Mars In Capricorn: The Strategist

Mars enters Capricorn – February 16 2020

Action planet Mars enters Capricorn today, the star sign linked to hard work and ambition, where it remains for the next six weeks until March 30th.

Capricorn is responsible, authoritative and maintains rules and boundaries. Mars excels here as its forthright, direct nature can be channelled successfully into goals, projects and business enterprises.

Traditionally, when Mars is in Capricorn, this is the perfect time to channel your inner ram or goat, plan your strategy and prove your competitive nature.

It’s time to decide what mountain you want to climb next. This may be a literal, physical challenge or an ambitious plan that calls out your leadership qualities. This is your project and it requires you to be cunning, calculated and committed.

While Mars is in Capricorn, aim for mastery, cool control and be fearless about your objectives. Utilise this strong, dominant energy to make things happen and work steadily and persistently to achieve your goals.

However, there are two important factors to point out during this key Mars transit which takes place approximately once every two years.

Mercury Retrograde

Firstly, tomorrow, February 17th, Mercury turns retrograde and will be on go slow for three weeks until March 10th. This is significant because it means you have to use Mars’ energy to rethink your strategy, to plot and plan behind the scenes ready to take action once Mercury turns direct.

Reactivating Capricorn

Secondly, Mars is stirring things up again in Capricorn, where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place on January 12th. Don’t forget that Mars is the warrior in astrology, combative and ready for a fight. This could play out in different ways.

For example, you may find that whatever came to an end in January, you’re now ready to deal with it head on and put more energy in to the area of your life ruled by Capricorn. Or perhaps, you rediscover your courage, your get-up-and-go and you’re keen to do battle. When you look back to events last month, you can now see where action is needed.

Mars Aspects

This is a significant transit of Mars because it’s chasing after the slower-moving planets. Here’s what happens. Notice that all the key dates are once Mercury is back to direct motion:

  • Mars conjunct Jupiter – March 20, 2020 (22 Capricorn)
  • Mars conjunct Pluto – March 23, 2020 (24 Capricorn)
  • Mars conjunct Saturn – March 31, 2020 (0 Aquarius)

Mars teams up with Jupiter and then Pluto in Capricorn. Together, Jupiter and Pluto represent big power. This could symbolise a step up in the world or meeting a person of influence. Jupiter expands what it touches and Pluto’s nature is extreme.

Mars only encounters Saturn once Saturn has moved in to Aquarius, which feels easier than if they met in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the hierarchy whereas Aquarius represents the collective.

During these key conjunctions, you may find yourself teaming up and working alongside other people. Or perhaps, you’re up against strong opposition. Be wary of Mars in Capricorn over the next three weeks and notice what’s going on behind the scenes while Mercury remains in retreat.

You may find that other people are gaining strength during this period. Who else is working behind the scenes to plan their strategy, their next steps? This is especially important if you find yourself in any conflict situation or in a competitive challenge.

Do your best to ensure you’re the one who makes all the right moves while Mars moves through Capricorn, its sign of exaltation.

Capricorn Rules…

Here are the areas of your life where Mars is currently active. Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign if you know it:

  • Aries: Career, vocation, status, reputation, authority figures, parents
  • Taurus: Travel, study, adventure, higher learning, teachers, gurus
  • Gemini: Joint finances, debt, legacy, all things taboo, financial experts/advisers
  • Cancer: Relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
  • Leo: Work, health, lifestyle, service to others, employees, lodgers, pets
  • Virgo: Creativity, children, love affairs, luck, lovers
  • Libra: Home, family, past, parents, ancestors
  • Scorpio: Communication, neighbourhood, transport, siblings, local community
  • Sagittarius: Money, possessions, self-value, self-worth
  • Capricorn: Personal goals & aims, image & profile, physical body
  • Aquarius: Personal issues, sacrifice, retreat & recovery, secret enemies, hospitals & prisons
  • Pisces: Friends, group activities, society, politics, peers

Be a strategist while Mars is in Capricorn and use the timing of astrology to know when to make your move.

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Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: Swimming Around

Mercury turns retrograde – February 17, 2020

Yes, it’s that time of year again when communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde and sets off in retreat for the next three weeks.

You probably know the drill by now. This is not the time to make a major decision, buy new technology or transport or make a significant investment.

The reason being that the Mercury retrograde phase often coincides with miscommunication, misunderstandings and false information. There’s a foggy, confused feel to Mercury’s retrograde motion, when not everything is as it seems. Therefore, it’s best not to believe everything you hear or read.

A good sense of humour helps

Also, it’s wise to give yourself plenty of time to deal with things and be as flexible and adaptable as you can – a good sense of humour helps immensely.

Sometimes, Mercury retrograde can seem as if you’re outside real time, when phone calls or communications take way longer than usual and there are more roadworks or roadblocks in your life.

Things can go missing or get mislaid, which is why it’s worth double-checking all correspondence, meetings or arrangements.

Mercury in Pisces

This Mercury retrograde phase could feel wierdly strange as Mercury is currently in Pisces, one of its signs of detriment. Mercury represents facts and figures, it moves swiftly when direct and Mercury appreciates attention to detail and precision.

Therefore, when Mercury’s in Pisces, all these things go out the window as Mercury wallows in the realm of dreams, imagination and emotion.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does give you a flavour of how Mercury works in Pisces, the sign of mutable water. Now’s the time to go with the flow and let things be rather than try and crack on or work things out.

Mercury’s Discombobulation

Some of you may already have experienced weirdness, lethargy, confusion or overwhelming emotion while Mercury’s been in Pisces since February 3rd.

This is also Mercury’s ‘wibbly wobbly’ shadow phase when you’re moving towards the discombobulating Mercury retrograde phase.

Personally, my car’s been making weird noises so that’s one thing that needs sorting while Mercury’s in retreat. When Mercury retraces its steps, you may find that lost objects appear or you can sort out what’s broken.

Or perhaps, you reconnect with people from your past. The re-words are a key part of all the Mercury retrogrades, review, reflect, retreat, rework, rediscover, revisit, reconnect, etc.

What’s Wonderful

This Mercury retrograde phase in Pisces is particularly wonderful to take time out, go on a magical, mystery tour, explore your creative or spiritual side, ‘be’ more than ‘do’.

Step outside of your usual routine, go somewhere different or dive deep into Pisces’ realm through poetry, music, art or wine. Read more, lose yourself in a movie, love unconditionally, be by the sea.

What’s Not

Be wary of addiction during this Mercury retrograde phase. Also, seduction or playing the victim. This could be a period of lies or deceit and the truth will only emerge once Mercury turns direct.

Keep a close eye on other people too and don’t over-think things. If you need to talk with someone, reach out and ask for help. Worry less, be kind more. Mercury rules communication & the mind and Pisces is the star sign of compassion.

The current Mercury retrograde pattern:

  • Mercury enters Pisces – February 3, 2020
  • Mercury turns retrograde [13 Pisces] – February 17, 2020 [00:37 GMT]
  • Sun conjunct Mercury [6 Pisces] – February 26, 2020
  • Mercury retreats back in to Aquarius – March 4, 2020
  • Mercury turns direct [28 Aquarius] – March 10, 2020 [03:49 GMT]
  • Mercury re-enters Pisces – March 16, 2020
  • Mercury leaves its shadow phase – March 30, 2020

When the Sun is conjunct Mercury – February 26th – this is the halfway point of the retrograde phase when Mercury moves from being an evening star to a morning star. Sometimes, this can be a time when clarity strikes as the Sun illuminates Mercury’s retreat motion.

Notice that Mercury re-enters Aquarius while it’s retrograde, a sign in which it’s more comfortable. Aquarius is an air sign ruling thought, ideas, communication & networking. Therefore, things in your life may start to be resolved or make more sense once Mercury is back in Aquarius – March 4th.

Where Mercury Turns Retrograde In Your Horoscope

  • Pisces – personal goals/aims, physical body, image & self-perception
  • Aries – sacrifice, inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
  • Taurus – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
  • Gemini – career & vocation, status & reputation, authority, future goals
  • Cancer – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
  • Leo – joint finances & shared resources, taboos, all things hidden & mysterious
  • Virgo – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
  • Libra – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
  • Scorpio – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
  • Sagittarius – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
  • Capricorn – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
  • Aquarius – money & possessions, values & self-worth

I will leave you with a quote from the inspirationally wonderful writer, Anne Lamott – Sun Aries, Mercury Pisces. It really is the best advice for this Mercury retrograde phase:

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Who Will Win At The Oscars 2020

As in previous years, I’m taking a look at the astrology for the Academy Awards 2020 to see what it can tell us about the big event. During the last two years, my astrology predictions have been very accurate. You can check out the previous years here:

Who Will Win At The Oscars 2019

Who Will Win At The Oscars 2018

The astrology chart for the event (see above) is the starting point to find out more and it is an unusual chart. For the first time, possibly ever?, the Oscars ceremony has been brought forwards and is no longer taking place when the Sun is in Pisces. Pisces fits the Oscars theme completely as Pisces’ co-ruler is Neptune, the planet linked to movies & glamour.

Sun In Aquarius, Uranus Rules

This year and for one year only, the Oscar ceremony is being held while the Sun is in Aquarius. Plus, Uranus, the innovative co-ruler of Aquarius is the most elevated planet, close to the Midheaven, the success point in the astrology chart. This brings a whole new feel to the event.

Will the costumes represent the Aquarius theme – think sci-fi, quirky, eco? Will there be controversy, a shock result or an act of rebellion? And, will Uranus play a key role in the charts of the winners and the themes of the Best Pictures?

Full Moon In Leo

At least, this year the Oscars are taking place the weekend of a dramatic Full Moon in Leo, the sign of the performer, regaining some of that glitz and pizazz we associate with Hollywood.

The Full Moon falls at 20 degrees Leo early on February 9th, so the Moon has already entered Virgo by the time the ceremony begins. The Leo Full Moon does, however, show strongly in the charts of some of the nominees shining a light on them.

Venus Sandwiched Between Chiron & Lilith

Also, note Venus in Aries in the chart, ruler of the Taurus Midheaven. Venus, the planet ruling women, is in assertive, ‘angry’ Aries, sandwiched between Chiron & Lilith, a wild mix.

Once again, there are no female directors in the Best Director category, despite Little Women being brilliant, director Greta Gerwig! Maybe, this will be a noted feature of the 2020 Oscars, the lack of women receiving honours in the film industry. Or perhaps, red will be the stand-out colour in the outfits, ruled by Aries.

Lucky Jupiter In Capricorn

Finally, Jupiter is at 15 degrees Capricorn moving closer to a sextile aspect with Neptune, the movie planet, at 17 degrees Pisces. Jupiter is the best planet in astrology. Therefore, it’s always worth noting what it’s doing by transit in the charts of the nominees. Jupiter’s a lucky influence and could help boost the fortunes of Sun Capricorns this year too.

Here are the major categories and the all-important key astrology:

Best Actress

The nominees are:

  • Cynthia Erivo (b. January 8 1987) – Sun Capricorn – Harriet
  • Scarlett Johansson (b. November 22 1984) – Sun Sagittarius – Marriage Story
  • Saoirse Ronan (b. April 12 1994) – Sun Aries – Little Women
  • Charlize Theron (b. August 7 1975) – Sun Leo – Bombshell
  • Renee Zellweger (b. April 25 1969) – Sun Taurus – Judy

No time of birth for Saoirse Ronan or Cynthia Erivo. Scarlett Johansson has been nominated twice, in both Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress categories.

Cynthia Erivo is a Sun Capricorn. With her Sun at 17 Capricorn and her Mercury (voice) at 15 Capricorn, Jupiter is definitely getting a look in. Also, her natal Jupiter is at 18 Pisces, so the Jupiter-Neptune aspect is creating a dreamy connection with her natal chart. I do think she’s going to do well. She’s up for Best Song and with her astrology, she has a good chance of winning.

Scarlett Johansson has her Sun at 0 Sagittarius and she sometimes wrongly appears in the lists of famous Scorpios. This is her Jupiter Return year, which takes place once every 12 years. Her natal Jupiter is at 12 Capricorn with transiting Jupiter starting to separate. Not many people get nominated for an Oscar in the same year twice, a nice showing of her Jupiter Return year = success.

I loved Saoirse Ronan in Little Women. A Sun Aries with her natal Venus at 13 Taurus, close to the Midheaven of the Oscars chart – see above. However, not a lot else going on astrologically, although no time of birth to delve deeper.

From an astrological viewpoint, Charlize Theron, has a good chance of doing well. A Sun Leo with her Mercury, career ruler, at 20 Leo, directly in the glow of the Full Moon, which took place at the exact same degree. Great astrology.

Finally, Renee Zellweger for her role as Judy Garland. I saw the movie and loved it – Renee morphed in to the character. A Sun Taurus, Renee’s Moon is at 17 Leo, so picking up on the Full Moon vibe, if a little wide. Plus, her Sun is at 5 Taurus, close to the Midheaven of the Oscars chart. Uranus, the unique signature of this year’s Oscars chart, is heading closer to a conjunction with her natal Sun. Renee also has her natal Venus in Aries and her natal Mars in Sagittarius, not at the exact degrees on the day of the Oscars, but another testimony to her doing well.

Astrologer’s Choice: My pick has to be Renee Zellweger for Best Actress and I’m hoping Cynthia Erivo wins for Best Song.

Best Actor

The nominees are:

  • Antonio Banderas (b. August 10 1960) – Sun Leo – Pain & Glory
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (b. November 11 1974) – Sun Scorpio – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  • Adam Driver (b. November 19 1983) – Sun Scorpio – Marriage Story
  • Joaquin Phoenix (b. October 28 1974) – Sun Scorpio – Joker
  • Jonathan Pryce (b. June 1 1947) – Sun Gemini – The Two Popes

There’s no time of birth for Jonathan Pryce. Otherwise, the other four actors have exact birth data.

I’m not sure why there are three Scorpios up for an Oscar in the Best Actor category this year but there are three of them – see dates above. What I did find extraordinary about this category is the Uranus factor and you’ll see why in the astrology below.

Antonio Banderas is a Sun Leo. His Sun at 18 Leo is conjunct Uranus at 21 Leo – here’s the first significant Uranus conjunction of these top actors. The Full Moon on the Oscars weekend is highlighting Banderas’ natal Sun/Uranus conjunction – glorious astrology. He has lucky Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius close to his Midheaven at 16 Sagittarius. Mars is at 25 Sagittarius during the Oscars ceremony. A minor testimony but he could do well.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on a Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio – he is rather beautiful to look at. Plus, his Descendant, the relationship point in astrology, is 3 Aries. Therefore, he’s getting the Venus/Chiron/Lilith influence big-time. This may be about his love life, rather than an Oscars win. No other key astrology to note, except that he’s born with Mercury at 29 Libra exactly conjunct Uranus at 29 Libra – there’s the Uranus factor again.

I love Adam Driver and he was brilliant in Marriage Story which had fantastic acting all round. Another Sun Scorpio, another Mercury/Uranus tight conjunction, both at 8 Sagittarius in Driver’s case. Plus, both planets are conjunct his Midheaven at 10 Sagittarius, which fits the quirky Uranus theme of this year’s Oscars. No further astrology, however, to boost his chances.

The third Sun Scorpio in this category is Joaquin Phoenix, who was iconically brilliant as Joker. He’s the favourite to win and it’s not surprising to see Uranus strong in his astrology – his acting roles seem to be a mix of Scorpio darkness and Uranus genius/eccentricity. He has a Gemini Midheaven and Mercury his career ruler is at 28 Libra exactly conjunct Uranus at 28 Libra, within 3 minutes arc. His Moon is 2 Aries, so he’s picking up the Venus/Chiron/Lilith theme too. The themes of this year’s Oscars’ chart are all there, although it’s not obvious astrology for a win.

Finally, Jonathan Pryce for his role in Two Popes, a perfect theme for a Sun Gemini, as Gemini rules duality. Yet another nominee in this category born with Uranus showing in his astrology: Mercury at 28 Gemini conjunct Uranus at 21 Gemini conjunct the Sun at 10 Gemini. Pryce’s natal Mars at 8 Taurus is conjunct the Oscar chart’s Midheaven.

Astrologer’s Choice: Will the actors share the award equally with Uranus strong in all their charts? No obvious astrology in this category, except perhaps for Antonio Banderas, the Leo nominee. My pick to win, however, is Joaquin Phoenix because of the themes in his chart and the fact he played Joker. If his Baftas speech is anything to go by, he won’t shy away from speaking his mind.

Best Supporting Actress

The nominees are:

  • Kathy Bates (b. June 28 1948) – Sun Cancer – Richard Jewell
  • Laura Dern (b. February 10 2967) – Sun Aquarius – Marriage Story
  • Scarlett Johansson (b. November 22 1984) – Sun Sagittarius – Jojo Rabbit
  • Florence Pugh (b. January 3 1996) – Sun Capricorn – Little Women
  • Margot Robbie (b. July 2 1990) – Sun Cancer – Bombshell

No time of birth for Florence Pugh or Margot Robbie. See Best Actress for Scarlett Johansson’s key astrology.

Kathy Bates is a Sun Cancer with Uranus at 26 Gemini tightly conjunct her Midheaven at 25 Gemini. Uranus themes continue in this category. Kathy has a fabulously interesting natal chart with a mutable Grand Cross and a triple conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Venus in Cancer, great for acting. Cancers tend to make good mimics. Yet, the astrology doesn’t leap out for a win at this year’s Oscars.

Laura Dern was fab in Marriage Story but, in my opinion, even better in Little Women. Either way, she still gets a nod and a chance of an Oscar. Note her birthday, February 10th. With her Sun at 21 Aquarius, she’s in the glare of the Full Moon glory. Dern has the Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Pisces close to her Pisces Ascendant – born to be in the movies. Her Venus at 13 Pisces is picking up the Jupiter-Neptune sextile aspect, even if it’s a little wide.

Florence Pugh is a Capricorn with her Sun at 12 Capricorn and lucky Jupiter has recently been doing its thing, bringing her to prominence. Florence’s natal Jupiter is 0 Capricorn so this is also her Jupiter Return year. And, her Mercury at 1 Aquarius is conjunct Uranus at 29 Capricorn, keeping the Uranus theme going.

Margot Robbie is Cancer, born on a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 9 Cancer opposite Uranus at 7 Capricorn. Her Neptune is 13 Capricorn so Jupiter is only just separating from its conjunction. No time of birth to dig any deeper in to her astrology.

Astrologer’s Choice: This is a tricky one to predict as Florence Pugh and Margot Robbie both have strong astrology. However, I’m going to choose the birthday girl, Laura Dern.

Best Supporting Actor

The nominees are:

  • Tom Hanks (b. July 9 1956) – Sun Cancer – A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood
  • Anthony Hopkins (b. December 31 1937) – Sun Capricorn – The Two Popes
  • Al Pacino (b. April 25 1940) – Sun Taurus – The Irishman
  • Joe Pesci (b. February 9 1943) – Sun Aquarius – The Irishman
  • Brad Pitt (b. December 18 1963) – Sun Sagittarius – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

A considerably older category of nominees, apart from relative youngster, Brad Pitt, followed by Tom Hanks! All nominees have their time of birth available.

Tom Hanks is a Cancer with his Sun at 17 Cancer in a close trine aspect to Mars at 17 Pisces. Therefore, he has a key Neptune transit taking place, very close to his natal Mars. He’s likely to feel the Jupiter influence too.

Anthony Hopkins is a Capricorn and it’s no surprise to find Uranus strong in his natal chart. His Sun at 9 Capricorn is exactly trine Uranus at 9 Taurus, which is conjunct the Midheaven of the Oscars chart. Hopkins has a lot of planets in Capricorn including Venus and Mercury. And, with his Ascendant at 22 Capricorn, Jupiter is definitely strong for him all year. Jupiter’s the religious planet too, great for playing a pope!

Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are both nominated for their roles in The Irishman. Al Pacino is a Taurus born with his Sun at 5 Taurus, close to the Oscars’ chart Midheaven. Uranus is moving ever closer to its conjunction of his Sun by transit. Another actor born with Jupiter (25 Aries) conjunct the Midheaven (21 Aries) – a lucky influence.

Joe Pesci is an Aquarius and the birthday boy. In fact, his birthday is on the day of the Oscars, February 9th. Like Laura Dern, the Full Moon lights up his natal Sun at 20 Aquarius. Another Capricorn heavy chart, with Mars at 10 Capricorn and Mercury at 25 Capricorn conjunct his Midheaven at 28 Capricorn.

Brad Pitt may be a Sagittarius but he has a stellium of planets in earthy Capricorn. He’s never won an acting Oscar but this could be his year. His career planet is Mercury, ruler of his Virgo Midheaven. Mercury at 16 Capricorn is receiving a lovely transit from Jupiter at 15 Capricorn and moving ever closer. He does have a Pluto transit conjunct his natal Venus at 23 Capricorn, which feels intense but Venus rules love, not Oscars.

Astrologer’s Choice: A lot of interesting astrology in this category, a strong Capricorn influence and a close Uranus transit. However, with the closest Jupiter transit of them all, you have to think this will be Brad Pitt’s year.

Best Director

The nominees are:

  • Sam Mendes (b. August 1 1965) – Sun Leo – 1917
  • Martin Scorsese (b. November 17 1942) – Sun Scorpio – The Irishman
  • Todd Phillips – date unknown – Joker
  • Quentin Tarantino (b. March 27 1963) – Sun Aries – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  • Bong Joon Ho (b. September 14 1969) – Sun Virgo – Parasite

No women in this year’s Best Director category. No times of birth at all, except for Martin Scorsese and, quite unusually, no date of birth available for Joker director, Todd Phillips – could he be the surprise factor?

Sam Mendes, director of 1917, is the favourite to win. He’s a Sun Leo, although not close to the Full Moon degree. His Sun is at 9 Leo. No time of birth and not a lot of key astrology leaping out. His Saturn is at 16 Pisces, so if it’s his career planet (you only find this out with a time of birth), the Jupiter-Neptune sextile aspect is playing its part.

Martin Scorsese is a Scorpio, director of The Irishman. He was born under a lucky Sun-Jupiter influence with the Sun at 24 Scorpio closely trine to Jupiter at 25 Cancer. We know his time of birth so his Moon placing is accurate at 17 Pisces. Therefore, he has a lovely Neptune transit of his natal Moon, pulling in the sextile aspect to Jupiter.

Quentin Tarantino, director of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is unsurprisingly a Sun Aries and an innovative director. His Sun at 6 Aries is exactly trine Mars at 6 Leo and violence (Mars/Aries) is a key feature of his films. I find his movies brilliant but quite often difficult to watch. Venus in Aquarius opposite Uranus adds to the quirky aspect of his movies. Jupiter by transit is exactly sextile his Neptune at 15 Scorpio but without a time of birth, it’s not convincing astrology.

Bong Joon Ho, director of Parasite, was born on a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. Therefore, you would expect him to be super-attentive to detail with laser focus. He has the Sun at 21 Virgo exactly conjunct the South Node at 21 Virgo – themes of the past in his movies perhaps? I don’t know enough about him to conjecture further. His Mars is 25 Sagittarius so his Mars Return is on the day of the Oscars, which is always powerful. Plus, his natal Saturn is at 8 Taurus exactly conjunct the Midheaven of the Oscars’ chart. Without a time of birth, we don’t know whether Mars or Saturn is his career planet. If one of them is, he could do well this Sunday. One to watch.

Astrologer’s Choice: Very tricky to predict with only one time of birth and one nominee with no birth date. I do wonder whether this could be the shock result of the Oscars and either Bong Joon Ho or Todd Phillips snatches the Oscar away from Sam Mendes. I’m leaning towards Bong Joon Ho, although I should go for Sam Mendes, the Brit!

Best Picture

The nominees are:

  • Ford v. Ferrari
  • The Irishman
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Little Women
  • Marriage Story
  • Joker
  • Parasite
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  • 1917

Usually, the Oscars’ theme is romance and moonlight when the Sun in Pisces dominates. Are we looking for an Aquarius/Uranus theme in 2020 instead?

If so, Marriage Story is a serious contender. Despite its name, the movie is about a divorce and Uranus rules splits. Joker is the odd-one out in a pack of cards, so even the title favours a win. Jojo Rabbit has a bonkers theme with Adolf Hitler as an imaginary friend.

Originally, I did think that 1917 couldn’t be a contender as it’s a war movie, i.e. Mars-ruled. Yet, reading more about it, the two leads were relatively unknown (Uranus is the outsider) and the movie is shot in ‘real time’ to make it feel like a ticking-clock thriller, so it’s not your normal war movie.

Astrologer’s Choice: I wonder whether this result will be a shock too. Could it be Parasite, the foreign-language film that grabs the top spot? 1917 is either going away with a huge haul of Oscars or the opposite could happen and the awards ceremony doesn’t live up to the expectations and hype of the movie.

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Pisces Horoscope February 2020

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

When the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, it’s the start of your birthday month. Yet, you don’t need to wait until then to celebrate or put yourself first as there’s plenty of planetary activity in your star sign Pisces throughout February.

For starters, you have love planet Venus in Pisces until the 7th, a symbol of unconditional love. Venus in your star sign is great for romance and feeling popular. The 2nd and 3rd are stand out dates for firming up a friendship or long-term liaison.

Also, communication planet, Mercury, enters Pisces on the 3rd and this is great for speaking up, getting your ideas heard and lining up key meetings or interviews. The 5th is a stand-out date in this respect.

Work & Money

Work and career matters could also proceed quickly in the first half of the month as action planet Mars is in Sagittarius and your career and vocation sector until the 16th. Be forthright and direct at work and with your future goals. Act fast and you could turn your situation around quickly.

Certainly, this is a month when you’re wise to turn your attention towards work and finances. On the 7th, Venus moves into Aries and your personal money sector where it remains until early March.

This is often a time when you enjoy spending money or you revel in the flow of money and abundance. If you have money-making ideas, discuss them with your friends or colleagues and look at ways of earning more or using your money productively.

The Full Moon on the 9th also falls in a fire sign, Leo, ruling your work and health, your lifestyle and fitness. Focus on the basics of life in the first half of the month as this is a positive period for self-motivation.

Big Dreams

This is important to ensure the focus is on you and your personal goals and aims once the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th. This month’s New Moon also takes place in your star sign on the 23rd, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the astrological equivalent of your personal New Year and an ideal time for setting your intentions for the year ahead.

When planets are in your star sign, focus on your image and profile and consider how other people see you and how you come across in the world. Aim to put yourself first.

The ‘big dreams’ vibe remains strong this month too. This is thanks to your ruling planets, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. On the 20th, these two planets align in a major planetary aspect, which takes place twice more throughout the year.

This combination feels inspirational and it’s helpful for looking to the future and immersing yourself in your hopes and wishes for what next. You may have a big mission in life. Or perhaps, you’re becoming more involved with a specific group or friend.

Mercury Retrograde

Yet, there’s another important factor to take in to account which tells you more. This is to do with Mercury, the planet of communication, turning retrograde in your star sign Pisces on the 17th. Mercury then retraces its steps until March 10th when it turns direct in your previous sign, Aquarius.

As you may already know, this can be a period of communication chaos when things don’t work out as you had planned and you have to rethink what you’re doing. It could be doubly confusing for you because you have the retrograde planet in your star sign. Mercury rules the mind as well as communication, so feel your way forwards and don’t rush into anything.

You could easily go around in circles once Mercury’s in retreat when your ideas and plans chop and change rapidly. If anything, you’re wise to take the pace slow and go with the flow more so than usual.

What Mercury retrograde is good for is the chance to unplug from everyday life, to retreat and take yourself off somewhere quiet. Create the ideal surroundings where you can contemplate and review your life in peace. Give yourself time to ponder, wander and meander through life.

Be by the sea if you can or take a walk down the river of life. Use images to stir you, tap into poetry, music, art and find your creative and spiritual source. Then, when Mercury turns direct, you’re ready to launch your project or share your ideas more openly.

If you’re a procrastinator and dreamer, expect to be doubly so during the last two weeks of February and in early March. In fact, you’re wise not to take on too much during this period or say Yes to a tight deadline. This wouldn’t work well.

Know that it may be hard to get the truth of the matter or the bottom of things. In fact, this is a time when it’s hard to trust other people as Mercury is your partner planet. Let things be, give other people the benefit of the doubt and don’t believe everything you hear or read. The truth will emerge mid-March.

The Uranus Factor

Also, this month, Uranus is active in Taurus and your communication sector. This is about the written and spoken word and Taurus rules your neighbourhood, your community and life close to home. The key dates are the 5th, 21st, 22nd and 29th.

You may want to take on an activist role, take the lead or help out in some other way. Taurus rules your siblings and neighbours. Sometimes, when Uranus is active, external events step in and lead you in a new direction.

This is about forging new alliances, finding friends who can help you personally and professionally, and joining in with the collective. In fact, this may become a priority for you in the month ahead.

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Aquarius Horoscope February 2020

Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

This is going to be a lively month on the people front and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the Sun is in your star sign Aquarius up until the 19th and for many of you, it’s your birthday month.

Love & Connections

This is always a positive time to put yourself and your own needs first. Look after no. 1 and line up some new personal goals and aims. It’s your turn in the cosmic spotlight to shine bright.

The Full Moon which peaks over the weekend of the 8th/9th is gorgeous for celebration and for love. It falls in Leo, your opposite star sign. Make the most of this celebratory planetary energy and do something special with the one you love.

Love planet, Venus, also picks up a fire sign this month as it moves in to Aries and your communication sector on the 7th, where it remains until early March. This is gorgeous for going on a date or meeting new people.

Also, it’s an ideal time to get out in your local community, make new friends, visit new places and use your networks and connections. It’s often a busy time of year when the personal planets start to move through Aries, whether you’re catching up with old and new friends or you have other reasons to widen your network.

If you’re involved in sales, marketing or online media, this can be an exciting time for you. Or, you may be involved in activities which tap into your humanitarian and egalitarian nature. You can work at bringing people together this month, whatever your cause. You’re fired up and ready for action.

Action planet Mars has its part to play here too. Up until the 16th, Mars is in Sagittarius and your friendship and group sector. Another indication that you’re bringing people together and enjoying your wider circle of friends.

Preparation & Research

There’s a shift in planetary energy mid-month, however, as Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Mars remains here until late March when it then takes up residence in your star sign Aquarius.

Mars in Capricorn often indicates a time of preparation or research for you. It’s important to channel any anger or difficult emotions constructively and not be too hard on yourself or others. Have fun this month but don’t go over the top and forget to look after you.

Mercury Retrograde

There’s another reason why there’s a shift in planetary energy mid-month. This is the fact that communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on the 17th and remains on go slow until March 10th.

Traditionally, Mercury retrograde is not the time to make a major decision or initiate action. Instead, notice what happens, log your opportunities and find out more. Think of this as the research or planning stage, which fits Mars’ move through Capricorn.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and your personal money sector. This is potentially a big month for money matters and you’re wise to make any major moves before the 17th.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd so line up important meetings or interviews in February sooner rather than later. The 5th is a positive date for money, home and family interactions.

This month’s New Moon on the 23rd also falls in Pisces and your personal money sector. Plus, there’s a major planetary aspect on the 20th between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This whole combination feels charitable and giving.

Notice your creative ideas around money during this period and look out for someone who steps in to help you. What you give you receive in return and this whole period feels karmic. You could be repaid for a gesture or help you offered in the past. Or perhaps, you’re the one reaching out to offer support.

Yet, on the whole, you’re wise to proceed with caution when it comes to money after the 17th and be wary of any scams or a deal that sounds too good to be true. With Mercury on go slow, things are hidden and the truth only emerges once Mercury turns direct mid-March.

Be creative – yes; explore new money-making opportunities and ideas. Don’t, however, rush into things and wait until March 10th before you put your plans and ideas in to action.

The Uranus Factor

Also, this month, your co-ruler, Uranus in Taurus is lively and active. Uranus teams up with key planets on the 5th, 21st, 22nd and 29th. In your horoscope, Taurus rules your home and family, your past and where you come from.

You may already know where these areas of life are flexible or shifting. Sometimes, when Uranus is active, external events step in to bring about change. Certainly, this is likely to be a period in your life when you feel more restless than usual.

Look at new ways of living, whether this is about sustainability, eco-living or community, down-sizing, sharing where you live or letting go of ties that bind you. There may be financial reasons too, why you’re ready to explore new options around home and family affairs.

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Capricorn Horoscope February 2020

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

This is a watery and potentially emotional month ahead. On the one hand, this can be good news for you as it turns your attention inwards and taps you into your feelings. On the other hand, you’re one of the down-to-earth star signs and you don’t always take well to outbursts of emotion, your own or other peoples’.

Water, Water Everywhere

The reason why there’s a lot going on emotionally is because of the build up of planets in the water sign, Pisces. People count in February as the personal planets, Mercury, Venus and the Sun move through sentimental, emotional Pisces.

Pisces rules one of the sociable sectors of your horoscope. Therefore, this is not the time to be on your own. Instead, reach out to people close to you. Whether you want to ask for help and support or offer fun and friendship or vice versa, encourage the flow of love and connection in your life and the lives of others.

If you’re looking for love or companionship, the first few days of the month are ideal for making new connections, seeking out friendship and people of like minds. This is because the planet of love and relating, Venus, is in Pisces until the 7th.

There’s a gentle vibe to your communications in the first week, offering you an opportunity to connect on a deep level with people in your life. If you’re seeking a soul-mate connection, this is when you’re most likely to find it. The 2nd and 3rd are stand-out dates when Venus aligns with your ruler Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These are positive planetary connections.

Communication planet, Mercury, joins Venus in Pisces on the 3rd. This is a good time to reconnect or catch up with siblings or relatives or get to know the neighbours all over again. You’re wise to initiate any new or re-connections in the first half of the month.

Home & Money

Home and family affairs are starting to play more of a key role in your life, especially once Venus enters Aries and your home and family sector on the 7th. This is gorgeous for engaging with the ones you love, opening up your home to other people, renovating or redecorating.

There are other reasons why you may be engaging with family members more than usual. If you have any issues between you, choose the first half of February to try and sort things out for the best. Once Venus is in Aries, this can help bring people together or heal a rift.

Money too is under the cosmic spotlight up until the 19th as the Sun moves through Aquarius and your personal money sector. The Full Moon in Leo on the 9th cuts across the financial axis of the horoscope and it’s a glorious date for making major money moves. Or, treating yourself and the ones you love. Look out for generosity incoming too.

Mars’ Power

It does look as if you will have your own agenda from mid-month onwards. In fact, you could be on a personal mission, once action planet Mars moves into your star sign Capricorn on the 16th. Mars is a go-getting ambitious planet and is strong in your star sign where it remains until late March.

Mars in Capricorn is the empire builder and you may be more than ready to pick up the pace and get things moving. You want progress in your life and fast with Mars in your star sign. However, it’s important to note that the second half of February isn’t great for taking the initiative or making major decisions. Plan your strategy in private and get ready to make your move mid-March onwards.

This could be the start of a competitive or confrontative period in your life once Mars is in Capricorn and next month’s astrology looks epic. Channel your anger constructively and use your passion to put forward your own viewpoint or opinions.

Mercury Retrograde

The reason why you’re wise to pace yourself in the second half of February is because Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 17th and remains on go slow until March 10th.

As Mercury is the communication planet and Pisces rules your communication sector, this is potentially a double whammy of communication chaos. Therefore, back up your files and sort out any technological or transport niggles before Mercury switches direction.

Pisces represents the spoken and written word and all forms of communication. Traditionally, it’s not the time to make major decisions and it’s wise to delay any major investments or purchases. The reason being that things are hidden from you while Mercury’s on go slow.

With Mercury in retreat through watery Pisces, you could feel as if you’re going round in circles and find it hard to move directly from A to B. Don’t believe everything you hear or read either. Mercury retrograde in Pisces flags up a theme of lies or deceit. Wait and see what emerges when Mercury turns direct, bringing the truth to light.

What does work during the Mercury retrograde phase is to enjoy story-telling and the realm of the imagination. Write poetry or play music and indulge your creative nature. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you procrastinate, get muddled or feel confused about what next.

The Pisces magic is emphasised on or around the New Moon on the 23rd. Plus, three days earlier, on the 20th, there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This combination is about big dreams and new plans bubbling away. It’s potentially a creative or spiritual period in the month.

The Uranus Factor

Uranus is also active in February in Taurus, the star sign which rules romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and luck in your horoscope.

Notice what happens in your life on or around the 5th, 21st, 22nd and 29th and whether this coincides with a turning point or a twist in fortune. Uranus springs surprises but hopefully this month in a good way.

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Sagittarius Horoscope February 2020

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

As February begins, you’re deep in the realm of the emotions and it feels like a sentimental start to the month. This is because key planets are gathering in the water sign Pisces down at the base of your horoscope.

Home & Family

Pisces rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. Communication planet, Mercury, is here from the 3rd. You might be on a hunt for news about your ancestry or have a strong sense of your roots and want to know more about your past and lineage.

Love is all around as the month begins and it’s wise to find support from loved ones and to be there for family and close connections in your life. The planet of relating, Venus, is in Pisces, a symbol of unconditional love, up until the 7th.

The watery world of Pisces continues to flow throughout February. On the 19th, the Sun begins its annual transit through Pisces and this month’s New Moon on the 23rd also falls at the base of your horoscope.

Plus, your ruling planet Jupiter in Capricorn and your money sector teams up with Neptune in Pisces and your home and family sector on the 20th, a key date to note. You’re in the flow of good fortune during this period and what you give, you receive in return.

The Jupiter-Neptune connection is a major planetary aspect that will play out through the year. You may have a dream to purchase your home or help out family. Or perhaps, you’re the one who’s gifted in some way linking these areas of your life.

As a Sagittarius and one of the fire signs, you can only immerse yourself in the emotional world for so long. You can become washed out or feel overwhelmed if you dive too deep into Pisces’ realm.

Fire Sign Activity

There’s other astrology taking place in February which suits you more. This is the fact that fire sign activity kicks in early in the month. Venus, the planet of relating, moves into Aries on the 7th, the sector of your horoscope which rules romance, children, entertainment and luck. This is about prioritising play and fun and being actively social. It’s also a great Venus transit for seeking love.

Also, action planet Mars is in your star sign Sagittarius until the 16th when your personal goals and aims will keep you busy. Mars is the planet of physical strength, drive and ambition, go-getting and dynamic. The more you get done in the first half of February, the better.

The other fire sign, Leo, is also in action during the Full Moon on the 9th. The Full Moon cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac, great for travel and study and celebration. Make the most of this social Full Moon.

Mercury Retrograde

Yet, ultimately, the planets are pulling you back towards the past and this pull may go deeper after the 17th. This is when Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces and the planet of communication remains on go slow until March 10th. Mercury’s in retreat through the sector of your horoscope connected to your home and family, your foundations and where you come from.

This could coincide with a sentimental journey back towards your past. This flags up past connections, whether you’re the one who thinks of someone from your childhood or an ex or old friend gets back in touch with you. You might be drawing up your family tree or sorting out old photos. It would be a great time to do so.

This can be a deeply reflective period in your life when you want to retreat from the world and spend more time alone or at home. You might be experiencing strong emotions around your family, whether you’re saying goodbye or letting go.

The Mercury retrograde phase could feel disorienting or leave you feeling confused. It’s not the time to take things at face value and don’t believe everything you hear or read. Certain people won’t be telling the truth, whilst other people may be out of touch with reality. You may have to wait until the middle of next month to know what’s what.

Mercury is your partner planet so this doesn’t suggest a straightforward time for love and relationships either. If anything, you’re wise to let things be while there’s confusion in the air. Don’t push for answers and be aware that people close to you may behave oddly or need some time out.

The Uranus Factor

You might be thinking about what next or want to change things around to suit you better. The other planet active this month is Uranus in earth sign Taurus and the sector of your horoscope which rules your work and routine, your health and lifestyle.

If you’re a true Sagittarius, you don’t enjoy life when it’s routine or humdrum. This is potentially good news because Uranus livens things up. The key dates to note are the 5th, 21st, 22nd and 29th.

Also, when action planet Mars leaves your star sign Sagittarius on the 16th, it enters Capricorn and your personal money sector where it remains until late March. This area of your horoscope could get heated next month, so keep your ear to the ground to see if you can stay one step ahead of any potential conflict and keep your money safe.

Uranus often engages you with the new as it’s the planet linked to change. Check out your next steps but don’t leap in to anything major while Mercury’s retrograde. This is not the time to rock the boat at work. Instead, strengthen your foundations and play by the rules. Do the right thing, the sensible thing when it comes to work and money. You’ll have more options next month.

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