Weekly Astrology Forecast August 24 – 30, 2020

This Week’s Major Aspects

24-Aug-20 Mars square Saturn
What you resist persists. Roadblocks. Headaches. Perseverance and patience are required.

25-Aug-20 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Venus opposite Jupiter. Mercury trine Uranus.
A need to feel occupied and useful vies with a desire to run away. A huge hunger for more generates discontent. Ask yourself new questions to find new solutions.

26-Aug-20 Grand trine with Mercury, Uranus and Pallas
Pattern recognition. Brainstorming. Tap into higher knowledge and ancient wisdom.

27-Aug-20 Mars sextile North Node. Venus trine Neptune
Evolution occurs when you follow your passion. Unconditional love. Peace and harmony.

28-Aug-20 Pluto square Juno, Sun opposite Ceres
Controlling relationships. Power games. Jealousy and revenge. A need to let go.

29-Aug-20 Mercury trine Jupiter
A drive to learn. Hit the books. Sign up for a workshop. A positive mindset.

30-Aug-20 Venus opposite Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune
Trust issues in relationships. Mixed messages. Insecurity breeds fear. Love your shadows.

Painting – ‘The Wrestlers’  by Gustave Courbet

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