Every sign has its specialty and Virgo’s is tending to all the little details that everyone else (who isn’t a Virgo misses).  Want a great haircut?  Make sure the stylist is a Virgo.  Need a good carpenter, dentist, or tailor?  If you’re really serious about getting the job done right  don’t be embarrassed, just ask them what sign they are.  The one who says “Virgo” will be the winner and you’ll be glad you did. Virgo’s walk around zeroing in on everything that’s not straight, finely tuned or perfectly cooked; if not the kvetching will never stop.  Living with a Virgo’s criticisms can be irritating to some, especially Sagittarians  who would rather forfeit details altogether.  A Sagittarian carpenter would prefer guestimating to using a level.  Nothing against Sag’s but they are more into the idea of the house rather than how it actually gets built.   Virgo’s just analyze everything.  That’s also why they make good accountants.  They are a methodical sign and probably first coined the phrase “God is in the details.”

Here’s what things would look like if the 6th sign of the zodiac went on vacation.






After researching the Leaning Tower of Pisa it’s hard to tell who to blame for its world renowned tilt. Since time immemorial money has been the root of all evil, so my guess is that somebody got paid off to build on an insecure foundation.  Whoever the engineer or architect was I just bet his name was Sloppy Joe AKA Maglione Informe.  As for myself I prefer Sloppy Guiseppe. History aside, I just like that it is a perfect example of Virgo gone missing.  Thanks to again…money and human’s natural inclination to travel, tourism provided a way to exploit the tower’s defects by turning it into Italy’s cash cow   So if Wikipedia’s data is right,  spin was very much alive even as far back as 644 years ago.

Let this be a lesson to us all, when that Virgo boss makes us want to scream in exasperation because he/she behaves like an anal OCD freak…just know that this sign can’t help straightening crooked picture frames, or pointing out that your eye wear is smudged, or always hands  you a tissue before and after a sneeze. Every sign does what it is born to do and Virgo’s job is to  keep the world tidy and looking like nobody lives in it.

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