Weekly Astrology Forecast July 12 – 18, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

12-Jul-21 Mercury trine Jupiter
Mind-expanding. Get the books out! Sign up for a class. Start writing.

13-Jul-21 Venus conjunct Mars
Attraction. Understanding what you want and going for it. Unity of heart with action.

14-Jul-21 Pallas stations retrograde
Problem solving requires a step back. Go over the past to understand the pattern.

15-Jul-21 Sun trine Neptune. Chiron stations retrograde
Choosing peace over conflict. Conserving energy. Respite and recuperation.

16-Jul-21 No major aspects

17-Jul-21 First Quarter Moon in Libra. Sun opposite Pluto
A pressing need to create partnerships, harmony, and allies. Owning our shadows facilitates personal transformation. Let go of what isn’t in your control.

18-Jul-21 Sun sextile Ceres. Venus square Ceres
An invitation to look after yourself better. Slow personal growth versus forced flourishing.
Cultivate good relationships with others but not at the expense of your inner harmony or values.

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