The Cancer-Capricorn Eclipse Cycle Completes

Lunar Eclipse [13 Capricorn 38] – July 5, 2020 (05:44 GMT+1)

We have the third of three eclipses back-to-back taking place this weekend. This a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse and will be glorious in the night sky. You won’t see the usual orange glare during this eclipse but you may sense that something special is happening.

Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Cycle

Eclipses usually take place two times a year in pairs. We are now in a Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes right now in July 2020.

This eclipse cycle has been super-important because of three major planets also moving through Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto. In Capricorn, the star sign that represents business, the establishment, solid foundations, tradition, history – the slate really has been wiped clean.

This eclipse cycle started with 3 eclipses back-to-back and ends with 3 eclipses back-to-back. Intense eclipse energy – dramatic, shadowy, accelerating growth and change.

The next time 3 eclipses happen in a row won’t be until 2029. Immediately, you can see how powerful this eclipse cycle has been.

Power Eclipses

The key eclipses in the cycle fell at 20 degrees Capricorn, the first on July 13, 2018 and the most powerful in the cycle on January 10, 2020, two days before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Both eclipses were Lunar or Full and the one in January 2020 has been the major symbol of this transformational year with its theme of endings, forcing us to press the reset button.

Time is up, we need to reassess what we’re doing to our earth, our leadership and how we live together as a world community. Corruption and wrongdoing is being exposed.

Home & Work

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about home/family/foundations (Cancer) v. work/status/authority (Capricorn). Many of you have been experiencing pressure and total change in these areas of your lives, whether you’re working from home, out of work or juggling your working life with your home & family.

You may have become acutely aware of the passing of time, your own mortality, of endings and beginnings. You may have lost people close to you.

The ties of ancestry and legacy can be clearly seen in this powerful eclipse cycle. Who you are may have become lost amongst the demands of work or family and dealing with your own personal crisis.

Yet, all crises have the potential to lead to illumination, insight and reassessment. Change rarely happens easily and smoothly. Eras of change always require courage and strength.

Full Moon Ritual

Tap into the power of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. All Full Moons bring matters to completion and culmination as the light of the Moon is at its brightest.

It’s an ideal time for ritual and a chance to release and let go of what’s no longer needed in your life. Ditch the things that aren’t working out, sweep things clean and create space for new energy to flood in.

Listen out for key insights and intuitions during this powerful Eclipse weekend. Yet, wait to set things in motion until July 12th, the date that Mercury turns direct. The eclipse season we’re in right now started in May 2020, the same month that Venus turned retrograde.

Two of the personal planets have been in retreat throughout this eclipse season. It’s only when Mercury turns direct mid-July, that the new chapter really begins.

Mercury’s change of direction often coincides with news or information that’s been hidden. Eclipses have a shadowy theme but once Mercury is up to speed, it’s an ideal time to look ahead, plan, get busy and put what you’ve learned into practise.

Remember to gaze in wonder at the night sky this weekend at the glorious Full Moon. You may be able to see Jupiter & Saturn close to the Moon as well.

Key Areas To Note

Here’s a reminder of the areas of your life where the theme of endings and beginnings has been potent during this eclipse cycle.

  • Capricorn & Cancer: 1st/7th houses – your identity & image, personal goals; love & relationships, significant others, contracts. IDENTITY/RELATIONSHIPS
  • Aquarius & Leo: 12th/6th houses – retreat, quiet, solitude, a spiritual path; your health & work, what you sacrifice for others. WORK/SERVICE/HEALTH
  • Pisces & Virgo: 11th/5th houses – your friends, groups & social issues; your children, creativity, love affairs, what you ‘give birth to’. SOCIAL GROUPS/SELF-EXPRESSION
  • Aries & Libra: 10th/4th houses – your career & vocation, your status & reputation, where you’re heading in life; your home & family, your past & roots, where you come from. FOUNDATIONS/SECURITY
  • Taurus & Scorpio: 3rd/9th houses – your education, neighbours & siblings, how you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, religion, what gives your life meaning. LEARNING/BELIEFS
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: 2nd/8th houses – money, possessions, where your values lie; your joint finances, your sexuality, all things hidden, the metaphysical realm. MONEY/MAGIC

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Pisces Horoscope July 2020

Caring Cancer

The Sun is in your fellow water sign, Cancer, until the 20th. Cancer rules all the good things in your life, including romance, children & pregnancy, entertainment, creative projects and luck.

With the Sun here, this is an ideal time to do more of what you love, to prioritise play and go with the flow. Communication planet, Mercury, is also in Cancer throughout the whole of July, although retrograde until the 12th.

When Mercury is retrograde, this is an ideal time to take a step back and slow down the pace of life. This can be a nostalgic Mercury retrograde for you when you catch up with old friends or connections. Mercury retrograde turns your attention inwards, so spend time reading or relaxing, daydreaming or pondering.

If there are any issues in these key areas of your life, especially love or parenting, Mercury’s change of direction often coincides with a sea-change.

Sometimes, new information comes to light or you find that someone close opens up and wants to talk. Mercury in Cancer is caring and counselling, so be there for the ones you love and ask for support if you need help or advice.

Venus, Jupiter & Neptune

Venus, the planet of relating, is in Gemini throughout July and moving forwards. This turns your attention towards home and family, your past and where you come from. You might be catching up with people you haven’t seen for some time. Or, be enjoying your time at home.

While Venus has been in Gemini, she’s been closely aligned with Neptune, your co-ruler, in your star sign, Pisces. This is lovely for inspiring your imagination, for creative or spiritual activities.

You can lose yourself in a fantasy world when these two planets come together. They make their final aspect on the 27th, the day of a Jupiter-Neptune aspect.

Jupiter and Neptune are your co-rulers so the 27th feels deeply important for you. These two planets are charitable and giving, boundless and searching.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, this is about your role within society. Or, your friends or the groups in which you’re involved. It’s here where you can find a sense of meaning or purpose, where you find your place.

Endings & Beginnings

This area of your life has been busy recently. And, on the 2nd, Saturn returns to Capricorn where it remains until the end of the year. This coincides with a powerful Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th, the last in an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018.

Your alliances and allegiances may have shifted greatly over the last couples of years. Friends may have come and gone, you may have stood down from a leadership role or stepped up to help others. The theme this month is endings. In fact, it looks as if you have to let go in some way before you can start over.

This may become evident to you around the eclipse period. Also, it kicks in again during the New Moon in Cancer on the 20th. This is the second of two New Moons in this part of your horoscope. The first was a Solar Eclipse on June 21st during the Solstice.

Traditionally, New Moons symbolise new beginnings. Yet, on the 20th, the Sun is opposed by Saturn. You might be advising a child to take a step back from a group of friends. Or, perhaps, you need to set boundaries in place in your own life. If you’re a typical Pisces, it’s easy for you to over-give.

Note that Saturn is the ‘get real’ planet and either you or a good friend may need to be more realistic than idealistic. Plus, if you’re feeling worn down by world events, another reason to switch off for a while early July and take a step back.

Work & Money

Money is where there’s force and ambition in your horoscope as Mars charges through Aries and your personal money sector. Mars will be here until early January 2021, so notice where there’s a sense of urgency around money or where you find that things are beginning to open up.

Mars is great for being forthright and direct and getting your personal needs met. Once the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, the work and money sectors of your horoscope are fired up and ready for action.

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Aquarius Horoscope July 2020

Saturn In Capricorn

Your ruling planet, Saturn is on the move early July as it returns to Capricorn. Capricorn is the star sign before yours and Saturn was last here in March 2020.

Things may feel easier as Saturn leaves your star sign Aquarius until the end of the year. Or, perhaps you’re returning to an old issue, something deeply personal or confidential.

When planets are in Capricorn, this is the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Often, it turns your attention inwards rather than being active and out in the world.

You might be working on a research project or be making plans for 2021. You may be actively involved in personal growth or be finding ways to relax and calm your mind.

Sometimes, when planets are in this key sector of your horoscope, you need extra TLC or you’re taking on a caring role. This may be something you’ve been involved with for the last couple of years since Saturn moved into Capricorn late 2017.

Lunar Eclipse

Also, on the 5th, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. This completes an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018. Eclipses often coincide with highs and lows, dramatic changes. For you, this eclipse cycle has been about your work and health, service to others.

There’s a theme of endings or letting go. This might be a job that’s come to an end. Or, recognising where you need to implement lifestyle changes to take good care of yourself and your body. Saturn, your ruler, is linked to the bones & teeth.

Mercury Direct

You also have Mercury, the planet of communication, in Cancer and your work and health sector throughout July. The Sun is here too until the 22nd.

Up until the 12th, Mercury is retrograde and this is the time to revise and rework your plans. Do your research, find things out. Once Mercury turns direct on the 12th, then you can put what you’ve learned into practise.

Often, when Mercury turns direct, this coincides with a turning point as news or information comes to light. If you’re looking for work, Mercury turning direct is a great time to get back in touch with old contacts.

Plus, there’s a New Moon in Cancer on the 20th, traditionally a symbol of new beginnings. This is the second New Moon in this sector of your horoscope. Last month, there was a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st during the Solstice.

Yet, this month’s New Moon coincides with the Sun opposed by Saturn. Therefore, again, this flags up the theme of something coming to an end before you can start afresh.

Events on or close to the 1st and 22nd of the month could be illuminating for you when both the Sun & Mercury team up with your co-ruler Uranus. Be spontaneous and change things around at home or at work and use technology to good effect. Look out for alternative solutions to a health issue too.

Relationships & Activism

The latter period of the month could see your energy levels rising as the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd. The warmth and vitality of the Sun can boost your confidence and well-being.

Leo is your relationship sector and once the Sun is Leo, you’re right to prioritise your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. Let another person take the lead, however, and turn to people in your life who inspire and uplift you.

Action planet Mars is in Aries throughout July triggering your inner activist. Aries is your communication sector so you may be playing a more direct role in your community or online.

If you feel strongly about something, speak up and find your voice. Mars is going to be a strong influence for you until the end of the year.

Finally, you have lovely Venus in Gemini throughout July, another nod towards romance or good times. Whatever else is going on personally, ensure you keep seeking fun and enjoyment in life. Children, lovers and playmates are where fulfilment lies.

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Capricorn Horoscope July 2020

Saturn Returns

Your planet Saturn is on the move this month as it retreats into Capricorn on the 2nd. Saturn has been out of your star sign since March 22nd but now it returns until the end of the year.

Therefore, you may be returning to events which happened back in March, perhaps to bring something to completion. Or, returning to a job, situation or role which you had earlier this year.

Saturn is the planet of authority and discipline, duty and responsibility. Consider where you might need to flex these qualities within yourself or where you may be required to take on a leading or caring role.

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

Saturn’s move into Capricorn coincides with a powerful Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th. This also falls in your star sign and completes an important eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac.

Consider how far you’ve come since then, what’s changed and how you’ve changed in particular. When planets light up your star sign, Capricorn, this is about your identity, how you see yourself and how others see you, your image and profile.

Partnership has also been an important part of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle and this month’s events feel definitive. You might be putting into practise what you’ve learned over recent years. Or, making a major decision about a love relationship or a business partnership. This can influence all your significant 1-to-1’s.

Partnership Decisions

Wait until the 12th, however, before issuing an ultimatum or making a key decision. This is the date that Mercury, the planet of communication, turns direct in Cancer after three weeks on go slow.

This often coincides with new information coming to light, which is why it’s wise to play a waiting game. You could hear from someone on or around the 12th and this influences your next move.

For some of you, a love affair could spring to life this month and the dates to note are the 1st and 22nd. In fact, things could develop and happen quickly. There’s a New Moon in Cancer and your relationship sector on the 20th.

This is the second of two New Moons in this part of your horoscope. The first took place on June 21st during the Solstice and it was a Solar Eclipse.

Traditionally, New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings. However, on the 20th, your planet Saturn opposes the Sun in Cancer. This feels more like an ending. Or, something you need to finish before you can start afresh.

The period from the 14th to the 20th is swayed heavily towards your star sign Capricorn. This could be a challenging period if you’re having to make some tough decisions that impact on other people.

If you feel disillusioned by your situation or recent events, turn to people close to you for support or solace. The Jupiter-Neptune aspect on the 27th is key for you as Jupiter is now in Capricorn.

This combination helps to restore hope and faith and it’s an ideal time to seek solace beyond the everyday. This could be a spiritual path, your religious faith or your belief in the goodness of humanity and other people.

Allow your imagination and dreams to soar far and wide and tap into the side of your nature that’s charitable, caring & philanthropic.

If you’re at work, enjoy being part of a team. Venus in Gemini brings the feel-good factor to your daily routine, especially if you’re hanging out with other women.

If you’re keen to improve your finances, the Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd lights up your joint finance sector. This is the time to pursue new deals or contracts.

Mars & Home

Finally, Mars is moving through Aries and your home and family sector. This is going to be a long transit of Mars through this part of your horoscope – perhaps you’ve got the builders in or you’re working on a long-term project.

If anything, life at home is likely to be noisier and any tensions could flare up and quickly. The key dates to note are the 8th and 27th which feel argumentative. Try not to get involved in petty disputes with your partner or someone else close to you.

If you do want to move home or catch up with family you haven’t seen, Mars in Aries stokes the fires and adds drive and a sense of urgency to your personal affairs.

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Sagittarius Horoscope July 2020

Money Matters

As July begins, there’s a lot of planetary activity highlighting the financial axis of your horoscope. The Sun’s in Cancer and your joint finance sector until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury is here all month.

Immediately, it looks as if finances are top of the agenda, whether you’re trying to help others. Or, you need to attend to your own finances. There are some key factors here to take into account.

Firstly, communication planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 12th. Traditionally, this is a time not to make major investments or big decisions. The reason being that new information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct. While Mercury’s retrograde or on go slow, there’s a hidden theme.

Lunar Eclipse

This is also the theme of the Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th. Eclipses are ‘shadowy’ and things may not be as they seem. This eclipse is powerful because it’s the last in an eclipse cycle that began in July 2018. If the last couple of years have been up and down on the money front, you’re in tune with your stars.

This eclipse could bring matters to completion or culmination. A few days before, Saturn returns to Capricorn and your personal money sector where it remains until December 2020. Saturn’s nature is not extravagant or abundant. Instead, it’s about getting real and being sensible where money’s concerned.

Help & Support

If things are tough financially, Saturn’s return to Capricorn could be a cosmic cue to sort things out, whatever this might mean for you personally. Deal with debt, start a savings plan, work out your budget, etc.

Also, open the lines of communication and do your research. This is what Mercury is brilliant for, working out the facts and figures and finding things out. Then, when Mercury is back up to speed, you can get the right people on your side and make intuitive decisions.

This month’s New Moon also falls in Cancer on the 20th, the second of two New Moons in this same sector of your horoscope. The first took place on June 21st during the Solstice and was a Solar Eclipse.

Traditionally, New Moons symbolise new beginnings. Yet, on the 20th, the Sun is opposed by Saturn, so this feels like an ending before you can start over.

This month’s stars could require some tough decisions on the money front to secure your financial future moving forwards. You may also be involved with your family, helping them with their finances.

This has a lot to do with your ruling planet Jupiter in Capricorn, a protective, supportive and caring influence. Jupiter teams up with Neptune in Pisces on the 27th. This combination is mutually-supportive and a helpful outlet for the more challenging astrology.

It’s about having hope and faith and trusting in your Sagittarius luck. This is about sharing what you have, collective & collaborative ventures, fundraising too. Jupiter and Neptune together are a charitable and philanthropic influence.

Love & Excitement

July does feel hot for romance for you for two reasons. Firstly, love planet Venus is now in forward motion in Gemini and your relationship sector. Secondly, passion planet Mars has moved into your fellow fire sign Aries ruling romance.

Put the two together and it could be an exciting month for love. The one area to avoid is loaning or lending money. Otherwise, go all out to enjoy yourself.

Finally, the Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd is a real high point for you as Leo is a fellow fire sign. Plus, Leo rules travel and study, new experiences and adventure, all activities which are dear to your Sagittarius heart.

If things have been emotional or slow-moving, do whatever you can to broaden your horizons and live life to the full as July heats up.

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Scorpio Horscope July 2020

Speedy Mars

Your ruling planet, Mars, is moving forward this month in dynamic Aries. Mars is strong in the first sign of the zodiac and you too may sense a surge of energy.

Aries in your horoscope rules your work and health, your lifestyle and routine. If you want to get fit or take on a physical challenge, this is a strong time to do so. Don’t go over the top, however, especially mid-month around the 11th to 14th when Mars aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer.

Keep your fitness plans realistic and rein in the daredevil side of your nature or your love of danger. Mars will be in this part of your horoscope until early January 2021.

Work & Money

You could be busier at work with Mars here too or be keen to find a new job or role. This fits with the Sun’s move into Leo and your career and vocation sector on the 22nd. You’re heading towards an ambitious and potentially successful time of year, so crack on if you’re ready.

Money is also under the cosmic spotlight this month with Venus moving forward in Gemini and your joint finance sector. Venus was retrograde from May 13th to June 25th and this can be a time when you’re playing a waiting game or you need to reassess your situation.

With Venus back on track, look for the right people who can help you out financially. This could be someone with expert advice. Or, a partner who’s savvy when it comes to money and earnings.

The Bigger Picture

Even though July’s stars may see you getting fired up, there’s still a side of your nature that may be yearning for something more. This has a lot to do with the activity taking place in Cancer and your travel and study sector.

Mercury is retrograde here until the 12th and this can be an ideal time to day-dream and ponder. You could be seeking meaning or purpose in your life and need a big vision or an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

When it comes to booking travel or a study course, ideally wait until the 12th before making a decision. You often find that new information comes to light once Mercury turns direct.

Also, the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle comes to an end this month on the 5th. This is the date of a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse that completes a cycle which began in July 2018.

Sometimes, this can bring matters to culmination and your efforts are rewarded. Yet, eclipses have a hidden theme and they can be about endings, deciding to cancel a plan or project.

This is similar to what’s happening on the New Moon in Cancer on the 20th. This is the second New Moon in this part of your horoscope in two months. On June 21st, there was a Solar Eclipse on the day of the Solstice.

Traditionally, New Moons symbolise new beginnings. Yet, on the 20th, the Sun is opposed by Saturn, so something needs to stop or come to an end before you can start afresh. Saturn rules fear and doubt so notice whether you’re the one holding back. Or, whether life has other plans for you.

Finding Your Voice

Saturn returns to Capricorn on the 2nd and your communication sector, where it remains until December 2020. This area of your horoscope is where all the key players are this year, including Jupiter and Pluto, your modern ruler. It’s about finding your voice. Or, alternatively, finding yourself up against the authorities.

You may feel frustrated with what’s happening in your community or society as a whole. With Mars strong, this brings out your inner activist and the 8th and 27th look argumentative.

It may be hard for you to focus on your personal life without confronting what’s happening in the world around you. Tempers could flare if you come across people this month whose views or beliefs are directly opposite to your own.

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Libra Horoscope July 2020

Venusian Dreams

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in forward motion this month. Venus turned direct in Gemini on June 25th after six weeks on go slow. Venus moving in the right direction can feel as if there’s a sense of progress that should pick up as the month goes on.

Venus in Gemini is great for learning, improving your knowledge and committing to a course of study or new ideas which broaden your horizons. Gemini rules travel too and you may be more than ready to spread your wings or plan some trips to new places.

This month, Venus only makes one planetary aspect to Neptune on the 27th. This is quite unusual although Venus and Neptune have been in cahoots since early May.

If you’ve been lost or disillusioned with your current situation, you may be considering what next. A change in circumstances might have been the trigger that’s allowed you to reassess your lifestyle, your job or daily routine.

This combination is creative and great for schemes and dreams. Although, sometimes you can spend more time day-dreaming rather than take direct action.

Home & Career Moves

This month does feel pivotal for you as some key planetary events take place. Firstly, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope.

This is the last eclipse in an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018. You may have experienced significant changes with regard to your home & family, your career & future path since then. This eclipse is the culmination of your plans, perhaps things coming to fruition. Alternatively, a time to let go and move on.

If you need to make a decision about your career, ideally wait until the 12th. This is the date when Mercury turns direct in Cancer and your career and vocation sector. News or information could come to light on or around this date that helps you make up your mind about what next.

Also, there’s a theme of second chances so try again where things didn’t work out first time around. Rework your contacts and connections, which is an ideal way of using Mercury’s retrograde phase through your career sector.

This month’s New Moon falls in Cancer on the 20th and it’s the second of two New Moons in this part of your horoscope. The first was a Solar Eclipse on June 21st, during the Solstice. This flags up the possibility of two offers or a repeat theme.

Traditionally, a New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings. However, on the day of the New Moon, the Sun is opposed by Saturn and this theme is endings. What do you have to let go of before you can move on? Or, what’s coming to an end releasing you ready to start afresh on a new path?

Saturn & Duty

Saturn moves back into Capricorn and your home and family sector on the 2nd where it remains until December 2020. So, you’re returning to a situation that was pivotal in March of this year. You might be finalising matters that relate to events in March, for example.

Saturn’s the planet of duty & responsibility so you may need to consider your role as a parent and how that impacts on your future path. Or, perhaps you’re caring for your parent during this period or grieving a recent loss. This could flag up a tough decision around your home or living situation too. Make any decisive moves in the second half of July.

Fire Signs

Fire signs are where the activity’s at and for you this puts the focus on people in your life. Action planet Mars roars through Aries and your relationship sector this month. A love affair could speed up and fast. Or, your partner’s the speedy one and they have a new found vigour or ambition.

Note that Mars promises anger as well as passion and the 8th and 27th are potentially argumentative. Issues around home or work could be the reason for a falling out.

After the 22nd, your friends light up your life when the Sun moves into Leo. This brings some much-needed fun and laughter your way, the perfect antidote to the more serious or weighty side of life.

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