Taurus November 2019 Horoscope

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Money Vibes

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters fire sign Sagittarius on the 1st, where it remains until the 26th. Sagittarius rules joint finances and money transactions in your horoscope. It’s about the ties that bind you, financially and emotionally.

These areas of your life are where to focus your attention as the end of November could bring a breakthrough. Sagittarius is a star sign linked to luck and opportunity. This is a good time for you to dream big and get ready to take a risk or become involved in a speculative venture that could boost your prospects.

Be wary, however, on or around the 14th when Venus runs into Neptune in Pisces. This combination can lead you astray. Or, you find yourself feeling disheartened about the projects you’re working on or your money prospects.

This would be a good time to stay away from a friend who you know will disapprove of what you’re doing. Neptune’s linked to illusion and it’s easy to be seduced or fooled when Neptune’s strong.

Ideally, you’re wise not to get involved with anything new until after the 20th. Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde until then and is currently in Scorpio and your partnership sector. You can’t trust everyone you come into contact with during this Mercury retrograde phase.

Jupiter Luck

What you’re working towards is the last week of the month when there are two stunning planetary factors coming together. Firstly, on the 24th, there’s a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. The two best planets coming together in one of the money sectors of your horoscope. This is when anything you’re working towards could pay off big-time.

And, note that Jupiter will leave Sagittarius and this sector of your horoscope on December 2nd. Therefore, this could be a last chance to profit from Jupiter’s bounty and abundance. The Venus-Jupiter connection spells good news for investments and new financial transactions. Also, the possibility to break free from a bond or tie that’s held you back.

The Venus-Jupiter aspect falls two days before a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th. Again, this is promising for you and the ideal time to set something new in progress. You may find the funds you need for a big project, to travel or study. You may receive a gift or bonus or have your faith in the universe restored. This is a good time to sign or seal a financial deal as you’re likely to find the best rates. It’s lovely astrology.

Mars Challenges

Relationships are a mixed bag this month. So, when it comes to money matters and your own good fortune, don’t rely too heavily on other people. Trust your instincts and keep your affairs separate. Some joint ventures will pay off, especially if they peak around the 24th-26th. Others may not do so well.

Also, there’s a possibility that you need to look after someone else in your life or support someone close. Mars is your partner planet in Libra and your work and health sector. Mars clashes with Pluto on the 5th and this is an ongoing run of challenges which began on October 13th, developed on October 27th and continue as November begins.

Full Moon Taurus

This could mean your partner is out of work or having health issues. It could flag up challenges for yourself in these areas of your life. The turning point is the Full Moon in your star sign, Taurus, on the 12th. This is a powerful Full Moon, which suggests a safe harbour. On the same day, Mars teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a glimmer of hope or good fortune.

Listen out for a revelation around this period in the month. There’s a Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 11th which can bring clarity or insight. Mercury remains retrograde during this phase but the light of the Moon is illuminating and the Sun adds an extra blast of consciousness. Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas that emerge during the Full Moon period. It’s likely that they’re spot on.

This is when you’ll know how to help someone close in your life. And, what to do about a key relationship or partnership. With Mercury diving deep into Scorpio, allow yourself to feel your emotions fully.

There are often hidden riches lurking in the deep, dark places. It would be a good time to go into couples therapy if this is relevant for you. Or use your natural down-to-earth common sense to be there for a person dear to your heart. It’s a complex month so take your time and don’t rush into things.

Scorpio’s Domain

Mars gains strength on the 19th when it enters Scorpio, the day before Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on the 20th. These dates, therefore, are likely to be decisive for you with regard to a close relationship or partnership. You may hear news on or around this date, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from someone close.

This could be when someone kicks into life and takes decisive action. Engage fully with your 1-to-1’s. Mars in Scorpio is assertive and strong.  Events on or near the 24th look significant for your partnerships. This is when Mars opposes Uranus in your star sign, Taurus.

This combination often brings a change or a twist to your current situation. As it falls on the day of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, there could be a win but a loss. You gain on the one hand but lose on the other.

Try not to get emotionally involved in other people’s business this month and be wary of deeper emotions lurking, such as jealousy or obsession. This is Scorpio’s domain. It’s extremely passionate too, so some of you may be caught up in a big love affair. However, it’s easy to fall too deep when you’d benefit from coming up for air.

Friends & Adventure

The areas of your life where you’re wise to keep focused and which will ground you are your plans for the future and your friendships. These could be particularly important on or around the weekend of the 8th-10th.

Also, later in the month, once your ruler, Venus, moves into earth sign Capricorn on the 26th, don’t lose sight of your long-term goals and dreams. The 28th is great for being spontaneous and saying Yes to a new experience or adventure.

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Aries November 2019 Horoscope

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

Circle the 19th/20th in your diary as these two dates are powerful turning points for you. You may find yourself playing a waiting game up until then. Any decisive actions are best left until later in the month.

Mercury Retrograde

As November begins, there are some challenges to overcome. This is because Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde in Scorpio. And, Scorpio rules your finances in your horoscope, money transactions. Also, all things hidden and taboo.

Mercury turns direct on November 20th. Up until then, you’re wise not to make a major financial investment. If you do have to sign or seal a deal, ensure you read the small print. The Full Moon on the 12th would be the best date to choose for things to go well.

In fact, there could be a revelation on or around the 11th/12th. This is not only the time of the Full Moon on the 12th which shines a light on your situation but there’s a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. Mercury’s in the dark while it’s retrograde. Yet, for a short period only, on the 11th, it’s in the heart of the Sun, which brings light and clarity. Trust your intuition and the ideas and thoughts that appear. Also, help or support that comes in.

The Mercury retrograde phase is a peak period in the year to review your finances and take a long, hard look at every payment you make, your outgoings and expenses. Don’t take money maters for granted and double check any monies you’re due. Mercury retrograde is a positive period to chase things up and dig a little deeper.

Scorpio is linked to psycho-analysis, so you may choose to go in to therapy or explore your psychic skills. The metaphysical world is Scorpio’s realm and it’s not a time to fear the dark, the night. Instead, be open to messages from beyond the veil and turn your attention inward. The past is often a key theme in your life during this powerful retrograde phase.

Mars Libra – Relationships

The other factor running alongside Mercury retrograde is Mars, your ruling planet, in Libra until November 19th. Libra is the sign of relationships and it’s not Mars favourite placing. You have to consider other people or you find yourself prey to other people’s preferences or whims. Libra wants to please others, Mars wants to cut through and get on.

For some of you, this may already have been a testing time for a close relationship, either personal or professional. This started on the Full Moon in Aries on October 13th, which might have brought a crisis or ultimatum as Pluto was involved. Then, on October 27th, Mars clashed with Saturn in Capricorn. And, this month, on the 5th, Mars squares up to Pluto in Capricorn.

This isn’t easy astrology, whether you’re dealing with a difficult boss – Capricorn rules your career and vocation sector – or a relationship has come to a standstill. If you don’t know what to do about a key relationship in your life, it’s probably best to do nothing until the Full Moon on the 12th.

This is the day that brings a more positive note for your ruler Mars as it links to a wonderful sextile aspect with Jupiter, the planet of hope and faith. This suggests a way out, a release from difficulty, a new possibility or opportunity.

Venus/Jupiter – love, travel, opportunity

Plus, Jupiter’s the foreign planet. And, for most of November, Venus, the love planet, is in Sagittarius and your travel and study sector. The dates are November 1st to 26th. This astrology peaks on the 24th when the two best planets, Venus and Jupiter, are side by side in your fellow fire sign. Also, there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th, a symbol of new beginnings.

This is gorgeous for love and relationships as Jupiter expands what it touches. It would be ideal for a holiday romance, a second honeymoon or falling in love with someone from a different country or culture. This would be a good weekend to go on a course or throw yourself into learning, something you’re passionate about.

Mars Power

On the 19th, your planet Mars changes star sign and moves into Scorpio, its other sign of rulership. Mars remains here until early January 2020. This is when you can get ahead with sorting out money matters and finances. This coincides with Mercury’s change of direction on the 20th.

Uranus is the other factor lighting up finances as it’s currently in Taurus and your personal money sector. Mars and Uranus clash on the 24th, which could bring in something unexpected, a surprise. Uranus favours freedom, freelance work, less ties in your life. See what this means for you and whether you can let go of an expense or payment that triggers you emotionally.

It’s not the best date to be impulsive where money is concerned. Instead, be savvy and think things through. You’ll have more support next month to make the right money moves. There is a sea-change as the month continues and a chance to get back on track with your career or vocation.

Dream Big

Spend some time this month dreaming up your next steps and get back in touch with your mission or purpose. This is especially important if you feel unfulfilled or your work/life balance has lost a sense of meaning. The weekend of the 8th-10th is ideal for drawing up a vision board and turning dreams into reality.

Also, on the 26th, Venus enters Capricorn and your work and career sector. This is about connections and getting the right people on your side. Look out for someone who can help you move things forward quickly on or around the 28th.

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Mercury Retrograde: Going Deep In Scorpio

Mercury turns retrograde [27 Scorpio 38] 

– Thursday 31 October (15:40 GMT)

Mercury turns into its trickster archetype as it switches direction and begins to retreat through the zodiac this week. This Mercury cannot be trusted easily in the sign of secrets, Scorpio.

There could be mischievous or dangerous shenanigans, clever & manipulative moves, foxy behaviour & charismatic cons. Keep your wits about you over the next three weeks – Mercury turns direct on November 20th at 11 degrees Scorpio. 

Don’t make major decisions or investments unless you have too. And, do read the small print carefully if you are signing or sealing a contract.

Yet, there are always positives during Mercury retrograde and ways you can use this ‘down-time’ of the communication planet successfully. Here are some ideas for you:

  • become a huge fan of the re-words, i.e. reflect, review, reassess, rework, rethink
  • focus on the past as this is where you can find delightful gems & nuggets of wisdom
  • don’t give up but try again as Mercury retrograde is the King of second chances. The most powerful time to act is a day or two before Mercury turns to direct motion
  • be quiet, listen to your inner voice & engage in magical thinking
  • slow down, be quiet, allow yourself to be guided rather than try to forge ahead
  • be flexible when you’re out and about. Instead of going directly from A to B, explore routes C, D & E
  • be more tolerant & patient with others, remember that the truth can be skewed when Mercury’s in retreat
  • be more tolerant & patient with yourself, be open-minded and learn from your mistakes
  • be more tolerant & patient with life, if your plans change use this as an experiment to find joy in the unexpected
  • look at life upside down, change your perspective
  • think backwards. Did you know that if you walk a few steps backwards and then try and solve a problem, you have greater mental control? Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but apparently it’s true

I’ll be travelling during this Mercury retrograde phase. Fingers crossed for a smooth journey but I will be giving myself plenty of time to get from A to B. And, I’ll keep a close hold on my travel documents. I leave you with some words of wisdom as we embark on our next Mercury retrograde phase 🙂

New Moon Scorpio: Passion & Surprises

New Moon [4 Scorpio 25] 

London – October 28 2019 – 03:38 GMT 

New York – October 27 2019 – 23:38 GMT

Sydney – October 28 2019 – 14:38 GMT

This month’s New Moon takes place on Monday. This weekend we are in the lead up to the New Moon, when the night sky is at its blackest and the world is sleeping. Traditionally, the days before the New Moon are a time for rest and retreat.

Passionate Scorpio

This is without a doubt a powerful New Moon as it’s in the passionate water sign Scorpio when the Sun and Moon sit side by side. This is the depth sign and change takes place at a deep level.

Scorpio evokes themes of regeneration, seeking out hidden riches, secrets emerging. This is the arena of hidden knowledge. Go in deep, wait in silence, listen, be, experience the void.

When you wipe the slate clean, you can start over. When you let go of toxins, purge, empty out, you make space in your life for new commitment and intensity. This is Scorpio power at it best; the ability to let go of what’s no longer needed so you can channel your energy and purpose with laser focus.

The Sound of Silence

Water signs represent emotion and ultimately they are silent. Practise being quiet to allow a different kind of knowingness to surface.

During this powerful New Moon in Scorpio, the sign linked to darkness, know that the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. In preparation, open your windows and cleanse your home to let out the dark and allow in the light.

Honour and release the past and create space to let in fresh energy. The time for renewal is now; dive in deep to seek the answers you need.

Uranus’ Surprises

During this New Moon, the Sun & Moon are directly opposed by Uranus in Taurus, the planet of change. Therefore, listen out for synchronicities, be open to surprises & the unexpected.

New beginnings may happen spontaneously or external events may be the reason why you need to start over, begin afresh. You rarely know with Uranus what to expect, except that change is imminent.

Make A Wish

When you see the crescent Moon in the sky early this week, make a wish. This could be the time when revelations and awakening bring you deep insight & understanding. Tune in and trust your witchiness, your deep knowing. Sending you happiness & blessings on the Scorpio New Moon.

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Full Moon Alert: Hunter’s Moon

FULL MOON [20 Aries 14]

London – Sunday 13th October, 2019 (22:08 GMT+1)

New York – Sunday 13th October, 2019 (17:08 GMT-4)

Sydney – Monday 14th October, 2019 (08:08 GMT+11)

This weekend, there is a Full Moon taking place in the sky, a time of culmination, completion and fulfilment. Emotions are heightened during the Full Moon phase and this Full Moon falls in feisty, fiery Aries.

We are currently in Libra territory with the Sun and Mars both in diplomatic, harmonious Libra. This weekend’s Full Moon, however, could create tension and bring matters to a head. Yes, the Full Moon symbolises fruition and growth but there are other factors pulled in to this marriage of opposites.

Pluto Squares

As you can see in the chart below, the planet most closely connected to the Full Moon is Pluto, God of the Underworld. It squares both Sun and Moon, all three planetary bodies at 20 degrees of the cardinal signs, Aries, Libra & Capricorn.

Pluto is the planet linked to self-transformation and power, corruption and death. In square aspect, there can be a theme of endings or loss. This adds extra punch and intensity to this weekend’s Full Moon.

Plus, expansive Jupiter is the other planet at 20 degrees Sagittarius. Admittedly, it’s in a good aspect to the Sun and Moon. Yet, there’s a possibility that it too is fanning the flames of this powerful Full Moon. Or perhaps, it’s where you find hope and faith in the midst of crisis or pain.

Venus opposite Uranus

The other planetary aspect to note is Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, which is exact on Saturday 12th October (23:07 GMT+1). This is a classic symbol of love (Venus) splits (Uranus).

Plus, the Full Moon cutting across the Libra/Aries axis of the zodiac is also about relationships. Pluto adds the theme of power games & control.

This week, I’ve already heard of two ‘out-of-the-blue’ events ending relationships, one sent by text (Uranus rules technology), the other ending a 20 year marriage which came unexpectedly.

Drama & Celebration

There’s drama in the air for some people. Personally, I feel very connected and pulled in to this Full Moon because of major transits being triggered. I too experienced a painful loss this week.

So, tread carefully. Use this Full Moon to celebrate your wins and release and let go of any losses. In Aries, this Full Moon is a positive time to assert yourself, stand up against your enemies and refuse to accept bad behaviour. There’s power and vitality in the air; ensure you grasp it with both hands and use it to good effect.

Full Moon Glory

As always, do ensure you take a moment to gaze in wonder at the glory of the Full Moon – it should be stunning in the night sky.

Hunter’s Moon is a fitting name for the Full Moon in Aries, as its ruling planet is Mars.

And, in a moment of pure synchronicity, this song came on while I was writing this blog with the apt lyrics: I don’t want to know about evil, Only want to know about love by John Martyn. You could say it fits this weekend’s Full Moon theme perfectly.

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Venus & Mars: In Mutual Reception

On October 4, 2019, Mars entered Libra, the star sign ruled by Venus. Two days ago, on October 8, 2019, Venus entered Scorpio, the star sign ruled by Mars.

Traditionally, both planets are now in their sign of detriment, i.e. a sign in which they’re not especially strong.

Mars likes to aim straight ahead, be self-oriented and Libra says ‘consider the other person, think things through’. Venus loves peace, harmony and loving relations and Scorpio says ‘dive in to the dark places, see what you can dredge up’.

The Perfect Seesaw

Yet, as each planet is in the other planet’s sign of rulership, they have a connection. In astrology, this is known as mutual reception, which means that working together, they can help one another.

The two planets remain in mutual reception until November 1, 2019 when Venus leaves Scorpio. You have a whole three weeks to find or work with your ‘partner’, your confidante, your support, the people who are there for you and you for them.

Find the person who is the perfect fit on the other end of your see-saw.

Together, you can support one another. When one of you is low, the other rises up. When one of you needs encouragement, the other finds the right words. Together, you’re stronger.

Feminine & Masculine

Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology but they also represent the feminine and masculine principles. Therefore, this is about finding and balancing these abilities within yourself, so they work mutually and you get the best of both.

Combine male with female, both are required. As we know, together they do create miracles and breathe new life in to existence.

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Mercury enters Scorpio: Going In Deep

Mercury enters Scorpio – October 3, 2019 (09:14 GMT+1)

Mercury, the planet of communication, is on the move this week as it enters the water sign of Scorpio, the sign of secrets, mystery, power, taboo issues and all things hidden.

In the depths of Scorpio, Mercury is brilliant for research, studying, detective work, thinking deep, heart-to-hearts and all forms of intense communication.

In the coming weeks, use your mind to explore new realms and have those conversations that really matter. Mercury won’t leave Scorpio until December 9th which means we’re entering in to our next Mercury retrograde phase.

The planet of communication is diving in to the star sign of deep emotions for a lengthy stay. Here’s Mercury’s sequence of events over the next two months.

  • Mercury enters Scorpio – October 3, 2019
  • Mercury enters its shadow phase – October 12, 2019
  • Mercury turns retrograde [27 Scorpio 38] – October 31, 2019
  • Sun conjunct Mercury R [18 Scorpio 55] – November 11, 2019
  • Mercury turns direct [11 Scorpio 36] – November 20, 2019
  • Mercury out of its shadow phase – December 7, 2019
  • Mercury leaves Scorpio – December 9, 2019

The most important dates are the Mercury retrograde phase from October 31st until November 20th. This is not the ideal time to sign & seal a contract or make a major decision or investment. Instead, think of this as a phase to ‘be’ more rather than ‘do’ more.

Once Mercury turns retrograde, then it’s time to turn your thoughts inward. You may find you’re playing a waiting game and have to be patient. Get ready to play a strategic game or go backwards and retrace your steps.

Mercury in Scorpio is a navel-gazing combination, a time for soul-searching, research and donning your detective hat. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is an opportunity to delve deep into personal growth and transformational activities.

Some people will be waxing lyrical, others engaged in deep philosophical thought and the odd few will be so introspective that communication may be scarce.

Secrets may be uncovered or withheld while Mercury penetrates deep within the sign of Scorpio and there’ll be more than one puzzle or mystery to unravel.

You may find it hard to voice what you feel or fully understand what you’re thinking. Yet, be willing to enter into unknown territory and listen carefully for insight and new perceptions. Here are the areas of your life where Mercury’s going in deep:

  • Scorpio – personal goals & self image
  • Sagittarius – solitude & secrets
  • Capricorn – friends & wider society
  • Aquarius – career & status
  • Pisces – travel & study
  • Aries – joint finances & sexuality
  • Taurus – love & relationships
  • Gemini – job & health
  • Cancer – birth i.e. kids, romance, creative project
  • Leo – home & family
  • Virgo – local community & ideas
  • Libra – money & values

Mercury in Scorpio’s gifts may be hidden at first but they’re usually worth digging a little deeper for.

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