Emma Kunz: Spiritual Visionary

At the weekend, I was invited to attend the Emma Kunz exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. It was the last day of the exhibition and I was so pleased I got to see these incredible works.

It wasn’t a normal art exhibition, by any means. Instead, Emma’s pencil & crayon drawings felt mathematical with their intricate lines and geometric shapes (see Gallery below). The inherent beauty of her art lies in the complexity of the drawings and the subtle use of colour.

Plus, you don’t view the pictures so much as feel them. Standing up close to some of the works of art, there was a resonance, an inner experience. You could almost sense the pictures changing shape in front of your eyes. You would be drawn outwards to the points at the edge of the art work, then back in to the centre.

This makes sense if you realise these aren’t usual works of art. Emma Kunz was a healer and she would draw these impressive pictures for her patients using a pendulum to create intricate patterns. She wouldn’t stop until a work was finished, sometimes working for hours, even days.

As some of the pictures resonated more than others with me, I did wonder whether they were healing me at the same time. Perhaps, an exact pattern was relevant to my own physiology. I was certainly drawn towards similar themes in her pictures.

Being an astrologer, as soon as I returned home, I wanted to look at her birth chart, the map of the heavens when this amazing woman was born. I found a date of birth for her on the internet which then miraculously disappeared. No time of birth, so a sunrise chart, but the astrology is fitting.

Sun/Neptune/Pluto triple conjunction: What the astrology shows is that Emma Kunz was a communicator, born with the Sun in Gemini. On the day Emma was born, the Sun sat next to a tight Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Gemini. Therefore, not an everyday communicator, but a channel and voice for something deeper & wider.

Emma had super-powerful psychic abilities (Neptune/Pluto conjunct Sun Gemini) that she used to heal other people and develop her relationship with nature and the Divine. People who knew her called her “the visionary among the blind” and “the people’s saint”.

She discovered her skills of telepathy and extra-sensory perception as a child, but it was only after the suicide (Pluto) of her father (Sun) as a teenager that she started to use her gift. And, it wasn’t until her 40’s that she started to produce hundreds of incredible drawings.

Emma kept hardly any notes surrounding her works of art, not wanting to document them. Instead, she would use the drawings as healing tools and talk to her patients about them. She purposely didn’t write things down, nor date the pictures.

This is shown astrologically by the incredible conjunction of Neptune/Pluto next to the Sun in Gemini. This is other-worldly communication, not to be restricted or contained. Also, note the placing of communication planet, Mercury, in her birth chart.

Mercury/Mars/Uranus T-square: Fittingly, Mercury sits in Taurus, the sign representing art and nature, opposite Uranus and in a tight square to Mars. This suggests her need to be impulsive around her art, letting it take its own path, using her voice to create each unique picture for a specific individual.

Emma’s quoted as saying: “Everything happens according to a certain regularity which I sense inside me and which never lets me rest.” The T-square in her birth chart shows this compulsion.

Chiron & The Nodes: Note Chiron too, square to the nodes, karmic points in astrology. Healing was Emma’s destiny and, throughout her lifetime, she used her gifts to help others. Venus in Cancer confirms her kind and caring nature.

Emma was born into a family of weavers and had no formal education, nor attended art school. Yet, the patterns in her art are complex, perhaps a testimony to her weaving family’s DNA.

Pallas in Pisces: You would suspect the asteroid Pallas to be dominant in her birth chart, as it’s linked to patterns. Pallas in Pisces could give a nod to the sign of her Ascendant or Midheaven.

Moon & Jupiter Aries: This would elevate the importance of the planet Jupiter in her birth chart, traditional ruler of Pisces. In Emma’s birth chart, Jupiter is in Aries, symbol of a pioneer, a trail-blazer. If the Moon sits next to Jupiter, this is her role as ‘mother goddess’, using her gifts and divine nature, to nurture and heal others.

An extraordinary woman; healer, artist, researcher, naturopath, psychic who left behind an incredible body of work. She never wanted to be famous, even though she was sometimes asked to become a guru-like figure. Her drawings were never exhibited in her lifetime.

By all accounts, she remained humble preferring to live in her country of birth, Switzerland, devoted to her work and close to nature. There’s a museum dedicated to her at Wuerenlos in Switzerland, where she would go to recharge her batteries.

I looked up how often there’s a Neptune/Pluto conjunction, a rare event. Apparently, they take place approximately 495 years. Emma Kunz was born on such a conjunction, notably in the sign of the communicator, Gemini. Which makes the quote below even more extraordinary.

«People such as Emma Kunz live at best once every 500 years, and even then we do not always have the good fortune to receive such a witness as that delivered in her bequeathed work.»   Prof. H. Larcher, Paris

The final quote is by the curator of the first exhibition of her art in th 1970’s, Harald Szeemann (1933–2005). I thought it was a beautiful synthesis of the key elements of her birth chart, her own unique signature:

Her gift was an awareness of connections that contradicted both normal experience and scientific interpretations of the laws of Nature and art. This was a supernatural event, a miracle that, in revealing divine truths conveyed a secret impulse on a par with that of cosmic creation. Emma Kunz’s drawings are attempts to find a universal connection. They are the records of her concentration on the question of the Whole.

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Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon : “One in the Same”


Ideally, your life is an intellectual whirlwind with multiple perspectives to explore and choose from. Variety of inquiry sustains you emotionally and also reflects your deepest aspirations. You feel most sane when you’re gathering information and adding to your mental database. One of the keys to remember concerning this combination is that FOCUS is your friend.

Sometimes when we explore ideas, we reach what we think is a dead-end. We find a question that we can’t answer, or run into difficult paradoxes where one thing seems to contradict another. The message to those with this blend is to THINK THROUGH IT and ALSO employ your INTUITION.

There’s a definite suggestion that your inclination could be to just hop to the next concept, issue, etc… only to discover the original one’s to resurface. You could easily run yourself in circles finding that you never really complete anything, and as a result, what you’re left with is a hodgepodge of disparate parts.

Rather than accepting the fate of mental fragmentation, understand that much of the meaning of life resides in whatever you assign to it. So, depending on any person, or institution to fuse what you’ve learned into larger concepts is futile.

Deciding what’s truly important to you and trusting insights which surface in your own heart is of utmost importance. You must not worry yourself it you haven’t yet been able to convert your findings into words yet.

An agile mind, unquenchable curiosity and knack for details are some of your strengths.

Learning is second nature, but can you gain a true perspective  which will advance your interests?

You’re already great at asking questions, so the cosmos is encouraging you to enlarge the scope of your inquiries to the level of universal significance.

Think of this process like college: just because you happen to pick a major doesn’t mean that you don’t integrate all of the other knowledge that you come into contact with.

If this journey is consciously undertaken, you”ll wake up to an entirely new world. If not, you may find yourself in the midst of information indigestion.

Your theme song is “One in the Same” by  Skyzoo and Apollo Brown featuring Patty Crash

You can listen to it here:

Photo by Fillipe Gomes from Pexels

Libra Sun, Leo Moon : “Mass Appeal”


“He who seeks for applause only from without has all his happiness in another’s keeping.” – Oliver Goldsmith

Before writing this piece, I found myself just staring at a blank piece of paper in my notebook. I was racking my astrological brain to come up with a Sun-Moon combination that had just as much potential to be popular, well-liked and charismatic as Libra-Leo. I’m not saying there are none, but I’m still pondering on the issue.

When pairing Libra and Leo in a solar/lunar blend we have an individual who is potentially just as interested in you, as they are interesting to other people.  In Libra, we have the one who does the engaging, who draws you in by framing social encounters to your needs and speaks in terms of your interests. Leo is the celebrityThe star who basks in the glow of attention and affirmation while collecting fans and admirers like vintage coins.

In a birth chart, when the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Leothere’s a primary motivation of interacting with the other. Libra Sun’s aren’t content with a mere half of the life story. In fact, they’re rather intrigued by opposing points of view. Their “fuel” or stimulus comes from sharing. Participating in the give and take, the mutual exchange, and the balance of recognizing themselves as a separate identity while perceiving how they’re viewed through the social looking glass. They want and need to know what they’re reflecting back.

Leo looks in the mirror because they want to know what they’re physical appearance is like, while Libra wants to know how they appear socially.

The Leo Moon uses the Libra Sun’s fuel to reflect a personality who needs to be admired, appreciated and acknowledged as being special. Most of all: validated.  This individual is nourished through the acceptance of him or her as an authentic and creative human being. After all, putting their unique stamp and signature on life is something they’re highly motivated by, so why can’t they receive YOUR official endorsement? It’s only right.

When this combination lacks integration, it loses balance and starts to hyperextend in it’s desire to please and entertain. Libra is driven to be regarded as “nice”,polite, kind and just an overall good person. This psychological need can create co-dependency and an environment which encourages overly adaptive behavior. Where Libran “good deeds” are no longer aimed at mutual satisfaction, but rather to appease and placate. This dynamic combines itself with overt displays of Leoine attention seeking antics, which are motivated by a fear of losing the limelight, or just being seen as an ordinary mortal, as we all are at some time or another.

A constructive use of this blend can be expressed by mastering the art of timing.

Using social intelligence to follow nuances and queues which indicate when it’s time to perform, or “take it to the stage.” Consequently, when it’s really your time, you’re not stealing anyone’s light. Rather, you’re radiating yours. Your authenticity has the chance to shine through because you’re aware of your own value, which is too vast to be measured in dollars and cents. You can simply be yourself without having to chase “mass appeal.”

Your Theme song is “Mass Appeal” by Gang Starr. You can listen here:

Photo by Felipe Favacho from Pexels