The Full Moon in Gemini and the Mars Opposition

December 2nd ~ 9th

NASA images: credit given to Mike Linnehan

Truth is like the Sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away. ~ Elvis Presley

The Mars opposition occurs in the middle of the Mars retrograde phase, approximately every 26 months. This year, the Mars opposition occurs simultaneously with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th or 8th, depending on where you are in the world. At 16º’02’ of Gemini, the Full Moon will then temporarily occult Mars, eclipsing it from the night sky. It is at the time of this opposition that Mars is at its closest to the earth in its orbit, and otherwise at its brightest.

Astrologically this makes for a feisty, raucous and potentially angry Full Moon period. Emotions will be raw and on the surface. Tempers will flare, and passions will smolder. In Sagittarius season the urge to have our say will be especially strong, but will also be that much more difficult to contain. Therefore take this one with a grain of caution, understanding that there are consequences for what we say and do.

Never will we feel so aware of the consequences of our own words and actions than we will with this Full Moon in Gemini. 

The Full Moon could be raucous, emotional, and perhaps a little loud. More so than usual because it is being riled up by this lawless and un-contained Mars. We’ve been seeing Mars in Gemini doing its work on the global stage. Major and unprecedented protests have erupted throughout the world. In Iran people have been taking major risks by staging protests, which began when a woman died in custody, after having been arrested and held by the police for not wearing adequate head covering. In China the powerful Zero Covid protests have evolved into an also unprecedented cascade of growing grievances, while rallies in support of the China protests have spread throughout the world.

Notably, with Mars retrograde in the sign of communications and square nebulous Neptune, there has been a wave of people symbolically speaking out without saying anything. Instead protestors are seen holding up blank sheets of paper. Students near Beijing added a twist to the wordless campaign by holding up a sign showing only a mathematical equation. That equation was originally formulated by a physicist whose last name, Friedmann, translates as ‘free man’ in China.

In Sagittarius season we become seekers of truth. With Neptune stationing in Pisces on December 3rd at cross angles to the Sagittarius planets, we struggle with the truth being obscured, manipulated, modified and withheld. But in the brilliant light of the Full Moon the truth will not be hidden for long. Facts will be revealed, truths come out and secrets disclosed.

It will be all we can do to contain the bold, restless energy of the Full Moon, but it might be wise to refrain from action until you have all the facts. Step back and see what is being revealed first. And then draw your conclusions later when we emerge from the shadow of the Neptune squares. The symbolism of the blank papers that the protestors proffer is perhaps enough for now, letting others know that they already know what we have to say, without actually having to say it. A symbolic, Neptunian gesture, that says everything without the words.

In the potential cacophony of the Gemini Full Moon, we may still want to find some rare moments of silence and withdrawal in our lives. If only for a moment. When Neptune stations as it will on December 3rd it is square the planets transiting in the sign of Sagittarius, which could drown out the still small voice of spirit that can come with the stations of Neptune.

For the past 5 months that Neptune has been in its retrograde phase we have been getting in touch with our own inner Neptune: the behests of spirit, those things that bring meaning to our lives, our most cherished ideals, dreams and fantasies. And now that Neptune is stationing for its direct phase once again, we are approaching that time of year in which we attempt to put those ideals into practice and application. This is when we ask ourselves, what it is that we need to change or adjust, in order to make those ideals a closer, more achievable reality?

Watch for vivid dreams, intuitive flashes of insight, and an increase in our sensory perceptions this week. Neptune is speaking to us in its own silent voice, in its own way. Even if it hasn’t the words to do so.