Signs, facts of life and how to understand better

Signs are shape shifting. It’s because they are energies.

If they were not shape shifting, they would not be energies they would be shapes.

So please stop saying “Gemini are like this, Scorpios are like that…” They may often be but they don’t have to. And even if a description is accurate enough, describing is not understanding.
What are the signs about? leads to meaningful interpretations.
What essential fact of life are they primarily dealing with?
Gemini: using the mind, thinking rationally, communicating, gathering information, passing messages, connecting, exchanging…
The particular characteristics most often associated with the signs are like the tools you are most likely to use when performing a particular task.
Gemini: chatty, curious, logical, sarcastic, jack of all trades…
We can also spot the “temptations” associated with the focus: lying for example, is more tempting in the context of communication and trade than if you are on the Aries vibe, focused on taking action independently or boxing on a ring!
And this does not mean that Gemini are liars. Some will give in to the temptation and other not. And we all have to communicate, so we may all be tempted at times. It’s just that Gemini are particularly focused on communication.

A gardener is likely to use a spade to dig the soil. If “Gardener” was a sign of the zodiac, most textbooks would describe it with a spade in hand and back pain at the end of the day.

But if you have heard of permaculture, you know that there are gardeners who don’t dig. They proceed differently.
You’ll never see them with a spade in hand, and the textbooks will be all wrong about them. But still, they are gardeners, and still most gardeners will be seen with a spade… but it’s not defining.
So it’s better to understand the intentions, the focus. With or without a spade, what is a gardener doing?