New Moon Libra: Endings & Beginnings

New Moon 23 Libra

October 16, 2020 (20:31 GMT+1)

This week’s major astrology is leading up to the New Moon, the start of a new moon cycle on October 16th, one of the most pivotal New Moons of the year.

This month’s New Moon takes place in Libra, one of the air signs, symbolising balance and the search to find peace and harmony in life. Traditionally, a New Moon is a chance for new beginnings.

However, this week’s astrology has a different flavour to it as the Sun in Libra is in conflict with Jupiter, Mars, Pluto & Saturn – see aspects below. As Pluto & Saturn are pulled in tight to the New Moon, there’s a theme of endings, roadblocks or dead-ends.

Something new is beginning but it’s linked to restriction or limitation, events out of your control. During this New Moon, the balance of the scales is out. There is discord rather than agreement.

In Capricorn, Saturn represents the authorities and Pluto exposes the dark underbelly of power and corruption. Capricorn rules big business, the government and Pluto in Capricorn is the plutocrat, the power elite.

For many people, this currently feels like a world out of balance. If it helps at all, the cosmos seems to be in agreement.

Clashes With The Sun Libra

Here’s the run of aspects that the Sun in Libra makes throughout the week. The Moon in Libra will make the same aspects on the day of the New Moon, Friday 16th October. The New Moon is exact at 23 Libra 53.

  • Sun 18 Libra square Jupiter 18 Capricorn – Sunday 11 October
  • Sun 20 Libra opposite Mars R 20 Aries – Wednesday 14 October
  • Sun 22 Libra square Pluto 22 Capricorn – Thursday 15 October
  • Sun 25 Libra square Saturn 25 Capricorn – Sunday 18 October

As the Sun is in Libra, it’s important to note who you might be up against or in conflict with. It could be a tricky week for partnership or finding out who your enemies are. The Sun in Libra reminds us that kindness & tolerance are worthy goals.

There’s likely to be more opposition to what’s happening around the world with regard to governments & leadership. This is the theme of the Moon (the people) clashing with the planets in Capricorn – we can expect more discord & disagreement with the rules & regulations from the top.

Hold on to the thought that some things need to break down before they can be rebuilt. In your own life, focus more on what you love and less on what you hate.

Libra is the star sign that rules relating, your 1-to-1 relationships and partnerships. A New Moon in Libra is a reminder that each day is a new day and you can choose to be kind & caring, to help others, to reach out, to connect.

These are not easy times for many people – notice who’s struggling and be there for them. If that’s you, the New Moon is the ideal time to reach out and ask for help 🙂


When Christina & I talked about this month’s astrology on our popular podcast, we picked out this New Moon date as significant for the virus/lockdown. You can find the link to listen in here: Podcast.

Back in January, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction fell at 22 Capricorn 46 & Pluto is back at the same point in the zodiac (the release date is November 7, 2020 when it finally starts to move away).

The first New Moon of 2021 is also pulled in to the pattern as it falls at 23 Capricorn 13 on January 13, 2021 completing the cycle.

It’s important to play the long game now, to recognise what you can and can’t do within the limits, rules & regulations in place.

The end of 2020 brings a significant shift as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius takes place. New ideas, beliefs and values are being reborn as we recognise what’s not working and what needs to change within our societies.

Here are the areas of your life that Libra rules. For your personal guide, check out your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries – love & relationships
  • Taurus – job & health
  • Gemini – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project
  • Cancer – home & family
  • Leo – local community & ideas
  • Virgo – money & values
  • Libra – personal goals & self image
  • Scorpio – retreat & secrets
  • Sagittarius – friends & wider society
  • Capricorn – career & status
  • Aquarius – travel, study & deeper meaning
  • Pisces – shared finances & resources

Make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon at the weekend.

May it bring you guidance and clarity.

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Mercury Retrograde: More Questions Than Answers

Mercury turns retrograde [11 Scorpio 39] 

– Wednesday 14 October (02:04 GMT+1)

Mercury turns into its trickster archetype as it switches direction and begins to retreat through the zodiac this week. This Mercury cannot be trusted easily in Scorpio, the sign of secrets.

There could be mischievous or dangerous shenanigans, clever & manipulative moves, foxy behaviour & charismatic cons. Keep your wits about you over the next three weeks until Mercury turns direct on November 3rd. 

Don’t make major decisions or investments unless you have to. And, do read the small print carefully if you are signing or sealing a contract.  This is not the best time to making important decisions.

Plot & plan – yes -, be enquiring and questioning – yes. Yet, know that November’s turning points on November 3rd (Mercury direct) & November 14th (Mars direct) are way better for getting things done.

Making The Most of Mercury Retrograde

Yet, there are always positives during Mercury retrograde and ways you can use this ‘down-time’ of the communication planet successfully. Here are some ideas for you:

  • become a huge fan of the re-words, i.e. reflect, review, reassess, rework, rethink
  • focus on the past as this is where you can find delightful gems & nuggets of wisdom
  • don’t give up but try again as Mercury retrograde is the King of second chances. The most powerful time to act is a day or two before Mercury turns to direct motion
  • be quiet, listen to your inner voice & engage in magical thinking
  • slow down, be quiet, allow yourself to be guided rather than try to forge ahead
  • be flexible when you’re out and about. Instead of going directly from A to B, explore routes C, D & E
  • be more tolerant & patient with others – remember that the truth can be skewed when Mercury’s in retreat
  • be more tolerant & patient with yourself – be open-minded and learn from your mistakes
  • be more tolerant & patient with life – if your plans change use this as an experiment to find joy in the unexpected
  • look at life upside down, change your perspective
  • think backwards. Did you know that if you walk a few steps backwards and then try and solve a problem, you have greater mental control? Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but apparently it’s true

Mercury In Scorpio – Repeating Patterns

This time last year, Mercury dived deep into Scorpio from October 4 to December 9, 2019. Once again, Mercury, the planet of communication & the mind, is immersing itself in the star sign of secrets, privacy, subterfuge, all things hidden & taboo. It spends a similar amount of time in Scorpio, although this year Mercury turns direct at 25 Libra.

You may sense a repeating pattern playing out in your life during the period, especially wherever Scorpio is located in your birth chart.

This can be a powerful Mercury retrograde phase to retreat, seek solitude & quiet in your life, be self-analytical & self-enquiring. It’s ideal for detective work, research & laser focus.

Last year, Mercury turned retrograde at 27 Scorpio and direct at 11 Scorpio on November 21, 2019. This is the exact same degree where Mercury is now heading backwards, turning inwards.

Therefore, you may encounter key events that you need to re-examine or re-assess linked to events last November.

The Uranus Factor

Mercury retrograde is always a time when you need to be flexible and adaptable. Plans can change suddenly and diversions are likely. This theme is intensified during this particular Mercury Retrograde phase. This is because Mercury stations retrograde opposite Uranus.

Mercury opposes Uranus on October 7th, October 20th & November 17th. During the oppositions, Mercury & Uranus are at 8 or 9 degrees Scorpio & Taurus respectively. This ‘hot spot’ is where life may be especially lively for you now.

In traditional astrology, Mercury represented the astrologer, the messenger of the Gods who was capable of passing between different worlds or realms.  In modern astrology, Uranus, the planet of unconventionality, is linked to the astrologer who stands outside of conventional culture and dares to walk the path less travelled.

Through the astrologer’s mediation, the power of symbol comes alive and the astrology ‘speaks’ to you. You’re able to access a new way of thinking, a fresh perspective. How Mercury-Uranus is that?

Oppositions are challenging, however, and the Mercury-Uranus opposition raises questions but doesn’t always offer answers. You think you know what you want, then you change your mind.

You look at life or an issue from one angle and then try a different angle. It can be fun and enlightening, also frustrating and confusing. It’s often a time when ‘life has other plans’.

Yet, this is a really important time to be questioning what’s happening both personally and collectively.  Mercury’s link to Uranus is a reminder not to fall into conventional ways of thinking. Freedom of speech & thought is a key symbol of these two powerful planetary archetypes.

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Pisces October Horoscope 2020

Pisces October 2020, milky way


The big event for you this month is the Jupiter-Neptune aspect on the 12th. In the topsy turvy month of October, Jupiter and Neptune remind you not to lose hope and faith and to keep tight hold of your dreams.

These two boundless, creative planets are your co-rulers, Jupiter currently in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector, Neptune in Pisces and your personal sector. Ultimately, this is about your hopes and wishes and your belief in your future goals.

These two planets met back in February 2020 and again in July 2020. This is their third and final connection this year. They flow both ways.

In other words, what you give, you receive in return. Favour friendship and connections during this bounteous and artistically mutually beneficial alliance. Find your escape from the everyday, the mundane.

Money Matters

The mundane side of life could present challenges this month. Money is the big one. The Sun is in Libra and your joint finance sector until the 22nd and Mars is retrograde in Aries and your personal money sector throughout October.

This is where things could get heated and the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st and the New Moon in Libra on the 16th will point the way. If you have to discuss or debate financial negotiations, don’t expect things to be straightforward.

The 9th, 13th and 19th are the trickiest dates. Perhaps, use the New Moon in Libra on the 16th for a smoother negotiation. Either way, compromise is required.

And, with Mars on go slow, try and put off any major investments or transactions until Mars is back up to speed mid-November. Until then, keep your cards close to your chest and rework your strategy. This is a good month to be thorough and ensure you know all your options.

Mercury Retrograde

Communication planet, Mercury, also turns retrograde in October on the 14th. Mercury is in Scorpio and your travel and education sector and it’s here where there may be delays or frustration.

Mercury retrograde themes are often about communication chaos. It’s important that you allow extra time and flexibility if you’re travelling or taking a test or exam.

Don’t leave anything until the last minute and double check your plans and paperwork. Know that life could step in to stop you in your tracks. Do what you can within your limits.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to get away if you can, to be somewhere different and take time out.

Allow yourself space and time to dream and contemplate and line up future plans, even if you can’t get ahead this month. Research, study and gather information, especially if you’re planning a big move next year.

When Life Has Other Plans

Be flexible and adaptable this month. Remember that you’re one of the mutable signs of the zodiac and dual-natured. Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and unpredictability, is also in action on the 7th, 20th and during the second Full Moon of the month, on the 31st. This Full Moon is a Blue Moon.

Uranus springs surprises and if you want to expand your horizons or visit relatives, be ready to act fast. Also, know that the opposite may occur and you have to change plans rapidly.

Yet, sometimes it’s when life creates diversions that you end up on an unexpected journey that’s no less worthwhile. Be open to new learnings in October as life could take you down an unexpected path that leads to revelation and awakening.

Venus In Virgo

Finally, know that you have love planet Venus in Virgo and your relationship sector from the 2nd to the 8th. Lean on the one you love, be there for loved ones. Relationships and partnership are your key support throughout the month of October.

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Aquarius October Horoscope 2020

Aquarius October 2020, aurora

If October is going to teach you anything, it’s that you must be patient and can’t expect things to work out straightaway. Two of the inner planets are on go slow this month, so there’s a theme of retracing your steps and potential delays or frustrations.

Mars Retrograde

The main planet retrograde is Mars, the action planet. Mars is currently in Aries and your communication sector.

Traditionally, Mars in Aries wants to travel from A to B fast and get things moving. That may not be possible while Mars is in retreat and this is why you could feel frustrated.

Mars in Aries can be argumentative as well as passionate, hurtful as well as go-getting. Also, Mars runs into other significant planets throughout October, the key dates being the 9th and 19th. Choose your battles carefully.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 1st could point the way forward for you. This lights up your travel and study sectors.

It’s not going to be easy now if you are held back or unable to embrace the freedom you want or need. This month’s astrology requires the art of patience but it doesn’t mean do nothing.

Mars opposes the Sun in Libra and your travel sector on the 13th. Get active if this feels right for you. Mars in Aries needs to move.

Plus, the New Moon on the 16th falls in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. At the very least, ensure you have plans B, C and D up your sleeve and be extra flexible and adaptable throughout October.

Mars in Aries is the activist and you could get caught up in arguments or disputes this month. Take care where you channel your energy and know that tempers could flare and fast.

If you want to join a protest this month, your stars look lively, although you need to be wary of getting arrested or being limited in some other way.

Mercury Retrograde

October is a good month to be thinking about what next and reviewing your current work situation or future path. This is because communication planet Mercury is in Scorpio and your career and vocation sector until the 28th and is joined by the Sun in Scorpio on the 22nd.

However, be aware that Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th and is on go slow until early November. This is the time to go back over old ground, look up old contacts and think second chances.

If you can take time out to rework your future strategy or goals, do so. Seeds that are sown this month could transform your current career or life situation further down the line.

Uranus Kicks In

To add to the topsy turvy feel of this month’s astrology, your co-ruler Uranus is also in action. Uranus opposes Mercury on the 7th and 20th and is caught up in a lively Full Moon on the 31st, the second Full Moon in October, a Blue Moon.

The Mercury-Uranus oppositions indicate debates or disputes. Uranus demands freedom of speech and you may sense the humanitarian side of your nature seeking expression.

The Full Moon could coincide with a sudden decision on your part to leave a job or to move home. Alternatively, life could step in and open the door for change. Personal relationships could be another catalyst for moving on.

It’s hard to stay still this month and it’s wise to react and respond quickly when necessary. Know, however, that the picture will shift again come November.

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Sagittarius Horoscope October 2020

Sagittarius October 2020, cosmos


Your planet Jupiter is in one of the most helpful and supportive planetary aspects this month. Jupiter in Capricorn and your personal money sector aligns with Neptune in Pisces and your home and family sector on the 12th.

This alliance between these two boundless and creative planets began in February 2020. They reconnected in July 2020 and this is their third and final connection.

Basically, it’s where you find hope and faith in life. You may receive a gift or great advice. A property deal completes or there’s reason to celebrate with your family. In the midst of some tricky astrology in October, it’s important to cheer the wins.

Full & New Moons

On the whole, however, this could turn out to be an emotional month. There are two Full Moons on the 1st and 31st and a New Moon in social Libra on the 16th. Libra rules friendships and group activities in your horoscope and it’s here where there’s lively astrology.

Be wary of what you promise and try not to get overly involved in disputes or conflict. You will want to help others where possible but keep your money in your pocket and choose your battles wisely.

Mars Retrograde

Know too that this is a month when delays and frustrations are inevitable as two of the inner planets are on go slow. Firstly, action planet Mars is in retreat in fire sign Aries.

Mars in Aries wants to play and have fun but when it’s retrograde, things don’t always work out. The trickiest dates for Mars are the 9th, 13th and 19th.

Keep close tabs on children and lovers during this phase as these are the people highlighted in your life with Mars in reverse mode in Aries. It’s a month when you may have to react and respond quickly.

As one of the spontaneous fire signs, this is how you like to live your life. You don’t appreciate it when you’re told what you can and can’t do.

Mercury Retrograde

The other planet retrograde this month is Mercury, the communication planet. Mercury is in Scorpio and the most hidden sector of your horoscope for most of the month until the 28th. And, Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th.

This is about rest and retreat for you and creating time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Take time out so you can be quiet and listen to your inner voice, your intuition.

There might be a specific reason why you need to slow things down, perhaps due to ill-health or the fact that you’re caring for someone close.

This is an important month to listen to your dreams as they can provide you with key insights and understanding. The Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 25th may lead to revelation or awakening. This could be in a spiritual context or something which helps you learn more about yourself.

The theme of second chances is strong during this period and it’s a time when you may feel more closely connected to your karma and what’s gone before.

Certainly, there’s a sense that what you give you receive in return. Notice who steps forward to help you and see where you feel pulled. Whom do you want to help or serve and why?

A Lively Full Moon

Changes at work or within your own routine could come thick and fast this month too. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, is lively on the 7th, 20th and 31st, the day of the second Full Moon in October, a Blue Moon.

These are good dates to start something new. October requires adaptability and flexibility. It’s a month when life really does have other plans.

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Capricorn Horoscope October 2020

Capricorn October 2020, night sky

Capricorn Power

On the 4th, power planet Pluto turns direct in your star sign Capricorn. This is the last of the big three planets, including Jupiter and Saturn, to turn direct in your star sign.

This is important for you as there’s power and weight in Capricorn and all three planets are now moving in the right direction. This is your cue to keep your eye on the goal and push to complete an important project or plan by the end of the year.

Plus, this month you have the Sun in Libra and your career and vocation sector until the 22nd. Some of you may be exceptionally busy, especially if you work in a pressured environment or you have an influential role in life.

It might be hard not to aim high this month and you could be called upon to step up your game and prioritise your work or a vocational role. The New Moon in Libra on the 16th could be significant in this respect, a symbol of new beginnings.

Mars Retrograde

Where things may not be progressing as smoothly is at home or with your friends. The personal side of life could get caught up in what else is going on out in the world.

It may be as simple as not having time for the ones you love. Or, perhaps you’re having to juggle work/home life because you’re currently working from home.

This is because Mars is retrograde in Aries and your home and family sector throughout October. Mars retrograde can indicate delays or frustrations in the areas concerned. If you’re trying to sell a property, be patient. If you’ve got the builders in, it’s going to be noisy and disruptive.

Where family are concerned, this month doesn’t favour big heart-to-hearts as there’s some tricky astrology. The key dates are the Full Moon on the 1st, the 9th, 13th and 19th. Try not to get pulled into an ongoing conflict or dispute and don’t waste your energy on arguments that go round in circles.

Mercury Retrograde

Communication planet Mercury also turns retrograde this month on the 14th. Mercury is currently in Scorpio and your friendship and group sector. Therefore, here too there could be misunderstandings.

Or, you may not have time for good friends or be parted because of events beyond your control. Mercury retrograde is a classic time to get in touch with or hear from people from your past.

A Lively Full Moon

Uranus is in action this month too, the planet of spontaneity and unpredictability. This indicates that plans could chop and change suddenly. You need to be flexible and adaptable, especially when it comes to social events.

Uranus in Taurus lights up your children & romance sectors and these areas of life are undoubtedly lively.

The Full Moon on the 31st could prove extra exciting as Uranus brings its mischief to the game. A spontaneous love affair? An unexpected pregnancy? Be aware that when Uranus is in action, anything goes.

Venus In Virgo

If you’re looking for a quieter pace, turn to Venus in Virgo from the 2nd to the 28th. This is your guide to peace and harmony. Venus is in your travel and study sector.

Perhaps, you’re living somewhere different this month. Or, you’re in love with knowledge and learning. Foreign connections are glowing brightly while Venus graces your travel sector.

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Scorpio Horoscope October 2020

Scorpio October 2020, milky way

October could prove to be one of the trickiest months for you. However, don’t let that stop you taking steps in the right direction, even if it means taking two steps forward and one step back.

Mars Retrograde

There are a few reasons why this month looks unpredictable for you. Firstly, your traditional ruler Mars remains retrograde throughout October. Mars represents action and passion, grit and determination. When Mars is on go slow, sometimes you feel out of control. Or, you’re not the one in charge.

Mars retreats back through Aries and your work and health sector. You may have to reboot or rediscover your ambition, your mojo. Or, you find that life has other plans for you and you encounter obstacles and delays.

Yet, Mars in Aries needs to be active whether you’re getting fit, letting go, decluttering or taking action regardless. Try not to let negative emotions kick in, especially on or around the 9th, 13th and 19th.

You could hear news that stops you in your tracks on or around these dates. Either way, conserve your energy and choose your battles wisely.

The Sun in Libra until the 22nd is a reminder that this is a period when you need to be quiet and rest & retreat. Take good care of your health, especially on the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st and the New Moon in Libra on the 16th. If necessary, take a step back and do less not more.

Mercury Retrograde

Talk planet Mercury is in Scorpio for most of the month, until the 28th. And, from the 22nd onwards, the Sun moves into your star sign Scorpio beginning your birthday month. This is often a time when you feel more confident, as the Sun represents vitality and energy.

Mercury turns retrograde this month on the 14th and remains on go slow until early November. Keep your cards close to your chest during this period. Use the Mercury retrograde phase to ponder and listen to your inner voice.

If life’s been all work and no play, it’s time to readdress the balance. If you’re out of work and seeking employment, do your research. The turning points come for you in November, as Mercury turns direct on the 3rd and Mars turns direct on the 13th. Plan around these dates to get things moving.

This could be an important month for your personal development and learning more about yourself when things go wrong. How do you respond to life when it doesn’t give you what you want? Dig deep and know that your star sign Scorpio is the phoenix of the zodiac.

You’re one of life’s survivors. Often, you fare best when you’re working to a tight deadline or facing a new challenge.

Changing Relationships

Relationships too could be evolving and fast this month. This is because Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and unpredictability, is in action in Taurus and your relationship sector.

The key dates are the 7th, 20th and 31st, the day of the Full Moon in Taurus. Uranus tends to turn your situation around – and fast.

This month’s astrology is not for the faint-hearted. There’s a lot going on so learn to focus and channel your energy well. Be passionate, not argumentative. Stay active, avoid negativity. Let go and declutter, take one day at a time.

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