The Full Moon in Pisces (and Mercury stations) 2022

September 9th ~ 16th

“Figure in Moonlight” by John Atkinson Grimshaw

Wandering in a vast forest at night, I have only a faint light to guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: ‘My friend, you should blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly.’ The stranger is a theologian. ~ Denis Diderot

The Full Moon in Pisces is a time of culmination and release. Friday night/Saturday we have the Full Moon at 17º Pisces 41’ conjunct Juno and Neptune, and tightly sextile Uranus. It becomes exact just hours after Mercury stations for its retrograde phase. We are being asked to both slow down and pause. It is time to release, revise, reassess, and move on, processing what we have learned along the way. Dream deep, and find ways to connect with yourself. It will help to bring you where you need to be, even if it requires some twists and turns before we get there.

We now have 6 planets retrograde, plus Chiron. Mars has also just entered the shadow of its retrograde phase which begins on October 30th. We are going back over old territory, revising, reviewing, reflecting and purging. This is when we fix the broken parts, edit the manuscripts and prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically for what may come. It is hard to make progress at these times, as it can feel as if we are swimming against the tide, but it is also an opportunity to go back and do things the right way. Even if it does feel a little redundant.

We are going into retreat mode with the station of Mercury. And the Pisces Full Moon is the added admonition to retreat into the recesses of our being in order to do some serious inner work. Magical, mystical, and dreamy, the Pisces Full Moon lures us into the beyonds of our imagination, and taunts us from the fringes of our nightmares. Ungrounded, uncertain we search for a light to guide our way.

The Full Moon is conjunct the asteroid Juno. Playfully plotting, with Neptune who is not too far afield, she conspires to cast a veil over the proceedings. Combined with a now retrograde Mercury in Libra, we are not quite so sure who we can or cannot trust. Are there ulterior motives afoot? Am I blinded by the charismatic glamour that outshines the truth hidden amongst the cobwebs and dark hidden recesses? Am I being hopelessly deceived by seeing only what I want to see? Who and what can I trust in this uncertain atmosphere?

When immersed in the Piscean waters, and enraptured by Neptune, it may be hard to see our way forward. There is a light at the corners of our vision, but we may not catch it. It is fleeting, but sure. The Full Moon is making a close sextile to Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. It is a reminder of what is to come as we approach eclipse season at the end of October. And we are being asked to discriminate between the actual truth, and the glamour that is trying to lead us astray.

The retrogrades are asking us to take our time. Don’t rush. By being willing to sit with uncertainty, we are also trusting that the truth will be revealed, as it will, in its own time. It is also preventing us from diving into depths that are likely to be way over our heads.

“Therefore,” adds Plato, “remain silent in the presence of the divine ones, till they remove the clouds from thy eyes and enable thee to see by the light which issues from themselves, not what appears as good to thee, but what is intrinsically good.” ~ H.P. Blavatsky (The Key to Theosophy)

Full Moons can be illuminating. Sometimes they show us things that so change our reality that we cannot quite see things the same way again. That’s kind of what is happening with the series of Full Moons that we are currently working through, culminating with the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. In some way it feels like we are needing to blow out the false lights leading us here and there, in order to see the true light which is emanating from within. And that is the light that can totally shift our perspective. The light that can lead the way out of the darkness.

The Full Moon in Pisces is an opportunity for us to connect with our innermost and most divine aspect of ourselves. Here are some ways to help make that connection:

  • Dreams: Pay attention to your dreams. Even daydreaming can tune you in. Our inner Self speaks to us in symbols and metaphors through these dream states. Know that these are your own personal symbols, therefore it is up to you to define and interpret them.

  • Mystical and Spiritual practices: Whether that be through prayer, chanting, or some sort of divine meditation. Whatever medium that allows you to connect with that divine center within you, will be more powerful within the rays of the Full Moon in Pisces.

  • Imaging and visualizing: Indulge your imagination and your fantasies. Find your muse. Whether that be music, color, the light, nature. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to a period in history. Your imagination is trying to show you something about yourself and your true heart center. Indulge it.

  • Compassionate service: Good deeds, kindness and charity blossom in the halls of Pisces. We are all swimming in this same great Ocean of Life together. And these rifts in the veil are reminders that we are not alone.

Use the Full Moon on the night of the 9th or 10th to find your own best ways to connect with self. Turn down the noise, bathe in the light of the brilliant Full Moon. Contemplate, meditate, ruminate and reflect. Unwrap and retrieve out your favorite tools of divination. The Full Moon in Pisces is our portal to our own inner divine nature. All you need is the key to open the door to the divine within.