Mercury Retrograde In Cancer: Nostalgia Trip

MERCURY RETROGRADE – June 18 to July 12, 2020

We are heading closer to the next Mercury Retrograde phase which begins this week. This is a strange Mercury Retrograde because it happens during eclipse season. There’s already been so much talk about the eclipses that the trickster planet Mercury has almost been forgotten.

Take Your Time

In fact, the general themes of both eclipses and Mercury Retrograde are similar, that something’s hidden. The same advice applies to both, play a waiting game until a new picture is revealed and whatever’s been hidden comes to light.

Mercury turns direct at 14 Cancer, the opposite degree to the final Lunar Eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle on July 5th, at 13 Capricorn. Therefore, the two are linked and we need to wait for this ‘topsy-turvy’ picture to unfold and see what will be revealed further down the line.

Personally, I wouldn’t start booking trips or leaping back into ‘normal life’ just yet, even though many countries are starting to open up. Instead, play a waiting game for a few weeks yet. Explore your options for sure but take your time and don’t rush back out into the world.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • June 2 2020: Mercury was at 5 Cancer – the shadow period begins
  • June 18 2020 (05:59 GMT+1): Mercury turns retrograde [14 Cancer 46]
  • July 1 2020: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde – 9 Cancer
  • July 12 2020 (09:26 GMT+1): Mercury turns direct [5 Cancer 30]
  • July 26 2020: Mercury reaches 14 Cancer – shadow period ends

The fact that Mercury is retrograding in Cancer seems fitting for our current times. Cancer is the star sign which represents home & family, also the past and where you come from.

Some of you may be reconnecting with family or loved ones who you haven’t seen for some time. And, this would be an ideal time to do so, as long as you stay safe & keep social distancing.

Looking Back In Joy

It’s also a time when many of us will be feeling wistful about the past which got me thinking about nostalgia. I found a wonderful article on the internet talking about the importance of past connections and looking back in joy. It talked about how nostalgia can elevate themes of meaningfulness, connectedness and continuity in your life.

Nostalgia means ‘the longing to return home’ and this is a powerful Mercury retrograde to remind yourself of the people & places no longer in your life and what they meant and mean to you.

It’s not about ruminating over the past or lamenting what’s lost. Instead, it’s about enjoying your memories and dwelling in happy times to help you deal with whatever situation you find yourself in right now.

Hold that thought and use this Mercury retrograde phase to reconnect with people from your past and to reflect on your life. Review your options so you have some clarity when the time is right to move forwards once again.


Re-member that all the re-words belong to Mercury retrograde, including re-st and re-treat. On that note, I’m going to be taking a couple of weeks off work starting during Mercury retrograde.

I’ll put the dates on my website, so you know when I’m available for astrology readings and when I’ll be putting my feet up and reminiscing.

What It Means For You

Here are the key areas of upper life where Mercury retrograde (& the eclipses) are currently stirring things up.

The advice is take the pace slow in the areas mentioned – explore your options but don’t make the big decisions just yet. Read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign if you know it:

  • Cancer – personal goals/aims, identity, image & self-perception
  • Leo – inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
  • Virgo – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
  • Libra – career & vocation, status & reputation, future goals
  • Scorpio – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
  • Sagittarius – joint finances & shared resources, all things hidden & taboo, the metaphysical realm
  • Capricorn – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, opponents
  • Aquarius – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
  • Pisces – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
  • Aries – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
  • Taurus – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
  • Gemini – money & assets, values & self-worth

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Be in flow & use the timing of astrology to your advantage.

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A New Eclipse Cycle Begins

LUNAR ECLIPSE [15 Sagittarius 34]

– June 5, 2020 (20:12 GMT+1)

This month’s Full Moon is special because it’s a Lunar Eclipse, when the light of the Moon is ‘eclipsed’ in its relationship with the Sun & Earth.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun & Moon are at opposite sides of the zodiac and the karmic nodes, points of destiny, are pulled into this major planetary pattern.

A shadow is thrown during an eclipse which is why eclipse symbolism is said to be ‘shadowy’ & hidden. Once the shadow lifts, it brings what’s hidden to light or sheds a new perspective on a current situation.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action and it’s not a good date to undertake a major project.

Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

This is the first eclipse in a new eclipse cycle which cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac. These two star signs are ruled by Mercury & Jupiter respectively.

They represent schools, education, language, foreign connections, travel, the media & the law, also religion. They are about communication, data and the flow of information.

Eclipse cycles re-occur approximately every 18-19 years. The last eclipse cycle here was December 2001 to November 2003, the previous one was June 1982 to December 1984. The current eclipse cycle will last until December 2021.

This is important for you if you’re one of the mutable star signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Also, if the eclipses impact on key angles or planets in your birth chart. Use a 1 degree orb. Here’s the full eclipse cycle:

  • Lunar Eclipse [15 Sagittarius 34] – June 5 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [8 Gemini 38] – November 30 2020
  • Solar Eclipse [23 Sagittarius 08] – December 14 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [5 Sagittarius 26] – May 26 2021
  • Solar Eclipse [19 Gemini 47] – June 10 2021
  • Solar Eclipse [12 Sagittarius 22] – December 4 2021

Square Mars & Neptune

This powerful Lunar Eclipse is made even more potent by the fact that it falls exactly square to Mars at 15 Pisces. Mars adds heat & tension, the God of war. If you haven’t already felt this powerful eclipse energy building, especially in the USA, you’re either not alive or disconnected from the world.

During this Eclipse, Mars is conjunct Neptune at 20 Pisces, a symbol of strife (Mars) & suffering (Neptune). Neptune represents sacrifice and is often evident in issues around race & discrimination.

These two planets make their exact conjunction on June 13th, so the volatile situation in the States and around the world is likely to peak during the Eclipse but its consequences won’t die down quickly – and rightly so.

On a personal level, tread cautiously around your relationships. Tempers could flare quickly and Mars adds impetuosity and impulsive action. This weekend’s eclipse falls slap-bang in the middle of the two star signs, at 15 degrees, as we dive straight in.

And, for some people, this could be the right time to clear the air, to get issues out in the open, to start the conversation moving, albeit dramatically. If you’re looking for an awakening, here it comes. Eclipses are often signposts, turning points in your life. They are significators of change.

Eclipses are linked to endings and beginnings. One door closes and a new door opens, someone or something is ‘eclipsed’.  Sometimes, the timing can be exact and events prove dramatic. Other times, there’s barely a flutter.

Alternatively, this week’s eclipse may trigger a slow course of change as a series of small events move you in a new direction from now up until the next eclipse in this cycle on November 30, 2020.

Honour The Moon

As this is a Full Moon eclipse, listen to your intuition and slow down the pace. Consider your inner voice, the messages that life’s sending you. Be patient now and questioning and be aware that emotions are running high. This is a time of powerful energy in the cosmos.

As the planetary patterns are a reflection of life here on earth, you too may be in the midst of some powerful change and transformation, whether inner or outer.

This eclipse will be a partial eclipse, i.e. it will only cover a portion of the Moon. You won’t see it at all if you’re in the USA and in other parts of the world, it won’t look that different.

It is, however, powerful eclipse energy and the Full Moon remains an awesome sight lighting up the dark night sky. Enjoy the Moon’s majesty this weekend.

Key Areas To Note

Here’s a guide to the areas of your life where you may experience the theme of endings and beginnings. Or, you’re being called forth on a path of change & transformation. Read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign:

  • Gemini & Sagittarius: 1st/7th houses – RELATIONSHIPS/IDENTITY – your image & appearance, personal goals, your identity; love & relationships, significant others, agreements & conflicts, contracts & joint ventures
  • Cancer/Capricorn: 12th/6th houses – WORK/LIFESTYLE – retreat, quiet, solitude, a spiritual path; your health & work, what you sacrifice for others, being of service
  • Aquarius & Leo: 11th/5th houses – SOCIAL GROUPS/SELF-EXPRESSION – your friends, groups, politics & social issues; your children, creativity, love affairs, what you ‘give birth to’.
  • Pisces & Virgo: 10th/4th houses – FOUNDATIONS/FUTURE PATH – your career & vocation, your status & reputation, where you’re heading in life; your home & family, your past & roots, where you come from.
  • Aries & Libra: 3rd/9th houses – LEARNING/BELIEFS – your education, neighbours & siblings, how you communicate; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, religion, where you find meaning in life.
  • Taurus & Scorpio: 2nd/8th houses – MONEY/SELF-WORTH – money, possessions, where your values lie; your joint finances, your sexuality, all things hidden, the unconscious, the metaphysical realm.

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Sun Conjunct Venus: Cazimi

In ancient times, Venus was thought to be a star rather than a planet as she was so bright in the night sky – we’ve witnessed Venus’ beauty over the last few weeks. Yet, now Venus has disappeared from view.

This is because Venus is reaching the mid-way point of her retrograde cycle which takes place today on June 3rd.

The mid-way point is significant because it’s when the Sun and Venus are at the exact same point in the zodiac. This conjunction of the Sun and Venus retrograde is a symbolic turning point and there’s magic in the moment the Sun & Venus unite.

This is called cazimi in astrology when a planet is illuminated by the rays of the Sun. The exact time of the Sun-Venus cazimi moment is 18:44 GMT+1 but Venus will have her audience with the Sun for a few hours either side.

The Dance Of Venus

This is called an inferior conjunction and it’s the time when Venus is shifting from an evening star to a morning star in the night sky. In other words, Venus has disappeared from the sky after sunset and you will need to wake before sunrise to see Venus once she emerges again in a week or so.

Venus becomes invisible as she merges with the Sun and the symbolism suggests her descent into the Underworld. She disappears from sight and reappears reborn.

The first half of the retrograde cycle is more reflective, when you turn inwards for deep insight. You learn more about yourself, especially in relation to love, money and creativity, Venus’ themes.

The Sun illuminates Venus as they sit side by side in the zodiac, the mid-way point, and this is considered a rebirth moment. Venus is regathering her strength as she reconnects with her passion.

Venus The Harmoniser

The pattern that Venus makes in relation to the Sun and Earth in her long & complex journey is beautiful. There’s a perfect flow and symmetry and the resulting movement of Venus in relation to the earth resembles a 5 petalled-flower – see picture above. Ancient peoples called Venus the harmoniser.

Venus is the planet of beauty as well as love. when either is in flow, you often experience a sense of awe and wonder. This is cosmic harmony, in tune with the universe, the perfect note, a flawless sequence.

Venus’ cycle through the universe is a feature of this cosmic order as the 8 year pattern repeats almost exactly. Which means if you want to know what this year’s Venus retrograde in Gemini will bring into your life or how to work with it, look back to the events of May/June 2012, 2004 & 1996.

There is a slight shift backwards in the zodiac so this perfect pattern doesn’t work going back into infinity but it is pretty accurate for the last few occasions.

Here’s the current cosmic pattern of Venus’ transit through Gemini, the sign of the twins:

  • Venus enters Gemini – April 3, 2020
  • Venus turns retrograde [21 Gemini 50] – May 13, 2020
  • Sun conjunct Venus R [13 Gemini 35] – June 3, 2020 [18:44 GMT+1]
  • Venus turns direct [5 Gemini 20] – June 25, 2020
  • Venus leaves Gemini – August 7, 2020

Admittedly, this week’s Sun/Venus conjunction is caught up in other planetary activity. The powerful Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and a clashing square to Mars, the planet of anger & violence on June 3rd & 6th. Yet, in the midst of strife & discord, the call for unity is stronger than ever.

Use this week’s Sun/Venus cazimi conjunction to make the right connections, to ‘have your audience with the King’, seek illumination & enlightenment, honour love & beauty, & pray to the Goddess of harmony.

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Tips For The New Moon in Gemini

New Moon [2 Gemini 05]

London – May 22, 2020 (18:39 GMT+1)

New York – May 22, 2020 (13:39 GMT-4)

Sydney – May 23, 2020 (03:39 GMT+10)

The week ends with the New Moon in Gemini, the sign of duality. Gemini rules communications which means this could be a big weekend for talk, conversation and negotiations.

So, find yourself a friend (or an enemy), have those all important heart-to-hearts and use the dynamic New Moon energy to start the ball rolling, initiate a conversation and get things moving.

Here’s all you need to know about this month’s New Moon. Seven ways to make the most of this lively Gemini star sign energy.

1. Be still during the exact time of the New Moon. It’s ideal for meditation, active gratitude and thinking ahead.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky a day or two after the New Moon date (see below). When you first catch sight of the new moon, set your intentions. Write them down, say them out loud. This is the time to use the pro-active energy of the New Moon.

3. Pick up the phone, send an email, fire off a text. This is an excellent opportunity to book an appointment, line up a meeting or interview or apply for a job or new role. Gemini’s nature is quick and lively. Use witty repartee to get yourself noticed.

4. Read a book, do puzzles, study something new, go back to school. Being curious is a key Gemini trait. Research proves that using your mind and brain power keeps you youthful and engaged in life. Master a language, hone your skills, keep learning.

5. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is also in Gemini during the New Moon & conjunct Venus, a symbol of social connections. However, it won’t be long before Mercury turns retrograde on June 18th and Mercury enters its shadow phase at the beginning of June. Another reason to be spontaneous and speedy. Ideally, make your key moves over the next fortnight.

6. Gemini rules siblings and neighbours, also your local community. Which people are foreground in your life and how can you use your connections to benefit one another? Who can you reach out to this weekend, who can you help?

7. Question everything. Gemini is one of the mutable star signs, changeable and restless. Most Geminis have a flip side to their nature and don’t always say what they mean. Doing nothing isn’t an option right now. Instead, be curious, question everything, don’t believe everything you hear. Gemini’s the trickster who keeps everyone on their toes and Neptune is prominent all month with its themes of fantasy & unreality. Don’t be fooled!

8. Where’s Saturn in your chart? Saturn in Aquarius makes a supportive trine aspect to the Gemini New Moon. And, Saturn is at 1 degree Aquarius, close to where the significant Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place later this year on December 21, 2020. Therefore, this is the time to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead. What you start right now can sow seeds that will flourish later in the year.

9. Look upwards. When you’re searching for the crescent Moon in the night sky this weekend, look for Venus & Mercury. Venus has been a bright star for some time but is dipping closer to the horizon as she prepares to head into the underworld and return as a morning star. If you look west just after sunset, you may be able to find Venus close to the crescent Moon and a fainter star, Mercury. They are all close together – May 24th is the best date for stargazing.

Here are the areas of your life to make a fresh start, communicate & explore new ideas:

  • Aries – local community, ideas, communications
  • Taurus – money & values
  • Gemini – personal goals, image & identity
  • Cancer – your inner world, retreat & self-care
  • Leo – friends, groups & wider society
  • Virgo – career & status
  • Libra – your place in the world, study & education
  • Scorpio – joint finances & sexuality
  • Sagittarius – love & relationships, contracts
  • Capricorn – job & health, service to others
  • Aquarius – birth i.e. kids, romance, creative projects
  • Pisces – home & family

Happy New Moon In Gemini – keep it real

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Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Make-believe

Venus, the planet ruling love & money, art & beauty turns retrograde today May 13, 2020. This means she will be moving in reverse, backwards through the zodiac until June 25, 2020.

So what does Venus retrograde mean for you, what do you need to avoid and how can you make the most of Venus’ change of direction?

Retrograde Venus

When a planet turns retrograde, its energy is said to be weakened. Venus, the planet, will disappear from the night sky and return as a morning star. She’ll be hidden from view for a short while during the next six weeks.

This gives you a clue as to the themes of Venus retrograde. What’s hidden from you or is changing direction? Traditionally, this is not the time to engage avidly with Venusian pursuits, i.e. don’t marry, have cosmetic surgery or make a major investment. This is because you may regret your decisions or choices once Venus is back up to speed.

When planets are retrograde, their attention and focus is turned inwards. You may be reflecting about love, what it means to you, whether you’re in the right relationship, what sort of relationship you want, etc.

Money too may fall under the cosmic microscope during this retrograde phase. A time when you need to let go of some of your long-held beliefs or ideas around money, when you need to explore new ways to make money. For now, favour contemplation and experimentation rather than out-and-out action.

Sometimes, a lover goes absent or quiet on you during Venus retrograde. Alternatively, you’re the one who needs to retreat.

As with all retrograde phases, Venus retrograde connects you to the past. You may hear from an ex or a childhood sweetheart. If you still have fond feelings for someone in your own past, this is a good time to get back in touch to explore those feelings once again.

Venus In Gemini

Venus is turning retrograde in Gemini, the sign of communication. Traditionally, Venus in Gemini moves with a light step and likes to keep the emotional realm moving and easy. This is not the time to make a commitment or torture yourself with a major decision.

As Gemini likes to communicate, you could find that romantic poetry pours out of you during this Venus retrograde phase. Or, a desire to write love letters or chat or gossip about love. You may be craving hugs too.

The last Venus retrograde phase took place in October/November 2018 when Venus dived deep into Scorpio. This was a passionate and intense retrograde phase, revealing the deep and dark places within.

Venus retrograde in Gemini has the potential to be more playful, more go-with-the flow. However, there is a sense of not knowing during this Venus retrograde and needing to being ok with that.

Gemini is the trickster, so be wary of promises made during this Venus retrograde phase. Words can have a double meaning and Venus retrograde in Gemini can make for a fickle or changeable love life.

Also, don’t believe everything you hear during the next six weeks. This applies to the news and the media as well as personal relationships.

At the very least, try not to make assumptions. Play with words, allow yourself to be in two minds about love and keep your options open until Venus turns direct. Know that other people may be doing the same.

Venus Square Neptune

As Venus turns retrograde today, she is square to Neptune, adding to the veil of fantasy & illusion, secrets & lies. Venus is in Neptune’s realm throughout May, conjuring up a time of make-believe.

This is ideal for channelling your imagination and dreams into art or creating beauty. Or, finding your form of escape from the world, e.g. music, poetry or film.

Use this time to reassess what you value in life, where your desires lie and to recognise who or what’s important to you. You’ll benefit from a slower pace, so allow life to unfold.

Use this retrograde period to alter your perspective, gain insight into your needs and learn more about what you truly love and desire.

Wait until late June before making up your mind about any Venus-related issue. Apply what you’ve learned during the retrograde phase once Venus emerges from her journey into the underworld.

Dates & Degrees

The most intense dates during this whole phase are the start and end of the retrograde period when Venus’ energy is most concentrated.

The key dates and degrees to note are May 13 – 22 Gemini (retrograde phase) and June 25 – 5 Gemini (direct phase). Notice what happens in your own life as Venus switches direction. What messages or synchronicities is she offering?

Venus retrograde can symbolise a change of heart. Yet, don’t rush or demand answers. Once Venus turns back to direct motion at the end of June, you may view your relationship or love from a fresh perspective.

We are moving into a six week period of experimentation, a time of unknowing when things may need to unravel and be talked about before they can be woven back together.

What It Means For You

Venus retrograde will fall in a particular sector of your horoscope. This is where you’re being asked to tread lightly. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

  • Gemini: Your personal relationship with love, your ability to love more than one person, your body, your image & appearance
  • Cancer: Unrequited feelings, love affairs, private yearnings, secrets, your inner journey & spiritual path, your creative source
  • Leo: Love & friendship, your love for a group of people, for society, for humanity
  • Virgo: Love & business, your status, your career & vocation, finding fame
  • Libra: Foreign connections & loving relationships, gaining knowledge & new experiences where you find meaning in life
  • Scorpio: Your sexuality & sex life, your joint finances, e.g. with institutions or exes.
  • Sagittarius: Your relationships, both personal & professional, your 1-to-1’s
  • Capricorn: Everyday love, how you serve other people, your work & lifestyle, your health & well-being
  • Aquarius: Romance & love affairs, your creativity, your children, what brings you pleasure
  • Pisces: Your family, love & past connections, your home & property
  • Aries: Flirtation, love letters, your local community, your siblings & neighbours
  • Taurus: What you value highly in life, your love of money & assets, your self-worth

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Scorpio Full Moon: Going In Deep

FULL MOON [17 Scorpio 20]

London – May 7 2020 (12:45 GMT+1))

New York – May 7 2020 (08:45 GMT-4)

Sydney – May 7 2020 (21:45 GMT+10)

This week’s Full Moon falls in Scorpio. It’s the last of three Super Moons in a row, which means they’re closer to the earth than usual and more beautiful to behold. Do make sure you go out and gaze at its beauty in the night sky.

The Moon reaches its peak during the Full Moon phase. The deep & dark water sign, Scorpio, is linked to healing, regeneration & transformation.

Scorpio rules sex, money, death & rebirth and all things taboo. It’s about the psyche and what’s hidden. Scorpio’s keyword is power, whether you use it to good or bad effect. We’re hanging out in the underworld, the night world when we’re in Scorpio’s domain.

Full Moon Energy

Full Moons are a time when emotions are heightened and important matters can be brought to completion. Full Moons are linked to pregnancy and giving birth. The light of the Full Moon shines on all areas and this can be exposing, sometimes confrontational.

In Scorpio, you can enter into the dark, untouched places releasing emotions that have been hidden away or ignored. You encounter the shadow side of life. By digging deep, you find the part of yourself that’s fearless, authentic and real.

This is not always a comfortable place to be. If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio planets in your chart, you might already understand that a journey through the underworld can unearth hidden riches.

When you explore and embrace all of life, the dark as well as the light, you tend to emerge wiser and stronger for the experience.

Cycle of Life & Death

The cycle of life and death is clearly shown through the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in the earth sign Taurus linked to nature and growth and the Moon is in the water sign Scorpio linked to death, also rebirth. Regeneration, compost, the eternal cycle of life and death which is never-ending.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can highlight where you need to be healed and where best to channel your own healing abilities. You might uncover issues around power or where you feel powerless. You might discover where you’re in control and where you can tap into your own inner power to accomplish incredible feats.

This is the perfect opportunity to make an important decision in your own life and trust your intuition in doing so. At the Full Moon it’s about doing what “feels” right rather than what you think you should be doing. Be confident and stand strong in your power.

Moon Lore

The Moon has always been linked with women and in ancient times, Moon Goddesses ruled. Women were fertile, creators, the ones who gave birth to new life.

The Moon played an important part in agriculture and food, vital elements, and time was defined by the 13-month lunar calendar. Each month consists of approximately 28 days, one whole cycle of the Moon as it waxes and wanes from Full Moon to New Moon and back to Full Moon. A woman’s menstrual cycle synchronises with the Moon’s phases.

Mercury sextile Neptune

Also, during this Full Moon, there are two key planets pulled in to the magic. They are Mercury in Taurus, the planet of communication and Neptune in Pisces, the planet of dreams & the imagination, both at 20 degrees of their respective star signs.

This combination feels ideal for making a wish, it suggests vivid dreams, a time to listen closely to your subconscious, the night world. Find the earthy, wild place within yourself that knows how to conjure up new ideas, new longings, new passions. Dig deep to discover what’s being sourced within you.

This is a powerful Full Moon, one that’s perfect for ritual & honouring the instinctive, intuitive side of life. Switch off your mind, be in your body & feel your connection to the earth, to your people, the links that bind us all together.

The Moon in Scorpio is especially witchy and magical and taps into all things dark and hidden. It’s a Full Moon ripe with power and potential.

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The Karmic Nodes: What The New Gemini-Sagittarius Cycle Means For You

The Lunar Nodes are the points where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun’s path in the sky. Karmic points in astrology, the Nodes are also called the Dragon’s Head and Tail.

In your birth chart, the nodes help reveal your soul purpose, your destiny in this lifetime.

This week on May 5, 2020, the Lunar Nodes move into new zodiac signs. The North Node moves into Gemini and the South Node moves into Sagittarius where they will remain for the next 18 months, until January 19, 2022.

The Nodal Cycle takes approximately 18-19 years. The last two times the Lunar Nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius in the same combination were October 13, 2001 to April 14, 2003 and March 17, 1983 to September 12, 1984. How do events back then mirror what’s happening in your life now?

Whichever sign and house you find the North Node in, the South Node is always in the opposite sign and house. The placing of the North Node is what you’re striving or aiming for in this lifetime. It’s your life lesson, your destiny and your major area of learning.

The South Node is where you retreat to, your comfort zone, your habitual place. In traditional astrology, it can indicate your downfall and what’s not good for you. If you believe in past lives, it’s thought that you’re stuck in your South Node destiny until you break free, stop repeating the same patterns and move on.

The Lunar Nodes & Eclipses

The Lunar Nodes are an integral part of the eclipse cycle and their meaning for you may start to kick in more once the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle begins in June 2020.

However, if you have key planets/angles at 29 degrees of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, you may already feel that this is a pivotal turning point in your life. Like the eclipse cycles, the nodes move backwards through the zodiac so this is where they start the new cycle.

Eclipses are not by their nature good nor bad. Yes, they can sweep in to move things forward in life, sometimes at a fast rate and they tend to bring what’s hidden to light.

It can be hard to plan for them other than recognise that they often coincide with life’s highs and lows. They symbolise a time when the pendulum of fate swings dramatically and that can be both exhilarating and scary.

Sometimes, change happens close to the eclipse date or seeds are sown and events build towards a major turning point. Ideally, you’re wise not to plan big events for eclipse dates. Instead, wait a few days and see what’s revealed as the light returns and a new landscape is revealed.

Here are the dates of the upcoming Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle:

  • Lunar Eclipse [15 Sagittarius 34] – June 5 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [8 Gemini 38] – November 30 2020
  • Solar Eclipse [23 Sagittarius 08] – December 14 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [5 Sagittarius 26] – May 26 2021
  • Solar Eclipse [19 Gemini 47] – June 10 2021
  • Solar Eclipse [12 Sagittarius 22] – December 4 2021

The New Nodal Axis – Gemini/Sagittarius

With the current shift in the nodal axis, it’s important to think about the signs involved and what they represent. The nodes are leaving the star signs Cancer and Capricorn, where they’ve been since November 7, 2018.

Cancer and Capricorn are the star signs that represent your foundations, home (Cancer) and work (Capricorn). They represent country & clan (Cancer), government & big business (Capricorn).

On a global level, we can see how major this cycle has been. The last set of eclipses in Cancer & Capricorn took place on December 26, 2019 – a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn and January 10, 2020 – a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. The latter eclipse coincided with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, a symbol of endings. The emergence of Covid-19 has brought total change to the foundations of our lives.

We already know some of what the nodes moving into Gemini/Sagittarius will bring. For example, this highlights significant change with regard to air travel, tourism, commuting, road travel, transport, education, our school systems, our beliefs, religion, faith, our philosophy on life – Gemini/Sagittarius themes.

We currently have cleaner skies, quieter roads and are finding new ways to do business without leaping on a plane or getting in the car. I hope that during the new Gemini/Sagittarius nodal cycle we will find ways to stay connected across our world and keep the lines of communication open at the same time as caring for our precious earth. It will no doubt be a big ask, especially if you have a gypsy spirit and love your freedom.

What does the new Lunar Node cycle mean for your star sign?

Here’s a quick guide to the Lunar Nodes in Gemini & Sagittarius in relation to your Sun sign. Read your Ascendant sign too, if you know it.


The North Node falls in your 1st house ruling your physical body, your image & profile, your personal goals and ambitions. This is about learning to put yourself and your own needs first, enjoying a relationship without losing your own identity within it. Your default mode may be to rely on a partner to make decisions, either in your personal or professional life. Yet, your destiny lies in focusing on what you want in life and developing a strong sense of personal identity.


The North Node falls in your 12th house ruling retreat, solitude and inner quiet. When life gets too busy and too noisy, you can’t hear the call of the universe and you lose your way and your natural intuition. This is about finding a balance between work & service to others and enjoying and appreciating time alone. Your default mode is to take on too many obligations but your destiny lies in developing your spiritual path and leading a slower pace of life. This is less about the world of the go and more about spiritual surrender.


The North Node falls in your 11th house ruling friendship and your involvement within groups, clubs or society in general. You benefit from networking and teamwork. When you forge new alliances you can make more of a difference in what you do. Your default mode is to have fun, be creative and enjoy a playful approach to life. Yet, your destiny lies in developing a strong sense of group consciousness and putting your creative talents to good use in a community setting or a social or political organisation.


The North Node falls in your 10th house ruling your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is a powerful placing for you and it’s about finding your personal mountain to climb, creating ambitions and goals that help you make progress and move forwards. Your default mode is to stay at home and keep safe within the comfort of your family. Yet, your destiny lies in fulfilling your ambitions, taking on new status and achieving your long-term goals. Also, it’s about supporting the ones you love by working hard and fulfilling your potential.


The North Node falls in your 9th house ruling travel, higher education and your personal philosophy on life. This is about expanding your horions and widening your vision for what you want in life rather than getting too caught up on the ideas without also embracing the experience. Your default mode is to talk about what you want to do or read books endlessly. Yet, your destiny lies in finding your role within the world, moving abroad, studying for new qualifications or taking your learning to the next level.


The North Node falls in your 8th house ruling joint finances, the hidden mysteries of the world and taboo topics, such as sex, money, death & rebirth. You may be interested in exploring unknown realms and looking at what lies beyond the ordinary and everyday. Your default mode is to hold on tight to what you have. Yet, your destiny lies in realising that money is energy and more than just a commodity. Work alongside other people to raise money or boost one another’s prospects. Become a powerful force and help transform your own and other peoples’ lives.


The North Node falls in your 7th house of relationships. This means the big area of learning is in your 1-to-1 relationship.  You may experience lessons around giving and receiving or how to function effectively as one half of a couple. Your default mode is to retreat into yourself when things go wrong. Yet, your destiny lies in creating a powerful union either in love or professionally. If you find yourself feeling lonely or cut off, reach out and create new connections in your life.


The North Node falls in your 6th house ruling your work, service and health. This is about dealing with the practical aspects of life. The more efficient your routine and the more you factor in exercise and diet to create a healthy lifestyle, the smoother your life flows. Your default mode is to lose yourself in spiritual pondering. Yet, your destiny lies in finding a way to serve others and recognising that your everyday skills can make a difference in the world. Be wary of an over-active imagination or dreaming your life away. Take practical steps to find meaning and purpose.


The North Node falls in your 5th house ruling your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. It’s your turn to have fun and to find ways to express yourself and show off your unique skills and talents. You’re at your best when you’re creative for your own sake rather than helping others discover their creativity. Your default mode is to disappear into the crowd or feel like an outsider. Yet, your destiny lies in declaring your heart and following your passion. For some of you, this will include having a baby or a passionate love affair.


The North Node falls in your 4th house ruling your home, family and where you come from. It’s the people closest to you who matter the most. You may be starting a family or taking a break from work to be at home. Your default mode is to be outwardly ambitious. Yet, your destiny lies in creating a safe place you can call home and caring for the people you love. You may also feel inclined to do this at work, to bring people together in order to create a close bond.


The North Node falls in your 3rd house ruling communication, transport, siblings, neighbours and your local community. You’re the messenger and gathering knowledge and passing on ideas becomes more urgent. You discover your voice and how to use your words to make a difference. Your default mode is to retreat into your ivory tower and develop your ideas on your own. Yet, your destiny lies in connecting with others locally and online to share ideas and make the wheels of your chosen industry run smoother.


The North Node falls in your 2nd house ruling your personal money, your possessions and what you value. You can learn many lessons about money now, what it means to you, how to attract money into your life and how to make your money go further. Your default mode may be to rely on others for your financial well-being. Yet, your destiny lies in learning about your own money mindset and realising that, when it comes to cash and being rich or poor, it’s your responsibility.

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