Saturn conjunct Pluto – Bongs, Trump, War, Australia, Prince Harry and Aliens

Apparently British Conservative MP Mark Francois wants Big Ben to ‘Bong’ at the hour the UK leaves the European Union. I would suggest that unless our MP’s start talking about stuff that matters, like the Climate Emergency, there’s a whole other ‘Bong’ that will be happening – namely the death knell of the Doomsday clock. The Doomsday clock originated under a previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Still, it’s interesting that the clock symbolism has surfaced as I spoke about it in my January Forecast.

The mundane world symbolism as Saturn conjunct Pluto perfects (January 12, 2020), is extraordinary to say the least. In my forecast for January 2020, posted originally on my Patreon on December 15 and on Youtube on December 28, I talked of how this time period relates to the possibility of war and is also a marker in time for the climate crisis. And so, Trump decided to bomb Iraq, killing a much loved Iranian General, notably on Greta Thunberg’s birthday – the very person who is the figurehead for the Climate Crisis. War or save the planet? I feel like I’m in Eddie Izzard’s sketch ‘Cake or Death’ only it really isn’t very funny anymore is it (war, not Eddie – Eddie is always funny).  By the way, if you are curious enough to click the link to the sketch, note that Eddie is a big fan of F bombs 🙂

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Hashtag ‘WorldWarIII’ began to trend on Twitter. Trump is currently in the midst of his Saturn opposition to natal Saturn so following the rules and listening to other authority figures probably feels like an outright threat right now. Throw in Pluto too and we get ‘I want to smash any opposition into little pieces’. Of course, it’s clear to see through the distraction. We haven’t forgotten the impeachment and neither has Trump. After all, there is significant opposition to his authority right now and any distraction is welcome from his point of view. Whilst currently it seems that the war-talk has cooled, astrologically speaking, I don’t think this is over – not by a long shot, especially as Mars will trigger the Capricorn build up in March and then again later in the year when Mars is retrograde between September and November.

Meanwhile, the terrible fires in Australia have caused untold damage to flora and fauna and devastated many people’s lives and livelihoods. If you want to make a donation, there are a list of agencies accepting donations here. The huge story here is that the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, is yet another Climate Change denier, much like Donald Trump and even faced with a disaster on his doorstep, he refuses to budge. Naturally, his response (or rather lack of response) hasn’t been well received by the people of his country. Currently Jupiter conjunct the South Node sits on the chart of Australia’s natal Saturn and Sun. Time for the man at the top to release old beliefs!

Astrologically speaking, powerful denial is a phrase that can be drawn straight from playing with Pluto and Saturn’s keywords. In our very dualistic world, every action has a reaction, every opinion, its opposite. But, in the face of such a serious aspect as Saturn conjunct Pluto this is ‘time’s up’. No more bullsh*t. Mother Earth (Ceres) is integral to this Capricorn stellium and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Note that Ceres is also out of bounds currently meaning that Mother Earth isn’t going to play by the rules anymore – after all, where has that got her? Nope, Mother Earth is yelling at the top of her voice and we must listen. Popocatépetl just erupted and Puerto Rico is still reeling from being hit by an earthquake swarm – 950 earthquakes since the beginning of the year!

But those in power (Pluto) with authority (Saturn) don’t want to listen because they stand to lose everything because Pluto is also wealth. It’s the kind of wealth that sits beneath dragons in age old stories. But the dragon’s head (the North Node) is in opposite sign Cancer – a sign associated with family, nurturing, mothers and children. Even the fairytale dragon has heard the cry of the little child (Greta) and is stirring its age-old body, relinquishing it’s silver and gold with the promise of something much more precious. Those who are determined to hold onto the dragon’s tail are likely to be on the tail end of something more unpleasant! No doubt some karmic lessons will be learned.

The headline news for the past 48 hours though has all been about Harry and Megan’s unprecedented announcement via Instagram that they are stepping back from being senior royals. Mercury, the planet of communication and a player in the Saturn-Pluto quintuple conjunction, is also currently out of bounds. Remember what I said about out of bounds Ceres above – breaking rules? Mercury’s joining in. What a way to break the news!

The Queen’s chart is already besieged by Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto which occurs right beside her Ascendant. The presence of Pluto here has already been hard at work, ferreting out the unsavoury truths about son Andrew, that disastrous (which literally means ‘against the stars’) interview, followed by a decision to secret him away from public view. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip was in hospital before Christmas and looks rather frail. And now Harry has decided not to toe the line anymore forcing change in the ‘Firm’ the Queen’s name for the Royal Family business (Saturn). Note too that Uranus is still idling two degrees away from the Queen’s natal Sun. Rebels everywhere. Talk about being hit by a few curveballs.

Apparently, there is upset in the Royal Household as sources state they were not consulted about Harry and Meghan’s decision. It begs the question – why? Maybe the couple decided it was easier to ask forgiveness (Neptune) than ask for permission (Saturn). Right now, Harry is just coming to the end of a series of difficult squares from Neptune to his natal Mars. The third and final square will take place on January 27. Neptune and Mars in difficult aspect can typically manifest as feeling defeated. Harry and Meghan would much rather follow their hearts and do more charitable work – a wonderful expression of compassion (Neptune) in action (Mars). Harry’s natal Mars is in adventurous, unshackled, multicultural Sagittarius, in the 12th house of the lost and forgotten and spirituality. In his progressed chart, Harry’s Neptune is on the 29th degree of its sign, emphasising that the desire to help and do something meaningful with his life feels critical. Note that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his first house of ‘self’ will be directly trine to Harry’s Sun (purpose, identity), helping him step into his own power and authority. Jupiter will shortly ender his 1st house and can often correlate to creating one’s own opportunities as well as international travel. The astrology is perfect for the situation. Also worth noting is that in Harry’s progressed chart, Mars is lingering on his Ascendant, making ready to move into his first house later this year. No doubt as transiting Jupiter is already speaking with his progressed Mars, this is the boost of courage he needed to take charge of his life.

The times are extraordinary as the astrology right now and everything links, everything is connected. I also mentioned in my January forecast when talking about Saturn and Pluto that there had been a link to aliens so it caught my eye to see news headlines erupt with a story ‘Aliens exist and could be here on Earth‘ – the words spoke by former astronaut Helen Sharman. If they do, I’m pretty sure they might be shaking their little alien heads right now and wondering what the hell is going on. I know I am!

But still, whilst the news is wild, challenging, infuriating and bizarre – let’s not forget Uranus stationing on the heels of today’s (Jan10,2020) lunar eclipse – what matters is that we plant our feet firmly in the ground. We may not be able to directly stop our leaders from playing with dangerous buttons, tweeting nonsense or having pointless discussions whilst people and the planet suffer – but we can make a difference. We aren’t powerless, even if the news is sometimes carefully cultivated to make us think we are. In fact Saturn conjunct Pluto counsels us that now is just the time to accept the responsibility of our power. What we do now will have repercussions long after we are gone. What we do now is for future generations. We need to be the change we want to see. It’s about stepping up. Releasing our fears. Doing what’s right. Commitment. Resolve. Digging deep. All the strength we need is inside of us. Together we can change the world and it starts right now.

Painting – Illustration to Dante’s Divine Comedy by William Blake

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Lunar Eclipse January 2020 – Wolves

The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 19:21 (UT) on January 10, 2020 at 20°Cn00′. This is a penumbral eclipse meaning that the Moon will only pass through the outer part of Earth’s shadow. It creates then a partial eclipse and therefore the Moon will only look dimmer rather than taking on the familiar reddish hue associated with total lunar eclipses. Still, despite its partial status, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse packs an astrological punch as it triggers the collection of planets now sitting in Capricorn and brings to life the Saturn-Pluto conjunction due to perfect in a couple of days.

The Lunar Eclipse is a time when we see the Earth’s shadow and therefore symbolically speaking, we see our collective shadow. As it’s Full Moon, the height of the lunar cycle, we already know this is a time of heightened emotions, more so with the Moon in her home sign of watery Cancer. As the Moon and Sun oppose one another, events come to a head, we draw conclusions, make decisions or reach a crisis point. With the North Node also travelling in Cancer, we have an idea that whatever is revealed now is for our soul’s growth. As Cancer is concerned with security, home, family, roots and domestic issues, these are the matters that we are most concerned with during this period.

Above all, Cancer wants to feel safe and secure, protected, nurtured, supported, but the oppositions to the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres could feel like a wolf at the door – or rather a pack of wolves! There’s stuff going on ‘out there’ in the world and it’s howling to be let in. We can’t ignore it, and this could feel uncomfortable, scary, threatening. Note that Mercury is out of bounds which means it’s not playing by the rules and therefore minds whirl as nothing seems logical. Yet Mercury could also come up with some brilliant insights, especially as it conjoins the Sun today bringing important information to light.  Combined with Pluto’s natural depth analysis and Saturn’s wisdom, we have a recipe for profound realisations. Whether we want to know the truth might be a different matter but still, there are certain truths arising from this eclipse.

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Taking these lunar oppositions one by one, what we think (Mercury) and feel (the Moon) are two different things. We feel denied, under the thumb of authorities or emotionally low with Saturn. The opposition with Ceres could feel like lack of abundance, feeling uncared for, hungry/hangry! Separation anxiety triggers needy reactions. Finally, the presence of Pluto is horror, pressure, the terror of things spinning out of control. We’re inclined to obsess and react without thinking, triggered by unconscious patterns.

On top of these aspects, there is also a tight sesquiquadrate to warrior Mars so part of us is gunning to take action, to MAKE it stop, to MAKE it better. Mars is fast and furious and isn’t looking where he’s going. Let’s throw in a square to Juno shall we, over there in peacemaker Libra? This is a suggestion that we need to review agreements, embrace diplomacy but whether that will be heard under all the noise of the rest of the planets is anyone’s guess.

And if that wasn’t enough, Uranus is about to go direct around 6 hours after the eclipse. Its stationary status gives an unpredictable edge and a whole bag of ‘expect the unexpected’.

It feels overwhelming so how about we consider the most positive potential of these patterns? We can see this as a significant opportunity to clear the way ahead if we dare to confront our demons (Pluto). It’s about reframing and considering, what can I learn from this? The confrontations with Saturn and Pluto push us to change habitual patterns of response. We need to let go of what isn’t in our control and take responsibility (Saturn) for what is. It’s about attending to matters at home without abdicating our outer world responsibilities. It’s about finding a good work/life balance. It’s about dealing with problems in an adult way rather than sinking into a bad mood because life isn’t going our way. It’s about giving love and support to each other so that we can deal with our fears together rather than alone.

You are not alone.

You are NOT alone.

Uranus stationing tells us that something important within is awakening. What occurs around this time is part of what will free us from whatever has been holding us back.

The Moon is also trine to Neptune, the one release point amongst these tense aspects. This tells us that right now we need to look beyond the mundane and see with our soul’s eyes. Intuition, imagination, art, prayer, music, rest, meditation, voluntary work, helping those who cannot help themselves – all these are activities that can help us make sense of the complex energies at play. As Neptune is also the planet associated with all that is holy, it brings with it a sense of quiet spiritual presence watching over us. We are all connected by an invisible thread so what we put out affects us all. It’s important that we find a place of peace within and send out unconditional love.

The Sabian symbol of the Lunar Eclipse is :-

A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance

This symbol brings up the idea of being heard. The Moon in Cancer would rather have a quiet word behind closed doors but now isn’t the time to hide our voices. We need to clarify our message and then project it loud and clear. The virtuosity of the opera singer in this symbol also tells us that to give our best performance in life, it takes work. With all this powerful Capricorn energy in the skies currently, we can’t shirk our duties, tasks or responsibilities both at home and at work. Still, the more we apply ourselves, the more we can achieve. This eclipse is a cosmic tune up and a wake-up call. Stay on the high side.

Painting – ‘Wolf Dog’ by Jamie Wyeth

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Weekly Astrology Forecast – December 23 – 29, 2019

23-Dec-19 Sun square Chiron
The more we focus on how things ‘should be’ the harder it is to accept what is.
Relax the rules. Hold space for painful nostalgia. You don’t have to be strong all the time

24-Dec-19 Sun trine Uranus
Glittery surprises are in the air. Change up traditions. Expect the unexpected

25-Dec-19 No major aspects. Merry Christmas!

26-Dec-19 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn
An important new start sets a foundation stone in place for the future.
Consider carefully your next step.

27-Dec-19 Sun conjunct Jupiter.
Joy to the world! High hopes and aspirations.
Life is expanding. Look for opportunities for growth

28-Dec-19 No major aspects

29-Dec-19 Mercury enters Capricorn
Serious thinking. A methodical approach works best.
Give yourself time to make important decisions. Guard against pessimism

Painting – ‘The Christmas Tree’ by John Henry Twachtman

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Full Moon in Gemini December 2019 – Decide

The Full Moon occurs at 05:12 (UT) on December 12, 2019 at 19°Ge51′.

This is the last Full Moon of the year and the decade. The Moon is in Gemini, an airy, intellectual sign that seeks to categorise, connect and gather information. Lying opposite is the Sun in Sagittarius, a fiery, inspiration sign that is searching for a higher truth. Both signs are connected on some level with education, knowing, learning, teaching. Gemini is school, Sagittarius is university. Gemini is facts, Sagittarius is philosophies. Gemini is linear language, Sagittarius is symbolic language. During this lunation we swing between the big picture and the little picture and try to make sense of what we know.

It isn’t easy. There’s so much Earth energy right now, so much CAPRICORN that we’re probably all feeling weighed down in some aspect of our lives. The media too (news is a Gemini function), is full of dire scenarios and horror stories and no doubt is also playing on our minds.

Capricorn energy is sensible, serious and likes certainty, but the problem is that Neptune is idling in a square to the lights, creating a T-square with all the emphasis on the Lord of the High Seas. Neptune is anything but certain. Neptune is far more about what you feel in your soul. It’s all well and good because intuition trumps logic every time but the problem inherent in this chart is how do we trust our gut when everything feels so vague?

Also, the atmosphere seems to be infused with an odd sense of disappointment, apathy, defeat. Maybe we’re just tired of being spoon-fed lies, the fake news, the constant feeling than various factions are trying to win our favour with promises of paradise. Of course, in the UK right now this is a massive issue as the Full Moon date is also the date of our general election, upon which the future of our country rests. Neptune could either raise us up to unite against a common enemy or Neptune could scatter our thoughts, split the vote and send us heading to the pub to lose ourselves in several pints of ale.

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Politics aside, the question is, what do you know to be true right now? The Moon is tightly quincunx Saturn in Capricorn. Although this is an awkward aspect, it is also one that gives us an anchor. Saturn sows a seed of doubt and we would be wise to listen. It doesn’t mean that we should focus on every negative thought in our minds or believe that we can’t accomplish our goals. All it means is that we need to take a second look at the information we have and then be prepared to turn over our decisions to that intuitive part of ourselves that sees beyond the mess of pros and cons. Quincunxes between the Moon, Venus and Pluto also bring a sense of unease and a temptation to obsess over what is right or wrong, good or bad. Background pressure is complicating things. The answers we want are not as clear cut as we would like, especially if we’re living in our heads and not listening to our hearts.

Mercury, ruler of this lunation is in detriment in the sign of Sagittarius. Thoughts can be scattered in this placement. A quincunx between Mercury and Uranus too adds low level anxiety. However, healer Chiron is trine Mercury, bringing a free flow of shamanic wisdom that asks us to trust ourselves. Between fact and fiction lies our own personal truths. This aspect also reminds us to keep talking to one another as Chiron is a bridge-builder. Without continued communication with one another, we are truly lost. The Moon in Gemini tells us that we must always leave room for dialogue. Keep talking. Keep listening. Keep an open mind.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Modern Cafeteria Displays An Abundance Of Food, Products Of Various Regions

There is a wealth of opportunities available to us, so we need to know how to make good choices for ourselves and collectively. I imagine we have all had one of those moments in life where we feel paralysed by having too many options. Will it be cake to satisfy a sweet tooth, a filling savoury pie or will it be a healthy salad with a smoothie on the side? There are no right or wrong answers, only what is right for us in that moment. But only some things will nourish and sustain us for the long term.

We need to be careful and considered when examining our choices. With Neptune squaring this lunation, there’s a huge temptation to decide not to decide. But decide we must. Flip a coin. Pull a tarot card. Send up a prayer. Trust your inner voice.

Painting – ‘Freshening Clouds’ by Albert Julius Olsson

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Full Moon in Taurus November 2019 – Earthed

The Full Moon occurs at 13:34 (UT) on November 12, 2019 at 19°Ta51′

The peak of the lunar cycle lands in the fixed earth sign of Taurus opposing the Sun in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Practical issues connected to security, money and resources are challenged by deep emotional issues connected to fear, control, power and change. Taurus is about LIFE, Scorpio about DEATH – how do we comfort ourselves in the dark? How do we invest time, money, energy into the world, knowing that in the end, we will leave as we came, with nothing? Somehow, it’s about making peace with what is, being in the present, loving the now. Taurus is connected to nature. It’s spring flourishing, trees laden with fruit, lazing in a field on a summer’s day. Taurus asks us to slow down, focus on the basics, allow ourselves time to smell the flowers. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year, says Taurus. Be here, be now. Life is good.

The Full Moon is tightly conjunct asteroid Vesta. Vesta is currently retrograde in Taurus, asking us to pay special attention to any self-esteem issues as well as tightening our focus on our resources. As Taurus rules possessions and Vesta is a priestess, we may want to go through our belongings so we can release what no longer serves us to leave space to honour those items that we hold sacred. Honouring the body too, the vessel of the soul, is also important. Take time to languish in a bath, wrap yourself in soft fabrics, light candles, eat a favourite meal, spend time with a lover – don’t forget Taurus is ruled by love Goddess Venus.

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Venus herself is in Sagittarius where she asks for freedom to roam and follow her heart. The challenge is that Venus is also square to Neptune which introduces a desire to escape the bad old world. In the background, Mars and Pluto are still square one another indicating frustration over power games, inequality and lack of control. Mercury is still psychological demon hunting whilst retrograde in Scorpio and of course Saturn and Pluto grow ever closer to their meeting in January. The background atmosphere is grave and intense so yes maybe skipping off to lala land seems like a reasonable response to everything that is happening! The problem however is that Venus square Neptune can over-romanticise and is easily disappointed. Chasing rainbows is not going to get the real gold that Taurus can hold in its hands or feel in its heart.

The Full Moon opposes Mercury suggesting that there is a split between what we think (Mercury) and what we feel (the Moon). We need to bring the two together, something that Mercury is already working on whilst deep-diving in Scorpio. What we have working strongly in our favour though is that the Moon is trine both Saturn and Pluto. These aspects empower and fortify us and give us a rock to lean on when push comes to shove. Saturn and Pluto tell us that we can use the wisdom of our experience to reshape our world. We have much more power than we think we do.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Wisps Of Wing-like Clouds Streaming Across The Sky

Yes, we need to be grounded but we also need to look up. Gaze into the vast sky and know that there is a greater pattern, a bigger plan. Scry the clouds for messages from above. Trust that angels and divine beings are present in these tough times.

Painting – ‘Wheat Fields with Stacks’ by Vincent van Gogh

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November 2019 Astrology Forecast

sagittarius-1907We begin the month with Mercury retrograde, having started its backtrack on Hallowe’en in scary Scorpio. During this Mercury retrograde period, it’s necessary for us to dig deep into our fears and shadows and explore issues with intimacy, sharing and shared resources, endings and change in our relationships with others. This is a transit that drives us to search for truth – but we must be mindful of where we are obsessing over details that don’t matter. Trust issues too are likely to be brought to the foreground. Straight conversation with a willingness to be honest will plunder the riches that this Mercury retrograde offers.

Venus enters Sagittarius on November 1, giving us some bounce and vigour when it comes to our relationships. After the intensity of Venus in Scorpio, now we need a free rein and room to explore. Relationships benefit from adventures into new places; trying out a new restaurant; a quick weekend away; next year’s holiday planning. The downside is that Venus in Sagittarius prefers to be footloose and fancy free, so if we’re too clingy it can put the fire out. Still, this is a creative time and it does invite us to open our hearts to new experiences.

The First Quarter Moon on November 4 emphasises the need for space as the Moon in friendly but detached Aquarius squares the sexy, sultry Scorpio Sun. Yes, we desire intimacy, truth, deep bonding but emotionally we are at a turning point in the lunar cycle and the emphasis is on freedom and breaking old habits.

As both Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto, square one another on November 5, we could find that any bid for freedom or focus on change is likely to meet with tough resistance – either from others or from within ourselves. Mars square Pluto is heated, impulsive, confrontational and we’re tempted to try to force a point. Mars’s natural desire to be number 1, first, a winner, a leader is intensified by Pluto, but this competitiveness can become destructive, especially if manipulative tactics are used. The more we allow anger to get the better of us, the less control we have. Positively, Mars square Pluto contains huge reserves of energy, perfect for tackling difficult tasks and working on our personal goals.

From here though, the month starts to straighten out. Saturn forms its final sextile to Neptune on November 9. All year we have been confronted with impossible dreams through Jupiter’s wishful square to Neptune, but Saturn has urged us to focus on those dreams that are workable in the real world. Perhaps now is the time when we begin to see the manifestation of what we imagined, the dream becoming a reality. It may not be as advanced, adventurous or as big as what we originally wanted, but still something is taking shape and maybe, just maybe, it will give our poor world-weary hearts a cause for celebration.

We reach the midway point in the Mercury retrograde cycle on November 11 as Mercury meets the Sun. This year, Mercury will show his face, transiting across the face of the Sun for all budding astronomers (and astrologers!) to see. So, this year, we can physically witness tiny Mercury seated on the giant throne of the Sun, scorched yet not burned. Often it is around this time when we receive information, inspiration, an idea or illumination that brings clarity.

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on November 12, opposing the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Perhaps whatever it is we discovered requires us to change. But Taurus prefers everything to stay the same. We must weigh up what we keep and what we release, where we invest and where we cut our losses. A Mars-Jupiter sextile however also occurs on this date, at least boosting energy and courage to face any difficult decisions brought by this lunation.

Mars then enters home sign Scorpio (using traditional rulership) on November 19. We’re motivated to get real in relationships. Desires surge. After having to watch his step in Libra, this placement feels familiar, warm, welcoming, easier. Now we’re willing to stare those scary stories we tell ourselves in the face because Mars in Scorpio is brave and can turn fear to fuel. During this period, we can get clear about what is driving us. Mars pushes us to get underneath surface wants and explore what we really desire deep down. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, once we begin a path, mission or goal under this influence, we tend to pursue relentlessly. This can be a positive or negative depending on the situation! We also have the Last Quarter Moon on this date too, a complicated scenario with the Moon in regal Leo and the Sun in shadowy Scorpio. It could prompt dramatic scenes if we feel ignored or unseen. It’s best that we don’t get too caught up in perceived snubs and instead stay playful with life.

Mercury stations direct on November 20, releasing us from slow-downs and snarl-ups. But we do need to give Mercury time to get back on his feet (or rather to resurface!) as the station direct itself can manifest as unpredictable events.

The Sun then enters Sagittarius on November 22 and after so much emphasis on Scorpio recently, it’s possible we could feel like a dog let off its lead. Hope returns or we’re searching for inspiration, looking in places we’ve never explored before. Sagittarius loves an adventure and to travel so we too might want to do the same. But this is also a very philosophical sign. After all the deep diving in Scorpio’s waters, perhaps now our views have changed, or we need to consider how our beliefs support or scupper our personal mission. During Sagittarius season, it’s also important to reconnect to what brings us joy. Re-ignite your spark.

The Lesser and Greater Benefics, Venus and Jupiter meet in the heavens on November 24, also in Sagittarius, There is potential for some wild fun and a surge of excitement as hearts burst wide open. This is a generous aspect that reminds us of all the abundance that is in our lives. Complicating matters somewhat however is that Mars opposes Uranus on the same date. This is a highly unpredictable aspect, where sudden action or decisions may take us a long way from where we anticipated. Certainly, it’s exciting but it’s important we stay on the high side. Resist impulsiveness and confrontational behaviour, especially over differing viewpoints. Keep the Venus-Jupiter conjunction near to hand. If you’re stuck, ask yourself, is this a response from the heart?

Venus then enters sensible Capricorn on November 26 where the love Goddess prefers to focus on commitment more than adventure. Love takes work under this transit, but a mature, practical approach can bring relationships the stable foundation they need. In all matters of love and money, we may run into issues around limitation and lack, fear and caution. This is the time to work on our practice of self-love, respect ourselves enough to say no – or yes, depending on the situation! Capricorn is an ambitious sign that works hard to bring out the best in us. This is about bringing out the best of what is in our hearts, standing by our personal values and appreciating responsibility.

Right on the heels of Venus’s ingress into Capricorn, we have a new Moon in Sagittarius, so even if Venus has got her poker face on, we haven’t yet left behind the enthusiasm of the Archer. A new start around this time asks us to aim our arrow high and aim for the truth. The Moon’s trine to Chiron promises that a new beginning is seeded with healing energy. As Sagittarius drives us to broaden our experience, this is the perfect time to make a vision board of all the places you want to visit, write a list of books you want to read, sign up for a class or read the writings of a teacher or mentor.

The month ends with Neptune’s station direct on November 27. The changing of the tide can bring a moment of uncertainty – are we coming or going, lost or found? What’s real and what’s illusion? We need to use our intuition as a compass to navigate the waves. Soon new dreams to pursue will emerge from the depths of our unconscious.

November 2019 Major Aspects

01-Nov-19 Venus enters Sagittarius 20:24:33
02-Nov-19 Mercury conjunct Pallas 09:33:12
03-Nov-19 Sun trine North Node 01:10:15
03-Nov-19 Venus trine Chiron 13:19:49
04-Nov-19 Juno enters Libra 02:28:12
04-Nov-19 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 10:22:57
05-Nov-19 Mars square Pluto 10:27:56
07-Nov-19 Pluto trine Vesta 12:08:48
08-Nov-19 Pallas enters Sagittarius 10:15:49
08-Nov-19 Sun sextile Saturn 17:06:03
08-Nov-19 Sun trine Neptune 17:56:11
09-Nov-19 Saturn sextile Neptune 02:45:19
09-Nov-19 Chiron opposite Juno 10:09:21
10-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Pluto 02:09:01
10-Nov-19 Mercury opposite Vesta 18:33:04
11-Nov-19 Sun conjunct Mercury 15:21:34
12-Nov-19 Sun opposite Vesta 08:56:10
12-Nov-19 Full Moon in Taurus 13:34:17
12-Nov-19 Chiron trine Pallas 17:35:34
12-Nov-19 Mars sextile Jupiter 18:20:35
13-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Saturn 14:34:37
13-Nov-19 Sun sextile Pluto 18:00:17
13-Nov-19 Mercury trine Neptune 22:34:09
14-Nov-19 Venus square Neptune 17:06:18
16-Nov-19 Ceres enters Capricorn 04:33:40
19-Nov-19 Mars enters Scorpio 07:40:07
19-Nov-19 Last Quarter Moon in Leo 21:10:49
20-Nov-19 Chiron square Ceres 14:14:29
20-Nov-19 Mercury stations direct 19:11:32
22-Nov-19 Saturn trine Vesta 06:14:35
22-Nov-19 Sun enters Sagittarius 14:58:49
23-Nov-19 Mars sextile Ceres 13:47:07
24-Nov-19 Sun trine Chiron 04:54:46
24-Nov-19 Venus conjunct Jupiter 13:33:21
24-Nov-19 Mars opposite Uranus 16:50:41
25-Nov-19 Uranus trine Ceres 10:44:03
26-Nov-19 Venus enters Capricorn 00:28:20
26-Nov-19 Pallas sextile Juno 14:03:47
26-Nov-19 New Moon in Sagittarius 15:05:28
27-Nov-19 Venus square Chiron 06:27:46
27-Nov-19 Neptune sextile Vesta 10:48:53
27-Nov-19 Neptune stations Direct 12:32:07
28-Nov-19 Mercury opposite Vesta 05:39:57
28-Nov-19 Mercury trine Neptune 09:50:56
28-Nov-19 Venus trine Uranus 18:27:21
29-Nov-19 Juno square North Node 04:51:31
30-Nov-19 Mercury sextile Saturn 06:12:28
30-Nov-19 Venus conjunct Ceres 09:36:30

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Ghost in the Chart – Astrological Signatures of Spirit Communication

My Grandmother was a reluctant medium. She heard and saw spirit and could foretell the future by the movements of the birds and other strange happenings. It didn’t sit easily with her as she was a strong Christian but still, that was the way things were. And back through her family, she had other ghostly tales to tell, like the time a painting fell off the wall in her grandmother’s house, heralding the death of a family member. Then there was the story of her husband, my Grandfather, steered away from potential tragedy by a ghost during a blackout in the war. The face of the man who helped my Grandfather stared out of the newspaper the following day – he was dead before my Grandfather spoke to him.

Then there were glasses that flew up in the kitchen at my other Grandmother’s house, bringing screams and tears. That was the sign that my great aunt had died. Then there was me, travelling on a train back home late at night. An owl crashed into the window beside me, killing it instantly. I got home to the news another aunt had died.

As for me, I’ve had ghostly experiences all my life. It began when I was five years old. It was Christmas and I was reading a Rupert the Bear annual in bed. Suddenly I felt someone stood beside me and I froze. Glancing to my right, too terrified to look up, I saw a pale and ghostly hand resting on the side of the bed. I screamed the house down and brought my mother running. I never saw spirits clearly with my eyes after that aside from one occasion in the 1990’s when I watched a man walk through a wall and another where I saw my old dog laying in her favourite spot 12 years after she died. Seeing, really seeing, seemed to have been filtered out in my five-year-old terror. But sometimes I still see light and a flurry of sparks like an interdimensional firework.

However, I hear Spirit clearly and they drop pictures in my mind. They whisper snippets of conversation to me or call my name. In my early 20’s there was a nun who insisted I learned the Hail Mary even though I’m Pagan (!) not Catholic. To my knowledge, no one else in my family was Catholic either. Every morning, I would hear her as I woke up, saying the Hail Mary and in my mind’s eye I could see the bottom of her habit. Once I finally learned the Hail Mary (I actually went to the library as this was pre-internet!), she went away, never to return.

They come sometimes when I give readings, insistent on making themselves known, interrupting loudly until I listen. I’ve never advertised as a medium because that’s not my calling and it doesn’t happen all the time but still, sometimes they come. Many years back, when I began working on a tarot line, I felt the presence of a child beside me – a sweet little thing who was very insistent that his mother was going to call. I asked him his name and he told me it was David* and he was five years old. After several calls, I felt the equivalent of a prod in my side and after my caller had asked her question, I tentatively asked her if she could place the little boy. After some discussion, it turned out that this lady had had a miscarriage 5 years previously and had baby gone full term, they would have called him David. Then there was a lovely client who came on the phone telling me that I must get in touch with her dead father. I refused saying ‘I’m not a medium’ but she insisted I was the right person. Her energy was electric, vibrant and light. Within a few moments I had a vision of a friendly looking elderly man who opened a giant bible in front of me then ran his finger down the page to the name ‘Jacob*’. I had to admit to being a little stunned and squeaked, can you place ‘Jacob’? She laughed and said of course, that’s my Dad!

But sometimes being sensitive to Spirit is not so easy – such as when a man was murdered opposite my home and he came to give me information, shock reverberating through his aura. Or the time when another murdered man jumped right into my body, turning my lips blue as I struggled to breathe, choking out the name of his killer. I burst into tears after that and a very kind, elderly medium mopped me up. I was still young and learning and to be honest, it scared me silly.

But for all that fear, my natural ability to connect with the other side has also been one of my greatest blessings. Through dreams, meditation and sometimes just in a random moment, spirits have brought me valuable messages and sometimes just popped their head through the veil to say hello. My mother’s perfume floated through the air at her funeral. My grandmother showed me one of the healing gardens in Spirit. My friend revealed a glorious landscape behind her just after she passed over. On the last night I had with my dog, a column of light appeared in the room and moved softly towards my girl. She was fast asleep, terminally ill with cancer. I was crying, as I had been for hours. As the light moved towards her, she woke up, looked up and thumped her tail happily at whoever it was that stood over her. Then a rush of loving energy filled the room and my heart. To this day, I don’t know who it was but on one of the worst nights of my life, there was someone there, holding my hand. When death is present in our lives, Spirit is always very close.

So, where do we look to in the astrological chart for ghosts and sensitivity to otherworldly communication?

In my natal chart, I have a yod with Uranus and Neptune at the base and Mercury at the apex in the visionary 9th house. I have found that Mercury-Neptune aspects in a chart can lend themselves to hearing the voice (Mercury) of spirit (Neptune). Neptune alone in aspect to personal planets or angles seems to speak loudly of spiritual connection. It stands to reason then that a strong Pisces signature can also be relevant.

The water houses are also places to explore, especially the 8th house and 12th house. Generally speaking, if you want to know more about your spiritual life, look to the 12th house first.  Explore the planets in the 12th house and the condition of your 12th house ruler as this will describe your spirituality and connection to the unseen worlds. But the 8th house too talks of the mysteries of life and death and the afterlife and seems a common denominator in looking at sensitivity to ghosts and the unseen.

Like artistic or musical ability, there can be many different ways psychic sensitivity is shown through the chart. I have spoken to mediums who have a strong Neptune or Jupiter placement in the 12th (like an angel on their shoulder) or the Moon in the 8th. Whilst a strong Scorpio signature can also indicate an uncanny ability to know information through psychic means, generally, I have seen Pisces/Neptune more often for direct spirit contact but of course there are always exceptions.

Another strong player in spirit connection and communication seems to be Uranus. As this planet is connected to high frequencies and higher (universal) mind, it comes as no surprise in many ways. Uranus is also quite descriptive of the shock factor at seeing a ghost!

Another possible player is Black Moon Lilith who herself was a wraith, a being with no physical form. In my own chart, BML is directly conjunct my Sun. I find that I see her more in transits when people have seen ghosts or dreamed of a loved one who has passed (the latter can also manifest with strong Neptune transits too). Again, it will always depend on other aspects but it’s been enough times for me to take notice.

Here are some chart examples :-

Sylvia Brown
Psychic medium
Mercury quincunx Uranus
The Moon square Neptune (8th house)
Neptune is on the Sabian symbol ‘An Ouija Board’!

Edgar Cayce
‘The Sleeping Prophet’
Sun in Pisces (possibly 8th house)
Moon conjunct Neptune.
Although there is some question over time of birth, I thought it interesting to note that using the time on astro-databank gives Uranus in the 12th house conjunct the Ascendant.

Alistair Crowley
Occultist. Ceremonial Magician who communed with supernatural entities
Moon in Pisces 8th house.
Sun sextile Uranus
Note – time used is 10:50 p.m. – the time Crowley himself uses in Equinox of the Gods – source astrodatabank 

Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth
Swiss psychiatrist who worked with the dying who came to have a firm belief in the spirit world.
Pisces Rising.
Sun conjunct Pluto.
Anaretic Uranus in Pisces 1st house

John Edward
Scorpio Rising with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house

Darryl Anka
Mystic who channels a being of extra-terrestrial consciousness
Uranus (alien!) in the 12th house conjunct Ascendant.
Moon in Pisces conjunct MC.
Mercury, Sun, Neptune triple conjunction
BML (1st house) trine MC

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
Esoteric practitioner. Occult author. 3rd Generation Psychic
Scorpio rising. Triple conjunction in the 8th house Sun-Mercury-Vesta (Priestess). Moon trine Uranus

Allison DuBois
Medium (whose work is the basis for the TV show Medium).
Uranus (1st house) conjunct Ascendant tightly square Mercury (4th house)
Moon in 8th house
Sun (4th house) trine Pluto (12th house)

Uranus in the 12th house
Neptune conjunct natal Moon (in the 3rd house of communication).
Sting saw a figure of a ghostly mother and child one night at home.

Uranus and Venus in the 12th house
Neptune square Ascendant and Descendant
Cher says she believes that her ex-husband Sonny comes to her from spirit, turning the chandelier lights on and off.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Author of the Sherlock Holmes books
Sun conjunct Uranus 12th house
Mercury (voice) conjunct Pluto (dead).
Moon in the 8th house
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was fascinated by the supernatural and had several ghostly encounters including one during an episode of sleep paralysis.

Keanu Reeves
Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto quadruple conjunction in the 12th house (all conjunct ASC).
Keanu Reeves saw a ghost when he was around six or seven years old.
Note that this is a rectified chart but Keanu himself has apparently mentioned having Virgo rising putting his Sun in the 12th house

Celebrity ghost encounters

Astrodatabank – Chart Sources

**Names have been changed

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Painting – Spirit of the Forest by Odilon Redon

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