Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019 – Exposed

The Full Moon occurs at 22:11 (BST), May 18, 2019 at 27°Sc38′.

The skies are heavy with Earth energy. The atmosphere feels weighted. Only Pallas retrograde in Libra is in Air so mentally we could feel strung out, unsure of ourselves, needing someone else to validate our experience.

The chart itself is a locomotive pattern with the Moon leading. This Full Moon in Scorpio tells us that emotions are intense, and this is what is driving us forward. Feelings, fears, deep unconscious material, it’s all on show, floodlit by the opposing Sun in Taurus. The ego would like for things to be simple. “I want an easy life” says the Sun in Taurus. But of course, life is rarely so simple. Emotions are sticky, complicated things that lead us to scary places – and places of real depth, power, insight and riches.

The Sun is almost exactly conjunct Sedna so we have stories about loss and betrayal illuminated. The Moon in Scorpio desires greater intimacy but Sedna has already lost so much that it’s hard to move into a place of trust. But we need to trust. We need to have those deep conversations that speak of unpleasant things before getting to the good stuff. Mercury has just perfected a trine to Full Moon ruler Pluto. Mercury tells us that we must talk about what hurts us so that we can find our way back to the ease we yearn for. But is isn’t easy because the Moon in Scorpio likes to keep secrets. We don’t want to feel exposed.

The Moon is however in a wide out of sign trine to Chiron. Here is the release point from the tension. Healing is possible. We can find our way back to one another and to ourselves if we show courage. It’s okay to be wounded, fragile, vulnerable, different.

Another important point is that Venus has just perfected a conjunction to Uranus. Note that the Venus conjunction to Uranus is the first of its kind for 81 years. The last time these two met in Taurus was in 1938. In the mundane world, this Full Moon may bring us stories about money as both Taurus and Scorpio are concerned with wealth and Venus is connected to those things that are valuable. Perhaps there are some shocking revelations, surprises around cryptocurrency, more tax revelations, banking computer glitches. Bear in mind Mercury trine Pluto could be translated as news about government, banks or taxes too!

On a personal level, Venus conjunct Uranus illustrates that despite the overt tension in this chart, sometimes people can surprise us. Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Venus conjunct Uranus is liberation from heartache and potential for an awakening at heart level. It’s like a high frequency blast of energy that shakes the bedrock of our lives and shows us what really matters. It’s the glint of a brilliant jewel in Pluto’s underworld. To release the jewel, we need to release resistance to change, no matter how insecure it might make us feel.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this glorious, otherworldly King returning to his castle. What we have here is an image of assurance, certainty, belonging wrapped up in powerful magic. Scorpio energy might be tough at times, but it strips us bear and lets us know without a doubt who we are. Like the King, we need to keep our heads held high, eyes straight ahead, fearless. Whatever happens, we are being brought back to ourselves and to where we belong.

Painting – Kings (Fairy Tale Kings) by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

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New Moon in Taurus May 2019 – Precious

The New Moon occurs at 23:45 (BST) on May 4, 2019 at 14°Ta10′.

Taurus, first of the Earth signs, follows fire sign Aries, the first of all signs. In Aries we have the idea, the desire, the goal. It’s an uprush of energy, striking out, going after what we want. But for any goal to succeed or desire to be met, we need to move to Taurus because this is where we manifest on the earthly plane. Taurus is where we get in touch with ourselves and the world around us through our senses – touch, taste, hearing, seeing, scent. Taurus makes Aries slow down to get the job done because otherwise it will burn out long before we reach completion. In Taurus we want to see results – the money in the bank, the object on the mantlepiece, the lover in our bed! Don’t forget love Goddess Venus is ruler of Taurus so there is a pleasure principle at work here.

Taurus however works hard to get what it wants. It’s practical and focused on the basic tasks and tools that it takes to survive. It’s concerned with having enough food to eat, a roof over your head and physical comfort. Stability is important. After all the rushing around in confrontational Aries, the quiet life is much more appealing. We want to preserve what we create – whether it’s a painting, a bottle of jam or the carefully crafted life we’ve made for ourselves. In this sign we are in touch with our resources, material and emotional. We need to know what is valuable and what isn’t so that we know where to invest our energy for the best return. Going deeper, Taurus talks of our basic values because it’s these that underpin everything that we do in life.  Here is where we also need to practice self-love and to know our worth.

Every sign has a shadow side and in Taurus, the shadow peeks out in possessiveness. Think of Gollum in Lord of the Rings ‘My Precious!’. We don’t want to share. We’re stockpiling, hoarding, treating others like we own them. Taurus can also be extremely stubborn. The desire for stability can turn to resistance to change at any cost – and ultimately it can be costly because without change we cannot grow.

We often talk of New Moons as the time to set seeds of intention and never is this more apt in this horticultural sign. The Moon is exalted in Taurus so emotionally we feel in a better place. Conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) are brought together. The ego is united with the soul and we want to create something beautiful from this union.

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The manifestation potential of this particular New Moon is potent as the Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn and sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This aspect then activates the ongoing Saturn-Neptune sextile that we have throughout this year. Yes, Saturn is still mixed up in the difficult South Node, Pluto karmic drama that’s going on, but this lunation shows us that we can draw upon this energy in a productive way. Saturn anchors us and gives us a mature outlook. As Saturn is retrograde and conjunct the South Node, we are already in a process of reviewing our commitments and releasing those that no longer align with our mission. Manifestation (Saturn) of our vision (Neptune) is promised if we focus our energies and knuckle down to the work. Long term stability is not out of reach.

We do however have an awkward quincunx to Pallas retrograde in Libra that brings up issues connected to sharing. Maybe we’ve fallen into feeling like there isn’t enough to go around. A shadow side of Taurus is greed, but it stems from insecurity. The fear of not having enough – physically, emotionally, spiritually can interfere with our relationships if we let it. Note that Venus, ruler of this lunation is square to Saturn. It brings up feelings of unworthiness and poverty consciousness. Yet Venus is also trine to Jupiter so if we can recognise our right to a share of this abundance then we can realise our potential. Just because we don’t have what we want right now doesn’t mean to say we can’t have what we want in the future. Venus square Saturn reminds us that good things are worth waiting for.

Insecurity perhaps is an issue rumbling beneath this lunation. This is because Uranus is busy bowling his way through this sign in chaotic patterns and Taurus hates not knowing what’s going to happen next! But nothing is predictable with Uranus here for the next seven years and somehow, we need to get used to that wild energy and find the freedom in that. Asteroids Babel, Discovery and Siwa are all conjunct Uranus in this chart, telling a mini story of their own. Babel reflects the chaos, the potential for misunderstanding. Babel can relate to ‘babbling’ and certainly Uranus in Taurus might make us nervous. Discovery though tells us that if we are flexible (something that Taurus finds very difficult), then maybe there is something precious to discover from these strange times. Siwa, a Slavic fertility Goddess, shows us creative potential. Changing the pattern, shaking things up – whilst it may be scary for Taurus to cope with, it inevitably leads to new and vibrant growth.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is :-

Head Covered With A Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, A Man Braves A Storm

Yes, there may be a (Pluto-Saturn-South Node) storm going on in the background but hey, we can weather it in style. It makes me think of Venus putting on her lipstick despite a difficult night before and little sleep. Sometimes we do need to put a brave face on. We can still find beauty in the moment. On a cloudy day, the rose still blooms. Know that you are precious, even if times are hard.

Painting – ‘Rose Bush in Flower’ by Gustave Caillebotte

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May 2019 Astrology Forecast

Are you ready for a quieter month? Well, I should put ‘quieter’ in inverted commas as nothing is ‘quiet’ whilst Saturn and Pluto remain in a conjunction. And this conjunction goes on and on and on as aside from a couple of weeks in May 2020, this aspect will be in orb until December next year. I was reading about the rebuilding of Notre Dame and how although Macron has stated he would like to see it done by 2025, many specialists are saying it could take years longer. Whether it does or doesn’t get completed by then is anyone’s guess, but the symbolism once again struck me. Maybe Notre Dame’s rebuilding will become an emblem of our transformation. Maybe when it once again stands open to the public in all its new glory, that will be the time when we have done the job that this long Saturn-Pluto conjunction requires.

The other important point to mention here which unfortunately exposes the Pluto underbelly is that billions of euros have already been offered for the restoration. These multi-billionaires never mind millionaires (!) are coming out of the woodwork to lend a hand. I as much as the next person want to see Notre Dame restored but it does kind of stick in the throat that there are so many other causes that would benefit so many people- like hospitals, schools, creating homes for the homeless, supporting emergency services and the list goes on. Don’t forget Pluto rules wealth and power and it’s clear that there are billions and billions and billions of pounds, dollars and euros that are held by the few.

Still, back to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Wherever the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is occurring in your own personal chart, you are doing your own demolishing followed by rebuilding which will ultimately result in complete transformation which can stand the test of time. Also, as Pluto is in orb of a conjunction with the South Node until September 30 and Saturn is in orb of a conjunction to the South Node until November 13, the long, intense trial of this conjunction is given added weight by strong karmic overtones. There’s not really any way we can sidestep the lessons we need to learn, nor the required work or changes.

This then forms the backdrop to the ‘quieter’ month. May begins with a New Moon in Taurus on May 4 which is well supported by a trine to Saturn and sextile to Neptune. Wow, Saturn (build, construct), Neptune (sanctuary, holy place!). As mentioned in previous posts, we have the Saturn- Neptune sextile this year which is linked to the manifestation of dreams but certainly could fit with the mundane theme of the moment. For all of is then, this New Moon feels like we are on fertile ground for new growth. Taurus is connected to burgeoning blossom of late spring and there’s still time to plant out late summer flowers. What we begin now may take time to germinate (Saturn) but if we have faith (Neptune) and patience (Taurus), something beautiful can emerge.

On May 5, big action is indicated as Mars moves in to oppose Jupiter however, we need to take care that we don’t overdo it. Mars in Gemini is already multi-tasking and with Jupiter telling us we have bags of energy to spare; the temptation is to say yes to whatever comes our way. Before we know it, we could have a pile of stuff on our to do list and a bunch of emails all demanding our attention. Book addicts beware, with both planets in signs associated with education, literacy and literature, it may be hard to choose between just one text. I for one might have to curb my trigger happy ‘buy now’ finger as I always feel like I can never have too many books. The problem is that too much information could end up burning out over-active minds. The other issue with this opposition is that we could be quick (Mars) to judge (Jupiter) which could result in increased (Jupiter) anger (Mars). Driving too fast too could be an issue. Slow down.

Mercury will help temper the pace on May 6 as he will enter leisurely Taurus. Our thinking becomes more ponderous and deliberate and in communication we tend to be slower and more considerate in our speech. Thoughts turn to practical issues such as money matters and work. We also may need to include more rest time so that we have time to think through any problems as Taurus never likes to be pushed for an answer.

The First Quarter Moon on May 12 sets up some tension as the Moon now in playful Leo would rather do anything than work. It’s not that the Taurus Sun doesn’t like to spend time smelling the roses, but it does prefer to complete jobs first. The Moon in Leo however is like an excitable dog, insisting that it’s time for walkies. We need to honour any promise to ourselves that we’ll do something enjoyable after a hard day’s work else this aspect can turn whiney.

Love Goddess Venus enters Taurus on May 15. Now that she is in one of her home signs, Venus feels more able to express herself. Love become a source of security. This transit is lovely for lovers and good for all of us to get in touch with our physical body. Having a massage, a haircut, curling up under silky sheets, using perfume, oils, incense and of course food – anything to reconnect with our senses. The only downside to this transit is that it can bring out underlying issues of insecurity, especially in relationships. As a result, the shadow side of Venus here can trigger possessiveness and treating people like they are an object that can be owned.

As the other half of the cosmic lovers enters Cancer on May 16, we are entering a very touchy-feely period. This transit brings out our inner soldier’s nurturing side. We are motivated to create a home, a nest, a place where we feel safe and warm and loved. Anything that threatens our private life though can bring out Cancer’s claws in an instant! The challenge here is that Mars is on edge and sometimes we can be quick to react with defensiveness. Mood too can affect our ability to go after what we want. Our motivation is affected by our emotions and we may be more circumspect, approaching things indirectly rather than head on to minimise risk.

The Full Moon on May 18 takes us to an even deeper place, enhancing the sense that security issues are strongly on our minds. The Moon opposes a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus generating inner conflict. The Sun and Mercury would like to keep things simple in easy Taurus but emotionally we want to get under the surface of life. We could be suspicious of what is said or uneasy expressing our thoughts. The Moon’s out of sign trine to Chiron brings further sensitivity but also suggests that we can choose to build bridges rather than to get stuck in differences of opinion.

The atmosphere lightens again on May 21 as both the Sun and Mercury leap into airy Gemini. Now we are happy to discuss our differences and welcome alternative perspectives. These are chatty, happy transits that encourage us to reach out and connect. Neptune’s trine to the North Node on May 22 also reiterates the need for bonding. We would also do well to watch for subtle signals from the universe that point us in the right direction. Dreams and intuition are heightened so don’t discount what goes on in your gut. The Gemini influence may prefer making decisions through rational deduction and a list of pros and cons but sometimes it just comes down to what you feel.

Mars sextiles Uranus also on May 22 activating our inner scientist and giving us a taste for experimentation and innovation. This is a chance to change our strategy if what we’re doing isn’t working. By being open to different methods we free up energy. When it comes to creating goals, it’s best we don’t worry too much about the competition and just focus on our unique abilities and passions.

Mars’s square to Chiron on May 24 is the only fly in the ointment so to speak. This aspect could bring out the natural defensive nature of Mars in Cancer so that we retreat when hurt. Alternatively, we can work on the high side and pay attention to what presses our buttons so we’re better informed of our weak points.

May ends on a quiet but possibly tense note as the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces squares the Sun in Gemini on May 26. Once again, we have a pointer that intuition needs to be favoured over rational explanation although we must make sure not to discount important information. It’s possible that we feel muddled by the array of ideas or we feel uncertain whether the information we have is good. Conversations and attention could wander off track. It’s only a brief aspect but still, something needs to resolve before we turn a corner and head towards the next New Moon. We can’t afford to discount what is going on unconsciously. Write down your thoughts, make poetry of words, use bibliomancy to ask a question. The guidance is there if we’re willing to listen.

Painting – ‘George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and His Brother Lord Francis Villiers’ by Anthony van Dyck

01-May-19 Venus trine Ceres 04:59:39 12°Ar42′ D 12°Sg42′ R
01-May-19 Mercury sextile Mars 07:37:20 20°Ar21′ D 20°Ge21′ D
01-May-19 Mercury square North Node 08:51:30 20°Ar26′ D 20°Cn26′ R
01-May-19 Mercury square South Node 08:51:30 20°Ar26′ D 20°Cp26′ R
01-May-19 Mercury square Saturn 09:49:55 20°Ar31′ D 20°Cp31′ R
01-May-19 Venus conjunct Vesta 10:27:43 12°Ar59′ D 12°Ar59′ D
02-May-19 Venus opposite Pallas 00:52:51 13°Ar43′ D 13°Li43′ R
02-May-19 Mercury square Pluto 22:51:01 23°Ar08′ D 23°Cp08′ R
03-May-19 Mercury trine Jupiter 04:58:50 23°Ar34′ D 23°Sg34′ R
03-May-19 Mercury conjunct Eris 08:47:44 23°Ar51′ D 23°Ar51′ D
04-May-19 New Moon in Taurus 23:45:23 14°Ta10′ D 14°Ta10′ D
05-May-19 Mars opposite Jupiter 22:56:51 23°Ge22′ D 23°Sg22′ R
06-May-19 Venus square North Node 19:10:14 19°Ar29′ D 19°Cn29′ R
06-May-19 Venus square South Node 19:10:14 19°Ar29′ D 19°Cp29′ R
06-May-19 Mercury enters Taurus 19:25:01 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
07-May-19 Venus square Saturn 14:26:08 20°Ar28′ D 20°Cp28′ R
08-May-19 Mercury conjunct Uranus 15:22:28 03°Ta25′ D 03°Ta25′ D
09-May-19 Sun sextile Neptune 03:52:09 18°Ta13′ D 18°Pi13′ D
09-May-19 Venus trine Jupiter 17:55:31 23°Ar04′ D 23°Sg04′ R
09-May-19 Venus square Pluto 18:19:57 23°Ar05′ D 23°Cp05′ R
10-May-19 Sun sextile North Node 07:41:35 19°Ta20′ D 19°Cn20′ D
10-May-19 Venus conjunct Eris 10:39:56 23°Ar55′ D 23°Ar55′ D
11-May-19 Sun trine Saturn 10:18:57 20°Ta24′ D 20°Cp24′ R
12-May-19 First Quarter Moon in Leo 02:12:08 21°Le03′ D 21°Ta03′ D
12-May-19 Mercury sextile Juno 06:42:54 10°Ta30′ D 10°Cn30′ D
14-May-19 Sun trine Pluto 04:07:01 23°Ta03′ D 23°Cp03′ R
14-May-19 Venus sextile Mars 14:58:08 28°Ar59′ D 28°Ge59′ D
15-May-19 Vesta square North Node 05:29:48 19°Ar12′ D 19°Cn12′ R
15-May-19 Vesta square South Node 05:29:48 19°Ar12′ D 19°Cp12′ R
15-May-19 Venus enters Taurus 10:45:45 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
16-May-19 Mercury sextile Neptune 02:20:09 18°Ta21′ D 18°Pi21′ D
16-May-19 Mars enters Cancer 04:09:13 00°Cn00′ D 00°Cn00′ D
16-May-19 Mercury sextile North Node 10:13:27 19°Ta03′ D 19°Cn03′ R
17-May-19 Mercury trine Saturn 00:08:46 20°Ta17′ D 20°Cp17′ R
17-May-19 Saturn square Vesta 15:27:31 20°Cp16′ R 20°Ar16′ D
18-May-19 Mercury trine Pluto 06:48:11 23°Ta01′ D 23°Cp01′ R
18-May-19 Sun conjunct Sedna 09:39:33 27°Ta08′ D 27°Ta08′ D
18-May-19 Venus conjunct Uranus 17:16:41 03°Ta58′ D 03°Ta58′ D
18-May-19 Full Moon in Scorpio 22:11:14 27°Sc38′ D 27°Ta38′ D
20-May-19 Mercury conjunct Sedna 04:42:32 27°Ta09′ D 27°Ta09′ D
21-May-19 Sun enters Gemini 08:59:01 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
21-May-19 Jupiter trine Vesta 10:34:54 21°Sg56′ R 21°Ar56′ D
21-May-19 Mercury enters Gemini 11:51:38 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
21-May-19 Sun conjunct Mercury 14:06:45 00°Ge12′ D 00°Ge12′ D
22-May-19 Neptune trine North Node 05:47:22 18°Pi28′ D 18°Cn28′ R
22-May-19 Mars sextile Uranus 15:46:13 04°Cn11′ D 04°Ta11′ D
23-May-19 Pluto square Vesta 18:48:18 22°Cp57′ R 22°Ar57′ D
23-May-19 Mercury sextile Chiron 19:04:23 05°Ge02′ D 05°Ar02′ D
24-May-19 Mars square Chiron 00:10:47 05°Cn03′ D 05°Ar03′ D
25-May-19 Mercury opposite Ceres 05:08:58 08°Ge09′ D 08°Sg09′ R
26-May-19 Mercury trine Pallas 06:43:53 10°Ge28′ D 10°Li28′ R
26-May-19 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 17:33:28 05°Pi08′ D 05°Ge08′ D
26-May-19 Sun sextile Chiron 17:37:31 05°Ge09′ D 05°Ar09′ D
28-May-19 Juno conjunct North Node 13:02:13 18°Cn29′ D 18°Cn29′ R
28-May-19 Neptune trine Juno 16:54:17 18°Pi34′ D 18°Cn34′ D
28-May-19 Sun opposite Ceres 23:36:11 07°Ge18′ D 07°Sg18′ R
30-May-19 Mercury square Neptune 02:22:00 18°Ge35′ D 18°Pi35′ D
30-May-19 Venus sextile North Node 12:51:09 18°Ta20′ D 18°Cn20′ R
30-May-19 Venus sextile Neptune 17:49:52 18°Ta35′ D 18°Pi35′ D
31-May-19 Saturn opposite Juno 03:33:35 19°Cp45′ R 19°Cn45′ D
31-May-19 Pallas stations direct 03:54:23 10°Li22′ D
31-May-19 Mercury opposite Jupiter 04:11:26 20°Ge48′ D 20°Sg48′ R
31-May-19 Venus trine Saturn 16:26:12 19°Ta44′ D 19°Cp44′ R

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The Astrology of the Notre Dame Fire


Me feeding the birds at Notre Dame – around 2004

These are strange times, difficult times. One of the things I have said most often is that the universe is in constant communication with us. Everything that occurs in waking life can be interpreted as if in a dream. When it comes to astrology, some people rail against it. “The planets can’t exert any influence over us” they say – and they are right. It’s not that the planets CAUSE what happens, rather that they are a poetic language describing an ongoing story of our experience here on planet Earth and the living of that tale. We have free will as to how we live the details of this Great Cosmic Story but the archetypal structure is what is set in stone.

And so, I see my role as an astrologer to ‘translate’ the messages of the stars. In my own astrology chart, I have a full 9th house – a house traditionally connected to Jupiter and Sagittarius. The 9th house rules universities, philosophy, religion. It’s the house of symbolic language. Many years ago, an old astrologer said to me ‘This is the House of God’.

And yesterday, the House of God burned. All week I have been hearing the crows on my street shouting. I have noticed over the years that when the birds are restless, something is coming. Signs have been coming thick and fast. The water pouring down the walls of Parliament in the UK – a sinking ship. The first sight of a Black Hole. Something unseen is coming to light – something that could consume everything, including the light. Yesterday morning, I realised my pentagram had fallen off my necklace – I have worn this for around 30 years. I had a conversation on Facebook about these ominous feelings and we ended up in a discussion about the twin towers, the coming of inevitable change and how if things DON’T change naturally, then the situation will be forced. As I said above, there is an overarching structure that we are working within. We can choose to fight against it, or we can choose to go with it. Naturally, the more we fight, the greater the difficulties we encounter because we’re trying to move in the wrong direction.

All of us as astrologers have been closely watching the skies as right now, we have a powerful line up of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. Saturn rules authority, the system, conservation, tradition, buildings. Pluto rules death, change, force, endings, toxicity, rubbish, sex, power, crime. Pluto is our shadow. The South Node rules old karma. This is all happening in the sign of Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn and symbolic of the establishment. So, from this, we have been talking about how the establishment needs to change, the system is toxic, old paradigms no longer work. The transiting South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer suggests a move away from patriarchy (Capricorn) towards matriarchy (Cancer). We MUST release old attitudes to make for a more caring society (Cancer rules family).

But the Powers That Be, the governments, those with the greatest wealth (ruled by Pluto) are holding on and so now we have signs that it MUST change. You cannot hold back evolution and you definitely can’t hold back Pluto. Pluto’s nature is to keep applying pressure until you relent and let go. The harder we resist, the harder he will push back – and he will win.

Along with this powerful line up this year, we also have Jupiter squaring Neptune. Both planets are connected to spirituality – Jupiter is about faith but the beliefs we hold via Jupiter are from a book, a man made (and I mean MAN) in this instance, book of spiritual laws. Neptune rules that direct connection to God, where you need no intercessory. Neptune is that feeling in your soul that you are connected to something greater than yourself.

In my post about Jupiter square Neptune on Patreon back in December, I wrote:- “We have great waves washing through us. Waves of compassion. Waves of loss. Are we finding faith and losing it? There’s great hope and the potential too for utter despair.”

As I said above, what happens in life can be interpreted as a dream and there are many layers of interpretation. One interpretation I see is that the Church is a symbol for faith – even if it is not your own faith. We have lost faith with the old system. Certainly, it seems many people in France feel the same with the powerful yellow jacket movement. France has been fighting itself for a long time and now its heart has given out. I noted the people singing prayers as they watched the fire burning. Sometimes it is only through great loss that we are united. Neptune rules the invisible thread that binds us all.

The Church itself is considered female ‘Our Lady of France’. France has pledged to restore HER – caps for emphasis. Symbolically, we are being told that we need to find our faith again, not in the old system or any one religion but in each other and in the MOTHER (yes, we could say Mother Earth).

The moment that captivated the world was when the Tower on top of Notre Dame fell. Millions of people watched and felt something in their hearts, a feeling, a knowing. The tower falling is a sign. In the Tarot, the Tower is what happens when things MUST change. It often comes when we have been stuck for a long time (the previous card in the order of the Tarot is the Devil – the shadow). The Tower is the first light after the dark. My French friend told me that the Tower above Notre Dame was called ‘La Fleche’ – the arrow. A single arrow in some tarot decks, is used to depict the Ace of Wands or Swords – both cards of clarity and new beginnings. The symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur shooting an arrow. Sagittarius is the visionary, the prophet, the seer. It aims its arrow to the heart of the Scorpion, the poison within, the heart of truth. It’s through destruction that we see the truth.

And there will be light, eventually. We will evolve, eventually. Just as Notre Dame will be rebuilt, so will we. But whilst I prefer to read the positives, I feel it would be remiss to leave out the negative. The message is clear that what has stood for hundreds of years can be razed to the ground. Notre Dame was going through renovation work but SYMBOLICALLY SPEAKING, you cannot renovate something that is fundamentally flawed. The Catholic Church itself is burning from the inside with abuse. The foundations of our society are falling apart. The planet herself is gasping for breath under layers of our plastic debris. We cannot keep trying to prop up what isn’t working. We feel it in our bones. We’ve lost faith. and if we don’t change, something with change it for us.


Before I say anything about the chart, I want to reiterate that talking about the symbolism and the meaning of the chart and this event in no way detracts from the terrible sadness I feel at the loss of such a beautiful building of such historical significance, nor the significance it has for millions of people as a place of worship and sanctity. I wept as I watched. My thoughts are also with the firefighter who was seriously injured battling the fire.

From my forecast from April :-

“Pluto stations retrograde on April 24. The Sabian symbol is ‘A Woman Entering A Convent’. It reiterates the idea of cleansing and eradication of toxic materialism. That said however, this symbol could also speak of the ill treatment of women, further Catholic Church abuse scandals, the constant propensity to split woman into two categories, namely virgin and whore.”

click to enlarge

In the fire event chart, the karmic collection of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node sits in the 4th house. This part of the chart relates to home and country. Karma striking at the heart of the country.

In many reports, the time 6:50 p.m. is given for when the roof caught fire however I have used 6:20 p.m. given on the BBC’s website which is around the time the alert was first heard. No fire was found on inspection but clearly something was alight.

The sign Libra is rising. Libra carries the scales of justice and speaks of balance and truth. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess, Our Lady! Venus is in Pisces, the sign connected to spirituality. Out of interest, Venus is only two minutes away from the next degree and the Sabian symbol for that degree is ‘A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence Of Perverted Practices and Materialized Ideals’.

Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Lilith calls out unfair practices. In mythology she was the first wife of Adam who left the Garden of Eden because Adam wouldn’t treat her fairly. From there, Lilith was demonised through history. Lilith conjunct Venus talks of the demonization and unfair treatment of women. Venus creates a square with Jupiter, the ruler of the Church. Jupiter sits opposite asteroid Nemesis – a Greek Goddess who enacts retribution for hubris (arrogance before the Gods).

Asteroid Paris sits directly conjunct the Ascendant of this chart. The Ascendant of the chart is on the Sabian symbol ‘In A Collection Of Perfect Specimens Of Many Biological Forms, A Butterfly Displays The Beauty Of Its Wings, Its Body Impaled By A Fine Dart’. The butterfly is a symbol for change and evolution but here in the symbol, its flight has been arrested by a dart. This symbol then talks of arresting progress, not allowing change to happen, the desire to preserve at any cost – including the butterfly’s life. Asteroid Paris opposes Chiron, The Wounded Healer on the Descendant. Something is broken in Paris. The aspect indicates pain, the flushing out of an old and festering wound.  Chiron is conjunct asteroid Vesta, the Priestess, the Keeper of the Flame. She is an asteroid of devotion. Chiron and Vesta are in the fiery sign of Aries.

Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars, ruler of fire, inflammation and anger is in the 9th house – recall from above, the House of God. Perhaps this is a reference to the fury that has been a long running saga in France with the protests. The fury has become fire. Mars is in the sign of Gemini, the Twins – Notre Dame has Two Towers (thankfully not destroyed in the fire). Of course in the western psyche, the concept of the Twin Towers brings up vivid memories. The falling of the Towers in America was the herald of the War with Iraq, the beginning of terrorism. And yes, without wanting to get into fear mongering, there are suggestions that war could erupt again IF we don’t address our problems – remember, we have a choice in how to play these stories. Asteroid Lachesis (one of the Fates and the measurer of the thread of life) is conjunct Mars. Mars sits on an optimistic Sabian ‘Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience’. We have a chance now to fight for a different philosophy, to open a discussion (Gemini) to assert ourselves to be heard. Mars is also conjunct asteroid Panacea – meaning ‘heal all’. The potential is there.

The Sun is conjunct asteroid Babel as in The Tower of Babel. In the bible, humankind tried to build a tower to God but God stopped them by creating all different languages so humans could no longer work together. The themes of this story have been challenged over the years but on the face of it, asteroid Babel talks of punishment for hubris and not being able to understand one another.

The Sun is also conjunct Uranus, ruler of rebellion, shock, things that happen suddenly. Asteroid Nostalgia is conjunct Uranus. A sudden awakening of nostalgia. So many people are talking about their memories of visiting Notre Dame.

The Moon is in the 12th house, a house also associated with spiritual places as well as the collective unconscious. The Moon is on the same degree as Victor Hugo’s natal Saturn (Lord of Karma). Victor Hugo was the author of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Victor’s natal Moon is conjunct Jupiter, ruler of The House of God traditionally, in the event chart for the fire.

The MC of the heart is in the sign Cancer, the sign of the North Node – the point showing the way towards our karmic evolution. The Sabian symbol of the MC is ‘On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One’.

When the Tower falls, we must sit up and pay attention. The ominous feeling that many of us experienced when watching the flames consume this beautiful building is a stark wake up call (Uranus!).  France has pledged to rebuild Our Lady and that too is what we must do. We must re-instate the Divine Feminine. We must move towards a more caring and kinder society. We must learn to listen to one another despite our different languages. The old system WILL be erased and we must step up and take an active part in that evolution. What is happening now is crucial to what will be happening in January 2020 when a mass of planets align in the sign Capricorn. We cannot afford to lose faith in the world, in the planet, in each other and ourselves. We can and must arise from the ashes.


Photo image of the fire burning comes from Wikipedia
Incnis Mrsi (montage) Remi Mathis (photos) [CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0

Image – ‘The Tower’ from The Radiant Rider Waite Tarot by A.E. Waite, Pamela Colman Smith

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New Moon in Aries April 2019 – Sword in the Stone

The New Moon occurs at 09:50 (BST) on April 5, 2019 at 15°Ar17′.

The first New Moon of the astrological year tends to be a time geared towards new beginnings. Aries is a sign associated with spring. It’s fiery, passionate, hot-bloodied, impatient, up for a challenge and raring to go. This chart is full of cardinal energy with Uranus being the only planet in a fixed sign (Taurus). Given this pattern then, it feels like being at the starting line of a race, engines revving, pumped up, eager to beat the competition. But the starting gun doesn’t fire and there’s a red flag waving. We can’t go anywhere until we’ve dealt with unfinished business.

The New Moon squares the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on the South Node in Capricorn. Right now, there is no escaping the consequences of past actions. We need to learn from our history, reconsider our approach and get real! Maybe there are rules that we need to comply with before starting a new project. Whatever it is, we have to slow down and consider all angles before hurtling after our goals. One of Aries’ main faults is that it struggles to finish what it starts. The burning passion that puts a rocket under us at the beginning can burn out fast. What we need to complete a job is fixed energy, exactly what is mostly missing from this chart. The Saturn restraint then on this New Moon is a blessing in disguise because we’re forced to investigate whether our new beginning has staying power and whether we’re committed enough to see it through to the end. Pluto’s involvement in this picture pushes us to face our fears instead of trying to run from them in the hope that they won’t catch up. We need to slow down, consider the problem and approach it with maturity. Asteroid Excalibur conjunct the New Moon is a perfect analogy of the squares to the Capricorn trio. The sword in the stone won’t budge until the time is right and we are ready to take the lead. The cause must be just, and we must be sovereign to wield such powerful magic. What is begun now has the potential to become a long running saga. We need to be ready, willing and able.

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The Moon is trine to Ceres which suggests that there is a chance for this New Moon energy to become fruitful in the end. We must nurture our courage and our vision. More complicated is the Moon’s very wide opposition to Pallas, herself squaring the Nodes, Saturn and Pluto. Diplomatic relations right now are strained but work together we must. Aries is a self-starter, compelled to act on its own behalf but with Pallas in this position, we must look for win-win scenarios. Mars, ruler of this lunation, is travelling through Gemini and sextile to Chiron. It’s about debating points without resorting to wounding with words. We need to be open to taking advice from teachers and mentors and willing to check the facts. Remember that Mercury is still in the shadow zone after last month’s retrograde and still conjunct Neptune. There’s lots of imagination here but we’re still tempted by wishful thinking and could be swayed by false promises. It’s important that we are clear and direct about our intentions. Hopefully Saturn’s placement in this chart will keep us anchored to reality even if we don’t like it!

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is: –

Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset

Just as the light fades, help appears. It’s like the knight in shining armour arriving at the eleventh hour. Sometimes it takes a challenge to deepen our spiritual awareness. Even when you think you’re doing everything alone, invisible helpers support your every move.

Painting – ‘Excalibur in the Lake’ by Aubrey Beardsley

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April 2019 Astrology Forecast

As Mars reaches out to sextile Chiron, activating our inner healer on April 4, Pluto reaches its conjunction to the South Node. The last time this occurred was August 2002. This was the year the Euro coin was introduced so it captures my attention just as the UK are still mid farcical Brexit negotiations to leave the EU – not that we ever had the coin but still, the link is hard to ignore. Harder still to ignore is that this was also the year that the US government introduced Homeland Security after the terror attacks of 9/11. Pluto is the planet associated with war.

As Saturn also meets the South Node this month on April 30, it’s important to bring together these two mighty forces. Unlike Pluto though, Saturn will form three conjunctions to the South Node. With Pluto, once is enough (!) because this is the moment when we stare consequences in the face. This is collective karma at work, the shadow, the underbelly is now clearly visible. Remember too that one of Saturn’s other names is ‘Lord of Karma’.

Pluto indicates we must eradicate the problems that are draining us and keeping us stuck. Saturn shows that we have become too restricted and the structure of the system is broken. On the world stage we’re looking at the giant power games within and between governments; deep ingrained toxic masculinity; the mysterious ‘powers that be’, the holders of authority; the banking system; the wealth of the few compared to the many. If Saturn is Old Father Time then this is a death knell. Time has run out. On a personal level, each of us are asked to consider our personal responsibility in collective matters. These aspects don’t pull any punches. It is hard hitting and it needs to be. This morning [written March 15, 2019], the first thing I saw on my Facebook feed was the utter disbelief that 49 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in New Zealand. It has to stop. Pluto rules extremism. Saturn is hard lines. We have manifested (Saturn) a monster (Pluto) and now it’s come back to bite us in the backside (the South Node is also the Dragon’s Tail!). Wafting some sage and sending up a prayer is not going to cut it. We must all root out our own shadows, grow up, reclaim our power and stand strong with integrity. As the North Node travels through Cancer, we are pointed towards becoming a family again but we can’t feel secure with one another until the violence and hate stop. The system has to fundamentally change, and we are the ones who can change it.

The New Moon in Aries on April 5 widely squares the Saturn, Pluto, South Node conjunction. Typically a time of intention setting and new beginnings, our efforts are hampered unless we address old issues. Saturn’s restraint to the Aries energy can be infuriating but right now we need to be cautious as we don’t want to repeat the same patterns over and over. Also, it’s not about throwing out everything we have learned. The squares suggests that some aspects of our past are worth holding onto as we can put them to the service of our new mission.

Jupiter stations retrograde in Sagittarius on April 10. Aspects of our lives that have been going through a phase of growth begins to slow down. Again, the reaction might be to fight like a horse against a bit held too tight but we need time to study developments to ensure that we are going in the right direction. Inner growth must be matched with outer growth. Sagittarius energy can get carried away, buoyed on a tide of optimism. Whilst Jupiter is King here, there is still the danger of going too far too fast. The retrograde period gives us some natural time for reflection.

Mercury will exit the shadow zone on April 16. By now, the difficulties from the retrograde period should have resolved. We can now fully assimilate everything learned during Mercury’s backtrack through Pisces. Mercury then finally enters Aries on April 17 and after almost six weeks in water, this is like taking a giant, gasping breath after being underwater too long! Mercury rules the lungs! Finally, heads are clear. Finally, we can see where we’re going. Finally, we’re free of the undertow of turbulent emotions. Mercury in Aries is decisive and we’re quick to speak up, perhaps especially after Mercury was swimming so long in the silent Pisces waters. It’s easier now to express ideas with clarity and also to be more assertive when it comes to saying what we want. Still, we do need to ensure we have all the information we need before making important decisions because generally this sign favours action over thinking it through!

The Full Moon on April 19 is the second Libra Full Moon this year. As the Moon will be on the final 29th degree of Libra, its critical that we resolve issues in our relationships. This could easily tip over with Libra’s scales so precariously balanced. An out of sign lunar opposition to Uranus brings an unpredictable edge. Individual freedom versus the need for working partnerships in all ways is a challenge. The solution is shown by the Sun and Moon’s squares to Pluto and the South Node. Again and again we are pushed back to the same issues. We must cleanse from the bottom up, focus on what’s in our control, allow for grey areas instead of seeing everything in black and white.

The Sun then enters Taurus on April 20 (happy birthday to me 😀 ). This transit asks that we focus on practicalities and appreciate the simple life. Taurus likes things to be as uncomplicated as possible. Whether we’re tending the garden or doing the accounts, we need to just focus on the task at hand. There’s no rush. Venus also changes signs on the same day, but she is one sign behind in Aries. Whilst it isn’t the sign where Venus functions at her best, hearts are bursting with fiery passion. If we can combine that with the Taurus Sun’s steady pace than this could be perfect for creative projects and adds a little spice to relationships.

Pluto stations retrograde on April 24. The Sabian symbol is ‘A Woman Entering A Convent’. It reiterates the idea of cleansing and eradication of toxic materialism. That said however, this symbol could also speak of the ill treatment of women, further Catholic Church abuse scandals, the constant propensity to split woman into two categories, namely virgin and whore. Not to mention the whole thing about controlling women through fundamentalism in certain faiths, both East and West. Still, with Pluto stationing here, it suggests that the greater faith we have in ourselves, the more empowered we are.

A square between Mars and Neptune on April 24 is challenging as this combination can confuse us so much we don’t know what to do. Motivation too can also be affected as energy levels dip and lethargy takes over. “Give me a reason to keep going and I will” says a tired Mars in Gemini who is trying to rationalise weird feelings that seem impossible to decipher. A further challenge is that this aspect forms one half of a T-square as Mars is also now in orb of an opposition to Jupiter. Often Mars opposite Jupiter wants to do everything. We don’t want to choose, we want to pursue every dream. We’re frustrated by having to decide because we don’t know what is best. The trick with Neptune at the apex of this T-square is to reacquaint ourselves with what is meaningful. If we feel like we’ve lost the reason for why we’re doing what we’re doing, it’s best we go back to the beginning and remember why we started what we started.

The end of the month sees Saturn station retrograde on April 30, followed by the Saturn-South Node conjunction mentioned above. Now we’re really feeling tested but if we can steel ourselves, we can rise to the challenge. Ever the realist, Saturn shows us what is possible – but first we need to get unstuck. Combining perseverance with a positive approach can help us close the doors on old business. We can’t afford to stick our heads in the sand and moan that nothing can be done. We are all accountable.

Major Aspects April 2019 Astrology Forecast

Mercury conjunct Neptune 02-Apr-19 10:36:01 17°Pi08′ D 17°Pi08′ D
Vesta enters Aries 03-Apr-19 16:25:40 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
Mars sextile Chiron 04-Apr-19 04:39:28 02°Ge34′ D 02°Ar34′ D
Sun trine Ceres 04-Apr-19 07:12:29 14°Ar11′ D 14°Sg11′ D
Pluto conjunct South Node 04-Apr-19 20:17:14 23°Cp03′ D 23°Cn03′ R
New Moon in Aries 05-Apr-19 09:50:22 15°Ar17′ D 15°Ar17′ D
Mercury sextile Saturn 07-Apr-19 10:17:21 20°Pi06′ D 20°Cp06′ D
Venus square Ceres 07-Apr-19 16:47:34 14°Pi15′ D 14°Sg15′ D
Jupiter opposite Juno 08-Apr-19 23:21:38 24°Sg20′ D 24°Ge20′ D
Ceres stations retrograde 09-Apr-19 05:36:16 14°Sg16′ R
Saturn square Pallas 09-Apr-19 05:37:08 20°Cp09′ D 20°Li09′ R
Chiron conjunct Vesta 09-Apr-19 18:30:51 02°Ar53′ D 02°Ar53′ D
Mercury trine North Node 09-Apr-19 21:04:45 22°Pi07′ D 22°Cn07′ R
Sun opposite Pallas 10-Apr-19 02:17:04 19°Ar53′ D 19°Li53′ R
Venus conjunct Neptune 10-Apr-19 07:12:53 17°Pi24′ D 17°Pi24′ D
Sun square Saturn 10-Apr-19 09:47:00 20°Ar12′ D 20°Cp12′ D
Jupiter stations retrograde 10-Apr-19 18:00:43 24°Sg21′ R
Mercury sextile Pluto 10-Apr-19 22:45:16 23°Pi06′ D 23°Cp06′ D
Mercury square Jupiter 12-Apr-19 05:17:55 24°Pi20′ D 24°Sg20′ R
Sun square North Node 12-Apr-19 06:33:53 22°Ar02′ D 22°Cn02′ R
Venus sextile Saturn 12-Apr-19 16:07:57 20°Pi16′ D 20°Cp16′ D
First Quarter Moon in Cancer 12-Apr-19 20:05:47 22°Cn35′ D 22°Ar35′ D
Sun square Pluto 13-Apr-19 09:06:58 23°Ar07′ D 23°Cp07′ D
Venus trine North Node 14-Apr-19 02:58:22 22°Pi01′ D 22°Cn01′ R
Sun trine Jupiter 14-Apr-19 14:40:24 24°Ar19′ D 24°Sg19′ R
Mercury square Juno 14-Apr-19 20:57:10 27°Pi10′ D 27°Ge10′ D
Venus sextile Pluto 15-Apr-19 00:51:27 23°Pi07′ D 23°Cp07′ D
Venus square Jupiter 16-Apr-19 00:14:38 24°Pi18′ D 24°Sg18′ R
Mercury enters Aries 17-Apr-19 07:00:31 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
Full Moon in Libra 19-Apr-19 12:12:04 29°Li06′ D 29°Ar06′ D
Mercury conjunct Chiron 20-Apr-19 00:47:13 03°Ar28′ D 03°Ar28′ D
Sun sextile Juno 20-Apr-19 02:19:38 29°Ar41′ D 29°Ge41′ D
Sun enters Taurus 20-Apr-19 09:55:10 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
Venus square Juno 20-Apr-19 16:51:46 29°Pi59′ D 29°Ge59′ D
Venus enters Aries 20-Apr-19 17:10:26 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
Juno enters Cancer 20-Apr-19 17:38:26 00°Cn00′ D 00°Cn00′ D
Mars opposite Ceres 21-Apr-19 06:15:58 13°Ge47′ D 13°Sg47′ R
Sun conjunct Uranus 23-Apr-19 00:06:42 02°Ta31′ D 02°Ta31′ D
Venus conjunct Chiron 23-Apr-19 17:54:40 03°Ar40′ D 03°Ar40′ D
Mars trine Pallas 24-Apr-19 04:00:46 15°Ge42′ D 15°Li42′ R
Mercury conjunct Vesta 24-Apr-19 14:55:03 09°Ar51′ D 09°Ar51′ D
Pluto stations retrograde 24-Apr-19 19:47:52 23°Cp09′ R
Uranus sextile Juno 26-Apr-19 08:04:45 02°Ta43′ D 02°Cn43′ D
Mercury trine Ceres 26-Apr-19 21:20:10 13°Ar15′ D 13°Sg15′ R
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 26-Apr-19 23:18:11 06°Aq23′ D 06°Ta23′ D
Mars square Neptune 27-Apr-19 14:03:21 17°Ge55′ D 17°Pi55′ D
Mercury opposite Pallas 27-Apr-19 20:05:59 14°Ar43′ D 14°Li43′ R
Chiron square Juno 28-Apr-19 19:56:52 03°Ar56′ D 03°Cn56′ D
Saturn stations retrograde 30-Apr-19 01:54:03 20°Cp31′ R
Saturn conjunct South Node 30-Apr-19 21:21:41 20°Cp31′ R 20°Cn31′ R

Painting – ‘The number of the beast is 666’ by William Blake

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New Moon in Pisces March 2019 – Transcendental

the-boat-1902The New Moon occurs at 16:03 (UT) on March 6, 2019 at 15°Pi47′.

We’re floating in the middle of the ocean, drifting, dreaming. There’s an abundance of water in the chart but little fire. The combination suggests that whilst we may be filled with buoyant hopes and longing, there’s little inspiration to do anything about it. So, we float, bobbing in a small boat, hands trailing in the water. Sleepy, silent.

And some could find themselves crying, leaking eyes, memories falling back into the collective pool of the unconscious. Salt water stings yet cleanses. Sometimes it’s necessary. Pisces is a sign of compassion and empathy. Turn that kindness on yourself. Hold your hand over your heart. Reassure yourself that you are okay, even if you are lost, in pain or suffering.

Mercury is still stationary after turning retrograde yesterday on the final, anaretic degree of Pisces. Anaretic degrees are super sensitive, more so in tender Pisces. Words now have many layers of meaning, ripples of reflection, undertone, subtext. It’s difficult to hear what is said – or trust whether there is some other subliminal message trickling through. It’s like our ears are clogged after deep diving, sounds muffled. Anaretic Mercury is conjunct Chiron, also on a critical degree at 0 Aries. Words can hurt or words can heal – those we say to others and those we say to ourselves. The key is not to suffer in silence. With Chiron in Aries, we need to take action to find healing. It’s hard to do when you are down, depressed and utterly forlorn but take the initiative, reach out. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see a way forward or find an answer to problems.  Trust that you can find your way with a little guidance.

New Moon in Pisces

The Moon is conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune, making everything seem like a water colour painting. Lines are blurred, boundaries are blurred. There’s a tendency to idealise under Neptune’s influence. The Moon is also square to Jupiter, emphasising the Jupiter-Neptune square that forms the backdrop to this year’s events. Whilst Jupiter can give great faith, combined with Neptune, we could see what we want to see or believe what we want to believe. The problem is that if we lose touch with reality, we could end up feeling disappointed. Escapism too is an issue as Jupiter expands upon Neptune’s fantasies. Whilst this is the time to pay attention to our imagination and draw on its creative potential, some could find themselves disconnecting, immersed in Netflix, checking out with alcohol or drugs. Ground yourself. Practice mindfulness. Don’t get carried away. As a caution, stomachs are sensitive now too. Pay attention to food hygiene. Be careful with shellfish. Be mindful of foods and medications you already know you have a sensitivity to.

But still, despite the potential difficulties, as the Moon is also conjunct priestess Vesta, there is a highly spiritual tone to this New Moon. It’s perfect for focusing on your spiritual path, New Moon rituals, deity dedications, tarot card blessing or just simply tuning in to your soul. Right now, it’s important to let go of the noise and distraction of the outside world and go within. Get comfortable with silence. The Sabian symbol of this lunation is :-

In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration

In our busy modern world, often silence is something we rarely experience or actively avoid. Sit in the dark for five minutes to rest your soul or, if that seems too scary, wake up at sunrise and listen to the dawn chorus. Create space so that you can hear your breath. It’s in these times that vivid imagery can appear that puts you in touch with the part of you that is connected to all that is beyond your understanding.

The New Moon forms sextiles to both Mars and Saturn so there is help at hand too. We can become master builders when we listen to our intuition. With discipline effort and mature leadership, we can breathe life into our dreams. But still, Saturn cautions we must be realistic to gain the best from this hopeful chart. Neptune and Vesta remind us that we need to focus on what is most meaningful to us.

Uranus, The Awakener has just moved into Taurus bringing high frequency knowledge down to Earth. Yet with otherworldly Neptune conjunct the New Moon, this is like waking within a dream. Lucid dreams are extraordinary states of consciousness where you can interact with the dreamscape with full awareness that you are dreaming. Right now, we need to be open to understanding there are many layers of consciousness. There is much more to reality than we see. Neptune rules all those things that are invisible – ghosts, spirits, Gods, the spiritual thread that binds us all, other dimensions. We are interacting with something beyond the physical realms and sometimes it can be unsettling. With nothing tangible to draw upon, we could be tempted to say that our experiences aren’t real – yet we need to allow for miracles, impossibilities and all those things that go beyond the known world. Transcend your limits.

Painting – ‘The Boat’ by Odilon Redon