Weekly Astrology Forecast September 7 – 13, 2020

This Week’s Major Aspects

07-Sep-20 Saturn square Juno
To commit or not to commit, that is the question.

08-Sep-20 No major aspects

09-Sep-20 Mars stations retrograde. Sun trine Jupiter.
Have faith, even if goals and plans are waylaid. It’s time to reassess strategy, renew strength and restore courage.

10-Sep-20 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Mercury opposite Chiron
Words can hurt – use them carefully but don’t avoid the truth. A difficult conversation may lead to a turning point.

11-Sep-20 Sun opposite Neptune
Disorientation. A hall of mirrors. Feeling defeated or deflated.
Remind yourself of what is meaningful. Selfless service.

12-Sep-20 No major aspects

13-Sep-20 Jupiter stations direct. Venus trine Chiron
After a time of restriction, an opportunity for growth.
Finding the beauty in an imperfect world. Love is healing.

Painting – ‘Vase with Red Gladioli’ by Vincent van Gogh

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