The Lunar Nodes: Taurus-Scorpio Cycle

lunar nodes

The Lunar Nodes are the points where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun’s path in the sky. Karmic points in astrology, the Nodes are also called the Dragon’s Head and Tail.

In your birth chart, the nodes help reveal your soul purpose, your destiny in this lifetime.

This week on January 18, 2022, the Lunar Nodes moved into new zodiac signs. The North Node moved into Taurus and the South Node moved into Scorpio where they will remain for the next 18 months, until July 17, 2023.

The Nodal Cycle takes approximately 18-19 years. The last times the Lunar Nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio in the same combination were April 14, 2003 – December 26, 2004 and September 12, 1984 – April 6, 1986. How do events back then mirror what’s happening in your life now?

Whichever sign and house you find the North Node in, the South Node is always in the opposite sign and house. The placing of the North Node is what you’re striving or aiming for in this lifetime. It’s your life lesson, your destiny and your major area of learning.

The South Node is where you retreat to, your comfort zone, your habitual place. In traditional astrology, it can indicate your downfall and what’s not good for you. If you believe in past lives, it’s thought that you’re stuck in your South Node destiny until you break free, stop repeating the same patterns and move on.

The Lunar Nodes & Eclipses

The Lunar Nodes are an integral part of the eclipse cycle and their meaning for you may already have begun in November 2021, when the first eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle took place.

Eclipses are not by their nature good nor bad. Yes, they can sweep in to move things forward in life, sometimes at a fast rate and they tend to bring what’s hidden to light.

It can be hard to plan for eclipses other than recognise that they often coincide with life’s highs and lows. They symbolise a time when the pendulum of fate swings dramatically and that can be both exhilarating and scary.

Sometimes, change happens close to the eclipse date or seeds are sown and events build towards a major turning point. Ideally, you’re wise not to plan big events for eclipse dates. Instead, wait a few days and see what’s revealed as the light returns and a new landscape is revealed.

Here are the dates of the current Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle:

  • Lunar Eclipse [27 Taurus 14] – November 19 2021 (08:57 GMT)
  • Solar Eclipse [10 Taurus 28] – April 30 2022 (21:28 GMT+1)
  • Lunar Eclipse [25 Scorpio 18] – May 16 2022 (05:15 GMT+1)
  • Solar Eclipse [02 Scorpio 00] – October 25 2022 (11:49 GMT+1)
  • Lunar Eclipse [16 Taurus 01] – November 8 2022 (11:02 GMT)
  • Lunar Eclipse [14 Scorpio 58] – May 5 2023 (18:24 GMT+1)
  • Lunar Eclipse [5 Taurus 09] – October 28 2023 (21:15 GMT+1)

The New Nodal Axis – Taurus/Scorpio

With the current shift in the nodal axis, it’s important to think about the signs involved and what they represent. The Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac is closely linked to fertility and creation, loss and degeneration. This is the cycle of nature. Taurus rules produce, food, what the earth creates for us, how it nurtures and nourishes us.

In the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s move through Taurus coincides with the month of May one of the richest and most fertile times in nature. In Taurus season, nature’s bounty begins to sprout and comes to life in glorious abundance. May is one of the best months of the year for colourful flowers.

Fast forward six months and the Sun moves into Scorpio. In the northern hemisphere, this coincides with autumn and leaves falling, as nature’s bounty starts to die and tumbles back into the ground, fertilising the earth. Sometimes, this can feel like a time of loss or sadness.

Scorpio is linked to regeneration and waste products, including pooh. It’s the compost of life, liquid gold, as the leaves mulch down to bring sustenance back into the earth, ready for next year’s bounty. The cycles of nature and astrology remind us of the inevitable cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Other Taurus/Scorpio themes are money & power – we can expect a lively time in the economy & on the stock markets over the coming two years with the planet of change Uranus active in Taurus; also sex – Taurus is a fertile star sign & Scorpio rules the sex organs.

What does the new Lunar Node cycle mean for your star sign?

Here’s a quick guide to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio in relation to your Sun sign. Read your Ascendant sign too, if you know it.


The North Node falls in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your image & profile, your personal goals and ambitions. This is about learning to put yourself and your needs first, enjoying a relationship without losing your identity within it. Your default mode may be to rely on a partner to make decisions, either in your personal or professional life. Yet, your destiny lies in focusing on what you want in life and developing a strong sense of personal identity.


The North Node falls in your 12th house ruling retreat, solitude and inner quiet. When life gets too busy and too noisy, you can’t hear the call of the universe and you lose your way and your natural intuition. This is about finding a balance between work & service to others and enjoying and appreciating time alone. Your default mode is to take on too many obligations but your destiny lies in developing your spiritual path and leading a slower pace of life. This is less about the world of doing and more about spiritual surrender.


The North Node falls in your 11th house ruling friendship and your involvement within groups, clubs or society in general. You benefit from networking and teamwork. When you forge new alliances you can make more of a difference in what you do. Your default mode is to have fun, be creative and enjoy a playful approach to life. Yet, your destiny lies in developing a strong sense of group consciousness and putting your creative talents to good use in a community setting or a social or political organisation.


The North Node falls in your 10th house ruling your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is a powerful placing for you. It’s about finding your personal mountain to climb, creating ambitions and goals that help you make progress and move forwards. Your default mode is to stay at home and keep safe within the comfort of your family. Yet, your destiny lies in fulfilling your ambitions, taking on new status and achieving your long-term goals. Also, it’s about supporting the ones you love by working hard and fulfilling your potential.


The North Node falls in your 9th house ruling travel, higher education and your personal philosophy on life. This is about expanding your horizons and widening your vision for what you want in life rather than getting too caught up with the ideas and forgetting to embrace the experience. Your default mode is to talk about what you want to do or read books endlessly. Yet, your destiny lies in finding your role within the world, moving abroad, studying for new qualifications or taking your learning to the next level.


The North Node falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, the hidden mysteries of the world and taboo topics, such as sex, money, death & rebirth. You may be interested in exploring unknown realms and looking at what lies beyond the ordinary and everyday. Your default mode is to hold on tight to what you have. Yet, your destiny lies in realising that money is energy and more than just a commodity. Work alongside other people to fundraise or create a trading community. Become a powerful force and help transform your own and other peoples’ lives.


The North Node falls in your 7th house of relationships. This means the big area of learning is in your one-to-one relationships.  You may experience lessons around giving and receiving or how to function effectively as one half of a couple. Your default mode is to retreat into yourself when things go wrong. Yet, your destiny lies in creating a powerful union either in love or professionally. If you find yourself feeling lonely or cut off, reach out to others and create new connections in your life.


The North Node falls in your 6th house ruling your work, service and health. This is about dealing with the practical aspects of life. The more efficient your routine and the more you factor in exercise and diet to create a healthy lifestyle, the smoother your life flows. Your default mode is to lose yourself in spiritual pondering. Yet, your destiny lies in finding a way to serve others and recognising that your everyday skills can make a difference in the world. Be wary of an over-active imagination or dreaming your life away. Take practical steps to find meaning and purpose.


The North Node falls in your 5th house ruling your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. It’s your turn to have fun and find ways to express yourself and show off your unique skills and talents. You’re at your best when you’re creative for your own sake rather than helping others discover their creativity. Your default mode is to disappear into the crowd or feel like an outsider. Yet, your destiny lies in declaring your heart and following your passion. For some of you, this will include having a baby, a passionate love affair or creating your masterpiece.


The North Node falls in your 4th house ruling your home, family and where you come from. It’s the people closest to you who matter the most. You may be starting a family or taking a break from work to be at home. Your default mode is to be outwardly ambitious. Yet, your destiny lies in creating a safe place you can call home and caring for the people you love. You may feel inclined to do this at work too, bringing people together in order to create a close bond and a strong team.


The North Node falls in your 3rd house ruling communication, transport, siblings, neighbours and your local community. You’re the messenger and gathering knowledge and passing on ideas becomes more urgent. You discover your voice and how to use your words to make a difference. Your default mode is to retreat into your ivory tower and develop your ideas on your own. Yet, your destiny lies in connecting with others locally and online to share ideas and make the wheels of your chosen industry run smoother.


The North Node falls in your 2nd house ruling your personal money, your possessions and what you value. You can learn many lessons about money now, what it means to you, how to attract money into your life and how to make your money go further. Your default mode may be to rely on others for your financial well-being. Yet, your destiny lies in learning about your money mindset and realising that when it comes to cash and being rich or poor, it’s your responsibility.


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Nodes change signs: January 18



True North Node enters Taurus. 


January 18



We are here.   The North node and its opposite south node are officially out of Gemini & Sagittarius and now in Taurus and Scorpio.   We are out of theories and now we are focused practical applications for the next eighteen months.  


Taurus North Node wants security.   It wants to feel grounded.  It also wants the security of love and beauty.   How that is defined is always the big question.   We will learn more by the time of the partial eclipse April 30.   Financial matters and issues around power (Scorpio) may come up in the news around Jan 18. 


Astrology of this Week: January 17 – 23

This week is no day in the country.   Put on your seatbelts we have got a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns.  



On the 17t, the sun conjuncts Pluto quickly followed by the launch of the Cancer Full Moon.    Our emotions will be churned up as we find our place in the world and use our authentic feelings.     Manipulators and bullies will be put on notice, practical actions that speak to truth and authentic feelings will be amplified.   On the 18th, Uranus turns direct and a few hours later the nodes change sign.   It is a very stimulated day.    Then on the 19th the Sun moves into Aquarius, shifting us from building our careers and our place into the world and pivoting to finding our groups and bringing our jam to the party and doing big things as a group. 



On the 21st we move out of the full moon and into disseminating phase where we can share the knowledge, we have on staying on point, focused on details.    




Focus on 


The Cancer Full Moon.   How are our emotions reminding us of something important?    What do our feelings motivate in us?   How is family influencing us?  Even if family does not look like the family from our past, who is it influencing us?   




Special focus 



Jan 18: Uranus station direct 10 Taurus 49 (see above) 7:25am


Jan 18: North Node enters Taurus (see above) 



Jan 19: Sun Trine North Node.   Concrete realities are showcased and desired.    


Jan 19: Sun enters Aquarius 






January 21, 2021   


1:41pm PST 





Focus on:  How are you sharing your refinement abilities?  How are you sharing the importance of discretion?  How are you sharing the power of a well-run schedule?   How are you sharing technical and details that other people may be missing?  




Special focus:



Jan 24: Mars enters Capricorn.  Pragmatic actions.  Actions that support greater goals.  Business and moving out into the world actions are highlighted.  



Australian Open Tennis 2022

The Australian Open begins this week and the whole event has been dominated by the no. 1 tennis star Novak Djokovic in Australia. He’s won this Grand Slam tournament for the last three years but as the tennis begins, he won’t be playing.

As an introduction to the tennis event, I’ll initially be looking at the chart of the tournament and what’s happening in Djokovic’ astrology to try and make sense of things.

No doubt, the sports astrologers will be adding their thoughts on who might win in the forum and I hope to add my thoughts to the blog as the tournament continues.

As mentioned in previous tennis blogs, trying to predict a winner without accurate birth data for so many players isn’t an easy task. Yet, it’s still fun trying even if it is a Herculean task.

Tournament Astrology

Drawing up the chart of each tennis tournament gives you a symbolic map of what to expect. Unsurprisingly, this is a potent astrology chart. Neptune in Pisces dominates the Ascendant and Mars in Sagittarius dominates the Midheaven, the two key angles in a horoscope.

Neptune’s the planet linked to the media and the run-up to the Australian Open has been all about the media circus surrounding Djokovic. As the tournament begins, Mars is separating from the square to Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign of travel & foreign destinations. It seems more than likely that Djokovic will be on a plane leaving Australia as the tennis gets underway.

The Moon, an important significator in the astrology chart, is in Cancer in the 4th house – the safe haven of home. The first aspect the Moon makes is a trine aspect to that extraordinary Neptune on the Ascendant. No doubt, recent events will continue to dominate the media as the tournament unfolds.

Yet, the major astrology comes next as there’s a powerful Full Moon building in the night sky. The Moon has to encounter Pluto, God of the Underworld, before making the opposition to the Sun in Capricorn.

Pluto’s theme is loss and endings. Full Moons are dramatic and emotional and the light of the Full Moon often brings matters to completion or culmination.

It’s an extraordinary symbol for the start of the tournament and indicates how significant the events surrounding Djokovic are. The no. 1 star is out of the tournament – and the country.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

What does Djokovic’s astrology tell us about this key event? It’s worth looking at his chart once again to see what’s been happening. Djokovic arrived in Australia on January 5th when the Sun in Capricorn was on his Ascendant at 16 Capricorn, the most personal point in the horoscope. The New Moon at 12 Capricorn on January 2nd fell close to his Ascendant, a symbol of new beginnings.

The Sun & Moon weren’t the only planetary bodies in Capricorn and Djokovic’ 1st house. There was a pile-up of planets – retrograde Venus & Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn & Mercury in Aquarius, Mercury slowing down in readiness to turn retrograde.

Retrograde planets are hidden from view and are effectively having to retrace their steps through the zodiac. This seems symbolic of Djokovic’ situation – to-ing and fro-ing, back and forth to the courts, will he play, won’t he play?

The Sun/retrograde Venus conjunction is often a key turning point, a cazimi or magical moment during Venus’ retrograde phase. This took place on January 9th, again close to Djokovic’ Ascendant. This coincided with the date when Djokovic’ was freed from the detention centre and started to practise his tennis in readiness for the tournament.

Yet, when Mercury turned retrograde on January 14th, his visa was once again cancelled. The powerful Full Moon at 27 Cancer 51 falling opposite Pluto and cutting across the 1st/7th houses of Djokovic’ chart has brought a final resolution to the back-and-forth situation. Not in the way that Djokovic and many of his fans and supporters around the world would have hoped.

Saturn square Uranus

There does seem to be another factor playing out here. You may notice that Djokovic was born on a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius and Saturn is his ruling planet linked to Capricorn, his Ascendant sign. The major astrology of 2021 and continuing into 2022 has been a Saturn-Uranus square aspect.

These two important planets are complete opposites – Saturn represents tradition, rules & regulations, authority and control. Whereas Uranus represents rebellion & change, protest & freedom. It’s a classic case of the old v. the new and Saturn-Uranus clashes often dominate during times of major social reform.

Saturn in Aquarius has coincided with many restrictions on what society can and can’t do. This can be seen as the people at the top telling the rest of society what’s what and the rules that must be obeyed. One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.

We often think of Aquarius as the sign of the freedom-loving hippy, eccentric, new age and caring for the greater good. Yet, it is a fixed air sign so there’s a dogmatic side to Aquarius especially around opinions and beliefs – ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’.

Therefore the square from Saturn to Uranus is straightaway both exciting and confrontative. Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius – so perhaps you could say that Saturn in Aquarius is the keeper of the rules, the scientist, the technology whizz, the side of Aquarius that loves order and systems. Whereas Uranus is the rebel, the non-conformist, the spanner in the wheel, the freedom-lover, the antagonist.

The Saturn-Uranus square aspect doesn’t just symbolise one thing. Yet, it’s a clear indication of the people who are for the vaccinations and favour the science – Saturn Aquarius – and the anti-vaxxers, like Djokovic, who favour bodily autonomy and their right to choose – Uranus Taurus.

This seems to be the bigger theme that lies behind the extraordinary events surrounding Djokovic. Whether wittingly or unwittingly he has become a pawn in the game.

Mars is often a planet that acts as a trigger. Mars was exactly conjunct Djokovic’ Saturn in Sagittarius on January 9th and as the tournament begins Mars is about to trigger his natal Uranus in Sagittarius – it’s exact on January 18th. Mars is bringing his Saturn-Uranus conjunction to life.

To confirm the importance of the Saturn-Uranus square, Saturn is currently in Djokovic’ personal 1st house, while Uranus has been going back and forth over the IC, the point at the base of Djokovic’ horoscope – home & family.

As Mars triggers Djokovic’ natal Uranus, in the sky Uranus is switching direction from retrograde to direct motion, also on January 18th, at the base of his horoscope – the unexpected change of plan and he’s going home.

Whatever you believe about the vaccinations, mandates & passports – Djokovic’ case has highlighted this major divide within society, the absurdities of our current situation and the unprecedented times we’re living through.

Please try not to use this forum to debate the rights or wrongs of the vaccinations. If you’ve been keeping up with the story, you’ll know that there have been some untruths and lies which have sullied Djokovic’ case and done his reputation no favours. This also seems to be the theme of Neptune on the Ascendant of the tournament chart.

Personally, I’ve found it fascinating that apart from Nick Kyrgios, Djokovic’ tennis players haven’t been that vocal in their support of him. There have been a few attacks on Djokovic but otherwise it’s been relatively quiet.

It will be interesting to see if more people speak up once communication planet Mercury turns direct but that doesn’t happen until February 4th, after the tournament ends. No-one seems to want to have their personal views revealed in the national media.

Who Will Win?

I’ll aim to add more here at a later date. For now, the chart of the tournament points to that powerful Jupiter at 3 Pisces, ruler of the Pisces Ascendant and Sagittarius Midheaven. Any player with key planets/angles at this degree could get a welcome boost from Jupiter. Mars could also play its part and sits at 24 Sagittarius on the Midheaven.

The chart of the final has Uranus at 10 Taurus on the Midheaven, the success point, so plenty of scope for an unexpected win. And, perhaps the many Djokovic’ fans who’ll be boycotting this year’s controversial Australian Open.

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Mercury Retrograde: Switching Off

Mercury retrograde

A heads up that we are heading closer to the next Mercury Retrograde phase which takes place from January 14 to February 4, 2022.

This means that two of the inner planets, Mercury (communication) and Venus (love/money) will be on go slow.

If you’re feeling stuck or plans are unravelling, the turning points come at the end of January and early February.

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to take some of January off if you can. Or, at least spend some time resting and in retreat. Mercury always remains retrograde for three weeks at a time. Venus turns direct on January 29th. Mercury turns direct on February 4th.

Here are the Mercury Retrograde dates & data:

  • December 29: Mercury shadow period begins – Mercury at 24 Capricorn.
  • January 14(11:41 GMT): Mercury turns retrograde [10 Aquarius 20]
  • January 23: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde – half-way point
  • January 26: Mercury re-enters Capricorn
  • February 4(04:14 GMT): Mercury turns direct [24 Capricorn 23]
  • February 24: Mercury shadow period ends – Mercury at 10 Aquarius.

Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, one of the air signs. Mercury rules the mind & communication and in Aquarius this is a lively, intellectual combination.

If you have planets or angles at 10 Aquarius, this is where you may experience a theme of reversal or rethinking or reviewing your plans.

When Mercury turns retrograde, this is a good time to get your head down, do research and take the pace slow. Things are not what they seem during Mercury retrograde & new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct.

What this Mercury retrograde is good for is to remember the re-words: review, revise, reconsider, reflect, rework, rethink, reconnect.

Here are some key ways of harnessing the Mercury Retrograde planetary energy:

  • take a step back & put the big decisions to one side
  • give yourself permission to change your mind
  • look at life from a fresh perspective – upside down, back-to-front; think outside of the box
  • indulge in a media detox – switch off, unplug, step away from the news, switch off social media
  • chase up old connections, reconnect with people from your past
  • double check everything & keep your options open
  • try again where you failed in the past; second chances come highly recommended
  • have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • be flexible, be adaptable, go with the flow & see where life leads you

Don’t forget that Mercury Retrograde can trip you up. It can be a time of communication chaos, when appliances go wonky, plans are delayed, it’s hard to get hold of the right people and travel is subject to change.

In the wise words of the writer, Anne Lamott: ‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including yourself.

Mercury re-enters earth sign Capricorn during its retrograde phase. Earth signs are linked to nature and the constancy of the seasons. Favour simple pleasures during this period and practise gratitude for the food you eat and the roof over your head.

Mercury’s turn to direct motion may bring more insight or information your way about where you’re heading and why. For now, indulge in some downtime if you can and enjoy allowing your mind to wander wherever it chooses.


People often ask me about the Mercury Shadow in astrology which falls either side of the three-week Mercury Retrograde phase. The shadow period is more controversial.

Some astrologers advise doing nothing new during the shadow period. I’m not a fan and it’s definitely not wise if you’re a procrastinator – you would be taking almost two months out every time, half the year in all.

Yes, notice what happens during the shadow period but don’t put your life on hold. 

Basically, the shadow phase is when Mercury is moving through the retrograde degrees pre-cycle or repeating its journey through the retrograde degrees post-cycle – see dates above.

I’ll let you ponder whether it’s significant for you. And, as always with astrology, it’s worth plotting what’s happening so you know how to maximise your efficiency, to be in flow.

Here’s a quick reminder of the areas of your life where Mercury turns retrograde. Read the star sign after yours to see what it will mean once Mercury retreats back into Capricorn i.e. Aquarius reads Aquarius first, then Pisces (hope that makes sense!)

  • Aquarius – personal goals/aims, identity, image & self-perception
  • Pisces – inner work, spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
  • Aries – friends, groups, politics, social causes
  • Taurus – career & vocation, status & reputation, future goals
  • Gemini – exploration, study, the bigger picture
  • Cancer – joint finances & shared resources, all things hidden & taboo
  • Leo – relationships, personal & professional, contracts
  • Virgo – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
  • Libra – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & play
  • Scorpio – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
  • Sagittarius – communication, siblings, neighbours, your community
  • Capricorn – money & assets, values & self-worth

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Sun Conjunct Venus: Cazimi Magic

Sun conjunct Venus

Sun conjunct Venus [18 Capricorn 43]

– January 9 2022 (00:44 GMT)

In ancient times, Venus was thought to be a star rather than a planet as she was so bright in the night sky – we witnessed Venus’ beauty in the night sky at the end of last year. Yet, Venus has now disappeared from view.

This is because Venus is reaching the mid-way point of her retrograde cycle which takes place this weekend, January 8th/9th 2022.

The mid-way point is significant because it’s when the Sun and Venus are at the exact same point in the zodiac. This conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde is a symbolic turning point and there’s magic in the moment the Sun & Venus unite.

This is called cazimi in astrology when a planet is illuminated by the rays of the Sun. The exact time of the Sun-Venus cazimi moment is 00:44 GMT tonight – the early hours of January 9th – but Venus will have her audience with the Sun for a few hours either side.

The Dance Of Venus

This is called an inferior conjunction and it’s the time when Venus is shifting from an evening star to a morning star in the night sky. In other words, Venus has disappeared from the sky after sunset and you will need to wake before sunrise to see Venus once she emerges again in a week or so.

Venus becomes invisible as she merges with the Sun and the symbolism suggests her descent into the Underworld. She disappears from sight and reappears reborn.

The first half of the retrograde cycle is more reflective, when you turn inwards for deep insight. You learn more about yourself, especially in relation to love, money and creativity, Venus’ themes.

The Sun illuminates Venus as they sit side by side in the zodiac, the mid-way point, and this is considered a rebirth moment. Venus is regathering her strength as she reconnects with her passion.

Venus The Harmoniser

The pattern that Venus makes in relation to the Sun and Earth in her long & complex journey is beautiful. There’s a perfect flow and symmetry and the resulting movement of Venus in relation to the earth resembles a 5 petalled-flower – see picture above. Ancient peoples called Venus the harmoniser.

There’s a lovely 5 minute video you can watch to show the Earth & Venus tango around the Sun. Click here to view the dance: Sun/Venus.

Venus is the planet of beauty as well as love. When either is in flow, you often experience a sense of awe and wonder. This is cosmic harmony, in tune with the universe, the perfect note, a flawless sequence.

Venus’ cycle through the universe is a feature of this cosmic order as the 8 year pattern repeats almost exactly. Which means if you want to know what this year’s Venus retrograde in Capricorn will bring into your life or how to work with it, look back to the events of December 2013/January 2014 and keep going back every 8 years.

There is a slight shift backwards in the zodiac so this perfect pattern doesn’t work going back into infinity but it is pretty accurate for the last few occasions.

Here’s the current cosmic pattern of Venus’ transit through Capricorn:

  • Venus enters Capricorn – November 5, 2021
  • Venus turns retrograde [26 Capricorn 29] – December 19, 2021
  • Sun conjunct Venus R [18 Capricorn 43] – January 9, 2022 [00:44 GMT]
  • Venus turns direct [112 Capricorn 05] – January 29, 2022
  • Venus leaves Capricorn – March 6, 2022

This Venus retrograde phase is more potent than usual because Venus entered the Underworld alongside Pluto who rules this domain. Venus is walking alongside this powerful God, who destroys and purges, who hides secrets and riches.

She will need all her warrior energy to emerge stronger and more powerful. The two planets, Venus and Pluto, will be side-by-side once again on March 3rd and this time they’re alongside Mars, the God of action and fury. It could be a remarkable couple of months.

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of your life that are highlighted during the Sun/Venus conjunction and Venus’ journey through the underworld. Read both your Sun & Ascendant sign:

  • Capricorn – personal goals & self image
  • Aquarius – solitude & secrets
  • Pisces – friends & wider society
  • Aries – career & status
  • Taurus – travel & study
  • Gemini – joint finances & sexuality
  • Cancer – love & relationships
  • Leo – job & health
  • Virgo – birth i.e. kids, romance, creative project
  • Libra – home & family
  • Scorpio – communication & ideas
  • Sagittarius – money & values

Use this week’s Sun/Venus cazimi conjunction to make the right connections, to ‘have your audience with the King’, seek illumination & enlightenment, honour love & beauty, & pray to the Goddess of harmony.

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Uranus Station Direct: January 18.


Uranus station Direct 


January 18, 2022 7:25am PST 


10 Taurus 49 



May 3 2021 10 Taurus 49


Aug 19, 2021 14 Taurus 48


Jan 18, 2022 10 Taurus 49


May 5, 2022 14 Taurus 49 



Uranus stations direct just a few days after Mercury stations retrograde.    Two planets changing direction close to one another impacts the energy of a week.  Mercury and Uranus speak to our mental agility with Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury.   Mercury is focused on our conversations and the doings of our personal life.  Errands, calling people, going here and there.  That’s Mercury.  Uranus is the thoughts that impact society.  Big ideas that impact big groups that’s Uranus.   Mercury turns retrograde at 10 Aquarius 20.   Which is close to a perfect square with Uranus at 10 Taurus 49.  It is not exact but had Mercury waited a day later to change direction the two would have been at perfect square.  In this case it is close enough to count and brings an added tension.  Some things could come, from out of the blue that pushes us to find our flexibility.    Perhaps again, we are getting too far out in some thinking that is missing the point.   Something rigid needs new growth.   Finding flexibility starts with willingness first.  Between January 14 and 18th big issues could come up and frustrate us on a level that is totally exhausting.   We may get to a point where we feel like giving up.  Instead, we may just need to take a beat and take some time to process.    Real solutions will slowly unfold and we may need to get past the square that perfects on Feb 24th.  Uranus will continue on its journey until its next retrograde in August.