Arty Farty Friday ~ Alton Tobey

The internet seems uncertain whether Alton Tobey was born on 5th or 15th November 1914. He was an American artist whose work included hundreds of historical illustrations for Golden Books, portraits of luminaries such as Albert Einstein and Robert Merrill, and large-scale murals that hang in courthouses and museums such as the Smithsonian and the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. Two of his

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Investigating DNA

“DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.”
― Bill Gates, The Road Ahead

Husband and I, some weeks ago, submitted our saliva samples to one of the several outfits specialising in providing DNA testing for genealogical reasons. We chose autosomal testing, it’s not as expensive as some other tests, and good enough, as an experiment.

It so

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Music Monday Birthday ~ Grace Slick


Grace Slick joined the rock band The Great Society in 1965; she later became lead vocalist for Jefferson Airplane. Through the next 20 years, Grace was part of several incarnations of the band, including The Jefferson Starship; several solo albums followed. Grace retired from the music scene in 1989 to concentrate on a new career in the visual arts.

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Arty Farty Friday ~ Marie Laurencin, born on Hallowe’en.

Marie Laurencin – portrait by Man Ray 1923
Text from
Marie Laurencin – French artist, poet, book illustrator, and set designer. Born in Paris, France, on October 31, 1883; died in Paris on June 8, 1956; buried in Père Lachaise cemetery; illegitimate daughter of Pauline Laurencin and Alfred Toulet; married Baron Otto von Waëtjen, on June 21, 1914 (divorced 1921); no children.

Arty Farty Friday ~ N.C. Wyeth & Family

It’s not difficult to identify mini-dynasties, of sorts, among some who make their marks in different spheres of life: political dynasties (Adams; Kennedy; Clinton?) Acting dynasties (Bridges; Douglas; Carradine; Redgrave) etc. Painting/illustration dynasties, in the USA, include the Wyeths.

N.C. Wyeth, in full Newell Convers Wyeth
(born October 22, 1882, Needham, Massachusetts — died October

Arty Farty Friday ~ Anthony Green R.A.

Anthony Green R.A.
(born 30 September 1939) is an English realist painter and printmaker best known for his paintings of his own middle-class domestic life.

From Alfred Hickling in The Guardian, 2001
(SNIP) – –

Anthony Green may be one of our least fashionable senior painters, but he is no square – nor any regular shape at all. Green is a homespun visionary, the Stanley Spencer of the

Arty Farty Friday ~ 3 Female Painters born 22 September

A trio of female artists born this day, in different eras – here they are with an example of the work of each:

Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe (22 September 1762 – 17 January 1850) was a British artist and diarist in colonial Canada. She was the wife of John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada.

Below: Niagara Falls, Ontario by Elizabeth Simcoe, summer 1792.