Weekly Astrology Forecast February 8 – 14, 2021

This week’s major aspects

08-Feb-21 Sun conjunct Mercury
Revolutionary new insights revealed. Illuminating news or conversation

09-Feb-21 Saturn sextile Chiron
Wise teachers. An invitation to better manage chronic problems. Take responsibility for your health.

10-Feb-21 Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine North Node
Arguments. Impatience. A need to pay close attention to cosmic signals pointing the way.

11-Feb-21 Venus conjunct Jupiter. New Moon in Aquarius
An abundance of love. A new start towards future goals. Strong desire for freedom and change.

12-Feb-21 No major aspects

13-Feb-21 Mercury conjunct Venus
Harmonious conversation. Financial discussion. Mental balance. Charm.

14-Feb-21 Mars sextile Neptune. Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Action combined with intuition. A creative boost. Imagination stimulated. Acts of kindness Big ideas. A huge impetuous to learn something new. A positive outlook overcomes inertia

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