Aries April 2019

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

April is a month of two halves for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the planet which rules the mind and thinking, Mercury, is completing its long journey through Pisces up until the 17th. 

Less Muddle, More Motivation

Mercury has been in Pisces since February 10th. Last month, Mercury was retrograde, i.e. in retreat from March 5th to 28th. This may have been a foggy or uncertain time for you. Your attention has been turned inwards, ideal for being on a spiritual retreat or spending more time by yourself.

There’s a theme of sacrifice or surrender inherent within the star sign, Pisces. Therefore, you may have found it challenging to put yourself and your own needs first. You might have been lacking in confidence too and found it hard to be bold and get ahead.

Continue to feel your way forwards now, but know that this month brings a stream of green lights. In fact, this is a month when communication, planning and ideas are foreground. 

If you’ve been been changing your mind recently or you’ve been in information overload, April’s astrology flicks the switch back on. Miscommunications begin to un-muddle and you won’t want to be held back by anyone, least of all yourself.

Mars In Gemini – Motor Mouth

Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini this month, the sign of communication. Expect to be busy, whether you’re commuting more than usual or you have various meetings and get-togethers taking place. You benefit now from playing a key role in your local community, making new friends and contacts. Ensure networking and socialising are your top goals.

Mars in Gemini is a lively combination that flags up the importance of ‘people power’. Get on the right side of people who matter and you can make quick progress. Look out for someone who can help you become a voice or authority. Be willing to take risks to pursue your chosen goals. After a couple of months when life has been in retreat, things are beginning to rev up nicely.

There may be times when you’re questioning what you’re doing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The more you engage actively with your personal goals, the more you can discover insights and understanding that help you moving forwards.

The New Moon in Aries on the 5th is a top date to initiate an important conversation, ask for advice or guidance and get your words out in public.

All forms of learning are recommended now whether you go back to school, learn a language, take a new qualification or sign up for a course. This would be a good month to pass your driving test or sit an important exam.

Jupiter’s Change Of Plan

It’s also a good month to think again about a major project that hasn’t yet happened. This may be connected to travel or study, taking a sabbatical or planning a dream trip. There’s a sense of renewal this month or being offered the chance to try again.

This will be especially strong on or around the 10th when the planet of opportunity, Jupiter, turns retrograde in Sagittarius and your travel and study sector. The turning points of the major planets intensify their energy as they remain at one point in the zodiac. If you have key planets/angles at 24 degrees Sagittarius, turn your gaze, your perspective towards the outer world.

Be aware, however, that you may need to rethink your plans. The turning point could indicate new laws around travel or study that impact your personal situation. Jupiter’s in pole position from the 10th to the 15th. This is when you’ll want to make more of your life and take a risk or leap of faith. 

Releasing the Past

During this period, the Sun in your star sign, Aries, is strong. This brings with it added vitality, energy and confidence. There’s a sharp contrast this month between adventure and conformity ad you may feel held back in your current job or work situation. 

The slower-moving planets, Saturn & Pluto, remain strong in Capricorn and your career and vocation sector. This could indicate challenging times with a boss or authority figure. Plus, both planets connect with the south node – Pluto on the 4th and Saturn on the 30th. The south node indicates the place you retreat to in life. 

This may be your comfort zone but there’s a sense of detachment that comes with this. You may not want to be pulled in to the material world or find yourself repulsed by office politics or the workings of government and big business. 

Notice how or where you’re withdrawing or detaching yourself. This could be an inner shift that starts this month and lasts until September. Be self-aware and notice who or what you’re turning away from. This could be especially strong for you on or around the 24th and 30th, the dates when Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde in your career and vocation sector.

Love Vibes

Love is also under the cosmic spotlight this month with a second Full Moon in Libra and your relationship sector on the 19th. Last month’s Full Moon on March 21st also highlighted the Aries-Libra axis of the zodiac. In fact, what began last month could complete this month. The theme of a beginning and an ending is strong.

Plus, lovely Venus enters your star sign, Aries, on the 20th where it remains until May 15th. Add to this the fact that you have talk planet Mercury in your star sign, Aries, from the 17th and you’re in the thick of the action. 

At your best, you’re not shy if you’re a typical Sun Aries. Instead, you’re impulsive and daring. Mercury and Venus in your star sign could kick-start your life and your love life into action and fast.

Everything starts to move at a fast rate of knots in the second half of April. You’re out of the starting blocks of life and shooting off in all directions. It’s exciting and there’s a sense of renewal or rebirth, a chance to begin again. 

High Stakes

Money too is part of the equation as the Sun enters Taurus and your personal money sector on the 20th. 

Two days later, on the 22nd, the Sun teams up with wild planet, Uranus, and you start to see what Uranus’ move through Taurus means for you. This is the combination of quick wins and overnight success. Although, with Uranus, there are no guarantees but the pull will be strong to play for high stakes.

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Mercury Turns Direct: Lost At Sea

Mercury turns direct [16 Pisces 06]

– March 28, 2019 (13:59 GMT)

Communication planet Mercury turns direct this week. Usually, this is accompanied by a fanfare, shouts of ‘hoorah’ and other exuberant-style behaviour.

This time around, however, feels different. If you’ve lost your way, lost your mojo, got stuck in a time warp, you’re inhabiting a different dimension or you’re warped in a wormhole, you probably wonder ‘what the heck’ is going on.

The reality is that Mercury, the planet of facts and figures, is in Pisces, a boundless star sign. Mercury turned retrograde in the last degree of Pisces on March 5th and has been in the last sign of the zodiac for ever…! (February 10th actually).

The Mercury/Neptune Love-In

Plus, Mercury is currently tightly glued to Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet and is unable to unstick itself. Neptune is also at 16 degrees Pisces and Mercury and Neptune make two exact conjunctions on March 24th and April 2nd. Which means that Mercury is turning direct in a Neptune sandwich.

Cue visions of swimming in an endless sea, unsure when land might appear or what it will look like. Mercury and Neptune are the epitome of fake news. Can we believe anything we hear or read at the moment? The world of politics has gone mad and trying to sort out an urgent issue, like Brexit for example, is crazy-deranged under our current stars.

On a personal level, this may be a time of emotional or spiritual overwhelm. Pisces is one of the water signs and Mercury retrograde turns your attention inwards. You could be experiencing information overload, ideas overload or creative overwhelm. My desk is currently covered in post-it notes. At some point, they’ll need sorting out & prioritising or those ‘moments of genius’ will be pointless.

Dreamers & Seekers

If you are a dreamer, a poet, an artist, a musician, a priest, a fantasy writer, a spiritual seeker, a star-gazer, a cosmonaut, you may be thriving under these Mercury/Neptune vibes. It’s certainly cosmic, psychedelic and potentially inspirational. It may not be so helpful if you’re trying to conquer an addiction or keep yourself sane. If that’s true for you, then please get advice, help, support.

Mercury’s change in direction this week can bring what’s hidden to light or elicit further information. Neptune is non-verbal and linked to untruths, whereas Mercury is verbal and linked to communication and the mind. Put the two together and you may be dealing with a sensitive issue, news of lies or betrayal or you find yourself disillusioned by other peoples’ behaviour.

Reorient Your Compass

Be aware that you’re feeling your way forwards now, at times ready to spark into action, at other times still unsure or disoriented.

In a way, we’re all lost at sea right now, a tiny boat on a vast ocean, before land and clarity and certainty return. It may take another week to reorient your compass on a personal level, but by then you’ll be sailing in the right direction.

Mercury retrograde lasting for ever

My meme almost went viral this week on social media.

So many of you identified with the comment I made on Monday of this week.

We’re nearly there 🙂

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Full Moon Libra: Taking Sides


Full Moon [0 Libra 09]

– March 21, 2019 (01:43 GMT)

This week’s Full Moon is one of the most important Full Moons of the year, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it takes place only a few hours after the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries. The light of the Sun (consciousness, clarity) and the light of the Moon (knowingness, intuition) peak at the same time. Inner & outer are closely aligned.

Also, this Full Moon takes place at 0 degrees of the Aries/Libra axis, a potent degree. In four weeks time, on April 19th, there’s a second Full Moon cutting across the same axis of the zodiac at 29 degrees Aries/Libra, another potent degree. Therefore, what comes to light during this Full Moon resonates and repeats in four weeks time. A beginning & an ending.

Finally, the Sun sits next to Chiron at 1 degree Aries during the Full Moon. Therefore, themes of healing and wounding, insight and forgiveness are strong during this first Full Moon in Libra. If your birthday is this week, expect a powerful time of illumination and revelation.

Aries/Libra Axis

During the Full Moon, the Moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships, opposing the Sun in Aries. This axis of the zodiac is about the self (Aries) v. the other (Libra) and this is where we learn about relationships. A Full Moon reminds us of life’s polarities by its very nature. The King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) of the heavens look at each other from across the zodiac.

The relationship theme is especially prevalent during these two Full Moons in Libra. The challenge may be how you keep your own identity when you’re in relationship to others, either personally or professionally.

Relationships are great teachers but can be tricky to negotiate when a union or partnership lasts for a long time. You see more closely the balance of the scales (Libra’s zodiac symbol) as they swing up and down. At times, you’re perfectly aligned. Often, you’re out of sync, even if only slightly.

The ‘two peas in a pod’ scenario may be the perfect goal for some. Yet, the deeper learning comes from seeing and understanding yourself in relation to others. Sometimes, that learning is greatest when your scales are out of balance. When you dive deep into love or another key partnership in your life, you hold up a mirror revealing more about yourself.

Taking Sides

This week’s Full Moon in Libra comes at a time when our world feels out of balance and we are seeing the huge divides within society. Venus rules Libra and, on the day of the Full Moon, Venus is square to Mars. Us versus them; me versus you is not an ideal way to play out this Full Moon energy. That’s the danger, falling into extremism, taking sides.

Instead, focus on Libra’s strengths and aim for relationships based on equality and fairness. Find the places where you unite with other people, our common ground. After all, Venus is currently in Aquarius, the sign ruling the collective.

Plus, Venus in Aquarius makes a positive sextile aspect to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the same day as the Full Moon/Venus square Mars combination. Jupiter rules faith, Sagittarius rules truth. The Venus/Jupiter connection is the way to rise above petty squabbles & ugly divisions within society. Be philosophical about your own relationship challenges. When in doubt, know that Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules love & Love.

You can be pulled in different directions during this Full Moon phase or find a way to bring opposing factors together so they complement each other.

It’s worth remembering that a relationship is a product of two people together and sometimes you have little or no say over what the other person says or does. The decisions you make when a relationship’s not working out are just as important as the ones you make when a relationship’s going well.

The Houses/Areas of Life

Aries and Libra symbolism focuses on relationships for everyone but these two signs rule specific areas of your life. These areas are where balance may currently be required. Notice whether your scales are out of kilter or closely aligned. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries: Personal goals & self care/relationships & one-on-one partnership
  • Taurus: Retreat & recuperation/work, service, health & fitness
  • Gemini: Friends, groups & networks/self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Cancer: Career & vocation/home & family
  • Leo: Travel & exploration, seeking meaning/life close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Virgo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources/personal possessions & values
  • Libra: Relationships & one-on-one partnership/personal goals & self care
  • Scorpio: Work, service, health & fitness/retreat & recuperation
  • Sagittarius: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs/friends, groups & networks
  • Capricorn: Home & family/career & vocation
  • Aquarius: Life close to home, neighbours & siblings/ travel & exploration, seeking meaning
  • Pisces: Personal possessions & values/other peoples’ money & joint resources

Happy Full Moon Libra

Aim for Balance, not Division

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Full Moon Virgo: The Art Of Surrender

Mercury conjunct Neptune Pisces – February 19 2019 (06:37 GMT)

Full Moon [0 Virgo 42] – February 19 2019 (15:54 GMT)

This coming week, the Sun enters Pisces on Monday 18th February followed swiftly by the Full Moon on Tuesday 19th February at 0 degrees Virgo. The Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Pisces’ co-ruler is Neptune. On the same day as the Full Moon, there’s a Mercury/Neptune conjunction at 15 degrees Pisces. Therefore, Pisces energy is coming in with a real whoosh. This could be an emotional Full Moon.

Virgo v. Pisces

During the Virgo Full Moon, there’s usually a sense of busy-ness, when you want or need to be productive and get things done (Virgo’s realm). At this Full Moon, however, the planets in Pisces have the stronger pull.

They are whispering to the Moon in Virgo to give in, to surrender and let go. Consider whether this is relevant for you and how you want to make the most of this strong Pisces energy.

What will bring you fulfilment? You may choose to devote yourself to a creative, romantic, spiritual or caring activity. You may choose to let go and rest deeply and find a spa bath, a warm sea or a fantasy world to lose yourself in.

Whereas Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury enjoys the busyness of the mind, Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune wants to go with the flow, be intuitive and tap into its sensitive nature through dreams and imagination, not words.

Both points of the Virgo/Pisces axis are highlighted now. Through the confusion of ideas, thoughts and feelings which emerge, your goal is to find a route to clarity, efficiency, order. Yet, there might be another way, one that’s connected to not knowing, being willing to go wherever life leads, to surrender to life rather than try to direct it the way you choose.

Mercury’s Shadow Phase

This fits with Mercury’s shadow phase which begins during this Full Moon. I don’t often pay close attention to the shadow phase of Mercury which elongates the three week Mercury retrograde phase to eight weeks.

This time around, there’s a good case to make the most of this extraordinary period when Mercury’s diving deep into Neptune’s realm. If you’re ready to lose yourself, go off piste, experiment, try something different, here’s your opportunity.

The only proviso is if you’re already feeling untethered or unsafe. Mercury, the planet of precision, isn’t comfortable in Pisces’ boundless realm. If you’re in danger of losing your mind or the fine line between madness and creativity tips too far in one direction, don’t cast aside your anchor in gay abandon.

Instead, focus on the earth sign energy that’s currently strong, take one step at a time and feel your way forwards while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Mercury’s Long Swim

If you are in a romantic, creative or spiritual phase in your life, know that this will continue throughout March while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. In fact, it’s only during mid-April, when Mercury finally completes its journey through the star sign that represents wisdom, spiritual knowledge, vulnerability and escapism, that your long swim through Pisces’ realm is finally over.

There’s no one way to experience this boundless Full Moon. Instead, consider the symbolism laid out for you and apply this to your current situation.

What do you need right now? Is life urging you to let go and surrender? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the needs of others? Do you want to lead your life differently so you can tap into your subconscious, stir your imagination, listen to your dreams and encourage your creative and/or spiritual source to emerge?

It’s a peak moment in the astrological year when you’re being encouraged to dive in, connect with your self on a deep level and reach outwards to connect with humanity, the universe and life.

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Mars Conjunct Uranus: Handle With Care

Mars conjunct Uranus [29 Aries 11]

– February 13 2019 (06:21 GMT)

Mars is fiery and furious over the next couple of days. The red planet that rules anger and action is currently strong in Aries: the strident activist, the daring hero, the martial arts expert. This Mars knows what it wants and is out to get it. Mars in Aries is fast, direct and takes no prisoners.

This is great news if you need to be assertive, make things happen, take charge. Yet, it’s important to know that Mars is currently teaming up with unpredictable Uranus at the last degree of Aries.  This will fan the flames of Mars as temperatures swiftly reach boiling point.

This is an important planetary conjunction because these two lively, volatile planets have been involved in a love affair for many years. Since 2010/11, Uranus has been in Mars’ sign of rulership, Aries. Last year, 2018, Mars spent almost six months in Uranus’ sign of rulership, Aquarius as Uranus took a six-month vacation in earth sign Taurus. Uranus moved back into Aries in November 2018, when Mars left Aquarius.

Mars/Uranus In The World
One example of how this played out in the world was the Yellow Vest movement in France. The demonstrations began in November 2018 but the movement started in May 2018 with an online petition that grew over the ensuing months, reaching 300,000 signatures by October.
You can see the symbolism clearly here; Mars went underground last year, when it turned retrograde while activism was spreading virally, online and by social media, Aquarius’ domain.
Once Uranus leapt back into Mars’ star sign, Aries in November 2018, the violent demonstrations began, primarily in Paris, but elsewhere in France too over the coming weeks. Anti-government, the people were rioting over higher fuel taxes and demanding an increase in the minimum wage.
Therefore, this week’s Mars-Uranus conjunction in the final degree of Aries is potentially volatile, there are no two ways about it. This is one final clash, one push for victory before Mars leaves Aries on February 14th followed by Uranus leaving Aries on March 6th.
Mars/Uranus – It’s Personal
On a personal level, look at what you’re not prepared to put up with any longer or where you’re ready to get things moving and fast. The Mars/Uranus conjunction can act as a trigger for change.
This planetary combination is independent and excitable, decisive and wilful. It is important to look closely at your motivations and be wary about taking foolish risks. If you’re feeling unsure, use your passion constructively and rein in your impatience. The Mars/Uranus conjunction is the proverbial ‘leap out of the fire into the frying pan’, i.e. acting impulsively can make things worse.

There’s a real danger that this ‘flick-of-a-switch’ Mars is about to be activated and rage out of control. So, take care over the next couple of days. Know that this is a volatile period, do battle when necessary but also trust when to turn the other cheek.

Red Tuesday

I just discovered that today is one of the most popular days to split up! 48 hours before Valentines Day. Rather neatly for this article, the phenomenon is called ‘Red Tuesday’ – red is Mars’ colour, Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Uranus is the planet most often associated with splits, i.e. break ups!

Mars conjunct Uranus – handle with care and take good care!

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