Weekly Astrology Forecast September 14 – 20, 2020

This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Sep-20 Mars opposite Juno
An unfair fight. Proactive diplomacy. Reactive deals. A struggle over whether to go it alone or join forces. Find middle ground.

15-Sep-20 Venus square Uranus. Sun trine Pluto
Love twist. Unexpected money problems. A desire to break free.
The power of purpose. Self-improvement through shadow-work. Strength of will.

16-Sep-20 No major aspects

17-Sep-20 New Moon in Virgo. Mercury square Jupiter. Sun trine Saturn
A small new start has potentially big results or consequences. Watch over-thinking it.
Talk less, do more.

18-Sep-20 No major aspects

19-Sep-20 No major aspects

20-Sep-20 Juno enters Scorpio
Intensification of relationship matters. The potential for jealous outbursts and controlling behaviour. Honesty is the best policy.

Painting – ‘The Fair Maid of Gascony (The Blond Gascon)’ by Camille Corot

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