Libra Full Moon


Libra Full Moon

March 20, 2019

9:42pm EDT

00 Libra 09

Spring arrives 6:59pm EDT then three hours later the Full Moon arrives at less than one half degree of Libra.  The excitement of spring will be felt by us individually (Aries) and our partners (Libra) as soon as the new season launches.

We are, of course, half way through the Pisces lunar twenty-nine day cycle where the emphasis is on letting go, tying up loose ends, healing those things we have no control of including memories and regrets.   For those who are feeling a little “off” and perhaps self -confidence is flagging, the move by the Sun into Aries (starting the first day of spring) and the full moon will lift our mood.   We may not be ready to go full on with a new project or tackle some problem but we will feel like all is not lost and we get some balance for the three-day full moon.

What is interesting is that this year we have a gift –there will be two Libra Full moons!   We are getting two rounds of finding balance and adjustments and checking in with our partners and relationships.   The timing is most auspicious due to fact that  Treasure Maps is sandwiched between both full moons.

On April 5 the Aries New Moon begins the New Lunar Year.  During that time those of us who know the power of that new moon will set aside precious time and make our personal treasure maps.  Treasure Maps are a collage or a vision board of the things we want in our lives and things we want to accomplish during the new year.  A ‘mindful diet’  “Strong health” ‘ Trip to Paris’ “New back porch’ “healthy relationships’ ‘new car’  “new job’  ‘marriage’ it can be anything that speaks to you after the Aries New Moon launches (April 5 4:30am EDT).   We have a few days to make that map and for those of us who have been doing them for a long time (waving my hand– 23 years!) we know that the maps are powerful and will manifest during the year, (some years more than others) but many will experience manifestations by summer.    The two full moons will be bringing us information that will support what we want in our maps and the year and remind us the importance of our relationships and finding balance.  This is a gift indeed!

In the chart of this full moon we have a pronounced Chiron which puts emphasis on personal identity, showing the world who we are, going our own way, finding our inner warrior and showing up for self in a new manner.     Given it is Chiron there is some lesson around independence and doing our own thing that is uncomfortable.   We must fight through the uncomfortable and just do it.  Luckily the Libra full moon reminds us we are never alone.   The work may be ours to do but there are people cheering us on, offering advice and reminding us of our strength.   This full moon could show you that there are people supporting you whom you might not even know –a perfect stranger may give you a little ‘boost’.    Then when we get to the second Libra Full moon we will have the planet Uranus influencing us and that is much different from Chiron. Expect surprises then.

Libra’s ruling planet Venus squares off with Mars on the 3/21 so there could be sparks.  Values that are noble could be at odds with practical actions.   Luckily Libra moon can remind Venus to take a breath and ‘this too will pass’ .    And of course the real reward of this Libra Full moon is the power of finding your balance in the face of anything –that is a gift!

Top Tips For The Equinox


The Sun enters Aries this week on March 20, 2019 at 21:58 GMT. This is the Sun’s annual ‘fresh start’ as it moves to 0 degrees Aries and begins a new cycle of the zodiac. Western astrology is aligned to the seasonal points, the Summer & Winter Solstice in June and December, The Spring & Autumnal Equinoxes in March and September.

This is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere (Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere). In honour of the Sun’s new zodiac cycle, here’s how to make the most of this pivotal point in the year.

1. Spring Into Action

There’s a physical quality to Aries, due to the fact that this is a competitive sign and Aries likes to win. Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, is linked to strength & stamina and martial arts are named after the God of War.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or you’re leaping into a yogic warrior pose every morning, this is the perfect time to start a physical activity that makes you feel strong and invincible.

2. Healthy Habits

Many people use the start of the year to begin a New Year’s resolution and commit to healthy habits. Dry January is a regular fixture in our house. Yet, it makes more sense to use the Equinox energy to focus on your health. The weather is less grim and cold and summer means less clothes!

Start a detox, eat smaller portions or any other new habit that boosts your energy levels. The Sun in Aries takes place during Lent, a four week chapter which completes on April 19th. You might decide it’s not about giving something up for you. Instead, add a daily habit or some healthy tweaks to your diet or routine. Honour your body. Aries mantra: “my body is a temple”.

3. Be Spontaneous

Fire signs, like Aries, are the ‘just do it’ brigade. Aries in particular is the expert at starting something new. This isn’t about the mind and thinking things through. Instead it’s about spontaneous action, immediacy, acting without thinking.

This can be seen as foolish, which is why The Fool card in the Tarot is linked to Aries energy, the first card of the tarot deck. There’s a naive innocence to the sign of Aries. Yet, how many times do you look back on your life and think ‘if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be where I am now’.

IMPORTANT NOTE. During the Equinox, communication planet, Mercury, remains retrograde. Therefore, think of the next few weeks as key stepping stones, leading you closer towards your goals. The important dates are March 28th, when Mercury turns direct, April 5th, the New Moon in Aries & April 17th, the day Mercury enters Aries. Take one step at a time and set your intentions now.

4. March Into Spring

Aries is the sign of the crusader, the white knight of the zodiac, ready to go into battle to fight a good cause. Mars is God of War in mythology. This is the perfect time of year to join a march, stand up for what you believe in, defend the weak and fight for peoples’ rights.

An independent sign, Aries understands that you only need one person to make a difference. One small act can impact in a huge way. Don’t wait for other people to start a revolution. If there’s something you feel strongly about, here’s your opportunity.

5. The Sap Is Rising

Mars rules your libido and it’s the planet linked to sexuality and passion. The birds and the bees are getting in on the act at this time of year and new life is budding. You only need to step out into the countryside or go for a walk to notice that the animal world is starting to feel frisky.

Plus, sex has a huge number of physical benefits as it releases oxytocin and other feel-good hormones into your body, which can ease pain, boost your mood, even help smooth your wrinkles! In the words of Aries soul-singer Marvin Gaye (b. April 2 1939), ‘Let’s get it on’.

6. Big Yourself Up

If you’ve seen a true Aries in action, they are not afraid to tell you how good they are at their job or to reel off their impressive list of credentials. Aries tends to be brilliant at self-advertisement, even if it sometimes can flip into arrogance or boasting.

Yet, diva like behaviour isn’t always a bad thing as it gets you noticed and it’s a good thing to love yourself. In a world where modesty is a revered quality, it doesn’t do any harm to let the world know who you are. Celebrate your individuality and focus on your personal strengths. Be more Aries and let your confident self do the talking.

7. Sow Seeds

Aries is the initiator of the zodiac, where new beginnings take place and new life comes into being. This is the ideal time of year to sow seeds, whether you’re doing so in your garden or greenhouse or in life in general. What small steps can you take right now that will plant an acorn or a seed in someone’s ear that can grow into something bigger over time?

Even if you don’t have a clear picture of where you’re heading, what you start can lead you down a new path in life. Some projects will work out, some will fall by the wayside, just like seeds – some germinate, some never make it. Yet the more seeds you sow, the greater your chance of success.

Where To Make A Fresh Start?

Here’s a quick guide to specific areas where renewal or a fresh start are recommended. Read both your Sun Sign and your Ascendant sign, if you know it:

  • Aries: Your image, profile, name; how the world sees you
  • Taurus: Your inner world, self care, retreat, your spiritual life
  • Gemini: Your social life, group connections; you out in the world
  • Cancer: Your career & vocation in life; your status & reputation
  • Leo: Your lust for travel or knowledge; the bigger picture, your beliefs
  • Virgo: Your joint finances & shared resources; the metaphysical world
  • Libra: Your relationships, personal & professional; your enemies
  • Scorpio: Your work & routine; your lifestyle & health
  • Sagittarius: Your love of play, where you find joy; children, love affairs, creativity
  • Capricorn: Your home & family; your past & where you come from
  • Aquarius: Your community; the way you communicate & get from A to B
  • Pisces: Your personal money; what you value highly in life

Happy Equinox!

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Full Moon Libra: Taking Sides


Full Moon [0 Libra 09]

– March 21, 2019 (01:43 GMT)

This week’s Full Moon is one of the most important Full Moons of the year, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it takes place only a few hours after the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries. The light of the Sun (consciousness, clarity) and the light of the Moon (knowingness, intuition) peak at the same time. Inner & outer are closely aligned.

Also, this Full Moon takes place at 0 degrees of the Aries/Libra axis, a potent degree. In four weeks time, on April 19th, there’s a second Full Moon cutting across the same axis of the zodiac at 29 degrees Aries/Libra, another potent degree. Therefore, what comes to light during this Full Moon resonates and repeats in four weeks time. A beginning & an ending.

Finally, the Sun sits next to Chiron at 1 degree Aries during the Full Moon. Therefore, themes of healing and wounding, insight and forgiveness are strong during this first Full Moon in Libra. If your birthday is this week, expect a powerful time of illumination and revelation.

Aries/Libra Axis

During the Full Moon, the Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships, opposing the Sun in Aries. This axis of the zodiac is about the self (Aries) v. the other (Libra) and this is where we learn about relationships. A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities by its very nature. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the heavens look at each other from across the zodiac.

The relationship theme is especially prevalent during these two Full Moons in Libra. The challenge may be how you keep your own identity when you’re in relationship to others, either personally or professionally.

Relationships are great teachers but can be tricky to negotiate when a union or partnership lasts for a long time. You see more closely the balance of the scales (Libra’s zodiac symbol) as they swing up and down. At times, you’re perfectly aligned. Often, you’re out of sync, even if only slightly.

The ‘two peas in a pod’ scenario may be the perfect goal for some. Yet, the deeper learning comes from seeing and understanding yourself in relation to others. Sometimes, that learning is greatest when your scales are out of balance. When you dive deep into love or another key partnership in your life, you hold up a mirror revealing more about yourself.

Taking Sides

This week’s Full Moon in Libra comes at a time when our world feels out of balance and we are seeing the huge divides within society. Venus rules Libra and, on the day of the Full Moon, Venus is square to Mars. Us versus them; me versus you is not an ideal way to play out this Full Moon energy. That’s the danger, falling into extremism, taking sides.

Instead, focus on Libra’s strengths and aim for relationships based on equality and fairness. Find the places where you unite with other people, our common ground. After all, Venus is currently in Aquarius, the sign ruling the collective.

Plus, Venus in Aquarius makes a positive sextile aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the same day as the Full Moon/Venus square Mars combination. Jupiter rules faith, Sagittarius rules truth. The Venus/Jupiter connection is the way to rise above petty squabbles & ugly divisions within society. Be philosophical about your own relationship challenges. When in doubt, know that Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules love & Love.

You can be pulled in different directions during this Full Moon phase or find a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other.

It’s worth remembering that a relationship is a product of two people together and sometimes you have little or no say over what the other person says or does. The decisions you make when a relationship’s not working out are just as important as the ones you make when a relationship’s going well.

The Houses/Areas of Life

Aries and Libra symbolism focuses on relationships for everyone but these two signs rule specific areas of your life. These areas are where balance may currently be required. Notice whether your scales are out of kilter or closely aligned. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Personal goals & self care/relationships & one-on-one partnership
  • Taurus: Retreat & recuperation/work, service, health & fitness
  • Gemini: Friends, groups & networks/self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Cancer: Career & vocation/home & family
  • Leo: Travel & exploration, seeking meaning/life close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Virgo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources/personal possessions & values
  • Libra: Relationships & one-on-one partnership/personal goals & self care
  • Scorpio: Work, service, health & fitness/retreat & recuperation
  • Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs/friends, groups & networks
  • Capricorn: Home & family/career & vocation
  • Aquarius: Life close to home, neighbours & siblings/ travel & exploration, seeking meaning
  • Pisces: Personal possessions & values/other peoples’ money & joint resources

Happy Full Moon Libra

Aim for Balance, not Division

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Mercury Retrograde : A Time For Reflection

Mercury Aqua & Purple Circle

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioning ability of man to evaluate his life by a conscious endeavor. – Henry David Thoreau

Once again, Mercury retrograde is upon us. The winged messenger will be doing it’s thing in apparent backward movement from March 5, 2019 until March 29, 2019.

For many of us, this time of year brings a wave of concerns about issues related communication and the transmission of information.

One of the features that makes astrology incredibly rich is the diversity of perspectives that we have to draw from. It’s an extremely eclectic art. There are a myriad of viewpoints that you can expose yourself to regarding any given astrological phenomenon. All which may be quite valid and applicable.

For those who may not know:

retrograde motion is the apparent backward motion of a planet. During this time, the drives or principles related to the said planet may not be able to express themselves in as forthright and powerful manner as when the planet is moving forward, or in direct motion. However the modus operandi here is to engage in the internalization of the planetary principles at hand.


So…. what does the planet Mercury symbolize?

The principle or drive to communicate, the exchange of ideas, what we think about, intellect, speech, the distribution and medium for all types of information, the written, printed and spoken word.

Mercury is similar to a messenger. It’s impersonal. The energy is more geared toward the distribution of information than placing a particular label on it like “good” bad”, etc.

We’re all familiar with the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” aren’t we?  We may even go as far as to say that the use of the information isn’t even of great concern, but “getting the word out” is paramount.

it’s accurate to say that the energy is ripe for communication breakdowns, travel delays, mis-speaking, mis-quoting, not receiving phone calls, e-mails, faxes and texts. By all means, we will want to “double up” and use our avenues of communication to the fullest extent.

However, another perspective worth considering is that Mercury retrograde can also serve us as a period of personal review and assessmentA time of reflection.

We can capitalize on the energies of this phase by engaging in deep introspection regarding the validity and workability of the strategies, ideas, and methods we’ve been employing in our daily lives.


If we view our lives as a book, Mercury Rx is the editing stage before we put our words “out there” for people to read. We cross our t’s and dot our i’s.

Astrologer Erin Sullivan states: 

“When Mercury goes retrograde, it seems to be an appropriate time for redoing, rethinking, reassessing, reevaluating- anything with the prefix re- in front of it.

“A Mercury retrograde period is a time to catch up on things, to complete unfinished projects, to write that letter you’ve been meaning to write or pay that long outstanding bill, and generally to reassess the affairs of the house or area of life through which it is moving backward, and to plan your next move in this domain.” 

“It may not be the right time to take action on your plan, but it is a time to plot out future moves for when it turns direct again.” (Source “The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality” a seminar by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas)

If we examine critically enough, this perspective can be applied to virtually every area of our lives. Let’s re- review, re-examine and re-edit, so we can emerge from this period with a renewed and clearer sense of direction.

Mars in Cancer

Cancer Circle

With Mars in Cancer, the use of one’s personal initiative and the application of will is applied tenaciously with the power of emotional intelligence as one’s handmaiden. There’s the suggestion of fostering intimate connections and aligning one’s personal style with a quest to infiltrate or suss out undercurrents as a means to advancing one’s interests.

One’s “radar” is acute here. In the most useful sense, it’s a built-in bullshit detector. In the maladaptive sense, it’s self-defeating because of hyper-awareness leading to defense mechanisms that are nearly impossible to penetrate in order to get to the core of the REAL PERSON.

Just like the movement of the crab, objectives are approached indirectly, with the ultimate goal to make sure it’s safe to act. When security is noticeable, those carrying this energy use their ‘claws” to encase, literally or metaphorically , all of the inner and outer knowledge that they need to make informed decisions.

Please understand that the placement of Mars in Cancer itself will not “make” you this way. The way to develop this part of yourself is to actively and consciously engage with your intuitive faculties and hold space for yourself to listen to and process your instinctual and “gut” reactions.

Also, it’s important to consider the fact that there are MANY ways to get objectives accomplished and some of these strategies don’t have to be glamorous or come with a lot of fanfare. The beauty of Mars in Cancer is the ability to operate with subtlety, yet remain persistent.

The Balsamic Phase


Balsamic Moon Phase


It started March 2, 7:13 Am EST 


7:13 am EST 


Are you feeling it?   Are you feeling the changes around us?  I know I feel like I am walking on the san andreas fault during a 6.4…..every minute.   
I don’t know if I have ever experienced a Mercury shadow like I have in the last ten days.   It has punched me hard.  I keep telling my husband, “Oh, lordy I’m put on guard to dot every i and cross every t during this upcoming retrograde times 10.”    
This balsamic we will have Mercury turn retrograde and Uranus move into Taurus.   Either one of these events would be enough for a month.  But to have both of them within 24 hours and in the phase of the moon where we arguably are little off guard.   The balsamic is when we let go, we relax, we release and here we get zapped by the two planets of communication.  Mercury is how we talk to each other and Uranus is how we talk to the forces greater than our little human-ess.   Mercury is phone call to a friend Uranus is News Alert to the world and both will be loud. 

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  


Focus on How are you releasing your snobbery? How are you releasing insecurity?  How are you releasing your ‘better than’?  How are your releasing your ‘keeping up with the Joneses’? 




Special Focus:


2/5:  Mercury retrograde  29 Pisces 38  (see separate post)


2/6 Uranus enters Taurus  (see separate post) 


March 6, 2019 11:08am EST  15 Pisces 47  


Uranus Taurus – March 6.



Uranus in Taurus 


March 6, 3:26am EST 


The last day of this lunar 29 cycle, the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus will leave Aries and move into Taurus.  


Let’s go over the nitty gritty Uranus details:


Last year Uranus moved into Taurus May 15.  Then in August it retrograded.  It moved backward but still in Taurus until  one last round of Aries on November 6.  It turned direct Jan 6 at 28 Aries 35 and finally on March 6 it moves back into Taurus where it will stay until April 26, 2026. 


We’ve been discussing Uranus’ move into Taurus for many months but again let’s go over the facts all over again.   The only people old enough to remember the last time Uranus was in Taurus are 75 years +given the last time it was in Taurus was between1934-1942.     And the time before that cycle was 1850-1859.  And in the 18thcentury it was between 1767-1775.     If you look at those dates you will note the obvious, that it marked the run up to major wars.   World War II started 1939 ending in 1945.   And although it was not global, the USA civil war that started in 1860 and had worldwide consequences.  And of course the USA revolution was in 1776.   Arguably the changes that took place during the run up of Uranus in Taurus were part and parcel to the wars.    And if you look at the very core of all three wars it is impossible to not over state that issues around ‘owning’ which is THE Taurus word, were critical to the wars.     Owning land.   Owning other humans.   Owning ‘values’.  Owning freedom.     


Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and it is very practical and earth bound.   Let’s all get our head around what is Taurus: money, possessions, properties, land, banking, insurance, stock exchange, farming, gardens, cattle, cereal crops, wheat, apples agriculture, retirements, as you can see a very practical and grounded list.     Taurus can be jealous, inflexible, self indulgent, greedy, possessive and very risk averse.   


The great conundrum for this period is the fact that Taurus has tremendous dislike for anything unpredictable and Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and these two will be doing their strange dance for seven years.   


Uranus speaks to electricity, technology, uniqueness, discovery, innovation and originality along with enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty and ingenuity.  Nice, right?  Yes.  But it is also very rebellious (without a reason), reactive, disconnected and can put theory above human condition making it very COLD.   


Looking back on the last cycle we see the ingenuity of Uranus with the birth of Radar (1935) Nylon (1937) Kodachrome color (1935)  and the peoples’ car Volkswagen (1938) but of course we also had the Third Reich,  land and property grabs by various nations and regimes.   And of course the seeds of vile hatred and racism that led to the holocaust.    In the 1850’s the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published (1852) the Republican party was born (1854) and the Panama railway (1855) was built connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Visionary? Yes.  Very Uranus.   Also the slave versus free states was a constant drumbeat in the 1850’s ending with the election of Republican Lincoln, which launched the Civil War in 1860.   


If we could go back in time and talk to anyone in the 1930s, 1850’s and 1760’s we would have a lot to say but it is hard to imagine any of us marginalizing Adolf Hitler and his friends.   It would also be nice if we could tell Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, “Hey before you break away from England, why don’t you get rid of slavery first!”  That would certainly have helped us later in 1860.    


Now the question is where are we repeating our own versions of the 1760s, 1850s and 1930s?  Interestingly there are contemporary scholars who know nothing about astrology who are bringing up all three of those decades and the ties to the current era.   Do a little google search and you will find the parallels.   


Taurus will speak a lot about peace and harmony and to its credit it really does appreciate both, however with Uranus the question is, “Peace at what cost?” 


Issues around the working class is very Taurus and no doubt Uranus will throw his lightening bolt into that direction.  Taurus is one of the most dedicated workers at any job.  But with Uranus the question will be  who has a job?  Who does not? What job is being replaced by a machine or a computer?  And where do we need to be visionary?   In 1935 the WPA (Work Programs Administration)  was launched.   Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, sidewalks, playgrounds, swimming pools etc were built all over the country.  The funding for WPA was through the federal government but the goal was not just to support new infrastructure (very Taurus) it was also to teach workers new job skills (again, very Taurus).     What group of people would benefit by new job skills?  Where does artisanal work need to be learned or encouraged?    Where do we need new infrastructure?   


We should see issues around money and who has access to it along with other issues of class status and inequities.  In some ways Uranus in Taurus was meant to have this experience in 2018 better than previous centuries if for no other reason, social media now exists.   Can you imagine if selfies around during the 1930s Depression?  Or during slavery?    God knows Benjamin Franklin would have been yammering on his Instagram account.     Uranus the planet of change will be thrilled to use our current technology as it activates those issues around resources and lack of them or lack of access.   And of course, we would be remiss to not discuss the possibility of new currencies and cyber influences on stock markets.   What vulnerabilities exist to our electrical grids?   How is the internet and computers influencing all our resources for good or bad?   Uranus will find any issue and bring it out for us to see.  And as we know, Uranus is not subtle.  


Food issues will certainly come up with Uranus’ trek in Taurus. It is not so much the food on your plate because that actually is ruled by Cancer.  This is more about how food is grown.   How is livestock handled?  How is food processed?    There is a real opportunity for more organic and humane processes but that will not be without some kind noisy event that speaks to current day troubling practices. Uranus will find it and put it out there for all of us to see.   Cheap food is no bargain when it jeopardizes health.    We should all probably be prepared to be disgusted and scared on some level before change takes place. 


And probably 2018 – 2026 will be all about climate change.    It won’t be easy because there are those who have their opinion that it is made up.  But the facts will be the facts and droughts, strange rain patterns, storms, hurricanes etc will roll through.   Uranus will hopefully come up with some important technology and solutions as we tackle to save sea walls, beaches, barrier islands, forests, deserts, fresh water, clean air and everything else that is part of Earth as we know it.  For that we thank god Uranus is in Taurus.  


For those people who are trying to hold onto the status quo without looking inward and asking, “Am I holding on too hard in any place in my life?”  If you know your chart, look to the house that has Taurus and be prepared to let in change.    Taurus when it misbehaves comes up with Plan A and has no ability to go back to scratch and come up with plan B.  Instead it will hold Plan A in its hand until everything is gone except for the two fingers holding the plan.  Let’s find some flexibility and let Uranus work it’s ingenuity and remember,  “I don’t know what I don’t know” that is a place of openness.  We need it with Uranus.