Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020


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Aquarius Full Moon

11 Aquarius 45

August 3, 2020

8:58am PDT

Every August we have a full moon in Aquarius which is an opportunity for us to tune into two things—where is our specialness?   Where is our humanity?

A full moon means that the Moon opposes the Sun.    In this case, the sun is in Leo and opposite the moon in Aquarius.   When someone is born with their moon opposite their Sun it means they were born on the full moon (or right near it).   Hospitals report an uptick in patients during full moons with a lot of energy in their emergency rooms and maternity wings.   The tug by the moon we see in the tides around the world, extreme highs and lows and we feel in our own bodies which is made up of 60 percent water.   Paying close attention to the tugs is important.

The pull we get on the annual Aquarius full moon is one that asks us, what makes us special?  Where is our humanity?   Can I let my weird and uniqueness of who I am out?   How do I connect to humanity’s ‘oddness’?   What can I offer back to others?

On this Aquarius full moon, Uranus is the loudest planet in the chart forming a tight square with the sun and moon.   This square is part of an ongoing story that we are processing about our finances, our properties, our ability to build something from the ground up and our values.  In particular Uranus is asking for us to find our brilliance about those matters and to be up for change.    Next year we will be talking a lot about the tension between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.   This full moon may bring up feelings that will make more sense in 2021 as we work through those big planetary aspects.

The square with Uranus can be abrupt and there may be a snap of chaos in the three- day phase.  Given Aquarius and Uranus rule the internet, airplanes, electricity and new technology along with groups of like-minded people we may see some issues around these subjects in the news.

Uranus rules chaos which at first glance can look messy and disruptive when it throws all good plans out the window.  But later when the chaotic energy has passed, we often can see the gift of the abrupt change of plans.  The tension between what we thought we were going to do/feel/experience/plan and what actually took place is the rub.  Not necessarily the actual events but our mentality about the change.

With a full moon already pulling on us and now add Uranus abruptness, the key is to have an openness in your thinking.    Earlier in the morning on Aug 3, Mercury will form its own opposition with structured Saturn.  Some people will wake up a bit depressed or have thoughts that are negative and perhaps a feeling of the grass being greener someplace else.   News alert, there is no greener pasture.  But there is this full moon offering you an opportunity to shift your thinking to your green pasture that you have in reality or what you want to build—out of your genius thinking.

The Sun in Leo is always reminding us that there is power in accessing self-esteem but leaving ego at the door.    The Moon in Aquarius supports your understanding of what makes you tick that is different from everyone else and then taking that uniqueness to connect with other humans and humanity.    The full moon in Aquarius is not an excuse to double down in feelings that pit you against another person or a whole community, rather this is a time to dig deep and find what you share in common, even if you are convinced it will kill you.  This mental openness is what Uranus needs and he may bring you an electric volt of brilliance that could serve you now and later next year when the whole world processes Saturn square Uranus.     Take this opportunity to get a personal barometer on what makes you unique and celebrate that in others as well.

Within 24 hours of the full moon Mars in Aries will form a square with Jupiter.  The energy will be quite churned up and we will all need to make sure our foot on the gas is not stuck.   God did create brakes for a reason.

As I pondered this full moon with the aspect of Sun, Moon with Uranus,  Mars in Aries aspect Jupiter and Mercury oppose Saturn I had a memory pop up that in its very weird way that seemed analogous to the chart.

A small story:

When I was in elementary school I walked to and from school following a usual path.  One day, and I am still not sure why I did this, I walked down a different block that would still take me to my route but one I usually did not walk.   As soon as I got on the block I saw a boy from my class.   I never did anything with him outside of class but I yelled out to him, he stopped as I ran up and we walked together.   As we headed down the block, he stopped at an empty lot and said, “Come” and he ran into the lot.   I being a Sagittarius was always up for a little adventure even at the age of eight said, “okay” and I followed him.   It was your basic empty lot, small dirt hills, dry tree stumps and branches here and there, trenches either created by workers or carved by nature.  From the sidewalk it looked like nothing special.  But then my classmate showed me his secrets.   He had dug little trenches and caves into the dirt hills and there were some of his cars.  He had placed his special cars in this little world and they were always available to him on his walk home.   Safe from prying eyes since only he knew where his cars were stowed. I knew like only a little kid could know, that him showing me his cache was special.   He then handed one to me and I followed him to another hill where he had made a road and we raced the cars.  He also pointed out other little secret things he had designed.  I remember feeling so lucky that he showed me this magical world he created.   We played in this lot for maybe an hour and then knowing it was time to get home we went to the sidewalk and continued walking to our houses   I remember looking at that lot with new eyes when we left.   My little friend had created an entire world through his unique vision.   This little story came back to me as I pondered the chart of the full moon.  So many years later I do not remember the boy’s name and like I said we were not exactly friends but in that one afternoon, in my openness I got to connect to him in his specialness.   Years later when my son was a toddler and we were in the park I watched small children playing with their toys in the sand near the toddler slide and one or two would come over and ask another child, “What are you doing?”  and then sit next to the child and they would play.   There is a desire to be with other humans, it is in us as children and then along the way we decide we don’t like this human and that human or that group of people for this reason or that reason.   But every now and then the Moon will tug on us and suggest, “Pull down your shields and open your mind.”  Those shields can hurt our hearts.

See what adventure of specialness you find during this Aquarius Full Moon.  What barren, empty lot you see in another person, is actually filled with magic and vision and little special cars they are ready to play with they were only waiting for you to show up.

Vrrom vroom.


Full Moon in Aquarius August 2020

The Full Moon occurs at 16:58 (BST) on August 3, 2020 at 11°Aq45′.

The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo. Where the Sun is, we want to be seen and heard. In Leo we want to play, create, enjoy what life has to offer. It’s like the long, lazy days of school holidays, tumbling down hills and playing with the dog. The Moon in Aquarius however shows that right now we need to feel connected, to perhaps suppress some of our more essential nature to feel accepted by the group – or our audience. In Aquarius and the global 11th house, we recognise our connection to others, that we are part of a group, network and society. This is also the place where we start to consider our priorities. Gone are the long days of doing whatever we want. Instead it’s time to think about what we need for our future. We can’t do everything so there are choices to be made. The old ruler of Aquarius (Saturn) reminds us that we only have so much time when we grow up.

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Issues connected to our freedom, future and friendships come to a head at this Full Moon. It’s a tense picture because the lights square Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius and this lunation. Everything points to the fact that what we took for granted (Taurus) is changing (Uranus). There’s anxiety because the shape of things is changing, and we have no idea what form they will take in times to come. But we need to let the changes happen. Aquarius, Leo and Taurus are all fixed signs which are resistant to change. But the more resistance we put up, the more the universe shakes us out of our comfort zone. “Wake up” says Uranus. There’s more to consider – different perspectives, scenarios, ways of being, experiences, friends”. It’s so easy to get into a rut but right now we’re being forced out of it, one lightning bolt at a time. Our values and resources are changing to benefit the Earth, to benefit humanity.

On a personal level, part of the problem or catalyst might be due to Mercury perfecting an opposition to Saturn today too. This is what I call the ‘no’ aspect. “No, you can’t have a pay rise. No, you can’t visit your friends. No, you can’t buy that house. Just no! “.

And we don’t like no because it makes us scared. We feel like time is running out. We take it too personally. Thoughts loom in the mind and before we know it, we’ve thought ourselves into a poverty hovel with no love, no future. It’s important that we reframe our thoughts. The ‘no’ might be not yet or not your door or not this time. No is sometimes needed to push us onto a different path. The Full Moon in Aquarius and the square to Uranus says we need to embrace something different or new at this time to jump start us out of complacency. We need to resolve feelings of being devalued, unworthy or like an outsider looking in.

Maybe we’re struggling with our friends, feeling the odd one out. Or perhaps we feel isolated (I know literally for some!), alienated, not accepted by our peers. Perhaps we’ve made so much of our own difference that we’ve made it an issue before others have. Maybe we’re so focused on our own future that we’ve distanced ourselves from others. A sextile between the Moon and Chiron in Aries asks us to find ways to help ourselves so that we can help one another. We need to accept our vulnerabilities and weaknesses to move forwards.

Whatever the challenges, the Sabian symbol of the Full Moon ‘On A Vast Staircase Stand People Of Different Types, Graduated Upward’ reminds us that this is part of our ascension. The tests we are facing now are necessary for our progress.

Free yourself from the ties that bind. Yield to the changes. Big breakthroughs come you are open to the new and different. Think outside of the box.

Painting – ‘Mekheski – Moon People’ by Nicholas Roerich

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October 2020: Surprise, Zeal, Crisis, and Moon-Pluto

Moon to Pluto: Power To The People!by Jude CowellIn a Flurry of Full Disclosure: The following horoscope was recently published to my Stars Over Washington Patreon account and, for the sake of America, appears here with the author’s permission (yours truly!); fresh notes on Moon-Pluto are added, below.August 1, 2020: With a desperate incumbent crouching in the White House and a ‘peaceful’ passing

Full Moon in Aquarius, August 3, 2020

This Full Moon at 11° 46′ Aquarius on 3 August 2020, 08:59 AM PDT is poised to deliver a powerful jolt, acting as a serious wake-up call for many who have been floating along in denial. The main agent of change for this is Uranus in Taurus creating an exact fixed T-Square with the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon. The natural balance between caring for our personal well-being and our involvement in the collective we associate with is being challenged by abrupt changes in our reality. Like it or not, we will eventually have to make adjustments to accommodate those changes.

Two of the personal planets, Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Gemini, aspect Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury and Venus are semi-sextile with Mercury opposing Saturn and Venus inconjunct it. Venus in Gemini has little in common with either planet. She is a social creature and loves to be with her close friends. Mercury and Saturn are mainly concerned with keeping their extended families safe which for Saturn means following the rules. In other words, those who choose to party with friends, as much fun as that might be, are at odds with the program of keeping loved ones safe from harm. Remember Saturn is the heavy duty planet here and is quite capable of exacting a toll for ignoring his rules. This is just another variation of the theme running through this year . . . behaving with grace and maturity is usually the best response.

We’ll need to watch our tempers on this lunation since hot-headed Mars in Aries is squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. People are more likely to over-react to seemingly harmless comments or actions than usual. While it may feel like a personal attack, chances are quite good it is not. There is plenty of un-directed anger floating around in the atmosphere now looking for a convenient outlet. Road rage is one possible expression, so do take care when driving.

It’s not all bad news out there. Neptune in Pisces eases tensions via sextiles to both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Choosing practical ways to care for others, both in our personal circles and in society at large, can help offset the painful lessons being delivered on other fronts.

As tough as this particular lunation looks, it is important to keep in mind the phases of the Moon are reminders to pay attention to what’s happening within ourselves and in our lives. We are all small cogs in a very large Universe and often the only real control we have is over ourselves and the choices we make. Painful situations and circumstances come and go over the course of our lives and, often as not, how we react/respond to those can make a huge difference in how much angst we experience. On this Full Moon in Aquarius, it may help to draw on Aquarius’s famed detachment and ability to see the bigger picture. Remember to breathe! Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Full Moon © Tamara Bauer |