Virgo. Almost ready…

To write this post, I had to make a list of topics. In the first draft the list served as an introduction. However, soaked in Virgo spirit, I couldn’t help feeling dissatisfied, write and re write again. As I kept improving the organisation of this presentation, it became clear that I couldn’t fit everything in one single and coherent text. Subtitles became necessary. Some topics on the list became subtitles, other were simply mentioned in the course of the explanations. Eventually, I had to renounce being able to explain everything with absolute clarity with all the details, so you’ll have to make do with the best I can do for now. 

Astrology is a language of symbols; it always opens new ways of understanding, and will never stop. The list of topics or subtitles to cover the subject matter is infinite. There is no last word to God’s creation, we have to accept our limits; humility is the only way to keep peace of mind. 


1 Virgo is the last sign of the first half of the zodiac. 

Summary of the last chaptersSince Aries, the energy has been moving away from the centre. (♂️) The centre is Spirit, or Source, or Tao. Away from  Source we flow into existence. To Ex-ist literally means to be out. To exist, the energy-spirit-consciousness  wraps itself in bodies. There are various planes of existence.  Earth is the element of the densest one: the material plane.  

 Virgo is associated with this element. We are spirits in the material world.  


 In Virgo whatever spirit is coming into existence is completed and perfected. We have already met the Earth element with Taurus.  This sign means more specifically that after the initial impulse of Aries, the energy is becoming or acquiring substance.  

 Taurus doesn’t go into details. Metaphorically speaking, before Taurus, there is no material, only energy, and after Taurus you get a heap of bricks. After Virgo there will be a building. 

I am talking at a very abstract level of meaning. Of course, people born under the sign of Taurus have the reputation of being builders and not just hoarders of heaps of stuff.  Human beings always live all energies because they are so intimately intertwined in the fabric of life. Simply, people with a strong emphasis in Taurus will be more specifically attuned to the idea of giving or acquiring substance. (materialising). Virgo is the sign that means organisation. 

 The signs are grouped in various ways. There are four series of three. Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable is their common pattern. The Cardinal signs give the tone, set the intention, initiate the movement. The energy is focused towards action. Fixed signs concentrate and stabilise.  Mutable signs distribute the energy. Interconnections is a key word. 

The first series: Aries-Taurus-Gemini tells the story of life in very broad lines . This series starts in Fire and we get the “spirit” without entering into details. Aries comes first: there is energy. What is most essential about Earth is that it is substance: Taurus shows there is stuff we are made of. Gemini then, an Air sign, add the third term: information. Energy, substance and information: all there is in the world is made of that. Notice that the Sun is exalted in Aries and the Moon in Taurus. 

Now we are going to tell the story of life again, but there is an environment, a place in space and time from where to start. Roots have become possible. The second series starts with a Feminine, Yin sign: Cancer, ruled by the Moon: the story of life is now told in terms of “formation”. With energy, substance and in-formation, forms are created. 

The Moon is Mother. The adventure starts in a nurturing environment, a womb, a cocoon, a matrix where life can grow. Cancer means both mother and child, as one can’t exist without the other. 

The Moon gives birth to the Sun. 

In Leo is the “Divine Child”. The creator lives at the centre of the creature, the potter is alive within the clay.  Leo means both child and parent, as one can’t exist without the other… In Leo, the parent is a role model, they show the child how to ex-press themselves, through and beyond the form they have been given. The first parent to invite the child to live “beyond mother”…is, archetypically, father. 

After Mother and Father, Virgo, the Virgin, is a young women. 

In Virgo, the creation of the body is perfected. Substance is organised. The body is an organism. Life is organic. In Virgo, Incarnation is achieved.

 Similarly, every time we create something in Leo spirit, we end up working at all the necessary material details with organisation. We become servants of our own creative spirit. 


Bodies are drawings. Spirit is the drawer. Matter is the paint. Virgo is the tip of the paintbrush. 





Virgo is alone. 


Etymologically, “alone” comes from all one. The Great Spirit is all One in an absolute sense. “Before” Yin and Yang, there is no duality. 

However, moving away from Source we experiment ourselves as separated conscious egos Yahoo!! 

The One plays at being many different beings. The individuation process culminates in Virgo. We are microcosmic works in progress. 

We are ears of corn in the fields, we are becoming grains, beautifully aligned, hard, dry, unable to melt and merge…. yet. We are egos. We are seeds. Everyone is one. 

The zodiac is a cycle. The Moon and its phases are the archetype of all cycles. We can superimpose…

Aries is like a New Moon, it’s the starting point. 

Just before the Full Moon, Virgo is final touch before completion. Virgo is individuality. Spirit-consciousness- energy has become an organic whole: some one. 

It takes being one to meet another one. At zero degree Libra, the  energy will be wearing a wedding dress. 

 The Virgin belongs to no man. She is almost ready. She has learned how to cook and heal. She knows how to deal with everyday life. The Moon is her mother, the Sun is her father. She is leaving them behind.

 Before the wedding, the Virgin is alone.


———————————————————————————————————Astrology is a symbolic language 



Just in case… I hope you remember that astrology is a symbolic language. The message of Virgo is not about teenage girls having to refrain from sexuality, no more than Libra means that you have to be officially and religiously married to be with someone. You can follow your own traditions and opinions for these matters. 

Symbols describe life. If the psyche wants to mean “one who is not united to another one” it shows the symbol of a virgin. This can mean “before union” in the context of a union to come. 

Every woman and every man is a virgin before a first kiss… 


She brings an ear of corn. Again, it’s a symbol. We can think of all the work that has been done, from ploughing the fields to harvesting to get this ear of corn. Then we’ll be going to the mill for grinding, with the flour we will make bread, Virgo is showing transformation after transformation, Virgo’s glyph looks like Scorpio’s…

Bread also is a symbol, it means food on the table. Behind the ear of corn we see work, “the daily grind”, we see life skills, including professional ones. 

The medicinal plant, similarly, shows knowledge about body maintenance and health. When the Virgin masters what the two grown up plants she carries symbolize, she is herself a grown up. She doesn’t need her parents to support her anymore. She is ready to get married… or not.  She is independent. 

 ————-                                          ——————–                             ———————


 Body Mind Spirit 

 When a life cycle successfully reaches a Virgo phase, our body, mind and spirit are well aligned. If not, our organisation falls apart. We may worry and feel pain in the tummy. Virgo rules over the intestines, the place where food is broken down into small components and assimilated by the organism or eliminated. Sorting out, discriminating are typical of Virgo activities. 

 An organism is an living organisation. Every organ has a place and a function. No organ wants to beat another organ or take its place. No organ wants all the blood for itself alone. Being humble is knowing one’s place. So in the body, so in nature and so in society… What is health? 

 When we can’t digest our experiences, coping mechanisms turn into bad habits or compulsive rituals; life becomes a mess. Our physical and mental health may deteriorate. We are a nervous wreck. We may need the help of a therapist to analyse: to look into the details of our thoughts , actions and memories and thoroughly discriminate… 

The way we lead our life is a reflection of the state of our mind – or soul. Are we self contained and well integrated within ourselves? Are we dissociated, possessed by conflicting urges, at war with ourselves, possessed by hubris? What kind of partner could we be then? 


I am the Lord’s servant, said a famous virgin. The Lord is the Heart. Its rule is sweet.