New Moon in Capricorn January 2021

The New Moon occurs at 05:00 (UT) on January 13, at 23°Cp13′.

This is a dynamic chart and these are dynamic times. The New Moon sits on the degree beside last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction, stirring up memories of the past. We may find ourselves thinking of now and then, the passage of time, the irrevocable changes that we have endured and catalysed. The Moon is out of bounds, bringing a wild energy and Uranus is now stationary, bringing further instability – and Capricorn doesn’t like instability.

When the New Moon is in Capricorn, we resolve to make a new start around issues connected to career, professionalism, responsibilities, reputation, rules, commitments. Whatever we do, we feel the need to see something concrete that brings with it a sense of longevity. But this Moon is tightly conjunct Pluto and tightly square Eris, effectively triggering the ongoing Eris-Pluto square. When Eris was discovered, she demoted Pluto, rendering him no longer a planet in the eyes of astronomers. This is why we speak of Eris as she who deposes those who have abused their powers. It is Eris who points out the elephant in the room. It is Eris who insists we must acknowledge the problem. There’s trouble in the background, worldly woes – a climate emergency, political fights, deep division, disharmony, sickness and strife. It all filters in, bringing with it a trail of anxiety and a deep knowing that something needs to change.

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Saturn, the ruler of this lunation, is still conjunct Jupiter so we know that growth right now is somewhat stunted. Both planets are now in Aquarius, a sign firmly focused on the future, but we can’t get clear about the future until we are clear about the present! This is the gift of this combination. This New Moon conjunct perceptive Pluto could be the reality check we need to ground and centre us, even if the truth is ugly or otherwise unpalatable.

Saturn is now in orb of the first square to Uranus and given that both planets are rulers of Aquarius, we have a symbolic battle between the old ruler and the new ruler. I’ve noticed that Saturn transits can sometimes be quite literal in their manifestations – perhaps because Saturn prefers to speak plainly without frills! And so, the eyes of the world have been on the US as the old President leaves and the new one enters.

We also have a growing unrest around issues connected to freedom (Uranus) and restriction (Saturn). Whilst Saturn’s passage through Aquarius tells us that society must endure some collective restrictions, Uranus is rebellious and doesn’t like being told what to do. Yet working at their best, this aspect shows us that when we pull together it gives us a better chance of progress – not to mention a better future (Uranus). Together these two astrological rulers instruct us that age old wisdom plus innovation will create a foundation for the next generation.

Mars is also now in orb of a conjunction to Uranus increasing volatility. Note that this aspect perfects on January 20 so yes, there is fiery tension around the US inauguration. The atmosphere is argumentative (Mercury square Mars) and inflammatory (Mars square Jupiter). People are frustrated with the slow down in pace, angry at the rules, authority figures and other obstacles (Mars square Saturn). Nothing is easy about this chart and yet as Saturn would tell us, no one said it would be easy. Pluto conjunct the New Moon tells us that this is an opportune time for getting rid of what we don’t need and to restructure. We need to take control where we can and stop obsessing over what we can’t control. The weight of the world may feel acute but maturity and a stalwart, responsible attitude will get us through.

So no, it’s not an easy chart.

But Capricorn energy is all about working with what you have and making the best of it. Take a moment to look at your life. Reach into your heart. See the Truth of your reality. Dig deep to get to the root of fear. Acknowledge what needs to change but resist any urge to beat yourself about the head about it! There’s a big difference between a quiet, powerful resolve to take responsibility and berating yourself. Consider what small step you take today to lay the foundation for a better future or to create greater stability in your life. Don’t be afraid to start again from scratch if that’s what it takes. Stop telling yourself scary stories. The world out there is scary enough right now without adding to the mix. As Venus is in Capricorn too at the moment, focus on simple pleasures to soften some of life’s hard edges. Give yourself a task to complete that isn’t too overwhelming so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have achieved. Know your power. Create healthy boundaries. Hold fast to your authentic self. Trust that you have the strength to climb that mountain one more time.


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Weekly Astrology Forecast January 11 – 17, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

11-Jan-21 Jupiter sextile Chiron, Mercury conjunct Jupiter and sextile Chiron
A big conversation facilitates healing. A conversation about morals and ethics.
Share your story. A problem shared is a problem halved

12-Jan-21 Mercury square Uranus, Venus square Chiron
Anxiety and insecurity. Struggling to accept different viewpoints. A change of conversation brings a chance for reconciliation and relief

13-Jan-21 New Moon in Capricorn, Sun square Eris, Mars square Saturn
Hostile atmosphere. Interference. Frustration and blocks. New rules, regulations or structures can help to stabilise.

14-Jan-21 Sun conjunct Pluto, Uranus stations direct, Venus trine Uranus
What was in shadow is illuminated. A deepening of one’s sense of purpose. Inner awakening. Questions around freedom and happiness.

15-Jan-21 Mercury enters shadow zone
Pay attention to the thoughts and conversations that come up at this time. These may be reviewed or replayed at a later date. Assume that maybe not all information is available right now.

16-Jan-21 Mercury conjunct Pallas
Problem solving is enhanced. The chance to negotiate.

17-Jan-21 Jupiter square Uranus
Huge instability and unpredictability. Restless, rebellious crowds. A growing desire for freedom.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast January 4 – 10, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

04-Jan-21 Mercury square Eris
Information brings discord. Chaotic communication. The dominoes effect.

05-Jan-21 Mercury conjunct Pluto
Deep conversation. Powerful truth emerges. Obsessions.

06-Jan-21 Last Quarter Moon in Libra. Mars enters Taurus
Renegotiate boundaries. Make room for compromise. Slow down. Focus on practicalities.

07-Jan-21 No major aspects

08-Jan-21 Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn
Connect with friends. Open discussion. Respect each other’s position. Work towards a collective vision.

09-Jan-21 Mercury square Mars. Venus trine Mars
Arguments. Using words as weapons. Frustration.
Drop into your heart to take the sting out of the situation.

10-Jan-21 Mercury conjunct Saturn. Eris stations direct
Slow down your thoughts. Take time before you answer. Drop denial. Confront the reality.

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Full Moon in Cancer December 2020

The Full Moon occurs at 03:28 (UT) on December 30, 2020 at 08°Cn53′.

I woke this morning long before dawn. The skies were heavy with snow and just as the sun began to peek across the horizon, the flakes began to fall. Despite my fear of slippery ground, the beauty of the moment won out and I threw on my shoes, pocketed my phone and walked to the park at the end of my road. Although early morning traffic hummed nearby, in the park, there was that special kind of silence that only snow can bring. I stood with my head tipped up to the sky, watching the snow fall. And in that moment, I was a child again, lying in a field, watching the snow fall all around me, a fairy in a snow globe. A sob arose inside of me, for something unnameable that seemed lost. Something precious, timeless and eternal. In the park, I stood and cried soft tears, overwhelmed by beauty, comforted by winter angels.

Photo by Leah Whitehorse – all rights reserved

This is how the Full Moon feels to me. With the Moon in home sign Cancer, emotions are heightened. Issues connected to home, family, belonging, roots, history and childhood are illuminated during this lunation. The soft Moon opposes the Sun and Mercury in hard-line Capricorn so there is tension between the emotional need to stay close to all that is familiar and safe and the worldly need to go out there, earn a living and make hard choices. What we feel and what we think seem to be at odds. Maybe there are difficult conversations to be had or we don’t feel heard. We want to curl up, make it go away, retreat to the sea or the womb.

There’s a tenderness in this chart with a background square between Venus and Neptune which perfects on the same day. This aspect brings up a sense of ethereal wonder. It stirs the heart, whispers stories of beautiful places and people, floats mirages on the horizon and ends in disappointment when the vision fades. Venus square Neptune is idealistic in love, spends money like water, believes in something ‘better than this’ so hard that whatever is in front of us seems pale in comparison. With the nostalgic and sentimental Cancer Moon in play, the opposing Capricorn energy could seem even more cold and dreary.

The Moon and Sun also form a square to Chiron, creating a T-square pattern in the chart. We’re easily triggered, wounded, hurt, afraid of rejection. It’s like the Moon is saying, “I’m scared to go out there, I might get hurt. I don’t want to grow up, adulting sucks.” With the hard-outer shell of the crab removed, we feel raw and exposed.

And yet, there is an abundance of magic all around us. Maybe we just need to change our perspective, look with new eyes. The Moon is sextile to Uranus who turns things on their head, steps back, takes the emotion out of it, consults the higher mind. It invites us to be more objective instead of wallowing in hurt feelings and old wounds. Venus conjunct the South Node tells us that this is also a time of release. Let go of the pain around relationships that didn’t work, the old fears of being unworthy. We are all connected, nothing is lost. The more we let the heart lead, the greater the chance that we experience the oneness we are looking for. We are all family.

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January 2021 Astrology Forecast

2021 begins with Mercury returning in bounds on January 4. After a period of time where communication and ideas have been a little on the wild side, it’s easier now to rein in our thoughts and clear our minds.

We have a Last Quarter Moon on January 6 bringing tension between the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Capricorn. Maybe it’s taking us a while to shake off the holiday vibes and we’d still rather spend time with those we love rather than getting back to work. Mars also enters Taurus on this date and, whilst Mars is moving out of his home sign, after six months in Aries, I think we are all ready for a change of pace.

Mars is Taurus slows us down and makes our actions more deliberate. Our goals are focused around practicalities, the business of survival, money, food, shelter, getting food on the table. As Mars rules muscles and Taurus is first of the earth signs, this is also a terrific transit for exercising the body and strength training. Whereas in the previous sign, Aries, we are focused on initiating new projects, Taurus energy is about continuation of what has already begun. Mars in Taurus will get you to the finish line with any project or endeavour. But we could also find ourselves challenged by procrastination. Once Mars in Taurus gets going, it doesn’t tend to stop but getting started can be tough. Taurus likes to languish, eat good food and spend five more minutes contemplating the garden. We might need to give ourselves a push to get stuck in or use techniques like Pomodoro.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 8 which is akin to opening a window in the mind. New ideas breeze in and we start to think differently about our situation. The mind also seems to work faster now after Mercury’s more considered transit through Capricorn. This is an excellent time for brainstorming, group discussions, meetings with friends, working with or tuning up computers and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Venus enters Capricorn also on January 8 changing the way we approach our values, self-esteem, relationships and money. In Capricorn, Venus has an appreciation of limits and definition. This is a sign of clear boundaries and commitment. Whilst our sense of ‘fun’ might be muted here, relationships and our bank balance benefit from a mature attitude and conservative approach. We’re more interested in long-term happiness during this time so it may be easier to delay gratification to ensure our desires are met in the future.

Jupiter forms a sextile to Chiron on January 11. This is a one hit wonder which promises developments in healing. I imagine many of us are hoping for further good news regarding the vaccines so perhaps this could be what we are hoping for. But Covid aside, this aspect boosts healing energy and helps us to see the wisdom we have gained from our suffering. It’s also the perfect time to take part in any endeavours that involve protecting the environment as well as educational activities.

From here, tension begins to significantly build. The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 13 and it is tightly conjunct obsessive, intense, shadowy Pluto. At the same time, Mars will form a square to Saturn, the ruler of this lunation. This is the last of three squares between Mars and Saturn generated by the Mars retrograde last year. Both planets have since changed signs so the stress between them feels old and new at the same time! Overall, this lunation feels like a test of strength. If we pass, great. If we fail, well that’s great too – why? Because the universe will let us know where there is a weakness we can work on or what needs to be released to make us stronger.

Uranus stations direct on January 14. Now that we have reclaimed the parts of ourselves that we thought were too wild, weird or odd, we can move ahead with revolutionary changes. But we need to watch where we are going as Mars is closing to a conjunction with Uranus too. The atmosphere is becoming heated and wobbly.  There’s also a strong Aquarius vibe building up as the Moon has joined Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pallas in the sign of the Water Bearer. Air breezes in, fanning the flames.  Something stirs. Something awakens.

Mercury enters the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde on January 15. What occurs around this time will be revisited at a later date. ‘Hold that thought’ is the phrase that comes to mind but that’s going to be hard because Jupiter then squares Uranus on January 17, a movement that has the potential to increase instability. This is a massive drive for freedom, a huge rebellion, a giant protest, a ginormous shake-up, a big surprise. Jupiter and Uranus are also very future-forward planets but the square between them seems to suggest ‘too far, too fast’ – especially with Mars in the mix. Anxiety could also be high. Ground yourself if you feel wired.

The Sun then enters Aquarius on January 19. Aquarius season is normally the time when we seek to break free from old restrictions and try something new and different. I don’t think we will need much encouragement to do this though as Mars then joins Uranus on January 20, kicking off the whole pattern.

Let’s just lay this out (chart above for reference because you need to see it to believe it!). Uranus has just stationed direct whilst conjunct Mars and square Jupiter (and in orb of square to Saturn) whilst there are 5 bodies in Uranus-ruled Aquarius! I also associate the 11th house with politics. Oh, and we also have the First Quarter Moon in Taurus on January 20 too with the Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus! Wow, this is a feisty and potentially volatile picture for the New President’s inauguration ceremony. Uranus is associated with unpredictable events and this is about as unpredictable as we can get. Still, we could also say that this is like a jump start, a taste of things to come, a surprise. The most important take home message is that we mustn’t overreact. The First Quarter Moon suggests that emotionally we could feel insecure because so much is changing in a short period of time. With Mars involved, we need to roll with the punches, stay flexible. The more we try to keep everything the same, the more the Earth shakes us loose. Don’t forget that all these movements are helping us to move away from what is old and no longer works for us so that we can build a better society and create a better future.

The Full Moon in Leo on January 28 taps into all these mighty movements as the Sun will be conjunct Jupiter as well as in orb of a conjunction to Saturn. The lights, Jupiter and Saturn all square Mars and Uranus. If this were a movie, this would be the denouement, the final revelation as all strands of the story are drawn together.

Finally, on January 30, Mercury stations retrograde which may give us some much-needed breathing space to absorb any events, information or experiences we have come by during this month. For the next three weeks, we will review our connection to one another, our friends and networks, how we use technology and social media and consider what this ‘new era’ may mean for each of us. Whatever conclusions we come too, one thing is sure, the beginning of 2021 is going to be one heck of a ride. Buckle up.

Painting – Moscow I by Wassily Kandinsky

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Weekly Astrology Forecast December 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

28-Dec-20 Sun trine Uranus
Innovate, experiment. What would you do if you felt free enough?

29-Dec-20 No major aspects

30-Dec-20 Full Moon in Cancer. Venus square Neptune
Issues of family and belonging come to a head. Emotions are heightened. It’s all to easy to see what we want to see. Be loving and kind but maintain good boundaries.

31-Dec-20 Venus conjunct South Node
Ask your heart what needs to be released as this year comes to a close.

01-Jan-21 Mercury sextile Neptune
New year, new vision. Practicality and imagination combined is powerful manifestation magic.

02-Jan-21 Mercury trine Vesta. Sun sextile Ceres
Focus on what is important. Explore where you have room to grow. Indulge in creative pursuits.

03-Jan-21 No major aspects

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Weekly Astrology Forecast December 21 – 27, 2020


This Week’s Major Aspects

21-Dec-20 Sun enters Capricorn, Jupiter conjunct Saturn, First Quarter Moon in Aries
The light returns. The Great Work begins. A critical moment imbued with celestial magic.

22-Dec-20 No major aspects

23-Dec-20 Mars square Pluto
A heated and volatile atmosphere. Pushing against an immovable force. The courage to change.

24-Dec-20 Mercury square Chiron
Words and thoughts heal or harm. Think before speaking or deciding.

25-Dec-20 Mercury trine Uranus
Surprise! Sudden understanding. Talks with friends. Communicating via technology. Exploring new ideas.

26-Dec-20 Sun square Chiron
Feeling on edge. Fear of rejection. You don’t have to be perfect to accomplish your mission.

27-Dec-20 Mercury sextile Ceres
Kind words foster growth. Practice positive affirmations. Speak with encouragement.

Painting – Winter traveller (Sunset) by David Burliuk

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