Saturn Enters Pisces: Making The Unreal Real

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Saturn Enters Pisces – March 7, 2023

It’s going to be interesting to see how Saturn, the planet that represents boundaries, gets on in water sign Pisces and the most boundless star sign.

Since December 2017, Saturn’s been in either Capricorn or Aquarius, both star signs it rules and likes. This is where Saturn can create systems, get organised and implement laws and regulations.

As it takes Saturn approximately 29/30 years to circuit the zodiac, Saturn’s move into Pisces where it remains for most of the time until February 2026 is a major event.

Saturn Enters Pisces

Saturn’s move into Pisces is a whole new ball game. Pisces’ co-ruler is Neptune, God of the sea. Will this be a compassionate, kind and caring Saturn? Will Saturn’s realm of reality dissolve into fantasy and the world of dreams?

Or, will Saturn’s sense of order prevail and we’ll see new rules and regulations put in place that will help clean up our seas and rivers, for example.

This is sorely needed here in the UK where sewage is constantly being pumped into our waters, creating a toxic mix for the living beings that reside in the waterways. And, making it very unpleasant to swim in.

On a wider level, we know that the sea has been filled with plastic and other materials that are non-perishable – vaccine syringes and masks included.

There are some fantastic organisations already being set up to harness the power of our seas and clean up the oceans. Hopefully, this will increase with Saturn in Pisces. Sustainability must become mainstream if we’re to stop depleting and damaging the earth’s natural resources.

Pisces Rules

Pisces rules liquid and drugs, altered states, the media, spirituality and the collective consciousness.

There’s already a rise in psychedelic drugs, cannabis oil and their healing properties and this is likely to increase. Shamanism would be another showing of Saturn in Pisces, returning to ancient ways to live a life that’s closer to spirit.

There may be an abrupt end to conspiracy theories. Or, perhaps they turn mainstream. We may see more evidence of extraterrestrial life. Or, an upsurge in teetotalism. I doubt we’ll be returning to prohibition, but Pisces is the star sign of all things weird and wonderful.

It’s important to remember that a symbol doesn’t mean just one thing. And, all of the planets can have a negative or a positive effect. Sometimes, it depends on your own perception of what’s right and wrong.

What’s Real, What’s Not

Pisces is a slippery star sign and its zodiac symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite directions. There can be a thin line between truth and lies when Pisces loses its way.

It would be wonderful to see more regulations in the media, Neptune’s domain. Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces and Saturn’s coming along to clean up its act. Right now, for example, politics is decided by the lure of money, the media and social media. We’ve lost our way in being able to choose our leaders wisely.

It’s hard to know anymore what’s true and what isn’t. Anything can be reimagined or recreated as the digital world and its technologies are infinite. The metaverse is already a reality and artificial intelligence is reaching extraordinary levels, not all good.

We seem to be careering towards a new future, which will have its benefits, also its disadvantages. Let’s hope that Saturn and Pisces can work hand-in-hand to bring out the best of their opposing natures.


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