Uranus. Expect the unexpected.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are trans personal planets. In the heavens, there are moving very slowly.

In a birth chart, the quickest something moves the more relevant it is to define someone’s unique personality.

 If you joined a group of people who were all born on the same day as you, all your planets would be in the same signs. Only your Ascendant  would point out at something unique about you among them.

 The Ascendant – followed by the whole house system – goes around the zodiac in 24 hours. Nothing is quicker.

 Imagine now that you join a group of people who were born during the same zodiacal month as you. You would have the Sun and almost all the planets in the same signs. Only your Moon and Ascendant (followed by the whole house system) would point out at your unique characteristics in this group…


 Uranus is a collective planet-energy. It takes  84 years to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac, that is  7 years per sign. When you were at school, you probably all had all Uranus in the same sign…


 Now, suppose that something that moves quickly like the Ascendant or a personal planet in your chart points  at Uranus. Suddenly, this background energy comes to the fore in the make up of your personality.

 The General Principle is: the quick moving points value the slower ones. 

So what is Uranus?

 I defined Jupiter as a kind of “Miracle Grow” energy, Saturn as a “Crystallizing” energy.

 Uranus is a “Shake and Change” energy. It works in three phases:  build up of tension – shake and change –  new order

 With Uranus, expect the unexpected.

 In nature, Uranian energy can express as an earthquake or a thunderstorm.

 In the animal kingdom, we can see Uranus in the flight of the fly: it changes direction unexpectedly and repeatedly. It’s useful to be unpredictable when birds call you lunch.


 The platypus or the okapi also look like Uranus at work. They look as if Mother Nature had become a bit crazy and assembled parts belonging to different animals to make a new weird one.

 In the life of civilizations, Uranus brings Coup d’Etats and Revolutions. In relationships, love at first sight or break ups.

Tension tension tension, shake and change, new order…

 In the cartoon telling the story of Archimedes’s life, one day he’s having a bath,  a light bulb suddenly appears above his head and he shouts “Eureka!”

  Uranus is intuition, insight, break through.

 Uranus,  like an architect, works on the design.

 At the level of the plan, you draw, erase, try new things… you can change your mind in the blink of an eye. 
 Uranus is essentially a mental energy.

 It looks irrational in its workings, however in fact it is more rational than usual. Uranus thinks like a scientist, with a methodology that ignore irrational social codes and customs.


 Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign of people who are always prepared to give you ideas, ideas, ideas… visions and ideals.

 Voltaire (Moon in Aquarius, Uranus conjunct Ascendant)  used to call God the “Great Watchmaker”.

  In the spirit of Neptune, God is Love.

 In the spirit of Uranus, God is the Architect of the Universe, the Great Mathematician, the One who set the Sun, the planets and the stars into motion…

 However, Love and Freedom are part of the equations. 
 With Uranus, the Great Mystery we are awakening to is a Universe which works like clockwork AND in which we have free will.

   (We have free will provided we are conscious enough to use it, so let’s wake up!)

   It’s time for a few key words:

  Alternatives – Unexpected – Plans – Future Oriented (a plan is always about the future) – Hopes and Wishes –  Abstract Thinking – Mathematics – Architecture- Freedom – Free Will – Awakening – Consciousness – Ideas and Ideals – Avant guard – Visions- 
 To these we need to add:
 Friendship-  Solidarity- Community – Humanitarian Ideals – Human Society – Individuality – Originality – Rebellion – Independence – Insights -Break up – Electricity – Science – Technology –


 Similar to the paradox of having Free Will in a Universe that works like clockwork is the paradox of being part of something greater than us (human communities, the human species, Life, the Universe ) and to be at the same time absolutely unique individuals.

 The process of individuation Jung talks about is what Uranus wants us to achieve: If we integrate all the different aspects of our psyche in a coherent whole, we become unique and conscious individuals… and universal at the same time.

As long as we remain unconscious, Uranus will shake us until we wake up.

(Routine routine routine, Shit Hitting the Fan! … Mindfulness mindfulness mindfulness… )

horizontal spire.jpg

  Ideally  fully awakened people would not live together conforming to social codes imposed from the outside, but according to their own inner nature.

 Nobody should have to betray their specialness to conform, everybody would co operate freely and contribute to the common good in their own unique way.

 Weirdness would be the accepted norm.

 With such ideal in mind, Uranian people can come across as the most  egocentric, rebel and individualistic of all people, whilst promoting humanitarian ideals such as Freedom, Equality, Fraternity.

 It’s Utopia or Nothing. Uranian people throw spanners in the works. (I am one of those…)

 Let’s explore Uranus a little bit more….

 If Mercury meets Shake and Change Uranus in your chart…. you can’t help but think differently, outside the box and you communicate outside the box as well… The word “idiosyncrasy” was coined to talk about you.


 Don’t wonder why not everybody gets you. If you’re following your own logic rather than the ways people are used to, they won’t follow you, even if your logic is more logical than their habits!

 Don’t worry, next century people will agree with you. eventually.

 Mercury rules studies and Uranus is independent you end up being self taught, and maybe your create a new teaching style..

 Mercury also rules small journeys, and Uranus likes originality, so maybe you’re going from A to B walking on the roof tops or on your hands, unless you’ve got a monocycle… anything unusual can do.

 Mercury writes and Uranus is a visionary and a social architect. Uranus-Mercury writes a  manifesto.

 Your nervous system is amazing. Are you always living in a state of trance?

 … These few examples about Uranus-Mercury are nothing but a few examples. Life will also be larger and more creative than textbooks, that’s why it’s important to understand the spirit of each planet energy…

S1030018 (2).JPG

  If your Venus meets Uranus, all this nonsense, in the contemporary art museums, it’s your fault!

 You are not necessarily gay. Homosexuality is just one among many possible alternatives to mainstream love.

 If you have to chose between love and freedom, you can have both because you love freedom..

 With Venus-Uranus you may experience love at first sight, which is the love equivalent of an “Eureka” moment.

  Maybe you keep repeating the pattern of breaking up or being dumped suddenly and unexpectedly?   To break this pattern, your relationship life has to be a permanent revolution… or dedicated to scientific research or manifest anything that will satisfy Uranus, one way or another… 

 Here are the charts of a couple dedicated to scientific research: Pierre and Marie Curie.

Marie Curie.png

 In Marie’s chart, Uranus is dominant because it is conjunct to an angle of the chart, the Descendant.

It is also connected by a grand trine with the Moon and the Sun. This makes Uranian energy extremely emphasized. .

 It is in the 7th house, the house that is naturally ruled by Venus, house of partnership.


In Pierre’s chart, Uranus seems less important, however it is conjunct to the Sun and half square to Venus.

 Pluto is another collective planet which is especially appropriate for researchers and very emphasized in both of their charts. 


   The only Revolution we Need is a Revolution in Consciousness, People!

   Have a good life!

   Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer