Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 14 – 20, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Jun-21 Sun square Neptune. Saturn square Uranus
Boxed in. Lost. A clash between old and new, commitment and freedom.
A chance to make peace with the self to understand what needs to change and what needs to remain.

15-Jun-21 No major aspects

16-Jun-21 Mercury square Vesta. Sun square Pallas
Distraction. Questioning where our focus is placed. A need to dive deeper to find answers.

17-Jun-21 Venus sextile Vesta
Focus on what makes you happy, even just for an hour. When the heart is engaged, we know what is truly important.

18-Jun-21 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
A push to resolve an inner conflict between head and heart. Apply what you know so far in practical ways. Not knowing everything doesn’t mean not making a start on improvements.

19-Jun-21 Pluto sextile Pallas
Mediation and a cool head taps us into ancient wisdom and puts the power back into our hands.

20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations Retrograde
Opportunities or developments seem to fade away. It’s okay, the time isn’t right. An inner journey is required before pushing forward with plans.

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