To thine own self be true. New Moon in Capricron:

 I don’t have to tell you these are powerful times. Today’s New Moon brings us even deeper into the process of personal and collective transformation.  The joining of brother Sun and sister Moon is known as the ‘Conjunctio’ or ‘Sacred Marriage’. This sacred meeting of yin and yang, inner and outer is an alchemical event – a seed moment that occurs as the Sun and Moon merge together.  The seeds we plant at this time are filled with New Possibilities;  new energies become available and new intentions get set in motion. Wherever we focus our intention ~ becomes our reality, especially in the most concrete of signs, Capricorn. This is about manifestation at its most powerful.
To thine own self be true, and thou canst be false to any man(or woman).



We are in deep need of healing and transformation as the world undergoes an extended period of profound disorientation and crisis. The metaphor of a sacred marriage is about the transformation that comes about through the sacred union of opposites. The metal associated with the Sun is Gold ~ which represents the Purity, Flexibility, and Connectivity of the sovereign Self as it incarnates here on earth. This outward yang principle is balanced by the yin, receptive aspects of the Moon, which is linked to Silver ~ the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, of self loving and emotional nurturing. Silver brings patience and perseverance to the wearer while gold brings inner radiance. Gold and Silver entwined signify the sacred alchemy of a New Moon, and in Capricorn, symbolizes deep commitment.


So what are we committing to? This New Moon is aligned with Pluto,  master of death and transformation, power and control, and it occurs at almost the same exact spot where last years Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurred. Remember that message about a karmic reckoning? Here we are again!
This New Moon sets the energy for the coming month, interesting to start the year by revisiting and reactivating that powerful and very difficult energy field. Perhaps this year can be different in some way.   We are undergoing a profound shift as we enter the new era – so much of what has gone before must now give way to what is to come.  Given all that, it’s not surprising that things are very intense right now. And it could get worse for a bit before it gets better (sorry to say), but in general things should even out as the year unfolds (with the odd bump). Although these current energies will linger and repeat  throughout 2021 – January may end up being the most challenging month of the whole year.


 The meeting of Saturn and Jupiter heralded a new ruler (Jupiter) and the death of the old ruler  (Saturn). Jupiter in Aquarius offers an expansive experience of the collective consciousness as it shifts to a more inclusive and egalitarian way of life. To get there,  the old (patriarchy, power structures, materialism) must give way, and something tells me it is not going to ‘go quietly into that good night!’
As the week unfolds, warrior planet Mars is heading toward a meetup with Uranus – the Awakener – and all bets are off as to how that will manifest.  Saturn (rules, restrictions, authority) will square off with both Mars (anger, aggression) and Uranus (freedom and rebellion) over the next week. Tensions will reach boiling point. Things could get crazy (ier).


This is all a part of the deconstruction/reconstruction that occurs at the start of any new cycle. All is chaotic, unformed, dark. Confusion reigns. Yet there is always hope. New Moons bring in a new wave of energy, and there is a potential now for profound breakthroughs.  Some sort of crisis (Pluto)  will bring things to a head and catapult us to the next phase of this death/rebirth.  We are in a process of initiation… there are tests and trails to be undergone.  It will take courage. We have to step up tho the plate and see what our part is. Perhaps you are a social justice warrior. Or a healer. Maybe your job is to take care of the children. Or to bring  beauty and creativity into the world. We will always need beauty. Some are here to hold the light or to hold space for others. Some are here to witness those who are passing.

Whatever it is- do it with heart. And trust that something wonderful will emerge out of this time of difficulty; this is a wake up call – there is a LOT that has to change on this planet.  Pluto is stripping us down to make way for new growth. After a fire, new buds emerge.


On a more personal level,  if you find yourself more OCD than usual, or getting into control dramas as you confront parts of yourself reflected in others, this is a time for deepening and for examining those hidden parts. Pluto brings up our shadow aspects- those aspects we don’t want to look at that are much easier to project onto others than to own in ourself. There is so much projection going on – everyone is highly triggered and polarized.    Try to remember that every human being is merely a reflection of you. Yup – even the ones you hate. Especially the ones you hate.
“All human beings have the same needs ~ what differs is the strategies we used to meet those needs.”
Marshal Rosenberg ‘Nonviolent Communication’



There is a lot of blame going around right now and the finger is always pointing at someone else. Taking responsibility is part of what this Karmic Reckoning is about. Do the work. Face your stuff. Take responsibility for what you are creating in your world. Stop pointing fingers.
Our task ~  should we choose to accept it ~ it to invite a new vision, and help find new solutions, rather than contribute to the problems. Stop hating, start loving. Underneath ever conflict is a need… even those who you consider to be in the wrong have a need to be heard. We all have a need for autonomy and agency; a need to be acknowledged. A need for love. And as I see it, the only way we can change the dynamic, is to start with self love. Find the peace that lies inside of ourself first, then pass it on.  Be a warrior for peace.
You know you want to!
 Focus on your intention. Let it be so.


New Moon ~ New Moment
New Choice!




Welcome to the Grand Conjunction/Winter Solstice


Welcome to the Grand Conjunction/Winter Solstice of 2020… a  powerful ending to an absolutely unbelievable year!  Although things are still chaotic and challenging ~ for now ~ we can pause and celebrate.  The light is returning – days will start to lengthen, bringing the reminder that shifts and endings can also lead to new beginnings.


On the evening of Dec. 21, the planets Jupiter and Saturn (sitting at 0 degrees Aquarius) will appear closer together than in almost 800 years, only a tenth of a degree apart.  What appears to be a great star will appear  in the night sky – they won’t be this close again until March 2080. Some say this was the great star that shone in Bethlehem when a great master was born. What we do know is the last Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius happened in 1405. That was the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the printing press was invented, and the middle ages gave way to the Renaissance. Change was afoot! Society was progressing to a new stage and level of consciousness.

And here we are again ~  on the cusp of a new era.


The transition from  old to new is never without difficulty. We are in the midst of far reaching changes – and one thing is for sure- nothing and no one will ever be the same. I am pretty sure I wrote about this at the beginning of the year, having no real  idea of what was coming! A karmic reckoning indeed! We humans generally do not change  unless forced to, so something was going to come and shake us up – because we do in fact, seem to need a little shaking.
The Grand Conjunction in Aquarius heralds the start of something new. Jupiter is the planet of joy and expansion, while Saturn is the planet of contraction, restriction and structure. With Jupiter conjunct Saturn, the energy is one of delicate balance. We have the potential to build something concrete from our goals and ideals.  This is the  beginning of a new social era.


We are are also still in the ripple effect of recent eclipses –   on Dec 14th,  the Sun (conscious) was eclipsed by the Moon (unconscious) at the Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Sagittarius, indicating that we will need to feel (Moon) our way through the coming changes. Spiritual guidance is on offer ~ we only have to ask.

Neptune at right angles (square) to the eclipses (nodes of moon) remains the wild card; amplified now by the Moon hanging out with Neptune, this influence means we never know what we are going to get ~ everything is being filtered through a misty veil.  This  deeply spiritual energy  can blur our sense of reality – bringing creativity and inspiration and also causing great chaos and confusion. Neptune dissolves what needs dissolving – it puts us in touch with  the non-linear world of the in-between.  What remains  clear is that what was once solid is  shifting and morphing at an increasing rate,  and it can be tricky to know exactly what is true and what is false. Hence ~  the need to feel our way,  by  taking time to tune into that still inner voice. The spiritual task of Neptune is to move us beyond our ego drives, and sometimes that takes a little  unraveling!

The status quo will continue to get turned upside down by Pluto in Capricorn over the next four years, with another Mars Pluto square again increasing aggression and volatility. May the light and peace of Christmas be upon us all….

The powerful energy of Mars Pluto can  help propel us forward if properly harnessed and directed in a conscious way. Don’t waste your time in arguments and trying to prove you are right… there is work to be done! The Sun has moved into the serious, driven world of Capricorn just as the ruler of Capricorn (Saturn) begins its new journey through Aquarius.  This indicates a change of plans, a shift in authourity, a new way of doing things. Groups and ideals are in the forefront.

Eclipses indicate majour shifts and endings – in this case it is around our conditioned and collective beliefs ~ wherever it landed in your natal chart will show where some sort of change of thinking is required. This is an opportunity to jettison outworn belief systems and find new ways of viewing the world.


“I am a collection of Beliefs, most of which I take for granted or do not question. Change the beliefs passed on to me and I begin to transform my world into infinite possibilities.”

-Tru Guy Starhorse



So here we are at the Winter Solstice  ~  a key turning point in the year ~ with a rare and majour conjunction as well. Did you know that the Sun appears to stand still for four days at the Solstices? Then on Dec 25th , it will start shifting forward and the days will get longer. Hurray!  Cultures all over the world celebrate the return of the light.



Interesting that we celebrate Christmas on the 25th!  Christ/Christos – means  Light;  Yeshua was a mystic and a magician: a Light-bearer.  Mass means celebration. As we  celebrate the return of the light ~  after a year that has felt very dark ~ the significance is even more poignant.

And as Saturn and Jupiter meet up in Aquarius, we are not only turning a page , we are entering a new chapter, or even a new story! This has been called the darkest age, the Kali Yuga, when humans get so caught up in materialism that we forget our true nature. There are various interpretations; according to Rudolf Steiner the Kali-Yuga ended around 1900.  I’ve heard all sorts of dates thrown around but according to Steiner the Age of Aquarius is a transitional period that covers approx 200 years.  He says we started entering into  it around 1900 and the entry phase should be complete by around 2100




Saturn Jupiter conjoining at the zero degree of Aquarius  is being heralded as a key marker of the new age. They meet at a critical degree,  at a critical time. If we don’t get it right, we may not survive as a species. This shift from old (Saturn) to New (Jupiter) will be focused on the Aquarian themes  of collective responsibility, personal freedom, ingenuity, and diversity.  We are being called to use our personal freedom, autonomy, individualism to  work together as a community to fix whats broken and create a better world.  There may be battles ahead. Saturn may try to clamp down and put in more rules and controls.  Uranus will have none of it. We must focus on our common unity (community). As we open up to a greater vision of how we can contribute to the future of humanity,  each in our unique way,  we will naturally join with others in a global effort. Think globally, act locally. This is it folks. We came here for this. It really is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!
The road will be bumpy at first (of course) with Saturn’s first challenge the square to Uranus in February. (More on that later).  You didn’t think this was going to be easy did you? I have heard all sorts of dire warnings- contrasted by glowing predictions of a coming golden age. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!  The revolution that started in the 60’s, then went underground, has now come full circle. And even though the old order is fighting to maintain position and control, it cannot win. We must not let it. But to be clear, we will continue to remain in its grasp as long as we do not know who we are.  Any true change must begin with a revolution from within. 
“As within -so without”   
And from there ~ Peace on Earth and good will toward men. And women. And all those in between. 
Happy Solstice! Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Christmas!




Eclipse Portal

We are now in the eclipse portal – the space between eclipses. As the Virgo Moon crosses over the mid-point between the Full Moon lunar eclipse on November 30th, and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th, things can feel surreal unfettered, un-grounded.

The Moon opposite Neptune in dreamy Pisces creates  a Grand Cross pattern ; Moon and Neptune square the North and South Nodes of the Moon – the eclipse points, which are about our collective destiny unfolding. Neptune is mystical, non/linear, deeply spiritual and not-pin-down-able. It’s effects can be  illusory, delusional, and escapist at worst, and deeply creative and inspirational at best. One part of us may want to escape the difficulties and numb out the pain, the other to create or meditate and connect to all that is.  I seem to vacillate between the two, though I know which one makes me feel better. We all get to choose.
In this  liminal space, this in-between,  we can take a momentary pause in momentum to open the window and check out the view. See where you are.  Be here now.  A time to become still, let go of trying to figure everything out (just for a moment) and hold space for what’s coming – even if we do not know exactly what that is. This moment of surrender is how we prepare for the next phase.



It’s been a hell of a year ~ and there are more changes to come. Deep breath in….


We are entering a new cycle marked by a Saturn Jupiter conjunction on the Winter Solstice ~ called the Great Conjunction. This joining together of the two largest planets has not occurred in the sign of Aquarius since the 14oo’s – when Columbus sailed to the ‘new’ world. Nothing has been the same ever since (especially for the native peoples that already lived there!). This is a key moment in the evolution of our species. Things are shaking down.  Change is afoot!

And warrior planet Mars, speeding up after many months retrograde, is antsy and feisty and heading toward another confrontation with the big meanies hanging out in Capricorn (rules, systems, governments). Third time round,  lets hope we’ve learned to temper our impatience with a bit of wisdom. Thankfully, this will be short encounter before he moves on into Taurus… just be aware that there may be some volatility in the air.

At this time of shifts, upheavals and endings,  in this constant process of letting go of expectations – and hopefully also old patterns, old beliefs, old habits-  we make way for a timely rebirth. As the birth pains intensify,  many are panicking. This is not easy. Yet human kind has gone through many such shifts and crisis… they are all cyclical. Up and down we go on the ferris wheel of life. We made it this far.  We can do this. Hang on for the ride. And don’t forget to breathe out.


Happy Halloween Samhain Full Blue Moon


Today is  the Second Full Moon in October ~ 
an electric Blue Taurus Full Moon! 




As the days darken and the nights become cold – those of us  in the northern hemisphere are getting ready for the long winter ahead. This is the time of year when the veils between worlds are said to be  thinner … making it a sacred time for honouring the dead and remembering our ancestors. 


 Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”) ~ is the Celtic New Year – known as Halloween in contemporary culture. Halloween ~ Samhain ~ Day of the Dead – celebrate those who have passed with candles and pumpkins and dressing up as ghouls and goblins;  scary spirits are kept away and familiar souls are welcomed with flowers and food as we celebrate and honour all who have gone before us. Those who have died are the reminders that our time on earth is limited;  we thank them for their service and ask for their protection. 



Samhain is one of the Cross Quarter days; there are two “crosses” in the solar calendar: The Spring  Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstic are quarter days (a quarter of the year) .  Halfway  between them are the cross-quarter days known as Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain. 


“ Samhain was understood as a liminal time, when spirits and ancestors from the Otherworld could more easily enter this one. The ancients would hold great gatherings to mark the end of harvest season, and the entrance into the darker, leaner half of the year. The souls of the dead were said to seek hospitality in their old homes, so the living would set places at the feasting table for them with offerings of their dead kin’s favourite meals and drinks. Sacred bonfires would then be lit for releasing and cleansing rituals. “ Toko Pa


As we enter the darkest time of the year,  survival fears are heightened. Moon in Taurus is about our need for safety and security, while Sun opposite in Scorpio increases our spidey-sense to help us see in the dark. 


This is a time of acceleration and quickening. Uranus sitting close to the Moon helps us to tune into our intuition and be guided by it. This highly volatile Full Moon occurs at a critical time in the human story; the whole world is in the throes of a death/ rebirth process, at the dawn of a new era,  and  things are far more difficult than usual. We must face our fears as we navigate the shadows -Uranus can help us to see more clearly  what our next move needs to be.  It may come in aha moments as possibilities emerge from the shadows and new insights shine a light forward. Secrets may be revealed, mysteries may be solved.


Expect the unexpected!


There are  several other significant planetary influences right now  – Mercury and Mars retrograde, Neptune squared to Collective destiny Points (nodes of moon) , Mercury squared to Saturn. I  will go into these in the next post – needless to say everything is very pressurized and things are not not what they seem; there are many agendas afoot and narratives operating at cross purposes  that are far from clear or above board. Over the next few weeks much is going to come to the surface as many planets shift direction or sign and we head toward a powerful Winter Solstice alignment of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Some say this is the true beginning of the Aquarian age. But I am getting ahead of myself – need to take things one step at a time. Thank you Saturn for that reminder. Back to the Full Moon!


A Full Moon is a highly polarized event, which at this point  is only going to increase  the polarity that  is already occurring. The  key thing right now is to listen to your intuition and find ways to stay grounded if lightning strikes.


This can be a time of revelation – and of reactivity.  Uranus rules  intuition and higher mind. It brings  lightning quick burst that can leave us gasping; shocks and shake ups are likely in the Taurus realms  of love, money and even the earth itself. Earthquakes are more likely, or monetary extremes could occur. Taurus is ruled by Venus planet of love, which is in Libra, the other sign it rules. Relationships may contain surprises or undergo sudden shifts. It really all depends on what part of your chart all this is occurring in.  Some will be affected, others will stand and watch it all occur. Some wont even notice.


We can gain profound insight into the working of all of the above as eye opening events or insights accelerate our learning and propel us forward. Sensitivity, already heightened at a Full moon – will be off the map for some.

Taurus is an earth sign. Ground – ground – ground your energy. Try to find middle ground and avoid extremes . And if  you hear the spirits howling at this Halloween Full Moon ~ howl along with them. 


You know you want to!!


Lions Gate Portal 8.8.2020

Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orions Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see)comes closer to the Earth.



“This alignment is called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs when the sun is in the sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.


Since ancient times, it has been taught that Sirius is the “Spiritual Sun” because of its alignment at particular times with the spiritual and physical plains. Its energetics, like most other cosmic events, comes directly from the “Great Central Sun” which is also called “Alcyone”—itself a major portal of LIGHT which sends energy to the Sun of our galaxy and then on to Earth/Gaia.


When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of lightwhich awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. The Lions Gateway energy is all about more fully awakening your Divine Light and embodying Divinity within a physical form.”


Leo energy is associated with royalty, and is about our personal sovereignty. Leo’s rules the Heart – and as it happens, Venus, symbol of Love and Beauty, is currently passing over the Collective Destiny Point (North Node of the Moon)


And the Moon is in Aries right now ~ very close to Chiron ~ the Wounded Healer. 




Put it all together: Our destiny is to heal the Wounds to Self that keep us separate from who we truly are. We are all part of the universal life force that is pure love. ‘As within so without.’  We are the one we have been waiting for! ❤️


Take some time today to celebrate your sovereign self ~ your true destiny  ~ which is LOVE! ❤️



You know you want to 😊

Post The Eclipse

How are you all holding up out there?

We are now post-eclipse(s). We’ve made it through the  ‘eclipse portal’ and out the other side. This has been like moving through a birth canal and we are now in new territory.  Openyour eyes. Look around. We are not in Kansas any longer Toto! It may take some time to figure  out where exactly we have landed and what has shifted. Look to see what area of your chart is effected (see top of blog under ‘Houses’) Has something new birthed in you? Are you feeling a change in the atmosphere?

Eclipses can be intense-  they often mark powerful turning points, and this year’s group of eclipses herald a particularity potent and powerful wake up call,  as the metaphorical ground beneath our feet continues to shudder and shake.  Some are calling this the single most important year of our lifetime; it promises not only a majour paradigm shift – but also a systems shift,  a physical shift, an emotional shift – and- best of all – a spiritual shift. Pay attention to that inner voice that is getting stronger and stronger…

The choices we make now  have an increased impact; we are powerful beings. We may not know it = but by the end of this year we will look back to see from where we came and be surprised to see how much we really have changed inside and out.   The  Solstice eclipse was on the world axis ( 0 degrees Cancer) where the personal becomes political, meaning how we act and think and feel adds to the atmosphere, creating a  ripple effect out onto the whole planet. We are all linked together.  We are the world. We are the people. We are us. No one can tell you how you should be acting or feeling (though they will try) – we all have our part to play. Maybe you’re the props person, maybe you’re in costumes, you could be centre stage, or perhaps you do makeup. Everyone who is here is part of the  production. Maybe your just a witness. Every play needs an audience.
Whatever your story- the  Full Moon eclipse late Saturday night in NA and early Sunday in UK marked a new chapter, another critical turning point in the ongoing  drama (karmic reckoning) we are in. Key players at this time are Saturn Jupiter Pluto – in the sign of Capricorn). Some are calling these the Covid planets! They are a big part of the show right now.
We hope you will enjoy the show!!
The stage is set in Capricorn – where we ‘do’ life on planet earth. The planets being lit up right now are the same ones already bringing  huge shifts around our structures, systems, institutions and governments.  That’s why this eclipse is so significant. And as it happens, Saturn also rules Capricorn – so it is especially strong. Saturn is our karma; i.e. our lessons, limits, challenges, results of past actions-  – all the stuff we need to ‘get’ in this life if we want to evolve which includes growing up and learning to take responsibility. It recently moved into – then back out of Aquarius – which is about our groups, ideals, and collective lessons. So many marches and protests have  amped up globally around the need to reform and rebuild our social systems (more Aquarius)
All while Pluto is trying to dismantle them lol. I know it’s not really that funny. Then again, a sense of humour might just be what is needed to get us through all this stuff. Saturn itself tends to be a bit dour and humourless, but luckily, sitting right beside him is Jupiter, the jovial planet.  Jupiter wants us to expand and play and have fun,  and to learn in a joyful way. That’s a little tricky as the shit hits the fan – but we really do need to take breaks from the heaviness, to walk in nature, play with our kids, have a laugh. We’re no good to anyone when we’re down in the dumps. Which is not to diminish the seriousness of what’s going on; thiings are bloody intense as we simultaneously  and collectively experience the death  of the old (self, age, planet – take your pick) alongside the birth pangs of a new future. It’s going to take some doing to get through and out the other end –  but there’s no going back; the change has begun.
This Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn can bring up past actions that are coming back to show us where we’ve taken wrong turns, and where we need to make corrections and face the results of our choices. Saturn and Pluto together can instill fear and dread – they bring up issues around death and mortality. We are all very vulnerable,  as well as highly reactive. Mars warrior planet is stirring things up big time; it is feisty, impatient and ready to go to war. and the volatility will continue  and even increase throughout the coming months.
Meditation is an important tool to help us stay centred and grounded. If we take time to stop and tune in- there is a window open to the soul and the light is pouring in. This is where we will find our stability.  Stuff on the outside is going to continue to be crazy for a while.
There are also powerful spiritual forces at work (thank goodness) that can lift us up, even as we are being broken down.  I am finding my daily meditation practice is critical to stay out of all the control dramas-  sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.  I’ve got caught in a few online conflicts that served to remind me of the danger of my own ego.   Really appreciating  long walks in nature to replenish and reconnect to the earth. And I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that too much time online can really fry my brain!
Self-care is critical right now. With the Sun in Cancer and an eclipsed Moon – our emotions are on edge and we need to find ways to nurture ourselves and each other. The more pressure we are under the more it brings out the shadow, the unresolved and un-integrated parts of our own psyche.  Authority issues abound! Projection is rife. Remember that the  very things you react the most  in others is usually what you really need to have a look at  in yourself.  We all need to give each other a lot of elbow room right now, put aside our keyboard-warrior shield of invisibility, and try to understand other points of view.
Or – stay out of it. Be quiet. Be the witness. So much to learn eh?
The  potential right now is for a majour leap in human evolution. Uranus (the awakener)  brings unexpected aha moments, intuitive  insights and link us via this eclipse to the higher mind.  Sudden endings and radical changes that occur may force us to take new paths or find new ways of imagining our way forward.
 Some part of us always wants to  go back to the comfort of the familiar. Cancerians tend to dwell on the past –  and at this time there are many planets retrograde – putting us into a process of reflect and review. Its kind of like  two steps back – three steps forward –  four steps sideways and back again! The visit to the past is for healing and integration- we don’t get to stay there , cause, we can’t.
What’s  also interesting is that this eclipse is occurring on the birthday of the US chart – which is currently having its Pluto return.  That means Pluto sits opposite the Sun in the original US chart – symbolizing the revolution and power struggles that lay at the very foundation of that once powerful country. When a planet comes back to its original spot – we have to revisit that energy, and integrate it in someway – so that we can move forward in a different manner. I find it ironic that the US was formed via a revolution to break away from an oppressive power (Britain) and now have become what they were trying to get away from; the so-called most powerful country in the world is coming full circle and has to face it’s own power issues.  I am not a political pundit – but anyone can see the USA  is going through tremendous change and upheaval right now, and it will be very interesting to see if this eclipse will trigger some sort of dramatic event. Eclipses ripple out for months,  so we will have to wait and see.
Meanwhile, for us as individuals, the keywords for Capricorn are integrity, maturity and responsibility.   Part of growing up means facing and healing  traumas and lessons we have avoided till now. Its time to wipe the slate clean. There’s a strength to Capricorn’s which can help us through tough times, though it can easily become rigid, harsh and armored.  At their best,  Capricorns are the people you want to have to lean on in a storm. They are deeply committed and true blue – they always come through for you.
Venus,  planet of love ,  is also an ally in the fight for equilibrium. Now it is finally  moving forward after several weeks going  backward, it reminds us that love is a powerful and redeeming force for good. Some say love is the source of the universe. Makes sense to me. Neptune  is  the higher octave of Venus- and of love-  representing a higher consciousness that helps us tap into our  infinite self  and move beyond our petty egos.   There is a part of us that knows who we are- and understands that we are all connected.
Neptune also brings compassion – which often arises out of the very suffering we try to avoid. Add Jupiter – our expanded self – and perhaps we can start to see the bigger picture.
The Sun in emotional Cancer wants us to feel deeply, and helps us to care for each other by countering Mars antagonisms and  knee-jerk emotions.  What is being eclipsed now is the false sense of separation that has dominated the planet and each of us for too long. We are not really separate. We are one.
At the end of the year all of these powerful karmic planets will be shifting into Aquarius for good. This really is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. We are in the growing pains and its tough; there’s no denying it.  But we will get there.
In the end (or the beginning)
Enjoy the ride!



Summer solstice~ New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse
Warning: posts on this page can get a bit long, as I am covering everything that is occurring over a couple of weeks. If you prefer shorter daily updates, go to Aurum Astrology’s Facebook page (link lower down on right column) At the top right of webpage is a link to sign up to get new posts by email.  If you’re getting this in your mail, you’ve already singed up. Welcome
Welcome to the Summer Solstice ~ New Moon ~ Solar eclipse!
A New Moon is a time to press the reset button,  as the  Sun and Moon join together to set the new frequency for the coming month.  When the Moon sits in front of the Sun-  it eclipses the Suns power and opens a high speed portal that accelerates our movement from where we  have been toward where we are going. The effects of this intensified energy field can last for up to six months.
Today’s solar eclipse (occurring late Saturday/early Sunday) is especially powerful; some astrologers are saying it may be the ‘most significant’ astrological events of our life time. And that’s saying a LOT as there have been some pretty majour  turning points in the last 10-15 years as we move into the new age.  As we navigate through this process of death/rebirth, we are being shaken up and stripped down to make way for something totally unprecedented – a new way of being- a new earth.   So much has already occurred since the beginning of 2020 –  it has already been mind boggling year and we are only half way through it! I wonder what is next!?


In the distant past, a Solar Eclipse was linked to the death of the king (i.e. death of the sun) which made way for a younger more vital king to rule. It was considered the duty of the old king to martyr himself for the sake of the kingdom,  representing a necessary shift in energy, authority and ways of doing things. At this time of shift – the new energies are putting pressure on us  to either make way for them or get trampled underfoot.
The solstices and equinoxes occur at the beginning of each of the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are instigators: Aries begins spring(equinox)  Cancer begins summer (solstice) Libra begins autumn (equinox) and Capricorn begins winter (solstice). These angles represent the Cross of Spirit and Matter ~ a reminder that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Any event that aligns with these ‘Angles’ are considered to be energetically very powerful.
At this particular New Moon – the Solar eclipse is very close to the Summer Solstice – at the very beginning of the sign of Cancer –  on what is called The World Axis. This is where  the personal becomes political- where are all connected. When the Moon is on her own North Node (Moon rules Cancer) it also adds to the significance of the eclipse ~  marking this as a momentous time.
Added to that, the energies  between some of the planets right now are very unusual,  adding some strange feels and non-linear, out of the box vibrations to the continuing breakdown/deconstruction of the world as we know it. Big shifts are possible in this exceptional atmosphere – although  it will take letting go of what you think you know. Sitting with uncertainty takes patience  and courage, and the willingness to be uncomfortable for a while.  There is a kind of sitting-in-the-tension required now,  and those that can’t hack it will become agitated and want to shut down or act out in some way. Those of us with some modicum of inner connection will be holding the space for this birth – we are the midwives of both ourselves and others. I don’ t know what will come from this powerful eclipse ~ but whatever it is ~  I  get the feeling that something very different this way comes.
These are momentous times as we face the dismantling of our world systems.  I heard a talk today by astrologer Steven Levine, who spoke about  the meaning of Apocalypse: to ‘take the veil or covering off’ . Levine says this eclipse carries within it a  potentiality of some kind of revelatory experience ~ a Lifting of the Veil. We are definitely living  in apocalyptic times; some are expecting that to be some kind of big reveal around secret shadow governments, behind the scenes intrigues, extra-terrestrial contact, the deep state finally openly exposed etc. Even the so called  ‘facts’ around this pandemic are being deconstructed – information is constantly shifting and morphing; its hard to know what to believe.  There’s lots of info out there – but it takes a lot of energy to sift through it all and journey down those rabbit holes. Some people never come back out again lol.
 As things get shaken up – Neptune’s presence adds a layer of fog to everything –  we need special seeing-eye goggles to find our way through the layers of confusion.  Yet even as our sense of security is being turned upside down, Neptune can also provide a gateway to deeper realms where we can find strength and peace even  in the midst of the madness. For me these days – i rely on my daily practice of meditation and walking in nature to keep me sane (relatively speaking 😉  Although the way may be blocked in one direction – on another level, something is opening up wide with an open invititation to enter in. We get to choose where we put our focus.
Perhaps the biggest secret – the biggest reveal – is that we are actually powerful, infinite beings who have simply forgotten who we are. When the Sun (ego self) gets eclipsed – what will come forward? The Moon is our subconscious – it is our dreams and our intuitions. This is a good day to write down your dreams and listen for the messages whispered into your pillow as you sleep. Its those in between spaces that contain the answers now ~ we are not going to find them in the “normal’ world.  That world is no more.  Maybe our personal revelation (revolution?) will be to uncover what lies behind the disguise we wear every day Maybe its time to take off the mask.

 You know you want to!