Weekly Astrology Forecast September 27 – October 3, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

27-Sep-21 Mercury stations retrograde in Libra
A relationship review begins. Explore connections. Check information. Ask diplomatic questions.

28-Sep-21 No major aspects

29-Sep-21 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer. Venus trine Neptune. Sun trine Saturn
A deep need to belong challenges autonomy in relationships. Hunger. Nurture the inner child to create better partnerships. The transcendent power of unconditional love. Have the courage to be authentic.

30-Sep-21 No major aspects

01-Oct-21 Venus square Jupiter, Mars opposite Chiron, Mercury square Pluto
All-encompassing attraction. Overly generous. Vulnerability and mental pressure.
A need to guard boundaries. Focus on healing. Ferret out the truth.

02-Oct-21 Venus sextile Pluto
Deepening intimacy. The opportunity to transform relationships. Potent creative energy.

03-Oct-21 Sun opposite Chiron
Fear of rejection. Toxic comparison. Feeling left out. The key to healing is being yourself.

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