet, Pluto, turns direct on the 3rd and never moves away from 20 degrees of Capricorn. The Full Moon could be pivotal for your working life and a lot depends on the actions of a third party, a boss or business partner.

Also, your planet Mars squares up to Saturn in Capricorn on the 27th. So, some of you will be working resiliently and determinedly throughout October. It’s a good month to have a goal and be motivated by money and status. Team up with the right people and you can go far.

The New Moon takes place in Scorpio on the 28th, three days before Mercury switches direction on the 31st. Uranus is involved once again so there’s an unpredictable vibe around money. Yet, if you play your cards right, you could set yourself up nicely.

Again, the key is to use your connections or contacts. Or perhaps, your other half strikes it luck. All in all, October is a top month to focus on love and relationships, the right kind of partnerships and savvy money moves.

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October 2019 Astrology Forecast

This is an intense month with plenty of Pluto/Scorpio energy prevailing. Pluto stations direct on October 3 after a five-month retrograde period. Pluto represents regeneration, transformation, truth, power, control, fear, so these issues become more acute during this time. Pluto often applies pressure to force us to face our demons so the best thing we can do is to look directly into the eyes of our shadow self. The more willing we are to deal with our demons, the greater our potential for profound change. Mercury’s entry into Pluto ruled Scorpio also on October 3 should help us to mentally tune into this transit. Under this influence we become more perceptive; more willing to think the unthinkable; more able to express deep emotions.

Mars enters Libra on October 4 where it will remain until November 19. As Libra is opposite to Mars’s ruling sign Aries, this is considered a difficult placement – technically said to be in detriment. And we can see why, after all, Mars is gung-ho, not concerned with social niceties, plays it to win and wants to be first. Libra is all about cooperation, being polite, thinking of others and compromise. Working at its best, Mars in Libra is motivated to find a win-win situation for all. During this transit we can make allies if we let go of competitiveness. At its worst, this transit can manifest as playing nice to get our own way – an iron fist in a velvet glove so to speak. Positively however, this is the perfect time to stand up and be heard when it comes to issues of equality and fairness. If relationships are free of conflict, this transit can also see some displays of passion – even if cooled somewhat by Libra’s elegant air.

On October 5, we have the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn squaring the Sun in Libra. As the Moon is also conjunct the South Node and Saturn, we may feel stuck, inclined to put up walls or aware of our limitations. We need to take care that our perceived problems don’t get in the way of our relationships.

Venus enters Scorpio on October 8 and as Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars in still in Libra, the cosmic couple are now in mutual reception. Both planets are in signs that they find naturally difficult but there’s a line of communication between them that eases the tension. It’s like staying at your neighbour’s house and not knowing how to work the TV remote. Instead of getting frustrated, all you need to do is get them on the phone. Venus and Mars can ease each other’s troubles by always being on call for one another during this time. If we feel frustrated, we need to drop into our hearts and be honest with ourselves. If we feel envious or jealous, we need to put our energies into finding our balance and forging better relationships with others. Generally, Venus in Scorpio has the potential to deepen our relationships and increase intimacy – as long as we avoid power games and manipulation to get our way.

We may feel more vulnerable than we would like when Mars opposes Chiron on October 9. Our inner warrior could feel wounded or our courage is lacking. We could also feel worn down by having to balance our wants and desires with those of other people. This challenge increases in intensity as we reach the Full Moon in Aries on October 13. We need to make a decision or come to a conclusion and our emotions are on a hair trigger – not least because the Full Moon is tightly square Pluto. We must face those fears and get to the core truth. The trine from the Moon to Jupiter however promises that despite intense pressure, there is potential for beneficial developments around this time, particularly if we’ve been feeling uninspired. Note that Mercury has now moved into the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde. Some conversations we are having now may need to be reviewed, rethought or talked over again.

October 21 is the next turn of the lunar cycle as we have the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on this date. The Moon is widely opposite Pluto so yes the same issues continue to reverberate. The Moon in Cancer may want to retreat but the Sun in Libra tries to keep us engaged. We can’t stop talking to one another, can’t stop caring, even if the issues we face are scary. As if he’s heard us, Mars then squares the Nodal axis, also on October 21. This tells us that we must be brave because the actions we take now are connected with the evolution of the soul. We can’t stay stuck in the past. We must move forwards. Sometimes we have to lead by example.

The Sun then enters Scorpio on October 23. It’s the light in the dark; the illumination of all the stuff we normally try to hide away. What is in the spotlight now is the need for change, closure, endings. Issues of personal power come up during this period. We are more powerful when we have nothing to hide. Expose your secrets.

Mars square Saturn brings us up short on October 27. Expect roadworks, blocks, the boss being in a bad mood, feeling frustrated that you can’t do what you want to do. The greatest trouble we have when these two get together is that we keep pushing until something breaks. Patience is key! Still, this transit can be extremely useful for learning the art of fortitude. Hard work is the best way we can channel any frustration that arises.

The end of the month sees the New Moon in Scorpio on October 28 directly opposite Uranus in Taurus. New starts around this time may be characterised by unexpected events or sudden awakening. Fixed sign Scorpio doesn’t much care for things being unpredictable though as it likes to keep everything under tight control. We may feel uncomfortable but with Uranus involved, we could receive radical new insight that changes our perspective. All that said, Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio on October 31 suggesting that we need to look more deeply at our fears and explore our unconscious motivations. It’s perfect for Halloween which is naturally a time when we playfully expose our deepest fears of death and inner darkness. Mercury however isn’t playing. Mercury wants us to really think about this stuff. Yes, it’s deep but it’s time for an emotional clear out.

Painting – ‘Ships in the stillness of the night’ by Ivan Aivazovsky


01-Oct-19 Venus square Pluto 05:17:41 BST 20°Li38′ D 20°Cp38′ R
01-Oct-19 Neptune opposite Juno 13:07:56 BST 16°Pi44′ R 16°Vi44′ D
01-Oct-19 Saturn sextile Pallas 13:51:42 BST 14°Cp03′ D 14°Sc03′ D
03-Oct-19 Pluto stations Direct 07:38:56 BST 20°Cp38′ D
03-Oct-19 Mercury enters Scorpio 09:14:08 BST 00°Sc00′ D 00°Sc00′ D
04-Oct-19 Mars enters Libra 05:21:53 BST 00°Li00′ D 00°Li00′ D
05-Oct-19 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 17:46:59 BST 12°Cp09′ D 12°Li09′ D
06-Oct-19 Sun square North Node 19:28:50 BST 13°Li12′ D 13°Cn12′ R
07-Oct-19 Jupiter square Juno 03:59:54 BST 19°Sg03′ D 19°Vi03′ D
07-Oct-19 Mercury opposite Uranus 07:16:53 BST 05°Sc26′ D 05°Ta26′ R
07-Oct-19 Neptune trine Pallas 17:56:46 BST 16°Pi35′ R 16°Sc35′ D
07-Oct-19 Sun square Saturn 20:06:49 BST 14°Li13′ D 14°Cp13′ D
08-Oct-19 Venus enters Scorpio 18:05:49 BST 00°Sc00′ D 00°Sc00′ D
09-Oct-19 Mars opposite Chiron 01:33:13 BST 03°Li07′ D 03°Ar07′ R
09-Oct-19 Neptune square Ceres 03:24:41 BST 16°Pi33′ R 16°Sg33′ D
10-Oct-19 Sun sextile Ceres 17:31:13 BST 17°Li04′ D 17°Sg04′ D
11-Oct-19 Pluto trine Juno 01:18:44 BST 20°Cp38′ D 20°Vi38′ D
12-Oct-19 Mercury trine North Node 16:49:06 BST 12°Sc28′ D 12°Cn28′ R
12-Oct-19 Venus opposite Uranus 23:06:41 BST 05°Sc13′ D 05°Ta13′ R
13-Oct-19 Sun sextile Jupiter 19:01:32 BST 20°Li06′ D 20°Sg06′ D
13-Oct-19 Full Moon in Aries 22:07:45 BST 20°Ar13′ D 20°Li13′ D
14-Oct-19 Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus 06:25:32 BST 20°Sg10′ D 05°Ta10′ R
14-Oct-19 Mercury sextile Saturn 07:55:54 BST 14°Sc27′ D 14°Cp27′ D
14-Oct-19 Sun square Pluto 08:37:42 BST 20°Li39′ D 20°Cp39′ D
15-Oct-19 Mercury trine Neptune 23:44:25 BST 16°Sc24′ D 16°Pi24′ R
17-Oct-19 Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto 06:44:32 BST 20°Sg40′ D 20°Cp40′ D
17-Oct-19 Pluto sextile Pallas 13:25:30 BST 20°Cp41′ D 20°Sc41′ D
17-Oct-19 Venus trine North Node 23:50:07 BST 11°Sc28′ D 11°Cn28′ R
19-Oct-19 Mercury sextile Pluto 23:20:53 BST 20°Sc42′ D 20°Cp42′ D
20-Oct-19 Venus sextile Saturn 14:58:19 BST 14°Sc45′ D 14°Cp45′ D
21-Oct-19 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 13:39:11 BST 27°Cn48′ D 27°Li48′ D
21-Oct-19 Mercury conjunct Pallas 20:25:32 BST 22°Sc29′ D 22°Sc29′ D
21-Oct-19 Venus trine Neptune 20:39:47 BST 16°Sc17′ D 16°Pi17′ R
21-Oct-19 Mars square North Node 21:18:01 BST 11°Li24′ D 11°Cn24′ R
23-Oct-19 Sun enters Scorpio 18:19:37 BST 00°Sc00′ D 00°Sc00′ D
24-Oct-19 Mercury opposite Vesta 02:45:41 BST 24°Sc23′ D 24°Ta23′ R
25-Oct-19 Venus sextile Pluto 10:52:16 BST 20°Sc45′ D 20°Cp45′ D
25-Oct-19 Jupiter conjunct Ceres 18:32:02 BST 22°Sg10′ D 22°Sg10′ D
27-Oct-19 Mars square Saturn 14:30:44 UT 15°Li08′ D 15°Cp08′ D
27-Oct-19 Venus opposite Vesta 16:47:00 UT 23°Sc35′ D 23°Ta35′ R
28-Oct-19 New Moon in Scorpio 03:38:21 UT 04°Sc25′ D 04°Sc25′ D
28-Oct-19 Sun opposite Uranus 08:15:09 UT 04°Sc36′ D 04°Ta36′ R
29-Oct-19 Venus conjunct Pallas 09:37:43 UT 25°Sc42′ D 25°Sc42′ D
30-Oct-19 Mercury conjunct Venus 22:04:56 UT 27°Sc36′ D 27°Sc36′ D
31-Oct-19 Mercury stations Retrograde 15:41:20 UT 27°Sc38′ R
31-Oct-19 Venus sextile Juno 21:18:31 UT 28°Sc48′ D 28°Vi48′ D

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Top Tips For The New Moon In Libra

NEW MOON [05 Libra 20]

September 28, 2019 (19:26 GMT+1)

This weekend, there’s a theme of new beginnings as the lunar cycle starts over. Today, Saturday 28th September, there’s a New Moon in the sign of relationships, Libra. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this important symbol of new beginnings.

1. Set your intentions for the month ahead. Write them down, say them out loud.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky over the next couple of nights. When you first catch a glimpse, make your wish as New Moon wishes can come true.

3. Write an abundance cheque. You can do this with any cheque. Write your name where it says ‘payee’, add how much you want to receive, choose any figure you like, the more abundant the better and sign it ‘with love from the universe’. Tuck it away and wait and see what manifests by the time of the Full Moon two weeks later.

4. Give love and ask for love. Libra is the sign of relationships and favours relationships that are equal and fair. Be open to love at the New Moon, forgive someone close to you, practise kindness and generosity and ask for the same in return. Turn over a new page in a close relationship.

5. Find balance. Libra is the sign of the scales and represents peace and harmony. Life can feel like a constant balancing act, so this weekend decide what it is you need so you can find balance within yourself. This will be personal to your situation, whether you need time alone or to be around people, you want to catch up on sleep, exercise, eat well or you’re ready to play more and work less. Your choice.

6. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and only a few hours after the New Moon, there’s a stunning Venus-Jupiter sextile aspect. Venus is in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter expands what it touches so this feels promising for love. Plus, there’s a foreign theme – maybe you’re thinking of someone who lives abroad or you’ve fallen for someone from a different culture or background.

7. The Venus-Jupiter vibe isn’t only about love on a personal level. It can represent your love for a country or place or finding love with yourself and beyond yourself. When you recognise love in everything, your life feels blessed. Love is such a powerful force that unites people and available to you any time you choose.

Mumford & Sons

“Sigh No More”

Here are the areas of your life where this New Moon falls. Read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign if you know it – set your intentions and be pro-active:

Libra – 1st house – personal goals/aims, physical body, image & self-perception
Scorpio – 12th house – sacrifice, inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
Sagittarius – 11th house – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
Capricorn – 10th house – career & vocation, status & reputation, authority, future goals
Aquarius – 9th house – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
Pisces – 8th house – joint finances & shared resources, taboos, all things hidden & mysterious
Aries – 7th house – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
Taurus – 6th house – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
Gemini – 5th house – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
Cancer – 4th house – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
Leo – 3rd house – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
Virgo – 2nd house – money & possessions, values & self-worth

The world needs love – Happy New Moon In Libra

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New Moon in Libra, September 28, 2019

As much as Libra prefers to keep things pleasant, this New Moon at 05° 20′ Libra on 28 September 2019, 11:27 AM PDT, is more likely to end up on the contentious side. When pressed this ordinarily peace loving cardinal air sign can be tough indeed.

All the Libra planets are under pressure on this lunation. The Libra Sun and Moon are both exactly inconjunct unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, Mercury squares Pluto in Capricorn and poor Venus, Libra’s ruler, catches the most heat. She squares both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and is exactly inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. The Jupiter-Venus sextile will help with maintaining a positive attitude, essential for finding win-win solutions.

Neither Libra nor Taurus is a fan of unexpected changes in plans; it makes them cranky and uncooperative. Unfortunately unexpected changes are Uranus’s specialty. Please remember to ask well beforehand whether or not your significant other is interested in going along with your plans. Telling them at the last minute is a bad idea, OK? This pertains to finances as well as social events.

The expression ‘the truth will out’ is very appropriate for the Mercury-Pluto square. Mercury in Libra is very interested in equity and justice while Pluto is noted for uncovering the hidden information the powers that be went to a lot of trouble to bury. This is not the best time to be keeping secrets from your nearest and dearest either.

Even though the Jupiter-Neptune square is gradually waning, it still is busy causing trouble . . . this time through Venus in Libra. The need to be up front and honest in love and money matters is always a good idea but even more so at this time. Here again we have Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn weighing in demanding all parties play by the rules. If they don’t, the consequences are not going to be pretty.

Nip any hint of expectations in the bud, especially when it comes to relationships. Keep in mind behind that sweet, dimpled Libra smile is a hard headed negotiator who is not going to settle for second best. Prenuptial agreements were probably started by a Libra lawyer who had his/her client’s best interests in mind. Libra loves romance as much as the next person but not at his/her financial and emotional expense.

There is no better time than this New Moon in Libra to put our best foot forward in all our one-on-one relationships. We need to practice tact, honesty and fairness. The cardinal emphasis encourages a proactive approach and we finally have enough planets in air to think things through objectively. Some may come to the realization their relationships are no longer meeting their needs and decide to end them. After all, the best new beginnings start with a good, deep, housecleaning. Always be kind and patient! Peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mistress of the Night © Yana Dhyana