Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Rising


If there ever was a need to dig deeply AND penetrate precisely into this thing called life, it’s reflective of this Sun/Moon blend.  Your fuel is efficiency and analysis. You’re energized by being able to size up a situation or person and instantly conclude what can be “tightened up” or made better.  In short, you have the potential to be the ultimate efficiency expert. However, that’s not all.

Your emotional needs call for deep involvement and depth exploration. After all, you want to be regarded as significant and in control of your environment. What sustains you is knowing that there’s an opportunity to go beyond the superficial gloss and get right down to the nitty-gritty of something, even if it has repugnant undertones. The gifts of tremendous focus and intensity are your birthright.

Your perception of life is multi-faceted and curious. The lens through which you process experience can be adjusted to fit the specific circumstance of the situation. Intellectual inquiry is the vehicle which allow you to better serve humanity, which is what you’re here to do. it’s important that you make the distinction between service and servitude, for you are no one’s slave and not to be taken advantage of, and woe to the person who makes attempts to do so.

If you’re self-aware, your level of psychological sophistication tends to be well-developed. But, there’s a deep fear of losing control and becoming vulnerable which can lead to an obsessive need to control the elements around you through the same manipulative means that you despise in other people.

At your best, you have an incredible versatility and others feel deeply understood by you because of your blend of razor-sharp logic and emotional intelligence. At your worst, you have a slick tongue that plays mind games and there’s a private enjoyment in withholding your true thoughts and feelings as a control mechanism.


Full Moon Sagittarius: Wide Open Spaces

Full Moon [25 Sagittarius 53] 

London – June 17, 2019 (09:31 GMT +1)

New York – June 17, 2019 (04:31 GMT -4)

Sydney – Jun 17, 2019 (18:31 GMT + 10)

If all goes well, I will be sitting on a beach in Italy watching this weekend’s Full Moon – it will be at its fullest on Sunday night. During last month’s Full Moon, I was in the UK with cloudy skies, as friends from Greece & Spain sent me gorgeous photos of the Scorpio Full Moon.

I’m hoping for clear skies in Italy along with an aperitif or two. This is the perfect Full Moon to be abroad as it falls in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveller. If you’re not visiting distant places, then use this glorious Full Moon energy to dream, explore and plan ahead.

This week’s Full Moon is part of the moon cycle which began with the New Moon two weeks earlier on June 3, 2019. The fortnight between the New Moon and Full Moon favours growth, action, new plans and ideas.

Once the Full Moon culminates in the night sky, there’s time to pause and contemplate how far you’ve come. What is complete in your life, where is praise and acknowledgement due and what have you achieved?


During this Full Moon, the Sun and Moon oppose each other across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Both signs are youthful and spirited, linked to education, knowledge and travel. Be informed during this Full Moon, expand your learning and seek out meaning and purpose in life. Gemini’s curiosity stirs Sagittarius’ vision, its ability to look ahead, to see the bigger picture and make future plans.

During the Full Moon phase, the light of the Moon shines brightly on any situation, and you can align head and heart to make an intuitive decision with clarity. This Full Moon is powerful for celebration as Sagittarius is a star sign that knows how to let go and live life to the full.

Jupiter’s Child

Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, the biggest planet, adding to Sagittarius’ love of life. Having Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune as your ruling planet is a good thing and Sagittarius is a star sign that makes a natural entrepreneur. They are enthusiastic risk-takers, visionaries and their optimistic nature means they trust and have faith, they believe in luck. Use this Full Moon to make some clever moves in your own life.

The planet of truth and justice, Jupiter, strives for a better world. It represents the law, publishing, the media, religion, philosophy and the higher mind. Jupiter is currently caught up in a dynamic planetary pattern with Saturn & Neptune. You can read more about this here: What Are You Hoping For?

This is a powerful time to trust where life is leading you. Now’s not the time to play small or stay put if you want to spread your wings. Sagittarius encourages big moves, freedom and adventure. Find yourself a wide open vista and allow your thoughts to wander and dream.

Repeat Patterns

Also, events now could be connected to a turning point back in April. This is because on April 10, 2019, Jupiter turned retrograde at 24 Sagittarius, close to this week’s Full Moon degree. If you have key planets/angles on or around this point in the zodiac, you may feel fired up and ready for action. This applies to 24 degrees of the three fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and the three air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Plus, in two months’ time, Jupiter turns direct in Sagittarius on August 11, 2019. So, there’s a possible connection between this Full Moon and Jupiter’s turning points. Notice what’s happening in your own life now and whether Jupiter’s movements could prove synchronous for you.

Here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Sagittarius – image, self-identity, personal goals – relationships, other people, a third party
  • Capricorn – retreat, secrets, self-undoing – work, service, health, lifestyle
  • Aquarius – friends, groups, society, politics – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Pisces – work, status, responsibility, future goals – home, family, past
  • Aries – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose – communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Taurus – other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues – personal finances, possessions, values
  • Gemini – relationships, other people, a third party – image, self-identity, personal goals
  •  Cancer – work, service, health, lifestyle – retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  •  Leo – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs – friends, groups, society, politics
  • Virgo – home, family, past – work, status, responsibility, future goals
  • Libra – communication, neighbours, siblings, local neighbourhood – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose
  • Scorpio – personal finances, possessions, values – other peoples’ money, debt, taboo issues

Happy Full Moon – may it be joyful and meaningful for you

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Jupiter Square Neptune: What Are You Hoping For?

  • Jupiter Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces – June 16, 2019 (16:22 GMT+1)
  • Neptune turns retrograde [18 Pisces 43] – June 21, 2019 (15:35 GMT+1)

One of the major planetary aspects of 2019 kicks in again this weekend. This combines expansive Jupiter with boundless Neptune, co-rulers of star sign Pisces. Plus, Neptune is currently turning retrograde, so this mid-year connection is especially strong.

Jupiter is God of the Sky and represents expansion, opportunity and foreign connections, while Neptune is God of the Sea, a cosmic, illusionary and dreamlike planet. These two planets first came together on January 13, 2019 and reconnect on September 21, 2019.

Jupiter & Neptune

The fact that both planets are in their signs of rulership is important as they are currently a strong influence. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the traveller, the explorer and can channel its expansive nature into beliefs, learning and wide open spaces.

This is an ideal planet/sign placing for big-picture thinking, vision and quests. Fire signs, like Sagittarius, bring passion and joy into the world. They are spontaneous and optimistic.

Neptune’s domain is the world of escapism which includes poetry, music and art; love; drink and drugs; spirituality and mysticism. Pisces is a sensitive, empathic, dreamer star sign, sometimes impractical and gullible. Neptune’s world is glamour and inspiration, based on fantasy rather than reality.

Hope & Faith

Put the two together and this combination sweeps you along on a wave of euphoria, it’s boundless enthusiasm. Anything is possible when Jupiter and Neptune combine forces.

At its best, you have a vision to go beyond what’s possible and/or a huge capacity to care for others and that includes everyone, whatever their creed, race or background. You want to see the world, save the world or sail the seven seas. Jupiter and Neptune working together combine hope with faith.

Obviously, there is a flip side to the square aspect because this combination can also be overblown, out of control, unrealistic and away with the fairies. As Neptune rules the dream world, expect your night-time dreams to be especially weird and wonderful.

The Saturn Factor

There is a mitigating factor which reins in this gorgeous yet boundless wave of enthusiasm and optimism. This is Saturn in Capricorn, also in its sign of rulership, linking both planets. During this mid-year connection, it’s super close:

  • Jupiter Sagittarius semi-sextile Saturn Capricorn – June 14, 2019 (17:28 GMT+1)
  • Saturn Capricorn sextile Neptune Pisces – June 18, 2019 (12:47 GMT+1)

Saturn in Capricorn is the practical realist, who works out what it takes to climb the mountain in front of you. Big journeys require food and minimalist packing alongside trust, hope and faith. Saturn’s already on the case. He’s working out the budget in advance, setting up the safe base & strengthening those foundations.

Reasonable Hope

When I was thinking about this extraordinary astrology, I came across a statement by the late, great Jonathan Cainer. Jonathan (b. Dec 18, 1957) was an inspired astrologer, with the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. Also, he was born on a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, so he’s the perfect spokesperson for this current wave of astrology. Here’s what he said:

Hope can give us strength, yet it can also cause us to be weak. When we hold on to a reasonable hope, we find courage to proceed through difficult territory. When we hold onto unreasonable, far-fetched or wildly optimistic hope, we can end up dwelling for too long in a place we ought to leave.

How fitting for our current trio of planets, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn working hand-in-hand. Wise words to bear in mind as you navigate your way through this week’s exciting astrology.

Take a big leap, have hope and faith but keep it real.

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Mercury conjunct Mars: What Are You Furious About?

We are entering a period of some furious, passionate astrology. Therefore, it’s the ideal time to recognise what you’re furious about. More importantly, channel it and do something productive with your passion and fury.

You only need to glance at the news or social media to find something to be angry about and there are a lot of us venting our feelings. Here’s the line-up of current planetary activity that’s making a lot of us a little bonkers and hopping mad:

  • Mars Cancer opposite Saturn Capricorn – June 14, 2019 (16:50 GMT+1)
  • Mercury Cancer opposite Saturn Capricorn – June 16, 2019 (15:00 GMT+1)
  • Mercury conjunct Mars [21 Cancer 31] – June 18, 2019 (17:04 GMT+1)
  • Mercury Cancer opposite Pluto Capricorn- June 19, 2019 (11:56 GMT+1)
  • Mars Cancer opposite Pluto Capricorn – June 20, 2019 (04:26 GMT+1)

The key planets are Mercury (communication) and Mars (passion/anger). They unite three times over the next few months in three different star signs, Cancer (June 18), Leo (July 8) & Virgo (September 3). When Mercury and Mars unite, it’s time to ‘walk your talk’, speak your mind, get things moving, be pro-active. These are the two planets associated with speed and action.

The most potent conjunction of the three is the current one. This is because Cancer is a cardinal sign, one of the leaders of the zodiac. Mercury and Mars meet at a significant place in the zodiac, 21 degrees Cancer and they are triggering the karmic nodes this weekend.

20-24 degrees Cancer/Capricorn is important because it’s where the current eclipse cycle is active. Plus, the two bully boys of the zodiac, Darth Vader and his mate Lord Voldemort, the Men in Black, Saturn and Pluto, are lining up at the same degrees in Capricorn.

As you can see from the planetary sequence above, Mercury and Mars are both opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn within the space of a week.

Women v. Men

Looking at today’s news, you can already see examples of how this symbolism is playing out. Firstly, I read an article about the Women’s World Cup and criticism of the US team who’d beaten Thailand 13-0.

There’d been some comments by men berating the women for continuing to celebrate the goals. As was pointed out, this was the World Cup, not a friendly or low league game and, therefore, the highlight of many of these women’s careers. To score in a World Cup is a memory that will never die and should be celebrated.

Abby Wambach, former US soccer player, was furious and rightly said, ‘stop judging these women with patriarchal glasses’. Cancer is the star sign most closely linked to women, as it’s ruled by the Moon. Cancer’s opposite star sign, Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn, symbol of the patriarchy.

The journalist writing the article concluded: ‘It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a soccer pitch or in a boardroom – being a woman means constantly battling impossible double standards’.

The Old v The Young

Inequality is an obvious symbol for the current clash – women v. men, also the old v. the new and the old (Saturn) v. the young (Mercury). Traditionally, Cancer rules babies & children, whereas Capricorn rules old people. Which leads me neatly on to another issue that’s caused uproar in the UK.

The BBC’s decision to means-test over 75’s and no longer offer free TV licenses to the older generation. More fury all round. In fact, there’s a petition doing the rounds for everyone to switch off their TV on June 21st in protest.

And, don’t get me started on the fact that the next Prime Minister of the UK is going to be chosen by a group of pensioners. This is because the only people who can vote are members of the Conservative Party and half of them are over 55. Do the young people in this country have a right to be angry? Yes, I know a lot of teenagers who were furious that they didn’t have a say about Brexit.

So, it goes on. And, of course, there are more serious protests taking place around the world, Hong Kong, for example. We are at a peak period when there are likely to be flare-ups, more passion and fury about rules and regulations and the ultimate control of the authorities, the power elite (Saturn/Pluto Capricorn). The old ways aren’t always right and must move with the times, which is where protests, freedom of speech and democracy come in.

What are you furious about?

What are you furious about? Where do you feel passionately in life? How can you make a difference? This isn’t easy astrology by any means so it is important to stay safe and know when to back down. Vitriol and violence aren’t the answer, although with Mercury (words) and Mars (war) being triggered, you can expect some people to react badly.

Mercury and Mars are gathering strength this summer and working together. Right now, they’re active in Cancer, a compassionate and caring star sign, one that favours human connections over rules, regulations and power. An ideal time to get on your soap-box, vent your fury and channel it as a force for good.

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How to Work With Oppositions in the Birth Chart : Awareness & Integration

Whether you’re fluent in the language of Astrology or someone who is just starting on your journey, you may be familiar with Astrological aspects, which are relationships between planets.

It may get your wheels turning to view the dynamics of these relationships similar to the ones we share with other human beings: some are free-flowing, while others may be tense or challenging. Depending on where we choose to place our focus, certain relationships can also be growth inducing or stagnating, but virtually all of them have the potential of bringing something into our field of vision that wasn’t present before.

Claudius Ptolemy, who was a Greco-Roman Astronomer, Astrologer and Mathematician, presented five “major” aspects in his highly influential work “Tetrabiblos”, which went on to be known as the “major” aspects : the conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. It needs to be said that there are more aspects, but these are the ones that are most commonly discussed at large.

When we look at oppositions in our birth chart there can be a “tug of war” or “seesaw” vibe because opposing parts of our psyche are seeking integration and reconciliation. Keep in mind that manifestation of this aspect can occur (and usually does) on both an internal and external level.

Often, there is some type of “shift” brewing and a compromise needs to take place in order to balance ourselves. I like what Astrologer Sue Tompkins (Aspects in Astrology) said about oppositions in comparing them to the doorbells of the front and back doors ringing simultaneously. In the moment, we feel as if we have to make a choice on which facet of our nature to honor at that particular time.

When looking at oppositions in a growth oriented manner, we approach the idea of making room for parts of ourselves that we may not readily see until we’re involved with another person, and in turn- that person serves as a mirror for qualities that are latent and underdeveloped within ourselves. As a matter of fact, they may be so malnourished that we go through a process of denying that they belong to us at all.

However, if we embrace oppositions in our chart as an opportunity to become more of what we already are, it opens up the potential of broadening our range of self-expression and living a more meaningful life. On an inner level, navigating oppositions successfully is like reuniting with an old friend that we haven’t seen for a long, long time.

Oppositions are noticeable in the birth chart because they are usually between signs that are “opposite”, although I deem them as more complimentary: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio,  Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces.

There can also be out of sign oppositions depending on how the degrees fall in the various signs.

Take a look at the oppositions in your birth chart if you have any.

If you feel  like you’re struggling with them, ask yourself what the universe is seeking to illuminate or bring into your awareness. Is there something that you refuse to accept? Are you receiving repeated and similar observations from those outside of you which merit consideration?

The magic of Astrology is often not in the clear-cut, definite answers that it provides, but in the insightful and meaningful questions that it produces.

Astrological Compatibility & The “3 Dynamics” : A Broader View

man and woman eating ice creams

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When traveling the road of Astrological compatibility, much of the writing I’ve read implies a point of view which excludes what I would call “holistic energies”, from the picture.

There seems to be more of an emphasis on whether “this sign works with that sign” rather than how intimate relationships can be part of a gateway which serves our total development.

So, the focus becomes whether Scorpio and Sagittarius “get along” versus what types of relationships are necessary to grow into the type of people we’re supposed to become.

One of the things I discuss frequently with clients are three dynamics, which are simultaneously individual, yet inseparable.

When considering what a truly “compatible” union actually means, all of these passages must have the potential to flourish:

(1) The dynamic of personal development– When we’re dealing with questions of compatibility. It’s essential that we ask about our own potential to develop within the framework of the relationship. Often, we find ourselves wildly attracted to the prospect of being involved with a partner only to discover later on that the coupling stifles, rather than nurtures the person we’re aspiring to be. In essence, we find ourselves trapped. While one part of the relationship may be “adequate”, we feel a certain discontent which could possibly morph into animosity, because we’re well aware that we want to maximize our gifts on a wider scale.

(2) The dynamic of the “other’s” development–  Much of what was just said now applies to the other person (or people) we may be relating to. The questions we must ask ourselves now center around if we’re providing adequate space and support for our partner(s) to grow. Due largely to our conditioning, we may feel that we should now receive exclusive “priority” in every possible situation because we’re in a relationship. However, the fact remains that our partner had goals and objectives which were completely outside of us before we met, and it’s most likely that they still do. We now have to question our capacity to develop strategies which make room for and encourage them in their pursuit of self-expression.

(3) The “shared” dynamic – This ebb and flow deals with synergy. Everything we are as a “couple”. Our collective philosophy and mission statement of the relationship. It’s what we wish to produce as a “team”, and the energy we enjoy when both people have been pursuing their self-actualization and bring it back into the fold as a tool for learning and instruction, as to strengthen and expand the union. Also, questions emerge as to what type of relationship we’re expressing to the community at large. We ask how us being together helps to affect the lives of others, and what our aims are, if any, for adding to the advancement of the collective.

Image result for african american couple

I’m putting forth the idea that compatibility be viewed in a much wider context than it has been, or else we’re most likely selling ourselves short from a holistic view.

When we ignore the totality of our being, we can easily create room for significant imbalances to creep into our relationships. We may love being with our partner, but suddenly realize we have “no life” outside of her/him.

Or, we may become so caught up in outside pursuits that we don’t effectively prioritize that special time needed for cultivation of our relationship.

In addition, we could become so engulfed in presenting a “front” to society as a “power couple”, managing our image to appear in a certain light, and forget all about the larger purpose of why we came together.

Truly effective astrology produces many more questions for further exploration than hardcore answers. I’m inviting all of you, who may be involved with a partner(s), or thinking about embarking on the journey of an intimate relationship, to carefully consider this food for thought and digest what you see fit and eliminate what doesn’t serve you at this time.

Astrology for This Week

This week starts off with a First Quarter Moon.  


Last week  Gemini New Moon launched and we discussed how this 29-day lunar month is where we exercise our ability to pivot and adapt.   No sign can shift on a dime as fast as Gemini.  Yes, it is stating the obvious that shifting can be hard on loved ones.   But there is a skill to quick adaptations that we can all learn in the Gemini cycle.  During the first quarter moon we need to get into the weeds a bit on issues in our life that need fact checking, follow through and addressing our schedules.   And drum roll—this may mean pivoting.    What you thought you were going to do or address or put on your schedule ,may now need to change as you see something else needs your attention.    You may feel a bit ADHD but do your best.  P I V O T 


There may be tension growing as we head into the end of the week and weekend with Mars and Mercury getting into some tussles with Saturn.   We may see our cold side emerge or maybe it will be seen in others.  Persevere.   And then on Sunday we have the second hit of one of our big aspects for the year when Jupiter Squares Neptune on the 2ndpass for the year (1sttime was in January).    Neptune will have the final hits in the fall. See separate link for more info. 


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that dot I and cross ts?  How are you being diligent?  How are you getting in the weeds and taking care of business?   How is your schedule exhibiting your ability to be nimble and flexible?  How is your schedule showing your adaptability?  


Special Focus:


6/10 Sun oppose Jupiter.  Big ideas get lost in the weeds   Find the spot in between and communicate your observations. 


Gibbous Moon


June 13 2019 


9:57am PDT 


Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to scrutinize?   How are you organizing your dead weight?   How are you coming up with a plan to remove the dead or debris so you can focus on the future?  How are you getting laser about what works and what does not work?   


Special focus


6/13 Mars trine Neptune  Actions based on faith.  Putting intuition to work.  


6/14 Mars oppose Saturn.   Holding on to comfort  when perhaps responsibility in the world needs your attention  Or visa versa.  


6/16 Mercury trine Neptune.  What is spirit telling you?  What is your intuition telling you? 


6/16 Mercury oppose Saturn  cold communication.  Critical thinking is a bit harsh. 


6/16 Jupiter square Neptune  (see above)