Weekly Astrology Forecast October 25 – 31, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

25-Oct-21 No major aspects

26-Oct-21 No major aspects

27-Oct-21 Venus square Neptune
Charmed. Illusions and disappointments. Falling in love with love. Starry eyed. Attraction to waifs and strays. A charitable heart. Gullibility.

28-Oct-21 Venus sextile Jupiter. Last Quarter Moon in Leo
Generosity. Good fortune. Lucky in Love. A child-like need to keep things light and happy vies with a more complex desire to deepen intimacy or explore unknowns.

29-Oct-21 No major aspects

30-Oct-21 Sun square Saturn. Mars enters Scorpio
Hitting a wall. Putting up barriers. A need to explore personal limits and where we limit ourselves. Growth through trials. Motivated to confront personal demons. Finding the courage to enact change.

31-Oct-21 No major aspects. Samhain.
The veil between the worlds is thin. Honour the ancestors. Release.

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