Weekly Astrology Forecast April 26 – May 2, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

26-Apr-21 Mercury sextile Pallas. Sun trine Vesta
Knowing what matters. Problem solving through gentle inquiry and quiet contemplation.

27-Apr-21 Full Moon in Scorpio. Pluto stations retrograde
An emotional high tide. Release is required. Change is necessary.

28-Apr-21 No major aspects

29-Apr-21 No major aspects

30-Apr-21 Mercury sextile Neptune. Sun conjunct Uranus. Pluto square Ceres
Inner awakening. Rebrand and reinvent. Forgive the past. Stop fighting change.

01-May-21 No major aspects

02-May-21 Mercury trine Pluto. Venus sextile Neptune
Mental strength and creative inspiration. Work your art. Speak your truth. Love unconditionally.

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