Leo Horoscope April 2020

John William Godward, Sun Leo – b. August 9, 1861

Fire Sign Aries

Up until the 19th, your ruler the Sun is in fire sign Aries. Traditionally, this is a time when you’re keen to travel and broaden your horizons. Yet, this year, you’re having to do things differently.

That doesn’t mean you give up and do nothing and don’t take full advantage of the Sun’s move through Aries. Aries rules study, learning, knowledge and any activity that sources you and brings meaning to your life. You may be ready to study something new or find yourself on a spiritual path or keen to embrace a religion or faith.

The Full Moon on the 8th may be important in this respect. It cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac, which is about education for you. Also, Libra rules life close to home, your local community and Aries rules foreign connections. See where you’re being called forth at the Full Moon and where you want to reach out and help others.

This would be a good date to choose to run a course online or sign up to a learning initiative. Plus, talk planet Mercury enters Aries on the 11th where it remains until the 27th. This suggests that you’re wise to keep busy and keep connected with the people and activities that bring you fulfilment. You may be catching up with people who live abroad, thanks to the power of the internet.

Work & Your Future Path

This is also potentially for you a big month when it comes to your work and career, your future path. Firstly, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th highlights the sector of your horoscope which rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health. It’s about how you spend your time and what you do on a daily basis.

This is the first of three meetings between Jupiter and Pluto. They come together on June 30th and November 12th and act as a backdrop to your year. Pluto can bring things to a halt as it’s the wipe-out planet. Yet, Jupiter rules opportunity. Together, these two planetary influences represent change and transformation, rebirth and renewal.

You’re required to look more closely at these key areas of your life now. And, for some of you, life may step in to bring a sense of urgency. The peak periods this month for the Jupiter/Pluto influence are the 14th/15th when they clash with your ruler the Sun. Also, the 25th/26th when they clash with Mercury and Pluto turns retrograde.

These combinations are intense so don’t take on too much and notice what makes you feel stressed. Prioritise your health and well-being. If you’re on the frontline in society, do all you can to boost your immune system.

This is a good month to consider your next steps and to look at how you can get on board with new initiatives, new ways moving forwards. On the 19th, the Sun your ruler enters Taurus and your career and vocation sector. There’s a New Moon here on the 23rd and talk planet Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus on the 27th.

The other key planet that’s been in Taurus for some time is Uranus, the planet of change, unpredictability and innovation. This would be an ideal time to take your business online, especially around the New Moon.

Or, find ways to work freelance, start something new, change your routine around. Uranus favours invention and short, sharp bursts of energy. Be open to the unexpected and think on your feet. Uranus kicks in on the 26th when it’s conjunct the Sun and the 31st when it’s next to Mercury (1st May in some countries).

Keep your sights on the future throughout April and know that what you begin this month could take off in 2021.

Air Sign Collaborations & Communications

People are also important to you thanks to key planets in air signs, representing communication and collaboration. Venus is in Gemini from the 3rd where it remains until August 7th, an unusually long transit for Venus.

This is because it turns retrograde next month, i.e. will be on go slow. Gemini rules friends and groups in your horoscope and this is where you find pleasure and joy.

Also, action planet Mars is in Aquarius and your relationship sector throughout April. Usually, this brings passion and fire to your 1-to-1 relationships and this is true from about the 11th onwards.

However, as the month begins, Mars is dominated by Saturn in Aquarius, your partner planet. This slows things down and there may be tension around a key relationship. It won’t help if you feel frustrated or reined in by your relationship with someone close.

Sometimes, this combination brings commitment or an extra-tight bond. Usually, however, it means you’re struggling to find yourself or be true to who you are within a relationship. Try not to get into a conflict situation and distance yourself from any enemies. Give yourself time and space to breathe and dive into activities that are personal to you.

Once Mars breaks free from Saturn, you may also find that you have someone fighting your corner, putting their ambition and determination into your ventures, your life.

Mars in Aquarius can be a positive transit when you’re around people who are raring to go. In turn, this inspires and stimulates your own energy levels.

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Cancer Horoscope April 2020

The emphasis this month is on work and money matters and getting things right in these areas. This isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do but it’s wise to pay close attention to what’s happening.

Mars & Saturn

Firstly, the Mars/Saturn conjunction on the last day of March took place in Aquarius and your joint finance sector. Mars is a planet that likes to get things moving whereas Saturn tends to slam on the brakes.

This combination can generate fear or doubt around money. Events at the start of April may coincide with a drop in income or financial support.

If this is true for you, it’s important to dig deep and get organised. Aquarius is a star sign linked to online initiatives, so you might be applying for financial support or be checking your savings/investments. Mars begins to pull away from Saturn and any tensions could start to ease from the 11th onwards.

Yet, you may need to make some tough decisions, especially on or around the 7th. This is when Mars clashes with unpredictable Uranus. Traditionally, this is not the time to take a major risk.

Throughout the rest of April, Mars is dominant in Aquarius and you are wise to take the initiative and push for answers or solutions. This applies to all forms of joint finances, including mortgages, tax, debt, alimony, inheritance, savings, etc.

Aries & Your Career

At the same time, there’s strong emphasis on Aries and your career and vocation sector. The Sun remains here until the 19th and talk planet Mercury is in speedy Aries from the 11th to the 27th. Aries is a go-getting and dynamic star sign, great for starting over and considering your next steps.

The Full Moon on the 8th could be significant in this respect as it cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. Emotions could run high during the Full Moon period but it’s a positive time to make any decisions to strengthen your foundations at home.

Aries is a classic symbol of being self-employed or running your own business when it falls in your career or vocation sector. Be pro-active when it comes to your next steps and keep your eye on the future. What you start this month could pay off big-time in 2021.

Taurus & Your Friends

Friends are also key for you this month and over a longer time period. Innovative Uranus is in Taurus and your friendship and group sector and is particularly active towards the end of the month. This is when the personal planets begin to move into this same sector of your horoscope.

The Sun is in Taurus from the 19th onwards and there’s a New Moon here on the 23rd. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings, an ideal date to join a house party online or reconnect with old and new friends alike. Many connections are moving online, so get in the know and line up some new initiatives.

The Sun is conjunct Uranus on the 26th, talk planet Mercury enters Taurus on the 27th and is conjunct Uranus on the 31st (May 1st in some countries). Put this altogether and the end of the month feels lively for you, especially around friendship and staying connected with others.

However, there is a flip side to Uranus which is about feeling disconnected and split off from others. Ensure you’re around people who lift your spirits and try not to be your own worst enemy. Also, watch out for people in your life who don’t respect you and make snap decisions to keep yourself safe.

Love Vibes

Love is under the cosmic spotlight this month but it’s a weird witches brew. Firstly, love planet Venus enters Gemini and your previous star sign on the 3rd where it remains for an unusually long time until August 7th. This is because Venus turns retrograde next month, i.e. will be on go slow.

Traditionally, when Venus is here this can be a time of forbidden feelings, a secret affair or unrequited love. Love feels private or secretive. You may be penning a love letter or creating wonderful poems. You may be pondering your own feelings and what love means to you. The 4th is an important date when Venus aligns with Saturn, a symbol of commitment.

Also, there’s big planetary activity in Capricorn and your relationship sector this month. On the 5th, there’s the first of three meetings between Jupiter and Pluto. They meet again on June 30th and November 12th and this theme acts a backdrop to your year.

Jupiter’s plentiful and expands what it touches. Pluto represents extremes, deep obsession, also endings. You may be in a love relationship that feels all-consuming, you may want or need to break free from a partnership. Or perhaps, you are separated from the one you love.

This is big astrology which kicks in throughout April. It peaks on the 14th/15th and again on the 25th/26th. You’re being invited to take a long hard look at your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional.

Any issues around power and control could escalate this month. Or, you discover a teacher, coach or mentor who transforms your life. One way or another, relationships are currently powerful and may change or redefine who you are.

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Gemini April 2020

Paul Gauguin, Sun Gemini – b. June 7, 1848

Mercury In Pisces

Your ruling planet Mercury remains in Pisces and your career and vocation sector until the 11th. Mercury’s been here for a long time since early February, moving backwards and forwards. The theme of uncertainty remains in April as Mercury teams up with Neptune, Pisces’ co-ruler, on the 4th.

Sometimes, this transit can feel as if you’re walking through a fog, unsure of where you’re heading. Yet, some of you may experience the opposite and feel inspired by your future path. Certainly, it helps to develop a spiritual aspect to your life and tend to your inner world.

Uranus – The Lure of the New

This is the theme of Uranus’ move through Taurus, your previous sign. This is a long-term change or shift taking place, perhaps moving you from one chapter in your life to another. New vistas opening up, new ideas and requirements unfolding.

Uranus kicks in this month once the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th. Traditionally, this is the time for you to retreat, trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice.

Rest and retreat are part of the package when the Sun’s in earth sign, Taurus, reconnecting you to the earth and a slower pace of life. Your ruler Mercury also moves into Taurus on the 27th and connects with Uranus on the 31st (May 1st in some countries).

With Uranus here, there’s liveliness, electricity even. You may feel ready to act fast and respond to the major changes unfolding in our world. This kicks in on the New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd, a symbol of new beginnings.

This is followed swiftly by the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus on the 26th, a key date for innovative ideas and turning inwards to seek solutions or answers. There may be times this month when you feel as if things are falling apart before they can be rebuilt. Try not to let anxiety take hold and learn to slow down the breath.

Friends & Groups

You are being called out into the world as well. The Sun’s in Aries and your friendship and group sector until the 19th. Most importantly for you, your planet Mercury, moves through Aries from the 11th to the 27th. This awakens the extrovert side of your character, the part of your nature that likes to be around other people.

Aries brings with it a sense of the new and there are currently so many new initiatives and ways of staying connected online. Dive into something new this month, start a House Party and find ways to stay connected within society and within key groups in your life. You may choose to volunteer or lead the way with new ventures in your local community.

Remember this is a two-way deal. Be there for friends and bring laughter and lightness to other peoples’ lives. Also, ask for help and support when it’s needed. Reach out to others to benefit one another’s lives.

Mars & Saturn

There will be times in April when you experience a sense of frustration, especially as you’re one of the mutable star signs, who likes to be on the move. The Mars/Saturn conjunction which fell on the last day of March dominates moving into April.

This powerful combination falls in Aquarius and your travel and study sector. Mars is speedy whereas Saturn is slow, limiting and restrictive. You could decide to cancel a holiday under these stars or let go of a plan to study.

Once Mars breaks free from Saturn, on or around the 11th, any frustrations or disappointments will begin to ease. Then, Mars’ active nature benefits you when it comes to learning, gaining knowledge and finding new ways to expand your horizons and seek meaning in the world.

Air Signs

What really helps you this month is the emphasis on air signs, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. You need things to look forward to as you’re the curious star sign. Find ways to feed your lively nature.

Venus’ move into Gemini on the 3rd is gorgeous for love and for falling in love with life. This is going to be a long transit of Venus in your personal sector, as it remains here until August 7th. This is because Venus turns retrograde, i.e. will be on go slow in a month’s time.

This means that love is important to you and it’s an ideal time to tend to your close relationships, to connect and reconnect with people who are dear to your heart. If you’re in a relationship or married, you could grow closer still over the coming weeks.

Plus, the Full Moon on the 8th falls in Libra, another romantic sector of your horoscope. This lights up your creativity sector and the things you give birth to, including children. Do more of what you love on or around the Full Moon. Life’s calling you out to find the beauty in the world and in your immediate surroundings.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

Finally, this month, the major Jupiter-Pluto conjunction falls in Capricorn and your joint finance sector on the 5th. This is the first of three connections between Jupiter, representing expansion, and Pluto, the dwarf planet. Together, they represent big power and wealth and this is likely to be a significant time for the money markets – expect huge swings.

Therefore, the advice is to stay on top of your finances, whatever your current situation. If you’re dealing with debt, take action to seek benefits or cut your losses. If you have the possibility of winning big financially, take a well-calculated risk.

There are some hot-spot moments for money matters for you, especially around the 14th/15th and 25th/26th. You may receive an inheritance or you may be asking for a loan. Do what you can to help others but be wary of financial agreements. This isn’t the best time to get involved with other people – especially friends – when it comes to money.

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Taurus April 2020

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sun Taurus
b. May 12, 1828

Mars & Saturn

As April begins, you may be feeling the crunch as the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and your career and vocation sector remains strong. Mars is the planet of action and speed and wants things to happen and fast. Saturn is the opposite principle, slow and steady, also the planet of endings and limitation.

Therefore, some of you may find yourself in a place where one role, job or career has come to an end and be worried about what next. For others, this may coincide a new role, a position of authority or determination to rise to life’s challenges.

Mars will be out of Saturn’s grip by the 11th and then Mars’ ambition is boosting your future path, your next steps. This is an ideal time to be pro-active around work, your future, what next. Aquarius rules society and online initiatives. Note that Mars is your partner planet, so this may also be relevant timing for your significant other.

Rest & Retreat

There’s a sense that you need to retreat more than most in April. The Sun is in Aries and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 19th. Plus, Mercury, the planet of communication, is here from the 11th to the 27th. This is about inner work and turning your attention to your personal development, your spirit, your soul.

Life’s currently slowing us all down and giving you an opportunity to discover a rich inner life. Give yourself time to think and breathe, to tap into your inner voice, to bring a sense of knowingness to what’s right moving forwards.

The Full Moon on the 8th is an ideal date for meditation, for being quiet. This is about doing what’s right for your work and health, finding ways to release stress, noticing where and how you can help and care for others too. You may be looking after someone at home or feel drawn towards a volunteering role. Do what’s right for you and prioritise your well-being.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

The major Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 5th falls in a fellow earth sign, Capricorn. This planetary aspect repeats three times throughout 2020 on June 30th and November 12th and it acts as a backdrop to your year.

On a basic level, Pluto (the wipe-out planet) is limiting your ability to travel (Jupiter). This is obvious symbolism when it falls in your 9th house ruling travel and broadening your horizons.

Yet, this planetary connection is also about change & transformation, renewal and rebirth. Find new ways to study, learn and broaden your horizons. Seek hope and faith in your spiritual path or religion. Even when you’re confined to home, you can still embrace new and different ways to find meaning in your world. Jupiter’s the visionary, the risk-taker.

Talking of risks, be wary on the 7th when Mars clashes with unpredictable Uranus in your star sign, Taurus. This combination could coincide with frustration, anger, wanting to break out and rebel. It’s not the best date to leap into something or be confrontative. There’s a sense that you’d leap out of the frying pan into the fire.

New Beginnings

Yet, new beginnings are required this month, especially when it comes to money and your personal life. Venus, your ruler, leaves gentle Taurus, your star sign, on the 3rd and enters air sign, Gemini. Air signs dominate this month and for you, they highlight your work and finances. It’s here where you’re wise to adopt new technologies and initiatives to help you moving forwards.

Venus will be in Gemini for an unusually long time, until August 7th, as this year Venus will turn retrograde, i.e. be on go slow. Gemini rules your personal money sector so you’ve a lot to think and talk about in these areas.

Gemini is flexible and adaptable and it’s a good time to gather information to boost your financial situation. Find things out, talk to other people, keep the lines of communication open.

The Sun’s move into Taurus on the 19th is a potential turning point as the Sun brings vitality and warmth to your sign. This is when you gain a confidence boost or your energy returns.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 23rd is an ideal date to set your intentions not only for the subsequent fortnight but the year ahead. It’s what you put in place this month that can reap your rewards in 2021.

Uranus kicks in later this month as it makes a conjunction with the Sun on the 26th and Mercury on the 31st (May 1st in some countries). The period from the 25th to the 28th is especially lively. It’s not necessarily easy astrology but it does require you to step up and embrace change.

Respond rather than react to life’s events and aim to do things differently, especially when you recognise what’s not working out. Use the innovative and dynamic planetary force that is Uranus to turn to a fresh page and start over.

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Aries April 2020

Vincent Van Gogh, Sun Aries
b. March 30, 1853

Mars On The Move

Your ruling planet Mars has joined Saturn in Aquarius, the star sign ruling society, community, technology and all things future-related. As April begins, you may be feeling Saturn’s pressure, the planet of limitation & authority, rules & regulations holding you back. Saturn releases its grip on the 11th.

Yet, don’t forget this is Aries’ month with the Sun in your star sign until the 19th. And, Mars is one of the key players in our current world astrology. Therefore, this is your month to step up to the challenges, to be courageous & bold and at the forefront of new initiatives.

Strong Aries is the hero, willing to stand on the frontline, to be a leader within society. This is a month when you gain strength from helping others, whether you’re volunteering close to home or sharing your knowledge & expertise online.

People Power

Air signs dominate in April – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. For you, they highlight the social sectors of your horoscope and this is about the importance of other people.

Firstly, the Full Moon on the 8th falls in Libra and your relationship sector. Therefore, this is likely to be an important Full Moon for your 1-to-1’s. Emotions are heightened and you’ll feel the pull of your passions calling you forth.

It may be a date of ultimatums or you have a sense that a key relationship is changing and there’s no going back. Balance your head and heart when making a decision and be willing to compromise.

Also, Venus is on the move this month, the planet of relating and your partner planet. On the 3rd, Venus enters Gemini and your communication sector. This is a long transit of Venus in this part of your horoscope as Venus only leaves Gemini on August 7th. This is because next month Venus turns retrograde, i.e. will be on go slow.

On a basic level, this is about finding new ways to communicate and to stay in touch with loved ones and people in your life who uplift your spirits. You may be making new friends. Perhaps, you’re talking to the neighbours over the fence or joining in online.

Gemini rules study and learning in your horoscope and it’s a great time for you to stay active, to learn a language or brush up your skills. Keep your eye on the future as what you begin or initiate now could take you forward into 2021. It’s important to stay up-to-date with new trends and be at the forefront of what’s happening.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

The major planetary aspect taking place in April and acting as a backdrop to the year is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, exact on the 5th. This is the first of three meetings between the planet of growth, Jupiter, and the dwarf planet, Pluto. They reconnect on June 30th & November 12th.

Together, Jupiter & Pluto themes are renewal & rebirth, power & wealth. They fall in your career and vocation sector. This is another nod to being called forth to play your part out in the world.

Yet, it’s also about finding new ways to pursue your job or career or transform what you do. Both planets have a theme of change. This isn’t about stasis or standing still. You have to dig deep, take a risk and rebuild.

If someone influential is in touch on or around the 5th, pay attention. Notice where you’re being called to step up your game.

This could also coincide with a challenging decision with regard to a parent as Capricorn is the ‘father’ in astrology and governs the parental axis of your horoscope.

Money Matters

Money is going to become more important as the month progresses. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, is currently bringing change to money matters in the earth sign, Taurus. Taurus represents what we produce, what feeds us, what sustains & nourishes us. Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius and a significant player in world events.

On a personal level, this is an important transit as Taurus rules your money sector. Note that the 7th isn’t a good date for risk-taking when your planet Mars clashes with Uranus – your cue to rein things in.

The emphasis on Taurus increases after the 19th when the Sun enters this earth sign. There’s a New Moon here on the 23rd which pulls in the planet of change, Uranus.

The Sun/Uranus conjunction on the 26th could be a key date for you with regard to money matters. You have to engage with what’s happening and the theme is trying something new. Plus, you have Mercury, the communication planet in Taurus from the 27th onwards. It too unites with Uranus on the 31st (May 1st in some countries).

There’s a forward-moving vibe as April continuees, at least once you’re free from Saturn. There are some tricky periods for both work and money, e.g. the 14th/15th and 25th to 28th. Keep being creative, come up with new ideas, be innovative and fresh. Don’t give up, dive deep into your astrology and continue to focus on your next steps.

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New Moon Aries: A Fresh Start

New Moon [4 Aries 12] – March 24 2020 (09:28 GMT)

Back in January 2020, I’m not sure many of us could have predicted that the first New Moon after the Equinox in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, would be so unique.

Yet, the warning of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction has come to pass in a way that we couldn’t have imagined at the start of the year. Astrologers knew this year would coincide with a restructuring of our society, leadership, government systems. It’s turning out to be way more devastating and harsh than people thought.

Yet, here we are on a special New Moon in Aries and many of us need to make a fresh start. To turn the page, begin again, regroup and focus on next steps, keep well and sane, keep busy with new projects, keep tabs on other people, adapt & shift to these new circumstances.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; dynamic, go-getting, courageous, bold, full of vitality and spirit. It’s the star sign of the hero. The people on the frontline right now in our society are exactly that – heroes. Aries is also a star sign that cares, at its best on a cause, with something to fight for.

A typical Aries is wonderful at defending the underdog. If you have Aries dominant in your horoscope – and we all have it somewhere – do what you can now, give of yourself to help others.

Today’s New Moon sits next to Chiron and Lilith, two important asteroids. Therefore, there’s an edge to this New Moon. A theme of healing & wounding (Chiron) & untamed wildness (Lilith).

Consider what this means for you – I’ll be keeping you posted as my Aries Ascendant is 6 Aries – it’s got everything going on. I do feel called to help and serve, to stay fit & able-bodied, to do my bit for society.

For some of you, this is the time to unleash your inner warrior, your inner diva as you set your intentions for your next steps. Time for a fresh start.

Here’s a quick guide to th areas of your life highlighted by the New Moon:

ARIES 1st House: Your image or online presence benefits from a makeover, a relaunch. How to change the way you come across to other people? Get physical.

TAURUS 12th House: Time to reawaken your inner life, your spirituality or quest for peace of mind. Perfect for a retreat and a period of soulful reflection. Meditate, go inside.

GEMINI 11th House: It’s about the friends, the groups and the personal tribe. Network, make online connections, play a key role in your local community, bring fun into other people’s lives.

CANCER 10th House: Your career or vocation requires a shake-up, a new sense of direction, especially if things have come to an abrupt halt. An unusual future path may shock others but deeply fulfil you.

LEO 9th House: Ideally, this is the time to run for the hills. If you’re in lockdown, you need to find a deeper purpose. Expand your mind, read books, watch films or seek out people who inspire you.

VIRGO 8th House: Be open to new ways of money management. Think differently in your pursuit of money, shift your money attitude, live on less, be decisive and inventive around money. Help others when you can.

LIBRA 7th House: Love thrives when you throw extra spice and excitement into the mix – an online relationship could bring something new. In a relationship, be less of a coupley couple.

SCORPIO 6th House: Fresh ideas rejuvenate a tired work or exercise routine – be adaptive. Create an online presence or add another skill to your portfolio. Health – you are what you eat.

SAGITTARIUS 5th House: More laughter and positivity make Sagittarius happy. Get on the phone and make people laugh. Kids? – it’s full on with some excessive highs & lows.

CAPRICORN 4th House: Inject energy into your home life and do things differently. Change things around; no TV for a month, more talk, games and ideas. Find new ways of connecting with family.

AQUARIUS 3rd House: A hectic lifestyle requires a rethink. Cycle or walk if you can or run up and down stairs. Get back in touch with a sibling. Be there for your neighbours. Flex your written and spoken word – find your voice.

PISCES 2nd House: Listen to radical ideas about wealth creation or valuing what you do with your money. There’s no right or wrong picture but the economy’s changing and you must try to adapt with it. Value your skills.

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Saturn In Aquarius: The New Age

Saturn enters Aquarius – March 22, 2020 (03:58 GMT)

This weekend, Saturn changes star sign and moves into Aquarius where it remains until July 1st. It then returns to Capricorn for another six months until December 17, 2020 when Saturn finally takes up residence in Aquarius until March 7, 2023.

It’s always important when Saturn changes star sign but even more so this time around because of what we now know regarding the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020.

Astrology indicated that 2020 would be a challenging year. The astrological symbolism suggested that the old ways would need to change for a ‘new age’ to emerge. Saturn and Pluto together often coincide with hardship, death and loss. Meeting in Capricorn, this suggested a ‘reset’ around government, leadership, big business, our capitalist society.

The theme was always going to be ‘out with the old and in with the new’ but boy is it turning out to be dramatic. So, what will Saturn’s move into Aquarius bring as it moves between its traditional sign of rulership, Capricorn, into its modern sign of rulership, Aquarius?

Social Distancing

One obvious symbol that fits Saturn in Aquarius is a new term that’s arisen due to the impact of Covid-19 – social distancing. Saturn is the planet that represents limitations, endings and boundaries. Aquarius is one of the social air signs, the star sign associated with society and community.

Our movements within society are being severely restricted. Most people are now experiencing some kind of lockdown situation. The danger is social isolation, another symbol of Saturn in Aquarius.

Last week in the UK there were rumours that elderly people (Saturn rules the old) would need to self-isolate for the next four months. That would coincide with Saturn’s transit through Aquarius until July 1st.

Community, Technology & Online Initiatives

Yet, Saturn’s move into Aquarius is coinciding with other initiatives that are also relevant to Saturn’s change of star sign. Aquarius is a sign that’s structured and organised which is why Saturn likes to be in Aquarius.

We are seeing new systems beginning to emerge in response to the limiting effects of Covid-19. Aquarius is the star sign linked to modern technology, community, new trends and invention. Online businesses are booming and community ventures are beginning to grow as people team up locally to help one another out.

We’re already seeing new systems in the UK. For example, supermarkets are finally getting on board and limiting the amount of goods you can purchase that are in demand. Also, they are prioritising online and offline shopping for the elderly.

There are going to be more plays on television as the theatres close and films are released earlier. Education is going online, auditions are happening by Skype and companies are having to get innovative about how they carry on serving the public. No doubt, you’ve heard of other new initiatives that fit this reorganisation of society.

Saturn’s move into Aquarius is likely to spell good news for advancements in technology, hopefully helping us to find a cure for the virus and create efficient systems for testing for the virus.

Cleaning Up Society/Our Earth

Also, it’s important to point out that Aquarius is a humanitarian star sign. Whereas Capricorn rules the hierarchy and class, Aquarius favours an egalitarian society. We have been living in a world that’s completely out of balance as a tiny percentage of people hold the majority of the money and power.

Things are likely to change as long as we heed the lessons of 2020. And, change will continue once Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020 and moves through Aquarius in 2021. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is the start of a new 20 year chapter.

The other area that could benefit is our earth. Aquarius is an environmental star sign, its zodiac symbol the Water Bearer. We’ve known for years that we’ve been neglecting the earth we live on as climate change gets out of control. Yet, we do relatively little to change the pollution and devastating effects of over-population, manufacturing, consumerism, global travel, etc.

We are already seeing that the lockdown situation is helping to clean up our planet as we are forced not to travel, over-spend or keep on churning out products that destroy our earth.

The asteroid conjoining the Saturn/Pluto conjunction back in January was Ceres, symbolising mother earth, also at 22 degrees Capricorn. We’re getting a forced ‘clean up’ that may never have happened otherwise.

The Mars Factor

May of you have been asking about the timing of this year’s big events. As Mars has been a key player, it’s important to start here. Mars is an accelerator, a trigger. Mars has been moving through Capricorn since February 16th and peaks now, i.e. the weekend of March 20th-23rd when it is conjunct Jupiter & Pluto. I talked about this weekend in the Coronavirus Astrology Special – see links at bottom of article.

On March 30th, Mars enters Aquarius and immediately makes a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius on March 31st. These dates too are likely to be pivotal.

Aquarius is an air sign and Mars and Saturn, the malefics in astrology, threaten more restrictions. Effectively, they slam on the brakes. Mars remains in Aquarius throughout April and enters Pisces on May 13th.

Early May also sees the karmic nodes moving out of Cancer and Capricorn on May 5th so the first two weeks of May could see the first shift in our extraordinary ‘lockdown’ world.

Mars’ move into Pisces, Neptune’s star sign, could be helpful for finding a cure. Neptune is the planet that rules viruses and Mars gets to the heart of the matter.

However, you can’t rule out the possibility of Mars’ transit through Pisces until June 28th accelerating the virus once again. This date is also very close to Saturn leaving Aquarius on July 1st, another potential turning point.

In the UK, our Prime Minister, BJ, has been criticised for saying ‘we’ll turn the tide in 12 weeks’ in his jolly, buffoon way. Another line for the side of a bus – you’ll know what that means if you followed Brexit!

Yet, in reality, the next 12 weeks will be crucial while Saturn makes its first transit through Aquarius. I think most astrologers would agree that we’re in this crisis situation for the long-haul. It’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our shared society – another key showing of Saturn (responsibility) in Aquarius (society).

Turning Inwards

Finally, I wanted to mention that Saturn is the winter planet in the Northern Hemisphere as it rules Capricorn & Aquarius, the ‘winter’ star signs. Therefore, the transit of Saturn through Aquarius is also about turning inwards. Aquarius wants to be social – Saturn says No!

We can’t go out in the world now but we can tend to our inner selves, keep faithful, stop & retreat. Saturn’s slowing us all down. In meditation, this is the ‘pause’, a time of letting go as you wait for something new to emerge, to come in, to fill the space. It’s a time to wait and be patient.

Personally, I’m meditating once a day & lighting a candle in the evening, a reminder to keep the light strong within. Find your own ways to help you stay calm during the current crisis. This is especially important as Saturn is the planet linked to fear. Limit your time (Saturn) on social media (Aquarius) and keep your coverage of the news to a manageable amount.

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane & stay connected.

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