New Moon in Virgo: Prepare Purge Purify

There is a New Moon in Virgo (@ 14 degrees)  on Sept. 6, 2021.

This is the time of focusing back in after the expansive energy of the summer.  The merging of solar and lunar energies at a New Moon  creates new doorways to walk through,  new windows to open,  bringing entirely fresh points of view (if we choose to see them).

At the same time, new restrictions are occurring as we continue to wind out way through and around the ongoing pressure of Saturn (rules, limitations) in tension with  Uranus freedom.  Virgo ‘s job is to help us winnow out the false from the real, to help us clarify where we are going and what we want to create in our life and in the world.
As the  Sun  begins to get lower in the sky and the days get shorter (sigh), there’s more of a chill in the air where I live in the northern hemisphere, and although part of me wishes we could have just a bit more summer, I also appreciate the sharpening of focus that occurs at this time of year.; people are getting back to work,  kids are getting back to school, and we are called to put our energy into organization, health and service.

Because this particular New Moon is linked to the Moon’s Nodes it has a special significance for the current direction of global collective consciousness. Virgo, and Pisces opposite,  are considered signs of initiation …  any pressure on these nodal points can move us into a crisis,  triggering a deep purification of what no longer serves us. That pressure is coming from the planet Neptune.

I’ve written before about how the nodes of the Moon are an intersection point between the earth sun and moon ~ called the ‘Collective Destiny Points’ (this is where eclipses occur). The nodes describe the lessons a  society must go through at a given time,  and any planets at right angles to these points show us what has to be dealt with and integrated before we can fully step into our future. With the  nodes currently  in Gemini and Sagittarius, we are being called to open up to a diversity of viewpoints (Gemini) while we re-examine our core belief systems (Sagittarius). 

Critical thinking is essential at this time!(Virgo)


Neptune is making that difficult by blurring ‘reality’ and bringing  a lot of confusing, mixed messages, and false facts mixed with fear to the global consciousness. Neptune rules our hopes and dreams, as well as our unconscious fears. It also rules the immune system and viruses!  There are so many narratives floating around right now,  and we have to figure out which ones to believe and which to discard. Beware of lies and illusions! You may think you know what is going on, and you may be right.  Or – you may be mistaken.

Neptune is a  highly spiritual sign who’s purpose is to  dissolve our barriers and melt away the  rigid boundaries that separate us from all that is. That can be a good thing, and it can also be very challenging. When Neptune comes into your life expect things to go a bit sideways as you learn to surrender and trust.

Neptune in its own sign of  Pisces  also awakens our compassion and desire to serve the greater good. And while imagination and creativity are heightened,  getting focused enough to actually put any of these into practical application could be a challenge. Lack of clarity and the tendency to doubt everything, including ourselves,  can trigger  feelings of overwhelm, leading to escapism and denial, confusion and chaos, or a sense of hopelessness or defeat. The ensuing self-doubt can lead some to check out, numb out, or hide in denial because it all feels too much.
All of this is combined right now with a strong  push  to move forward, and the  inspiration to ‘get er done’. The key  is to find enough clarity of mind to trust your own instincts as you sift the false from the real so you can move forward with confidence. That also includes facing facts. Don’t deny or avoid – look at things squarely so you can know what you need to do to proceed. It can often feel like ‘two steps forward ~ one step back,  as Mars (ego, will, action) moves in opposition to Neptune (dissolving).  
 In terms of the global crisis,  there are a lot of people saying ‘trust the science’. Yet which science do you trust? Seems there’s a lot out there to sort through. and more every day.  One key to mental health is to direct  all of this pressure  in a positive way ~ let the world go for a moment and focus on  what feeds your soul ~ music, meditation, art, dance, play, chanting, meditating  ~ whatever floats your boat. Let this nonlinear energy carry you  into its spiral of creativity, rather than down a negative spiral of depression. 


“Right now there is a majour energetic shift going on that is rattling everyone’s cage.”
Lee Harris
These are not ordinary times. We are being called to step up and get real, which means finding out what is real in the midst of so much uncertainty and unreality. Cages need rattling ~ doors need opening ~ hearts need healing. Pluto is urging us to break free from whatever emotional cage (pattern) is keeping us a prisoner.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of shame and blame right now. It’s always ‘those guys’ who are at fault. Venus calls us to accept each other, even in the midst of our differences. Find middle ground. We are all in this together, one planet, one human race.

Common sense is uncommon.   Let the Sun in Virgo shine a light through the fog to bring you  clarity and discernment.
Art by Catrin Weltz- Stein
 You know you want to!!
And remember, there’s always a rainbow after a storm.














Blue Moon in Aquarius



The Moon was Full yesterday, Sunday  August 22nd,  at the critical last degree of Aquarius ~ with Jupiter’s expansive energy  amplifying the Moon’s energy field  from nearby in the sky. An Aquarius Moon brings a strong focus on the need for innovation and freedom,  as well as the seeking of community, as we continue to look for solutions to the increasing calamity of life on on planet earth. This positive and expansive energy will help us to expand our vision and step out of whatever ruts we are in. Freedom rules the day!
“Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose. “


This is also a Blue Moon (two full moons in one month), although that is a rather arbitrary nomenclature, as the present calendar was created by the Romans and later by the church.  In other words, people in power – usually men – imposed a framework onto society… which we were forced to adopt… taking us further and further way from our connection to the earth and to natural cycles.  Did you know that in a year there are 13 Full Moons? We had a Friday the 13th in August … ever wonder why its supposed to such bad luck? In ancient times it was a very special day – meant to honour the goddess. When you explore the symbology, turns out 13 is a sacred number,  because there are thirteen moon cycles in a year – and women’s cycle follow the Moon,  linking the feminine and the number 13. So Friday the 13th is actually about the  Sacred Feminine,  and everything connected to that was suppressed and oppressed under the patriarchy (power over). Thank goodness we are finally reaching the end of that era, though it does seem like it will not be going down without a fight.


Anyway… I  digress!!
This  Full Moon is at a ‘critical’ last degree ~ in the sign of Aquarius ~ which represents a call to freedom and rebellion. It’s time to be free! Time to be me!Time to stand up and claim your unique Destiny.



So…  ‘What is freedom”?
Is it about externals, or is it about something more lasting? Or both?  How do we find true freedom over outer circumstances ~ do we try to change things or do we change ourself?  This question is dear to my heart as I personally went through years of health challenges that sometimes kept me bedridden…. and one of the great gifts was to discover that despite outer circumstances, I could still feel free ~  inside of me.  Even when things sucked. Shit happens. It’s how we respond that determines our freedom (its seems). Of course  we  still need to make every effort to find solutions, yet sometimes you just have to surrender and trust that everything will be ok. And that trust in itself is a kind of freedom.


I recently listened to a talk by  someone who ‘channels’ what he says are messages from  higher beings… and one of the mantras the has is:
“I know what I am.”
“I know who I am”
“I know what I serve.”
“I am free. I am free/ I am free!”
(Paul Sellig)
I find it very empowering. I also find myself speaking to myself …
“You are free.”
“You are free.”
“You are free!”


What freedom means to each of us will differ…  and this is a time to explore that idea. Another key part of Aquarius is about groups and how we fit into society. At its best it, this about serving the collective good … not by complying…  but by contributing with our free will (there’s that word again!) and coming together with our personal gifts and skills.   At it’s worst,  and opposite, this can be  about people pleasing and going along with the crowd, forgetting your own  uniqueness; following the status quo. Aquarius urges us to step up and outside the box and allow our own free spirit to guide us.  Not in a selfish way but in sinc with what is best both for ourself and for the greater good. That may mean being willing to break the rules and step outside the constructs that are being imposed upon us. People in Europe  have been marching and protesting the extreme government control that is going on around CV 19.  Yet many others are in fact glad of that control, and think there should be more of it – for the greater good.  I’m not here to say which is right- just to point out the themes of the moment. The rest is obviously for you to figure out.  One person’s freedom is another person’s prison.
 To thine own self be true.
The Leo New Moon two weeks ago urged us to claim our personal sovereignty. Now the Full Moon is asking us what we are bringing to the collective table. The irony is,  mostly it just wants us to bring our self — our true authentic self. Yet in so doing,  we can then join together for the collective greater good. We are not good to anyone if we just go along with the crowd. There are so many polarizing narratives out there right now… blame, shame, projection abound. The challenge, for me,  is to stay in the middle. Remain curious. Always be ready to learn something new and stop judging others that are making different choices. They too have their story.
Aquarius may be about questioning authority yet it is also about community. We are all in this together.
When  the source of vitality (Sun) energizes our emotions and instinctive awareness (Moon), who is hanging out with the planet of expansion and good fortune (Jupiter) good things can happen.  As Sun, Moon and Jupiter link up,  they flood us with feelings of joy and happiness, amplifying a deep sense sense of abundance and expansion. This positivity and optimism will helps us find new opportunities and open us up to new ideas. When our joy gets lit up by this radiant Full Moon,  something BIG can occur, and as Jupiter in Aquarius represents large groups of people coming together, it suggests that coming together as a collective can have positive it comes and that we will attract good luck by cooperating with others. What a novel idea! So let’s step beyond polarizing narratives, find common ground, and work together to make this world a better place.
You know you want to!



“Seek not to be understood, seek first to understand.”
(Steven Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People).


August: Leo rules the skies

I’ve been on the road so just catching up now to what’s been transpiring in the heavens.

The Sun is still in Leo for a few more days.  I am Lion ~ hear me roar!
Leo is about our personal sovereignty, beckoning us to shine our light into the world by remembering to play and dance and express our joy! 


Today and tomorrow the Moon in Sagittarius adds a sense of adventure  and the desire to conquer any foe. There are mountains to be climbed and mysteries to unravel. Seize the day!

Things can get a little testy with all this fiery energy; tempers can flare at the slightest provocation as all this week Mars is activated by a square to the Moons nodes. Tread lightly if you can ~ Sun in Leo encourages dignity in all things!


This is an important time to align with our higher self (when isn’t it!?) … as we focus our attention ~ and intention ~ on the changes that are occurring in our lives snd in the world around us. There is extra impetus now to act out our desires (Mars); the powerful need for self expression may manifest a little more forcefully than we intend; getting some of  us into confrontations and arguments if we’re not careful. Tread gently! 
This is a time to speak your truth ~ yet also to choose your battles. 
Last week’s New Moon in Leo activated the power of creative manifestation ~ which will come in handy during sudden or unexpected changes (Uranus). We are being  challenged  to  surrender and trust (Neptune) as feelings of impatience and restlessness (Mars) propel us toward the unknown. Should we respond to  to our soul’s call to adventure (Moon in Sagittarius/Moons south Node) in doing we could be leaving something or someone behind. (South Node Destiny is a release point)
Planets interacting with the Destiny Points  bring fated events snd karmic lessons into our life.  Mars is about going after what you want ~ and defending what you have. With a  challenging link to the nodes, some of us will not necessarily be getting what we want right now. Or we will have to fight hard to get it (Mars) There may be challenges to what we believe ‘should’ be happening ~ all of which can trigger frustration and pain. Mars wants what it wants and will throw a temper tantrum  if it doesn’t get it! 
Part of the lesson is learning the difference between ego wants and the soul’s true desire. This lesson will push our buttons and the impact may last a lifetime. 
Others will be learning the difference between healthy anger and unhealthy aggression.  Many of us do not know the difference!  Petty tyrants stomp thier feet and make demands ~ wise persons learn to accept that things do not always go our way. The Serenity Prayer helps in those moments. 
“God please grant me the Serenity to except the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.”
However you approach it ~ consciously or unconsciously ~ big lessons are being learned and a new phase of the journey  has definitely begun! 

In any journey, the first necessity  is to locate where exactly you are. The Leo Sun lights us up while planets in Virgo help fine tune our precise location (Mars,Mercury). Yet  as we all know, things in life rarely occur in a straightforward fashion. With so many of our hopes, dreams and desires on the line right now ~ expectations are high – and it is inevitable that disappointment will occur. The trick is to keep going just when it seems that nothing is going right. Mars brings extra oomph to overcome our fears ~ and Jupiter remains optimistic that despite appearances all will be well in the end. 
If perceived blockages or failures cause us to pause and reflect, reassess and redirect our intentions, it may be only later that we can look back and see this as a key fork in the road moment. 

If you are able to adjust to changing circumstances, this is truly a powerful time for manifestation. Trust that you will get  there in the end, even if you don’t yet know where ‘there’ is!
Trust your instincts and watch your reactions with an eye on the long game. Sun in Leo is prone to a bit of drama ~ which often turns out to be a tempest in a tea cup. Mars’ link to the Collective Destiny Points suggests this is no teacup ~ but a truly fated moment in time. This is a chance to discover what  we’re made of! 
And guess what!?  We are made of Stardust!
Try not to wear yourself down with mistaken resistance. I often find myself saying lately:
“It is what it is!”  (Cause it is!)
No judgement required, just the reality of where you are now. Start there and proceed forward. Let the Sun in Leo awaken your inner sovereignty ~ and remind you of that radiant self that is timeless and changeless and not governed by external circumstances.  Leo wants you to shine your light in the darkness! 
You know you want to! 
Ps: The alignment of the New Moon with the Lions Gate portal was a significant marker of us entering a critical phase of our current evolution. I’ve heard it said that some will recieve downloads from the Sirius star system to help navigate this next passage; we are apparently being primed for a significant quantum leap. 
Every year in the middle of Leo season, Sirius rises in the skies and becomes brightly visible over the eastern horizon. 
“The second brightest star in the sky, next to our sun,  is sometimes referred to as the “Spiritual Sun”. Sirius’ rising and alignment with the Sun was considered to be a significant event in many ancient cultures. “
As the Leo Sun and the bright star Sirius align ~the Lions Gate Portal opens and peaks on 8/8, creating transformative energies throughout the month of August to help us through current shifts and changes. 
 “Sirius’ alignment with Earth [also] coincides with the Orion constellation~ aligning perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza ~ creating a trinity of alignments which open the Lion’s Gate Portal.”
The strong influence of Uranus guarantees that it won’t be boring. There may be shocks, sudden changes, unusual events, chance encounters. Something out of the ordinary this way comes, which can destabilize us or wake us up ( or both!) 
Anyone  with personal planets at or around the middle of  Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus will be feeling the electricity move through your nervous systems.  This is not easy energy ~ it electrifies and destabilizes even as it opens us up to new levels of awareness. 
Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the earth~ dance, drum, move as the energy moves through you.
Leo rules the Heart ~ let your true heart energy shine bright into the world <3

You know you want to!

Full Moon Glory! Capricorn Mastery

 Everything in the universe seems to move in cycles. Yin/Yang,inhalation/exhalation,  contraction/expansion. In the midst of the madness of the world,   studying history shows us there are continuous cycles to cultures made up of people, places and things. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an ending, and so the cycles go on and on. Times of expansion. Times of contraction. Good times.  Bad times. In-between times.   The best of times,  the worst of times.

“And we go round and round and round in the circle game!”


Notice the connections between  all the planets –  the dance/interplay of the energies of the galaxy we live in.  I love how Astrology reminds me that everything is cyclical, and everything is connected.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurred today around noon, Mountain Time – 2pm Eastern, 7pm Uk time. Tonight it is shining bright in the summer sky. I just popped outside to take this pic. Happy Summer Solstice by-the-way. And Happy Full Moon.


Capricorn is the sign of the elder, it is about duty, responsibility, and authority. Capricorns have a strong drive to succeed; they seek worldly success as a way to prove their worth.  The ultimate expression of Capricorn is Self Mastery.  It asks us to grow up,  take responsibility and claim personal authority over our life.

Pluto (the destroyer/transformer) has been moving through the sign of  Capricorn for the past 10 years, shaking up governments, systems and institutions. It may seem like they are still in control, yet in truth it’s really the last gasp of the dying patriarchy. What comes next, as Pluto moves into Aquarius in four years, will be interesting,  to say the least, as it coincides with us entering  the age of Aquarius.  Pluto is the great transformer.

Part of the deconstruction taking place is about taking back  personal authority that we may have given away to others, be they parents, priests or government leaders. The Aquarian age is about working together as a collective to  bring more equity and equality to the world

We’re not quite there yet ~ this is still the dismantling phase!

This card can be turned several ways; I like in this version how it shows the tower that has come crashing down becoming a bridge that can be used to cross over to the other side of the chasm. Jupiter says there is always hope! Pluto will continue to shake us up  to wake us up, yet for every ending,  there will always be a new beginning.

At the moment, that is all happening in the background. In the foreground is this glorious Moon!

                          Full Moon rise over Mt. Royal, Montreal, borrowed from James Smith


A Capricorn Moon is about structure and discipline. It can help us get back a sense of control after the strange topsy-turvy energy of the Mercury retrograde that is just ending. As the Moon cycle reaches it peak,  we’ve been through two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Eclipses are portals into a new reality… and I mentioned in my last post that these eclipses have to do with facts, ideas, how we think, what we believe. They focused on letting go of old belief systems; by turning things upside down  we get to see the world with new eyes.

Whatever in your world is changing and morphing, let this Full Moon illuminate and bring to fruition the lessons that have arisen since the lunar eclipse of May 26th (Sagittarius) and the Solar Eclipse of June 10th (Gemini) Those lessons will now be forming into a peak moment of awareness and integration.

Capricorn ask us to make concrete what is in our hearts and minds. Time to walk your talk! With the focus on how we talk, think, and  believe (North Node in Gemini) , we are being pushed to release old mental constructs that keep us tied to the past. There is a push pul right now between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus) and that tension is moving through us all in different ways.  Finding a new way forward means letting go of our preconceptions so we can continue (or start)  to see clearly even while things may be revealed that challenge our world view. So many factors(Mercury retrograde and Neptune’s shenanigans )  have made it hard to distinguish fact from fiction. I think we are  getting pretty burned out on endless arguments around what is really going on. From this time forward,  there may be new  information coming to light that has  been previously hidden, and which will change the way we see things. This can be disconcerting and disorienting. As the old ways begin to die the tendency is to cling to what is familiar. Time to…

The Capricorn Moon can be a bit stodgy and conservative, preferring the good ol’ fashioned way of doing things, like a  John Wayne movie where men are men!  Yet at its best, Capricorn is a solid base that can help ground us and help us integrate all the emotion that has been swirling around in the build up to this Full Moon, whose true purpose is to help us step into our personal authority.

As the world story continues to evolve and change, we each get to own our own part in our own story. Turns out it is actually each of us that chooses how that will unfold.  And while Capricorns do tend to keep their emotional cards close to their chest, the Full Moon will bring up strong inner tides as it shines a light on our own deep emotions. 
You are the  Master of your own ship; what you do with it  is your own unfolding story!
Steady as she goes!
“One ship drives east and another drive’s west,
with the self same winds that blow,
It’s the set of the sails and not the gails that tell us the way to go.
Like the winds of the sea and the ways of fate,
as we voyage alone through life,
It’s the set of a soul that decides its goal
and not the calm or strife”


New Moon Solar Eclipse: Something New on the Horizon

I’ll just apologize straight out for the weird formatting of this post! Mercury retrograde is in full force -i’ve already written it three times . Looks like this publishing app is useless and I’ll have to try something new next time . In the meantime…
We have just moved through a couple of very tense weeks as Mars (warrior) picked a fight (or two) with Pluto (power and control) sitting opposite.
This sort of ridiculous back-and-forthing – projecting and counter/projecting etc etc – is just so boring! And yet we get sucked in every time (or at least I do)!  By now many are seeking a way beyond the polarities,  and this eclipse energy may provide a new window or a doorway to see the world through.
This Gemini eclipse says is time to awaken to a more conscious awareness of our purpose and direction in life (North Node) so that we can become the captains of our own ship! 
‘Two old ladies were driving along-  one said to the other, “Mable, you’ve just driven through three red lights! Mavle looked over in surprise and said  “Oh ! I thought you were driving!” ‘ 
Sometimes you just got a laugh at it all! So many narratives abound, so many agendas at play. There’s a mainstream narrative, there are each countries narratives,  there’s are leaders narratives and there are also each persons narrative. And everything in between. 
And each of these narratives are constructed of a selection of viewpoints and beliefs . It’s  not always easy to get to the truth, because the very people we rely on for facts and information have been co-opted by various political agendas. So what to believe? What to pay attention to? I think we have to get comfortable with saying I don’t really know !
Speaking of what we know or don’t know ~  last year a bunch of government information was declassified around UFOs – and nobody even seemed to even notice because we were so distracted by Covid . I saw a short clip on the news but that was just about it . There’s a great documentary on Netflix called The Phenomenon about these disclosures and it’s all quite fascinating. 
These documented stories can challenge our way of thinking and openness up to many possibilities . That Is just one example of new informatio coming to light that can change our way of thinking . Meanwhile,we’re  still being bombarded daily with many falsehoods, manipulations, distortions and it’s hard to sort through them all in the midst of so much pain and fear and chaos. We all know that politicians lie, yet  what really amazes me is that so many people believe them! 
This is the time for truth telling and yet nobody really knows what the truth actually is. Of course you think you do and you will argue your point endlessly but I would challenge that and suggest that there is a lot we don’t know; still more unveiling to come. 
Meanwhile, the world has gone mad and the inmates have taken over the asylum! Oh wait – it’s always been that way . Maybe we’re just finally starting to recognize it. 
But seriously – we’ve got to start working together. Petty disputes and petty tyrants have no place in the new order. Gemini speaks to the diversity of human experience ~  time to transcend political parties, gender politics, ideological stances, ethnicities, assets, angendas and attitudes – to find some common ground. 
Everybody bleeds . Everybody hurts . Everybody laughs. Everybody cries. 
As we continue to make our way through this maze, Gemini wants us to celebrate our differences and get beyond all this bickering.
At  every eclipse we face a turning point where something is left behind to make way for something new to come in . Whatever belief or idea of how things should be has brought us to where we are- needs to be blessed and then released – to make way for the new energy.
A simple ritual of writing down what you were releasing and burning it in a candle or fire can help to make it so . 
Although we can certainly feel that change is in the air, there’s a certain vagueness and uncertainty of outcomes requires  an act of faith as we step into the unknown .
If you put your chart into you see what house/area the eclipse occurs in to get a better idea of where a release may occur. It may be a concept, a person, a place, a job, a habit (haha that came out as hobbit!) If you’ve got any hobbits hiding in your cupboards – it’s time to set them free!  

We all want to live with the hobbits in the shire  in the woods (well at least I do !) We’ve all read the story or watched the movie.  When Frodo got called to his great adventure he really didn’t want to go . But fate was calling him, and they would be many challenges and obstacles ahead before he could make his way back home. 
As we transition from the old era to the new (a process that could take many years)  we find ourselves in the in/between. A fog Sedna to have descended and whatever lies in front of us is still unknown.
At this time the setting of clear intentions is extremely important yet how can we do that when we don’t even know where we are heading? Mercury retrograde suggest we take some time to reflect and review before we make new plans.  Neptune continues  to bring uncertainty -feels at times like we’re operating in the dark.
As the earth’s shadow temporarily blocks the sun’s  light, it invites us to step outside our logic to access our intuition.  Probably 90% of our beliefs lie I n our unconscious mind, so the real first step is to become more self-aware. Become a witness to your own self programming .
The zeitgeist of the Gemini/ Sagittarius nodal elaxis is ultimately about examining how we find meaning in life (or the meaning OF life! )
By reviewing, redefining  and releasing old core beliefs and old stories (south node in Sagittarius) we can start to see more clearly whi  we are and what we’re doing here. It’s rather shocking to discover that the very ideas that we have basec our sense of self ~ and of belonging ~ may not even be  ours own.
“Are we free? Are we conscious? Are we making decisions based on Full awareness, or are we driven by unconscious dynamics that we’ve inherited, or that we developed as a response to childhood trauma? Insofar as we are not conscious we are not free.”  Gabor Mate 


Facing our illusions can be painful ~ it takes courage to see things as they actually are and not just how we want to see them.


This series of eclipses can reveal the truth around the old stories we have been told ~ and raise our awareness to evolve  beyond hidden  narratives.
We are beginning a new chapter and it turns out that each of us is actually the author.  It’s time to write your own story!
You know you want to!

Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius

Eclipse season is upon us. When the Earth Moon and Sun align it creates an energetic portal of change and opportunity. These points are called the Nodes of the Moon – also known as the Collective Destiny points – that show where we’ve been (South Node ) and where we’re going (North Node)
 When those alignments are close to exact we get an eclipse~  either the Sun or the Moon gets blocked and a portal opens and provides a gateway to new levels of understanding and perception.
The nodal axis of Gemini and Sagittarius are all about how we know and process information, ideas, opinions, beliefs, religions, philosophies, statistics, science vs. conspiracy, linear logic vs. faith, and intuition etc.
The coming Eclipses will highlight and amplify what has become an increasingly defining component in our lives over the past couple of years. Fake news/fact. Information vs misinformation. Censorship vs discernment. Knowledge vs Belief!
What do you know ~ and how do you know it?
This eclipse is on the south node of the moon which is a release point (past). The Moon represents our emotional roots and patterns. Sagitarius is our beliefs. Is there some belief you have that’s based on your emotional history ~ that is ready to be moved past? Released? 
Jupiter’s presence adds an expansive tone ~ we can grow and expand by moving beyond what we think we know and open up to new information.
You know you want to! 

After the eclipse

The Mercury storm is upon us.

When Mercury slows down (visually from earth) in preparation to go backward (Saturday), it hovers in one spot for several days. The Mercury Storm is like Mercury retrograde on steroids. The wind is up and strange things occur. I got a blast of it today working on new app so I could send blog posts from my phone. When I saved it – somehow it got posted,  instead of being saved as a draft. Later when I went in to edit and add to it – the writing I did was nowhere to be found. Then later this evening I discovered it in my email – including all kinds of blips and typos etc. Ha ha jokes on me. I hope you were able to get something out of it!

At least I was on time for a change!

Mercury retrogrades turn things on their head, getting us to see things from a different perspective as we reflect and review  the areas (sign/house) in which the retrograde is moving.  In this case,  it occurs in the sign of Gemini, which is also Mercury’s home sign. Both the coming Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and today’s lunar eclipse want us to reexamine our thinking and communication patterns, and especially  the belief systems they are based on. This may destabilize the assumptions we live our life by, yet that is exactly what it is meant to do.  Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings. We may find ourself  looking back on the path we have been traveling, and reassessing the direction we want to move in. If this eclipse is crossing key places or planets in your chart, a new beginning may be in store for you.  One door closes another one opens.  This potential for a majour change of plans or change in direction  also has a global significance because the nodes are the collective destiny points.

Seems something that we have outgrown  has served its purpose  and  its time for it to go. It may be an idea a belief, or a way of doing things…or new information suddenly makes you see things differently.  Look at the house the eclipse occurs in to see where change may occur. Sagittarius links to our life purpose, as do the nodes of the Moon, so this eclipse promises a very significant shift for  individuals as well as for society at large.



The Full Blood Moon eclipse will peak  at 5:45 Mountain time, 7:45 EDT and 12:45 UTC time ~ it will be over by the time you read this. Oh well.  We can feel it on some subtle level as it ripples out for months to come. The key lesson of this Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is:1. Let go of expectations. 2. Don’t assume you know everything about anything. There is always more to learn. 3. Be open for a new direction. You just never know. And remember that the lunar south node is a release point.. and in Sagittarius  is about letting go of some belief that used to be true for you but no longer is.The times they are a changin’.

(It was Bob Dylan’s Birthday a few days ago. Happy Birthday Bob!)

The Moon represents our emotional patterns, and our past. Also our mother. This may be about  a change in how you relate to her. Memories may come up, or  intense dreams. Old resentments can fade away as we start to see things from a broader perspective. Old wounds that come up can be easily healed and released now. People we are emotionally attached to may leave our life. Or we just stop thinking of them.  In my case, it was the opposite; a very dear friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in years,  just reappeared in my life out of the blue – moved to the city I am in.  What a surprise! His Sun  in Gemini is on my own South Node (my past)  – which is now aligned with the current Nodal axis (NN – the future).  The past coming to meet the future!! You cant make this stuff up!!

So watch out for synchronicities, and for shifts in perspective. The way you thought things would be, or should be,  may not be the way things are. Plans may change. Feelings may change. Truths may be revealed.  Sometimes these reality checks are difficult, especially if we are still clinging to the old plan. Jupiter’s strong presence adds a positive, optimistic vibe. Things are expanding.  Trust that whatever is changing is changing for the good. Even though you may be shaken out of your comfort zone, that light on the horizon is not an oncoming train, it’s a beacon to show you the way forward.   All will be well.

Have faith.

You know you want to! 🙂


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