Understanding Venus

Venus attracts, charms, values, glues, enjoys, entices, loves, likes, feels, relates, sings, paints, decorates, dresses up, is beautiful, gets in touch, chats, socialises, eats… and owns.
Venus, like Mars, desires and makes love. 

Venus wants to have. Venus wants to bind, to attach, to keep, to cast spells…

Her favourite game is “catch me if you can”.   

“I want to be loved by you,
Just you and nobody else but you
I want to be loved by you
Alone…. poo poo pi doo!”
Venus brings social skills. The Goddess of love can only know what makes things work between people. 

When we tell others how beautiful, how great, how funny, how wonderful they are, when we say “You’re a star.” “You’re a gem.”or  “You’ve done an amazing job!”, when we tell them we are grateful for who they are or what they do, we value them. We make people feel good about themselves and it becomes possible and easy to get what social animals want: company, help, attention, protection, security and pleasures. We find friends, allies, companions, lovers. We know how to be with others. That’s what Venus is about. 

 To be able to value others we need to believe in our own worth and feel comfortable enough in our own skin. When we feel insecure, nervous, self conscious things don’t work well.  A compliment by an ugly duckling is not a compliment by a swan. Ugly ducklings sometimes try to convince others that the ugliest ducklings are them. It’s understandable. It’s terrible to be the ugliest duckling.  
 If Venus is afflicted in a chart, we can get caught in spirals of negative values. We should do to others as we would have them do to us, because others usually do to us as we do to them. If we do to them as they did to us as we did to them as they did to us, and if the result is painful, we better come back and work on our own sense of self worth, and maybe ask for help… 
If there is only one key word to remember about Venus, it is “Value”. 
We don’t value intellectually. We like, we love, we desire, we admire… On social media, what we write is from Mercury, but the smileys, likes, loves, laugh, sad, angry express Venus. 
 If we remember only two key words for Venus, let them be “Value” and “Relationship”. 
S1000001 (3).JPG
If you can remember three words, remember “Glue” as well.  Mercury links, Venus create bonds. 
Ah yes, please, remember also “Harmony”. That’s all what Venus wishes for, in love, in bed and in art galleries. 

Remember also “Enjoy!”

 Without pleasure, is life worth living? 
Astrology is mental yoga. It consists of understanding energies enough to guess what happens when you mix them. The more we become familiar with what the planet energies are by themselves, the easier it will be to understand how signs, houses and other planets sending aspects will precise or modify their expression. I hope you enjoyed this Venusian ballad! 
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Jean-Marc Pierson