Where is the Grail? Sagittarius

Times are prehistoric. There are no cars, no planes, no trains. The shaman can fly when they dream and see where the animals are. Following the shaman’s instructions, breeders or hunters go half running half walking…


One day,  someone had the idea and the audacity to climb on a horseback.  Humans found out that they could go much faster, much further away, explore the landscapes beyond the horizon and come back in no time… Imagine the exhilaration!



Some became so in love with their mounts that they spent most of their lives riding them. They loved the great power between their thighs. The horse and them became like only one creature. Centaurs made their apparition in the fantasy world.


 Cattle raisers became cow boys. Hunters and warriors trained shooting arrows whilst riding. Yahoo!


Do you remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? That power coming from your thighs, Sagittarius rules it. You became able to go faster,  further away and explore… How do you think a jet pilot feels?  Sagittarius is the sign for that.


Everything is relative. If you’re a baby and most of your life is spent stuck in a cradle, Sagittarius  happens when you start moving around on your hands and knees and threaten to fall down the stairs. My little brother did just that. I saw him from below bouncing like a ball on the cement steps of the staircase to the cellar. I should  have  closed the door but I was a kid as well. He was fine… Sagittarian luck I suppose…


When baby is a bit older, moving around the house is familiar. It’s Geminin connection. Sagittarius is always aiming further away, outside the house, on the other side of the busy road, in the next borough… 

  If baby doesn’t stop, one day he or she may jump into the void in a wingsuit, go down glaciers on a mountain bike, live with indigenous people in the wilderness…  There are risks. That’s exciting. It’s part of the game. Fear doesn’t help, so why living in fear? Have faith!


Mercury is in exile in Sagittarius. If you travel too far away places, you’re likely to have to get by with rudiments of local languages and customs that don’t make obvious sense to you. Little journeys in the jungle are as easy as going to the shop next door for the local people, but not for you! 

Mercury is in domicile in Gemini. The twins are two but these two are the same. Mutual understanding is facilitated when you stand on common grounds… 


 From physical exploration to knowledge and wisdom

 The more you explore the unknown and the more you know. 

The more you know and the more there is more to know. Knowledge is an ever expanding world! You may claim that all you know is that you know nothing, and still this wise Socratic admission of ignorance means that you know more than the random Johny Walker.

 Explorers become researchers,  guides, scholars, teachers… Literally or metaphorically, they keep drawing maps of new territories – they don’t have time for details, they are busy enough with continental lines. Gemini and Virgo will finish the job for them. 

  Librans think Sagittarians say “I know” I little bit too often, and that they should get down from their horse, take off their muddy boots, shower and change when invited to a cup of tea. Librans don’t want to offend, so they keep inviting the centaurs in the China shops. They know it’s a mistake but they don’t know how not to do it. Too bad!


  Sagittarius is mutable Fire. 

 Aries is intense focus moving forward in one direction. Leo is central power, a king sitting on a throne, radiating. Sagittarius expands this power. It moves forward like Aries but in all directions at the same time, like a empire pushing its borders further North, East, West and South. Yes, that’s the perfect recipe to end up spreading yourself too thin. Fortunately, human beings have some Saturn and enough of the Earth element in them to keep grounded and care for logistics, but that’s another story.

 Mutable signs bring the unfoldment of their element to the ultimate conclusion. Ruled by the Mercury Jupiter polarity, they learn all there is to learn.  After them, new beginnings will follow.  They conclude.

 Fire is spirit, it’s our most intimate identity, the very essence of our being. Aries jumps on stage and fights for a place. The show goes on with Leo holding the space: this is who I am!

 Sagittarius takes some distance and wonders… but who am I? Or What am I?  The centaur embarks on a philosophical journey, a quest for Truth. Being is great and consciousness wants expansion. 


 Let’s have a second look at the Centaur. I was so pleased with myself when I realised that this imaginary creature was expressing what horse riders experiment: being one with their mount – that I could have developed the tendency to dismiss any other interpretation. Dogmatism is a trap for truth seekers. Symbols are multifaceted. 


 What if the image of a centaur was describing a process of transformation? 

A horse is turning into a human. The animal nature has lost the head – it doesn’t lead anymore. For the rest it is still what it is, bottom, legs, body, instincts. 

Whiney!!! Where is my head?

Above nature is literally super nature. Culture has its roots and branches in the supernatural.

What is a human being? The Centaur asks the same question as another mythical creature made of animal parts and a human head: the sphynx. 

 “What animal walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening?” the sphynx asked Oedipus. The question is indeed much deeper than the mere riddle it seems to be. “Man” is the answer. “What is man?” is the real question. 

We are supernatural beings. We are spirits in the material world. We are horses turning into humans turning into…. ? We’ll see! 

 Left to itself, the horse would graze, go to water and drink, reproduce with enthusiasm, flee from danger and that would be it. Many humans don’t do much more than horses. A few ask questions. What’s the meaning of all that? Can we improve nature, can we change? Do we have free will? Did I hear a call from above? 

A great struggle with the animal nature happened in Scorpio, the sign usually associated with the  word “transformation”. The picture of a scorpion is similar to a skull with two crossed shin bones. The old being dies… the new being is born.

Where shall we go after we die? In Sagittarius! Full of life, we will be running forward, aspiring  upward. With strength and concentration, the human half will turn into a spiritual arrow, a will to reach to heaven. 

 Shooting arrows at the sky is praying. Jupiter, the Lord of Sagittarius, Zeus in Greek, from the indo European Dyeus, the sky father… answers prayers turning the cornucopia of divine abundance down and showers the faithful with benedictions. Praise the Lord, Hare Krishna, Hallelujah, Amen.

 Where is the Grail? 


 Jean-Marc Pierson