Weekly Astrology Forecast April 12 – 18, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

12-Apr-21 New Moon in Aries, Venus square Pluto, Juno stations retrograde
Review commitments. Let go of what isn’t true for you. Start afresh. Take action on your goals.

13-Apr-21 Sun sextile Mars
Increased energy, dynamism and confidence. Stand strong. Assert yourself.

14-Apr-21 Venus enters Taurus
A need for security in relationships. Get comfortable in your skin. Simple pleasures

15-Apr-21 Sun sextile Jupiter
An opportunity to stretch yourself. Fortune favours the brave.

16-Apr-21 Sun square Pluto
An encounter with the shadow. Fears and unconscious material push us to eradicate old self concepts that no longer fit the person we are today.

17-Apr-21 Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury square Pluto
Big goals, ideas and conversations. Animation and vigour. No need to push. Speak your truth.

18-Apr-21 No major aspects

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