Sun and ego

The Sun is the symbol of our ego – but not only.
The Sun is also the symbol of our heart and our authentic self, of the light of our individual consciousness and of ourselves as “creators” ….
The ego is an ambiguous concept.
When spiritual people talk about the ego, what they mean is our tendency to be selfish, vain, arrogant, excessively proud, egocentric, all that. It means being bad.
When psychologists talk about the ego, they are talking about something quite different: the psychological ego is this part of the psyche which we identify with. It is our sense of being a person, distinct from others.
If you are hungry for instance, it’s not just hunger hanging around in a vague space, it’s you the one who is hungry, it’s not your neighbour and you are very aware of this distinction. On the material plane, the difference between “me” and “not me” is very clear. However, this psychological ego is not all the psyche. It is only a mental construct.
A newborn baby has no ego, they will learn that they are a person, a distinct “me” when they are about eight month old. At this age, babies become aware that, being another person, being separated from their mother is possible. It’s known as separation anxiety. If you know babies, you know that when they are one year old or so, they are shy with strangers. Mama!!!
As we grow up, we keep building this psychological ego. We get an idea of who we are, based on our experiences and feedback from the environment. There is a strong flavour of first house in what I’m saying now.
So why did I say that the Sun symbolises this ego at the beginning of this post, just to say that’s it’s the first house now? Because it’s both. Symbols are not boxes. They are fingers pointing in the direction of realities, each one in there own way. The Sun is the symbol of our higher or most authentic self indeed. But we don’t know ourselves. The Sun doesn’t know itself. It has only a certain idea of who it might be…
One day, we become conscious of who we really are, What remains the same throughout all the transformations we are undergoing is the creator. Here is the sphinx sitting above the wheel of fortune, the answer to the enigma.
This adventure is lived by this part of us symbolised by the Sun….. and because symbols are fingers pointing at realities, the Sun in the horoscope means also the ego, this temporary limited idea the Sun has about itself, and it expresses it and how it learns to become more conscious.
Life is a school and a theatre. We are students and comedians.