Weekly Astrology Forecast October 4 – 10, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

04-Oct-21 Mercury Rx trine Jupiter
Mind expanding. Gather your books. Read the news. Sign up for a course. Check your judgements before making a decision.

05-Oct-21 No major aspects

06-Oct-21 New Moon in Libra. Pluto stations direct
A new start around relationships. Setting intentions for peace and harmony. A pivotal day for shadow-work. Release from Hades. Reclaiming control. A surge of power.

07-Oct-21 Venus enters Sagittarius
A need for a free rein in relationships. Believe in one another. Follow your heart.

08-Oct-21 Sun conjunct Mars
The beginning of a new cycle. Goals illuminated. A burst of passion. Feeling alight and alive. Energetic shift.

09-Oct-21 Ceres stations retrograde. Pluto square Eris. Mercury conjunct the Sun and Mars. Venus conjunct South Node.
A dynamic day in the cosmos. Important collective shifts to redistribute power. Learning to let go. Gaining clarity but a need to ‘hold that thought’ before taking action.

10-Oct-21 No major aspects

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