Leo Horoscope September 2019

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Leo season is officially over and this month, it’s down to business. Your ruler, the Sun, is exceptionally busy in the first half of September in one of the ‘get real’, ‘head down, bum up’ earth signs.

In other words, it’s a month for efficiency, order and structure. This is because the Sun, your ruler, is in earth sign, Virgo, until the 23rd.

Money Matters

Virgo rules your personal money, your possessions, also your values and self-worth. It’s about how you support yourself financially but also considering where your money goes and what you do with it. This would be a good time to think about how you trade your time for money, the ways you make money and how you can use your money to be of service to others.

On the 6th and 13th, your ruler, the Sun, teams up with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and your work and routine sector. This is where the dominant energy lies as we prepare to change season. For you, the earth signs are prominent. This is about your security, the basics of life and bringing form and structure into your daily routine.

It’s an important month to consider what you do with your time, whether you use it effectively, whether you’re overly busy or unemployed. The first half of September could feel frantic at times as themes of overwhelm and exaggeration kick in. Whenever you feel out of control, rein things in, focus on what’s simple and easy and don’t allow your mind or fears to take over.

Virgo season is about nature. It’s about nurturing, feeding and nourishing yourself and others. Taking care of the earth, taking care of your body and soul. Simple appreciations, kindness and caring.

Big-hearted Generosity

Yet, at times, you might find your big-hearted generous nature called forth. This has a lot to do with the Jupiter-Neptune square which peaks on the 21st. Jupiter in Sagittarius highlights luck, also speculation. Neptune in Pisces highlights joint finances, shared resources and collaboration.

This combination is charitable, giving and compassionate. It taps in to the side of your Leo nature which wants the best for everyone. If you have available funds, look at how you can invest them wisely. You could be fund-raising with others or helping your children manage their finances better.

What isn’t advised is to go over the top, get carried away or spend it all on the horses. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a lucky influence for you but this month, Jupiter’s influence is exaggerated, even out of control. Yes, this could bring in a win or two as the Gods of abundance knock on your door but don’t overdo it.

Also, be savvy about money and investments. Neptune can seduce and beguile so ensure you’re not deluded or scammed. Keep your feet on the ground financially and emotionally and make the right cash moves.

There is potential to do well this month, especially around the Full Moon on the 14th. Yet, there are some unsavoury characters lurking in the shadows. Don’t allow yourself to get drawn in.

Sweet Loving Vibes

Jupiter’s back in action later in the month when it teams up with Mercury and Venus in Libra on the 24th and 28th respectively. The latter date is also a New Moon. This is the time when you can make logical, rational decisions about luck and speculation. You can ask the right questions and make the right moves to boost your chances of success, whatever your project or ideas.

This time of the month is promising for love too, as Jupiter is in your romance sector. There’s a charming vibe, whether you’re the one doing the wooing or someone else goes out of their way to make you feel special. And, if anyone is to win over your Leo heart, they’re wise to make you feel appreciated and adored.

Keep It Calm

Libra season starts on the 14th, as this is the day when social Mercury and lovely Venus enter Libra. They are paving the way for your ruler’s move into Libra, the Sun, on the 23rd. This is a key date in astrology as it heralds the Equinox and the start of a new season.

Libra rules communication and community in your horoscope. It’s about making new connections and getting the right people on your side. Once the Sun is in Libra, this enhances your sales and marketing skills, your ability to use the written and spoken word to make swift progress.

Balance and harmony are key Libra traits and you’re seeking ease and comfort in your close relationships, personal and professional. Conflict and aggression will be a no-no, a turn off. You may naturally find yourself veering towards the people in your life who calm you and ground you.

Tough Decisions

The theme shifts away from work to pleasure as the month progresses. Also, events on or around the 18th may be significant in this respect. This is the date when Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, turns direct after five months retrograde motion.

Saturn moved into retreat mode on April 30th. Ever since it’s been locked together with the karmic South Node. They have been pursuing the same path backwards through the zodiac.

It’s only on the 28th of this month that they begin to move apart. Therefore, consider what this means for you. The symbolism is about release and letting go; it’s about a shift in purpose or direction. If things have been tough health-wise or work-wise, you may know what you need to do in order to move on.

It could be a tough decision you have to make, perhaps about a permanent job or putting firm boundaries in place. Staying in your comfort zone is no longer viable especially if you’ve felt stuck or paralysed in your current situation. Consider what you’re ready to leave behind and take the first step towards moving on.

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