Virgo December 2019

In Your Element

There’s more than one reason to be happy in December as earth sign energy begins to dominate with key planets changing star sign. Being a Virgo, you are one of the three earth signs. When planets are in your element, there’s a natural flow in your astrology.

Also, your ruling planet, Mercury, is in sync with what’s happening. Mercury moves swiftly through the zodiac in December, spending most of the time in Sagittarius and your home and family sector from the 9th to the 29th. This suggests that you’ll be happiest getting together with your family or opening your doors to other people over the festive period.

The big news this month, however, is the planet Jupiter on the move. Jupiter is the planet of joy, luck and good fortune. Wherever you find Jupiter in your horoscope, happiness isn’t far behind. Jupiter remains in each sign of the zodiac for approximately one year. And, since November 2018, Jupiter has been in Sagittarius, ruling your home and family.

You may have moved home or changed your living conditions over the last twelve months. Family may have been your number one focus and your protective instincts will have been high. Trying to find a healthy balance between work and home life and dealing with extra challenges in your family won’t always have been easy, either for you or your loved ones.

This month’s stars urge you to let go of what’s old and outdated and focus on what’s new and innovative. Being self-employed, running your own business or trying to make ends meet is a challenge when you also have to pay the bills but reinvention is the name of the game.

Jupiter Goals – Good Times

On the 2nd, Jupiter enters your fellow earth sign, Capricorn, where it remains until December 2020. This is brilliant news for you and a breath of fresh air. The focus turns to what you want out of life rather than relying on others or having to think of other people before yourself.

Capricorn rules creativity, love affairs, entertainment, fun and children in your horoscope. It’s the playful sector and it’s about doing what you love. Therefore, if you’ve felt trapped or been slowed down recently, here’s your opportunity to turn your life around and embrace passion and desire.

Plan some fun events on the run up to the festive period with friends and family and make entertainment, laughter and socialising high priority. Focus on the positives in your life and view the glass half full.

Jupiter is the planet of luck so trust your luck and have a flutter, enter a competition or buy a raffle ticket when you’re out and about.

There is a popular saying in the UK, ‘you have to be in to win’ and this can apply to life as well as the lottery, e.g. if you want to meet someone new, join a dating agency or let your friends know you’re keen for an introduction. This will serve you better than sitting at home alone waiting for the phone to ring.

Same goes if you’ve always wanted to write a book, paint a portrait or play a musical instrument. While Jupiter’s in Capricorn, revisit your childhood dreams and take the first step towards turning a dream into reality.

Jupiter’s move into Capricorn isn’t going to sort out all the nitty-gritty boring stuff of life but it is going to move play and pleasure higher up your life barometer and that’s got to be a good thing.

Lucky Vibes

This month, Jupiter’s in action on the 15th when it teams up with Uranus in Taurus and on the 27th, when there’s the annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. The Jupiter-Uranus connection could highlight a spontaneous trip, adventure or new experience. Mid-month is ideal for embracing the new and doing things differently.

Both dates feel lucky for you, including the 27th when the Sun and Jupiter come together. This could bring good news for a child or grand-child or an exciting project, one that allows you to express yourself fully.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

There is, however a New Moon or Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th and this adds an extra dynamic to events. Eclipses tend to be dramatic and are closely tied to the wheel of fortune. They bring what’s hidden to light, when your life path can change instantly. Sometimes, you experience an ending which is necessary before you can turn to a new page.

You may find that the Jupiter influence boosts your happiness potential on or around the 26th/27th. For some of you, it may not even feel like eclipse season. Stay positive and philosophical about life and make the best of your current situation, whether you’re riding the highs or lows of life.

Romantic Vibes

Jupiter is your partner planet so events over the festive season could be linked to developments in your partner’s life and there’s a passionate vibe to December’s stars. If romance is on the agenda, you won’t want to hold back, but instead will dive in head first. This isn’t a month to be flaky on the love front. Instead, make clear decisions.

Take note of what happens on or around the 3rd, 8th and 13th when Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces are upping the emotional and romantic vibes. These planetary connections are about turning dreams into reality and how you can bring more creativity or passion into your everyday life. There’s definite romantic potential and love benefits when you share your emotions openly.

These combinations highlight caring connections too, being there for others or taking on a caring role. You might choose to step in and adopt or mentor or help in some other way.


Finally, you have action planet Mars in Scorpio and your communication sector. Throw yourself into life close to home and reach out and connect with old and new friends alike.

This is the time to blast through any fear or doubt and make your mark. This is good news for public speaking, sales and marketing, finding your voice and sharing what you know. You could choose to go back to school and educate yourself or gain new qualifications, or perhaps you prefer to start a blog or podcast or write for your local paper. You might be leading the carol singing this year.

Scorpio is the sign that likes to go in deep so this is ideal for self-analysis and working hard to gain fresh insight and understanding into the ones you love, especially children.

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Leo December 2019

Feel-Good Vibes

The big news this month is the fact that big planet, Jupiter, is on the move. On the 2nd, Jupiter leaves your fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, and enters earth sign, Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. It has an expansive and boundless quality.

Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since November 2018. During this time, there may have been the blessing of a pregnancy, a birth or new grandchild. For others, it could have been the start of a new love affair, the birth of a creative project or a lucky win.

This month, you may not be ready to let go of the feel-good Jupiter in Sagittarius vibe so quickly. This is because your ruler, the Sun, remains in Sagittarius until the 22nd, the day of the Solstice. Therefore, the playful, colourful side of your Leo nature is being called forth on the run up to the festive season.

The Full Moon on the 12th cuts across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis of the zodiac and could be a stand-out date in this respect. It’s gorgeous for a celebration with friends or embracing love and pleasure in your love.

Jupiter Goals – Work & Health

Work is getting more of a look in this month as earth sign energy intensifies. Jupiter’s move in to Capricorn on the 2nd is key and Jupiter remains here until December 2020. Capricorn rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health.

This is a lively combination. At its best, it gives you extra get up and go. Over the next year, you may find the ideal job that frees up your time or you fall in love with volunteering. Or perhaps, you decide to take part in activities and develop daily habits which boost your health and well-being.

Jupiter’s bringing some welcome relief to this sector of your horoscope where Saturn and Pluto, the tough taskmasters, have been established for some time. Just take care that you don’t over-commit yourself, even if work is plentiful.

New Opportunities

Jupiter’s arriving with a bang in Capricorn as it’s extra lively this month. Take notice of the opportunities that come your way on the 15th when there’s a Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect in earth signs. Uranus is currently in Taurus and your career sector and this combination feels entrepreneurial, visionary and great for risk-taking.

Both planets are linked to freedom, whether you’re taking a break from work or you find an opportunity that allows you to work freelance or part-time. Whatever you begin on or around this date is potentially life-changing or transformative. It’s the kind of astrology which promises overnight success.

Also, on the 27th, there’s the annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction which is always big news for you, as the Sun is your ruling planetary body. These two meet in Capricorn and this combination feels lucky. Play your cards right and your work, health and routine could be zinging with life and vitality when you make the right moves.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

The other major activity this month is the New Moon or Solar Eclipse on the 26th, which also takes place in Capricorn. This is part of the eclipse cycle cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020.

Eclipses are rarely easy because they often coincide with drama or a sudden turn of events. There can be a theme of endings which must take place if you’re to start over or begin something new. This major event takes place four days after the Solstice when your ruler, the Sun, enters Capricorn on the 22nd.

This is about your work and health, your lifestyle and routine on the one hand. It may have been a challenging time for you in these areas over the last year or so, whether you’ve been dealing with stress, unemployment, low energy or ill-health.

If this is true for you, the key is to look at where you can let go and do less not more. Taking good care of yourself is important during this eclipse phase. Try not to wear yourself out during this period in the year and make time for you.

Caring for yourself and others is a key theme of the current eclipse cycle. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is about being of service, sacrifice and surrender. You could choose to put your life in the hands of God or follow a spiritual path and let go of outer achievements or success. That’s the most radical outcome of this current cycle. Yet, in some way, large or small, you will find your priorities are shifting.

Home & Family

Spend some quality time with family this month. If you have plenty of energy available, channel it in to home or family projects. Mars, the action planet, is down at the base of your horoscope in Scorpio, urging you to gather the clans and clear out your clutter before the festivities begin.

Home and money are linked this month too, especially on or around the 8th or 13th, when Neptune is in action. You could be organising a charity event or joining in with other people to help others or care for someone close to home.

Keep close tabs on your money, especially on or around the 8th when your ruler, the Sun, clashes with Neptune in Pisces. It would be easy for money to slip through your fingers if you take your eye off the ball. Be wary around children and/or a lover with financial matters too.

It’s important to consider the long-term picture and what you’re working towards in December. There might be discussions about a family matter or looking at how you can support one another within your family, depending what’s happening on the job front.

Festive Love

Finally, there are some loving vibes over the festive period. This is because love planet, Venus, enters Aquarius and your relationship sector on the 20th. Make time for your close relationships and prioritise the ones you love.

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Cancer December 2019

Moon Child

You’re a child of the Moon, which means when eclipses take place, your emotions are likely to ebb and flow more intensely. This December is an eclipse month once again.

Eclipses are dramatic and they bring about change. It’s hard to stay stuck in your comfort zone when you have eclipse energy propelling you forwards. That’s not to say that eclipses are easy but they are a time when you can turn your life around.

Also, note that during this eclipse month, you could be facing some strong opposition. The 11th & 13th are pivotal in this respect but most important is the New Moon or Solar Eclipse on the 26th in your opposite star sign, Capricorn.

You may already know who or what you’re taking on as this theme has been strong since July 2018 when this eclipse cycle began cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the horoscope. You might be up against the authorities, challenging the establishment or have a personal enemy or opponent who’s standing in your way. This eclipse cycle completes in July 2020.

For some of you, this eclipse cycle will have propelled you in to the limelight. Yet, it’s not only about you. The decisions that other people make impact on what happens in your life too.

Capricorn rules your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional, and the eclipse on the 26th could prove pivotal in this respect. If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, this could be the time to decide whether you’re moving forwards together or it’s time to go your separate ways.

Certainly, in any close relationship, this feels like a month when you need to either make a commitment or quit and move on. This feels like an exciting time, although it’s worth noting that you can’t control other people. You’re not the one calling the shots, although you can still make some key decisions about what you’re prepared to accept and when to pull back.

Loving Vibes

Even though some relationships may be rocky, December is potentially a big month for love and this is blissful news for you. Firstly, the planet of love, Venus, is in Capricorn and your relationship sector until the 20th. This brings a soft, gentleness to your 1-to-1’s and suggests some loving moments in your life, especially on the 3rd and 8th.

The biggest and best news, however, is the fact that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, enters your opposite star sign, Capricorn on the 2nd, where it remains until December 2020. Therefore, you have the two best planets boosting your love and relationship sector. Gorgeous.

It takes Jupiter twelve years to circuit the zodiac and it spends approximately one year in each star sign. Jupiter is the freedom lover, the pleasure merchant and wants to play big and soar high. This could be a wonderful period to get love right and do whatever it takes to bring happiness your way.

For some of you, this is a much-needed event as your relationships have been under the cosh with Saturn and Pluto dominating in Capricorn opposing your star sign, Cancer. Jupiter can bring freedom from a difficult or controlling relationship and it’s the planet linked to truth & justice.

Jupiter in Capricorn spells good news for a business partnership or any kind of 1-to-1 collaboration. It’s love, however, that feels special and, for some of you, there will be wedding bells or a second honeymoon coming up in the year ahead.

Jupiter Joy

This month, notice what happens on or around the 15th when there’s an innovative and spontaneous Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect. Uranus is in Taurus and your friendship sector and this combination links love and friendship in your life. You may be celebrating a friend’s engagement or find yourself falling for someone you’ve known for some time.

The 27th is another outstanding date when there’s a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. This only takes place once a year and often coincides with a lucky opportunity or a blessing that comes your way.

Know that Jupiter is about giving as well as receiving. Reach out to other people and do your bit to help others. For some of you, there could be good news for your other half giving you both reason to celebrate.

Fun & Games

There’s another reason why this month is potentially peachy. Mars, the passionate planet, is in your fellow water sign of Scorpio. This is about good times, enjoying yourself and ensuring you have your fair share of fun and games in the run up to the festive period. Mars in Scorpio is wonderful for new romance and going out on dates. Or, simply enjoying the celebrations with your kids or grand-kids.

Your well-being is linked to having fun this month and downtime and play are as important as work. Aim to juggle work and play equally. With the Sun in Sagittarius and your work and lifestyle sector until the 22nd, this suggests you’ll be busy and hopefully social at your place of work.

At the same time, learn to relax, chill out and rediscover your talents that stimulate the creative side of your brain. Looking after yourself can sometimes be as easy as adopting a positive attitude and creating a buzz around your everyday activities.

The 8th and 13th are fantastic days to embrace a new project, especially if it involves travel or study or learning something new. This is when Neptune in Pisces kicks in, more water sign energy, meaning that you’re in your element.

Lose yourself in bliss and tap into your imagination, your fantasy world. Prioritise pleasure over responsibility and make the best of your life. Embrace love or line up a creative activity that will inspire you for the year ahead.

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Gemini December 2019

Mercury Moves

Your ruling planet Mercury is moving quickly this month and is in sync with the other planets. This suggests you’re at the forefront of the action.

Mercury spends most of December in your opposite star sign, Sagittarius, from the 9th until the 29th. This highlights your relationships, both personal and professional. In fact, this symbolises all your 1-to-1’s, your enemies as well as your sweethearts.

The Full Moon on the 12th cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac and lights up your relationship sector. This could be a pivotal moment for your 1-to-1’s. Full Moons often coincide with drama as they heighten emotions and the light of moon brings clarity. Trust your intuition when it comes to love and partnership.

Jupiter Goals – Money & Sex

Also, this month, there’s big news as big planet Jupiter is on the move. It leaves behind your opposite star sign, Sagittarius, and moves into earth sign, Capricorn, on the 2nd where it remains until December 2020.

Jupiter takes approximately one year to move through each sign of the zodiac and Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and your relationship sector since November 2018. This has turned the spotlight on to your relationships and your significant 1-to-1’s.

The houses of the horoscope follow on from each other. Even though Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, the focus remains on other people and joint ventures. In particular, shared finances and resources.

This is the planetary equivalent of the settling-down period, creating a joint bank account and learning to live alongside another person. Capricorn rules sex and intimacy in your horoscope so think about what next in a relationship and get serious about love.

This doesn’t only apply to a personal relationship. You may be ready to start a business partnership or work alongside someone else in a specific role in your life. A lawyer, an agent, a personal trainer, a therapist, for example.

When Jupiter is in Capricorn, it’s the perfect time to get expert advice, especially when it comes to finance or legal matters. Jupiter’s a global planet so there are no restrictions and you can expand your circle of expertise.

Jupiter Leaps Into Action

This month you will discover what Jupiter in Capricorn means for you on the 15th when there’s a Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect and on the 27th when there’s a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

These major planetary events could coincide with a gift or bonus or an opportunity to boost your cash flow, your investments or clear a debt. The key is to work alongside other people and think collaboration rather than competition.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

There is, however, another major factor highlighting these areas of your life. This is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse which falls in Capricorn on the 26th, the day before the Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

This eclipse is part of an eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020. For you, it falls across the financial axis of your horoscope. Therefore, it’s about all things to do with money, possessions and assets.

Potentially, it’s about debt, money owed and a shift in earnings. Eclipses represent highs and lows and your situation rarely remains the same during an eclipse cycle.

It’s not just about money, however, although this is a key feature of your month ahead. It’s also about where your values lie, your self-worth and hidden feelings or emotions. In astrology, money and emotions are closely linked. They are not separate at all. Notice the emotional pull around money and what you give and receive.

Once your planet, Mercury, enters Capricorn on the 29th, then you will see how this powerful planetary energy in Capricorn can make a difference to your life, financially, emotionally and/or sexually.

Mars Scorpio – Work & Stamina

This month, there is a lot of planetary energy surrounding your work and career and this may be in response to what’s happening on the financial front. Your ruler, Mercury, is in Scorpio until the 9th along with Mars, the action planet, which remains in Scorpio throughout December.

This indicates a go-for-it month whether you’re after a new job or seeking work that inspires you. It could meanthe run-up to the holiday period is especially busy.

Mars teams up with Neptune in Pisces and your career sector on the 13th. This would be a brilliant time to work on your vision for the year ahead and follow your calling. Get in touch with your vocation in life and seek work in a field that’s worthwhile, meaningful or caring.

On the whole, this month’s astrology feels enthusiastic and energetic for you. It’s an excellent month to apply for a new job and make some bold decisions regarding your work and lifestyle.

Commit to a new healthy workout or fitness plan and take care of your body too. This is a time when the mind-body-spirit connection is closely intertwined and it’s important to focus on all areas, rather than prioritise one over the other.

You may choose to invest in your health and well-being and make a commitment to getting well, getting fit or dealing with stress. The more you can find your way forwards with regard to your work and everyday routine, and the more you consider what serves you well in life, the more you benefit from this month’s full-on astrology.

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Taurus December 2019

Venus Leads The Way

Your ruler Venus begins the month in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn where it remains until the 20th. This is a good time to work on your long-term goals and line up some new adventures for the year ahead.

Venus in Capricorn is about the bigger picture in life and travelling far and wide to seek fulfilment or knowledge. It’s about discovering your purpose or what gives your life meaning. Once Venus moves into Aquarius and your career & vocation sector on the 20th, you might be ready to take some new steps in your life.

This would be an excellent time to draw up a wish list or consider your qualifications and what you want to learn or know more about. It’s a period of inner growth when you want to better yourself in some way and make the most of all that life has to offer.

Jupiter Goals – Travel & Study

This theme is intensified because there’s a major planetary shift taking place which is great news for you. This involves Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, which enters your fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 2nd where it remains until December 2020.

If you’re travelling or planning a big trip this month, you’re in sync with your stars. And, it’s one of the best months of the year to invest in a course or learning programme.

Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac so the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 12 years ago. Jupiter rules travel, study, philosophy, spirituality and any activity that expands your horizons and broadens your experience of life.

If you want to travel abroad or live in another country, if you want to take a sabbatical from work and explore a new direction, it starts with believing and knowing that anything’s possible. Set your intentions as Jupiter’s year of exploration begins and let the universe hear your voice.

This is a wonderful opportunity to think globally, expand your network and reach out to other people in different countries and cultures. You may want to see the world or save the world as Jupiter is closely linked to philanthropy and charitable actions. Jupiter rules publishing, the Law, truth and humanity. Stake your claim and begin your voyage of discovery.

Jupiter Joy

The key dates this month to embrace this new dynamic energy are the 15th and the 27th. In fact, the 15th could be an outstanding date for you as Jupiter in Capricorn teams up with Uranus in your star sign, Taurus. This is a positive planetary aspect which links the two planets representing freedom and risk-taking.

There’s a feeling of fate or destiny about what may transpire, as if someone else opens the door for you and leads you down a new and adventurous path. This is not a time to stay stuck in a rut or hang on too tightly to your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be open to inspiration and all that’s new.

It might be that a last-minute change of plan works out for the best. Go wherever life leads you and welcome the diversions that appear in front of you.

The 27th is a stand-out date because it’s the annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. This brings with it a feel-good vibe. Look out for a teacher or the chance to learn something new that opens up a new path ahead. Be visionary and entrepreneurial. Send some arrows high in to the sky to see where they land.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

Admittedly, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction falls one day after a powerful New Moon or Solar Eclipse, again in Capricorn. This is where the planetary energy dominates this month. Eclipses are shadowy and sometimes they reveal a new picture once the shadow lifts.

This eclipse is part of a  Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020. In your horoscope, this is primarily about communication and education.

Cancer rules your communication sector, both the written and spoken word and eclipses bring change. You might be going back to school, decide to drop out of university or a course, or have a specific issue with qualifications or learning that’s personal to you.

Capricorn represents higher education, also life experience. This sector of your horoscope is about travel, living abroad, your philosophy on life, your beliefs and religion. See what transpires late December. And, if you’re celebrating the festive season in a different country or amongst a different culture, you’re in tune with your stars.

Love & Passion

Love and relationships could also prove exciting this month with Mars, your partner planet, moving through Scorpio and your relationship sector. Someone new could breeze in and jazz up your life or you rediscover your passion. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, do something adventurous as a couple, have fun together and put the spark back into your sex life.

Events on or around the 3rd could prove pivotal in a partnership when Venus and Mars unite. You may be ready to expand your horizons because of the person you’re with. Or perhaps, your partner lands a job abroad, or you’re being encouraged to take a sabbatical to do what you love.

Joining together with other people this month will not only bring happiness and fulfilment your way but could be truly blissful. Stand-out dates are the 8th and 13th. Throw yourself into the festive activities and find meaning through group connections. Come together with other people to sing, celebrate and give back to the community.

This is where joy can be found this month. It’s not about money or expensive presents. Instead, favour thoughtful gifts and offer love, care and friendship.

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Aries December 2019

Mars Power

Your ruling planet Mars is strong throughout December in its sign of rulership, Scorpio. Scorpio rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope, so this is an excellent time of year for a financial review. Or perhaps, you work in an industry where you receive an end-of-year bonus.

Sometimes, extra money comes your way via a third party when you have Mars in this sector of your horoscope. Ideally, you want to ensure you’re earning as much as possible and minimise your expenses. This can be an expensive time of year but you’re more likely to be money-conscious and may come up with some savvy ways of gifting others.

Scorpio rules taboo issues in your horoscope, so it’s about sex and power as well as money, and the cycle of death and rebirth. Turn the wheel of fortune as 2019 comes to a close and release what’s no longer needed. When key planets are in Scorpio, it’s important to step in to your power and take charge of your life.

Plus, this month, Mars only makes positive planetary aspects to Neptune on the 13th, Saturn & Pluto on the 19th & 22nd respectively. Neptune in Pisces is about benevolence and forgiveness; Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn represent your career & vocation, your status and reputation. It’s a good month to aim high or pursue an ethical venture.

Jupiter Goals – Career & Vocation

There’s another reason why you’re ending 2019 with your gaze firmly focused on your future goals. Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, enters Capricorn and your career and vocation sector on the 2nd. This is a powerful combination to have Jupiter in Capricorn while Mars is in Scorpio, boosting your ambitions.

Jupiter’s move into Capricorn could be a brilliant planetary move for you. Think back twelve years ago when Jupiter was last in this sector of your horoscope. Think about what was happening and how you can use this Jupiter transit to the best of your ability.

Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac and it remains in Capricorn until December 2020. Here’s your chance to play big, fly high and expand your horizons. Jupiter’s the biggest planet in the heavens and represents the entrepreneur, the visionary. Jupiter in Capricorn wants you to up your game.

Plus, Jupiter connects you with the world as it’s the global planet. Reach out to your wider network to expand your career. Plan work abroad or take a sabbatical to study something you’ve always dreamed about or leave the 9-to-5 and go freelance. It’s your choice but the opportunity is there in the coming year, whatever your personal vision.

If you’re currently on the verge of seeking promotion or looking for a new vocation, the 15th and 27th look especially lucky. On the 15th, Jupiter makes a positive planetary aspect to innovative Uranus in Taurus and your personal money sector. Put the two together and things could take off and fast on or around this date.

Plus, on the 27th, there’s the annual Sun/Jupiter conjunction. As it falls in early degrees Capricorn, this feels like a positive boost to your plans and ideas for the future. It may fall during the festive season but you’d be wise to capitalise on this lucky opportunity.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse

There is, however, another major planetary event which you need to factor in. On the 26th, there’s a New Moon or Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, four days after the Solstice, when the Sun moves into Capricorn. This is part of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle which began in July 2018 and completes in July 2020 and is significant for you.

This is because Cancer and Capricorn represent the foundations of your horoscope. Cancer is at the base of your chart ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. Capricorn is at the peak of your chart ruling your career and vocation, your future path and where you’re heading.

As eclipses symbolise change, it’s likely that you’re in transition in either or both of these key areas of your life. In fact, it would be unusual to be in the same place at the end of such a major eclipse cycle as you were at the beginning.

Think about the symbolism playing out in your life and look at what’s changing. It may be that you have a big decision to make about where you live due to a work issue, a tense situation concerning a parent or another member of your family, or your next steps are changing and shifting.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Allow the shadow of the eclipse to move away to reveal a new picture. With lucky Jupiter in the mix, for some of you this is most definitely a time to take a risk and play big in life. See what opens up in your life towards the end of the year.

Love & Partnership

Finally, when it comes to love and partnership pay attention to what’s happening with Venus, the planet of love and your partner planet. On the 3rd, Venus in Capricorn unites with your planet Mars in Scorpio. This could spell good news for a business partnership. Or perhaps, you fall in love with someone you meet through your place of work.

Venus remains in Capricorn until the 20th when it enters sociable Aquarius. Love and friendship are linked over the festive season.

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New Moon Sagittarius: Jump To It

New Moon [04 Sagittarius 03]

November 26, 2019 – 15:05 GMT (London)

November 26, 2019 – 10:06 GMT -5 (New York) 

November 27, 2019 – 02:06 GMT+11 (Sydney)

New Moon energy arrives tomorrow, ideal for a fresh start. It’s the beginning of a new monthly cycle, go-getting, dynamic and the chance to turn over a new page.

This New Moon takes place in fire sign, Sagittarius, linked to travel, learning, expansion, freedom, truth & the bigger picture. Sagittarius likes to be on a mission and have a fantastic time in the process. At its best, Sagittarius’ influence is fun, enthusiastic and full of energy.

Another reason to crack on this week is because Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, is also in Sagittarius, but for one week only. On December 2, 2019, Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and won’t return for another twelve years.

Remember those dreams & goals, hopes & wishes that were brewing at the end of 2018 and at the start of 2019? Well, here’s one more chance to say Yes. Jump to it! The Moon/Jupiter energy peaks on November 28, 2019 – the best night to see the crescent Moon in the night sky (weather permitting).

Here are the top 7 ways you can benefit from this month’s New Moon.

1. Set your intentions for the month ahead and the year ahead, 2020. Write them down, say them out loud.

2. Make a wish on the crescent moon. This will appear in the night sky mid-week. When you first catch a glimpse, make your wish as New Moon wishes can come true. Especially gorgeous this month as the crescent Moon will be conjunct lucky Jupiter.

3. Write an abundance cheque. You can do this with any cheque. Write your name where it says ‘payee’, add how much you want to receive, choose any figure you like, the more abundant the better and sign it ‘with love from the universe’. Tuck it away and wait and see what manifests by the time of the next Full Moon on December 12th.

4. Start over. The New Moon is the ideal time in the month to start afresh, wipe the slate clean and begin again. This is an important New Moon in this respect as it leads us nicely into December, the last month of the year and the perfect time for reflection about the year that’s past and the new year ahead.

5. Look beyond. The New Moon in Sagittarius encourages you to seek out a deeper meaning on life. Rise above petty situations, gain a philosophical perspective, engage a sense of humour, look at the bigger picture. This applies both to your personal & your professional life.

6. Ring the changes. Book a holiday, sign up for a course, find things to look forward to in your life. Be adventurous and embrace new experiences.

7. Enjoy yourself. Sagittarius is known as the hedonist of the zodiac as it pushes back the boundaries of life in search of fun & inspiration. Go large, go wild, go over the top – every now and again, you need to let it all hang out. Jump to it!

And, don’t worry if you’re finding it hard to get going this week. It may have been a bumpy weekend for some of you. You may need to lie low and take stock before you emerge ready for action.

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