Gemini should like this. Nutty, fun, variety

When you go to a party or some type of gathering, there is usually some commonality among the people attending. It might be the neighborhood or some level of status, a shared interest, the fact they all drink or whatever.

The weekend (which is already underway) serves up something more akin to a metaphysical 3-ring circus. We’re all under the same sky but engaged, or giving our attention to different activities.

You may align with the stellium in Pisces that includes the sun, Mercury and Neptune. You may be comfortable to drift and avoid entanglements.

You may (willingly or otherwise) get caught up in the opposition between the moon in Cancer and the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This would manifest as power struggles in families, control, dependency and the like.

Instead, you may choose to align with Mars in Taurus trining the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. In this scenario, you’ll push through a serious block of some type, via sheer discipline and focus of your will.

Things shift just after midnight when the moon leaves Cancer for Leo, squaring Uranus in the process. Don’t be surprised if feelings or a person’s mood, changes (Uranus), dramatically (Leo).

How fun! Or not…

Seeking for the Truth of the ninth house

In the big wide world there are quite a few people who are very keen to give you good advice about how to create the life of your dreams…

They claim to know “The secret”; they want to tell you about the laws of the Universe, they claim they know how to “manifest” anything: love, money, health…
Such people appear for the sake of the ninth house indeed… Not as its best expression but let’s take it from there…
The human condition is such that we don’t really know what life is and how it works, however we want to understand. We want to be able to suffer less and live a happy and fulfilled life instead…
We become truth seekers. We want the fountain of immortality, we want to find the Grail!
We want to know about reality and how to deal with it.
We’re ready to travel to the end of the world to find out.
I won’t talk much about travels in this article, so I’ll quickly mention here that travelling is part of ninth house symbolism, even if we travel for any other reason than a quest for ultimate knowledge – When we travel, we are on our way towards the unknown…
Seeking knowledge and wisdom, we will find beliefs and philosophies. Cultures. Sciences. Foreign countries and traditions. Strange ceremonies and magic beverages.
Other worldviews and customs challenging the validity of ours…
so much negativity.jpg
In the third house, learning was comparatively easy. We could know without a doubt the exact number of bones of a human skeleton (206 for an adult, about 270 at birth, but later some fuse together…) Two plus two were, are, and always will be four. In German a cat is a “Katze” in Spanish a “gato” and in French a “chat”.
In the ninth house, things are not that clear. We need explanations: who are we? What’s the meaning of life? Did we happen out of the blue just to feel a bit of pleasure and a lot of pain before disappearing back into the void? Is there a God? Do we have free will? Are we guilty, should we be ashamed? If yes, why?
What is reality? What are the laws behind the facts? What can we know?
Science provides a number of answers…. which lead to more questions. Our “worldview” is never a certainty. It is made of limited knowledge and a lot of beliefs…
When I was studying psychology, I came across an article about “Implicit theories of personality”. Let me explain: some people give money to charities. We are likely to say that they are “generous”. We think that “generosity” is a personality trait. However, according to the social scientist personality traits don’t exist:
Someone who behaves with generosity in certain circumstances may not behave generously in other circumstances… Someone can be generous with money but mean with their time. Someone can be generous with the members of their family and not with the local community, or vice versa…
If generosity was a personality trait, like we assume spontaneously when we say that someone IS generous, then this trait should be expressed consistently…
Our mental representation that personalities are made of characteristic traits is only a gross approximation, if not a complete illusion…
Anyway. This article is not about personality theories, but about the ninth house and the problem of knowledge: everyone of us needs to get an idea of what kind of world we are living in and what kind of beings we are, and it’s complicated!
We mix knowledge and beliefs, opinions and dogmas to create a “map of reality”- our worldview- and we navigate through life according to its indications.
In my own natal chart, Chiron is galloping in the ninth house. The healing journey of my life includes questioning the wounded map. Let me take you on a tour…
A big problem is that we don’t have a single and coherent worldview. Instead, we have many fragments.
On a fragment, we may believe that God or the Universe will provide for whatever we need. It’s written in the Gospel :”Look for the things of the Heavenly Kingdom and the rest will be added unto you” If you belong to the Christian Faith, these are the words of God and He was not joking.
People belonging to the New Age community say a similar thing, with other words: the Universe will provide…
However, on another fragment of the worldview, it is said that you must work hard to get what you want. You may worship God’s words telling you that everything you need will be provided on Sundays, but you go to work on Monday anyway.
On another fragment it is said that the Universe won’t provide unless you take the trouble to focus your thoughts in order to attract whatever you desire. The law of attraction seems to me nothing but an alternative way to work hard at making things happen….
…But what if our current reality was already the manifestation of the best possible compromise between all the contradictory things we want? (That’s my belief!)
…On a fragment of our worldview it can be written that sexual desire is bad, and that the more you desire it the further away from real love you are. (Especially if outer beauty feels more attractive than inner beauty, what a shame!) ….
But on another fragment, sexuality is a sacred thing, and all the illustrations accompanying this wonderful statement show only young and beautiful couples about to co-worshipulate…
On a fragment, wisdom says that desires must be contained, otherwise they grow without limits and we become their slaves. On another fragment, our desires are expressions of our true nature and we should honour them…
One thing is sure: if our worldview is not unified and coherent, there must be wrong bits in it.
More often than not, we use the fragment we prefer according to circumstances, and we are not even aware that we have close to no control over the course of our lives…
However those who keep banging into walls may end up giving a sharp look at their inner Guidance System and realise that the mixture of fragmented knowledge and illusions they have about reality make them nothing but fools.
The quest for truth often starts from there…

Astrology of Our Vulnerable 2020 Election

Looking ahead to the 2020 Presidential Election, Rep. Adam Schiff warns that the election is enormously vulnerable to hacking and foreign influence. Who in America actually needs such a warning yours truly isn’t certain but there it is. Election rigging and gerrymandering are par for the GOP course, too, since their anti-American policies can’t win over a majority of voters to their

Take A Stab At It!

The moon is in Gemini today with Venus in Aquarius. These placements are sociable. You probably feel like getting out there and mixing it up.

The Venus Mars square that I mention on Monday is also closing (getting tighter), as we head towards the full moon in Libra, next Wednesday. Mars prods.

I have natal Mars in Libra which is a similar energy. It’s not the easiest thing to work with. You want to push people, or people push you. With the square being in Fixed signs, I doubt people flow with this.

It makes me think of people who push me. “I want my ad on your site!” They rarely take the first, “no”, for an answer.

Compare and interaction like this to one where there is easy agreement. It will make you appreciate the latter!

You can expect these social clashes over the next week but I don’t think they’ll be bad enough to prevent people from getting out there.

Mars square Venus! Drive to socialize, desire to partner, etc.

The phrase for the next week is, “Take a stab at it!”


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