Super New Moon In Virgo

New Moon [6 Virgo 46] – August 30, 2019 (11:37 GMT+1)

This week’s New Moon is a Super New Moon in more ways than one. It’s the second of three Super New Moons in a row, i.e. a New Moon that is exceptionally close to the earth. This would be an outstanding display in the night sky if it were a Full Moon. At the time of the New Moon, all is dark.

You only see the sliver of the crescent moon a couple of days after the exact moment of the New Moon. Traditionally, you set your intentions at the time of the New Moon. Then, make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky.

Also, this New Moon is a Black Moon in certain areas of the world, which means it’s the second New Moon in a month. There was a New Moon in Leo on August 1, 2019.

Therefore, this New Moon is lining up to be something special. And, it certainly is, if you look at the line-up of planets involved (see chart below).

Virgo Super Moon

At the exact moment of the New Moon, there’s a stellium of planetary bodies in earth sign, Virgo. Mercury (communication), Sun (identity/ego), Moon (mother/nurturer), Mars (action) & Venus (love/relating).

Virgo is the star sign of order & analysis, list-making & strategy, resourcefulness & measured behaviour. It’s linked to work and routine, lifestyle and health, self-care and service to others. This is an excellent New Moon for starting a new habit, for activities that feed you, nurture you, ground you & strengthen you.

The Uranus Factor

Earth signs dominate during this New Moon. One planet in particular stands out and that is hyper, live-wire Uranus in an exact trine aspect to the New Moon.

Uranus has been active all week (which you’ll know if you’ve been watching my daily videos on YouTube or my Facebook page). When Uranus is involved, expect the unexpected, be ready for the diversion, the swift change of pace.

Uranus is the rebel & activist. If you haven’t found anything to protest about or get frustrated about over the last few days, you’re not living in the world. It’s hard to settle and continue with your daily routine as the world goes mad around you.

Use your anger, your irritation to stoke the fires that burn deep within, that urge you to make a difference. You might sign a petition, join a protest, voice your concerns or uphold your beliefs. Uranus is the trigger, the spark that unites the collective.

The Call of the Moon

And yet, the call of the New Moon in Virgo is to continue living your life well, to restore order, calm the mind and not let fear or worry take hold.

A New Moon in a feminine earth sign is the ideal time to put one foot in front of the other, to allow the constancy and beauty of nature to soothe your soul, to be grateful for the rituals and routine of your daily life.

Much nurturing and care is needed now. Start with you, the ones you love, heal self & others, help and be of service, gently move out into the world.

Happy Super New Moon.

New Moon Virgo

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