Weekly Astrology Forecast September 20 – 26, 2021

20-Sep-21 Mercury trine Jupiter

Big ideas. Optimism. Talking about beliefs. Read. Sign up for a class.

21-Sep-21 Full Moon in Pisces. Mars trine North Node
Issues around spirituality, dreams and ideals are illuminated. Actions now facilitate karmic evolution.

22-Sep-21 Mercury square Pluto. Sun enters Libra
Intense conversations. Obsessive thinking. Words have more force than intended. A need to centre and rebalance. Find your equilibrium.

23-Sep-21 Venus opposite Uranus
Sudden splits or a change of heart. Intimacy versus freedom. Give each other space.

24-Sep-21 No major aspects

25-Sep-21 Mars trine Saturn
Passion and discipline combined. Goals accomplished. Strength and fortitude. Muscle building.

26-Sep-21 Sun trine North Node
A signal from the cosmos – this is the way.

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