New Moon in Gemini — May 22, 2020, 17:39 UT

The New Moon occurs at 3+ degrees of Gemini on May 22, 2020. Earlier in the day Mercury, the ruler of the sign, and Venus retrograde conjoined at 20+ degrees of Gemini. Two asteroids, 10 Hygiea (symbolizing health, cleanliness and hygiene) and 4 Vesta (named after the goddess of the hearth, home, and family) are in conjunction with Mercury and Venus.

The New Moon in Gemini is trine Saturn in Aquarius, sextile to Varuna (the great equalizer) in Leo and in quincunx to Zhulong (the indicator of the change in a blink of an eye) in Scorpio. The long term square between Varuna and Zhulong has been developing since 2018. We have now experienced the two first exact squares from the total of seven, the first one in January and the second in April.

Gemini, the butterfly of the zodiac, is a social sign. It is associated with communication, curiosity and traveling. Gemini rules lungs, hands and the nervous system.

Finland has cautiously started to loosen the pandemic restrictions. The primary schools were reopened in a controlled manner on May 14, and the guidelines for senior citizens have been eased. The cafes and restaurants will be permitted to open, with certain limitations, on June 1. Our spring has been cold, but now the weather is quickly warming, too. It feels as if everything in life is lightening.

Gemini, the Twins, is a sign of dualism. We are allowed to enjoy spring and focus on the positive, as long as we remember that Covid-19 is a serious disease, and we still need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

New moon in Gemini: Curiouser and Curiouser

 The New Moon in Gemini will take place on May 22nd (today) around noon where I live  (Mountain time) which is 2 pm DST and 7 pm UT.

Today’s New Moon in Gemini represents a multiplicity of meanings and a diversity of opinions. It is dreamy and inspired, and creative and wired. Adaptable, mutable, changeable. And – Illusory. This New Moon energy is good for planting seeds of intention ~ although outcomes may be somewhat uncertain (now that’s an understatement!). Cause this New Moon is just a little bit crazy!

The Gemini New Moon  is great for artistic, creative expression or indulging in a lovely escapist romantic book or movie that can help you forget, for just a moment, what a strange time we are all having on planet earth right now.

The Sun and Moon will be conjunct at 2 degrees Gemini,  a mutable sign of duality symbolized by the Twins. Two faced, two sided, two points of view. Very curious, intellectual, talkative. Gemini’s are interesting, flirtatious and generally likable, and can seem superficial, though its more that they are distracted by all the different trains of thought running through their head. It can be confusing when they change their minds so quickly. They can say and be something one day, and be the opposite the next. Sure keeps life interesting! What this means to all of us is that the energy we start this new cycle with, and the intentions we hold,  may shift and mutate a great deal before we get to any sort of outcomes (like a virus).

Romantic fantasies abound,  as Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) link to Neptune in Pisces (dreamy, spiritual, unreal, dishonest). Mars (desire) may end up disappointing you after a lot of flowery promises. There is a potential for more stability to develop  (Saturn) but that too may be an illusion. Everything is so  changeable right now, only time will tell. Pluto and Jupiter continue to cause havoc, and due to that fact, plus all of the crazy making aspects,  this New Moon could feel more like a Mercury retrograde, or an eclipse, or a Full Moon – or –  all of them all rolled in one.  Things will continue to get stranger and stranger…  Curiouser and Curiouser!

A few days ago I was feeling unwell and feel asleep on the couch while watching an interview with Johnny Depp – who I find to be charmingly surreal. He said he chooses outlandish characters because he’s more comfortable playing them than someone straight and ordinary.  As I dosed off YouTube continued putting out more interviews with  him – so every time I woke up  there he was!  I dosed off and on like that for what felt like hours… very surreal experience – me and the Mad Hatter! Sometimes life is stranger than fiction! Life in the time of Carona.

There’s  a spirit of rebellion developing; a resistance to authourity, rules and restrictions – people are getting antsy and questioning the lockdown and the mixed messages we are getting. Facts seem to change daily. Conspiracy theories abound. Then there appears to be an equivalent effort to block and contain, to shut down anything not in line with the approved narrative. Videos discussing different theories around the pandemic for instance, are posted one day are gone the next. I tried to post some info re Cubans having great results with homeopathic remedies- and FB said it violated their community standards!! Help! I’ve definitely gotten sucked into the dichotomy of all the so-called facts more than once! It’s enough to make your head spin! (I guess thats why they call it ‘spin’!)

How many rabbit holes do we need to go down to find the truth? Go ask Alice…
(this such a great video)

With everything so upside-down for months now, some of us are even getting used to it. There are many gifts in being slowed down. Yet just as we are adapting to the new normal, they change the rules. A big part of the stress is due to constantly changing information. Things are confusing, information is inconsistent. I  had the dreaded virus (rather intense) and it was really hard to get tested and to get good advice (besides stay home and take care of yourself). Not really helpful. Then in the midst of it my mother passed away. Jupiter Pluto Saturn are all sitting opposite my Sun (self) right now. Ouch! I certainly felt very vulnerable, and have been extra aware of, and grateful for, friends and family showing up and pulling together in these times of grief and strife.

Death is all around us right now, and yet, so is life. The two go hand in hand. We seem to ignore that reality- but right now it is not to be ignored. Watching someone leave is a very humbling experience, makes me extra ware of how temporary this all is. That can be scary if we have avoided it until now. Even though I am sad that my mom is gone –  watching her passing was an honour and a privilege, and even while we mourn her, we are also celebrating her. We cant do it in person (yet) so we are sharing our pictures and our stories (another Gemini theme).  I’m seem to be still in it – though less so- takes time to process when someone who existed is no more. The brain cant quite relate to it. I really feel for all the front line workers who deal with this day after day  with patients who have no family to sit by their side or hold their hand. And for those who have friends or family who have passed. With so many people leaving right now – we need to find a way to learn something from their passing. This is not a punishment – its is a wake up call.

Time spent inward and alone has helped me to appreciate  the little things – my cozy apartment, walks in my neighbourhood, chats with friends near and far, the bright green of new leaves appearing on trees. Breathing. Gemini is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.   Saturn and Pluto  both bring endings – which lead to new beginnings. Even Jupiter – planet of expansion- can often symbolize death –  a  time when someone expands right out of their body. Right now we have all three of these powerful planets sitting together and bringing great change upon the land. And change usually starts with endings. Facing our own mortality and our vulnerability can either open us up or close us down. I have seen how easy it is to swing to either extreme, and remind myself to be careful of black or white thinking and of judging others I deem to be asleep.

Brighten your own light ~ before you try to enlighten another!

“She hides her light – though it still shines.
Don’t try to drag others into the light. 
Let many things pass, without being duped” 
I Ching #36  Darknening of the Light.

Gemini’s nature is to allow for a diversity of viewpoints. We all have our stories to tell. We are learning (hopefully) that there are many sides to a conversation, or to a situation. Its natural to seek certainty in uncertain times, yet dogmatic thinking can lead to an imperious attitude to others. I’m seeing a lot of that as well right now, as fear makes people rigid. I hope we can maintain tolerance for each other. Learn to listen. And allow a little room for the uncertainty and for chaos. Because from what I can see no one really has a clue. Ok many have a particlar clue but in general there’s a LOT of confusion out there. And  things are not going back to normal. (Normal is so yesterday!)  And that’s a good thing. We needed shaking up. And we are being shaken. Do we want to give in to the forces of entropy,  or make room for creativity?

Creativity comes from chaos. And new beginnings.

Blessed be!



North Node in Gemini – May 2020 – January 2022

The North Node entered Gemini and the South Node entered Sagittarius on May 5, 2020. The Nodes will remain in these signs until January 18, 2022. Note that in my practice I use the True Node. The Mean Nodes will enter Gemini/Sagittarius on June 5, 2020 and remain in those signs until December 3, 2021.

The Nodes themselves are points in space. They represent the intersection between the orbital path of the Moon with the ecliptic. Below is a handy image to help you visualise. The Nodes are what connect the unconscious (the Moon) with the conscious (the Sun) or the eternal soul (the Moon) with the mortal identity (the Sun). The Nodes are like a mystical gateway that takes us from past to future. They are also like a compass, guiding us along our soul path.

Image from wikipedia

The Nodes travel backwards through the signs, their retrograde motion reminding us that we are always meeting our past – from other lives and from this life, the consequence of choices we have made along the way. The North Node has extremely brief times of direct motion whereas the Mean Node remains always retrograde. Brief periods of the Node moving in direct motion can represent respite from karmic developments and also an opportunity to create threads of new karma. When the Nodes change signs, it signals the beginning of a new lesson in our collective karmic evolution.

The passage of the South Node indicates where we have got stuck. It represents our comfort zone, the place that we fall back on when the going gets tough, the blind spot, a weak point, the part that has been done to death and needs to move on. We’ve ‘been there and bought the tee shirt’ where the South Node is concerned. This point also represents unresolved karma, the lessons we have skirted around, the things we know we need to do but don’t. To understand the meaning of the South Node, it is best to take the most challenging traits of the sign concerned to see where we might experience problems and difficulties. We can however, also take the best traits of this sign and put them to the service of the North Node to help us fulfil our mission. The South Node can also hint at what we have excelled at in a previous incarnation which can manifest as a natural talent in this life.

So, beginning with the South Node, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the greatest of the Gods – he who reigned supreme above all. This is a sign that is connected to faith, adventurousness, overseas travel, higher education, morals and laws and symbolic language. In Sagittarius we’re looking at the big picture, theorizing, thinking in abstract. The challenge with this sign is that it can become pompous and opinionated. ‘What I believe is the law’ says the Sagittarius shadow and we can certainly see how this can become a problem. One of the big issues we may be dealing with during this transit is the concept of truth. Is there one truth or many truths? We’ve already seen the start of this with the many theories about Covid 19 – from the scientifically verified to the conspiracy theory, everyone is fixated on their own truth. But the ‘truth’ can hinge strongly on our beliefs and we can easily embrace evidence that supports our world view and reject evidence that doesn’t. The consequence is no one knows what to believe. Dogmatic opinions, religious fever, indoctrination, accepting things by the book without question. This has got to change. Our collective worldview isn’t serving us anymore. Still, we can take the best of the traits of Sagittarius – easily pleased, unencumbered, an ability to perceive the big picture, an understanding of symbolism, seeing foreigners as friends, faith and a willingness to go into unknown territory – and put these towards the service of the North Node.

When it comes to the mundane world, we have already begun to see some of the manifestations of the South Node in Sagittarius as international travel has almost come to a full stop, flights are grounded, airplane companies in dire financial straits, universities closed. Globalisation is also in question.

Moving to the Gemini North Node, we see that over the next 18 months, we need to develop curiosity and an open mind. This sign has an aptitude for gathering information and a penchant for connecting people together. Gemini wants to know the facts, but it also wants to hear stories, particularly real-life experiences. We’re moving from theory to practice, from preaching to teaching, from knowing to asking questions, from big picture to little picture (details). We need to cultivate Gemini perception, recognise duality, engage rational and intellect. This isn’t about accepting what we’ve been told, instead it’s continuing to enquire so that we find our own answers.

As we move away from international travel, places closer to home take centre stage. This is about community initiatives, knowing the names of your neighbours, neighbourhood Facebook groups, street events. It’s seeing your local area anew, as if you were a tourist, taking in the sights. Under Gemini, we see each other as brothers and sisters. We become closer to extended family. One immediate manifestation of this transit caught my eye the other day – proposals for more bike lanes and pedestrian only areas have been fast-tracked due to Covid-19. Our government wants more people on bikes and on foot and therefore provisions need to be made for them. Cars, bikes, taxis, buses, short journeys are all the domain of Gemini.

Gemini and the global 3rd house is also about schooling and we may find that we are looking at new ways of teaching. Smaller classes for children in an effort to adhere to social distancing may turn out to be a blessing. For years classes have been far too big (Sagittarius!).

The way we communicate generally is multiplying. Think Zoom, online classes for kids, doctors seeing patients via video link (a practice which was sorely needed and much resisted over here in the UK yet which has proved hugely popular with both patients and doctors). The different methods we have to communicate with one another help us to advance (especially if with think about conventional Saturn in progressive Aquarius making technology the norm). Yet, as Mercury (in his Greek guise as Hermes) invented writing, we’re also seeing a marked increase in good old-fashioned letter writing. As Gemini is also connected to the hands, maybe we want something that has been touched by human hands – of course controversial in our current situation! Gemini by the way, also rules the lungs.

As Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Mercury retrograde periods over the next 18 months will take on extra significance. We should also be alert to what happens when Mercury and Jupiter create aspects between them as these could represent times of significant development or challenge as far as our karmic path is concerned.

If you want some idea of how this transit might manifest for you. Look back to October 13, 2001 – April 14, 2003 as this is the last time the Nodes were in these signs.

If you are around 18, 37, 55, 74 years of age, you will experience your nodal return during this transit. The nodal square takes place at around the ages of 4, 13, 23, 32, 41, 51, 60, 69. The inverse (or reverse) nodal return occurs around 9, 27, 46, 65, 83 years of age. More information about the Nodes Transiting Nodes is available here.


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Sun and ego

The Sun is the symbol of our ego – but not only.
The Sun is also the symbol of our heart and our authentic self, of the light of our individual consciousness and of ourselves as “creators” ….
The ego is an ambiguous concept.
When spiritual people talk about the ego, what they mean is our tendency to be selfish, vain, arrogant, excessively proud, egocentric, all that. It means being bad.
When psychologists talk about the ego, they are talking about something quite different: the psychological ego is this part of the psyche which we identify with. It is our sense of being a person, distinct from others.
If you are hungry for instance, it’s not just hunger hanging around in a vague space, it’s you the one who is hungry, it’s not your neighbour and you are very aware of this distinction. On the material plane, the difference between “me” and “not me” is very clear. However, this psychological ego is not all the psyche. It is only a mental construct.
A newborn baby has no ego, they will learn that they are a person, a distinct “me” when they are about eight month old. At this age, babies become aware that, being another person, being separated from their mother is possible. It’s known as separation anxiety. If you know babies, you know that when they are one year old or so, they are shy with strangers. Mama!!!
As we grow up, we keep building this psychological ego. We get an idea of who we are, based on our experiences and feedback from the environment. There is a strong flavour of first house in what I’m saying now.
So why did I say that the Sun symbolises this ego at the beginning of this post, just to say that’s it’s the first house now? Because it’s both. Symbols are not boxes. They are fingers pointing in the direction of realities, each one in there own way. The Sun is the symbol of our higher or most authentic self indeed. But we don’t know ourselves. The Sun doesn’t know itself. It has only a certain idea of who it might be…
One day, we become conscious of who we really are, What remains the same throughout all the transformations we are undergoing is the creator. Here is the sphinx sitting above the wheel of fortune, the answer to the enigma.
This adventure is lived by this part of us symbolised by the Sun….. and because symbols are fingers pointing at realities, the Sun in the horoscope means also the ego, this temporary limited idea the Sun has about itself, and it expresses it and how it learns to become more conscious.
Life is a school and a theatre. We are students and comedians.

Jupiter’s Meaning In Astrology

Do you know Miracle Grow? That’s something you give your plants and, o my God, how they grow, that’s amazing ! 
 This may be the worst of all my metaphors, as Miracle Grow is not an organic product at all! However, to introduce Jupiter, I’ve found nothing better.
A more traditional picture would have been the cornucopia, the “horn of abundance”, which is associated with Zeus-Jupiter as it was originally a horn from Amalthea, the goat who fed Zeus when the future king of the Gods was a child… Whatever you’ll get out of it, expect to get plenty! 
 Everything Jupiter touches becomes big. If you have a big ego, add a bit of Jupiter and you’ll get a Mega Big Ego. 
If Jupiter touches your Venus and you’re a painter, you’re likely to paint something big, like, for instance..the Sistine Chapel… In Michelangelo’s chart, there is a tight square between Venus and Jupiter…. 

If Jupiter touches your Mars, you’re not going to be just a mere warrior. You’re going to be a Genghis Khan. Ah, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Not everyone with Mars-Jupiter contacts becomes a fierce conqueror of the world, fortunately. 
 If Jupiter touches your Moon, your imagination will take you to there and back. Your memory will be of an elephant, and your emotions an ocean… Maybe you’ll get a big stomach as well, as the Moon rules it. 

 If Jupiter touches your Mercury, you’ll be clever, you’ll see the big picture.  You’ll communicate bigger: Mercury speaks and Jupiter does public speaking. Mercury moves around, Jupiter travels the world. Mercury analyses, Jupiter synthesises. Mercury gather information, Jupiter organises it in theories, and beyond what can be known by science, logic and reason, Jupiter uses intuition and believes…  Mercury is common sense, Jupiter is philosophy. 

 Jupiter and Mercury both symbolise the mind. What makes Jupiter such a Miracle Grow energy… is in the mind. It’s a question of positive attitude, of coherence, of faith, of open mindedness…
 To be honest, I don’t know whether our inner attitude is entirely responsible for our good or bad luck. What I know for sure is that it’s an important factor… 

 If I used verbs to conjure up what Jupiter does, a part from “I grow big” I would say:
 I rule, I integrate, I make laws, I know, I guide, I teach, I preach, I public speak, I explore, I discover, I seek for coherence, I seek for meaning, I think. 

The three more important of these key words might be: Integrate, explore, think. Yes, Mercury is the thinker, and Jupiter as well. There are always two opposite poles. 
 When Jupiter dresses up, it wears…. the robe and the wig of a magistrate, the square hat and gown of the scholar, the tiara of the pope, the cassock of the clergyman, the blouse of a scientist, the suit of the businessman, I should say business human, the uniform of the general… and these clothing usually go with an appellation: Your honour, Your Holiness, Father or Mother (yes, it’s rarer than Father) Sir, General, Doctor… 

 With Jupiter we  have a function. We integrate society. We play our role. In an horoscope, Jupiter tells something about how we do that…
 According to Michel Gauquelin, who did a lot of statistics to prove astrology was nonsense and found out that it was not, Jupiter is prominent in the charts many politicians and actors. Playing a role is what these two categories have in common…
 Jupiter is often said to bring good luck. However, luck rarely happens in the form of food falling directly from the sky right into our plate. (I have seen a case, but it’s exceptional) 
 If someone integrates society by joining the local football team or charity or going to church, whatever, and proves themselves a good fellow, the soul mate or the dream job may be met in this context… With Jupiter we integrate society and we bring our contribution. In return we receive opportunities and protection. 
 Let’s now have a look at the shadow side of this energy… When a planet is “afflicted” in a chart, that is when it receives many tense aspects, the shadow side is likely to be calling for some conscious tweaking… 
For instance, the story of the tulip mania in the 17th century is a fabulous illustration of Jupiter going wrong. All opponents to unregulated capitalism will agree with the necessity of Saturnian regulation to boundless Jupiterian growth and search for profit.
I love this story, maybe because I’m a gardener. It’s the story of all speculative bubbles. Tulips were recently introduced in Dutch Republic and became very fashionable, so fashionable that everyone wanted bulbs. There was more demand than supply so the price of the bulbs went up. Because the price went up, people bought bulbs, not to plant them but to sell them later and make a profit. So more people wanted to buy, and the prices kept going up, more speculators were attracted, so much so that the price of a single bulb reached ten times the annual income of a skilled worker…
At some point, buyers wanted to sell to make their profit, and the more they wanted to sell the less the prices went up, and therefore no one wanted to buy bulbs anymore, and the last buyers were ruined.
big bubble.jpg
I find this fascinating. Coming back to psychology and astrology, with an afflicted Jupiter, we may lose touch with reality, invest emotionally in our own ego and get it inflated enough to lose touch with reality… 
 Donald Trump, has a retrograde Jupiter conjunct Chiron square Saturn, Mercury and Venus, also trine Sun and sextile Moon. 
 He managed to inflate as much as he could…Here is not the place for a debate about political ideas. I am talking only about the style of the public character. He looks like someone a bit out of proportions to me… 
 So, remember: Jupiter is Growth, Social Integration,  Attitude, Role Playing, Mind,  Quest for Meaning, Wisdom, Knowledge, Philosophy, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Faith, Travel, Exploration… 
Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer