Two steps forward

After a period of review and reflection – new information and understanding is helping us create a better way forward. 

Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Leo on July 8th- and then turned direct Thursday August 1st-  and last week (15th) it reached the point that began its retrograde motion – meaning that we are now moving FULL STEAM AHEAD – at least as far as Mercury is concerned.

Mercury is about how we think and communicate. When it went back into Cancer and  actuvated the Collective Destiny Points (Nodes of Moon)  – there was focus on re examining inherited family patterns and childhood wounding.  Eclipses in this area emphasized the possibility of some majour shifts. 

When we face and release the roots of our discontent, we give permission to our soul to move forward in a more healthy fashion. This is not a straightforward process – it’s often two steps forward – one step back, though at this time everything is accelerated. 

Mercury represents our stories-  what we think about – how we think about it. Sometimes those stories were told to us. They’re not even our own. As we rethink and rewrite our own personal and unique  narrative  – new elements come into play that we didn’t consider up till now. 


Time for something completely different!