Sun in Taurus and Earth Day 2022 ~ April 17th -23rd, 2022

Sunday ~ The Moon is still Full for most intents and purposes. Many situations and feelings are heightened through today. Mercury and Uranus, both across from the Moon, increases disagreements or shocking announcements, and both are in fixed, unyielding signs. Debates are probably not worth the energy or emotional expense. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Venus for personal feelings of fulfillment, pleasure, and togetherness, though. Tonight, Mercury and Venus meet for timely encounters, romance, and a higher change of agreement with one another. It might be the evening to ask a favor, gently, or to consider reconciliation, forgiveness, or a peace treaty of some kind. Wear rose Red.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon, and Mercury meets Uranus overnight in Taurus. If something is disturbing the balance or status quo, it’s likely to rise up fast and with a fury. This relates to news, announcements, unplanned changes, and things related to money and security. Venus also meets Uranus, the planet of sudden happenings, and Venus is especially related to relationships and romantic life. Venus in Pisces can also relate to creativity or codependence and is quite emotional. There are several other aspects in the zodiac today, and it appears eventful and potentially challenging. It might feel like the Moon is Full or like going through an eclipse (which we are in the two week to one month aura of, now). Avoid arguing with yourself, pushing too hard or blaming yourself or someone else for things that no one is in control of. Do things that steady you or help you unplug from stress and overdoing. Ask for help in immediate situations that require good judgment and an action. The Moon is void at 7:55 pm and moves to Sagittarius at 10:18 pm ET Wear Black today.

Tuesday ~ Sagittarius Moon is square to Mars in Pisces. This is kind of a rough aspect since squares have sharp edges, Pisces is a sensitive sign, and Mars is not, and the sign Sagittarius has a bold and sometimes impulsive manner. Feelings are the issue. Try not to unknowingly  or knowingly offend. Do what you said you’d do, unless there’s a good reason. People might be edgy and easily put off. Taurus season begins as the Sun changes signs at 10:24 pm ET. Wear Orange today.

Wednesday ~ Sagittarius Moon has 4 energetic aspects today. It appears there’s lots to sort out, for example questions of reliability, responsibilities and roles. Also, some will be exploring and investigating options for study or travel and trying to make plans work. There’s a theme around knowledge and wisdom, such as changing philosophy of life or direction. Sagittarius and Pisces, one of the other signs involved, are both mutable signs, meaning flexibility, versatility and changes of course. Void Moon 4:56 pm to 11:52 pm, when we might feel adventurous or  break free from the usual for a while. Wear Purple today.

Thursday ~  Capricorn Moon time from 11:52 pm ET on Wednesday, and the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus both in Taurus. This may help with problem solving. Detach for sensible answers and resolutions. We may need to be objective or may encounter people more objective that our selves. Listen to advice, whether you follow it or decide not to. The Moon  and Mars are also aligned for action around employment, home related decisions, and work in general. Notice if you’re in a good routine or are finding that something energizes you or motivates. Make a to do list and check something off it. Wear Brown.

Friday ~ Earth Day. I’ll be on air at WMPG (app, online and 90.9 in southern Maine) from 3-5 pm and will offer some zodiac zone insights along with music, some of it earth day inspired. Capricorn Moon engages with 5 planets and all these aspects are harmonious. Act on something you want a favorable outcome for. Use Capricorn know how with Pisces intuition. Mix business and pleasure. At 11:53 pm the Moon and Pluto meet, and it’s time to rest and recharge. Act and interact with self awareness. Today’s color is Green.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon time begins at 2:17 am ET. The Moon squares the Sun in Taurus and on Sunday squares Uranus, also in Taurus. We’ll be questioning or revising what we thought was in place. Decisions and traditions are second guessed and may be diverted from. Aquarius is a sign of the future and technology. One question may be how untraditional or rebellious to be. Today’s color is Turquoise.