Weekly Astrology Forecast July 5 – 11, 2021

The Week’s Major Aspects

05-Jul-21 Sun sextile Uranus. Venus sextile North Node
Breaking free from constraints. Embrace your uniqueness. The heart knows the way.

06-Jul-21 Mercury square Neptune
The last in a series of three. Turning the final corner in a confusing matter. The last prompt to follow your intuition. Sometimes it’s only after choosing that the way becomes clear.

07-Jul-21 Venus opposite Saturn. Venus trine Chiron
Feeling undervalued, unloved, unworthy. Self-love is the path to healing.

08-Jul-21 Venus square Uranus
Unsettled. Unexpected events in relationships. Needing space. The opportunity to do something different.

09-Jul-21 Neptune sextile Ceres. Pluto trine Vesta
Tenderness. Nurture your imagination. Whole despite life’s losses. Intense focus on what is sacred.

10-Jul-21 New Moon in Cancer
A new start in domestic matters. Home and family in the forefront.

11-Jul-21 Mercury enters Cancer
Communicating feelings. Thinking about childhood. Recalling memories. Nurturing conversation.

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