Uranus Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Uranus square Midheaven natal makes you fiercely independent, sometime to your own disadvantage. Rebellious under restraint, you needed supportive parents to give you a certain amount of freedom while guiding you gently in a way that helped you express your unique and perhaps egocentric ways. Your early home life may have been unstable. Perhaps your […]

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Harry Potter Turns 20

By which, I mean the movie franchise, which celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of its first film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, on 16 November.  Harry Potter the book series began publication four years earlier, and Harry Potter the character has been given a birthdate of 28 July 1980 by his creator, J.K. Rowling.  Rowling herself was born on that date, fifteen years before, giving her a strong identification with the character that made her famous, beloved, and incredibly rich.


Rowling’s is a rags-to-riches story unlike any other.  From the time the idea for Harry Potter emerged full-blown into her psyche during a four-hour train delay in 1990 until the completion of the first book in 1995, Rowling married, had a child, suffered domestic abuse, divorced, lost her mother, went on welfare, and moved three times.  Her agent received 12 rejections while shopping the property, until a small publishing company agreed to an initial print run of just a thousand copies in 1997, half of which were sent to libraries.

A year later, Scholastic Books bought the US publishing rights for what seemed a staggering $105,000.  Two years after that, the fourth in the series, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, sold three million copies in the US within 48 hours of publication.  Forbes magazine would shortly name her the first billionaire author, as the Harry Potter books became the best-selling series of all time, with more than 500 million copies purchased globally.  The movie franchise doesn’t lag far behind – with an estimated box office take of $9 billion, it’s the third-highest grossing film series to date.

JKR rowling
Born Joanne Rowling, the best-selling author adopted the middle name Kathleen for the purpose of using initials as her pen name; asteroid Jo-Ann squares the Sun, while Kathleen conjoins the Moon

J. K. Rowling was born Joanne Rowling, with no middle name at all, on 31 July 1965 (no verified time available, but a rectified chart for 9:10 PM GDT in Yate, England, yields an Ascendant of 15 Aquarius and a Rodden Rating of C).  Asteroid Jo-Ann (for Joanne) at 4 Taurus squares the 8 Leo Sun, a common connection for one’s own PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) to make.  Asteroid Rowling was named years later in her honor, and falls at 27 Capricorn in the birth chart, trine the 25 Virgo Moon, just wide of opposition to the Sun.

Rowling’s publisher, anticipating resistance to a female author on the part of the pubescent boys who were assumed to be her prime audience, suggested using initials as her penname, and she chose Kathleen as her middle name, after her paternal grandmother.  Astoundingly, asteroid Kathleen appears at 29 Virgo, conjunct the Moon.  Though perhaps not so astoundingly, since the Moon also represents female relatives, so Grandma Kathleen was right at home there already.

Stationary points convey outsized importance in a life, becoming significant elements of character or biography.  Rowling has two points at station – asteroid Potter at 14 Sagittarius, and asteroid Albis (phonetic match for Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore) at 16 Sagittarius.  That these points should become so pivotal to Rowling’s story is only natural, but an amazing example of cosmic synchronicity nonetheless.  Both asteroids are returning to direct motion, with Potter changing direction at that degree a week after her birth, and Albis just four days later, making these embedded factors in Rowling’s psyche.

JKR harry albus
Harry Potter and his mentor, Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, had many adventures together; in Rowling’s birth chart, asteroids Potter and Albis are conjunct, both at station, and in a Grand Cross with celebrity and fame magnet Jupiter, career-oriented Saturn, and transformative Pluto, which rules vast wealth

She chose the name Potter well – it’s at the fulcrum of a T-Square with Saturn, ruling career, at 16 Sagittarius, and Pluto, ruling total transformation, at 14 Virgo.  Pluto is also a financial planet, ruling the billions, and certainly the surname Potter has been productive of quite a bit of that.  In addition to the direct revenue from book sales and movie box office, an astounding range of “Potterbilia” merchandize has been produced, not to mention a theme park tie-in at Universal Parks & Resorts in Orlando.  Jupiter at 22 Gemini, a planet ruling fame and good fortune (and another fiscal heavy-hitter, ruling the millions) creates a Grand Cross of this pattern.  And if the rectification of her birthtime is valid, this puts Potter on the 10 Sagittarius Midheaven, ruling career, status and reputation.

When “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, the first book of the series (title changed to “Sorcerer’s Stone” for the American edition) was published on 26 June 1997, asteroid Jo-Ann at 11 Cancer conjoined both the highlighting Sun and writer-ruling Mercury, at 4 and 5 Cancer, with asteroid Rowling opposing from 5 Capricorn, and asteroid Potter with energizing Mars in T-Square from 4 and 3 Libra.  You can’t get much better than that, but the icing on this cosmic cake is asteroid Fantasia, representing the book’s fantasy genre, forming a Grand Cross from 2 Aries.

JKR HPSS cover
When the first book of the series, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone“, was published, asteroid Jo-Ann joined the highlighting Sun and writer-ruling Mercury, in a Grand Cross with asteroids Rowling (named for her), Potter, and Fantasia, defining the book’s genre as fantasy

Also in effect, a T-Square with asteroid Fortuna at 6 Pisces on the fulcrum, squared Kathleen at 9 Gemini opposed Pluto at 3 Sagittarius.  Fortuna is named for the Roman goddess of chance, regarded as the bringer of prosperity and increase, and the root of our word “fortune”.  Pluto, again, relates to billions, and recall that Rowling adopted the name Kathleen specifically for the purpose of marketing this book.  Her natal Fortuna at 6 Libra (which conjoins natal Kathleen, by the way) was hit off by the Grand Cross described above, doubling down on the theme of fortune and success.

The hugely transformative role the series would play in Rowling’s life is confirmed at the premiere of the film version of her first book, on 14 November 2001, the twentieth anniversary of which prompted this article.  Asteroid Jo-Ann at 11 Virgo now opposes Kathleen at 8 Pisces, in a Grand Cross with Saturn at 12 Gemini opposing Pluto at 14 Sagittarius with asteroid Rowling at 12 Sagittarius.  This combination affirms the vast wealth (Pluto) accrued by Rowling’s (Jo-Ann, Kathleen, Rowling) career success (Saturn), as well as the longevity (also Saturn) of the work, just as popular today as at its inception, with the movies seemingly run on an endless loop on several cable networks.

JKR HPSS movie
When the film version of the first movie premiered, asteroid Potter repeated its natal pattern of squaring Saturn and Pluto, with asteroid Rowling now also in the mix, conjunct Pluto, with the franchise pulling in billions at the box office

Asteroid Potter at 16 Leo squares the 24 Scorpio Sun, in a T-Square with Mars and Uranus, at 13 and 21 Aquarius respectively, highlighting (Sun) and energizing (Mars) the movie (Potter) and creating an excited buzz (Uranus) among its loyal (also Sun) fanbase.  Jupiter, bringing fame and celebrity, and Fortuna, granting good fortune and riches, are both at station, exerting prime influence, with Jupiter at 15 Cancer in exact semisquare to Rowling’s natal Mercury at 0 Virgo, ruling writers and their output, and Fortuna at 28 Pisces in trine to the Sun, sesquiquadrate Potter, and opposed Rowling’s natal Moon/Kathleen conjunction.

Actors often display prominent PNA placements of asteroids representing parts which made them famous, won them awards, or with which they became iconically identified.  The tale of J. K. Rowling and her Harry Potter creation shows that the same effect can be seen in authors and their characters, sometimes with incredibly lucrative results.

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Bright New Beginnings: New Moon Solar Eclipse

From Darkness to Light



Solar Eclipses happen when the New Moon passes in front of the face of the sun, from Earth’s perspective. Today’s total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius asks us to enter the portal of time itself,  promising to shift us to  anther level of reality.  Sagittarius always invites us to see the bigger picture, and the aim of this  eclipse is to remove what has been blocking our view.  


 “This eclipse can be considered the final cosmic nudge toward creating a better balance between the need for logic, facts and figures (Gemini)and the need for faith and belief (Sagittarius).The focus is on new beginnings related to our personal interests and philosophy, as well as our worldview.” Cafe Astrology

I would add it will judge us toward true Knowing vs learned knowing.

 The best visibility for this eclipse is from Antarctica and surrounding waters, although some partial phases are visible in regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. It peaks around 7:30  am  in Antartica,  2:30 am EST,  12:30 am MST etc.

Whether you get to see it or just feel it, this is energy that promises  positive outcomes  as long as we are willing to let go of what has been limiting us. On a global scale, the last Total Solar eclipse was the Great American eclipse  on August 17, 2017… whose pathway cut America in half. Interesting to see what has occurred since that time in America, it does seem like the good  ol’ US of A had been seriously divided since that time and the current madness seems linked somehow to that event. There now happens to be a lot of media focus on the areas that this eclipse is moving through… mostly in relation to the politics around Covid, the extreme police measures in Australia and New Zealand, and subsequent massive protests of thousands, while in South Africa we get the  ‘new variants of concern’. In Antartica there is a recent discovery of a huge mysterious structure found deep beneath the ice, and a volcano warning.

Whatever is coming toward us may change the way we see the world and how we fit in it.  Some kind of serous upgrade is available now that can awaken us as and help us break out of the old world view. A powerful feature of this Solar Eclipse  is that it sits very near something called the Greater Attractor, a ‘massive galactic anomaly’  known for “warping time and space while bending light with its massive gravity.

“The enormous gravity of the Great Attractor actually bends light around it. It bends the light so much, that a glimpse of what is behind it can be taken. This quality of gravitational lensing provides clear ‘behind the scenes’ insights, while simultaneously offering other refractive illusions…”

“Another interesting technical note is that when the source of the light and its center of mass stand aligned, the resulting light display is a cross. This could go many directions symbolically. The obvious would be creating absolute unity at the core – in this case, perhaps we could assume the soul’s essence contained perfectly in the centre of mass of the body all the while including the influence of things coming from every corner of the cross (direction).”
(above quotes and info on the Great Attractor excerpted from a short synopsis of The Soul of the Sky) 

So this eclipse seems to be about seeing what is behind (root causes)  as well as what lies ahead.  So much of the astrology of the least few years has been about  clearing old beliefs. We could use a new, more positive perspective on what is coming forward at this time, and sometimes that includes understanding what led us to where we are now. Watch your dreams for insights into what this may mean for you. Ask for messages. The idea of leaving aside old ways of thinking has been in focus for the past year  and half (nodes in Gemini (thinking) and Sagittarius (believing) and this is the final one in these signs for nine years. It’s not always easy to change our ways. You know when you get a computer upgrade,  sometimes it means that half of your old programs don’t work anymore. That is  literally what is happening to us right now. Everything needs an upgrade to be able to work properly.

The next series of eclipses will be in Taurus/Scorpio,  which are all about the earth, money, security and our physical and psychological survival.  Uranus in Taurus is going to be shaking things up as it moves through the sign, especially when it joins the North Node in Taurus next summer.   Perhaps this eclipse will bring some inner  clarity and help us prepare to deal with the next level of changes.  If you look and see where the eclipse occurs in your chart at 12 degrees Sagittarius you can gain some hints as to the area of your life that may need revisiting and re visioning (click on drop down tab on top left for ‘houses’). It may take some journalling or other form of inner process work to uncover where  limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck.

Some astrologers see this as a harbinger of good luck in whatever area of your chart it is passing.

Whatever happens,  this eclipse creates a powerful energy portal that can transport us to a higher level of  consciousness. The new information or way-of-seeing will definitely push up against our core beliefs and flag any sense of personal certainty or self-righteousness that we hold in relation to established  ‘truths’. That includes political correctness and the social, philosophical or intellectual ideas that we cling to so dearly. All of it must be put to the test if we are to truly be masters of our own destiny. Humility required!

Also inked to the eclipse is Uranus, the Awakener.  ‘Sky god’ Uranus rules the higher mind, and is currently bringing a surge of higher frequency, electromagnetic energy  bursts to awaken and  upgrade us. This high frequency charge added to an eclipse can destabilize and disrupt (that is its purpose);  sleep may be disrupted or we may feel restless or a bit jumpy. Mars is also adding volatility.We need to all stay grounded and try to focus on stillness and meditation over the next few days, or find a good outlet for these intense energies such as walking in nature,  drumming, dancing, or any sort of movement that keeps your energy fluid.  I’m taking part in a shamanic journey tomorrow; this is a time of year when we need more sleep… sleep and dream and vision as you open your heart to new insights and revelations; you know you want to 🙂

The Magician is a Seer and Manifester.   What do you want to create in your future?

As our understanding gets pushed and stretched, there’s a good chance we could be surprised or shocked by what we see, feel, discover over the coming months; remember it is all to bring us to new levels of awareness. These are not easy times… but they really are times of awakening. The old systems are fighting hard to maintain control and  power which is of course  stirring up resistance and rebellion  (Pluto in Capricorn square Eris, Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus).  It is always darkest before the dawn.

Information is easily distorted, manipulated, confusing or downright lies (Neptune), as well as censored, suppressed, denied.  Some believe they are fighting against medical tyranny, others believe it’s all for the greater good. Who to trust ? What to believe? I am personally enjoying Russel Brand’s insightful takes on the current madness. And he’s also hilarious… a bit of levity  goes a long way at the moment!

When in doubt – pray! A New Moon is the time to set clear  intentions: an eclpse even more so. In Sagittarius, ask for clear knowing and  guidance for your next steps. The ultimate Sagittarius goal is to    Find our inner knowing. Seek and ye shall find.

Just a few more things: (so much going on right now!) I could break this up into two posts- or you can just read it in two parts.

New Moon Solar eclipse: Part Two

Neptune is at an exact right angle to this eclipse, which  is a mixed blessing.The planet of dreams and visions, as well as illusion and deception, has been a huge part of the story of the last couple of years; it  can lead us astray or bring us home. This is a time to pay attention to our  dreams and messages use discernment  to decipher their meanings. Develop your intuitive skills… they will stand you in good stead.

Many years ago, in the midst of a personal crisis,  I had a powerful dream. I was in a house flying through the air like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and when it landed sideways on the ground,  I looked out the window, and here is what I saw.  I saw the sun setting on a field of total devastation and destruction. Everything was dead. And then I heard a soft sound like humming, that was humming new Sun into being. As the New Sun begin to rise, I felt a deep sense of both relief and yet also foreboding.  Then, suddenly,  I was in an amphitheater with a wise Yoda like being sitting on the stage speaking to me. Here is what he said.

“The darkness cannot exist. The darkness will go away”

That for me is the message  of  this solar eclipse. Seek the light. Not to deny spiritually bypass what is going on … but to light your way forward.  Trust the light. And pray to god it is not the light of an oncoming train!  (hehe – dark humour for dark times)

There is always hope!

Ok last but not least:
The current themes  started when Saturn Pluto joined up in January of 2020 beginning a time of karmic reckoning. They are the themes of death and denial. Fear and blame. Battles for power and control. Trust and letting go.

Soon Jupiter will move into the sign of Pisces, where it will amplify both the higher and lower aspects of the water sign. In other words,  it can lead to deeper spiritual connection or we could get lost in more confusion/dissolution. Whatever we choose, it will come to a peak when Jupiter joins Neptune on April 14th, 2022.

Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces represents Great Blessing. It is grace, creativity, redemption, spirituality, joy, compassion,  empathy, kindness. Unity Consciousness  prevails.

Jupiter could amplify the worse side of Neptune and continue the waves of  illness and illusion, delusion and  confusion. We may have issues with oceans, water (floods) drugs, escapism,  pharmaceuticals and much much more lies and fake news.

So which will it be? Is it the end? Or just the beginning?


Only the Beginning https://youtu.be/TBDtqz6cgko

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 2021

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon occurs at 07:43 (UT) on December 4, 2021 at 12°Sg22′ .

What a wild 24 hours I have just had. My washing machine smashed its way through its cycle, the drum threatening to burst through the side of the machine, setting my nerves jangling. Then, my freezer died with a sad little ticking sound over the space of a few hours – a deceased compressor. I frantically mopped up water, took food I wouldn’t be able to use to my neighbour, cooked up a ton of thawing veg to make a soup, located a plumber and a man with van to remove my washing machine in the new year. Arranged for a new freezer to be delivered today/tomorrow and mourned my bank balance!

Currently Venus in shadow is joining Pluto. Both are in my 6th house currently which relates not only to health but the service industry and service appliances! My progressed Moon is just making a conjunction to transiting Pluto. Neptune was just stationing direct opposite my natal 2nd house Pluto. Transiting Pluto is just about to make a final square to my natal Mercury – ruler of my 2nd house of money – yes, thanks Pluto *laughs*. Oh and my lovely friend who I am about to spend Christmas with has just broken their wrist – they will be okay but seriously!

So yes, the cosmos is sending some eclipse-y, shadowy vibes my way. I was a little stressed yesterday but better today – especially when my postman delivered an anonymous gift of a beautiful tarot deck. A little sweetness to balance the sour. It all works out in the end and that might well be the theme of this eclipse in many ways. Sagittarius is ever hopeful.

New Moon/eclipse blessings to you all.

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