Let’s Talk Neptune!




Let’s talk Neptune! 


Jupiter Square Neptune  June 16 8:21 am PST


Saturn  Sextile Neptune  June 18 4:46am  PST


Neptune Retrograde  June 21 7:35am PST 


Neptune spends a little less than half of every year retrograde. So, on one hand Neptune retrograde is ‘ho hum, you again?’   As we know Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2026.  The Neptune in Pisces era speaks to our humanitarian, faith and artistic natures.  Matters of the greater heart, meaning issues beyond a loved one are pronounced.   Not for profit, charity and health Care are all Neptune in Pisces.   So, is oil and oceans and flooding.   Okie dokey.   


Of course, Neptune’s greatest asset is faith and spirituality and greatest downfall is deceit or delusion.  What is interesting is that 2019 has only two aspects of the outer planets and both involve Neptune.   Jupiter is squaring Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune.   The first round for both aspects was in January.   Now we do round two and this time it is right before Neptune turns retrograde.   On June 16 Jupiter squares Neptune and on June 18 Saturn sextile Neptune then on June 21 about an hour before the summer solstice Neptune tells the world, “Hey I’m going backwards to deepen my understanding of all things Pisces”.  


In the mundane world during mid June we should look to the news for stories of hypocrisy. Jupiter in Sag will call ‘horseshit’ on anyone claiming to be something they are not and Neptune in Pisces will dissolve things that are not for the greater good even if everyone is shouting they are for the greater good.  Jupiter in Sag is all about truth and for sure the truth may set some people free but defining truth will take a little nuance.  


Saturn on the other hand will bring structure and discipline to those issues that better humanity.  Watch the news for stories that appear where people came together and improved a dire situation in a real way.  On a personal level anyone with planets around 15-18 degrees of mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sag & Pisces) could find themselves pulled to do the right thing. A moral bell will go off, “This is not right, I gotta do something.”   Welcome to Jupiter and Neptune.  But the hard work of whatever that moral bell tells you will pay off knowing you were the right person at the right time and the concrete effort with concrete results will bring confidence.   “I got this one” will be your future comment knowing you have been here before.   


Some of us may want to watch our dreams around the middle of the month for some insights.  And of course our intuition could be very high.  If you gut is talking to you—Listen.    Let’s see where we all land with our gut radar when Neptune stations direct on November 27 at 15 Pisces 55.    And before that date we will have the final Jupiter Square Neptune on Sept 21 and the final Saturn sextile Neptune on Nov 8.   Lots to be revealed.   


Uranus – Midheaven (MC) Aspects: “Waiting on My Spaceship”


” Among his various possible beings each man always finds one which is his genuine and authentic being. The voice which calls him to that authentic being is what we call “vocation”. But the majority of men devote themselves to silencing that voice of the vocation and refusing to hear it. They manage to make a noise within themselves……to distract their attention in order not to hear it; and they defraud themselves by substituting for their genuine selves a false course of life.”

– Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Uranus aspects to the Midheaven, or MC are about going “above and beyond” to grasp your rightful place in the world.

These contacts suggest that your path to reaching that status can be unconventional, and is actually best served in that way. I liken this aspect to Kanye West, GLC and Consequence waiting for their spaceship to come in.

The Midheaven is the highest point a planet can reach in the sky. With Uranus contacting that area, you still want to “fly past the sky.” To do so, you must accept and integrate the archetypal Uranian energies into your overall self-expression.

If you possess these contacts in your birth chart, there’s a clear message that you must discern between what you’re called to do and be, and  what your family, friends, societal and cultural conditioning has told you that you “should” be.

By accepting this challenge, you’re immersing yourself in a lifetime de-programming process which can eventually free you of trappings which would otherwise stifle the actualization of your potential.

Uranian energy is restless, and it won’t go unheard.

Among other things, Uranus symbolizes the development of individuality, even in the midst of the collective.

The planet asks that we depersonalize and relinquish the need for society to like or approve of what we’re doing in favor of blazing our own trail. On paper, this sounds so lofty and high minded, but you’ll find that it takes tremendous internal fortitude to wrestle in the trenches and combat resistance from those who would rather throw you into a box to soothe their fears and insecurities.

In working with this aspect, It’s essential that you’re  aware “freedom costs”.

In myth, Prometheus, who is associated with Uranus, went against the dictates of Zeus and stole fire, because he thought it was unfair that only Gods possessed a divine spark and the power to create. He believed that human beings, as a collective should have this opportunity.

As a result of his theft, he was chained to a mountaintop, and left for an eagle to come every day and eat away at his liver. Every night, the liver regenerated itself and the eagle would come back and have it for breakfast. This didn’t kill Prometheus, but it kept him in a perpetual state of pain.

One of your tasks is to explore if the pain of being chained to a mountaintop with your liver exposed for breakfast is worse than the agony of ignoring and ditching your life calling only to be haunted by whispers of “if only” and  “shoulda, coulda”.

Keep in mind that the older we get, the whispers become more audible and tend to turn into screams.

To work successfully with these energies is to literally take “no days off until your spaceship takes off.”

When your spaceship comes for you, will you be prepared to climb aboard?

If you have this aspect in your natal chart, one of your theme songs is: Kanye West’s “Spaceship” featuring Consequence and GLC.

I think it captures the spirit of Uranus aspects to the MC, or Midheaven : restless and wanting to take off; the energy of catapulting to a place or creating niche that’s uniquely our own. We don’t want to be stuck folding clothes in the mall. We would much rather pursue something that’s a marker of our individuality, which puts a personal stamp on our field of endeavor.


Reference: “The Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in The Horoscope” by Liz Greene

Sun-Uranus Aspects in the Natal Chart

To thine own self, be true.

Most of us have heard and read this phrase countless numbers of times. However, how many of us have stopped to actually ponder it’s meaning and deeper significance? If you have a Sun-Uranus aspect in your birth chart, part of your life’s mission is to explore this theme upside down and inside out.

Sun-Uranus aspects suggest a tremendous drive to put your unique stamp or fingerprint on everything you do. Whether it’s your signature way of brushing your teeth, the slang that you originate or a scientific breakthrough. Authenticity is of utmost importance to people with Sun-Uranus aspects. 

In fact: A portion of your path is to develop your individuality via the uprooting of conditioned behaviors, values and customs which do not serve your distinct style of evolution.

Sun- Uranus people must participate in a revolutionary act of courage which will spur their development. They must responsibly and intelligently relinquish the person they were taught to be by family, friends, and culture, and put their efforts toward becoming the person they were meant to be, complete with a genuine life philosophy which encourages their individual empowerment, devoid of societal trappings.

If the two selves are largely in alignment with one another, the act may be less shocking. However, highly functioning people with this aspect need what they’ve been taught by others to pass their litmus test before they accept and incorporate it into their lives. When Sun-Uranus aspects operate in a dysfunctional manner, nonsensical rebellion grabs center stage.

The mental faculties are no longer guided toward realization of your unique life story, but rather the desire to overcompensate and prove to everyone how widely your non-conformist capacities span. You become the type of person who refuses to admit a movie was entertaining because everyone else liked it. Or the eccentric aficionado of super, duper obscure underground hip-hop.  Becoming authentic contains its rewards as well as its responsibilities.As a Sun-Uranus person, you must use your exceptional ingenuity to create a life which honors both.      

Your Theme song is “The Truth” by Beanie Sigel

You can listen right here:

New Moon Gemini: Let’s Talk

New Moon [12 Gemini 33]

London – June 3 2019 (11:02 GMT+1)

New York – June 3 2019 (06:02 GMT-4)

Sydney – June 3 2019 (20:02 GMT+10)

This week begins with the New Moon in Gemini, the sign of duality. Gemini rules communications which means this is a big week for talk, conversation and negotiations.

So, find yourself a friend (or an enemy), have those all important heart-to-hearts and use the dynamic New Moon energy to start the ball rolling, initiate a conversation and get things moving.

Here’s all you need to know about this month’s New Moon. Seven ways to make the most of this lively Gemini star sign energy.

1. Be still during the exact time of the New Moon. It’s ideal for meditation, active gratitude and thinking ahead.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky a day or two after the New Moon date. When you first catch a glimpse, set your intentions for the coming weeks. Write them down, say them out loud. This is the time to use the pro-active energy of the New Moon.

3. Pick up the phone, send an email, fire off a text. This is an excellent time of the month to book an appointment, line up a meeting or interview or apply for a job or new role. Gemini’s nature is quick and lively. Use witty repartee to get yourself noticed.

4. Read a book, do puzzles, study something new, go back to school. Being curious is a key Gemini trait. Research proves that using your mind and brain power keeps you youthful and engaged in life. Master a language, hone your skills, keep learning.

5. Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is also in Gemini during the New Moon, However, it won’t be for much longer as Mercury moves swiftly and is right at the end of the star sign. Therefore, another reason to be spontaneous and speedy. Ideally, make your move before Mercury leaves Gemini on June 4th at 20:00 GMT.

6. Think back to May 21st, when there was a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 0 degrees Gemini. What started as a seed back then could begin to flourish right now. Gemini rules siblings and neighbours, also your local community. Which people are foreground in your life and how can you use your connections to benefit one another?

7. Change your mind. Gemini is one of the mutable star signs, changeable and restless. Most Geminis have a flip side to their nature and don’t always say what they mean. Doing nothing, however, isn’t an option at the Gemini New Moon. Take action, even if it means switching allegiance, changing sides or playing devil’s advocate. Gemini’s the trickster who keeps everyone on their toes.

Happy New Moon In Gemini 🙂

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Pisces June 2019

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Jupiter-Neptune Goals

This is potentially a big month for you because of what’s happening with your co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is currently in Sagittarius and your career and vocation sector. It’s here for most of 2019, encouraging you to play big in life, take risks and be visionary in your approach.

Neptune is in your star sign, Pisces, bringing magic and miracles your way. And, possibly leading you astray. Neptune rules illusion and confusion as well as dreams and the imagination.

Together, this is a gorgeous planetary combination and on the 16th, these two planets connect in the heavens. They make a square aspect as they did on January 13, 2019 and as they will do again on September 21, 2019. 

Wherever these two planets fall in your horoscope is where you can take a leap of faith and dream big. This is about your future and where you’re heading. You might be expanding your business, considering a move abroad or want to be known for your wisdom and expertise.

It’s a year to consider giving up the day job to pursue your true vocation. Expand your reach, use your global connections, embrace learning and the pursuit of knowledge. There’s excitement within this combination and an outpouring of enthusiasm and optimism.

The Full Moon Of Success

This all peaks close to the Full Moon on the 17th, which falls in Sagittarius and your career and vocation sector. This mid-month period feels potentially successful for you. It may offer an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, go beyond what you believe is possible and turn a dream into reality.

Mid-month may be emotional or dramatic, exciting or congratulatory. There is a cautionary note, however, that you don’t get completely carried away. This combination is over-the-top and, perhaps, overwhelming or out of control. You might feel as if you’ve taken on too much or you can’t be all that other people expect of you.

Gain Support

If in doubt, turn to old friends or a wise guide or coach. Have someone behind you willing you on, supporting you and keeping your feet on the ground. This is the role of Saturn in Capricorn which teams up with your co-ruler Neptune on the 18th. 

Saturn is the guardian, the teacher or mentor. It’s your peers, your old friends, your wise counsel. It may even be a nod to people power, i.e. turning to others to help if you can’t do everything by yourself. 

Jupiter and Neptune are charitable and giving, so your dream may not be personal but for a better world or a desire to help others. This too could be another reason why you need back up and firm support.

Home & Family

Home and family are also part of the picture. Hopefully, in a helpful way. The Sun is in Gemini and this sector of your horoscope until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. Plus, on the 3rd, there’s a New Moon in Gemini. 

This is a good date to set your intentions around your home and family. Ask for what you want and need, negotiate with family members, work together as a team. Initiate new strategies or projects at home, whether you’re on the verge of moving or your family situation is changing.

Venus is also in Gemini from the 9th onwards and Venus rules love and relating. You might be opening your doors to family and friends or inviting other people around to enjoy each other’s company.

Home and family matter to you this month. Perhaps, because you are about to head off on a new adventure or journey or what you’re doing is because of the love for your family. Either way, these are the key areas of your life this month and your biggest decisions require you to consider both your work and your home.

Neptune – Wonder & Confusion

Note that your co-ruler, Neptune, turns retrograde on the 21st, which feels both magical and illusory. It might feel hard to stay grounded or rooted with Neptune strong. Your imagination could peak, your creative juices could flow but everyday matters might be more difficult to manage or handle. 

Allow Neptune to inspire you through music, art, poetry or spirituality. Be wary of being lead down an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type rabbit hole that takes you off track. Drink and drugs are an unhealthy diversion too. 

Yet, there’s plenty of wonder and awe in store for you when you expand your life and believe in possibility. It’s an ideal month to be a romantic and go beyond the everyday.

Embrace Life & Love

There is a tricky period potentially from the 14th to the 20th. This is when Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) meet in Cancer, a fellow water sign. In fact, these two planets are in Cancer for most of the month, highlighting romance and love affairs, children and pregnancy, entertainment and creative projects.

This confirms that you want to prioritise enjoyment and awe, good times and dreams. Take care, however, who you run into mid-month. Veer away from people who are negative about your plans, your children, your love life. 

This is not the time to encounter authority or take on the people at the top. Instead, concentrate on your own life and your personal goals. Once the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st, the day of the Solstice, you can release and let go of any tensions or challenge. The Sun shines a light and illuminates the way forwards. 

If you’re taking on the world this month, be aware that there will be times when you need to return to the bosom of your family or be amongst people who you trust and make you feel good. Plus, do whatever’s right for you to boost your confidence. Trust your inner self. Flying high can be scary and a time when your personal growth accelerates at turbo speed.

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