New Moon Solar Eclipse: Something New on the Horizon

I’ll just apologize straight out for the weird formatting of this post! Mercury retrograde is in full force -i’ve already written it three times . Looks like this publishing app is useless and I’ll have to try something new next time . In the meantime…
We have just moved through a couple of very tense weeks as Mars (warrior) picked a fight (or two) with Pluto (power and control) sitting opposite.
This sort of ridiculous back-and-forthing – projecting and counter/projecting etc etc – is just so boring! And yet we get sucked in every time (or at least I do)!  By now many are seeking a way beyond the polarities,  and this eclipse energy may provide a new window or a doorway to see the world through.
This Gemini eclipse says is time to awaken to a more conscious awareness of our purpose and direction in life (North Node) so that we can become the captains of our own ship! 
‘Two old ladies were driving along-  one said to the other, “Mable, you’ve just driven through three red lights! Mavle looked over in surprise and said  “Oh ! I thought you were driving!” ‘ 
Sometimes you just got a laugh at it all! So many narratives abound, so many agendas at play. There’s a mainstream narrative, there are each countries narratives,  there’s are leaders narratives and there are also each persons narrative. And everything in between. 
And each of these narratives are constructed of a selection of viewpoints and beliefs . It’s  not always easy to get to the truth, because the very people we rely on for facts and information have been co-opted by various political agendas. So what to believe? What to pay attention to? I think we have to get comfortable with saying I don’t really know !
Speaking of what we know or don’t know ~  last year a bunch of government information was declassified around UFOs – and nobody even seemed to even notice because we were so distracted by Covid . I saw a short clip on the news but that was just about it . There’s a great documentary on Netflix called The Phenomenon about these disclosures and it’s all quite fascinating. 
These documented stories can challenge our way of thinking and openness up to many possibilities . That Is just one example of new informatio coming to light that can change our way of thinking . Meanwhile,we’re  still being bombarded daily with many falsehoods, manipulations, distortions and it’s hard to sort through them all in the midst of so much pain and fear and chaos. We all know that politicians lie, yet  what really amazes me is that so many people believe them! 
This is the time for truth telling and yet nobody really knows what the truth actually is. Of course you think you do and you will argue your point endlessly but I would challenge that and suggest that there is a lot we don’t know; still more unveiling to come. 
Meanwhile, the world has gone mad and the inmates have taken over the asylum! Oh wait – it’s always been that way . Maybe we’re just finally starting to recognize it. 
But seriously – we’ve got to start working together. Petty disputes and petty tyrants have no place in the new order. Gemini speaks to the diversity of human experience ~  time to transcend political parties, gender politics, ideological stances, ethnicities, assets, angendas and attitudes – to find some common ground. 
Everybody bleeds . Everybody hurts . Everybody laughs. Everybody cries. 
As we continue to make our way through this maze, Gemini wants us to celebrate our differences and get beyond all this bickering.
At  every eclipse we face a turning point where something is left behind to make way for something new to come in . Whatever belief or idea of how things should be has brought us to where we are- needs to be blessed and then released – to make way for the new energy.
A simple ritual of writing down what you were releasing and burning it in a candle or fire can help to make it so . 
Although we can certainly feel that change is in the air, there’s a certain vagueness and uncertainty of outcomes requires  an act of faith as we step into the unknown .
If you put your chart into you see what house/area the eclipse occurs in to get a better idea of where a release may occur. It may be a concept, a person, a place, a job, a habit (haha that came out as hobbit!) If you’ve got any hobbits hiding in your cupboards – it’s time to set them free!  

We all want to live with the hobbits in the shire  in the woods (well at least I do !) We’ve all read the story or watched the movie.  When Frodo got called to his great adventure he really didn’t want to go . But fate was calling him, and they would be many challenges and obstacles ahead before he could make his way back home. 
As we transition from the old era to the new (a process that could take many years)  we find ourselves in the in/between. A fog Sedna to have descended and whatever lies in front of us is still unknown.
At this time the setting of clear intentions is extremely important yet how can we do that when we don’t even know where we are heading? Mercury retrograde suggest we take some time to reflect and review before we make new plans.  Neptune continues  to bring uncertainty -feels at times like we’re operating in the dark.
As the earth’s shadow temporarily blocks the sun’s  light, it invites us to step outside our logic to access our intuition.  Probably 90% of our beliefs lie I n our unconscious mind, so the real first step is to become more self-aware. Become a witness to your own self programming .
The zeitgeist of the Gemini/ Sagittarius nodal elaxis is ultimately about examining how we find meaning in life (or the meaning OF life! )
By reviewing, redefining  and releasing old core beliefs and old stories (south node in Sagittarius) we can start to see more clearly whi  we are and what we’re doing here. It’s rather shocking to discover that the very ideas that we have basec our sense of self ~ and of belonging ~ may not even be  ours own.
“Are we free? Are we conscious? Are we making decisions based on Full awareness, or are we driven by unconscious dynamics that we’ve inherited, or that we developed as a response to childhood trauma? Insofar as we are not conscious we are not free.”  Gabor Mate 


Facing our illusions can be painful ~ it takes courage to see things as they actually are and not just how we want to see them.


This series of eclipses can reveal the truth around the old stories we have been told ~ and raise our awareness to evolve  beyond hidden  narratives.
We are beginning a new chapter and it turns out that each of us is actually the author.  It’s time to write your own story!
You know you want to!

Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius

Eclipse season is upon us. When the Earth Moon and Sun align it creates an energetic portal of change and opportunity. These points are called the Nodes of the Moon – also known as the Collective Destiny points – that show where we’ve been (South Node ) and where we’re going (North Node)
 When those alignments are close to exact we get an eclipse~  either the Sun or the Moon gets blocked and a portal opens and provides a gateway to new levels of understanding and perception.
The nodal axis of Gemini and Sagittarius are all about how we know and process information, ideas, opinions, beliefs, religions, philosophies, statistics, science vs. conspiracy, linear logic vs. faith, and intuition etc.
The coming Eclipses will highlight and amplify what has become an increasingly defining component in our lives over the past couple of years. Fake news/fact. Information vs misinformation. Censorship vs discernment. Knowledge vs Belief!
What do you know ~ and how do you know it?
This eclipse is on the south node of the moon which is a release point (past). The Moon represents our emotional roots and patterns. Sagitarius is our beliefs. Is there some belief you have that’s based on your emotional history ~ that is ready to be moved past? Released? 
Jupiter’s presence adds an expansive tone ~ we can grow and expand by moving beyond what we think we know and open up to new information.
You know you want to! 

After the eclipse

The Mercury storm is upon us.

When Mercury slows down (visually from earth) in preparation to go backward (Saturday), it hovers in one spot for several days. The Mercury Storm is like Mercury retrograde on steroids. The wind is up and strange things occur. I got a blast of it today working on new app so I could send blog posts from my phone. When I saved it – somehow it got posted,  instead of being saved as a draft. Later when I went in to edit and add to it – the writing I did was nowhere to be found. Then later this evening I discovered it in my email – including all kinds of blips and typos etc. Ha ha jokes on me. I hope you were able to get something out of it!

At least I was on time for a change!

Mercury retrogrades turn things on their head, getting us to see things from a different perspective as we reflect and review  the areas (sign/house) in which the retrograde is moving.  In this case,  it occurs in the sign of Gemini, which is also Mercury’s home sign. Both the coming Mercury retrograde in Gemini, and today’s lunar eclipse want us to reexamine our thinking and communication patterns, and especially  the belief systems they are based on. This may destabilize the assumptions we live our life by, yet that is exactly what it is meant to do.  Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings. We may find ourself  looking back on the path we have been traveling, and reassessing the direction we want to move in. If this eclipse is crossing key places or planets in your chart, a new beginning may be in store for you.  One door closes another one opens.  This potential for a majour change of plans or change in direction  also has a global significance because the nodes are the collective destiny points.

Seems something that we have outgrown  has served its purpose  and  its time for it to go. It may be an idea a belief, or a way of doing things…or new information suddenly makes you see things differently.  Look at the house the eclipse occurs in to see where change may occur. Sagittarius links to our life purpose, as do the nodes of the Moon, so this eclipse promises a very significant shift for  individuals as well as for society at large.



The Full Blood Moon eclipse will peak  at 5:45 Mountain time, 7:45 EDT and 12:45 UTC time ~ it will be over by the time you read this. Oh well.  We can feel it on some subtle level as it ripples out for months to come. The key lesson of this Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is:1. Let go of expectations. 2. Don’t assume you know everything about anything. There is always more to learn. 3. Be open for a new direction. You just never know. And remember that the lunar south node is a release point.. and in Sagittarius  is about letting go of some belief that used to be true for you but no longer is.The times they are a changin’.

(It was Bob Dylan’s Birthday a few days ago. Happy Birthday Bob!)

The Moon represents our emotional patterns, and our past. Also our mother. This may be about  a change in how you relate to her. Memories may come up, or  intense dreams. Old resentments can fade away as we start to see things from a broader perspective. Old wounds that come up can be easily healed and released now. People we are emotionally attached to may leave our life. Or we just stop thinking of them.  In my case, it was the opposite; a very dear friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in years,  just reappeared in my life out of the blue – moved to the city I am in.  What a surprise! His Sun  in Gemini is on my own South Node (my past)  – which is now aligned with the current Nodal axis (NN – the future).  The past coming to meet the future!! You cant make this stuff up!!

So watch out for synchronicities, and for shifts in perspective. The way you thought things would be, or should be,  may not be the way things are. Plans may change. Feelings may change. Truths may be revealed.  Sometimes these reality checks are difficult, especially if we are still clinging to the old plan. Jupiter’s strong presence adds a positive, optimistic vibe. Things are expanding.  Trust that whatever is changing is changing for the good. Even though you may be shaken out of your comfort zone, that light on the horizon is not an oncoming train, it’s a beacon to show you the way forward.   All will be well.

Have faith.

You know you want to! 🙂


Eclipse info/links

Full Moon tonight in sexy, sultry Scorpio!

Full Moons are emotionally charged in general, and Scorpio is bloody intense! The sign of the Scorpion is full of magic and mystery with just a little edge (or a lot).  Scorpios don’t suffer fools gladly, which is something many find just a little bit scary. You can  tell a Scorpio by their deep, intense eyes… they can stare you down like nobody else. Watch your back.

The Full Moon holds an emotional current amped up by the energy of the Sun. In this case when we add Uranus (sudden change upsets, awakenings) so close to the Sun in Taurus and all bets are off as to what might occur. Someone somewhere will be hit by lightning (either physically or metaphorically).

‘There’s a whole lotta shakin going on!’   Its highly possible that by the end of the year there will be at least one if not more majour earth quakes. (See, that’s why I don’t like predictions. I mean who wants to be the one to say that kind of thing?!)

Anyway… with Mercury Venus and Sun  all moving through early Taurus now and one by one crossing the electrified energy field of  Uranus… something is getting stirred up.  It could be money markets becoming destabilized (Venus in Taurus) or new information (Mercury) bringing unexpected news.   Or unexpected political unrest in countries ruled by Taurus… (???)  Uranus energy  is unsettled and difficult to pin down so its hard to even guess at outcomes. If you feel the ground shaking, head for cover.

After a month of intense fire energy from combative Mars and Aries influences, Taurus is a welcome relief. Slow and steady, Taurians love their creature comforts; this earth goddess is all about tactile, sensual pleasures, comforts, beauty and wealth. The sign of the Bull is  slow to anger and loyal to a fault and all the Taurus women I know (a lot) have the most beautiful homes. Their Ruler is Venus ; goddess of love and beauty. Earth goddess. Earth mother. Security. Gaia. Home.

Yet sitting in the early part of Taurus is its exact opposite; Uranus- The Awakener.  This far away planet is lightning fast, changeable, excitable, unusual. Where Taurus needs and likes familiarity and security, Uranus craves constant stimulation and change.   Taurus rules possessions (and money) and likes to collect stuff,  Uranus wants space and freedom and will help you get rid of stuff. There is definitely going to be havoc in Taurus;  sudden gains and sudden losses. Surprises are fun right?

Expect the unexpected.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is deep, deep, deep and  will get the wolves howling. Scorpio likes to hide in the shadows but this Full Moon energy brings things up out of the depths. Secrets may be revealed,  old fears and paranoia may surface, unusual encounters will occur. Scorpios make great investigators as they will leave no stone uncovered; their highly developed spidey sense picks up on whats going on under the surface. They know the colour of your underwear.

Then there is Saturn… lord of karma, ruler of time  putting immense pressure on both the Moon and the planets in Taurus. Something’s gotta give. Saturn is authority,  rules, restrictions, limitations,  while Aquarius is all about the freedom. The latter rules the Internet, technology, groups and social structures. There may be standoff with authorities, resistance to rules. More censorship, more rebellion.  Structures and systems will undergo sudden changes.

The Tower: by RavenArt

 Pluto (ruler of a Scorpio Moon) is just turning retrograde as the Moon becomes Full.  This turns our ‘fate’ back on itself: the focus is sharpening on our the inner world; this is where true transformation takes place. Some say what is going on in the outer world is but a reflection of our collective shadow (Pluto). Both Taurus and Scorpio deal with survival issues; and PLuto in Capricorn is shaking up our world systems. Remember that just before this shit show started, Saturn and Pluto were together on the Collective Destiny Point (South Node = past) of the Moon, thrusting us into a time of karmic reckoning.  As we face death and disease and a looming global financial crisis… the challenge to survival is real  (Scorpio).

I guess we all know by now that we have to face this stuff and find ways to deal with it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and a rainbow after the storm. I’ve survived enough of my own dramas and traumas to truly know that. But we are still in the thick of it and we must continue to face our demons and do the  inner work  to integrate our wounds and  traumas from the past. These are challenging times; I know its been hard, yet this is also an amazing time of awakening….  Neptune’s shimmery light is there to remind us that a daily spiritual practice of some kind is critical to finding a safe port in the storm. I find every time I sit in silence and fill up on my inner light, I  discover more strength and fortitude than I know I had.  We have so many gifts to help buoy our spirits: music, art, creativity.  We can do this. You can do this!

When Pluto kidnapped Perephone and took her down into the underworld, her mother Demeter (goddess of grain) mourned deeply,  and the world remained in winter all year round. An intervention occurred (short story) and Demeter got her daughter back, but Persephone had to spend part of her time every year in the underworld. There’s always a part of us hiding in the shadows that is waiting for the light of day.

Let the Full Moon shine a light to banish your fears. Uranus specialty is breakthroughs. As this highly unusual and unstable energy builds up to critical mass, I hope you find a healthy channel of expression. Sing. Dance. Drum!  Get your howl on!!

You know you want to!





From Dakness to Light!

From darkness to light!!



The  cosmic weather for March is much gentler and lighter than we have had in a very long while. Whew! Spring is on its way!  It’s a time of peace and renewal ~ beginning with last week’s Sun Venus conjunction (pure love) in peace loving Pisces that is still rippling out. All month long there are few harsh aspects anywhere. There is still some background noise (as always) but with all planets moving forward now, blockages should slowly begin to melt away (at least for a while).


The push pull of the Saturn (control) Uranus (freedom) square is the most powerful dynamic to play out all year, but for now it is fading a little, allowing us time to rest and recuperate and start to plan for the future.
Yet it is not time to blast forward – at least not just yet. The Sun joining Neptune in dreamy Pisces this week will put us in a more inward, floaty state of mind ~ perfect time to relax and reflect as we prepare for spring. With the Pisces water element so strong right now,  why not do some emotional cleansing? There may be wounds that need addressing and healing; this has been (and still is for some) a very tough time  of unprecedented challenges, and the fears, triggers and traumas that have been activated may require  some self care and extra support.


“Sometimes we are saved by sinking. A cleansing. And when we emerge, we know something about ourselves that was previously hidden. “
Quote and image ‘The Cleansing” by Brooke Shaden Photography
Pisces is a water sign that rules our creativity, imagination and longing for spirit and unity.  Sun conjunct Neptune over the next week can take us deep into the unconscious realms. A time for creating ~ dreaming ~ meditating. Tune into the music of the spheres.  Let it go ~ let it flow! 💕


You know you want to!



Full Moon in Virgo: Purification!

The Full Snow Moon (makes sense if you live in Canada!) is taking place early Thursday morning and is all about Cleansing… Purifying… Releasing…  of Mind, Body and Soul 🌷

Details: Saturday February 27th 🌕 12:17am PST.   2:17 am EST. 7:17 am UTC/UK



Virgo is all about discernment and purification. Time to clear cupboards, sort old clothes, organize papers, rearrange your living space. Now that Mercury is moving direct we can get back on track.
First part of housekeeping – take care of you! Virgo is a sign of devotion. What do you devote most of your time to? What do you serve? Whom do you serve?
If your Cup is empty, what have you got to give? Or – if your cup is filled with old stagnant stuff, you first have to empty it out! This is a time to sift and separate.
Let it go! Let it go!

Then your cup can be filled. And filled it will be!

Sun and Venus sitting together in Pisces is full of unconditional love and compassion for all. Virgo can be very picky and judgmental (all in the name of discernment mind you). Sun in Pisces softens that edge, and Venus in Pisces is Pure Love – bringing kindness and loving attention  to what needs clearing/healing.

This Full Moon is a pure and loving chance to move out of anger into compassion, and bring ease and grace back into our lives. Who can argue with that?



Aquarius New Moon: We are all in this Together



A fantastic New Moon in Aquarius occurred earlier yesterday  (Thurs Fen 11). around 2 pm EST (7 pm UT)

A New Moon brings an energy reset, and although  Mercury is currently moving backward,  there is still a sense of forward movement.  January held some of the most intense and difficult astrology of 2021, and though it isn’t necessarily going to be all smooth sailing, there is now a sense of positive shift in the air. Aquarius is about the future!

Right now,  seven planets are all hanging out in Aquarius,  bringing a tremendous amount of energy  to awaken the spirit of the new age.  Aquarius is about social justice, equality and fairness and a sense of being part of something bigger.  It’s also known to be quirky, unusual and definitely out of the box.  My mother, who passed away in 2020,  was an Aquarius;  her birthday would have been this coming Monday. She was definitely a quirky character and certainly lived up to her Aquarian nature.

The last time so many planets were together in this sign was in the early sixties. Remember the sixties? (if you do, you probably were not there – hehe). I highly recommend the Netflix documentary ‘Laurel Canyon’ for a taste of those times.



 That was the dawn of the Age of Aquarius where the seeds of rebellion and revolution were planted and we began our exciting journey into the new era . Peace love and harmony were going to save planet earth from immanent doom (ban the bomb) and there was a sense of hope and optimism even in the midst of the battle (a battle for peace).  Many had spiritual awakenings and Peter Max (artist)  ruled supreme – while psychedelics revealed that we were cosmic beings.


Though it may seem like  all that was a bit of a dud,  and that in fact things have actually gotten worse, those seeds have been gestating underground all this time and are now beginning to sprout. Once again the spirit of revolution is in the air as we enter the next phase of the re-birthing of the human race.  Change is usually accompanied by some sort of crisis … the old has to break down to make way for the new, the seed has to break open for the new growth to emerge, and that is not always an easy process.  

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in  silence and tranquility.”  

Khalil Gibran

The old must die for the new to be born. Remember The Saturn Jupiter ‘Grand Conjunction’ on the Winter Solstice at 0° Aquarius? That  started off the great gathering in Aquarius, with Saturn representing the old king who must die, and Jupiter the new King heralding in 20 years of new energy. (I wrote about this in the last few posts).

Saturn is now in  powerful tension with Uranus, the Awakener. Uranus wants change and revolution, Saturn … not so much. Saturn stands for the status quo, the government, the rules, authority etc.  Both Uranus and Aquarius are visionaries who will resist Saturn’s efforts at control.  This tense dynamic will be operating on and off all year – so we likely will see waves of protests, as well as waves of control mechanisms  brought into play (sort of like what has already been happening… only even more so). Mars is less involved now  so hopefully less violence will ensue.  It is inevitable that Uranus will win over Saturn,  and we will take one more baby step into the Aquarian age.



 “Many old structures and assumptions will be set aside in coming years, and a broader vision, a broader understanding, and a broader “atmosphere of synthesis” will help us all see the interrelationships to things.”        Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers.


 Much will be at play as these powers duke it out … and there will be moments when it may feel like we are going backward.

“Uranus, and its modern archetype Aquarius promote long-term change. There is however an underlying retroactive dynamic generated by Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, that seeks change by reversing proactive, progressive movement, pressuring circumstances to go back to the way they used to be. 
There is an important lesson here for all liberally-focused, democratic incumbencies. Democracy is not the guaranteed forward direction of any nation. It is a rare gift only achieved through arduous effort and the collective realization of its people that freedom, like democracy is an active verb.” Daniel Fiverson
We live in a beautiful world. Lets find a way to keep it that way!
Mercury retrograde asks us to review and reflect. After the hell year we had in 2020,  and a somewhat difficult beginning to 2021, we have a chance  to get a handle on what we want to envision for the future. This New Moon energy is  about letting new vision arise out of the reflections of the past.  The ideas we come up with during the retrograde can become actions of the future. One thing is for certain ~ we can no longer do things in the same old way and expect a different result. Time for something completely different.  (I honestly have no idea what that means, except we will never go back to normal. And do we even want to?)

First, there are obstacles that need resolving or removing (like a pandemic?) Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Saturn will all come into contact with retrograde Mercury – old problems (Saturn), old unresolved legal issues (like an impeachment- Jupiter) old emotions (Moon) may appear as Mercury crosses each. Mercury conjunct the Sun asks us who we are with,  and what we are for. 

 Are you a particle or a wave?

Ironically, we are both! 

Aquarius is our unique self, yet also how we fit into the group. There is  always the danger of   ‘group think’ – in direct contrast to the Aquarian imperative of individualism and outside the box thinking. That’s why the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago was so important,  because it asked us to really step into our personal power before we join the group effort.

Astrology is alchemy – and we are in the quickening (Mercury).  

Don’t forget the Aquarius motto:  ‘Question Everything! 

p.s. We’re going to see a lot of push- pull this year between rules and restrictions and those who will refuse to go along with them. Remember,  Aquarius is about social justice.  And things are already so polarized,  I do hope will find a way to get along, for that truly is the essence of Aquarius. 

Today there is a lovely conjunction between Venus (Love) and Jupiter (expansion and joy). In Aquarius this means love each other. Open your heart – smile on your brother/sister… even in the midst of diversity. We are all in this together. 


You know you want to 🙂