Taurus October 2019 Horoscope

Balance The Scales

Libra is the star sign representing balance and weighing things up. The key to the Libra scales is to remember that it’s a constant balancing act rather than finding a permanent state of equilibrium. This is important for you because of the strong emphasis on Libra throughout the coming month.

Your planet, Venus, is here until the 8th and other key planets are dancing in Libra’s star sign too:

  • Mercury (communication) until the 3rd
  • The Sun (essence, ego) until the 23rd
  • Mars (action/drive) from the 4th

Libra rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. It’s about the basics of life and doing whatever’s needed to feel well in your mind, body and spirit. If the work/life balance is out in any way, start to recalibrate those scales as soon as October begins.

Dreams & Big Life Goals

Some of you may have some big choices to make this month around travel or study. This is because the slower-moving planets, Saturn and Pluto, are in Capricorn and this sector of your horoscope.

Plus, Pluto turns direct on the 3rd, two days after it squares your planet, Venus, in Libra. Therefore, Pluto’s energy is intense as it never moves away from 20 degrees Capricorn throughout October.

You may be weighing up what you can and can’t do this month or be considering your plans for the year ahead. Try not to slip into impossibility if things aren’t working out, whether work is busy or the opposite and you’re out of work, or you need to prioritise your health.

Do what you must for now but know too that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn early December. With Jupiter in this sector of your horoscope for the following year, some of your big plans and dreams will come true.

Full Moon Vibes

The Full Moon on the 13th is the peak of the Libra star sign energy as it pulls in power planet, Pluto. It may be a super-busy weekend for you. Or perhaps, you recognise that you’re feeling worn out and you need to rest.

Ideally, focus on your life in the here and now and take one day at time. Do the best you can with what you have and prioritise your well-being.

Plus, you do have lucky Jupiter on your side during the Full Moon. Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius and your joint finance sector.

Play your cards right and you could do well financially, whether via a property move or a savvy work decision. Let go of what’s not working out and reorient your compass mid-month.

Sex & Relationships

On the 8th, your planet Venus changes star sign and dives deep into Scorpio and your relationship sector. This is a peak month of the year for your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional.

Venus in Scorpio is seductive and passionate and can enjoy becoming embroiled in a ‘dangerous liaison’. If you’re hoping to improve your sex life, crack on while Venus is doing her stuff in sexy Scorpio until the end of the month.

Also, talk planet, Mercury, is in Scorpio from the 3rd. Expect soul-mate connections, intense self-analysis and a deep understanding and insight into other people’s behaviour.

This Mercury wants to get to the bottom of things and explore personal connections to the full. It’s an ideal month for detective work, counselling & therapy, solving mysteries and puzzles.

Notice who comes into your life this month, especially someone persuasive or charismatic. Mars is your partner planet in Libra from the 4th onwards.

Mars and Venus, the lovers of the heavens, are in mutual reception, which means they are in each other’s sign of rulership; Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Libra. Ideally, this is about finding the person you can work with, the person whose skills or talents complement your own.

It could indicate a passionate romance or a new partnership situation that helps and supports you. Finding the right health expert, for example. Or a personal trainer or accountant, even an undertaker if one is called for.

In fact, it’s through other people that you can find the solutions to some issues or problems that arise. Get the right person on your team and you can not only network further and wider but find a way to tick off a travel or study plan. This peaks for you from the 20th to the 25th of the month, when your planet Venus has support from other key planets.

Also, the New Moon in Scorpio is intriguing for you on the 28th because Mercury and Venus unite in Scorpio on the 30th. This could definitely be a peak period for love and/or partnership.

Anything Goes

However, this is also a month when you might discover more about Uranus’ transit through your star sign, Taurus. This is especially true for you if your birthday falls on April 24th or 25th. Uranus is in action this month on the 7th, 12th and 28th, the day of the New Moon.

Uranus craves freedom whereas Scorpio likes to connect on a deep level meaning that opposing forces kick in. This would be an ideal month to break free from a toxic relationship or a partnership that’s overly weighted towards power and control.

It suggests excitement in relationships too and being willing to explore unknown territory. There’s always an ‘anything goes’ theme when Uranus is strong.

Mercury’s Role

Finally, it’s important to note that Mercury turns retrograde on the last day of October, Halloween. The talk planet remains on go slow from October 31st until November 20th. This is when relationships could take a shady turn or dive deeper into the realm of unknowingness.

It’s hard to know your own feelings let alone what someone feels when Mercury’s in retreat in Scorpio’s deep emotional realms. Get your 1-to-1’s clear before then and ask those all important questions sooner rather than later.

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Aries October 2019 Horoscope

Work Your Relationships

Your ruling planet, Mars, enters Libra on the 4th, the sign of relating. Mars remains here until November 19th. Straightaway, you know that this month’s success lies in the power of your relationships, your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional. Other planets in Libra:

  • Mercury (communication) until the 3rd
  • Venus (love & relating) until the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) until the 23rd

Your planet Mars isn’t relaxed in Libra, however, because you can’t do things your way and you can’t get ahead as fast as you would like. You have to take other people’s needs into account or rely on other people more than usual.

In some cases, you will positively enjoy handing over the reins of life, encouraging or allowing someone else to take the lead or take responsibility for a situation. While Mars is in Libra, aim for more equality in a relationship and find the right people in your life whom you can partner with.

Mars in Libra is the peace lover. This is a great Mars for fighting for equality or justice out in the world in a non-violent way.

Redefining Roles

Relationships are definitely intriguing this month. On the 8th, your partner planet, Venus, enters Scorpio where it remains until the end of the month.

This means that Venus is in Mars’ sign of rulership, Scorpio, and Mars is in Venus’ sign of rulership, Libra. This is called mutual reception in astrology and it means that each planet is strengthened when it works with the other.

Consider what this means in your life? Are you and a partner swapping roles in some way? Are you noticing where your strengths lie and how you can step in to support each other in new and different ways.

For example, one of you may be playing a supportive role financially as Scorpio rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope.

If you’re looking for love, choose someone different from your usual type. Think about the male-female balance and look for a man who’s in touch with their feminine nature or a woman who’s in touch with their masculine side.

Redefine what gender means to you. Consider your sexuality and what brings you pleasure. Throw yourself in to love, be open-minded and connect with another person on a deep or soul-mate level.

A Powerful Full Moon

Relationships peak around the Full Moon which falls in your star sign, Aries. The Full moon takes place on the 13th and this is a powerful Full Moon thanks to its interaction with the planet Pluto, Scorpio’s co-ruler.

Feelings and emotions are likely to be intense mid-month when the Full Moon peaks. A relationship situation could be turned on its head, whether you’re the one cutting ties or someone else acts decisively.

If you’re losing sight of who you are in a close relationship, it’s during the Full Moon in your star sign, Aries, when you can regain control or power in some way.

Savvy Money Moves

Scorpio season kicks in early this month as talk planet Mercury dives deep into the star sign which rules the psyche and all things hidden on the 3rd. Other planets in Scorpio:

  • Venus (love & relating) from the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) from the 23rd

Therefore, this is your cue to turn your attention to your finances. Scorpio rules all money transactions, such as inheritance, savings & debt, taxes, alimony, investments, payments, etc.

This month, you may start to discover what Uranus in Taurus and your personal money sector means for you. Uranus is in action on the 7th, 12th and 28th.

Uranus brings change and craves freedom. You might choose to cut some of your regular payments this month or look for alternative ways to earn money, perhaps on-line.

This isn’t the month to take a big financial risk. In fact, you’re wise to be cash savvy. Focus on your long-term future and goals instead. Continue to aim high and work smart.

In two months time, lucky Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn starting a 12 month period when your career or vocation can peak. Focus now on ways whereby you can earn well or secure your financial future.

And, if you have a surplus money, thanks to an inheritance, gift or bonus, invest it wisely. Uranus is linked to the collective and you may start to see the potential of your money and how you can make a difference out in the world.

Whatever your current plans with regard to money, finances and security, crack on in the first half of October. This is because communication planet, Mercury, will be retrograde in Scorpio from October 31st until November 20th.

Traditionally, this is not the time to make major investments or sign or seal an important contract. Instead, aim to wrap things up on or around the Full Moon.

Long-Term Goals

There will be times when work feels overly intense this month. Power planet, Pluto, turns direct on the 3rd and never moves away from 20 degrees of Capricorn. The Full Moon could be pivotal for your working life and a lot depends on the actions of a third party, a boss or business partner.

Also, your planet Mars squares up to Saturn in Capricorn on the 27th. So, some of you will be working resiliently and determinedly throughout October. It’s a good month to have a goal and be motivated by money and status. Team up with the right people and you can go far.

The New Moon takes place in Scorpio on the 28th, three days before Mercury switches direction on the 31st. Uranus is involved once again so there’s an unpredictable vibe around money. Yet, if you play your cards right, you could set yourself up nicely.

Again, the key is to use your connections or contacts. Or perhaps, your other half strikes it luck. All in all, October is a top month to focus on love and relationships, the right kind of partnerships and savvy money moves.

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Top Tips For The New Moon In Libra

NEW MOON [05 Libra 20]

September 28, 2019 (19:26 GMT+1)

This weekend, there’s a theme of new beginnings as the lunar cycle starts over. Today, Saturday 28th September, there’s a New Moon in the sign of relationships, Libra. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this important symbol of new beginnings.

1. Set your intentions for the month ahead. Write them down, say them out loud.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky over the next couple of nights. When you first catch a glimpse, make your wish as New Moon wishes can come true.

3. Write an abundance cheque. You can do this with any cheque. Write your name where it says ‘payee’, add how much you want to receive, choose any figure you like, the more abundant the better and sign it ‘with love from the universe’. Tuck it away and wait and see what manifests by the time of the Full Moon two weeks later.

4. Give love and ask for love. Libra is the sign of relationships and favours relationships that are equal and fair. Be open to love at the New Moon, forgive someone close to you, practise kindness and generosity and ask for the same in return. Turn over a new page in a close relationship.

5. Find balance. Libra is the sign of the scales and represents peace and harmony. Life can feel like a constant balancing act, so this weekend decide what it is you need so you can find balance within yourself. This will be personal to your situation, whether you need time alone or to be around people, you want to catch up on sleep, exercise, eat well or you’re ready to play more and work less. Your choice.

6. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and only a few hours after the New Moon, there’s a stunning Venus-Jupiter sextile aspect. Venus is in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter expands what it touches so this feels promising for love. Plus, there’s a foreign theme – maybe you’re thinking of someone who lives abroad or you’ve fallen for someone from a different culture or background.

7. The Venus-Jupiter vibe isn’t only about love on a personal level. It can represent your love for a country or place or finding love with yourself and beyond yourself. When you recognise love in everything, your life feels blessed. Love is such a powerful force that unites people and available to you any time you choose.

Mumford & Sons

“Sigh No More”

Here are the areas of your life where this New Moon falls. Read your Sun sign & Ascendant sign if you know it – set your intentions and be pro-active:

Libra – 1st house – personal goals/aims, physical body, image & self-perception
Scorpio – 12th house – sacrifice, inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
Sagittarius – 11th house – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
Capricorn – 10th house – career & vocation, status & reputation, authority, future goals
Aquarius – 9th house – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
Pisces – 8th house – joint finances & shared resources, taboos, all things hidden & mysterious
Aries – 7th house – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
Taurus – 6th house – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
Gemini – 5th house – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
Cancer – 4th house – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
Leo – 3rd house – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
Virgo – 2nd house – money & possessions, values & self-worth

The world needs love – Happy New Moon In Libra

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Sun Enters Libra – Equinox

Sun enters Libra – September 23, 2019 (08:50 GMT+1) – EQUINOX

Today, September 23rd, the Sun enters Libra heralding the Equinox, one of the four markers of the year that hold western astrology in place. Both Equinoxes and Solstices coincide with the Sun’s move into each of the four cardinal signs. Here are this year’s dates:

  • Sun enters Aries – Spring Equinox – March 20th
  • Sun enters Cancer – Summer Solstice – June 21st
  • Sun enters Libra – Autumn Equinox – September 23rd
  • Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice – December 22nd

The seasons are correct for the northern hemisphere as this is where western astrology originated. Down under, in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the other way round.

There’s often a lot written about the Spring Equinox when the Sun starts its annual journey through the zodiac at 0 degrees Aries. Yet, the Autumn Equinox is equally as important. Just as Aries bursts into life embracing all that’s new, the season of Libra begins a new season, albeit in a more gentle and subtle fashion.

Libra is the star sign associated with balance and harmony and its zodiac symbol is the scales. This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we’re moving into a new season which means adapting to the new rhythms of nature and the changing weather.

Therefore, it’s an ideal time to consider what will nurture and nourish you moving forwards. In the northern hemisphere, it’s time to get cosy, embrace the scandinavian idea of ‘hygge’ and eat warming, soothing foods.

A slower pace of life is called for, or at least more time to rest and make time to take in the beautiful autumnal colours of nature. The Equinox is when day and night are equal. Soon, however, in the northern hemisphere the light will dim, darkness will prevail and there’ll be less opportunity to be outside.

Secondly, this is the half-way point of the zodiacal year. Therefore, this is an ideal time to stop and reflect on the six months that have passed since the Sun entered Aries on March 20th. How far have you come since then and what do you want out of life in the next six months?

Spend some time journalling, talk with someone close about how you’re doing and listen to their experience or ponder about where you’re heading and why. Recalibrate your life, seek out balance and harmony and align yourself with values that will carry you through the next half of the zodiacal year.

Happy Equinox…

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Saturn Turns Direct: Reset And Rebuild

Saturn turns direct [13 Capricorn 55]

– September 18, 2019 (09:47 GMT+1)

Old Master Time

Old Master Time, Saturn, turns direct today after five months on go slow. Saturn is the planet which represents the boundaries of time and is connected to authority, discipline and slow, steady growth.

Wherever you find Saturn in your horoscope, this is where lessons can be learned, sometimes the hard way. This is especially pertinent now because Saturn has been in retreat alongside the karmic South Node.

They have been virtually side-by-side since April 2019, when Saturn turned retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn. You might find it helpful to read this article I wrote back then entitled Saturn Turns Retrograde: Between A Rock And A Hard Place. Here are some relevant quotes from the article:

When you look at the meaning of both symbols, in some ways, they represent opposite archetypes. Saturn’s nature is relentless, stubborn, determined. It can put immovable blocks in your way, obstacles that are solid or real. Whereas the South Node’s nature feels boundless, the places you fall in to or where in life you give in.

What this combination calls for is a reality check. Look deep within to see what’s holding you back and where you’re ready to learn, let go and move on. You may feel as if you’re stuck between a rock and hard place. Yet, with a shift in perspective, you might be able to challenge yourself to see things differently.

Saturn & South Node Part Ways

Saturn is currently in Capricorn, its sign of rulership and this Saturn is capable, enduring and wants to build strong foundations that are lasting and permanent. Finally this month, on September 28th, the day of the New Moon, Saturn and the South Node part ways. This is the time of release.

Saturn turns direct at 13 degrees Capricorn. Even though it takes a while to get going, you might find that cogs start to fall into place or you sense a burden easing over the next few weeks. This is particularly important if you have key planets/angles in mid degrees of earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs.

Saturn & Pluto’s Encounter

Of course, Saturn is going to be sweeping along behind Pluto in Capricorn and whether this will be a time of rebuilding remains to be seen. Pluto razes to the ground and does business in corrupt and underhand ways. Pluto’s realm is the underworld, in all senses of the word: underground, the realm of the dead and the world of crime.

Yet, at its best, Saturn in Capricorn, its sign of rulership, can restore order and bring authority and mastery to the mix. These two planets, Saturn and Pluto, finally catch up with each other on January 12, 2020, a pivotal moment.

This may coincide with an ending or loss, a downward turn. It could trigger a recognition of what isn’t working out and what needs rebuilding. You might need to decide what you’re ready to commit to and where strong foundations are needed.

Onwards & Upwards

For now, it’s onwards and upwards on steady feet, slowly and surely. Take the lessons from the past five months and use them as you reset your goals and rebuild moving forwards. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your future path.

Here are the areas of life under Saturn’s command. Read your Sun sign and Ascendant sign:

Capricorn – 1st house – personal goals/aims, physical body, image & self-perception
Aquarius – 12th house – sacrifice, inner work, a spiritual retreat, caring for self & others
Pisces – 11th house – friends, groups, politics, social causes, hopes & wishes
Aries – 10th house – career & vocation, status & reputation, authority, future goals
Taurus – 9th house – travel, study, the bigger picture, life’s meaning & purpose
Gemini – 8th house – joint finances & shared resources, taboos, all things hidden & mysterious
Cancer – 7th house – relationships, both personal & professional, contracts, enemies
Leo – 6th house – work & routine, lifestyle & health, service to others
Virgo – 5th house – children & creativity, love affairs & luck, fun & entertainment
Libra – 4th house – home & family, the past, your legacy, where you come from
Scorpio – 3rd house – communication, siblings, neighbours, community, your voice
Sagittarius – 2nd house – money & possessions, values & self-worth

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Felicity Huffman, the Jupiter Neptune Square

The Jupiter-Neptune square aspect is exact this Saturday, 21st September. This is the third and final connection of these two boundless, expansive planets.

They first came together on January 13th, again on June 16th and this is their third and final connection in 2019.

Jupiter-Neptune Symbolism

Whenever a major planetary aspect repeats, it acts as a backdrop, a theme to this year’s events. You see the symbolism playing out in the world. For example, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, a fire sign and Neptune is in Pisces, a water sign.

Coming together in a square aspect, these two planets can create overwhelm, overblown exaggerated activity. Recently, Mother Nature has been venting her fury with devastating fires, e.g. in the Amazon and devastating floods due to hurricane activity as we’ve seen in the Bahamas.

College Scandal

Symbolism isn’t limited to one factor only, as you see time and again when you work with astrology. Jupiter also rules higher education and this year, there’s been a big scandal taking place, which is Neptune’s domain.

This has been the college admissions cheating scandal in the US which many people, usually wealthy and entitled, became involved in.

They literally bought their child’s education by paying a company to doctor marks and fake admissions information for elite universities in the US. It’s the biggest college admissions case ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Felicity Huffman

One of the parents caught up in this scandal is the actress, Felicity Huffman (b. December 9, 1962), married to the actor William Macy.

Huffman paid $15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT score boosted to ease her way into college. This is by no means the biggest amount paid in this far-reaching scandal. Some parents paid amounts ranging up to $500,000.

However, Huffman is the biggest name caught up in this scandal and her case has become high profile. Arrested in March 2019, Huffman was sentenced on Friday 13th September. Her punishment – 14 days in prison, a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and one year supervised release for her part in the scandal.

The Astrology

Her astrology is revealing and shows why she’s become the ‘poster girl’ for the scandal . There’s no time of birth for Huffman but this doesn’t matter as it’s all about her Sun in Sagittarius (see chart below). Her Sun is at 17 degrees Sagittarius, which is the exact degree of this week’s Jupiter-Neptune square aspect.

The symbolism is blindingly obvious – in wanting to secure a top-level education (Jupiter Sagittarius) for her daughter, Huffman was seduced (Neptune) by the tantalising prospect of paying to secure her daughter’s future surreptitiously.

However, as astrology shows, Neptune by square aspect can be illusory and deceptive as it lures you in, like a siren tempting you. Allow yourself to be seduced by Neptune and the outcome isn’t always guaranteed to work in your favour. For Huffman, it’s been a personal tragedy.

In wanting the best for her daughter, the mother went behind her daughter’s back. Now, the truth has come tumbling out, this has not only damaged Huffman’s reputation but her relationship with her family as well.

Reportedly, Huffman’s daughter said to her, ‘I don’t know who you are anymore, mom. Why didn’t you believe in me, mom? Why didn’t you think I can do it on my own?’ Huffman’s reply, ‘I’m sorry Sophia. I was so stupid and I was so wrong’. … I have done more damage than I could have ever imagined.”

Sagittarius – The Star Sign Of Truth & Justice

What I admire about Huffman is her willingness to admit that she’s done wrong and pay for her mistakes. Sagittarius is the star sign that stands for truth and justice. Many other parents caught up in the scandal are refusing to admit their guilt and are preparing to fight huge court battles.

Yes, Huffman has been seduced by Neptune square to her Sun Sagittarius. Yet, the conjunction of Jupiter to her natal Sun is restoring the importance of truth and justice within herself.

Note that in Huffman’s birth chart, the Sun is square to Pluto, so Jupiter’s justice also involves incarceration. And, I would guess, a deeply and painful time of self-understanding and personal transformation.

This week’s Jupiter-Neptune square aspect may bring further revelations. It would be interesting to see the astrology of some of the other parents involved. Some of them may still be wearing Neptune’s veil, wanting to distort the truth of the situation, unable to admit their wrongs.

For Huffman, it looks as Jupiter, Sagittarius’ star sign ruler, has prevailed over Neptune. The Jupiter-Neptune square brought tough lessons her way.

Felicity Huffman, December 9, 1962, time unknown, Bedford, New York, USA

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Saturn Direct September 18 —



Saturn Stations Direct 


September 18  1:46am PDT 


13 Cap 54


Saturn turned retrograde on April 29 and during the last five months we have learned a lot about responsibility and work.  We have also learned through failures.     Sometimes we looked around and said, “Can I get some help, please?”  And the answer was a very loud, “No”.  We just had to do it ourselves.   The grind was real and hard and seemed just damn stupid at times but in the end we learned about our skills, discipline and stick-to-it-ness.  Saturn delays but it does not deny and now that it is turning direct we will see a lot of the fruits of our hard work.  Saturn spends only two (and change) years in one sign.    It has been 28 years since the last time it was in Capricorn in 1988-1991.   Now turning direct it straightens out and flies right where it will hit Pluto in January.  Be prepared to see the energy intensify, as Saturn turning direct activates a trip wire on our path to the January conjunction.    Then on March 21 it leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius.  It turns retrograde on May 10 and re-enters Capricorn on July 1 for its final months of the hard work and discipline lesson until it re-enters Aquarius in December 2020.  After that point it will not re-enters Capricorn until 2047.    So, ask yourself what did you learn about hard work since April?  What did you learn about skipping hard work that maybe you should have shown more discipline?  Can you take the energy of Saturn direct to help you now as you refine your world?  How can this Virgo cycle speak to Saturn and ask for help?   Get on the right side of Saturn while you have this gift of Saturn being in its home sign of Capricorn.  Unless you feel you have the time to wait until 2047 when it returns.   I know I don’t.