Weekly Astrology Forecast May 3 – 9, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

03-May-21 Mercury square Jupiter, Sun square Saturn, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Feeling boxed in. Mental overwhelm. Focus on what can be accomplished today, however small.

04-May-21 Mercury enters Gemini
Curiosity is aroused. A need to communicate. Make a connection.

05-May-21 Jupiter anaretic until 13th May, Jupiter sextile Ceres
Extreme focus on the future. A huge desire for freedom. A grounded , nurturing approach will take the edge off anxiety.

06-May-21 Venus trine Pluto. Chiron sextile North Node
Embrace change. Deepening feelings. Showing vulnerability brings a better understanding.

07-May-21 Mercury out of bounds
The mind works in wild ways. Brilliant and/or crazy ideas. Sudden silences.

08-May-21 Ceres enters Taurus. Venus square Jupiter
Over-indulgence. Stuffing down feelings. Nothing is enough. Nurture self-worth

09-May-21 Venus enters Gemini
Sociability. A desire for lightness and ease. Vacillation in matters of the heart.

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