We don’t like him. We don’t have to. Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn can be seen as two faces of the same coin. Called “social planets” they bring about the attitudes, thoughts, values which enable us to be more than mere individuals but members of a society  with its rules, codes, manners, laws…. Beyond human society, Jupiter and Saturn shows us our place in the “Great scheme of things”…  

 If Jupiter expands whatever it touches like a “Miracle Grow” planet, Saturn does the opposite. Saturn contracts, tightens, structures, tests, shrinks, condenses, slows down… 

 At the level of feelings, Jupiter brings about enthusiasm and optimism, and Saturn fear and… say realism! 

 Saturn was called the “Great Malefic” by traditional astrologers. Saturn brings difficulties. Would you wish a child to live a life without difficulties to overcome? We are children of Heaven and Earth. They give us Saturn. We don’t like it. We don’t have to. 

 When Saturn touches for instance Mercury, our mind may become heavy, stupid and slow. Oysters may have a higher IQ than us; we may feel difficult to communicate, because of a stammer, or dyslexia, or autism, or shyness, our mobility may be reduced… or we may also become very logical, realist, coherent, consistent, serious… At school, children with a square Saturn-Mercury are whether the best or the worst of the class. 

 When Saturn touches the Moon, we may suffer from emotional inhibitions and frustrations… Our mother may have been quite stern, our parents may have been very focused on good manners and behaviors and not very hugging… We may be very self contained…. or an emotionally frustrated mess! 

 There are of course many more possible interpretations to every symbol than the few examples I’m giving here…


 Symbols are magical doors. They don’t always open onto the same scenery, and there is always room for surprise. 

 All places a particular magical door can lead you to have something in common, but it’s very difficult to be sure of what this common something exactly is… 

One day Saturn will tell you about skin, bones and joints and another day about boundaries, structures and morality. The next time you open the Saturn door, all you get is a great feeling of fear and inadequacy, and if you’re courageous enough to open it again, you may find yourself  at the top of the social ladder, but the day after, you’re a hermit…  the day after the day after, you’re home, because that’s where your responsibilities are, and you’re telling the children how to behave:  you say “YOU MUST” or “YOU HAVE TO” and often you say  “NO NO NO!” … 

 Can you intuit the common something? 

 All we can do with symbols and energies is trying to understand “in spirit”.  However, if understanding in spirit is reading “between the lines” without Saturn, there would be no lines!  Saturn wants a proper formulation. 

 Saturn is the energy that brings us down from spirit to the material plane; concrétisation, materialization, crystalisation….  It’s all about “taking form”… and keeping it.

 Saturn’s Greek name is Chronos, which means time. Time is our limit. We can’t do and be everything. We need to make choices, and stick to them. This can feel very frustrating. Men may dream to love all women. That could be a great plan, but in reality, there is not enough time. Each choice, each commitment implies a renouncement… With Saturn, we need to “face reality”… 

 When the potter make pots, the clay is wet and malleable. Then the pot is left to dry and cooked. The form will be fixed once and for all until it’s broken;  if the pot we’ve made is a square pot, it’s too late to make it round, if it’s round, it’s too late to make it square… This is how Saturn works. Real pots, unlike dreams and ideas,  can’t be one day round and one day square…. 

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 Saturn rules the stern side of education, which is concerned with molding behaviors. “Sit straight, do your homework, say hello, please, thank you and sorry (even if you are not really sorry) don’t lie (unless it’s politeness)  don’t steal, don’t touch your genitals in public, get up early, be on time, respect others” etc etc…. When Saturn becomes excessive, there is nothing left for being emotional or spontaneous, and we end up living in a terrible emotional straitjacket. But without Saturn, nothing in us would be firm enough to stand on our feet… 

 Saturn bring anything that can be painful but necessary. One day the baby has sucked enough milk from mother’s breast. Baby’s teeth are growing. It’s weaning time. These wonderful moments will never happen again. Saturn closes the door and turns the page. Jupiter can keep get us growing….



However, with Saturn, dreams do come true – not all of them, but some of them. Saturn is both frustration and achievement. Saturn can be were we will eventually shine… 

In a birth chart, Saturn shows where we will meet fear, feeling of inferiority, frustrations, obstacles and difficulties, be confronted to the necessity of making choices, put of lot of hard work and learn to deal with reality. Saturn shows where we feel unworthy, incompetent or inadequate.  Saturn shows were are the big obstacles and the big lessons and where we may eventually reach mastery. 

 Saturn in a few keywords… 


Achievement -Restrictions – Discipline – Frustration – Austerity – Mastery – Morality – Inhibitions – Fear – Feeling of Inadequacy – Achievement – Social Status – Responsibility – Ambition – Career – Summit – Duty – Obligations – Interdictions – Form – Behavior – Long term – Time – Structure – Control – Power – Density – Slowness – Seriousness – Ego – Superego – Contraction – Crystallization – Experience – 

 If I kept only three words they could be:  Restriction – Structure – Ambition

Do your homework now! 

Jean-Marc Pierson


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