Weekly Astrology Forecast August 30 – September 5, 2021

30-Aug-21 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Mercury enters Libra.
Torn between thinking and doing. A need to regain mental balance and focus on practicalities. Diplomacy.

31-Aug-21 No major aspects

01-Sep-21 No major aspects

02-Sep-21 Mars opposite Neptune
Apathy. Motivation has gone AWOL. Uncertainty around goals. Flake. Ineffectual action.
Let intuition guide your mission. Creative inspiration. Imagination is stimulated.

03-Sep-21 Mercury trine North Node
The right words at the right time. Conversations open doors.

04-Sep-21 Grand Sextile
Constructive, creative energy at work. Opportunities to use natural talents. Hard work creates honey.

05-Sep-21 Mercury trine Saturn
Sensible conversation. Thinking about long term plans. Talking to those in authority. Careful presentation of ideas garners a respectful ear.

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