Understanding Venus

Venus attracts, charms, values, glues, enjoys, entices, loves, likes, feels, relates, sings, paints, decorates, dresses up, is beautiful, gets in touch, chats, socialises, eats… and owns.
Venus, like Mars, desires and makes love. 

Venus wants to have. Venus wants to bind, to attach, to keep, to cast spells…

Her favourite game is “catch me if you can”.   

“I want to be loved by you,
Just you and nobody else but you
I want to be loved by you
Alone…. poo poo pi doo!”
Venus brings social skills. The Goddess of love can only know what makes things work between people. 

When we tell others how beautiful, how great, how funny, how wonderful they are, when we say “You’re a star.” “You’re a gem.”or  “You’ve done an amazing job!”, when we tell them we are grateful for who they are or what they do, we value them. We make people feel good about themselves and it becomes possible and easy to get what social animals want: company, help, attention, protection, security and pleasures. We find friends, allies, companions, lovers. We know how to be with others. That’s what Venus is about. 

 To be able to value others we need to believe in our own worth and feel comfortable enough in our own skin. When we feel insecure, nervous, self conscious things don’t work well.  A compliment by an ugly duckling is not a compliment by a swan. Ugly ducklings sometimes try to convince others that the ugliest ducklings are them. It’s understandable. It’s terrible to be the ugliest duckling.  
 If Venus is afflicted in a chart, we can get caught in spirals of negative values. We should do to others as we would have them do to us, because others usually do to us as we do to them. If we do to them as they did to us as we did to them as they did to us, and if the result is painful, we better come back and work on our own sense of self worth, and maybe ask for help… 
If there is only one key word to remember about Venus, it is “Value”. 
We don’t value intellectually. We like, we love, we desire, we admire… On social media, what we write is from Mercury, but the smileys, likes, loves, laugh, sad, angry express Venus. 
 If we remember only two key words for Venus, let them be “Value” and “Relationship”. 
S1000001 (3).JPG
If you can remember three words, remember “Glue” as well.  Mercury links, Venus create bonds. 
Ah yes, please, remember also “Harmony”. That’s all what Venus wishes for, in love, in bed and in art galleries. 

Remember also “Enjoy!”

 Without pleasure, is life worth living? 
Astrology is mental yoga. It consists of understanding energies enough to guess what happens when you mix them. The more we become familiar with what the planet energies are by themselves, the easier it will be to understand how signs, houses and other planets sending aspects will precise or modify their expression. I hope you enjoyed this Venusian ballad! 
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Has Your Mind Been Poisoned?

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Full Moon eclipse in Cancer “Water Water everywhere – but not a drop to drink!”

Today’s  short version: 
Today we had a dynamic and emotional Full Moon – plus an eclipse – and then Saturn and Pluto will be bashing into each other on Sunday  (karmic reckoning) –  so things are rather intense. This is a good time to do some emotional processing, journalling, breathwork etc to release whatever is coming up for you. Deep breath in ~ deep breath out!  Or find  creative ways to express your emotions through writing, art, music, dance. Embrace whatever is coming up – it is for your healing. You’ve got this!

The longer version 🙂

Today’s Full Wolf Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer speaks to the need to get in tune with our emotional bodies.  Cancer is the sign of the mother; she asks us to  move out of our heads and respond to situations from a place of emotional intelligence.   We are all under pressure,  and feelings have been running high; and that was before the Full Moon eclipse!  The wolves (of fear and doubt) may be howling at the door, triggering the need to find ways to protect and nurture ourself and others.  By the time you read this the eclipse will have passed (because hindsight is 2020!) but the energy will ripple out for days and even weeks. This sets the tone for the first half of the year – we are being thrown into the deep end of the water/emotional field. It’s time to sink or swim!

The time between these eclipses has been a kind of sacred portal,  opening us  up to release deeper layers of our emotional baggage. The Winter Solstice was a time to pause and prepare for the coming year- which promises to be EPIC.  I was glad to  do a ritual release just as the Capricorn eclipse was occurring, and I did another one today to close the eclipse portal. This particular eclipse cycle has provided an
opportunity to face and recognize that a lot of the sh*t we have been dragging around all our life  is rooted in inherited family dynamics passed down from generation to generation.  If today’s Full Moon eclipse is activating your energy field, previously blocked emotional pain may be rising to the surface to be felt and released; and tears may flow. Let your tears be a cleansing release of all that is ready to be let go of.

The physical details: A penumbral lunar eclipse is different from a total lunar eclipse. It occurs when the Moon moves into Earth’s penumbra, or outer shadow, which causes the Moon to look darker than normal. During a total lunar eclipse, the change is more dramatic because the entire moon appears to be a deep red colour. This eclipse will last for about four hours – and will be subtle visually- but not energetically! It was seen  in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

 As the Moon in Cancer gets eclipsed by the earth’s shadow – the focus on releasing old family patterns (Cancer = Mother) has us working on  healing the wounds of the past, especially  the mother /father wound. Emotional traumas relating to family dynamics can be stirred up for those whose charts are lining up with the planets in Cancer and Capricorn. Libra and Aries are at right angles so also in the cross hairs.  These family patterns often go back generations – its worth learning a bit about your family history to uncover some of the stories and energies that get passed down (such as poverty, divorce, abandonment, war trauma, sexual abuse,  immigration,  racial abuse, etc). I just saw the film Little Women – a rich story of one family’s women and their stories, heart aches, challenges. 

A great exercise is to think about your favourite childhood story.  What archetypes, themes  and symbols does it contain that tell you something about yourself or your family story?Mine was the ugly Duckling- I felt alone and unloved. Then it was Peter Pan- the best solution was to fly away to Never-Never Land.  I was particularly afraid of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and had nightmares about wolves for years (there were adults in my environment that were not at all safe).


This is a time to heal and release these old stories. By facing them and claiming my own agency- I am no longer ruled by them.  See what comes up for you and make a  5 x 8 card for it – (see instructions on tab at top) or journal about it. 

A Cancer Full Moon is an especially  emotional time. The eclipse portal that opened on Christmas day with the New Moon in Capricorn (see last post) brought issues to the surface that are now  coming to a head. The Moon in Capricorn was about growing up and claiming our mastery (see last post). Now some of us may be encountering whatever issues/blockages are/were standing in the way of that. This Full Moon energy comes from the unconscious realm – the land of moonlight and dreams.  I’ve had some powerful dream messages in the last few days that carry a repeating theme –   something  is asking to be witnessed/understood. I’ll collage some cards this Sunday to help  process their meanings (see ArtnSoul Collage info/tab at top of page). Our dreams are such powerful portals  into the archetypal realms – especially around an eclipse or Full Moon;  welcome the visitors who come to awaken your night vision.


With Saturn and Pluto so powerful right now  (exact conjunction is on Sunday) we are  being hit by a profound  global effect. Fires are raging, wars are raging, politicians are raging (mad). Things will keep intensifying as we approach the exact conjunction this Sunday Jan 12th. (yikes).  A sense of dread,  fears, trepidation come hand in hand with Saturn and Pluto; times feel  heavy and dark. There may be a sense of loss as we are forced to  let go of some idea or ideal as we face the reality (Saturn) of what is in front of us. Yet all is not lost. 

Saturn Pluto in Capricorn can indicate a consolidation of money and power – some people are having their best year ever. If you can harness these energies you can move forward in a powerful way. Yet that is not an easy task – and not without risk – as an unstoppable force(Pluto) meets an unmovable object (Saturn).  Current threats of war come to mind!  Capricorn deals with father, authority, governments, systems of control – which are linked to the history of suppression, oppression and denigration of the women, of darker races, of those deemed weaker or  ‘less than’.   Pluto is there to strip away tall that –  it is time for a new way of being in the world. But – spoiler alert – it may get worse before it gets better. If you know the tarot – the Tower card pretty much sums things up right now. The death of the ego – the potential death of a civilization (and hopefully the rebirth of something better)

 On a personal level, what is being eclipsed/ removed/released is some element of the past , some part of our emotional conditioning (Moon).  If you know your chart, look and see what area (house) the eclipse is occurring in – to narrow down its specific affect in your own life. Planetary aspects  generally affect us the most when they are close to planets in our natal chart. 

Because we’re dealing with outer planets (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus) there will likely be what seem like  fated events. Pluto on the south node destiny point can bring back people from our past that we thought  were gone for good (I know an astrologer that calls them ‘corpses’).  I have just had a friend/lover from years ago that disappeared and broke my heart (at the time)  suddenly reappear and is dying of cancer. Whew! 

As these planetary influences manifest on a global scale, and it seems like  everything is getting worse and worse, trust that this is just the last gasp of a dying order . During the transition to a new age, everything is chaotic and uncertain.  Who knows how long it’s going to take us to shake off the old ways and transition to the more egalitarian worldview of Aquarius.  One can only hope ! 

In the meantime – we’re being asked to grow up and claim our mastery (Sun in Capricorn). If something is broken it needs to be fixed. Cancer insists we dive deep into our feelings – let them guide you to right action. This is not a time for superficial solutions. We  must first master our emotional self;  to resolve what is so out of balance in the world, we must first find balance within ourself.

Needless to say that is a tall order. But what choice do we have?  Sure we could check out and watch it all from the bleachers(on the other side) But what’s the fun in that?! With Saturn and Pluto  meeting in just two days; we get to see what happens when an unstoppable force (Pluto) meets an unmovable object(Saturn).  In the current political climate, threats of war are looming  (an apt metaphor). Except it’s not a metaphor,  it’s really happening! We are all dealing with our own personal shadow stuff (Pluto) as well as the collective shadow.Are we having fun yet?!
 In the midst of these crazy times – what can we do? What does this Cancer Full Moon shine a light on, and what is being eclipsed?  This is a wake up call.  As things get shaken up (Eris, Uranus) and broken down (Pluto) we will need to support each other. To find solutions, we need to nurture ourselves and others as we stand in our integrity (Saturn). 

Watch out for emotional reactions over the next few days. Put yourself in others shoes, before you leap to judgement – perhaps there are reasons behind their behaviour.That doesn’t mean being a victim- that is part of what is being let go of.  Jupiter is there in the background helping us  stand in our power as it links us to the higher mind (Uranus). Intuition  can help us find ways through the storm into the clear light on  the other side.

  Overall, this Full Moon in Cancer is a big but gentle giant – bringing us into an  loving and compassionate emotional field that can help  turn discord into discovery, conflict into communication, separation into synthesis.

“Seek to understand before you seek to be understood”.
(Steven Covey: Seven Habits of Highly Successful People)
Happy Full Moon and Happy New Year!



Saturn conjunct Pluto – Bongs, Trump, War, Australia, Prince Harry and Aliens

Apparently British Conservative MP Mark Francois wants Big Ben to ‘Bong’ at the hour the UK leaves the European Union. I would suggest that unless our MP’s start talking about stuff that matters, like the Climate Emergency, there’s a whole other ‘Bong’ that will be happening – namely the death knell of the Doomsday clock. The Doomsday clock originated under a previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Still, it’s interesting that the clock symbolism has surfaced as I spoke about it in my January Forecast.

The mundane world symbolism as Saturn conjunct Pluto perfects (January 12, 2020), is extraordinary to say the least. In my forecast for January 2020, posted originally on my Patreon on December 15 and on Youtube on December 28, I talked of how this time period relates to the possibility of war and is also a marker in time for the climate crisis. And so, Trump decided to bomb Iraq, killing a much loved Iranian General, notably on Greta Thunberg’s birthday – the very person who is the figurehead for the Climate Crisis. War or save the planet? I feel like I’m in Eddie Izzard’s sketch ‘Cake or Death’ only it really isn’t very funny anymore is it (war, not Eddie – Eddie is always funny).  By the way, if you are curious enough to click the link to the sketch, note that Eddie is a big fan of F bombs 🙂

click to enlarge

Hashtag ‘WorldWarIII’ began to trend on Twitter. Trump is currently in the midst of his Saturn opposition to natal Saturn so following the rules and listening to other authority figures probably feels like an outright threat right now. Throw in Pluto too and we get ‘I want to smash any opposition into little pieces’. Of course, it’s clear to see through the distraction. We haven’t forgotten the impeachment and neither has Trump. After all, there is significant opposition to his authority right now and any distraction is welcome from his point of view. Whilst currently it seems that the war-talk has cooled, astrologically speaking, I don’t think this is over – not by a long shot, especially as Mars will trigger the Capricorn build up in March and then again later in the year when Mars is retrograde between September and November.

Meanwhile, the terrible fires in Australia have caused untold damage to flora and fauna and devastated many people’s lives and livelihoods. If you want to make a donation, there are a list of agencies accepting donations here. The huge story here is that the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, is yet another Climate Change denier, much like Donald Trump and even faced with a disaster on his doorstep, he refuses to budge. Naturally, his response (or rather lack of response) hasn’t been well received by the people of his country. Currently Jupiter conjunct the South Node sits on the chart of Australia’s natal Saturn and Sun. Time for the man at the top to release old beliefs!

Astrologically speaking, powerful denial is a phrase that can be drawn straight from playing with Pluto and Saturn’s keywords. In our very dualistic world, every action has a reaction, every opinion, its opposite. But, in the face of such a serious aspect as Saturn conjunct Pluto this is ‘time’s up’. No more bullsh*t. Mother Earth (Ceres) is integral to this Capricorn stellium and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Note that Ceres is also out of bounds currently meaning that Mother Earth isn’t going to play by the rules anymore – after all, where has that got her? Nope, Mother Earth is yelling at the top of her voice and we must listen. Popocatépetl just erupted and Puerto Rico is still reeling from being hit by an earthquake swarm – 950 earthquakes since the beginning of the year!

But those in power (Pluto) with authority (Saturn) don’t want to listen because they stand to lose everything because Pluto is also wealth. It’s the kind of wealth that sits beneath dragons in age old stories. But the dragon’s head (the North Node) is in opposite sign Cancer – a sign associated with family, nurturing, mothers and children. Even the fairytale dragon has heard the cry of the little child (Greta) and is stirring its age-old body, relinquishing it’s silver and gold with the promise of something much more precious. Those who are determined to hold onto the dragon’s tail are likely to be on the tail end of something more unpleasant! No doubt some karmic lessons will be learned.

The headline news for the past 48 hours though has all been about Harry and Megan’s unprecedented announcement via Instagram that they are stepping back from being senior royals. Mercury, the planet of communication and a player in the Saturn-Pluto quintuple conjunction, is also currently out of bounds. Remember what I said about out of bounds Ceres above – breaking rules? Mercury’s joining in. What a way to break the news!

The Queen’s chart is already besieged by Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto which occurs right beside her Ascendant. The presence of Pluto here has already been hard at work, ferreting out the unsavoury truths about son Andrew, that disastrous (which literally means ‘against the stars’) interview, followed by a decision to secret him away from public view. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip was in hospital before Christmas and looks rather frail. And now Harry has decided not to toe the line anymore forcing change in the ‘Firm’ the Queen’s name for the Royal Family business (Saturn). Note too that Uranus is still idling two degrees away from the Queen’s natal Sun. Rebels everywhere. Talk about being hit by a few curveballs.

Apparently, there is upset in the Royal Household as sources state they were not consulted about Harry and Meghan’s decision. It begs the question – why? Maybe the couple decided it was easier to ask forgiveness (Neptune) than ask for permission (Saturn). Right now, Harry is just coming to the end of a series of difficult squares from Neptune to his natal Mars. The third and final square will take place on January 27. Neptune and Mars in difficult aspect can typically manifest as feeling defeated. Harry and Meghan would much rather follow their hearts and do more charitable work – a wonderful expression of compassion (Neptune) in action (Mars). Harry’s natal Mars is in adventurous, unshackled, multicultural Sagittarius, in the 12th house of the lost and forgotten and spirituality. In his progressed chart, Harry’s Neptune is on the 29th degree of its sign, emphasising that the desire to help and do something meaningful with his life feels critical. Note that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his first house of ‘self’ will be directly trine to Harry’s Sun (purpose, identity), helping him step into his own power and authority. Jupiter will shortly ender his 1st house and can often correlate to creating one’s own opportunities as well as international travel. The astrology is perfect for the situation. Also worth noting is that in Harry’s progressed chart, Mars is lingering on his Ascendant, making ready to move into his first house later this year. No doubt as transiting Jupiter is already speaking with his progressed Mars, this is the boost of courage he needed to take charge of his life.

The times are extraordinary as the astrology right now and everything links, everything is connected. I also mentioned in my January forecast when talking about Saturn and Pluto that there had been a link to aliens so it caught my eye to see news headlines erupt with a story ‘Aliens exist and could be here on Earth‘ – the words spoke by former astronaut Helen Sharman. If they do, I’m pretty sure they might be shaking their little alien heads right now and wondering what the hell is going on. I know I am!

But still, whilst the news is wild, challenging, infuriating and bizarre – let’s not forget Uranus stationing on the heels of today’s (Jan10,2020) lunar eclipse – what matters is that we plant our feet firmly in the ground. We may not be able to directly stop our leaders from playing with dangerous buttons, tweeting nonsense or having pointless discussions whilst people and the planet suffer – but we can make a difference. We aren’t powerless, even if the news is sometimes carefully cultivated to make us think we are. In fact Saturn conjunct Pluto counsels us that now is just the time to accept the responsibility of our power. What we do now will have repercussions long after we are gone. What we do now is for future generations. We need to be the change we want to see. It’s about stepping up. Releasing our fears. Doing what’s right. Commitment. Resolve. Digging deep. All the strength we need is inside of us. Together we can change the world and it starts right now.

Painting – Illustration to Dante’s Divine Comedy by William Blake

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