Libra Horoscope July 2020

Venusian Dreams

Your ruling planet, Venus, is in forward motion this month. Venus turned direct in Gemini on June 25th after six weeks on go slow. Venus moving in the right direction can feel as if there’s a sense of progress that should pick up as the month goes on.

Venus in Gemini is great for learning, improving your knowledge and committing to a course of study or new ideas which broaden your horizons. Gemini rules travel too and you may be more than ready to spread your wings or plan some trips to new places.

This month, Venus only makes one planetary aspect to Neptune on the 27th. This is quite unusual although Venus and Neptune have been in cahoots since early May.

If you’ve been lost or disillusioned with your current situation, you may be considering what next. A change in circumstances might have been the trigger that’s allowed you to reassess your lifestyle, your job or daily routine.

This combination is creative and great for schemes and dreams. Although, sometimes you can spend more time day-dreaming rather than take direct action.

Home & Career Moves

This month does feel pivotal for you as some key planetary events take place. Firstly, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope.

This is the last eclipse in an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018. You may have experienced significant changes with regard to your home & family, your career & future path since then. This eclipse is the culmination of your plans, perhaps things coming to fruition. Alternatively, a time to let go and move on.

If you need to make a decision about your career, ideally wait until the 12th. This is the date when Mercury turns direct in Cancer and your career and vocation sector. News or information could come to light on or around this date that helps you make up your mind about what next.

Also, there’s a theme of second chances so try again where things didn’t work out first time around. Rework your contacts and connections, which is an ideal way of using Mercury’s retrograde phase through your career sector.

This month’s New Moon falls in Cancer on the 20th and it’s the second of two New Moons in this part of your horoscope. The first was a Solar Eclipse on June 21st, during the Solstice. This flags up the possibility of two offers or a repeat theme.

Traditionally, a New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings. However, on the day of the New Moon, the Sun is opposed by Saturn and this theme is endings. What do you have to let go of before you can move on? Or, what’s coming to an end releasing you ready to start afresh on a new path?

Saturn & Duty

Saturn moves back into Capricorn and your home and family sector on the 2nd where it remains until December 2020. So, you’re returning to a situation that was pivotal in March of this year. You might be finalising matters that relate to events in March, for example.

Saturn’s the planet of duty & responsibility so you may need to consider your role as a parent and how that impacts on your future path. Or, perhaps you’re caring for your parent during this period or grieving a recent loss. This could flag up a tough decision around your home or living situation too. Make any decisive moves in the second half of July.

Fire Signs

Fire signs are where the activity’s at and for you this puts the focus on people in your life. Action planet Mars roars through Aries and your relationship sector this month. A love affair could speed up and fast. Or, your partner’s the speedy one and they have a new found vigour or ambition.

Note that Mars promises anger as well as passion and the 8th and 27th are potentially argumentative. Issues around home or work could be the reason for a falling out.

After the 22nd, your friends light up your life when the Sun moves into Leo. This brings some much-needed fun and laughter your way, the perfect antidote to the more serious or weighty side of life.

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Virgo Horoscope July 2020

Friends & Connections

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in caring Cancer throughout July. Cancer rules your friendships and group projects. You could be more active within politics or a humanitarian or environmental group.

Certainly, it’s a key month to consider your group activities, which work for you and where you need to let go and move on.

Friends could take up more of your time this month, especially if you have some friends going through challenging life situations. Be there for others but be careful of over-giving, which is a Virgo trait. Ensure you have time and space for your projects too.

Hone Your Craft

This is important as Saturn returns to Capricorn and your fellow earth sign on the 2nd, where it remains until December 2020. Saturn is the planet linked to self-discipline and mastery. You may have conquered a new skill or learnt a craft while Saturn’s been in this sector of your horoscope since late 2017.

With Saturn back in Capricorn, it could be time to flex your muscles once again and pick up a routine or habit that you’ve recently dropped. Basically, Saturn here hones your skills of precision and discipline.

Capricorn rules children and creativity in your horoscope, basically the things in life you ‘give birth to’. There could be significant changes for a child or around child-care early July. Or, with regard to your responsibility as a parent or grandparent.

This is partly due to Saturn’s move into Capricorn, also the final Lunar or Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th. This has coincided with Saturn’s move through the earth sign and both events suggest the ending of a key chapter in your life. Consider where in life you need to pay more attention and where you need to hand over the reins.

Getting Real

There’s a ‘get real’ feel to both planetary events and this may be significant for you with regard to romance. Love could have been dreamy or elusive recently. You may have been wearing rose-coloured glasses and haven’t wanted to make an ultimatum or a final decision around love.

Once Mercury turns direct on the 12th, this is your cue to get active and make up your mind. Events on or around the 27th could prove glorious for love. Alternatively, this leaves you wanting or needing more. At its best, the Jupiter-Neptune combination spells good news for a partner which benefits your life too.

This month’s New Moon also takes place in Cancer on the 20th but, like the Lunar Eclipse, there’s a theme of endings rather than new beginnings.

Saturn opposes the Sun on the 20th and Saturn can blot out the Sun’s light. You could be parting ways with a social group or political alliance. Or, holding a friend’s hand as they undergo a specific life challenge.

Fire Signs

Work and money matters could pick up speed this month, especially with action planet Mars in Aries and your joint finance sector. You may need to be more ambitious when it comes to earning money or sorting out a financial matter. Certainly, there’s a lot of heat in this sector of your horoscope.

Be wary of loaning or lending money on the 8th or 27th and try not to fall out or clash over money either. Keep firm boundaries in place.

Finally, the Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd is traditionally a cosmic call for you to take a step back, to relax and retreat. This is in order to prepare yourself for the Sun’s move into Virgo next month.

Listen out for the call of the new, especially on the 1st and 22nd. These dates could bring new excitements or ideas around travel, study and the bigger picture.

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Leo Horoscope July 2020

There’s no rush as July begins. The Sun, your ruler, remains in Cancer and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 22nd. Traditionally, this is a time to wrap things up or to be preparing yourself ready for a new phase.

Mercury In Cancer

There’s more to your astrology, however, than first meets the eye. For starters, there’s a hidden theme. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until the 12th, also in Cancer. This turns your attention inwards and you may be dealing with secrets or confidences.

Cancer is a caring star sign, emotional and giving. This could be a month when you’re aware you need extra TLC. Or, perhaps there’s someone close you’re caring for. Use the period when Mercury’s retrograde to take stock and mull things over. If you can rest and retreat, do so.

Work & Health

Your health is currently under the cosmic spotlight for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn and your health sector on the 5th.

This is an important eclipse because it’s the last in an eclipse cycle that began in July 2018. For you, it’s been about your work and health, your lifestyle and routine. You may have been dealing with different issues in these areas and the start of July is a time of reassessment.

This is due to Saturn moving back into Capricorn on the 2nd where it remains until December 2020. Saturn’s the planet of authority and hard work. You could be returning to a job this month. Or, perhaps you hear that you’re no longer needed in a position or role.

When Saturn’s active, it’s important to get real and deal with the facts. Notice whether there’s an imbalance in your daily life. Sometimes, you’re over-worked, other times you’re unemployed.

Themes around work and health continue to surface throughout the month. Your ruler, the Sun, opposes all the big players in Capricorn from the 14th to the 20th. The 20th is the key date in this respect as it’s the date of a New Moon in Cancer.

New Moons are traditionally a symbol of new beginnings but this New Moon is opposed by Saturn. This slams on the brakes or stops you in your tracks.

For some of you, this will be a month when you need to dig deep to complete deadlines or step into a new role of responsibility. Yet, try not to go into automatic mode and do prioritise your well-being.

Also, if you’re craving freedom or you have an entrepreneurial spirit, use some clever aspects to Uranus on the 1st and 22nd to line up a new project or more space for you. Uranus rules technology and its innovative, original nature could open up a new career or vocational path.

Fire Sign Freedom

The turning point for you comes on the 22nd when your ruler the Sun enters your star sign Leo. The Sun represents heat and vitality and the Sun’s move into Leo may coincide with a confidence boost or a surge in energy. You might be actively seeking the sun to warm your spirits.

Certainly, you are likely to feel more restless this month as you now have Mars, the action planet, in Aries and your travel and study sector. This is a dynamic, motivated placing for Mars but could prove frustrating if you can’t get away or embrace the freedom you desire. The 8th and 27th feel argumentative or frustrating.

Do keep your gaze on the future and work towards new experiences. You’ll have Mars in Aries until early January 2021.

Venus brings good friends your way this month, especially women, to lift your spirits. And, if all goes well with work and everyday projects, there could be a financial boost on or around the 27th that makes all your hard work worthwhile.

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Cancer Horoscope July 2020

There’s a lot of emphasis on your star sign, Cancer, throughout July and rightly so. This is your birthday month and the Sun remains in your star sign until the 22nd. When the Sun is in your sign, it’s the time to shine and put your own needs first.

Caring Mercury

Also, throughout July, you have Mercury, the planet of communication in Cancer. This Mercury is great for caring and counselling, for listening and advising.

Your star sign is one of the emotional water signs and whether you’re offering advice or asking for help or support, be there for other people and ensure you have people you can lean on too.

This is a reflective Mercury and you may spend quite a lot of your time day-dreaming or contemplating who you are and what makes you happy. It’s a good month to dive into self-help or a personal growth project. You might be keen to study or learn a new language. Mercury’s clever and bright and flexes your intellectual muscle.

Remember, however, that Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow until the 12th. You could be feeling nostalgic with Mercury’s gaze on your past. You could be quite happy spending more time at home or within your family.

If you do have any major decision to make, especially around love or partnership, travel or study, wait until the 12th. Mercury’s turning point can bring new information to light or key insights or news. It’s an ideal date to line up an important conversation or heart-or-heart.


Partnerships are also under the cosmic spotlight for different reasons. Firstly, on the 2nd, Saturn returns to Capricorn and your relationship sector where it will remain until December 2020. Saturn is your partner planet. This could mean someone returns to your life. Or, perhaps there’s an ending or parting of the ways.

This is also the theme of the Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th. This is the final eclipse in a cycle which began in July 2018. You’ve probably experienced some significants ups and downs with regard to relationships and your own identity over the last couple of years.

This month’s planetary activity indicates it’s time to get real or serious about love and partnership and there’s a ‘commit and quit’ theme. This is true for the Lunar eclipse but also the New Moon on the 20th. This is the second New Moon in a row in your star sign, Cancer.

Admittedly, the first one was a powerful Solar eclipse on June 21st, the day of the Solstice. New Moons are traditionally a symbol of new beginnings. Yet, on the same day as the New Moon, the 20th, the Sun is opposed by Saturn. Something may need to come to an end before you can start over.

Work & Money

Your personal life seems intense or complex whereas your professional life could be opening up. You have action planet Mars in Aries and your career and vocation sector from now until early January 2021. And, on the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and your personal money sector.

Fire signs are fast and furious and bring dynamic motivation your way. You could be raring to go with this combination. However, Mars in particular can be aggravating so any issues at work or with regard to your career might flare up throughout July. The 8th and 27th look argumentative and not the best dates to plan an important meeting or negotiation.

This month feels like a significant turning point for you, whether you’re back out in the world or ready to put yourself and your own needs first.

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Gemini Horoscope July 2020

Money Matters

Your ruling planet Mercury plays a key part in this month’s astrology. Mercury is now in Cancer and your personal money sector. The areas of money and value are highlighted strongly in your horoscope throughout July.

The end of June/beginning of July could be a decisive turning point in this respect. The second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction took place in Capricorn and your joint finance sector on June 30th, a symbol of wealth or debt. These two planets often represent extremes.

Then, on the 2nd of this month, Saturn, the planet of authority and hard work, returns to Capricorn where it remains until the end of the year. There may be some hardship to deal with on the financial front. Or, reality kicks in.

Lunar Eclipse

For some of you, this is likely to be a time of endings, when you’re letting go of the past, in some way. On the 5th, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac and the financial axis of your horoscope.

What’s important here is that this is the last eclipse in a cycle that began in July 2018. You may have experienced significant peaks and troughs around money, possessions & values over the last two years. This eclipse confirms that you need to make some big decisions around money, and this is linked to your security.

Notice if anything emerges on or around the eclipse date. It could be a partnership that’s folded or you need to separate your money from someone else. Acknowledge what’s yours and what’s theirs.

Mercury’s Guide

With Mercury, your ruler, retrograde until the 12th, ideally put off the big decisions until then. You might be returning to the past and notice how past events or old mindsets impact on your life in the here and now.

There could be a significant mood of nostalgia for what’s been and gone, especially if this is linked to your childhood or the place you grew up.

Once Mercury shifts direction, this is your cue to deal with the paperwork, get to grips with facts and figures and do the best you can to sort things out. This month’s New Moon on the 20th also falls in Cancer, as did last month’s Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 21st during the Solstice.

New Moons are a theme of new beginnings but as the Sun is opposed by Saturn in Capricorn on the 20th, this indicates that first you have to close the door and move on.

Or, perhaps money and emotions are closely linked so there’s some sadness around. Deal with any debt head on and use your quick mercurial brain to come up with clever ideas.

Career & Money Moves

Notice in particular what happens just after the New Moon as Mercury aligns with innovative Uranus on the 22nd. These two planets have been working together since early June and a new idea or brainwave could take off on or around this date. Use technology to support a money-making project.

Action planet Mars has now left Pisces and your career sector but Neptune remains. Events on or around the 27th could be promising for a new career path opening up.

Trust in yourself, have hope and faith in your dreams and the power of your imagination. Don’t undersell yourself and notice where there’s value and where there’s none.

People Power

Mars is in Aries throughout July and your friendship and group sector. It’s here where there’s push and thrust, whether you’re joining a political party or turning into an activist. Team up with the right people in July but do avoid financial deals where possible, especially on the 8th and 27th.

With Venus in your star sign Gemini throughout July, you’re likely to be popular if not in love. People power remains strong throughout the month and friends and loved ones bring you happiness and good cheer.

This social vibe continues once the Sun enters Leo and your communication sector on the 22nd. Whatever’s going on in the more serious side of life, you won’t be short of friends and companionship.

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Taurus Horoscope July 2020

Venus In Gemini

Your ruling planet Venus is moving forwards throughout July. Venus was retrograde from May 13th to June 25th. This can be a time when you’re playing a waiting game or find it more of a challenge to get things moving.

Also, there’s been a theme of subterfuge or things remaining hidden and this may have impacted on you financially. This is because Venus is continuing its long transit through Gemini and your personal money sector.

As Venus moves through this part of your horoscope, it’s a good time to reflect on your values and consider your self-worth. You may already sense there’s a shift in the way you earn or spend money and your financial values could be undergoing a transitional phase.

Unusually, Venus makes only one planetary aspect this month on the 27th. Venus and Neptune have been interwoven together since May, hence the theme of subterfuge. Yet, this is only one way these two planets play out.

Together, they represent art & beauty, dreams & the imagination. They can be extremely creative or inspirational when they work hand-in-hand. This is also about dissolution, trust and having faith that things will work out for you.

As a star sign that values security, both financial and emotional, you are moving into a new phase. You might become less interested in the trappings of the material world and more interested in freedom or pursuing a spiritual path. Find your purpose beyond the mundane and everyday. Explore these themes deeply throughout July.

Fiery Mars

Mars’ move into Aries also turns your attention inwards. The planet of action and speed is going to be in the most hidden sector of your horoscope for the second half of the year. You could be immersed in inner work or want to take time out to do research or decide what next.

Trust your instincts and don’t repress your natural intuition during this time. Notice where your anger goes and try not to turn it on yourself. Keep physically fit and let off steam if you notice you’re feeling pent up or tense.

This could out to be an argumentative month and the key dates are the 8th and 27th. This is when Mars clashes with Mercury, the communication planet, which can flag up a falling out or a difference of opinion.

Study & Learning

Talk planet Mercury is diving deep into Cancer up until the 12th and this is your communication sector. This is a nod towards studying or learning something new. You might be finding out facts or gaining new information. You could be waiting on someone else’s nod of approval while Mercury’s in retrograde.

Once Mercury turns direct on the 12th, the information you need often comes to light or you hear the news you’e been waiting for. Up until the 12th, things remain hidden from you. This theme is emphasised because of a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 5th cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac.

You might be waiting on exam results or want to hear more about a course or study programme. Travel falls under the Capricorn umbrella too and you could be making up your mind whether to book a trip – or not.

The eclipse on the 5th is the last eclipse in a cycle that began in July 2018. What have you learned or discovered over the last two years? How have you developed your self in some significant way.

This is about learning and knowledge, the bigger picture, the part you play within the world. Your beliefs are powerful now and this is a time when you need something greater than yourself to believe in.

New Moon

This month’s New Moon also lights up the study and communication sector of your horoscope. It falls in Cancer on the 20th, following on from last month’s Solar or New Moon eclipse in the same star sign.

Traditionally, a New Moon symbols new beginnings. Yet, with the Sun opposite Saturn, something might have to come to an end before you can move forwards.

Who or what are you up against this month? Where do you need to find your voice, to speak your mind? This is a recurring theme for you in the month of July. Sometimes, it’s when you can’t have you want that the stubborn and determined side of your Taurus nature kicks into action.

Finally, the Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd lights up the home and family sector of your horoscope. This is a good time to reach out to loved ones and organise some social get-togethers. Stay safe and bask in the glow of loving connections.

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Aries Horoscope July 2020

Mars’ Power

Mars is powering forwards this month in your star sign, Aries. In fact, Mars will be in Aries for an unusually long time, until early January 2021. Mars in Aries is direct, forthright, strong & strident. This is an assertive, competitive Mars, passionate, intense and ready for action.

You too may feel your energy levels rising once Mars moved here at the end of June. It’s a good time to get physically fit, stand up for what you believe in and to champion the weak. Mars in Aries is the fighter, the hero, the martial arts expert. It’s a speedy Mars that’s ready to do battle.

Conflicts could rise while Mars is in your star sign and the 8th and 27th are dates to note. On these days, Mars clashes with Mercury, the planet of communication. This flags up an argument or falling out and not the best time to try and negotiate or seek reconciliation.

Mercury is in Cancer throughout July and your home and family sector. Therefore, this indicates tempers flaring in your home environment or with regard to a domestic situation. Be aware of this intensity and if you need more time out to do your own thing, make it happen. Try and find space for you if necessary.

The Chiron Factor

There’s another powerful factor involved and this is Chiron in Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer in mythology and Mars and Chiron come together on the 14th.

This combination flags up the theme of protest, old wounds surfacing, perhaps a theme of injustice or wrongdoing. You may feel inspired to stand up for the underdog or feel incensed about what’s happening out in the world.

On a personal level, take care of your physical health. Mars is an impulsive planet but you’re wise to steer clear of danger or take undue risks. Be wary of being foolhardy.

As Aries rules the head, don’t dive in to life head first. Some of you might be heading to the dentist or be prone to headaches. Yes, do use Mars’ assertive nature well but don’t overdo it and head for burn-out or up your stress levels overly.

Career Path

Events at work or regarding your future path could be one reason why life feels more pressured. On the 2nd of this month, Saturn, the planet of authority and hard work, returns to Capricorn and your career and vocation sector. Saturn remains here until December 2020.

You may return to a situation that started in March of this year, when Saturn left Capricorn. You could have your old job back. Or, perhaps you hear that you don’t have a position at work and you need to rethink your next steps. Events at the end of June/beginning of July are pivotal for you with regard to your career path.

This is confirmed because on the 5th, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. This is the end of a cycle that began in July 2018. Since then, you may have changed career, stepped up or stepped down. This important eclipse cycle has been about your home and parents too.

Eclipses themes are endings and beginnings, so another indicator that you’re at a key point in your life, needing to reassess and consider what next. Consider where in your life it is time to let go and move on.

Home & Family

Home and family remain important throughout July because of the emphasis on the star sign, Cancer. The Sun’s here until the 22nd and talk planet Mercury turns direct in Cancer on the 12th. This is an ideal date to reopen the lines of communication and make some key decisions around your home, your living situation and family.

You may have been on a retreat into the past or experienced a sentimental few weeks. Take what you’ve learned and put this into practise mid-July. It’s likely to be an emotional time when care and counsel is needed. You might be the one turning to loved ones for advice or support, especially around money.

The New Moon on the 20th also falls in Cancer, the second New Moon at the base of your horoscope. The first took place on June 21st during the Solstice and was a powerful Solar Eclipse. Therefore, there’s a theme of second chances, perhaps to do with a property move or for a member of your family.

During this New Moon, Saturn opposes the Sun so new beginnings could follow on from an ending. For some of you, mid-July is a time to make tough choices around the work/life balance, deciding whether your personal life or professional goals need to come first. Reality could kick in.

Play Time

The Sun’s move into Leo on the 22nd feels like a blessing for you. This lights up the sector of your horoscope that rules play, creative projects, children, romance & entertainment. The light returns when the Sun moves into Leo and hope and faith are never far away.

You need people in your life, to talk to, lean on, have fun with. This may be your partner or people in your community or close to home. Lovely Venus remains in Gemini, the sign of communication, throughout July.

Create a lively support network around you and ensure the balance of give and take works for everyone involved.

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