Taurus Horoscope September 2019

Chihuly Taurus
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A bevy of planets are in your fellow earth sign, Virgo, as the month begins. This is good news for you as you are one of the sensual, fertile, creative earth signs being a Taurus. This means that, as September begins, you’re likely to feel in your element.

Positive Vibes

The crackle of change continues to fizzle strongly in your horoscope, especially true for you if you’re born on April 26th or 27th. Yet, ideally, you’re happiest when life feels stable and secure, you can move at a leisurely pace and you have time to smell the roses. Virgo rules ones of the best sectors of your horoscope which is about good times and luck. Therefore, this planetary vibe feels positive for you.

It’s a glorious season to fall in love, make a baby, be proud of your offspring, enjoy yourself, line up top entertainment, start a new hobby or creative project. Think about what you can ‘give birth to’ or bring into the world. Now’s the time when your creative juices are flowing.

This abundant theme continues until the Full Moon on the 14th, exactly two weeks in to the month. Make the most of it. Continue to look at how you can improve your social life or find happiness in the small things. This is really important for you moving forwards, seeking gratitude and appreciation in what you have and your life as it is.

Money Dreams

That’s not to say you won’t be dreaming up some big ideas this month. You will, especially around the Full Moon on the 14th and the Jupiter-Neptune square aspect on the 21st. The Jupiter-Neptune square is important because it’s the third and final connection between these two boundless Gods.

Jupiter in Sagittarius rules money in your horoscope, joint finances and shared resources. Neptune in Pisces rules friends and group activities, your social and political alliances, your community.

These areas are where you’re being called out in to the world. You might be investing your money or teaming up with other people in a fund-raiser or a speculative venture to boost your future prosperity.

You could also discover a lot about the power of hope and faith. This includes your attitude to luck and what you believe about yourself and this precious life you’re born in to. As a Taurus and one of the earth signs, you tend to have good common sense and you’re savvy at sniffing out good deals and knowing when to step back.

Jupiter and Neptune are a powerful calling throughout September. They are especially potent for you on the 2nd and 4th when they connect with your ruling planet, Venus. This is a really good month for you to hone your money ‘nose’.

You may also need to use this natural skill of yours for other people. Some hopeful types could be seduced by lies or fake news or be easy prey to ideologies that act as a snake-charm. Keep your down-to-earth antennae on high alert so you can persuade people close to you to spend or invest their money wisely.

Some deals this month will be too good to be true. But, if you know your territory well and you have a good reputation for financial success, you could potentially strike it lucky. Trust your natural earthy intuition. This planetary energy peaks on the Full Moon of the 14th and the Jupiter-Neptune square on the 21st. The astrology is packed full of synchronicities and lucky moves.

Teamwork & Good Health

After the 14th, a more logical or rational approach is needed, as your planet Venus moves into air sign, Libra, hand in hand with the planet of communication, Mercury. This is good for finding your allies and creating helpful alliances at work.

Libra rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. It’s the planet of balance and harmony, social skills and people pleasing. You’re likely to be happiest if work is social and you’re more effective working in a team. This theme continues through the Equinox on the 23rd, the day the Sun enters Libra, heralding a change of season.

This is the time to strategise and analyse and work things out together. The 24th and 28th of the month could prove lucrative, whether you’re starting a new job or working on a promotion or project with other team members. Lucky Jupiter is back in action on these two dates, in an easier and more straightforward manner.

The 28th is the day of the New Moon in Libra, which is ideal if you’re applying for a job or you want to boost your health or lifestyle. There’s a theme of new beginnings and it’s the best time of the month to set your intentions.

Removing Blocks

Also, consider which dreams you’re ready to move away from, to release or let go. This could link back to what took place earlier in the year, perhaps in April, a stand-out month.

Alternatively, you might find that a block is removed allowing you to find a new way forward, to make progress once again. The path may not be any less scary but you know that you’re ready to put one foot in front of the other.

Love & Romance

Love too could play its part, whether you’re moving closer to the one you love or you need to leave someone behind, for financial or emotional reasons.

The Full Moon on the 14th is potentially the most romantic day this month as it falls in Pisces and triggers your romance sector, where the Sun is in Virgo. Lose yourself in love or lift the veil of illusion. Either is possible but both begin by loving yourself fully.

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